My Writing Structure

The information I Track on a daily basis is all “positive”. When I write, I do my best to use a lot of formatting, so my partly-strange writing-style will be a little more understandable. I also do my best to keep the “facts” intact. When I Comment on something, I set it apart from the rest of the information by placing 5 Bullets “above” and “below” my thoughts, like this:
My comments: This is where I “typically” place “my” personal opinions.

Sometimes, I may have a Comment or new idea that I’d like to state or explain. You’ll know this Section of my daily writing because I start that Section with an Asterisk (*) before any Subject Title… and I will place a row of 5 Equal Signs (=====) AFTER that Section.

I also place 5 Equal Signs just BEFORE my “Countdown” Section. If there is one.

I use actual “numbers” whenever possible because “I” feel they are easier to find when quickly sifting-through large blocks of text.

Sometimes I’ll capitalize a word, because it’s part of the Subject I’m working-in and, partly, because it helps break-up the predictable word-shapes within a long paragraph.

I may explain something in a not-so-usual way or select a descriptive word which may not be expected. I do these things because:

  • It sometimes helps to expand the Reader’s mind… or
  • that’s the closest “I” could get to what “I” experienced. (When I was very young, I realized, internally, that I am not from this planet. {Most Humans are not.] So I’ve always kept 1-foot “on the other side”. Because of this, especially now when working with Sylvia through the “Veil”… sometimes I receive information through various Senses and sometimes it can be very difficult to sort those particles into information which others can understand. For example, sometimes Sylvia will send me a “word” through my “visual” Sensing. Sometimes she may show me a very quick image and, at the same Time, send me an “understanding” of her message through my “Inner Knowing”, etc.)

I don’t use “Emoticons”. Instead, I rely on punctuation and formatting.

I use a single “Dash” (-) to designate 2-words which need to be read together quickly.
Although the tools provided by “WordPress” are very helpful, they don’t offer a few of the details that I’ve been used to in my Mail program. Without adding a lot of extra work for me, I’ll do my best to continue to use the formatting features available, in order to be clear in what I need to say.

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