PS 4-29-20 *Jobs, *Information, *cabal, Dreams

*First a few comments:
A couple days ago, Sylvia mentioned that it’s Time for me (and everyone) to start thinking about connecting with “your ultimate” or “a better” Job — one that YOU select directly.
What I see is that the world is about to open again. When it does, the lights will go on with all the businesses and all the machines, everywhere, will begin turning again. There will be a mad rush for every business to bring onboard all the Employees they will need. Employment Services will be jammed, trying to keep up with the massive task of connecting Employers to Employees.
Well, NOW is the Time for each of us to look around at those “Jobs” that we’d like to do and those “Businesses” we always wanted to work for… Approach them NOW. Talk to their Management with your Resumé in your hand and tell them you’d like to work there and once they can re-open, for them to contact you.
By everyone approaching the “Jobs”, it will not only help everyone get a Job they might enjoy but it will also help those Businesses get up-and-running that much sooner. Everyone wins.
  • I haven’t applied for any Jobs in a while because, aside from medical workers a Drivers, I haven’t seen any “new” Job Listings. However, I did a Listing for a Restaurant Job yesterday. So I applied. This was through Snag-a-Job. I really don’t think they will contact me because they are looking for someone to work “nights”, which I don’t want to do because I want to start a Band. This is the first Time I applied through Snag-a-Job and found it a bit strange. I had to fill-out a few pieces of personal information and then all they did was send me to the webpage of the Restaurant. Then, I didn’t know it was a “night” Job until I had completely filled-out their Application.
Today I began wondering about some of the Information which is presented by various alternative news Researchers.
With the intense Censorship by YouTube, facebook, twitter, etc., I would think some of these Researchers would have MOST of their Information removed… or had their Accounts closed… but they haven’t — at least not as heavily as I would have thought, considering the Content of their Presentations.
So I was thinking… What “IF” some or all of those Researchers simply “mis-state” some of the Information presented to them by their Sources… so they could avoid being banned from various websites or to keep from being harassed by the cabal’s idiot slaves.
Ok, cabal, listen-up…
Several months ago, I told you that we had begun the “beginning of the end” of your Reign. This has already come to pass. This was your initial “Fair Warning”.
You are now past the point of No Return. Most of you will not be simply placed on “the other side of the Veil”. That would be too good for you. So many of you will soon find yourselves facing something which is inescapable and your ultimate Fate is now in their hands.
So this your final “Fair Warning” and I will now explain how things are about to unfold for you…
  • Information has recently been placed within the Mass Consciousness. It is now spreading like the Winds.
  • Soon, the surface of this planet will be opened once again — un-quarantined. However, the Mass Population… the “99-percent” will be pre-occupied by something else… something YOU are directly responsible for.
  • Because of this new information, some of Humanity will not be enjoying themselves and going out to eat or even going back to work… not right away, anyway.
  • Instead, they are going to storm every tunnel… in every city. They’re looking for answers. They’re looking for what their own Children experienced, at your hand… and, they will be looking for YOU.
  • Those cabal members who are not part of the “tunnel idiots” will be hunted down and captured.
  • At this point, no amount of “talking” will save you. No amount of running can hide you.
  • Your best way out of this is to plead with the Alliance to Arrest you. However, I don’t really think a jail cell will stop the SHEAR OUTRAGE that is about to be unleashed on you.
  • Remember what your “idiot bush senior” once said: “If the people ever found out what we’ve been up to, they’d string us up at the nearest lamppost”. THIS is where we are now.
There is only one lynch-pin left in the Floodgate… and it’s about to be pulled out.


The title of this Forum Thread is: “Cell Phones In Dreams”.
Basically, the OP (Original Poster) asks a question:
  • “I was just curious, does anyone else ever remember having a cell phone in your dream? Did you use it to make or receive a call? “
Of the handful of Commenters, none of them could remember ever using a Cellphone to actually “talk” to someone within a Dream.


My comments: I didn’t think much of this at first but then I remembered that “communicating with a telephone”, in a Dream, is Symbolic of “communicating with the other side”.
So I wanted to include this because there may be even more to this than I realize right now and want everyone to keep this in mind… add this to your “Puzzle Pieces”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 4-28-20 Disclosure?, Q?, Rescues

In this 4-minute video, the Narrator shows and article, from today, and 3 video clips. The video clips, from several years ago, contain footage of “UFOs”, which Military Pilots had followed at that Time. The article states:
  • “The ariel phenomenon observed in the videos remains characterized as “unidentified”.”
Is this another facet of the upcoming “Disclosure”? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


I was watching the following 13-minute video on “Comet Atlas”. One of the things the Narrator shows is a JPL page containing the data on this Comet. The JPL “Orbital Elements” are designated by a few Words and some Letters, such as “a”, “e”, “w”, “M”, etc. However, this one Letter really caught my attention…
  • At the 5:05-mark, the Narrator explains this Comet’s “q”. He then explains that “q” is: “The closest an object will get to the Sun”.


My comments: As soon as I heard that, I had to go back to get some details. (The Links are below)
So, when I heard the Narrator explain “q”, I immediately thought:
  • “Maybe Q really is JFK Jr., as some have said.”
Because President Trump is “Q+” and if my “wild guess” is correct, President Trump would be the closest “object” to the “Son” (JFK’s Son) as anyone can get.
  • Yes, I realize that “Q” is probably a Team of “close to the action” people BUT it’s entirely possible that “Q”, the person doing the actual “typing” and “Posting” is the same individual and, “IF” JFK Jr. is still alive, and protected, he would have a lot of Time on his hands. So why not be the “voice of Q” while he’s waiting?
Just some thoughts.
The Narrator states that the closest (to the Sun) fragment of Comet Atlas will hit it on May 31st. Someone in the Comments, under that video, mentioned that this date is “The Day Of Pentecost”, in the bible. So I looked that up…
  • According to the Link below, “Pentecost signals the beginning of the church age.”
  • “Another aspect of the Day of Pentecost is the miraculous speaking in foreign tongues which enabled people from various language groups to understand the message of the apostles.”
With everything on this planet now “coming together” / “being revealed”, does this Comet hitting the Sun signal a “new Age”?… an Age where Humans on Earth finally “speak to” and understand those who communicate in “foreign tongues”… our Star Visitor families? Only Time will tell.
Here’s that Link:
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the video:
Here’s the link to the NASA page which explains the “Orbital Elements”:
Here’s the link to the definition of “Perihelion Distance” (or “q”):
From April 20th: The following web page, information on that page and the 3 videos are there because of the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”. Here are some highlights:
  • The Narrator states that the “Tents” in Central Park (New York) are being used to treat the Children that they are rescuing from under Central Park.
  • He says, the problem is that these Children have been kept in electrified cages, in darkness. So when they bring them up, a lot of them are dying because of exposure to the Sunlight. They’re trying to bring the Respirators down to the Children, in order to begin treating them down there but there’s “no” or “not enough” electricity.
  • He said: “They have Hits out on us.” (The cabal want these Heroes stopped at all cost.)
  • He says President Trump can only tell you so much.
  • Look for the Earthquakes. “When you see Earthquakes, they’re not really Earthquakes. They’re blowing up the deep underground facilities…”
  • He says it’s a “generational thing. There are 5 generations down there, in Central Park. This has been going on for decades and decades.”
  • He says that over 50,000 “Children” / “People” have been rescued so far, around the world.
  • He said the Military is rescuing Children every day… every single day.
If you watch the videos, it’s just him in his car talking. He doesn’t show anything “graphic”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link (the bottom-most video is the first to watch):

PS 4-26-20 *Animals

*First a comment:
  • I’m including this information for its Symbolisms and Energies. “Some” say, what Manifests in our life is a reflection of what is inside us. Sometimes these events within “our” world also reflect, or provide feedback, for what is happening on a global level.
I may never sleep again! I’ve been up all night. I think I’ve only had about 4-hours sleep in the last 2-days.
Right now, I’m convinced there are at least “2” Animals under our Mobile Home! I’ve had one of them cornered in a Heater Vent in the floor. It’s been there since 2a. (Right now, it’s 8a)
The other one appeared at 3a under the room next to that Heater Vent. It made SOOO MUCH noise, thumping up against the floor, I thought it was going to break the wood. It sounded like it was as large as a medium-sized dog!!! After 2-minutes, it settled down. I thought it went to sleep. Then, about an hour later, it started thumping again… under another room, about 25-feet away! Each Time it moved, I could hear it breathing, almost hissing (about once each second).
When that 2nd one made that 2nd batch of noises, at 5a, I phoned “Animal Control”. I was connected to the Sheriff’s office. We were told that the Animal Control people wouldn’t be there until 7a and once they check-in, someone will Call us.
  • I got a chair and sat about 5-feet from that Heater Vent. I just sat there. I knew I couldn’t lose site of that Animal or go out of  hearing range.
  • It was starting to get cold but I couldn’t turn on our portable Heater because I wouldn’t be able to hear both Animals.
  • Then I was stressing even more because our main Heater can’t be turned down below 50-degrees. This means, if that Heater automatically activates I wouldn’t be able to hear these Animals AND it would move the glue traps I placed inside 2 Heater Vents.
Around 8a someone did Call. I explained the situation but they said they don’t go “inside” or “under” people’s homes and that we should Call an Exterminator.
I waited as long as I could and phoned the Landlord at 8:30a. I asked him for Exterminator recommendations. He told us he’s dealt with all types of Animals under people’s Mobile Homes around here and that the Exterminator will only place Bait and set Traps, which is what he told us “he” would do.
I won’t bore everyone with ALL the details.
Our biggest concern is that one of these might actually get inside our home and bite us. THAT’S what keeps me up all night.
  • The other day, I did look online to see if there was any information on “which” Animals these might be. However, I couldn’t find anything showing a wild Animal with a “pale-yellow” tail that’s about a quarter-inch in diameter at the thickest part and about 4 or 5-inches long.
It’s now 11a. What a strange feeling. I haven’t had anything to eat since last night. I’m just too stressed and the “stress” is burning-up a lot of calories. So I need to eat but I’m too tired to eat.
I was watching an hour-long, Music Gear video just now but I was falling asleep in the middle of it. Do I just “stay up” or do I sleep now while the “Animals” are sleeping — knowing that they’ll wake-up at midnight and keep me awake ’til morning? Sylvia would know what to do but I’m so stressed and sleep-deprived that I can’t read her information (within me). The Landlord said, from his experience in this, it could take a month before wild Animals actually decide to eat the bait he’s going to put out!
I’m just “existing” here. There was a “virtual” version of a Synthesizer Expo this weekend and there were LOTS of videos. I’ve watched SOO MANY videos in these 15-weeks, that I’m just burnt-out and being over-tired doesn’t help. I’m just too tired and stressed to do anything else. I’m just a “vegetable” today.
It’s now 1:30p. The Landlord just left. He told me he had put more Bait and some Traps under our home. He also told us 2 things which helped calm me down a bit:
  • The Bait that he put under here  4-days ago, has been noticeably eaten.
  • I told him I was concerned that a rat or mouse might try to get inside here and bite me. He said that would be rare that they would do that.
Someone please tell me when this nightmare ends?
It’s now 10:30p. We haven’t heard any stirrings in several hours. So, wow. I guess Sylvia helped me to Manifest this extremely quick disappearance of all of those negative energies. (It didn’t take a “Month”, as our Landlord mentioned.) So, “poof”, problem solved.
Now it’s just a matter of:
  • Finding Sylvia,
  • Finding a Job,
  • Getting a Stimulus Check, etc.
I guess Sylvia and I will be able to get a good night’s sleep now.

PS 4-25-20 *Animal, Fulford, Cobra, Perspective

*First a comment:
Sylvia and I are still “dealing” with that “animal”. Usually, it appears around 8p and leaves around midnight. Last night, it didn’t arrive until about 1a. Sylvia and I went to bed around 3a but kept hearing it moving around, just under our Mobile Home… just under the front bathtub. So I kept getting up and putting on all my clothes, because I had to be prepared for “anything”.
I got up, got dressed, listened for the “animal”, went back to bed after 20-minutes or so and then all of that repeated 3 times!!!… about 15-minutes apart.
We finally got to sleep around 5:30a.
Today, it actually returned around 12-noon and seems to have left a few hours later.
I still don’t know what it is. It sounds too heavy to be a “mouse”. I feels like we’re dealing with an “intelligence”. Between that and the fact that it “sounds” heavier than a “mouse” when it move, makes me think it’s a “rat”.
Right now, it’s 3a Sunday morning. It returned a few hours ago. So I don’t know if either of us will get any sleep tonight.
So it’s still very stressful here.
This is Benjamin Fulford’s full weekly report. The title is: “Chinese and Western Intelligence Services Hunting Down 5G Telecom Executives“.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


Sometimes Cobra provides information for the “99-percent”. Sometimes he passes messages to the “Resistance Movement”. The following message, which looks to be directed at the Resistance Movement, seems a bit odd to me.
Here’s the message:
  • “URGENT EXIT protocol fully enforced”


My comments: Is he saying the “negatives” are trying to escape… and that the Resistance Movement should stop them?… or is he saying that it’s urgent that an Exit, for the Resistance Movement, is protected? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
This 1-hour, 28-minute video is from Contactee “Gosia of Cosmic Agency”.
This is a conversation between Gosia and a few of the Beings aboard the Taygetean Starship orbiting Earth.
I’m including this because, even if it’s NOT true, it does provide some interesting insights which would be helpful for everyone to think about.
Here are a few highlights:
  • The first part explains that Earth is a “school”.
  • The “Federation” has taken the position that the Humans of Earth have created their own “nightmares” and will not be allowed to evolve into 5D until they learn how to solve that problem.
  • The hierarchy of the “Federation” is explained.
  • “Duality” and why these “Lessons”, on Earth, are important.
  • (There’s a lot of detail in this video; Too much to note here.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 4-23-20 *Taxes, *virus?, MagentaPixie, Jupiter, Fulford

*First a comment:


I forgot to include this information when I wrote-out our Tax Filing experience and now I can’t find it, in order to provide a Link…

  • When Sylvia and I was Researching and filling-out our 2018 Tax Return, a couple days ago, I noticed, more than once, that the IRS mentioned the word “advance” in the FAQs.
  • A question would be asked about whether the money they owed in Taxes would be deducted from their upcoming $1,200 Stimulus Check. The IRS response was something like: “The Stimulus Check is an advance.”

Does this mean more money will be sent out to every American? (Yes, I’ve heard about Congress talking about “possibly” sending a Stimulus Check to everyone, each month until the “all clear” is sounded but I’m referring to the “possible” WEALTH of money that “might” be distributed to everyone on the planet. Of course, I’ve been hearing this for almost 471-weeks. So only Time will tell.


I’ve been thinking about this, again today, and I want to put this out there so everyone can simply place this “possible” scenario in the back of their mind.

  • This is just “my opinion” on what I think “has happened” and “is happening”, regarding the “virus’. This is based on the many things I’ve read, the videos I’ve watched on this subject and the inner feelings I’ve Sensed about this situation.

Many times, I have gone back-and-forth about the “virus” “being real” or “never existed”. Now, I feel, this is what happened…

  • The cabal planned a “worldwide, virus outbreak” long ago. This would be their way to get the entire population of the planet to be “quarantined” / “locked down” in “fear”.
  • Then, the Humans would cry-out, almost beg the cabal for a “Cure”… any “Cure”… even a “Vaccine”. “Oh, you want a Vaccine? We don’t know if we can create one but we’ll look into it. (The cabal’s motto is: “Order out of Chaos” — THEY create the problem and manipulate the global population toward THEIR solution.)
  • Once the masses received the “Vaccine” all would be Trackable, most would become medical dependents (because of newly-acquired health problems) and the rest would be “electrically-shocked” (internally from the “things” in the Vaccine) or “psychically” forced to do whatever the cabal wanted.
  • Although the cabal always create the “Cure”, whenever they create a “virus”, they didn’t want to take a chance of releasing a worldwide “germ”, because one of “them” may catch it. So, they took a standard “Flu” virus and manipulated it just enough so its biological “Signature” would make it appear to be a different strain when examined.
  • So they “released” it in Wuhan because of China’s facial-recogniton and people-tracking technologies… and, because of China’s control of information, no one would be able to verify this “outbreak”. (There’s a side part of this story which I’ve only heard from 1 or 2 Sources. It states that 2 people from a U.S. University Lab smuggled several vials of “brown liquid” into China. “I” think this was part of the “trail” the cabal were leaving, in order to show that the “virus” was real. I think those 2 people “needed” to be caught and questioned. It was part of the cabal’s “building-up” of their “background story”.)
  • Because the White Hats knew exactly what the cabal was up to, they used this “situation” to THEIR advantage. (This is why President Trump is keeping Fauci, Birx, the FDA and the CDC “out front” to continue the cabal’s “fear” narrative.) With a worldwide lockdown, the White Hats reached-out to their allies in other countries and, together, they are sending their Special Forces Teams around the world to stop drug smuggling, bust-up various pockets of criminals and sleeper Cells, clear-out the D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) and, most importantly, rescue the Children and others who are being held captive.

In the following video, at the 19:30-mark, the Narrator reads an article which states that Sweden did not go ANY lockdowns and it has a much lower “virus” problem than most anywhere else.

Here’s the link:

  • A few days ago, I read that the Health Practice of India is to give HydroxyCloroqine to most Patients, whenever they see a doctor. The article i read stated: “They use it like candy over there.” (roughly quoted) So why is India in “quarantine”? If most of their population is saturated with the “Cure”, then why send their Citizens into “fear” mode?

So think about all of this… “IF” the “virus” was as bad as we are being told, then:

  • How did it spread completely around the world so fast?
  • > “That’s because the people who had the “virus” gave it to others.”
  • . “Really? So you’re telling me that people in Wuhan touched or breathed on others who went to every country around the world and touched or breathed on those people, all within about 45-days?”
  • > “Oh. Uh. Well, it was the “wind”. The wind blew the “virus” all around the world.”
  • > “Uh. We’re not in Grade School anymore. No one would believe that.”
  • Why aren’t more politicians wearing masks?
  • Why aren’t the “Cures” (there are more than one) being freely and instantly created and sent to every country on this planet? Think about it… If there was an “illness” that is circling this planet as quickly as “they” are telling us and is as dangerous as “they” are telling us, wouldn’t EVERYONE want to just Cure everyone all at once? Wouldn’t the entire planet come together and Cure every Being on this planet? Because if “everyone” is not cured at the same Time, then the “virus” could quickly spread again and we’d never contain it. Think about it.

The “virus tests”, the push-pull between the politicians, the rumors of a “2nd strain of virus”, the rumor of “food shortages”, etc. are just there to keep everyone’s mind occupied so this quarantine can be delayed. However, once the many Rescue Missions by the White Hats are complete, we’re going to see everything line-up and everything flowing again, probably within days of their last Mission.

There was one thing I didn’t piece together until this morning, which is probably obvious to everyone else…

  • Once all the States are open and everyone is back to work and business-as-usual, the White Hats will explain that the “virus” was never as bad as the cabal was telling us. (Remember, the White Hats used this “serious situation” to THEIR advantage and simply kept that “perspective” out there.
  • However, once the people are told the Truth they will NOT be happy about being quarantined and without money… unless… the White Hats explain “why” they had to do it that way. Once everyone learns that the reason they had to go through those hardships was so they could rescue all those Children, everyone will realize that their sacrifice was nothing compared to what the Children and their Rescuers went through.

So, as I’ve said in other Posts, it’s very important for everyone to believe there really is a “dangerous virus” running around.

Of course no one will know the real “Truth” about any of this until those who hold the Facts explain all of it to us.

Again, this is just “my” opinion.

Question everything.


MAGENTA PIXIE: The 3-Step Plan

This 1-hour video is from Experiencer, Contactee, Whistleblower Simon Parkes. He has a conversation with Psychic and Channeler Magenta Pixie because he says her views are similar to his and, more importantly, he wants his audience to hear her “3-Step Plan”.

I’m including this partly because we all need the details of this “Plan” but what really caught my attention is her urgency in getting this information out.

Here are a few highlights:

  • She is pretty much in constant contact with Star Beings who are known as: “White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine” (or “The Nine”).
  • She does a lot of out-of-body work — usually while asleep.
  • Recently, while out-of-body, she noticed that the experience was a bit different. Instead of being with and communicating with “The Nine”, she found herself communicating with other Beings. They instantly sent into her a HUGE amount of information. Whenever “The Nine” sends her a large amount of information, it’s meant for a “Book”. (She’s instructed to write a book, which contains that information.) In this situation, however, these new Beings told her “you don’t have time to write a book”. Just get this information out there.
  • One of the things these Beings told her is about “timelines”. They said it’s not about “merging timelines”. It’s about the mathematical probability that… no matter which timeline is chosen, all will find themselves on a specific Path.
  • The main thing they gave her was information on “The 3-Step Plan”. (You’ll have to watch the video for the details because I can’t write-out all of those points.)
  • They’ve mentioned, several times that “we don’t have the luxury of Time”, “we don’t have Time to learn all the energy techniques”, “we don’t have Time…”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s the link to Magenta Pixie’s website:



I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

I was checking an alternative news “Forum” site just now and this title caught my attention: “NASA Releases Incredible High-Definition Photos Of Jupiter“. On that page, there’s a link to the photos. So I clicked it and started scrolling through the images.

When I got to the photo, Linked below, I noticed that something didn’t look right. There’s a large, black “spot” on Jupiter. The Caption under the photo states that this is the shadow from Jupiter’s Moon “IO”. However, the “shadow” is right:

  • I’ve done enough work in Photoshop and in 3D Modeling software to know how light interacts with various types of materials… distances, angles, textures, etc. and what I’m seeing is not correct.
  • The edge of that “shadow” is too “clean”… too “sharp”.
  • If that “shadow” is really made by another object in Space, then that “object” is EXTREMELY close to Jupiter… OR the “light source” is very close to that “object”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the photo in question:

Here’s the page containing all the Jupiter photos:

Here’s the link to the Forum page:



This 14-minute video is an interview of Benjamin Fulford by former CIA Agent Robert David Steele. There’s a tiny bit of new information and more of a summary or re-emphasizing of what he’s been saying, regarding the current “virus” and “political” situation.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-20-20 *Map, Perspective

*First a comment:
While watching a video from one of my alternative news digest sites, the Narrator showed a website which provides a Map with Real-Time updates on:
  • Amber Alerts
  • Hazmat situations
  • Forest fires
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Gang activity
  • Border security Issues
  • Presidential threats
  • Terrorism event predictions
  • Earthquakes
  • Drug interdictions
  • Non-terror aviation incidents
  • Food / medicine incidents
  • Human trafficking
If any of you would like to have access to this information, here’s the link:


This 8-minute video is by Gosia “of Cosmic Agency”. It contains information which was relayed from someone aboard a Taygetan Starcraft orbiting Earth.
Whether you believe this or not is not important. The main thing here is to keep an open mind  and see if these “Puzzle Pieces” fit within your energies… or simply keep them in your “mental basket”, in case they begin to match new “Puzzle Pieces” in the future.
So I’m including this video because it provides another Perspective on what is currently going on behind-the-scenes here on Earth. That is “IF” this information is real.
Here are a few highlights from this video:
  • The “virus” only existed as a simple “Flu”. It was never the over-hyped problem some have said it was.
  • Never get a “Vaccine”. Those who have crossed-over, due to the “virus” were previously Vaccinated — mostly Vaccinated for Influenza.
  • “War in D.U.M.B.S. confirmed” (Deep Underground Military Bunkers)
  • “it is very possible that JFK Jr. is the man behind Trump.”
  • The Federation works in the D.U.M.B.S. with armed forces of U.S.A. and other positive Militaries of Earth… and this is the reason for strange noises and Earthquakes across the planet. “Volcanic activation is related.”
  • “We confirm the rescue of nearly 5-million people, mostly Children, within the D.U.M.B.S. Some numbers go up to 20-million but we cannot confirm it.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link: