Audio Signature: (see “Name”)


Cabal: There have been several variations on exactly which group or groups this word refers to. I usually lump all of the negative Elites, including their misguided off-world masters, into the same pot. The Cabal are those “people” who indirectly, from the shadows, control the inner-workings of Humanity’s financial, political, geographical, social, food (and more) Systems.


Death, Dead, Die: These are Cabal words… Made-up to make Humanity believe we can be separated from those who we can no longer “see”, “hear” or “interact with”. In the True “reality”, these words do not exist.

  • Let’s say, without looking, you gently release a stone into a large aquarium. Although the stone sinks almost directly down, when you look at that point on the bottom, you don’t see it. The glass and water bend the light.
  • Let’s say you’re talking with someone face-to-face. At some point, they walk into another building or travel to another city. We call-out to them but they don’t hear us. We look for them but we can’t see them. Do we simply give-up and say “they’re dead”? No.
  • This is what “I” believe has happened to our Loved ones who are on the other side of the “Veil”. If they have not already re-incarnated, they are probably very near us but we cannot perceive them because they are out of phase with our perceptions.


Material Release Room: My term for what Society calls a “Rest Room”.


Name: In today’s Earth Society, “Greetings” include a Being’s “Name”… “How are you today, Fred?”. A longer, but more accurate way of asking someone their “Name” is to use 1 of these Star Visitor terms:

  • “What is your “Audio Signature?”
  • “What is your “Sonic Identifier?”
  • “What is your “Verbal Descriptor?”

In the realm aboard the Starships, these terms can be used interchangeably:

  • Audio Identifier
  • Verbal Signature
  • Sonic Descriptor
  • Audio Descriptor
  • Verbal Identifier
  • Sonic Signature


Progressive Dream: My term for 2 or more dreams which follow each other in sequence. These dreams don’t have to be dreamt during the same night (they can be years apart) and can be on any subject.

I hadn’t noticed this before Sylvia crossed-over. It took me several dreams of me and Sylvia before I realized this “progression” aspect. Once I saw the connection between 2 of them, I went back over all of them in my mind and saw how each was progressing, in-series from the previous — like telling a story… First “A” happened, then “B”, then “C”, etc. This progression continues in “most” of my dreams with My Sylvia.

  • I say “most” of our dreams together because in “some” of my dreams of Sylvia, I’m using her “symbolically” in those Higher Self “Lessons” that I’m still working on.

Anyone can do this… Think about your “Significant Other” or special family pet (dog, cat, etc.) who has crossed-over. Now think about any dreams you have had with that very special Being. Organize them “chronologically” (in the order you dreamt them), do they connect with each other?

So far, the  7 or 8 or so dreams I’ve had of me and Sylvia (since her “crossing”) HAVE been connected, in progression, with each other. The 1st was when I was invited to see Sylvia on that “Orientation Ship” (orbiting the Earth), just after she crossed-over and they have connected, in order, from there.


Sheeple: The people who don’t sense that something more is happening than what can be seen. These people live every day following whatever the Cabal dictates and they see their daily life as “business as usual”.

Sonic Identifier: (see “Name”)

Star Visitor: They don’t like to be called “aliens”. Extraterrestrials is acceptable. Keep in mind that these Beings are our “friends” and “family members” from a Time long ago when we 1st entered this thick-soup of a dimension.


Unit: This is my term for describing the “physical body”, including all of its processes: breathing, blood-flow, Aura Field, food processing, Chakra Systems, the Senses and the System for each, etc.


Verbal Descriptor: (see “Name”)

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