About Paul & Sylvia

Note: I’ve simply copied the following from our personal website, in order to keep me from digging into those memories again…
Today is 2/24/14

These web pages provide a tiny glimpse into the life of Paul & Sylvia Rego.

The journey of our Twin Soul began many lifetimes ago in a distant realm of this great-expanse of space we know as the “Universe”.

In our current lifetime, Sylvia decided to incarnate first. I followed her 18-years later. Sylvia began her journey in Oregon. I started out in Massachusetts and later moved to Florida. Sylvia and I found each other in Albuquerque, New Mexico near the end of 1980.

Being musicians, we started a company with 3 other people. We call our band: “Infinity”. Because “society” kept getting in our way, we had to find a quicker (than being musicians) way of paying the bills. To accomplish this, we started a Macintosh-only – training, troubleshooting and consulting business.

Sylvia and I are 90-percent alike… which is wonderful! In 1987, just 9-days before the “Harmonic Convergence”, we were married. After a few years, we began to stay as physically-close to each other as possible. We have spent more than 21-years no more than about 100-feet apart… and most of that time, we were at each other’s side.

At the beginning of 2009, Sylvia became sick for the first time in her life. We don’t do “doctors”. So we didn’t know what was wrong until she became so weak that she couldn’t stand — even with my help. A new friend came over during that time, saw what was happening and immediately called “911”.

After 8-hours of tests in the hospital, they told us Sylvia had cancer… “stage-4” cancer. They wouldn’t operate, because Sylvia was too weak and with their limited-thinking, they were not allowed to suggest any “alternative” methods… and I DID ask them!

Sylvia and I then spent the next 3-weeks in hospice. During that time, the input from one of the many people I had sent eMails to, explaining what had happened, had suggested a “possible” cure. I frantically did some research, all the while never leaving My Sylvia’s side. The next day, I had a hospice helper go to the store and buy the highest alkaline water available (“Essentia” brand) and had another person, that we knew from the local Macintosh computer club, go to the store and buy a jar of “barley grass powder”.

The instructions on the jar said to “work up to” a teaspoon a day. I “super-dosed” Sylvia. Pretty much every HOUR I gave her a teaspoon along with some of that “9.5ph” water.

After 3-days, I could see a “physical” change for the better in Sylvia. When she woke-up from her nap, I asked how she was doing and “she told me” that she felt better. We were now on the way to actually curing her cancer!

A few days later, her Mother and Father, who had crossed-over many years before, appeared at the foot of her bed. Sylvia told me they were there. I asked Sylvia if she had to go with them. She said “yes”. I asked “why”. Sylvia said “Higher Purpose” and at that point, she made me stop giving her the special water and barley grass powder.

Although our lives were now in complete chaos, AND that I hated our current situation more than anything I could ever imagine, in the back of my mind, I guess I knew I would “someday” be a “normal’ person again and always, always missing My Sylvia. However, within the first minute or 2 of Sylvia’s “crossing”, she showed me something that I have never heard anyone talk about or have seen. Within this, she told me to “Hold our space”. In other words, stay in our home (don’t move away) and to keep her things just as she left them. It’s also important for me to continue buying the groceries that we bought together and preparing them the same way.

The very next day, well, several hours later… I had gone to our home for the first time in 3 miserable weeks. I wasn’t there 30-minutes and found myself SCREAMING for My Sylvia!!!

I jumped in our car and drove back to hospice.

I walked into their very large “living room” and began setting up Sylvia’s portable computer on a small table. I was going to write another eMail, explaining our current situation. There was NO ONE in this room… no one anywhere. At one point, I CLEARLY heard My Sylvia say “The Veil is getting thinner. I will be with you soon”.
Since then, Sylvia has “shown” and “told” me things, in dreams as well as “awake life”, which tell me… her and I have incarnated many, many times together… through the “cycle of life”. This time, however, is much, much different. I now know that Sylvia and I will be together again… within MY lifetime and without me “crossing-over”.

In my constant research, mostly from Sylvia’s information and partly from scouring the Internet, I have learned:

Every 26,000-years or so, our Solar System completes its journey through the Galaxy.
On December 21, 2012, our Sun crossed “Galactic Center” and Humanity is now waking up.
Each previous time that we have done this, we have fallen back to sleep and the cycle continues.
With a LOT of help from our Star Visitor families, as well as the very helpful and highly-advanced Beings of “Inner Earth” (the “Agarthans”), we are about to achieve “Enlightenment”. This is when the “Veil” is removed and this “illusion” we call “reality” will fade away.
All the Beings, including animals, who have not yet incarnated, will be reunited with their loved ones on THIS side of the “Veil”.
There are more details and more facets and even a larger “goal” that Humanity and Earth herself is about to experience. Do your own research and follow your heart.

Question everything.

A Little More About Us
A few months after Sylvia crossed-over, I began to do research, to help provide feedback on the things Sylvia is telling and showing me. (Sometimes through dreams.) I do this every day. People I’ve spoken with over these many months, have asked me to share my findings with them. Sylvia wants me to “tell our story”. So we setup this Blog, in order to share all of this information with more people.

Sylvia and I are just 1 of many, many Loving and energetically-bonded couples across the surface of this planet who are currently working across the “Veil”, in order to dissolve the “illusion” we call “reality”.

Because Sylvia and I are musicians, several months ago, she indicated that she want us to work on an album together.
Sylvia plays keyboards and sings and I play drums.

I told Sylvia: “I’m a “Drummer” not a “Keyboardist”. I can’t play your 10-finger chords.” She told me we will work this out… together. We’ve already created 5 or 6 “pieces” of songs.

I don’t claim to be “psychic”… not any more than anyone else and I don’t “Channel”. Sylvia and I are bonded together on several energy levels. So when she’s ready to show me a new song, and I place my hands on the keyboard, it just feels like “magic”.

A few notes on my personal perspective…
Keep in mind that this is an outlet for me and my wife. These are “our” personal opinions.
The eMail list I started almost 226-weeks ago, was my own self-designed “therapy”, which helped me get through the next day… and the next. Even now, I still consider myself in mourning.
Although I have had a couple of years of college, I don’t do well with large words. So I avoid those because I don’t understand them but also because, my inner-sense has always told me that… 1 of my tasks on this planet is to bring information to the masses. So everyone can understand what is being communicated.
Sometimes in my Blog, I may forget to make the “Point” I started out with. When I do this, I “may” remember the next day and resolve it in that night’s Posting.
Sylvia is with me most of the Time and we communicate with each other throughout the day.

I spend most of my Time working on research, communicating with My Sylvia and juggling the many pieces of this massive puzzle we think of as “reality”. I KNOW the “Veil” will be removed… and it WILL be removed in MY lifetime. (I’ve been in this particular incarnation for 60 of your Earth-Sun cycles. So we’re very, very close now.) My main goal at this Point, is to learn WHEN that “Veil” will be dissolved, so our True reality can be revealed… and we can all “go home”.

My Writing Structure
The information I Track on a daily basis is all “positive”. When I write, I do my best to use a lot of formatting, so my partly-strange writing-style will be a little more understandable. I also do my best to keep the “facts” intact. When I Comment on something, I set it apart from the rest of the information by placing 5 Bullets “above” and “below” my thoughts, like this:
My comments: This is where I “typically” place “my” personal opinions.

Sometimes, I may have a Comment or new idea that I’d like to state or explain. You’ll know this Section of my daily writing because I start that Section with an Asterisk (*) before any Subject Title… and I will place a row of 5 Equal Signs (=====) AFTER that Section.

I also place 5 Equal Signs just BEFORE my “Countdown” Section. If there is one.

I use actual “numbers” whenever possible because “I” feel they are easier to find when quickly sifting-through large blocks of text.

Sometimes I’ll capitalize a word, because it’s part of the Subject I’m working-in and, partly, because it helps break-up the predictable word-shapes within a long paragraph.

I may explain something in a not-so-usual way or select a descriptive word which may not be expected. I do these things because:
It sometimes helps to expand the Reader’s mind… or
that’s the closest “I” could get to what “I” experienced. (When I was very young, I realized, internally, that I am not from this planet. {Most Humans are not.] So I’ve always kept 1-foot “on the other side”. Because of this, especially now when working with Sylvia through the “Veil”… sometimes I receive information through various Senses and sometimes it can be very difficult to sort those particles into information which others can understand. For example, sometimes Sylvia will send me a “word” through my “visual” Sensing. Sometimes she may show me a very quick image and, at the same Time, send me an “understanding” of her message through my “Inner Knowing”, etc.)

I don’t use “Emoticons”. Instead, I rely on puncuation and formatting.

I use a single “Dash” (-) to designate 2-words which need to be read together quickly.
Although the tools provided by “Weebly” are very helpful, they don’t offer a few of the details that I’ve been used to in my Mail program. Without adding a lot of extra work for me, I’ll do my best to continue to use the formatting features available, in order to be clear in what I need to say.

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