PS 6-29-18 SecretSpaceProgram, Harrison

This 1-hour, 39-minute video (from February 18, 2018) is the 5th, and final, interview with a whistleblower from the “Secret Space Program”.
The information in this video doesn’t cover much of the “Secret Space Program”, like the other 4-parts did. I’m including this for those who were waiting for this 5th part.

Question everything.

Here’s the link (Around the 57-minute mark, the connection to “Meta” drops out and returns at the 1:00-hour mark):

This 37-minute video contains a few questions about the current energies, from Lisa Harrison.
  • It’s very late and I’m too tired to provide “excerpts”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to that video:
Here’s the link to the 3D globe Lisa mentioned. This is where you can see Earth-wide weather patterns, such as air currents (Bring up the menu by clicking on the word “earth”, in the lower-left corner of that window. Clicking the “about” word will display a LOT more information. To return to the 3D globe, from “about”, simply click the word “earth” at the top of that “about” page.):

PS 6-28-18 Predictions

Wheather “Aluna Ash” is successful in her Predictions, almost doesn’t matter to me. Her positive “coming soon” messages help keep my Depression under control and her Daily energy Readings helps me to reinforce the image (within my mind) of the “Veil” being dissolved.
This is what “Aluna Ash” wrote in the following 44-second video:
  • “I am seeing groups of Twinflames merging astrally and going into union following the eclipses.”
  • “Fated events lead by synchronicity will be bringing many twinsouls together in the physical plane. For these groups, the Divince Masculine is prepping & fully awake.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

In the following 7-minute video, “Aluna Ash” explains:

  • Regarding the Lunar Eclipse, at the end of July, she says: “This is basically how we experience Time… “the end of the 12-month, 60-minute clock” perception of Time..” “This is where we’re headed as a Collective.”
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-27-18 Predictions, Cobra

In this 1-minute video, Clairvoyant “Aluna Ash” states:
  • “I am being shown two massive energy waves inbetween the eclipses in July. This is triggering the start of mass awakenings and mass/collective purging.”
  • “Around July 13th is an important timeline point for many… I am seeing people being able to manifest through this point to 5D timelines.”
  • “I am being shown: “3RD DENSITY CLOSING CYCLE” very clearly. We are in the last purge as a 3rd density collective.”
  • “Mass awakenings triggered over the next 4-8 weeks. Mass purging to anchor in the energy on the way in September & October 2018.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

In this 20-minute video, the Narrator explains the above information with more detail:

Here’s an update regarding the “Resistance Movement” and the energies of this planet “according to Cobra”:
  • “Gamma Timeline”
  • In the last few months, there have been drastic shifts in the timelines and significant changes in the plan for the planetary liberation.”
  • “Most of those changes need to remain deeply classified, I will reveal here as much as I can.”
  • “In May we have shifted from beta timeline to gamma timeline. The new gamma timeline calls for direct physical intervention of the Light Forces in the lives of surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, as soon as possible without triggering the toplet bombs.”
  • “Before the Event, some Lightworkers might be physically contacted by the Pleiadians according to Contact Dish protocols, and another small group of Lightworkers might be accepted into the Resistance as per Entry protocols. Some time after initial group, another group might be accepted into the Resistance and they will be able to take their pets with them. This second group will not be integrated into the Resistance society and a special colony is being prepared for them in a certain location underground.”
  • “At a certain point, Resistance agents might establish physical contact with certain Lightworkers on the surface and offer assistance.”
  • “Until physical intervention happens, the surface society is collapsing in full accordance with the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy in closed system is always increasing.”
  • “This surface society collapse has come to the point that bodies of many Lightworkers can not handle the situation and are collapsing also. There are many incidences of strange illnesses, body function collapses, heart attacks (assisted with directed energy weapons) and unusual near death experiences.”
  • “The Light Forces will need to understand that without physical intervention, the surface collapse will soon become an irreversible process, and they will need to take some risks,  exert their free will, and physically intervene.”
  • “The will of the surface population about this issue is very clear:”
  • “Until physical intervention happens, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors need to hold the Light Grid as much as possible by:”
  • “a) building the Cintamani grid”
  • “b) building the grid of Tachyon chambers”
  • “c) building the Soul Family connections grid”
  • “d) building physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups”
  • “e) preparing for physical contact with the Light Forces according to inner guidance”
  • “f) refraining from interpersonal conflicts by choosing non-reaction and conscious positive action above reaction”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to access the links provided.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 6-26-18 Harrison, Holograms, Cobra

In this 54-minute video, Lisa Harrison covers a few different topics. However, she begins by explaining the recently discovered “Flash” which Sylvia and I included in last night’s Post. Lisa even plays part of the same video that we included yesterday.
Lisa also mentions some of the information we’ve been including, from “Aluna Ash”.
By Lisa using the same Sources, it’s not only interesting but it shows those involved are either resonating at similar frequencies or we’re all on the same timeline. Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


The following is from a 38-second video by “Aluna Ash”:
  • “I am being shown what looks like a hologram or staged invasion, the end or “God” projection. I don’t know when… just know that some things may appear to look very real, don’t be fooled.”

I’m including this because it’s also one of the topics Lisa Harrison talked about today.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Yesterday, Cobra Posted this for the “Resistance Movement”:
  • “Systems security breach at 504”
Today, he Posted this:
  • “Systems security breach deflected at 504”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 6-25-18 Fulford, Flash

This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Western civilization continues to implode as old paradigms cease to function“. Here are a few excerpts:
  • “We could go on and on pointing out signs of a major undeclared civil war in the West, but the media is so saturated with this that doing so would become redundantly repetitive again and again. The reason for this extreme high tension is impeding military action on several fronts by both the U.S. and Russian armed forces that could depose several governments and change world maps, say Pentagon, CIA, FSB, and other sources.”
  • “The other big Russian move has already started with Russian bombing (with American permission) last week of Israeli proxies near the Golan Heights.  U.S. State Department lackeys promised that the U.S. would defend Israel, but they do not control the U.S. military, who are sick and tired of Israeli antics.  So now the Israelis are freaking out and saying, “Where are our American slave soldiers?””
  • “Meanwhile, in Europe the Khazarian-appointed leaders of France and Germany are on the brink of being overthrown as part of a social immune reaction to the influx of millions of young male refugees from Muslim countries.  Khazarian bloodline ruler Angela Merkel of Germany and Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron of France faced open revolt from twelve other EU countries when they proposed strengthening centralized (Khazarian) control of the EU last week.”
  • “Already in the Middle East, true peace-loving Muslims have begun to take action against the pseudo-Muslim extremists who were created and financed by the Khazarians.”
  • “For this reason, an ongoing secret effort to remove the Khazarian control of the world’s financial system is of the utmost importance.  It has now been made clear that the Khazarians gained this control by illegally using stolen Asian royal gold.  The rightful owners are now claiming back their gold, and the BIS as well as other central banks have been put on notice.”
  • “Pentagon sources, for their part, say, “Trump created a space force to unleash the secret space program and its suppressed technology to benefit humankind with things like anti-gravity, free energy, holographic med beds, life extension, teleportation, cloaking, replicators, etc.””
  • “We hope this space stuff is true, but even if it is not, if Khazarian financial control is ended, many trillions of dollars will be released for projects to turn the deserts green, replenish the oceans with fish, explore the universe, etc.”
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Question everything.
Here’s the link:


In this 10-minute video, the Narrator describes a recent “flash of light” that’s over 200-million Lightyears away and is 100 times brighter than a Super Nova. This light is being sent out in all directions and is heading towards Earth. The particles from this Space “object” are traveling around 12,000-miles per second.

I’m including this because it makes me think of “the Event”… So could this be the “Flash” / “Pulse” from the “Galactic Central Sun” / “the Creator” that will “Enlighten” some of the Beings on this planet and move some others to “Ascension”? Only Time will tell. “IF” this is “the Event” then it matches the information provided recently by Lisa Harrison, Aluna Ash and others. I just don’t know “when” those particles from this explosion will reach us.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-24-18 Predictions, Goode

The following 2-minute video is from “Aluna Ash, Clairvoyant”, which only contains the following text:
  • “The 3rd dimensional reality is based off a conscious construct of false time. The creation of false time: 12 month calendar and 60 minute clock has caused humanity to stay locked into a 3D frequency (visible light frequency) anchoring this artificial grid system.”
  • “Our evolutionary process is connected to sunspot cycles as these create chakra activations. We are in the 6th sun of consciousness cycle according to Aztec astrology predictions. The Closing Cycle of 3D”
  • “13:20 frequency is connected to cosmic order and this ratio is also found in the human body. 13: main articulations. 23: fingers & toes. We are shifting paradigms BACK to 13:20 from 12:60”
  • “Artificial time has created a false reality, created and imbalance in the human body and has been destroying our planet. Each wave of energy is to collapse the false grid system of 3D time. Time will no longer be money.”
  • “The human is now re-awakening as the galactic human while aligning with cosmic order & natural time. Psychic channels begin to open as you remove the 3D timing frequency program.”
  • “The false time program is a constructed paradigm of chaos and confusion. Each solar flare collapses the artificial grid system even more while activating our psychic channels creating a paradigm shift beyond linear time & divine order.”
  • “The 3D system can no longer operate in a paradigm that has shifted to galactic time beyond linear time through synchronistic order-merge of 4D”
  • “Each synchronicity has played a part in collapsing the 3D matrix system. We are going from 365 day 3D solar cycle to a 265 day 4D solar cycle. The 3rd dimension has collapsed. You will begin to fully experience your 4D paradigm shift after July 13th.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This short article is from whistleblower, Corey Goode. It is dated 6/15/18:
  • “These communications give many of us hope that the full briefings will begin again soon. As I stated earlier, many of the people that were briefing me had been contacting me in recent weeks asking if I had any new information.”
  • “Before the briefings were fully halted, we were all told that the majority of Alliance (Earth, not SSP) assets were operational and for operational security briefings would only go to those participating in those operations.”
  • “In the last few days alone the chatter from the sources that brief me has been picking up and the energy has been very enthusiastic.”
  • “I am told to expect invitations to lengthy briefings within the next few weeks.”
  • “I have had one recent and completely unexpected conversation with “Sigmund” of the SSP Alliance.”
  • “I received a small briefing on the progress of SSP Alliance and an increase in assets from “other programs” switching over to the Alliance due to the recent revelations about the 22 Genetic Programs being handed over to Humanity and other political changes occurring on more of a cosmic level. I was also briefed on a number of threats to the disclosure community that they are working on either exposing or removing them from the playing field”. (Sigmund Quote)”
  • “I should have more to report soon along with the latest Anshar communications.”
  • “We also want to thank everyone who provided the protective energies and prayers while we were going through some pretty dark attacks from the spiritual and etheric realm. We will report more on that in the near future as well.”
  • “I am looking forward to traveling to LA next week to attend Disclosure Fest and then taking a little time off to try to recover from exhaustion.”
  • “Thank you,”
  • “Corey Goode”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-23-18 *Changes, Predictions, Cobra

*First a comment:
(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)
In the last 2-weeks or so, I’ve experienced several changes within my tiny world which don’t happen very often… So they’re worth noting.
  • I’m including this under something Sylvia told me, several months ago… “YOU are the feedback you’ve been looking for.” In other words, I keep looking “out there” for confirmation and feedback on what Sylvia is showing me and explaining to me on a regular basis but if I look at my own personal happenings I’ll find the verifications I keep searching for.
Although there’s 1-happening that I can’t talk about just yet, this is what’s been changing within my tiny world:
  • The Cash Registers, in the public area, at work were relocated last week. The “number” of these Stations remains the same but they are all (all but 1) have been moved… some a few feet and others more than 200-feet. (Cash Registers, represent the location where money is collected, in exchange for Goods or Services purchased. In a basic sense, these are the “Cash Flow” centers in a business.) This is the 1st Time ANY Cash Register has been moved since Sylvia and I started working there 20-months ago.
  • Last week, I also discovered that the Dollar Bill I had been carrying in my Wallet had developed a brown-orange “stain”. When I took a few things out of my Wallet, I saw that the metal Business Card Holder, which I always keep in that spot, had become rusted and stained that Dollar. This Business Card Holder was given to me by my very nice Mother-In-Law (Sylvia’s Mom) for my Birthday one year. It’s gold and has my full name engraved on it. I keep “Credit” and “Business” cards in it and keep that Holder in my Wallet, because it keeps everything together. I’ve had that Holder for MANY years and for it to NOW develop “rust” tells me it’s symbolic and important. My Wallet never gets wet. (So, if this was a Dream, I would say… My ability to store these personal information pieces [Business Cards] and financial capabilities [money and Credit Cards] has now become toxic.) Sylvia and I were in the Mall yesterday and she led me to a store that had “the last one in stock” that I wanted. Sylvia and I have always been drawn toward “Silver”, instead of “Gold”. So this new Holder is Silver and, instead of my full name, I had them engrave: “Paul & Sylvia” on the top of it. Here’s the link to the Holder we bought:
  • During my “stained Dollar Bill” discovery, I also realized that my Wallet was coming unraveled. Sylvia and I bought this at our local Target store, many years ago. So, because it’s something Sylvia and I have done together, I’m having a difficult Time with the idea that I have to get a new one and place this one into the trash. (Everything Sylvia and I have done together instantly became even more Precious after she crossed-over. So, for “me”, putting my “Wallet” into the trash is like driving across town and leaving the Family Pet by the side of the road. It’s just not something a caring person would ever do.) For the record… Many years ago, I removed all “leather” from my personal belongings — Wallet, Belt, Shoes, etc. I just can’t stand the thought of one more animal giving up its life just so “I” can have something made out of “leather”. I’ve never seen ANY Human go to their local “leather-making store”, with one of their children, and saying: “Here ya go. I need a fancy leather purse. Go ahead and use her for that.”… but Humans seem to have no problem “shopping” in their local Mall and buying a new Wallet, Purse, Shoes, Belt, etc. made from a mink, fox, cow, goat, snake, etc. What gives Humans the right to say: “Take THEIR children but not mine!”? What happened to “As above, so below”? This means, if you don’t want YOUR children turned into “products” then NEVER ask an animal to give up its life for YOU!
Anyway, there is more going on with me and Sylvia right now and more “coincidences” and “symbologies” but a few of those are still manifesting. So I won’t be able to pass them along until they’ve jelled.
This 2-minute video provides “Psychic Predictions” on the upcoming energies. This is what was written in the following video:
  • “July 4, 5, 12, 13, 29, 31”
  • “August 1st – 22nd: I was shown the first few weeks of August are SIGNIFICANT.”
  • “I am being shown energy connecting and being released and shown 2-degrees. I am also seeing pressure or energy in different locations. I’ll draw what I’m seeing in a separate post.”
  • “I am being shown that Soul Groups, Twin Flames, Star Seeds, will be brought together in connection to these dates and what is to follow.”
  • “I don’t know how else to explain it, but it feels like now is preparation.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Here is more information, also from today, from the same person:
  • “I am seeing a massive change in currency or the system. Abruptly. Like a reset. Also seeing an energy focused on the Vatican. Being shown Tiber River.”
  • “Strong energy building near or on Hawaii. Ships near coast or masses of energy near coast.”
  • “Also seeing a connection to the Bill signed about immigrant children and the need for space or the need to use the detention centers. It looks like consolidation.”
  • “Energy waves are integrating at a faster rate… causing many to shift paradigms.”
  • “Thoughts are manifesting rapidly. Many are shifting to higher timelines due to the last energy wave and after June 26”
Here’s the link:


This was Posted by Cobra, yesterday, for the “Resistance Movement”:
  • “L0 dark forest deterrence on standby (180623.0917Z)”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: