PS 11-28-16 *PaymentPolicy, *MOE-Waves, *Satellites, Financial, GlobalCurrencyReset?, Zimbabwe, Fulford

*First a comment:

I’m including this because it not only shows how smart and caring My Sylvia is but this also ties-in with what Sylvia and I have been talking about lately — the changing of the “Music Distribution Model”. At least for “us”.

  • The cost of having physical CDs manufactured and packaged for Retail distribution is very expensive. Whether a Band purchases “1,000” or even “100”, an unknown Band, like our “Infinity”, has to struggle to raise the funds.
  • There is also the other side of this equation where fewer and fewer potential Listeners can actually PLAY CDs. There is also a decline in the number of Retail businesses that SELL CDs.
  • Instead, today’s “Music Distribution Model” seems to be growing in the direction of “digital” downloads and “Streaming” (playing a Song without having it stored on your personal device).
  • Several months ago, when Sylvia and I released our Song: “Calling All Humans”, we learned about an Internet Radio Station called: “Radio Air Play”. Here’s the link:
  • Although they offer “paid” Services, of playing your Songs on Internet Radio Stations, they also offer a “free”, scaled-down version. Sylvia and I have been using this for a while now. The statistics they provide show that our Song is being listened to by people all over the world. In fact, 2 of those people have now become “Fans” of that Song and our Band (as indicated by this particular Service). Because we’re currently using the “free” version of their Service, we can’t communicate with those Fans. Sylvia and I are thinking about going 1-level up and using 1 of their fee-based Services. However, this will have to wait a bit because on “Black Friday” (last week) we just spent 2 paychecks on some new music gear (“accessories”, really). More on that after we receive them and see if they’ll do what we need.

Today, I was putting some work-papers away and wanted to place them in a File Folder. As I looked-through the various pens, rubber bands and envelopes, that Sylvia and I call our “Office Supplies”, I saw a small group of File Folders. Inside, however, were papers about our Band “Infinity”, which span a few Decades.

One sheet of paper was written by Sylvia and was titled: “Receipt-Of-Payment Policy of “Infinity”“. I read the 1st paragraph and didn’t think much of it. Although its last sentence is very Profound. In the 2nd paragraph, however, I saw (and remembered) our, sort of, “Mission Statement”, which not only still applies today but could be helpful to some people reading this.

This is what My Sylvia wrote:

  • “Our musical performance is a GIFT to you. You do not owe ” us anything. “Infinity” is neither for profit or non-profit. The musicals are a gift because no one can own the truth. We receive the gift from the fourth dimension, and then we give to the third dimension. When nothing is owed, much can be shared.”
  • “We no longer choose to contribute energy to a world where hours are calculated into money, and lifestyle is based on scarcity, supply and demand. The current global standard cannot operate without money, and our production and performance of musical events does cost money. Therefore, to break the old “profit-runaround”, the first link in the “Infinity” cycle is a GIFT. We do call upon benefactors and donors who wish to contribute monies to give the GIFT to others and energize an abundant world based on caring and sharing. We are all part of ONE.”
  • “The sole purpose of “Infinity” is to perform as many Musical Gifts as possible, that we may all come together in the beautiful sound of Harmony so that upcoming changes give birth to a graceful art form in action.”

If I haven’t mentioned this in the last 10-minutes, I’ll state it again:

  • My Sylvia is wonderful!

This afternoon, I was checking the “new musical instruments” sites and saw an upcoming product by a new company. The company’s name is: “Special-Waves”. After watching their new-product video, my mind focused on the “Waves” in their name. I thought: “I wonder if they’ll be asked to change their name because there’s another company that’s simply called: “Waves” and both are in the “musical instrument” business”.

Maybe my thoughts were being steered by my Higher Self, Sylvia or my Guides, I don’t know but I found myself thinking… “If a “boat” company had the word: “Waves” in their name, there wouldn’t be a name-change because these are different industries.

When I thought about that, I then saw (within my mind) an ocean and a Fishing Vessel being pulled-down and pushed-up, violently from the HUGE swells in the Waves. This is when my mind drifted into “what if” territory…

  • I’m not convinced that “Wind” / “Air Currents” are strong-enough to actually cause ocean swells of 50-feet or more. So “IF” we’ve been lied to about “Wind causes the ocean’s waters to churn”, then “why” do the Earth’s oceans have such deep swells at times?
  • So “what if” those deep swells are really caused by a fluctuation in either “Gravity” or the “Magnetic” streams and pulses flowing “around” and “through” the Earth?… or maybe there’s a Cosmic “coiling-up” of energies which jut-out and strike the Earth but because “water” is more sensitive to these frequencies than the “ground” or “rocks”, those energies are shown to cause a reaction in the oceans?… or maybe there’s a very short “stop” and “start” of the Earth’s rotation. The Lands wouldn’t necessarily show any signs of this but large bodies of Water “might”?

Remember, before you say: “That’s nonsense” or “That’s not possible”, this is a “mind-opening” exercise… just some “puzzle pieces” which “may” or “may not” fit into the “Grand Scheme of things”. I’m asking that people put “some” of their Science and “Flat” Earth – “Sphere” Earth ideas aside and think about… what “really” causes deep-level waves in the oceans?

Here’s the link to the “Special-Waves” video of their upcoming product:

This is from C.Y. (who’s on this list) thank you. I haven’t seen these in my usual “alternative news” outlets.

This is in response to my “Satellites” Posting on November 27th:


This was sent to me by E.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would not have seen, or taken-notice of, this otherwise.

I don’t claim to understand all of this article. I don’t even know where “RBI” is but after an online Search, it looks to be in India.

This article states that the RBI Governor is easing a financial “situation” in India and explaining the “new money” to his people.

The reason I’m including it is because “IF” this is real, it is one of the very few “in the General Public’s perception” information sources which shows that part of the “new money” / “Global Currency Reset” has indeed happened… “somewhere”. So “IF” all of this is true, it is VERY GOOD news!

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is very interesting… The information below matches the information above… but for the “United States of America”.

This web page shows the new “Continental Dollars”:

This web page (linked from the one above) explains the “new money” and its connection to the Treasury:

“IF” ANY of this is real, it means a LOT of people HAVE been doing a LOT of work behind-the-scenes and that we are NOW, FINALLY seeing the results IN THE PUBIC’S AWARENESS!!!… “IF” it’s real. The “proof” for “me” will be when I’m actually holding 1 of these pieces of paper in my own hands.

Question everything.


Uh. Is this another one? The following article states that Zimbabwe introduced new currency Notes today.

“IF” these 3 articles are really happening, then, “yes”, SOMETHING has changed and Humanity is FINALLY on its way home.

My comments: I really should be dripping in tears right now but I’ve been burned by this type of information MANY times over these last 294-weeks that my nerve-endings must now be “battle-hardened” because I’m just not feeling a flow of tears.

The changing of the financial Systems around this planet was always going to be ONE of the signs that I would need, to indicate “we are on our way through the Veil”… well, at least “Sylvia and I” will be dealing with this part of “the Event”.

I’ve mentioned this before… No matter what happens, on our Collective Path of walking to freedom, the main goal for me and Sylvia is to reconnect, physically, with each other. Nothing can stop this. So as soon as I see a way to get through the “Veil” (to reunite with My Sylvia) I WILL be taking that opportunity. Most likely, many who know me and Sylvia (or know “of” us) will find ourselves at an upcoming celebration at some point. So, even if I disappear for a while, it’s not forever.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulfords “full” weekly report. The title is: “Khazarians being flushed out of underground hideouts as US revolution continues“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “There can be no doubt the United States is in the throes of a revolution. As a part of this, US military sources say “44 wildfires in the Southern states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina smoked out underground cabalists,” making it clear a real purge is ongoing.”
  • “The Pentagon sources are also saying “another cabal spacecraft escaping earth was shot down over Florida on November 21st.” Yet a further cabal spacecraft was shot down off the coast of Fukushima, on November 22nd after it attacked Japan with an earthquake weapon, White Dragon Society sources in Asia say. A video of the craft going down can be seen at this link.”
  • “For those of you who think this is too far-fetched, please bear in mind that stealth jets were flying for close to 30 years before they were revealed to the public. That means the F-35 flying turkey is just a diversion and the US military has stuff that is at least 30 years ahead of what we are being shown.”
  • “Also, four separate sources, two Pentagon, one CIA and one ruling bloodline family say some major financial announcements are coming soon, possibly on December 1st. One announcement which will have a big impact on the gold market is that “the Islamic Council that sets the standards for Sharia as of December 1st is going to change the rules for 1.3 billion Muslims that previously were only permitted to own gold in the form of jewelry. They are now going to be permitted to purchase gold as an investment,” according to a CIA source in Asia.”
  • “The real biggie that came from two separate Pentagon sources is that the US government is about to announce new Treasury dollars for use in North America. Images of the bills can be seen at this link:”

My comments: His link is the same one I included above.

What I really need to know is “WHEN”… When will any of this be seen by the General Public?

  • “CIA sources in Asia go further and say the new bills will replace the US dollar bills currently in circulation inside the United States and that Americans will take a 50% haircut when they exchange for the new bills. US dollars outside of the United States will keep their current value, the sources say.”
  • “A source in the 13 bloodline families independently confirms that some sort of decision has been made regarding the global financial system and that things “will be starting possibly in December or sometime in January.””
  • “The Khazarian mafia-controlled media conglomerates in the US are also having their feet held to the fire, and are being ordered to report the truth or else. Trump is considering revoking the Federal Communications Commission broadcasting licenses of lie-spouting corporate media networks, the sources say. There are also discussions going on about either nationalizing or breaking up the big media cartels, they add.”
  • “The attempt by the Khazarians to save themselves by overthrowing the election of Donald Trump through vote recounts is not going to change things. Members of the US Green party admit they took money from the Rothschilds to demand a recount, but that their real intention was to use the funds to fight for greater rights for small political parties like theirs. In any case, any real vote recount would show Hillary Clinton lost by a much larger percentage than is being reported.”
  • ““Bill Clinton flew in recently under the radar and was admitted to the cardiovascular unit at one of our ’specialist hospitals’ nearby, which is under the control of the Agency. After a thorough examination, he was told that nothing more can be done for his heart. It is end game for WJC. He most likely will not be celebrating the New Year in this world. This is the reason he has looked so pale for the past several months. His heart is so weak, that it cannot pump the oxygenated blood carried in his arteries through his system. The quadruple bypass surgery was only a temporary solution.””
  • “The source continued by noting that “When WJC dies, he will be kept on ice so to speak. (Just like they did for a few years with the King of Thailand). His death and cause thereof will be ‘announced’ when the time is right. He will receive the full Presidential funeral procession as per current US laws and regulations unless there is a major change in the new US Government policy in the near future.””
  • “It may be that the Clintons, the Bushes and their ilk will all “die” in the near future to avoid airing the dirty laundry that would be exposed if they were forced to face a war crimes tribunal. The people, though, deserve to hear the truth”

Be sure to visit the link below, in order to access the links provided.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-27-16 Gaia, Satellites?, Cobra, Veil

This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Silents are empowered as Cosmics arise.”
  • “Florentines deliver the message to the Higher Ones.”
  • “Ecstatic communications are tempered with Joy.”
  • “Flowers are observed in Gehenna.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This was sent to me by E.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.

My comments: According to the “” site below, they are Tracking 17,881-objects surrounding the Earth. I had read somewhere that NASA is Tracking over 50,000-objects. (I looked but can’t find that link right now.)

So my question is… and this is the same question I’ve been asking for many Months now…

  • If there are that many objects surrounding the Earth, why hasn’t NASA allowed the general public to see them in real-Time?… “I” have not seen any photographs or videos of any actual Satellites, Debris or various “Rocket Bodies”. In all the Space Station videos… With all the powerful Satellites in Space, why haven’t “I” seen a single photo that contains at least 2 Satellites?
  • Also… Even though those objects in Space are at different Altitudes, with sooo many of them constantly moving, why haven’t any of them crashed into another piece of Space debris?


The “Stuff In Space” web page provides (below) real-Time, animated positioning of all the “Satellites”, “Rocket Bodies” and “Debris” that NASA is Tracking.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s another site that Tracks space objects:

…and here’s another:


Cobra’s message for today is very simple and straightforward… and “IF” it’s true, it’s a HUGE step toward the “Veil” being removed!

Here’s Cobra’s message:

  • “The End of Artificial Intelligence”

Be sure to visit the web page below, in order to access the photo Cobra Posted with that statement and to read the Comments:

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This 18-minute video shows some “supposed” recently-taken UFO footage. Yes, there seems to lots of “lights in the night sky” videos Posted every Day. However, the reason I’m including this particular video is because of something the television Announcers say near the 0:22 and 0:50 marks:

  • UFO sightings are increasing.

My comments: “IF” this is true, could this be because the “Veil” is now even thinner? I believe Humanity is now within the “exponential” / “ever increasing” Time of happenings. A Time of small alternative (out of the ordinary) events constantly increasing and leading-up to the big “Event” most of us are waiting for.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-26-16 Hoffman, Goode

*First a comment:

(I haven’t found anything to include for the last 2 nights.)


Jennifer Hoffman’s message for today seems to show some feedback on the pulse of Humanity. Well, at last for “me”:

  • “It is another slow starting day for me, after many restless, sleep-less hours and going to sleep at around 6AM.. I had to laugh at the message from Uriel this morning, which said we were being re-birthed into our new paradigms so we’re sleeping like newborns (who sleep all of the time). The re-wiring and re-calibrating our energy happens when we’re sleeping and it’s hard work. That’s why we have been so exhausted lately. It is all in line with the energy cycle we are entering into.”
  • “So if you are seeing a lot of stuff from the past, it’s because it’s interfering with the re-wiring and re-calibrating process, and what gets your attention also gets your energetic input. “Do I want this in my new life?” is a good question to ask now. Also, pay attention to fresh ideas and new, creative opportunities that are coming up. They will help you set your intention for the next step which fills the energy gap that happens when we clear the past and have not yet manifested the new paths for our lives.”
  • “If you’re feeling tired of your life, you’re right on track with this process. Use what you’re ‘tired of’ to create the intention for something new.”

My comment: As for “seeing a lot of stuff from the past”… I may have mentioned in a previous Posting that the dog my Dad bought, when I was about 9, instantly became an “outdoor” dog. I’m pretty sure, though, that if the dog had a choice (a Say in the matter), he would have been an “indoor” dog.

Keep in mind that when “I” was “9”, it was the equivalent of today’s 3-year old… “mentally”, in a “wisdom-of-the-world” way. So I just went-along with whatever my Parents said. They said a big, German Shepard was too big-of-a-dog to live inside our home. So the dog simply “lived” outside… all the Time… Winter, Summer, etc.

At the Time, I was “just a kid” and figured the dog was ok with that. However, during these last 294-weeks since Sylvia has crossed-over, that dog’s so-called “life” appeared in my mind several times. Today was another of those now, incredibly-sad, moments.

  • Sylvia has a Saying: “Don’t SHOULD on yourself.”

…but that dog’s feelings SHOULD have been considered. German Shepard or not… “dogs love the outdoors” or not… “I” SHOULD have said something… made a stand… built the dog a better outdoor environment, etc.

There are CHILDREN “today” who are actually changing the world! They talk to their Parents. They inform their Teachers. They write letters and some of them even address Congress and the United Nations. (I’m crying) I SHOULD HAVE DONE “SOMETHING” to at least comfort that dog’s “existence” just a little!!!

After reading Jennifer Hoffman’s information, I understand that my dog’s scenario is part of “my” moving forward through the shackles of those energies which hold “me” to the ground by my own doing.

  • We have to look within and take full responsibility for our own memories — “good” or “bad”… “right” or “wrong”. They are ours to stand on or to reshape.

With all that said, I have a little bit of comfort knowing 2 very important things:

  • Many years before meeting Sylvia, I either had a Psychic Reading or I had an inner-knowing that this dog (I call him “my dog”) has volunteered to become 1 of my Guides or part of what Native Americans refer to as their “Totem” as my “Wolf Clan”.
  • I also have a sense that Sylvia not only has “her” dog, who crossed-over shortly after we met, but also has “my dog”. (…but how can “my dog” be my Guide AND a “dog” living with Sylvia? As I wondered about this, just now, I felt him indicate “because we’re not done as dog and boy”. I also get the feeling that he has, somehow, “splintered” / “split” himself, in order to do this. That’s the best my tiny brain can comprehend about what he really did.)


Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


The following link is to a page of text which is the conversation between Corey Goode (former member of the Cabal’s “Secret Space Program”) and David Wilcock (Researcher, Book Author). Here are some excerpts:

    • “Corey: Yeah. So, yeah, things definitely . . . and in this topic have escalated since then. There are three incidents I’d like to talk about today, and we can . . . and a couple of them were pretty quick, so we can cover them fairly quickly.”


    • “I had a number of encounters over the last couple of months, and the number of pickups I’ve had to go to the Blue Sphere has increased.”


    • “David: Hm.”


    • “Corey: And there’s obviously something, something . . . It’s picked up. Something is going on.”


    • “Corey: Right. But the meetings kind of have changed a little bit. They’ve been more frequent, and in some cases rushed, like the one I’m about to tell you about.”


    • “David: Okay.”


    • “Corey: I was at home, and I got picked up in the normal way with a Blue Sphere. And the Sphere took me up, or the Blue Orb took me up, to a giant Blue Sphere again.”


    • “And immediately I noticed Tear-Eir and Gonzales and Mica together, and they were real close to me this time.”


    • “David: Hm.”


  • “Corey: …So his people are beginning to lay the groundwork for open contact and assistance from them in the future.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-23-16 *FireLies

*First a comment:

A few days ago, someone at work mentioned that there are a few large fires burning in North Carolina. I thought the neighboring residents were simply burning their Fireplaces but the thick outside, smoky air should have told me something was wrong somewhere.

I’m not a Firefighter but “putting out large-scale fires” seemed to be my “puzzle for the Day” for the last few days. Tonight, something ‘clicked” when a few ideas formed on this subject.

So let’s think about this…

  • We’re taught that “water” extinguishes “fire”. This seems to be true. We can all prove this.
  • When dealing with a large-scale fire, however, I’m beginning to think that there are different “variables” or even a “Natural” physics that comes into Play.
  • Think about it… Let’s say there’s a very large forest fire with flames 10-to 30-feet high or more. That huge water-container under a helicopter is going to seem like a “thimble” in size compared to that fire.
  • Dropping (by helicopter) or spraying (by firehose) water on a large forest fire, to “me”, looks as though the water is “partially” or “mostly” turned into Steam before it hits those flames. The result is a lot of effort for very little results. (“IF” that’s true, then that’s the Cabal’s “fire lie” making us believe “water” will do the job.)
  • I’m sure there are chemicals that can be used in those situations but they can be costly and dangerous for the Firefighters and the environment.
  • Once I realized all of this, I began thinking about the idea of a “Fire Break”. Even in a large forest fire, when given the opportunity, the Firefighters will create a “Fire Break”. This is usually a dirt line between the fire and where it’s heading. The ground where the Fire Break is created is cleared of trees, leaves, grass and anything that might burn quickly. The idea is to put enough raw “dirt” between the fire and where you want it to stop.
  • So if that idea is to use “dirt” to stop the fire, why aren’t Firefighters dropping and spraying raw, moist “dirt” on those fires?
  • In “my” mind, when a helicopter drops a container-full of “dirt” onto a fire, it will not lose its effectiveness before reaching the flames. Plus, “dirt” is fairly dense and will smother the fire more-easily than water.

Just some thoughts.

Question everything.

Here’s a link to a 3-minute video on “Fire Break” basics:

Here’s a 2-minute video of a helicopter trying to put out a fire with a large water container:


(Wow. I can’t believe I “read” and “viewed” lots of information tonight but ended-up with nothing to include. It’s rare for me to not include outside (of me) pieces of information but it happens. I wrote the above information before beginning tonight’s research.)

PS 11-22-16 *Sylvia, Astrology, Awakenings, Cobra

*First a comment:

What an interesting day, thanks to “Sylvia”…

I was a little concerned about telling our new boss that I currently can’t feel anything in a few of my fingers and that I really need to baby that hand and arm. (Almost everything Sylvia and I do there is “physical”.)… and, of all days to have to tell them.

  • That company gets a Tractor Trailer every week and, usually, on a “Tuesday”… like clockwork. Me and a few other guys have to unload it. It’s very physical because there are no “palettes”, no “boxes”, no standard “anything” to unload. Everything is either in large, floppy, thin plastic bags or in cardboard contains which look similar to the ones the Post Office uses to carry Letters… but these weigh more.

So once we Clocked-In, I spoke with the Manager. I was told to just do whatever type of work I was capable of and, oh, by the way… there is NO TRUCK TODAY!… and, it probably won’t arrive until Saturday.

  • What? How was that possible? Granted we’ve only been working there for 22-Days… but they’ve always had trucks to unload on Tuesdays. (We were also told this is the way it works there.)

So, from “my” perspective (my tiny world), “Sylvia” did this, so I can take a few more Days to rest my arm and health those nerves.

After supper tonight, I checked our eMail and found a message from “Waffle House”.

  • Sylvia and I had explored all the “prepared food” options near where we work and found ourselves going to Waffle House most of the Time. Then we noticed that they offer a “Regulars Club”. So I signed up up.

Sylvia knows I like “Waffles”, so, today she had Waffle House make up a new Promotion, just so they could send me a coupon for a… “free Waffle”.

  • Their announcement states that they’re doing this to celebrate “the 1st ever “National Jukebox Day”.

What? To “me”, this is so “out there”, as if someone is just making this stuff up, that I can’t help but say this is also from My Sylvia.

This coupon expires 12/6/16. So if anyone out there is interested in “Waffle House” food, sign-up now and they “may” still send you this particular coupon.

So Sylvia and I will be having a free Waffle at Waffle House tomorrow (Wednesday), just before going in to work and NOT unloading a Truck.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Reading for December 2016. Here are some excerpts:

  • Confusion with a Chance of Chaos
  • “But rather than offer yet another postmortem of the election, or predict the consequences of this election result, I would like to continue examining the underlying astrological influences.
  • December’s charts are promising to help us rebuild, but only if we can avoid falling into old traps.”
  • December’s Charts
  • “Be Careful What You Wish”
  • “Each of the phases in the weakening of the oligarchic alignment described above generated a plethora of unanswered questions, conflicting ideas, and challenges. Up to now, answering the questions, resolving the conflicts and addressing the challenges has proven impossible. But December’s energies strongly suggest that that is no longer the case.”
  • “Given what I know to be the incredible complexity of the energetics of December I have pretty much abandoned the idea of doing an aspect, by aspect, technical analysis. Instead I will use a somewhat impressionistic approach, focusing on facets of these charts that draw my attention.”
  • “Specifically, December’s New and Full Moon charts present two characteristics of a  dynamic, highly charged field. This field strongly supports manifestation. With an important twist.”
  • “December’s Full Moon chart is dominated by a formation made up of sextiles and trines. This formation is two sextiles short of a Grand Sextile.”
  • “Such structures strongly support manifestation, indeed, rapid and intense manifestation. They give us what we desire. At the same time, though, they hold up a mirror to our hidden motives and mistaken thinking and ‘reward’ us accordingly.”
  • “In the early going, we appear to be getting exactly what we wished for. As matters proceed, though, events begin to reflect our flawed motivation and the errors in our thinking, if any there be.”

Be sure to visit his facebook page, below, in order to read the rest of his Findings. (He also explains some background energies from 2008 to the Present.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This was also sent to by K.K. (thank you). I would not have seen this otherwise.

The title of this article is: “Time of Great Change“.

Here’s a statement by 1 of the “New Children” mentioned in this article, which I found to be very helpful:

  • “The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consicousness, not saving the planet. The planet doesn’t need saving. We do.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was also sent to me by K.K. (thank you). As with the information above, I would not have found this otherwise.

This is a November 11th Interview with Cobra. As always, I have to say “IF” any of this is true, then it will be very helpful. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Louisa: Cobra, how are we doing on ascension right now, in your opinion?”
  • “Cobra: I would say so-so. There is some progress, but not enough.”
  • “Louisa: In your update, you mentioned setting a new tachyon membrane around the earth, what is that for and can you explain why it is necessary?”
  • “Cobra: The Pleiadians and other light forces are building a special membrane at a certain location inside the Earth-Moon orbit. The purpose of that membrane is to cut off the tentacles of the Yaldaboth Octopus entity away from the head, which will diminish the power of the entity and will drastically speed up the clearing of the solar system beyond that point. Then it will be easier for the light forces to proceed towards the surface of the planet.”
  • “Louisa: Thank you. Disabling the plasma scalar weapons; are they doing that in conjunction as it seems they are related?”
  • “Cobra: They are related but it’s a different operation and they have had moderate success lately with a satellite.”
  • “Louisa: Is Elon Musk really working for the light? Cobra: Yes. Believe it or not.”
  • “Louisa: Cobra, are these implants responsible for the miserable headaches that people are getting?”
  • “Cobra: Yes, exactly, when the biochip is activated or when the implants are clearing people have strong, nasty headaches sometimes, there is no medical explanation for this. They are triggered , many of them are dormant until people reach a certain vibrational frequency level and they are sleeper cells in then body and then they activate , they are trigger activated when people reach a certain vibrational frequency or they begin to become too dangerous for the matrix that’s why they are usually activated.”
  • “Louisa: What can we do about it?”
  • “Cobra: There are clearing protocols that can help. I have explained some of them already on my blog and there are therapists who can assist not in removing them but to decreace in their efficiency.”
  • “Louisa: And they are aware of everybody who gets activated I presume? Cobra: Yes, of course.”
  • “Steve: And this is all going to be deactivated as soon as this network is brought down, is that correct?”
  • “Cobra: It will be completely cleared when the scalar network is cleared. Its part of the same structure.”
  • “Steve: And the infrasound is part of the same structure?”
  • “Cobra: Yes, of course. What the infrasound does it lowers the vibration frequency of especially emotional vibrations, it suppresses people’s will to fight , suppresses people’s will to create their own destiny.”
  • “Steve: What about people who are attacked with this while they are in bed sleeping?”
  • “Cobra: There are certain resonance points, interference points where infrasound is stronger, it is advisable to change the location or to move to other room or shift the bed periodically even. Some will have to readjust to this, and there are some anti- scalar devices that can help a little bit with this. There are some technologies on my blog on the Tachyonis website there are certain laser devices which can help with this.”
  • “Louisa: But what about frequencies? I find playing my piano and surrounding myself with the string vibrations and overtones of the harmonics is very healing for me personally?”
  • “Cobra: Harmonious sound is a very good antidote to infrasound. Certain resonance frequency with physical instruments and positive music is a very good antidote to this.”
  • “Steve: Laughing and happiness frequencies? Cobra: Of course.”
  • “Steve: David Wilcock talks about a solar event that will make a big change to the DNA of humanity and consciousness to humans. Is this the same event that you are talking about?”
  • “Cobra: Yes, exactly. What he talks about, the solar event or what Corey Goode talks about is actually the galactic pulse triggering the sun. Every twentysix thousand years there is a galactic pulse which triggers all the stars in the galaxy in a certain way, also of course when this galactic super wave reaches our solar system it will trigger our physical sun, in a way that Corey Goode and other are talking about. Its part of the Event that I am describing. It is not only the activity of our physical sun but is connected to the activity to the galactic central sun and on the drastic changes on this planet and on the removal of the cabal, reset of the financial system, and the process of full disclosure and everything that is connected with that.”
  • “Louisa: Thank you Cobra. Can you tell us what the status is with Planet X or Nibiru?”
  • “Cobra: Ok, first, Planet X is not Nibiru. The whole concept of Nibiru is intentional disinformation which was released by the cabal to confuse people. There is no object in our solar system that will cross the earth orbit and that would disturb the situations here, that does not exist. Planet X is officially an undiscovered planet, in the outer outskirts of the solar system, which was and still is inhabited below the surface with underground bases and the source of the Resistance Movement.”
  • “Louisa: I see. Recently in science news there was an image shown of Saturn which had changed in color to a blue color. Scientists claimed they did not know what caused this. Can you comment on this?”
  • “Cobra: They do understand it but this news was not so widely spread. Actually what is happening is the Saturn orbit the sun, one orbit is about thirty years , and Saturn like every other planet in the solar system has seasons, and I see right now the north pole of Saturn summertime. And when it is summertime the temperature is higher and the color of the aerosols in the atmosphere changes and this is why the color of the famous north pole hexagon on Saturn has intensified and changed color.”
  • “Louisa: Thank you for commenting on that. Ironically, they are so casual about releasing information about finding life on Mars and it seems to be released in drips and drabs, which was what Capt. Randy Cramer had told us was the plan on our GoldFish Report Number fifty three, on Psychology of Disclosure. Is that how you see this issue of Mars unfolding?”
  • “Cobra: Actually what was happening there were secret negotiations between secret space program factions and the cabal, and two of the factions of the secret space program said to the Cabal if you do not disclose the situation on Mars we will do it. And this led the cabal into this limited disclosure which is happening now.”
  • “Louisa: ok, but Corey Goode was saying that there was an agreement for disclosure to happen over the next fifty to one hundred years.”
  • “Cobra: I will not agree with that. It was not an agreement. It was part of the manipulation of the Cabal which wants to enforce this agreement and it is not true that the Chinese faction agreed to that. It is not true. It is what the cabal wanted, this is what they proposed. This is what they threaten needs to happen. There was no formal agreement and acknowledgement of this.”
  • “Steve: So, just for clarification, does the central sun react to our development of consciousness and will react by bringing the Event at the right time, is that correct?”
  • “Cobra: Yes, exactly. The Galactic Central Sun is the home of the Galactic entity The Pleroma, and it is a living being and we are living inside that living being, we are living inside of The Pleroma, we are part of that being. The Galactic being interacts with all solar systems as cells within the galactic body and we are one cell of the galactic body and ….goes back to the galactic Central Sun and responds back. The Event will happen through the people, we are the channels for the Event, we are the transmitters of the Event. It can’t bypass us, its not possible. It goes through our energy field, to our physical bodies, to our environment, to our society. The only interaction comes from the direction within humanity and the Galactic Central , when this connection is strong enough then it will happen and luckily we are working on this.”
  • “Louisa: Is there a relationship between Pleiadians and the inner Earth Civilization?”
  • “Cobra: Of course, the Resistance Movement lives inside the Earth, in the inner Earth.”
  • “Louisa: There have been many reports about many different kinds of ships being spotted near the sun, which is a transit gate, what’s the status Cobra about what is going on above our heads right now? Could you give us any information on that?”
  • “Cobra: There is a lot of activity in the solar system especially the last few weeks this activity has increased. One part of this is the final operations to clear the solar system and this is connected with this other membrane that you asked about before. And this activity will continue to increase until the solar system is liberated.”
  • “Cobra: I would like to say that we have to carry on. We have to persist. We have to fight for our vision. And we will be successful. I know it’s all taking too long for all of us but the outcome is determined. The main positive timeline has been secured. And this main positive timeline includes full disclosure, financial reset, arrest of the cabal, the Event, first contact, all those things are secured for us.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the 1-hour video version:

Here’s the link to the text version:

PS 11-21-16 *Music, *Realities, Gaia, Fulford, Wilcock, FakeNews

*First a few comments:

Yesterday, I connected our new “Korg Volca FM” synthesizer to our older “Roland SH-201” keyboard. Sylvia and I wanted to explore the possibilities of playing this tiny, but sonically-rich, synthesizer from a full-sized keyboard.

Within just a few seconds of “randomly pressing keys”, Sylvia indicated: “That sounds worth saving.” All of these pieces of gear are just sitting here — not connected to anything yet. (That’s coming next week.) So I had to quickly grab a cable, connect it to our Macintosh and Launch the GarageBand software. So I could record it.

Then I realized that, later… although it’s a simple melody, “I” won’t be able to figure out “which” notes I played, without a lot of work. So I quickly entered the individual notes manually (slowly) in a different way (on a “MIDI Track”). This will allow us to more-easily have GarageBand show us which notes were played.

For the last couple of months or so, Sylvia and I have been examining the current “Music Distribution” model that we’re currently following…

  • create Songs (or an Album),
  • pay a “music-world-connected” company a lot of money to make CDs and distribute them physically and to sell those Songs “digitally”

If our Band was known (by anyone) like some of the Super Groups, we could sell a LOT of Songs with very little effort. These days, however, ANYONE can make music that fits into some Category that people will pay money for. This means there must be hundreds of Bands and thousands of Songs looking for attention EACH DAY.

  • Those are just guesses on my part. The real numbers must be MUCH higher. I say this based on what Sylvia and I saw when I 1st started uploading my designs to CaféPress. During that time (many years ago), they had a Counter on your Shop Owner’s page which showed how many designs were uploaded that Day. We constantly saw that number to be over 10,000, on many Days.

So Sylvia and I have been thinking about how we can change this Distribution Model. We haven’t figured it out yet but, for us, it needs to change. So far, our “crowd-funding” has brought us $5 on Patreon.

See for yourself:

As Sylvia and I were sitting here at Supper tonight, my mind wandered to “alternative realities”.

  • Some say that for every decision a new Reality is created.

So I began thinking… In some Reality, somewhere, “I” have crossed-over and “Sylvia” is existing in this “Dream” saying: “Why can’t I see or hear you yet?”

Just a thought.


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Stereotypes are exposed for all to view.”
  • “Desecration of all BEings ends.”
  • “Energetic complements clarify the missions.”
  • “Fortifications are collapsed.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Hungary, the UK, the US, Bulgaria, Moldova free from Khazarian control, Austria, Italy, South Korea next“. Here are some excerpts:

    • “The first senior staff members selected by Donald Trump are all US armed forces veterans making it clear his government will be strongly linked to the US military. This means the men with guns are finally taking action.”


    • “Navy veteran Steve Bannon is Chief Strategist, army veterans Mike Pompeo, Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn respectively have the jobs of CIA head, Attorney General and Director of National Security. So far no neocons or Khazarians have been selected.”


    • “A Pentagon source says the names of neocons like Rudolph Giuliani, John Bolton, David Petraeus and Mitt Romney were “floated so trump can say ‘you’re fired.’””


    • “New National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn summed up the situation as follows:“We just went through a revolution…This is probably the biggest election in our nation’s history, since bringing on George Washington when he decided not to be a king. That’s how important this is.””


    • “Other Pentagon sources say that a special “navy doomsday plane” was sent to fly from California to Denver last week to deploy “special weapons” in order to “drive cabalists out of underground bases” so that they could be arrested.”


    • “Since the Rothschilds and Angellis appear to be out of the loop on future events now, here is a bit of what sources in the new regime are saying is coming up.”


    • “For one thing, as soon as President Barack Obama loses his ability to issue pardons on January 20th, there are going to be a flood of revelations coming out of the US agencies about pedophilia and human sacrifice carried out by many well-known US and European politicians and personalities. The Bush/Clinton family, Mitt Romney, Carl Rove and others are expected to be included in these revelations, Pentagon sources say.”


    • “The Rothschilds and their kinfolk can also expect hearings about what really caused the Asian tsunami of 2006, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster of 2011, the Haiti tsunami etc. In other words, the world will find out they are a bunch of ruthless mass murderers.”


    • “The coming months will also reveal a “Trump/Putin tag team that will kill ISIS as a prelude to a US-EU-Russian and Vatican Christian bloc to contain China and terminate the global Khazarian mafia,” the sources say.”


  • “The Russians, for example, have already given the go ahead for a tunnel linking Siberia with Alaska. People and freight could then move by train from New York to London via Moscow.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is David Wilcock’s response to Benjamin Fulford’s Posting (above):

  • “FWIW (For What It’s Worth), the dreams I have been having lately indicate that spectacular progress is soon to appear in the public eye, and as negative as it is, these Wikileaks revelations are the healing that needs to occur.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link (it’s down in the “Comments” Section:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I don’t know if this is true but we HAVE heard the the MSM (Main Stream Media) has manipulated information and videos in the past… but, “IF” this IS true, it means we are another step closer to freedom and the cracks in the Cabal’s shell… game can now be seen.

Be sure to visit the link below, in order to see the actual list.

    • REVEALED: The Real Fake News List
    • “11/19/2016 229 Comments”


    • “By Chris Rossini”


    • “We’ve seen the make-shift “fake news” list created by a leftist feminist professor. Well, another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water.”


    • “This list contains the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple bogus wars. These are the news sources that told us “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” They told us that Hillary Clinton had a 98% of winning the election. They tell us in a never-ending loop that “The economy is in great shape!””


  • “This is the real Fake News List (and it’s sourced):”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-20-16 Fulford

This was a surprise… I was checking my usual “alternative news-digest” sites and found this very short update from Benjamin Fulford:

  • “I just received this from my White Hat contact in DC who is with the Agency.”
  • ““The word is out that Soros is dead. It is being discussed at the Pentagon as well. He was taken out. One by one the Bush/Clinton/crime syndicate is being removed. I will update you as I have more data”.”

My comments: Since I haven’t been purposely-Tracking “political” happenings, I have no idea who “Soros” is. I HAVE heard bits and pieces about him possibly funding negative events around this planet. So I assume he’s a really bad piece of energy.

So “IF” Fulford’s information is correct, it means there really IS “something” happening — even if the General Public can’t see it yet. So at least we have a little light at the end of this tunnel afterall.

In “my” mind, as things like this continue to happen, and are brought into the Public’s awareness, those things will increase exponentially. In other words, what may appear to be an impossible list of actions that need to be accomplished before “Disclosure” or “Enlightenment” or “the Veil being removed”, that list will actually be fulfilled very quickly now… “IF” the information above is true.

Question everything.
Here’s the link to his personal website, which is the source of this information:

PS 11-19-16 *Health, *2017, *Mindset, Hoffman, WebBot

*First a comment:

I hesitate in including this because it shows that I’ve not monitored this Unit (the body and its many Systems) properly recently and it caused me to damage it. I didn’t even know what was wrong until this morning… Right when I woke-up, Sylvia placed an image within my mind which showed me “how” I damaged this Unit.

I’m mentioning this because… even though Sylvia has indicated that “I” will not be “crossing-over” (as she has), this Unit can still be damaged… which means, as all of us go through our Day-to-Day participations, we still need to monitor those Systems within you and gather your energies before tackling a non-typical, very physical task. I was just caught off-guard and didn’t even notice it right away.

Let me backup…

  • Around the Time Sylvia and I began this new job (November1st), I noticed that 3 of the fingertips on one of my hands were numb. Initially, I thought I had slept crooked or something. So I monitored it but mostly ignored it.
  • After a week with no change, and feeling more pain when placing my fingers under hot water, I thought I remembered burning 1 of my fingers somewhere… but I couldn’t connect that “idea” with a current “memory”. So I began to be concerned that there was something wrong with this Unit’s Electrical System. Then, a few days later, I spoke with an older woman at work, who told me she lost the feeling in her fingers years ago and provided me with the medical term of what it’s supposed to be called. (The medical “establishment” has a way of doing that to people… give it a name, so people can instantly refer to it and everyone will not only know what you’re talking about but will also feel sorry for you. A few decades ago, Sylvia told me… “this is called Name it and claim it”.
  • Anyway… Right when I woke-up (was aware of this Unit) this morning, I felt a lot of pain. Most of my hand and arm and part of my shoulder and neck were NOT happy. This is when Sylvia showed me an image of “me” at work on that 1st day. At least once a week, some of the workers have to “throw” or “toss” certain objects which can weigh from 5-to 25-pounds. This is usually done with both hands together and twisting at the Waist. (This “throwing” can last, off-and-on, for the entire 7-hour day.) These objects need to land 5-to 15-feet away and, usually about 10-feet off the floor.
  • I just didn’t pay attention to “exactly” how to get this Unit to accomplish that task without damaging it.

So I’ve been babying my arm “most” of the day. I couldn’t wait to start working on the Stand (see “Mindset” below), though. So I may have set its healing back a bit.

This afternoon, while having Lunch at home, I was thinking about the “energy” of the year-number 2016. Although I’ve sensed this before, I didn’t quite put it into a connected package with “2017”.

  • When I place the year-number “2016” within my mind, I see “dirt” and the general color “brown”.
  • When I do the same thing with the year-number “2017”, I see golden-yellow Light.

This is just a quick observation on my part. Of course, Sylvia and I really don’t want our reuniting to be delayed any longer… and I’ve mentioned before…

  • …around 2014, I told Sylvia… if we are not physically reunited with each other by 2017, I’m going to ask that she re-enter this realm as a “Walk-In”. There are only 42 more Days until Humanity’s Time-measurement system reaches the year “2017” for this TimeLine. So we’re about to be in for a bumpy ride, unless something “major”… something “in the face of the General Public” unfolds.

I found this fascinating (almost mindblowing) and I started not to include it but because this has to do with Humanity’s “mindset”, or maybe just “my” mindset”, it shows how the unfolding of ideas lead to various discoveries, or even inventions, in “some” people. In other people, their “mental-evolution” may turn toward a completely different Path. Although I’ve created a few things in the past, my mind takes some of the simplest “trails” of thought and just goes in a different, “nothing to see here”, direction.

I’ve mentioned this to Sylvia, a few decades ago…

  • After we watched “an old Western” movie, I started thinking about the typical “Buckboard” and “Covered Wagon” of the early “Pioneer Days” of settling this country. I placed myself within that TimeFrame and thought about improving their transportation. Instead of connecting the idea of the “motor” (when it came along), my mind drifted in a straight line and kept thinking of ways to improve the Suspension, remove the squeaks, add cushions to the seats, etc.

The same thing happens to me, “sometimes”, when examining the current “Now” we live in — especially when I need to make something but don’t have the money for the proper tools of the workspace to put them in.

  • Yesterday, after work, Sylvia and I went to a local Hardware Store, in order to buy a piece of sheetmetal. We picked-up our new “Korg Volca FM” the day before and want to make a slanted Stand for it. Similar to the one I made for our “Roland JP-08” synthesizer.

Here’s the link to the “JP-08” Stand that I made:

I was really wanting to make that Stand. So even with numb fingers, I decided to see what I could accomplish. The shorter version is… I tried to Score (scratch) it with a 3-inch nail-like tool but lost patience with it and decided to just bend it. It finally snapped but now there’s an “S” curve where I wanted an “L” shape. So I have to wait ’til tomorrow so I can take it outside and bang it flat with a hammer.

Anyway… When I made the JP-08 Stand, I was faced with the same situation — how do I bend it? In doing that research, I found a tool called a “Brake” or “Metal Brake”. This is a short video of a large Metal Brake and how it works:

Somehow, today, while looking for a better way to Score this piece of metal, I discovered a hand-tool which “rolls” over the metal, in order to “bend” it. This is one of those times where the evolution of someone’s brain went in a completely different direction. I’ve seen several videos in the past of people creating their own, low cost “Metal Brake”. None of them (that “I” saw) ever “looked outside the box” and said “maybe this roller idea is better… or at least cheaper”.

Take a look at this short product video of a “roller hand-tool” which really does bend metal:

A typical “Metal Brake” starts at over $200 and goes up quickly to over $1,000. That “roller” version retails for almost $500. So it’s not really “less expensive”… BUT for those, like me and Sylvia who don’t have the room for even a small “Metal Brake”, that “roller” version could come in real handy. For “us”, though, we’d rather spend the money on more music gear. So I’ll be bending the Volca’s Stand by hand with a board and hammer. I also have to make the same type of Stand for our “Arturia BeatStep Pro”.

As I mentioned, this Section was more of how the Human mind follows certain criteria and experiences, in order to achieve a certain outcome. Sometimes our minds connect things in a straight line and other times they make a 90-degree turn.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I found Jennifer Hoffman’s Posting for today to be very insightful that the Earth is waking-up and “Humanity” along with it. Here’s her message:

    • “Did you know that the German word for heart is herz, which is very similar to the word hertz, which is used to measure electromagnetic frequency? I was thinking about the earth’s vibration today, the Schumann Resonance which is the measurement of the earth’s electromagnetic field, the energy at which the earth vibrates and we know it doubled in March 2015, moving from 7.85 hertz to over 16 and it has been steadily increasing ever since. Schumann Resonance monitors now register up to 50 hertz and they will have to go up again as the planet’s frequency increases. The word hertz is used to measure electromagnetic wave energy cycles, named after its founder Heinrich Hertz. The German word for heart is herz, a rather interesting coincidence, don’t you think.”


    • “The Schumann Resonance has been called the heartbeat of the planet and we share those frequencies with the planet. If the earth’s SR is rising it is because our energetic frequency is increasing. The more we intend to be in higher frequencies, we assist in and participate with the rising SR rates. That gives me a lot of joy, knowing that when I pay attention to my frequency and keep it high, I am boosting the herz (heart) of the earth by raising the hertz (electromagnetic cycles & frequency of the Schumann Resonance).”


  • “Keep those lights shining, we have a very big week coming up energetically and it’s also Thanksgiving, what better time to ‘raise our vibes’ and get that heart energy flowing and going.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m also including this a “bonus” information.

This 47-minute video is an Interview with Cliff High, the creator of a piece of software which, he “claims”, can gather information from the Internet and “indicate” certain moods or trends in Society.

One reason I’m including this is because some of his information is current and includes Cabal thinking patterns. Around the 18-minute mark, he states that the Cabal is made-up of “Sociopaths” and are sort of “programmed” to continue to scheme against Humanity, in order to maintain their control over everyone. However, Cliff High also states… each Time the Cabal create a new “control scenario” for the masses, more of the masses actually wake-up to what is really going on. This means the Cabal are now at a point where they are manufacturing their own demise.

My comment: I’m not saying any of this information is true. I’m simply presenting this as yet another “measuring stick” of the type of energies Humanity “may” be involved with.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-18-16 Republic, Cobra

In the following relatively short videos, it’s explained that the “good guys” (Lightworkers, Republic, etc.) have recently been blowing-up the Cabal’s “DUMBs” (Deep Underground Military Bases) with “EMP” (Electro Magnetic Pulse) technology.

The “Source” of this information (in the video), also explains:

  • Hilary Clinton’s “double”,
  • the “Global Currency Reset”,
  • the difference between the “illuminati” and the “Cabal”, and more.

My comments: Once again… “IF” this information is real, it means “something” is FINALLY happening… even if it’s still “behind-the-scenes”.

I’m still confused on something though… Many months ago, I believe it was “Cobra” who stated that the “DUMBs” were destroyed. So someone has access to “bad” or “old” information.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the 1st video I watched:

Here’s the link to the 2nd video I watched:

Here’s the link where I initially found this information (there are more videos and even a few paragraphs explaining this):


The following is today’s Posting by Cobra’s. Below that is a link to his latest Interview and some excerpts:

    • Situation Update and Monthly Cobra Interview with Prepare for Change


    • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are quite successful in severing the tentacles of the Yaldabaoth entity from its main body that is attached to Earth. On the other hand, clearing of the main mass of Yaldabaoth is a serious challenge and there is a severe war taking place on the plasma plane around the surface of the planet. In a desperate move, the Chimera is using military contractors to strengthen the technologies of the Veil to defend quarantine Earth from liberation:”


    • “The Pleiadians have achieved some further small victories in removing plasma scalar weapons from low Earth orbit satellites.”


    • “There is a lot of activity in Antarctica. The Light forces have increased their presence there and the other side has received a „warning.“”


    • “Soft disclosure process is slowly preparing the masses for the Breakthrough:”


    • “Misleading myths of modern physics about dark energy and dark matter are finally beginning to dissolve:”


    • “Many factions are fighting to win their influence over Trump.”


    • “First there is the Jesuit-educated Georgetown University graduate Steve Bannon:”


    • “The Rockefeller faction is trying to install their Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) people:”


    • “The link above might have colorful language, but intel there contains a kernel of truth.”


    • “Then there are the Unholy Four, putting their neocon representatives such as the war hawk John Bolton:”


    • “Hopefully the Light forces will manage to reverse that negative trend:”


    • “Alternative media are far more powerful than most people imagine:”


    • “The Cabal, realizing this, has unleashed their attack:”


    • “Also, the Cabal banksters have managed to put enough pressure on Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, to make him eliminate 80% of cash supply in an insane move:”


    • “This is part of the global war on cash, a part of Cabal’s effort to ensure total control of people’s finances:”


    • “What India did, your country can do, so better get ready:”


    • “One possible strategy is to convert the majority of your cash into gold and silver.”


    • “Regardless of all this, the world is becoming a more peaceful place:”


    • “And now, you can listen to the November monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here:”


  • “Victory of the Light!”

My comments: This is interesting information because some of it does not match what was stated in the “Republic” Section above.

Be sure to visit Cobra’s website, in order to access the images and links provided.

Here are some excerpts from Cobra’s November 8th Interview:

    • “Lynn – Cobra, the first question is; Can you explain why the transition was from Weekly Event Meditation to the Weekly Ascension Meditation? What is the difference?”


    • “COBRA – OK, the transition was made because the situation has improved to the point such change became necessary because our focus at this point is not only The Event, not only the breakthrough but also the final goal which is the Ascension. With this meditation we are speeding up this whole process since the vibrational frequency of the planet is high enough to make this possible.””


    • “Richard – Cobra, these questions are about THE EVENT. Are we secure in knowing that The Event will be smooth and successful yet?”


    • “COBRA – yes, The Event will be successful and quite peaceful because most of the obstacles towards The Event have already been removed.”


    • “Richard – Cobra, will the physical aspect of the galactic pulse reach us at a set date or can it be delayed?”


    • “COBRA – Again, the exact moment of the galactic pulse is a result of interaction of our consciousness with the galactic consciousness and the date has not been set yet.”


    • “Richard – It’s sort of still waiting for us to reach the point when we’re ready for it.”


    • “COBRA – It has not reached the planet as you can obviously see. (yes) And outside a certain area of the solar system, the physical wave is traveling with superluminal speeds. It does not travel with the speed of light but with much greater speed.”


    • “Lynn – These next 2 questions are on the PLASMA & THE VEIL. What are people seeing in the skies, who are reporting angels… or other plasma forms…? Is this a result of cracks in the veil?”


    • “COBRA – Angels are not plasma, they’re not a plasma phenomenon. Angles are very advanced beings and yes because of the cracks in the veil angelic presences have been greatly increased especially in the last 1/2 year, and this will increase even more. (thank you)”


    • “Richard – Can you tell us what they are doing to helping us? or make the changes?”


  • “COBRA – They are increasing the present of light in the quarantine and they are assisting us in our evolution towards the light. And they are of course also assisting in the planetary liberation process.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to Cobra’s website:

Here’s the link to the Interview:

PS 11-17-16 *Transmute, Matrix, Cobra

*First a comment:

This morning, while having Breakfast, Sylvia was showing me some information she wanted me to work on…

This is the actual phrase. This morning, I didn’t realize it was a bible verse:

  • “For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

However, this is the way that phrase appeared within my mind:

  • “It’s easier for _____, than it is for a rich man to go through the eye of the needle.”

After getting home and looking this up, I see the missing pieces. So my mind should have shown me:

  • “It’s easier for a camel to enter heaven, than it is for a rich man to go through the eye of the needle.”

This morning, the part I missed didn’t matter because Sylvia wanted me to focus on the “rich man”. When I saw that phrase, I also “felt” that the “eye of the needle” was a “Portal” / “Stargate”. I was looking at this and doing my best to understand how the phrase fits this picture when Sylvia mentioned “gold” and connected me to the recent information I Posted by Mark Richards. At one point, he states… anyone going through a Portal will be “adjusted” because the Portal “transmutes”. He said your Soul leaves your body and then you’re inserted into a different form (body).

  • (That’s not “exactly” what he said but it’s enough for me to work on this puzzle.)

“Rich men” are typically represented by “wealth” and, especially, “gold”. So, if a “rich man” goes through a “Portal” (the “eye of the needle”), his “gold” (wealth) will be changed into something that is no longer “gold”. So the “rich man” MAY make it through BUT he will no longer have his gold. So, he will no longer be a “rich” man. He will be a “poor” man.

So, “maybe”, this is telling me… the reason (or “one” reason) why the Cabal (the Controllers of this planet) have not found a way to leave is because they only way for “them” to get out of these tangled energies is to go through a Portal… but they can’t because their DNA will be changed (transmuted) or their Souls would be automatically placed inside inferior bodies.

Just some thoughts to work on.


At 1st glance, this sounds (to “me”) like someone added a variation to what Alexandra Meadors Posted a few days ago… BUT “IF” the following information is real, it means similar information is now entering this realm from different Sources. Only Time will tell.

Here’s what was Posted:

    • “Well, i include some info here that was given us by “Leeloo” an entity Lisa M. Harrison had recently contact with in several dialogues on her private PC until about two weeks ago…”


    • “Most information that this entity gives us, is very similar/identical with that what is offered us here on this exceptional site in detail by Hatter !”


    • “You can listen to this on the OPRT (One people roundtable) shows :”



    • “This entity explained our matrix-simulation as follows :”


    • “This “earth construct” we are in is an endless plane – it’s a program. We created this construct once by our own for entertainment”


    • “There is no space outside the firmament – all “planets” are tech – or places on this endless plane (simulation) – connected with each other through portals ! Spaceships are transport devices that dont travel in space (like in star trek) but travel from portal to portal to reach destinations.”


    • “Than some “lifeforms” we thought of and included here in the simulation, began questioning their part in this “Matrix” and they suddenly began turning this all over – it was an invasion that took place ! They actually took control of all we once created and turned it upside down !”


    • “Their first manipulation was one big layer of an extra program – placed on top of our original simulation where they changed everything from our control to theirs…”


    • “What followed was an overlay of up to 777 layers with manipulative programming that changed everything inside this matrix system completely in their favor.”


    • ““Leeloo” mentioned, that all those “layers” down to the very last (but biggest layer) are removed now – what gave us at last the ability to have contact with her. “Leeloo” has actually no contact with Lisa.”


  • “I hope this information answers your question – i suggest to follow the material from “M” and “Source” offered by Hatter on this site with a lot more of details and also listen to the Lisa M. Harrison shows of some weeks ago !”

Question Everything.

Here’s the link:


Cobra’s cryptic message for today doesn’t sound good for the Lightworkers. (I’ve never heard of a “black” alert.) Here are today’s messages:

  • “Thursday, November 17, 2016”
  • “Black alert at 504, deflection failure, evaluate EXC HVBN, L51 protocol in initial evaluation”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 11:55 AM”
  • “Isidic / Systems security breach at 504”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: