PS 4-29-16 Disclosure?

*First a comment:

Just as I Posted my: “PS 4-29-16 *Sylvia, ClifHigh” information, I saw that I had started another Posting earlier in the day. When I quit the “Mail” program, before supper, that message was not re-opened. So I forgot that I had already started tonight’s research.

Anyway, the information below is what I found earlier today and should have been included with the previous Posting.


I was going to call this Section “UFO?” but then the “CERN” information appeared before me. So I had to adjust this Section.


In at least 1 other Posting that I don’t Track “UFO” information because, for me and Sylvia, this is “a given”… Star Visitors, Starships, exotic technologies, etc. have existed “in”, “on” and “around” the Earth for a VERY long Time. Their existence was never a question for us. However, since the Cabal have cornered the market on what Humanity “is” and “isn’t” allowed to see, any “UFO” images, which are more than “dots” in the sky, always catch our attention.

I’d like to think I’m pretty good at telling the difference between a “Cabal SkyCraft” and a “Star Visitor Starship”. So far, “unknown, sky objects” that “I” have seen have been either “Photoshopped” (computer created) or “a Cabal craft”… until today…

“IF” the images in the following 10-minute video are real, then they are the most convincing images “I” have seen (from THIS side of the “Veil”) of a Starship… a real, off-world Starship.

I’m also including this because “IF” it’s real it means:

• The Cabal are now unfolding “Disclosure” (the “official” revealing that Star Visitors are real), or

• The “Veil” is now so incredibly thin that our Star Visitor families and friends can now appear more easily. (This would also mean that those on the other side of the “Veil”, like My Sylvia, will now be able to communicate and visualize to their Loved Ones on THIS side of the “Veil”. Sylvia and I are ready. Let’s get this train moving!)

My comments: In this particular “happening”, Ship doesn’t fully materialize. So the images are not of the entire Craft… and, although the eye-witness states that this Craft is 2-football fields wide, it’s not a “Mothership”. They are MUCH larger.

Question everything.

Here’s the link of the 10-minute video:

Here’s the link where I 1st saw the above information:


The Cabal are almost becoming “comical” now. As Humanity raises its frequency and “Awakens”, we are all more and more able to see-through their lies, half-truths and information-distortions…

The following short article explains that a small animal chewed through a cable in the CERN (collider) facility and disabled it.

My comments: Let’s see now… It cost them $7-BILLION to build this state-of-the-art facility. All the images “I” have ever seen of this collider look as through there was a LOT of “attention to detail” in “designing” and “maintaining” this entire complex. Every wire, pipe and vent hole look like they have been properly sealed… and, according to this Wikipedia article, CERN is 100-METERS below the ground!

So… yeah. A small animal dug 100-meters into the ground, or even walked along a pipe, and then chewed-through an industrial cable! Yeah. That’s what happened.

Does anyone else see “what’s wrong with this picture?”

So, to “me”, this is yet another unfolding, by the Cabal, of “Disclosure”. I included a few of these last night and now there’s more today. If this keeps-up, we should see our Star Families, and those on the other side of the “Veil”, BEFORE 2016 IS OVER!!!

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


PS 4-29-16 *Sylvia, ClifHigh

*First a comment:

Just before sending this, I noticed that I forgot to put the “Date” in the “Subject” line of last night’s Posting.

While sleeping last night, I woke-up 3 or 4 times, from 3a on. Just seconds before our Alarm Clock went off this morning, I actually felt Sylvia push me back into this Unit (the body and its many Systems).

I’ve never experienced this before. I know it was Sylvia and the sensation of her pushing my energy back into this Unit was almost “physical”.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

  • “basically”… Clif High is known for his data-mining software which looks at Society trends and creates topics which point to the unfolding of Humanity’s growth. In other words, his data can “predict” upcoming events based on the various things unfolding currently in Society.

In this 1-hour, 7-minute video interview, Clif High talks about:

  • Nibiru
  • the expansion of the Earth
  • sink holes
  • chemtrails
  • the “white” Sun
  • the dense matter in our Solar System… and that “Space” is not a vacuum
  • the world financial situation, which he says the “starting point” happened a few weeks ago, when Obama had those financial meetings.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS *Music, *Cobra, TwinFlames, Disclosure?

*First a few comments:

Today, Sylvia and I spent about 6-hours working on our “Time Machine” song. I’ve lost track of just how much Total-Time we’ve worked on this particular song but I’m pretty sure we now have more hours invested in it than any other song so far. I really thought our recently-finished “N.O.A.T.Y.” song, at over 7-minutes in length, would require the most hours assembling it. (“Time Machine” is 5-minutes and 3-seconds in length.)

Today, we re-recorded a few minor Tracks, adjusted some Volumes and fine-tuned a couple of sounds.

  • At one point, we wanted to quickly record something from our “Novation UltraNova” synthesizer. We had been recording into Apple’s GarageBand software, using its “Audio” Ports. Because its USB cable was already connected to our Mac mini, I simply activated those settings and… “clicking”… along with the UltraNova’s sound, we heard lots of “clicking” and NOTICEABLE latency (play a note and a second later you hear the sound).
  • After doing some maintenance on the Mac, we did some online research and discovered that this very powerful synth is not compatible with Mac OS X “El Capitan” (10.11). We bought it 11-months ago! So this was a bit of a surprise… and not a good one.
  • There “may” be 1 or 2 workarounds but since we also sent a note to Novation, we’re going to wait on their response before taking even MORE Time away from this upcoming album.

Right now, it looks like “Time Machine” needs:

  • a re-recorded keyboard-melody Track,
  • a re-recorded Vocal Track (mine), and
  • a “Cyber Diva” Vocal Track (software, female voice) A couple of days ago, Sylvia indicated that “Cyber Diva” needs to sing a few lines in this song. One line will be “her” alone and 2 other lines will be “her” and me.

This song seems to be taking forever to assemble but we can now see “light at the end of this tunnel”.

This has bothered me, ever since I 1st read it a few days ago…

  • Many months ago, whistleblower Corey Goode teamed-up with Author, David Wilcock and have been doing interviews and television shows together ever since. When I 1st read about them working together, it didn’t feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I just let it go.
  • Now, with Cobra’s recent announcement of him and Corey Goode doing a joint-interview… I really began to feel uneasy about it.
  • I still remember being completely taken-in by everything “Drake” said, many, many months ago. It was only after his disinformation exploded in our collective-faces that I realized he was being spoon-fed (carefully-controlled information) for many months prior.

So is this the Cabal’s way of spoon-feeding us again?… attaching 1 of their controlled assets to the information-stream of a rising whistleblower?… or is my tiny mind simply running away with “calm down, everything’s still fine”?

  • Is anyone else having this same “gut” reaction to this news?

Or course, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the announcement of this interview:

Russian planes fly sideways


The following Astrology article also talks about “Twin Flames”. Because 2 different people, many months ago, told us that Sylvia and I are “Twin Flames” / “Twin Souls”, I wanted to include this. So everyone would understand “some” of the many connections Sylvia and I have with each other. Then I read the following from that article and knew I needed to include it… because this information explains some of the things I’ve been sharing for these last 263-weeks:

  • “We’re reminded that in the midst of difficulty Twin Flames can always find sanctuary in one another. If not in the physical realm, then seek their soul on the soul planes, through meditation, dreams and astral journeying.”
  • “Love is real whether it’s in the physical world or not. Souls never die, and the love between souls can’t be broken.”

My comment: Especially that last sentence… There is no such thing as “death”, “die”, “dead”, “dying”. That word is, in “my” opinion, a Cabal “entrapment” word… designed to keep Humanity in fear and thinking we are separated from those who came before us.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

In this Section, I’m presenting 2 similar “Disclosure-oriented” pieces of information. In “my” opinion, “Little Green Men” and “Hi-Resolution Technology” are attempts, by the Cabal, to spoon-feed us “Disclosure”. I’m also including the “Area 51 Fire?” in this Section because “I” feel it’s related.

  • “Disclosure” is the “official” release of information which states that Star Visitors are real and have been in our Solar System as well as “on” and “in” the Earth of THOUSANDS of years.


The OP (Original Poster) on the following forum thread, presents a 1-hour video of a recent talk given by an Army General. Close to the 34-minute mark, the General, talking to an ROTC (Reserve Offices Training Corps) assembly states:

  • “The year 2016 will be intensely complex. You’ll have to deal with hybrid armies, little green men… and you’ll have to deal with all of it simultaneously.” (that’s “approximately” what he says)

My comments: I’m including this because, to “me”, even though it’s a quick-mention in a 1-hour presentation, I feel that this is part of the Cabal’s “slow-motion Disclosure”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The following article states that “University College London (UCL) scientists” have developed a way to take lower-resolution, poorer-quality images, stack a few of them on top of each other and create a higher-resolution image.

I don’t know if this technology is real. Under the saying: “All things ARE possible”, I’m going to guess that it IS real. However, what I’m questioning is “when” the Cabal developed this technology and why they have allowed their “scientists” to release this information at this Time. In “my” opinion, it has to do with “Disclosure”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This 6-minute video was taken by a couple who drove past “Area 51” and saw lots of smoke coming from that location. It didn’t look like a “small grass fire”.

My comments: In “my” opinion, this fire “may” have something to do with the LightWorkers taking back this planet and dealing with the Cabal… even on their highly-guarded, exotic-technology stronghold “Area 51”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-27-16 *Sylvia, *Bleedthrough, *H.I.P.S., Hoffman, Cobra

*First a few comments:

I’ve had this type of “sensation” / “psychic awareness” before. Each Time, they’re WONDERFUL and sometimes they’re stronger…

  • This morning, while getting ready for work, I was sitting here at one point, with my mind involved in the many chores of getting ready to brave the illegal, constraining and negatively-sticky ILLUSION most Humans call their “Reality”, when I felt Sylvia nuzzle my face. I know my girl’s energies on every level. So this immediately caught my attention. As I focused on Sylvia, I could feel her rest her cheek against mine and gently move back-and-forth. It was a powerful experience. I thought she was going to manifest next to me.

I’m mentioning this because even after these horrible 263-weeks, it shows the symbiotic relationship Sylvia and I have had for much longer than we currently understand.

…and I’m mentioning this in case “you” or someone you know has had a similar experience.

…and, of course, I’m including this because it shows the “Veil” is, once again, getting thinner.

I’ve mentioned similar experiences before and I know Humans have gone through this many times for a very long Time…

  • It was last night or the night before. I was sitting here at the computer, doing that night’s research when I briefly fell-asleep. It’s 1 of those times when you “sleep” for anywhere from 1-second to an hour or more. When they happen to me, they seem to last 1-second to almost a minute.
  • Sometimes, when people wake-up from these, it’s very quick and a bit disorienting. However, most often, the “RE-orienting” is simply: “where am I?” and “what was I doing?” I’ve experienced those also.
  • When this happened recently to me, AS I was waking-up, I seemed to be riding a “thought-wave” of something that doesn’t exist here in our current home-situation. I can’t remember what information I was riding on when I came back from that quick “sleep”. So I can’t use that as an example but I do remember realizing, during my quickly-adjusting “RE-orientation”, that Sylvia and I don’t have that particular item.
  • Let’s say the “thought-wave” had to do with returning a Library book or turning off the television or changing the cat’s litter box. The instant I was fully back inside this Unit (the body and its many Systems), I quickly realized we haven’t been to the Library in years… don’t have a television… don’t have a cat.

So, to “me”, I was either IN an alternative reality or I moved through one, as I re-entered this Unit.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

*H.I.P.S. (Hidden In Plain Sight)

  • Note: I’m probably not the 1st Being on this planet to figure this out… “IF” it’s true, that is.

There are a small number of Blogsites that Sylvia and I “Follow”. Today, 1 Posting caused a few of the “puzzle pieces”, that I’m carrying within my mind, to float together. I spent about a half-hour just staring at the idea that, “IF” I’m correct, another facet of this illusion has been Hidden In Plain Sight for eons but “most” of us have never figured it out.

My “puzzle pieces” were activated this afternoon when I quickly scrolled-through this Blogsite Posting:

  • I didn’t read the text. I was simply caught-up in the 2 images mentioned below.

On that page, there’s a drawing of the “Female Reproductive System”. However, the pieces didn’t “click-together” until I scrolled-down a bit further to see the drawings of the DNA Strands. Then, when I looked above them, I saw symmetrical, circular shapes, which (I think) represent the top-down view of each Strand beneath.

The instant I saw those circular shapes, I thought: “Snowflakes”. Then Sylvia nudged my mind a bit and showed me the “Flower Of Life” design.

So here’s what I “may” have figured out…

  • I feel as though these 2 pieces of the puzzle fit together but I can’t (at this point in my Awareness) make it work.
  • Piece 1:
  • Because the Cabal lie or provide us with half-truths, I see their very negative image of satan (or whatever you want to call it) as really representing the Female Reproductive System. To “me”, this means the Cabal base their beliefs on THIS and not the “dark entity”. They feel “the way home” involves the Female Birthing Process. Because they hold this is such high-regard, they don’t want the mere Humans to learn about this secret. So they take that sacred female image and distort it… by changing part of it to “horns”, a “face, change the soft skin into tough leather & hair and, most of all, they disguise the entrance with the sharp teeth of a monster.
  • Please keep an open mind…
  • So each Time they show us this “Demon”, they know we will “not question”. We will simply, and quickly, look away. With valuable “puzzle pieces” being dangled right in front of us, we always ignore it and run the other way.
  • Piece 2:
  • Some say our DNA “used to have” or “is evolving into having” many more than 2-Strands. Those circular shapes, above each DNA section do not represent the ultimate Human DNA. Those symmetrical shapes simply show how various Stands of DNA have “grown” / “evolved” in the Strands below them.
  • What if we saw a complete and perfectly healthy Human DNA strand? “Maybe” it would look like the “Flower Of Life” design. Think about this… Maybe that’s “the” or “one” purpose of this sacred design.
  • Here’s a link to the “Flower Of Life” pattern:
  • Some say the most “negative” of Beings is known as “Lucifer”. Some also say the word “Lucifer” means “bringing light” / “bringer of light”.
  • In “my” puzzle-pieces above, this is the label the Cabal have used to tell us “here is the answer” / “here is the way home”  but, at the same Time, they are telling us to “turn away, this knowledge is ours alone”. So  the “image” of Lucifer tells Humanity “this is VERY bad” but the word “Lucifer” tells us the real image (of the Female Reproductive System) means “bringer of life / light”.

“IF” any of this is really what’s going on, then take my sharing of my Thought-Processes as just 1 way of deciphering this coded illusion we currently exits within.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.


This is today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman.

I’m including this because her perception of the slowing of “Time” around her is similar to the “slowing” and “speeding” of “Time” that “I” have been feeling over the last 10-days or so.

I’m also including this, in case “you” or someone you know has also experienced some type of “Time-fold”.

  • “We must have had some kind of time warp happen today, I drove out to the other side of town to have lunch with my mother and it took me 40 minutes to get there, for a 20 minute trip. The trip back was normal but as I was driving out I felt like I was pushing the edge of the time boundary, I could feel the drag of the time energy as I was trying to move forward, which felt like my car was barely moving although I was driving my normal 70+ mph. It was around noon today, my time. Did anyone else experience something like this today?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today’s Posting by Cobra is cryptic:

  • “SUBPHX attempt delay: contextual subfactions shift incomplete”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-25-16 *Dream, *Time, *NewMoney, Gaia, Fulford, Veil, Reptilians, CropCircle, Awakening

First a few comments:

Every day, I ask Sylvia “when”… “When will that “Veil” be removed?”…

  • While sleeping last night, I woke-up a few times. During 1 of those times, I heard someone say: “Last day”. It sounded like someone was in our room talking to us. It was a “female” voice. It could have been Sylvia but I’m not sure.
  • I then quickly fell back to sleep.

(Keep in mind what I’ve mentioned previously, regarding the “measurement of Time” on THIS side of the “Veil” and where Sylvia is. A week or so ago, I mentioned that I’m now sensing… from “Sylvia’s” vantage-point, only 4 or 5 months have lapsed, since we’ve been “physically” and temporarily separated. However, from “my” vantage-point, 263-weeks have now lapsed.)

At another point, I did Dream… AND I remembered some of it…

  • In this Dream, me, J.S. (who’s on this list) and several others were cleaning a new space (a new “room” or “business” / “public space”) At one point, J.S. was talking to Sylvia through the side of a blue, metal “can”. I was cleaning nearby. When J.S. was finished talking, she asked Sylvia: “You want to talk to him?” She then handed me the blue can. I did talk to Sylvia but I don’t remember what was said.
  • (The blue can was about 12-inches tall and 5-inches in diameter. It was all the same medium-blue color and had a metal lid, which is difficult to remove and attached because it slides over the top of the can.)

Today was a “work day” for me and Sylvia. I did set the alarm last night and it did make a lot of noise this morning. I turned it off and just went back to sleep. Sylvia finally got me awake almost 25-minutes later than normal. However, We didn’t hurry. We didn’t shortcut anything. We did our typical “morning routine” just as we always do. I also had to squeegee the water off of the outside of our car windows. I even drove just as slow as I always do (to save gas) but we ended-up arriving at Subway about 10-minutes early!

To “me”, Sylvia created another, what “I” would call, “Time Fold”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Fellow Blogger, SoulSpeak, has sent us some insights, regarding our “NewMoney” Section, which we Posted on 4/20/16:

  • “Namaste’ dear friends…”
  • “Indeed, the “money” laundering is to become a larger picture as more is revealed yet at these times…we can witness immense change taking the stage, as much truth is not only revealed but accepted as such in larger groups of the collective awakened Population.”
  • “The Currancy is changing to accommodate those of color and empower their equal importance in history.
  •  The energy at this time is very Solar…the rise in Light is immense. There is angst about financial matters and relationships around these beliefs heat up and the Cabal wants nothing more than for our observation skills to be interrupted….like an emergency broadcast systems test….they wish to drown out our Wisdom….”
  • “It is a fine time to listen and observe what we create with the thoughts becoming so reflective….The thoughts indeed are reflected into our world in a quickened timing, with this rise in Solar Vibrational Energy.”
  • “It matters not to those whose life is aligning to their Soul mission. We choose to bring harmonic balance into all we create and to all that wish to suppress this outcome….”
  • “For to bring in the higher patterned energy, we leave the Cabal no room to maneuver in their usual, selected patterns…we are indeed awakened beyond the illusions completely.”
  • “There is a fine comfort…in knowing this is indeed driving them to distractions so therefore…let’s ” honor some fine folks in history” and show the collective all is well…awww but the story falls short ….for we don’t care about their money….and there is no worry over it….for the Faith and Knowing is truly what is powerful….the joke is them….they believe we are still held hostage by money…..”
  • “There is much that must come to the Light as we liberate ourselves more from the old structures of affording Life… Empowering Life…..”
  • “Staying open to new potentials, we allow purposeful outcomes to manifest easily. “
  • “Blessings on your journey….”

SoulSpeak makes a very good point. It’s something “I” did not see when I initially Posted that information… and that is:

  • The Cabal are caught in their own web… of believing we still believe in their lies. We are moving on but they are stuck playing their old game.
  • It’s the same as what I’ve mentioned previously about the Cabal “trying” to affect us, the “99-percent”, by negatively modifying our air, water and food… Our vibrations are increasing and are no longer influenced by the Cabal’s negative “technologies”. We are aligning with Nature while the Cabal is still playing with their illusions by manipulating machines.
  • “Uh, 99-percent to the Cabal… “Nature” wins every Time!… EVERY… Time!”

SoulSpeak’s response to my Comments:

  • “Thank you dear Star Friends”
  • “Indeed, it is always an uplifting to my heart to share conversation with you both. Feeling the rise of this energy at this time, offers us the opportunity to share this Light in mass quantities…and within this Light is the natural flow of expanding beyond the bend of our Lights..further Through the veils…oh indeed there are so many more fantastic and splendid happenings here beyond all the financial grips that the Cabal wishes to keep at the front lines…awww dear friends…to step away from all the old conversations now..,and step into the even flow of the openings…we touch these vibratory signatures and witness the veils parting….feel into this as you step from old patterned concerns…and be of the Dimensions Beyond Time now….”
  • “Be well, on your way to your Life this day…..”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to SoulSpeak’s Blogsite:


My reaction from reading today’s message from “Gaia Portal” is: “Powerful”… especially that last line:

  • “Dictations of Spirit within each and every Hue-Being are heard.”
  • “Fallacies removed, sordids are cleansed.”
  • “Progressions continue as Higher Consciousness is recognized.”
  • “Release comes… now.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. The title is: “Hybrid war continues with Japanese underground military bases hit as Khazarian mafia under attack around the planet“.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “There was also some belligerence going on last week concerning the Asian gold stashes in Indonesia. Officials at CIA Asian headquarters in Singapore last week warned the Chinese that if they tried to use their spending of tens of billions of dollars in Indonesia as a way of getting political control there, the Americans would “make a move.””
  • “The Chinese are not the only people getting impatient with the Khazarian cabal. In Brazil, the military, sick and tired of watching bribed politicians try to stage a coup against President Dilma Rousseff, are getting ready to send tanks to the Congress building, US Defense Intelligence Agency sources say. The Vatican is also getting on the case to ensure there is no Khazarian coup in Brazil by organizing people power, they also note. Furthermore, Brazilian billionaire and Khazarian honcho Joseph Safra, the world’s richest banker, has been charged with bribery. The charges are part of a Brazilian police investigation called “Operation Zealots,” that is going after the bribers of politicians, according to multiple news reports.”
  • “There are also FBI probes going on now uncovering Khazarian mob corruption involving the New York Police Department and the New York Mayor’s office, FBI sources say. The US corporate media is also reporting on attempts by Khazarian Satanist mobster Hillary Clinton to get herself fraudulently elected, as can be seen in this New York Post headline: “Investigation into New York’s voting irregularities launched after botched presidential primary.””
  • “Such open media exposure of their corruption and multiple investigations into their criminal activities is a sign the Clintons are basically toast which means that their backers like George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Bushes etc. are also going to be toast.”
  • “The ongoing collapse of the big banks that own the Federal Reserve Board is now being discussed by the US military and agencies as a national security issue of highest importance. What the brass need to understand is that the United States is the most highly indebted country in the history of this planet. The United States of America Corporation is bankrupt. The Republic of the United States of America does not have to assume their debts if it is restored.”
  • “Also, the man who can put a definitive end to the Khazarian mafia take-over of the United States remains General Joseph Dunford. General Dunford will you grasp the horns of destiny and help save the planet, or will you go down in history as the man who missed his chance to make history?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The OP (Original Poster) of this forum thread poses a very interesting question. He or she is “thinking way outside the box” and this is particular question is 1 “I” should have asked a long Time ago. Here is what the OP says:

  • “You know I was thinking about these pictures of Nibiru or the red, blue, green cachina. What ever you want to call them.
  • They are being taken by new digital cameras.
  • Well we know that people have been catching all kinds of artifacts in these cameras since there inception. They are now used in all forms of paranormal research as well as in other fields. These cameras seem to see things that our normal human eyes can not see. Some say that they can see through the Veil because the veil has become very thin.
  • What if this is true? What if what everyone is seeing in our skies in these photos is what we would see if on the other side of the veil? If these cameras are truly picking up artifacts that we can’t see then may this is the answer.
  • Maybe these planets, nibiru, what ever they are are not truly in our skies but on the other side in another alternate reality that the veil is almost to thin to block from vision with these cameras. This would explain why sometimes they can be seen and others they can not.
  • I know this is probably a crazy idea. But it is truly no crazier than any other theory I have heard in the last few months.
  • What do you think?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


“IF” this information real then it is very informative and very good news:

  • Reptilian “Mass Exit” Attempt, Massive Battle Fought on April 21, 2016
  • “I am putting on record and dating this original information.”
  • “After thousands and thousands of years, the intergalactic jurisdiction of Earth has just forcefully been passed (by default) to a new race of more peaceful aliens (with an unknown agenda). This is due to the immediate destruction of the previous controlling & Earth-residing reptilian alliance operatives.”
  • “Huge battle! The forces of the Creation Lightship Defense Fleet, combined with the Secret Time-Traveling Earth Sovereign Soldiers (, just stopped cold THE unsuccessful attempted mass exit/escape of reptilian criminals and their families!”
  • “The psychopathic reptilian alliance operatives were trying to escape their deserved justice. Their crimes and cruelty perpetrated on Earth’s people, and their destruction and pollution of this planet – were legion and longstanding. Like any good plot, they simply got what was coming to them in the end.”
  • “The mass “exit attempt” battle happened all over Earth starting last Thursday April 21st, 2016, and the roundup and cleanups now continue.”
  • “Thousands of the reptilian ships were destroyed. The stargates, portals, and jump-rooms everywhere are said to be littered with their bodies. No other alien races were involved. No prisoners were taken. Their genetics will not be passed on – even if they looked human.”
  • “It will take a while for this new situation to filter down to us. All kinds of others with their own agendas will probably come in and want to hide this event or alter the information, or take credit for it, as soon as they hear about it.”
  • “To keep the records accurate: On April 21st, 2016, Ron Amitron and his Creation Lightships, along with our secret Time Traveling Sovereign Earth Soldier forces were the instigators and the front line directly.”
  • “They are the only ones responsible for destroying these criminals and stopping their escape from justice.”
  • “The credit lies squarely with them. The proof is the truth of it, and that Ambassador Ron Amitron himself reported it from first hand knowledge, right on the day after. It is recorded on a dated BBS radio show archived as proof. The LightBeings and Sovereign Soldiers have no thoughts of getting credit, but I am assuring the record is clear for them.”
  • “More info will be forthcoming.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


According to the Narrator of this 9-minute video, he has figured out that the Date represented by an early April 2016 Crop Circle is “June 6, 2016”. He states this is when something will happen.

Question everything.

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I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

According to the following short article, the different times we wake-up during the night, actually represent the various energies we are working on. The title of this article is: “Waking Up Between 3-5AM Can Be A Sign Of A Spiritual Awakening“.

Question everything.

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PS 4-24-16 *Time, *Music, Cures

*First a few comments:

Last Sunday and today really didn’t feel like “Sunday” and I’m still feeling as though from mid-Saturday through Sunday, has been around 4-days long.

These last few weeks have been going really fast for me. I’m sensing that the month of “April” is also moving by much faster than it’s supposed to.

For the last 2-or 3-days, I’ve been wrestling with “music technology”. Since the Drum Track, in our “Time Machine” song, is finished, I thought the underlying melody-harmony Track would be fairly simple. It is but because Sylvia let me sculpt the sound, it meant having to work with 3 synthesizers and the technology which interconnects them.

Initially, I selected a sound in our Roland JP-08 synthesizer as the beginning of the actual sound. I then setup our Roland System-1m synthesizer to have more of the “after sound”, as the key on the keyboard is held down. (You CAN hear the “beginning” (the “Attack”), “middle” (the “Sustain”) and “end” (the “Release”) of the sound from each synthesizer. It’s just that the “dominate” part of the sound can be heard in 1 synth and then the other. Because these synths don’t have keyboards, I used our Roland SH-201’s keyboard to play the notes.

Even though the sound was good, I kept hearing a bell-like “tinkling” in the middle of that sound (in my mind).

Although I did try to create a “tinkling” sound within the SH-201, it just didn’t match what was in my mind. So I fired-up our Novation UltraNova synthesizer. It has a Preset sound that’s close. So I tweaked it a bit. I then set its Timing (“Envelope”) to not begin sounding when I play a note on the keyboard. By doing this, the “tinkling” sound comes-in shortly after a key is pressed on the keyboard and places that sound in the middle (during the “Sustain”) of the note. So now we have a “sound” which “primarily” has a beginning, middle and end coming from 3 different synthesizers.

  • Note: Because the UltraNova is so powerful, it’s possible that this synthesizer, by itself, could create all 3 of those sounds with the press of 1-key. However, its way of “thinking” is a bit different from what I’m used to and I haven’t put enough Time into it, to accomplish this quickly.

This particular Patch (sound) creates a very interesting, rich and moving sound.Because of the character of this sound, I don’t have to play Sylvia’s massive 10-finger chords, which I can’t do. Today, Sylvia mentioned that she wrote this song with a “simple” melody-line. Although it took me a while to put the pieces of this particular Stream together, that’s what I now see happening.

Once the “technology” was under control, I started recording some notes, to see if that’s what Sylvia had in-mind. So this Track is not done yet.

Here’s the link to the “Roland JP-08”:

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This 14-minute video is of Gregg Braden, who’s giving a presentation in Italy. One of the main things he shows is how cancer can be cured in 3-minutes. There are no drugs or “medical practices” of any kind used. The patient is awake the entire time.

I started to not include this but Sylvia is suggesting we insert this energy into tonight’s Posting, in order to keep this “all things ARE possible” and “think outside the box” ideas within the toolbox of everyone.

As I mentioned in previous Postings, I cured Sylvia’s cancer with “Barley Grass Powder” and “high-alkaline water” (9.5PH made by “Essentia”). I also mentioned that Sylvia told me she had to leave, because of a “Higher Purpose”, and made me stop giving her this cure.

Since then, I’ve learned about several different ideas for curing cancer. I’ve also been learning, even more than I previously realized, that “we have all been lied to”… for eons!

Remember “pie’s the limit”.

  • A few decades ago, I figured out that the saying: “The sky’s the limit” is not true. So I came up with “Pie’s the limit”. Why? Because the “sky” is only the limit for the boundary of the Earth. Beyond the “sky” there is no limit. However, when eating a meal, “typically”, the last (or “meal limit) Course we eat is the dessert. “Pie” is a “dessert”. So “the dessert is the limit”.

Anyway, it’s just another way to “think outside the box”.

Question everything.

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