PS 9-29-15 *Vocaloid, *Alone, *Flow, Fulford, Cobra, Nidle

*First a few comments:

I’m still feeling that we have flown-through September way to fast!

That’s the name of the software Sylvia and I tried to purchase yesterday. It’s the “shell” which controls the female-voice library (software), which is called “Cyber Diva”. Both of these are made by Yamaha.

This was our day-off and I woke-up with the thought of getting these programs purchased. (Yesterday, when we placed the order, it didn’t go through because of an “error”, which the Yamaha system never explained.)

Today, I had the thought of updating the Firefox Browser. So I did. I then tried to make that same purchase… and it went through. Then we spent the next 2.5-hours downloading them. Everything installed just fine but I couldn’t find the program icons anywhere! The “Vocaloid” software was supposed to include another “shell” program called “Cubase” but I can’t find it anywhere on my hard drive. I sent Yamaha a note asking how to get these pieces working but haven’t heard back yet. This has taken half the day and we still can’t use these new tools!

Here’s a link to that software, if anyone’s interested:

  • Sylvia and I learned a long Time ago that “technology” doesn’t always make things easier.

So, after spending $214 today, and that’s their “discounted” price, we are simply staring at useless pixels. This reminds me of this %#@& “Veil”… with all this Time and energy that a LOT of Humans, and other Beings, have put into removing it, we’re all still stuck here staring at this blank screen we’ve come to know as “our reality”. It’s way past Time to move through all this nonsense!

Another thing I woke-up with this morning… for some reason, I was trying to think of the ship’s name that was involved in the “Philadelphia Experiment”. Later, I realized it was called the “USS Eldridge”. Before I could remember it, my mind drifted to the “Enola Gay”… the plane that dropped the atomic bomb. Almost instantly, I saw that “e-n-o-l-a” backwards is “alone” but I couldn’t make it fit with the word “g-a-y”.

  • This web page states that this is the name of the pilot’s Mother:
  • Although I have heard that it’s not uncommon for females to use the name “Gay” as part of their full name… and it’s possible that “enola” is derived from “Magnolia”, but I’m guessing that this is more of a Cabal puzzle-piece and maybe “gay” is really part of “Gaia” and “maybe” the Cabal is telling us: “We’re going to drop this very destructive bomb onto the Earth. When we do, “Gaia will be alone” because we are going to wipe-out most of Humanity.”
  • This is just a “thought” and a huge “guess” on “my” part. Fortunately, the Cabal will not be allowed to reduce the Earth’s population.

Then my mind switch to that song by Cher called: “If I Could Turn Back Time”. Sylvia and I saw the video when she 1st released that song. She was on the main deck of a Navy ship… singing about “turning back Time”. Although the “Philadelphia Experiment” was designed to see if a Naval ship could be cloaked, “some” say a few of those onboard were thrown back in Time for a while.

  • I guess my point here is that Cher could have used any “location”… any “props” for her music videos. So why did she choose a Navy ship? Is “she” or the “Cabal” trying to tell us something?

Question everything.

Here’s a link to information on the “Philadelphia Experiment”:

Here’s the link to the song:

When Sylvia and I moved into this mobile home in 1994, it was brand new. It’s located in a quiet part of town and the Landlord is very helpful.

Almost since our beginning here, we’ve had problems with “Flow”. Although the roof of this modern mobile home is “metal”, that’s not why it sometimes leaks. The reason is because of the occupants: me and Sylvia. Your “home” represents your “sanctuary” / “foundation” / “base”. The “Flow” is the “Spirit energy” which moves through everything. When we have a “blockage” or “too much” Flow, our roof leaks.

For many years, the exhaust vent in 1 of the bathrooms has leaked almost every Time it rains. The Landlord replenishes the metal-roof coating in that area and it does hold for a couple of months but begins again at some point. A few months ago, Sylvia told me this is because the wind flexes the metal sheets on the roof and they loosen at those joints.

Anyway, Sylvia and I must be moving through a lot of “Flow” right now because it’s been raining here all day and not only is the vent leaking but now, for the 1st Time, the ceiling almost 2-feet from it is also leaking. Fortunately, this leak, which as created a 1-foot diameter water stain on the ceiling, is directly over the tub. So no pan required to catch the water.

  • I was going to phone the Landlord today about this but really didn’t want to because I don’t want anyone in here without Sylvia being here. This place is “holy ground” to me — without Sylvia “physically” here to have a say about her energies that are in every room.
  • Sylvia then mentioned that the Landlord wouldn’t have to come inside. He would simply add that coating to the roof.
  • So, I guess I’ll phone him tomorrow.

Did I mention that it is WWWAAAAAYYYY past Time for this illusion to be dissolved?… WAY past Time!


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. The title is: “Blood Moon events turn out to be Vatican and Rothschild theatrics”. (“WDS” stands for “White Dragon Society”) Here are some excerpts:

  • “The biggest insult to the intelligence of people around the world was Chinese President Xi Jinping’s promise to spend $1 billion a year until then on fighting poverty. On a global scale this is less than chickenfeed and amounts to about 0.0003 cents per day for the world’s poorest people.”
  • “Then there was the agreement announced by so many countries, including China, the United States and Russia, to take action against “global warming.” This made it clear the “global warming” Rothschild faction was on the ascendant and the perpetual “war on terror” Bush/Netanyahu/Neocon faction was losing the cabal power struggle.”
  • “Another sign the Bush/Neocon/Netanyahu Zionazi faction is losing was the fact Bush/Netanyahu allies such US House Speaker John Boehner and “ISIS tsar” General John Allen were both forced to resign last week. Boehner was told by Pope Francis to resign because he sponsored the trip in March by war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu to speak to the Congress, according to CIA sources. General Allen was forced to quit because he was “cooking intelligence,” “sabotage,” and supporting ISIS with airdrops, according to Pentagon sources.”
  • “The White Dragon faction supports the removal of these individuals but believes the military industrial complex needs to take much bigger, bolder action on behalf of the people of the planet. Marine General Joseph Dunford was sworn in last week as top military honcho and is expected to give the WDS a big boost in its efforts to take control of the financial system, and thus the world’s future, from inbred families and return it to the people.”
  • “If the new leadership at the Pentagon takes action against the Federal Reserve Board criminals, they can return $300,000 in stolen funds to each and every man, woman and child in the US and have plenty for the rest of the world too. The WDS will be happy to explain exactly how this can be done.”
  • “The Germans are, in fact, preparing to nationalize their banks and reinstate the Deutschemark in reaction to an expected up-coming implosion of Deutschebank, the sources said. This of course would put a quick end to the Euro.”
  • “The end of the Euro, of course, would once again bring into question the viability of the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board. There was a lot of speculation that when Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen kept losing her voice during a speech last week and required medical attention, it was because she was emotionally distraught at some imminent announcements related to the Fed. On this front, multiple sources continue to confirm the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board are being put under new management.”
  • “It is not clear exactly what is to be announced but, the US corporate government’s year end comes this Wednesday, September 30th. The US Government has been cooking its books by keeping the debt frozen at exactly $25 million under the legal limit since March 15th. If, as expected, the US government fails to make payments due on September 30, it will be given until October 17th to come up with the money. That is why we have a lot of serious horse trading ahead of us in the coming weeks.”
  • “The plans announced by the various world leaders at the UN would cost about $3 trillion a year to implement if they were serious about changing this planet. As the saying goes “money talks, BS walks” The big unanswered question remains: “will the new financial system, and the release of trillions upon trillions of dollars, be announced soon?” If that does not happen there will be revolution starting at the very top of the pyramid, according to the gnostic illuminati.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is the latest “cryptic” message from Cobra. (According to 1 Commenter, “MOSS” stands for: “Multidimensional Operations Solar System”.):

  • “MOSS SD(PL) disparity detected”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “This world continues to progress ever forward. Our earthly allies are moving the elements of a new banking system into position. The dark cabal can no longer stop the inevitable… At present, the cabal is facing a number of crises, which are simply signs that this flow is very close to happening. The time for the end of these vile oligarchs has seemingly taken much too long to pass.”
  • “On your world, what is happening is a massive shift in how this reality operates. In previous times, the oligarchy was able to determine what was to occur and make sure that it was carried out as planned. This power has now been denied them.”
  • “Right now, you are being bombarded by a plethora of energies. These energies are further aiding Heaven in subtle adjustments to your physical, mental and emotional aspects. The purpose of these particular adjustments is to make it easier for you to absorb the new energies that are slowly raising your body’s base frequencies.”
  • “The changes happening to you are raising your base frequencies and making you more aware of how your many life-long perceptions are gradually changing… Another is that the UFO cover-up is officially to end. The empire of the American oligarchs is over. Mindless war is done! All that is to be left is Love and Union with all humanity. A time of peace and great prosperity lies ahead. Use these moments to aid Gaia and to ready yourself for full consciousness!”
  • “You are being given a path of Light to your dreams. Our associates continue to give us only positive messages. You are on a journey to miracles that you have not seen before.”
  • “Each part of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies is being affected by this great influx of spiritual energy. This is why we ask you to remain positive… These spiritual exercises are to permit this new realm to accelerate it’s manifesting in this realm… As you approach this magical time, you are to see events happen which the dark long delayed. This is to be a time of excitement and wonder! Be patient and let go of any frustrations. A new world approaches!”
  • “Believe in miracles…”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-28-15 *Creek, *Sun, *Voice, Cobra, SoulSpeak

*First a few comments:

Last night, just before going to sleep, I asked Sylvia to wake us up 1-minute before our alarm clock is set to go-off.

  • Today was a work day and neither of us want to hear the alarm clock. By Sylvia waking me up, I can then turn off the alarm and not hear it while we get up at the Time we had in mind.

This morning, while still asleep, I distinctly heard the outer wall to our home “creek” twice. This wall is about 10-feet away from our bed. The “creek” was fairly loud and woke me up. I looked at the clock and it was just a few minutes before the alarm was set to go-off. In know this was Sylvia because:

  • I asked her to do this… and she did, right on Time… and
  • Our home doesn’t “creek”. “IF” it ever does, I only remember it doing that during high winds. (There was no “wind” or “rain” here this morning.)

As always, I’m mentioning this because some people reading these messages have asked me to relay more of the experiences that Sylvia and I are now having with each other… and because Sylvia and I want to show that these types of things happen to everyone. We just have to “recognize”, “acknowledge” and “appreciate” them when they happen. As we do this, they will continue to manifest along our Path more and more frequently.

For the last week, maybe 2, Sylvia and I have noticed that its a bit darker than it should be at the same Time of the morning when we leave to go to work. I mentioned this to the Subway manager this morning and she had noticed this also.

  • (I’ve mentioned this in a previous eMail…) Sylvia and I have breakfast at Subway on most of the mornings we go in to work. It’s fresh food and just a bit less expensive than we can make breakfast at home. They have a “Rewards” System, which gives you a free sandwich when you accumulate a certain amount of them. Plus, each time you put $25 on their Gift Card, you get a free sandwich.

Anyway… The Sun should be giving us “more” Sunlight at the same early-Time of morning not “less”. Even with all the clouds we’ve been having here lately, something is just not right.

Ok. “There are no accidents.” I was almost “panicked” / “hyperventilating” when I saw this web page tonight:

  • A few months after Sylvia crossed-over I could sense that she wanted us to work on some music together “across the veil”. I was too numb, confused, tired, broken-hearted and overwhelmed to put any energy into it.
  • I think it was near the beginning of 2014 when I had a much stronger sense from Sylvia that she wants us to work on an album together. The energy from her, regarding this project, kept building and on “Black Friday”, not only did the local “Guitar Center” store open its doors for the 1st Time, but Sylvia had me buy our 1st piece of gear, specifically for this project.
  • As Time slowly moved along, Sylvia kept giving me hints and small, musical phrases of what some of the songs would sound like. In a few places, within those songs, I felt that “Sylvia” was singing. I told her “I” am not a “Singer”. So it was going to be very difficult for “me” to sing “my” parts. How was I supposed to have “her” sing “her” parts?
  • I thought about piecing together a “singing” or just a “talking” phrase or 2 from the few recordings we have of Sylvia’s voice but that would be a MONUMENTAL task “emotionally” and a fairly large project “technically”. So I told Sylvia that a female voice on this album would be pretty much impossible.
  • Then, this last January, Yamaha announced the most advanced female-singing technology anyone had yet created. It’s called: “Cyber Diva”. Here’s the link:
  • The vocal-character of that voice is not My Sylvia and the “Human-character” is not perfect but she’ll sing any syllables typed-in and she’s the best choice we have right now.
  • Sylvia and I talked about buying it and agreed to do it. By “March”, Yamaha still hadn’t released this product. Then I discovered that they WERE selling it… everywhere but the U.S. What?
  • I contacted Yamaha and they said to “wait”. I expressed my… stress about this to Sylvia and she said: “Timings”. (There’s that “Timing” Lesson she’s been walking me through this year.) So I told her… When that software is finally ready for us to purchase, I’ll know THAT is our “Timing”… when you are telling me “It’s now Time to make this album”.
  • I check the above, Yamaha, website every few weeks or so and today, I was “Now Available”. THAT’S when I started to panic! I quickly ordered the 2 pieces needed (they work together) but there was an “error” of some kind. So now we STILL have to wait until tomorrow or the next day, when they answer our eMail.

Go to the above web page and see what you think. There are a few videos (audio only) with the lyrics displayed on the bottom-right of each video.

I’m hoping I can adjust the tonal character of that voice a bit. Even if I can’t that will have to do. However, at least 1 of the songs on this album require a “talking” female voice and in the “Time Machine” song, there’s a spot where a female “whispers” a phrase. So I’m not sure how I’m going to get that software to “talk” or “whisper”.

  • If My Sylvia were “physically” here, this entire album would have been completed in 30-days. She’s done it before. I saw her do it 3-months in a row for a music program that she created specifically for a new age church, when we lived in Florida. They wanted her to play 3 musical works, 1 per month for 3-months… and she did it!… and these weren’t “Mary Had A Little Lamb” (simplistic) songs either Some of those lyrics are on our website:


This is an interview with Cobra where he provides a monthly update. Here are some excerpts (“Rob” is the Interviewer, “SSP” is “Secret Space Program”):

  • “Rob – That’s very good, and to re-iterate for some people.  When you talk about the Resistance, you’re talking specifically about the group from Planet X that cleared the Draco’s and the Cabal from their planet and petitioned the Confederation to come here and start to help remove this negative force, is that correct?”
  • “COBRA – Yes, that is correct, but I would like to add that many people from the Agarthan networks have been integrated in the RM the last 15 years.  There was a wave that was integrated in the early 2000’s, and there was another wave that is being integrated in late 2014.”
  • “COBRA – …According to my information, those bases (on Mars) have been liberated and cleared.  What is remaining are very special SSP bases that are connected with the Chimera group and only those are still remaining.  They’re not many of them, but those that are are connected with strangelet bombs and are not yet cleared.”
  • “COBRA – There are no bases on Jupiter, because Jupiter doesn’t have a solid surface.  There are actually platforms and ships floating in the atmosphere, yes.  And there is actually plasma like presence in the high atmosphere of Jupiter, which is not exactly physical, but not also completely etheric.  It’s . . . There are plasma life-forms that are quite different from what we’re experiencing here on this planet as you would define light.  And, of course, there is etheric and astral life on Jupiter and there is bacteria life inside some of the Jupiter’s moons.  And of course there are physical bases of the light forces on and especially below the surface of the 4 major Jupiter satellites, the Galilean satellites.”
  • “COBRA – …There are bases of the light forces, and unfortunately, there are certain locations that I will not mention in the Saturn system that still hold some Chimera strongholds, some implant stations.”
  • “COBRA – I’ve said this many times.  After the reset of the financial system, people will receive a part of the money from the global collateral accounts, because this money belongs to the people.  They will receive some funds directly. They will receive funds for the investment in the infrastructure, and the whole situation will be much, much, much better after the event.”
  • “COBRA – Before the event, I am not expecting any great improvements, and there will be terrible ___ in the market, but the actual financial reset will be a very sudden event that will happen exactly at the moment of the event itself.”
  • “COBRA – I would say that the mass consciousness of humanity does influence weather, not just the Cabal, but the combined fears and projections of humanity do influence weather – not just weather technology of the Cabal.”
  • “COBRA – Yes, actually, I will put it this way: the last days of September are going to be quite intense energetically and I would ask everybody: do not get provoked.  Stay in your center and after all those thought forms of drastic cataclysms and asteroids and NWO are collecting because nothing will happen, this will make room for a fresh start, and I will release quite much intel after the end of this month.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This article is by SoulSpeak. It describes her experiences of last night’s meditation and this morning’s journey along her Path.

Some will say account of what she experienced is “fantasy”.

  • Some say the “lies” and “negative”… spewing from the MSM (Main Stream Media)… television, radio news, newspapers, etc., is the REAL “fantasy”.

Some will say: “I can never do that… I would like to experience the wisdom of the trees and the gentle whispers of the breeze but I’m just not able to do it.”

  • Some say we have to 1st un-glue ourselves from the Cabal’s technologies… cellphone, television, microwave ovens, music recorded at “A=440”, etc.

I’m including this because me, Sylvia and the many, many Humans Beings on the surface of this planet who have already “Awakened” need your help… Each day, we all “energetically” cast a “vote”… a tiny pebble, pure and simple… into the daily pond of choices. If our day’s purpose is going to be “negative”, when we cast that pebble, it will flash into a shadow and slightly darken the great Spiritual Pond. If our day’s purpose is to be filled with “positives”, that tiny pebble gentle floats to the bottom of that great water Source and raises its level just the tiniest bit. One day, when enough of us cast “positive” pebbles into that pond, it will overflow and all life on this Earth will feel the (…I’m crying)… will the every-encompasing-love that’s always been here.

So read this article and keep in mind that Nature is everywhere. We just have to remember how to tap into her many Gifts. You don’t have to be a “Master”, “Wizard”, “Guru”, etc.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “As I walked in gratitude this morning,  the Moons illuminated magnificence expanded my heart and my fire within ignited with immense love..immense gratitude. I looked at the sky..and Venus seemed to be within reach. She was beautiful and emitting the most amazing spikes of glorious energy. I cannot explain the peaceful love that still lingers. I have new eyes this morning.”
  • “I am witness to the immense reflection of my Soul and the voice of that reflection that flows…and the strength that my heart speaks with,  and the ease it listens with. The rush of this energy has enlightened my view for expansion. I understand the gift of this. I am immensely grateful for showing up in truth to the grief and gratitude of this illuminated awareness of myself. I have gifted this healthy,  mystical girl much to grow on. I LOVE,  ACCEPT and EMBRACE this amazing gift…the acceptance of my reflection as a Creator….I am mastering my life with amazing grace,  listening to the Light of my Soul…”

My comments: Again, this is not the script for a sci-fi movie. THIS is a real experience.

As we gaze out at the Cabal’s world… this great deception… this total illusion, if we’re soaking it all in and participating in the Cabal’s many activities, we are simply re-inforcing THEIR game!… and none of it is real:

  • (I was going to list a few examples, in order to make this Point stronger but the “Stream” just disconnected from me. This means I’m not to place any more information here at this Time. My feeling is that the “High-Self” of many of you reading this want the “you” who is here, in this 3rd dimension to do some of your own homework regarding this.)


Question everything.

Here’s the link to SoulSpeak’s article:

PS 9-27-15 *Ointment, *Music, Ascension, Zap, Eisenhower

* First a few comments:

A few days ago, the back of 1 of my hands began hurting. I’ve been doing my best to take care of it but this subtle pain seems to want to linger.

  • There is no sign of any problem when looking at my hand.
  • I injured it in our car. I was talking to Sylvia and, harder than usual, hit the back of my hand on the hard-plastic console between our 2 seats.

I noticed this morning that it hurts less when my hand is “palm-down”.

I then began thinking about what we have here at home that I could put on it… My 1st thought, in all “skin” and “muscle” -related issues, was to put “Aloe Vera Juice” on it. (We keep this in our refrigerator for this type of use. Initially, though, we bought it so I could spray it on my hair. It’s like hairspray and can more-naturally hold the hairs in place. In the last few months or so, I’ve relied mostly on “water” to hold my down. Once the water evaporates, however,

  • Right then, Sylvia very gently brushed against my hand. I stopped typing and saw that within my “Inner-knowing” channel, which is part of every Human’s many interconnected energy Systems, she left me the note: “Go put on more ointment.”
  • I had just taken a shower and forgot that the ointment I put on earlier was now washed off.
  • I know it was My Sylvia. I know her touch… it IS very subtle… very gentle. So I got right up and put on more ointment.

I’m getting ahead of myself a bit… Anyway, when I thought about “Aloe Vera Juice”, I had completely forgotten that we had…

  • long pause… the memory of “why” we bought that ointment is trying to surface and I can’t bear to look at it.
  • A few months before she crossed-over, her muscles had weakened. So we bought this ointment “specifically” and “only” for her.

Anyway, the ointment we bought was “Tiger Balm”. So I’ve been putting that on the back of my hand all day… with Sylvia’s help, of course. The “Tiger Balm” makes the back of my hand warm and tingly but the pain still comes-and-goes.

Here’s the link to “Tiger Balm”:

When Sylvia and I woke-up this morning, I had the “March” portion of our “Time Machine” song in my mind. Basically, there was an empty space with the “knowing” that this section is going to be a “March”. I didn’t actually “hear” a March in my head. That would have helpful… because I could NOT figure out what a “March” was! This is how scrambled my mind has become since My Sylvia crossed-over! I’m a Drummer! I should know what a “March” IS!

Even through breakfast, I couldn’t think of any “Marches”. I got on the computer and remembered the March in Gustav Holst’s piece called “Mars”, which is part of a larger work called “Planets”.

Here’s a link to the “Mars” music being played. The “March” portion of this piece is in 5/4 and, in the following video, begins at the 1:21-mark:

Even before I listened to it, I didn’t want to use that particular drum pattern because Holst used it in a piece he called: “Mars: Bringer Of War”. I just didn’t want this negative energy in any of our songs.

  • I think I was 1st exposed to this piece of music in college… when we played it in Symphonic Band.

I then listened to it. As soon as I did, an alternative drum pattern jumped-out at me. I stopped the video and grabbed my Practice Pad (a rubber pad used by Drummers to practice without annoying the neighbors).

My version was “different” but “similar”… basically, it’s “based-on” that “Mars pattern”.

That was the “easy” part. Then I had to deal with all this “technology”… and about an hour later, I recorded it. Along the way… in doing my best to get 2 different pieces of music gear AND the computer the all “talk” to each other. IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS DIFFICULT FOR A MUSICIAN TO “JUST MAKE MUSIC”.

  • I have a feeling that part of this “technology frustration” is because some part of me is waking-up to what our (me and Sylvia’s) life was like before we incarnated here.
  • In the “Cooperative Technology” that we are used to, all I would have to do is say: “Record this drum”. All the necessary pieces involved would then instantly align with each other and a “feedback indicator”, of a “light” or “sound” would indicate that everything is now ready for me to just “Play” the drum part.


This one’s a bit strange. “IF” this information is real, then it is VERY important:

  • “Heres a little translation from harald german video someone did:”
  • “Ok, so here is the translation.”
  • “Harald would like to report about something what his girlfriend and him experienced the last 9 days.”
  • “It has to do with what the people on the Internet referring to as the Wave X and expecting something coming from outside of the Universe, something cold.”
  • “Not every one will experience at the same time.”
  • “it will start with the oldest souls.”
  • “It will come from the heart.”
  • “There are beings they came from other dimensions to help both of them to go thru this time as it is very painful and they wanted to put it out on video asap without any third party involved or interview, so that others who will go thru it will know what to expect.”
  • “He and his girlfriend were contacted by beings they wanted to help them go thru the process much faster so that they can refer back to us and help others with the process. Both of them went thru two level healing.”
  • “The first level was kind of a distance healing and the second level was like drama from previous incarnations where he’ve got emotional relations and blockages.”
  • “The point was to go thru the pain and drama he caused other people during previous lifetimes and not close his eyes when the images were shown to him. He was healed on both levels, and released the blockages and ego patterns.”
  • “He says that we have to go thru the pain, regret and let go of ego.”
  • “There is a hierarchy in our body, if the heart is doing something, the ego is not asked.”
  • “Toward the end I couldn’t really hear what he was saying as it was very emotional and he was crying”
  • “At the end he says “I wish you best of luck with the process and would like to tell you a sentence exactly in the same way as it was directed to me: “You are infinitely loved”.”

My comment: …again, “IF” this information is true… it states the oldest “Souls”. not the oldest “people”.

Also, this information is implying that this “Wave-X”… this “action” will come from “within”… in “my” opinion, it’s initiated from the “Galactic Central Sun” and then something within each of us “ignites” / activates the “it’s now ok” System within us.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Zap’s Sunday report. Here are some excerpts:


My comment: Of course, we’ve been hearing from Zap and a few other sources, regarding the global financial reset for MANY months now and in EVERY report the same “carrot-TimeFrame” is the same… “next week”.

These “carrot in front of the donkey” dates have been going on SOOOO long, they would actually be funny if we all weren’t sitting in the Trash Compactor waiting for someone to finally turn off the electricity to its motor!



My comment: I thought Zap told us “the button has been pressed” a few months ago.

(“TRN” is “Treasury Reserve Note”, which is “supposed” to be the new Currency for the new “Republic of the United States”)


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The following 2-hour video is an interview with Laura Eisenhower. It’s late and Sylvia and I have to get up before the crack-of-dawn in the morning for yet another work-day. So I’ll let you listen to this information if you are drawn to do so. What she will probably cover may be things you’ve already heard but she usually has a good perspective on what’s really happening around this planet and can sometimes help to “connect the dots”.

This is what is listed under that video:

  • “Laura Eisenhower is a Whistleblower and has been speaking out about being recruited to go to a Colony on Mars that represented a time-line that she refused to go along with. She has been able to uncover some necessary truths and agendas that humanity is being kept in the dark about, doing lectures and workshops on these issues; speaking on topics such as Global Alchemy, Christ-Sophia, Sacred Union, ET races, Esoteric Cosmology, the Positive Time-line and seeks to empower the individual so that harmony can be restored.”
  • “Laura, an Intuitive Astrologist, Global Alchemist, and Cosmic Mythologist, is the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is on a profound mission to reveal our true origins connected with the ‘Magdalene’ and ‘Gaia-Sophia’ energies of love and wisdom and works to liberate us from the Military Industrial Complex, the Archonic systems and false power structures. These forces connect many dots that are coming into our awareness, now more than ever.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-26-15 Goode

This article is by Cabal “Black Ops” participant, and now “whistleblower”, Corey Goode. He talks about the “SSP” (Secret Space Program).  This is a VERY long, but interesting, article.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “Remember: not one person in the Manhattan Project squealed. Not one. Not ever. The penalty for speaking out was terrifying enough to ensure complete compliance. Therefore it is absolutely possible that an even more advanced program could have been generated, on a much larger scale, and still exist to this day — without any public awareness.”
  • “We quickly discovered that our own solar system is literally teeming with intelligent civilizations — from many different points of origin. Some of them are extremely benevolent, some are extremely negative and others are just visiting, without really picking a side.”
  • “The reason so many different types of UFOs have been seen is that there are many, many different civilizations operating in our airspace – with a tremendous diversity of technologies available to them.”
  • “The SSP has been owned and controlled by a very dark aspect of our planet for some time – an intergenerational cult dating back to at least the Roman Empire. Many have called these “Secret Earth Government Syndicates” the Illuminati or Cabal.”
  • “Their main business is building hyper-advanced technology – and they have gotten quite good at it. As impossible as this may seem, I was told they are now engaging in regular trade with over 900 different intelligent civilizations.”
  • “A giant, Neptune-sized sphere visited the outer planets of our solar system in the 1980s. It was confronted by our people and asked to leave, which it did willingly. Many more spheres began appearing in the late 1990s into the early 2000s.”
  • “Then, in approximately the year 2012, another 100-plus spheres arrived. These spheres were of colossal size – with three approximate size categories corresponding to the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter in circumference.”
  • “The beings associated with these spheres were very highly advanced. They do not require technology to travel throughout the universe or accomplish any of their goals. Even to the most advanced ETs in contact with our SSP, these new folks are on an entirely different level – and far more advanced.”
  • “I am simply the first of many insiders who will be coming forward and revealing the full scope of what has gone on for so long.”
  • “Once the public is aware and angry enough to hear the truth, such as in the aftermath of a highly upsetting economic collapse, this documentation will be released in a vast data dump. And it will utterly transform reality as we know it in a matter of days.”
  • “The AD or “After Disclosure” society will be so radically different that every film, every TV show, every blog, every YouTube video, every book, every article, everything from before the event will be as antique and quaint as a black-and-white silent film with a scratchy, bouncy piano soundtrack.”
  • “We will realize the awesome scope of deception that worked against us for not hundreds, but literally thousands of years. It will be a time of grief and healing as we are forced to accept the truth of our past, and direct our attention towards co-creating a much bigger and brighter future.”

My comments: Is ANY of this true? I have no idea. For “me”, there are some parts I relate to and some parts I don’t. If nothing else, this is an exercise in opening our minds. If this DOES turn out to be true, when it actually happens and we are face-to-face with those many Star Visitor races, we will be that-much-more prepared for that new information.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-25-15 *Helping, Hoffman, Salusa, Resignation, Wave-X, Pharma

*First a few comments:

I debated about sharing this but then Sylvia told me it may help others understand that they can also do these things. We always want to encourage “self-empowerment”.

Today, while at work, Sylvia and I helped 2 people. We didn’t go looking for someone to help… it “just happened”.

  • Keep in mind… whether you’re teaching a class, having a conversation with 1 other person, talking silly to a baby or just enjoying the companionship of your dog, cat, etc., the energy always flows “2” ways… YOU share something with THEM, usually “information”, and they provide you with a type of “energy packet” in return.
  • Whether your words to them turn into “Insights” or just bounce off and they seem to use your interaction with them as a “Time filler”, doesn’t matter.
  • …and those “energy packets” YOU receive can contain any number of things… Insights, good feelings, a pleasant smile, a fun memory of your dog playing catch, etc.

Today, when we finished, “I” received a “good feeling” knowing that I made a small difference in 2 people’s lives. Sylvia received “a warm Heart” (that’s what she just told me) and the knowing that my connection with her is still very strong. (While talking with those people today, I relied on several things Sylvia suggested I mention to them. So Sylvia was very much involved in those conversations.)

With both people, there were 2 different “energy-exchange” approaches: “dream interpretation” and “reflective energies”…

The 1st was “dream interpretation”:

  • This person was having a difficult day, after having a “nightmare” last night. (Note: You know it’s “good timing” to open-up and ask the person you’re speaking with if they want to “share”, when there are no interruptions. As you tune-in to the information that person may need, you might even notice that “Time” itself is now standing still. I recognized this today, during both conversations.)
  • I’m going to relate the basic parts of this person’s dream, in order to help others understand that “most” of the Time, a “nightmare” is usually not what we think it is. Most of the Time, this is your “Inner Self” or “Higher Self” trying to get your attention. So you can work on some aspect of your life. Maybe the “subtle” hints about this were sprinkled along your daily Path but, because you didn’t notice them, a part of you is now firmly tapping you on the shoulder and saying: “LOOK AT THIS”.
  • Ok. Here’s that dream (I’m going to refer to the person who had the dream as “the Dreamer”)… The Dreamer was in a retail shop. The Clerk handed the Dreamer a cup of coffee but it was upside down. Then another Clerk started interacting with the Dreamer and the Dreamer recognized that Clerk as someone the Dreamer has been having a difficult time with, during “awake life”. (end of dream)

If you ever find yourself helping someone with their dreams, it’s a good idea for YOU to remember this and for you to tell the Dreamer these 2 things:

  1. I can only provide feedback while looking through my own “rose-colored glasses”.
  2. No matter what “I” or anyone tells you about “your” dreams, YOU are the one who has to decide what they really mean to YOU.

Here’s a general sense of our conversation:

  • (me) “What does the “coffee” represent?”
  • (the Dreamer) “Energy”
  • (me) “Ok. So the “upside down coffee” means your “energy is upside down”… “confused”… “disoriented”.
  • (the Dreamer) “I get that.”
  • (me) “What does that other Clerk represent to you?”

At this point, the Dreamer was so involved with the day-to-day encounters with that person that the Dreamer could not step back from the “negative details…

  • (the Dreamer) “Well, that person keeps putting “this” over here and “that” over there and…”
  • (me) “Take a big step back from the details and tell me what that person means to you “symbolically”.”

After a few back-and-forth comments, the Dreamer made the connection and I saw the “Insight-light” go on.

There’s no “right or wrong” when interpreting your own dream. When helping someone else interpret THEIR dream, there’s actually a “more helpful” and “less helpful… interfering” way of approaching that type of situation.

  • If you don’t know how to interpret your own dreams, I’m sure there are helpful books out there to get you started. I haven’t read any books on any of this. The only information “I” have on “dream interpretation” is what Sylvia taught me and she taught herself… so much so that she has compiled a lot of information on this subject and has talked about writing a “dream book” at some point.

Reflective Energies
The other person I spoke with today seemed to be caught in the negative details of a downward spiral of energy.

  • Again… there’s no “right or wrong” here. We’re all doing the best we can and sometimes the best of us get a bit stuck and could use a friendly nudge to get us past an energy-block.

Basically, I listened to what this person shared with me. Then, I mostly reflected some of those things back so they could see what THEY were saying. I also listened to Sylvia’s suggestions of what she wanted me to pass-along and we both (me and Sylvia) sprinkled-in a couple of ideas that this person had not thought about before.

  • Again, I knew the timing was right because I could sense that “Time” itself had stopped.
  • I also watched this person’s energy. When we 1st started talking, it was low and a bit dark. When we finished, there was a smile and a general “pride” in their overall energy.

In talking with both people today, these are basic techniques which anyone can do to help someone else.

Remember, we’re all on this journey together. We are all here right now because we all have something to contribute to “Humanity”… to the “Earth”… to each other and to ourselves. We can either contribute “negatives”… a mean look or the disorienting distraction of a tidal-wave of midnight ice cream binging… or we can contribute “positives”… a polite smile to a stranger or a kind word to a neighbor.

  • Many years ago, Sylvia read somewhere that it takes less facial muscles to “smile” than it does to make a “frown” face. It’s your energy.
  • Think about it… You can actually change the world… 1 smile at a time… and it’s “free”. Remember, this still involves that “dual benefit”… you give a smile and you receive a great feeling in return.


I found today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman to be very helpful in my quest for feedback or “something” happening “on” or “to” this planet. (Of course, these are all “positive” things.) Here are some excerpts:

  • “First, I need to share that we are at the beginning of a massive energy download now, it just started and it will continue for 3 days. Those of you who are very energy sensitive may have some physical issues with this one, so you may want to take it easy, especially on Saturday and Sunday… This one is going to affect everyone in a big way though, and some people may be a little upset or act funny. I noticed that when I was out earlier, everything looked different and I was having trouble connecting to the physical so I had to be very careful while driving around. I appreciate that we got a warning with this download, that isn’t always the case, they are usually a surprise. So it must be important.”

“…Are you feeling an energy shift? Has anything suddenly just ‘worked out’ in your life?…”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


This channeled message is from “SaLuSa”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Dear Ones, what an important and exciting time has arrived, when many of you will be able to feel the upliftment resulting from the incoming level of energies. Those of you who do will know beyond doubt that the changes are beginning to bring about welcome changes… Very soon you will have had even more evidence of them, and it will become quite clear as to the direction that Humanity is going in. There will of necessity be a clearing out of the old that no longer serves you, but at the same time the new energies will become established. The Illuminati will make their last attempt to keep on their chosen path but it will be to no avail, as their power has been seriously curtailed by the Galactic Forces that surround the Earth. So have no fear as all is progressing well but be patient as all benefits will come in good time – you are in the period of the Great Awakening.”
  • “You may be sure that every soul that is here at such an important time will benefit in one way or another from their experiences… You move forward as a group of souls, with each one playing their part in determining your future prospects. Great changes are on the verge of taking place and all will quickly bring the New Age into being much to your delight…There has always been a plan to help as many souls as possible reach the point of Ascension, and now the benefits are about to be realised.”
  • “The changes continue to grow and at a faster rate than earlier, and so it will continue all the way to Ascension.”
  • “So you are entering an eventful period when many things will happen, often in quick succession.”
  • “We would like to add a few comments about group souls, and using birds as an example will mention that they evolve. When you rise up you will find them gifted with more beauty, and like flowers they will respond more openly to the energies of the ascended Human. Colours will be more vivid and pronounced, and songbirds will have delightful songs to sing. What will be most noticeable is the cleanliness and newness of everything. Animals that you now consider wild will become tame and no longer aggressive or carnivores. Domesticated animals such as horses will respond in a more intelligent manner and be able to converse with Man through the power of thought. In time this will also apply to your pet dogs and cats that shall remain with you, as it is only the wild species that merge into a group soul.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I don’t Track “politics” but when a top-level politician “resigns”, it makes a big showing on my radar. Today, I learned that Congressman John Boehner will resign. The “details” and “reasons” of “why” is not important and probably Cabal propaganda anyway. The fact that this high-ranking political figure is removing himself from Power is HUGE! I’m guessing that Benjamin Fulford will have some “behind-the-scenes” details as to the real reason of “why” this person is “resigning” in his Monday report.

So, to “me”, it means the “good guys” / the “Lightworkers” on this planet are winning.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m pretty sure I included a “text” version of this in a previous eMail but I’m including this 15-minute video reading, for those who want to “listen” to the text instead of “reading” it.

Basically, this explains “Wave-X”, Ascension,  the new Earth, etc.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I’m including this because it’s “feedback” which tells “me”… not only are the “99-percent” winning every single day against the railroading of Humanity by the Cabal but this is also “feedback” that the Cabal has totally lost its bite, control, money, etc. Here’s an excerpt:

  • “Yesterday, I reported at Natural Blaze that a Gloucester, Massachusetts police department fed up with Big Pharma posted the top 5 CEO salaries and emails online. Their Facebook status erupted with cheers in the comments and many shares. The department bemoaned the city’s drug problem and took aim at Big Pharma’s role in creating addiction through prescription opioid painkillers.”

My comments: Be sure to visit the following web page. If nothing else, I find it comforting to see the Cabal… the bigger-then-life, too-big-to-fail, “people” with their pants down. That web page shows the 5 major pharmaceutical companies, the name of their CEOs, their salaries, phone numbers and eMail addresses.

It’s Time people. We have to 1st pull ourselves up. Then help those around us and the forming all of our collective energies into a huge ball of Love and projecting it everywhere. From what “I’ve” been reading, the Cabal HATE that!

I’m being reminded of a very important line in a heavy metal song of the 70s called: “Circle Of Hands” by Uriah Heep. It reads:

  • “…and in the face of beauty, evil was lost.”

Here’s the link to the lyrics:

Here’s the link to the song:

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-24-15 *Music, Cobra, Wilcock

*First a comment:

It felt like today was “Friday”.

I’m still feeling as though we are all speeding through “September” way too fast. Some part of me  senses that a few hours ago we were all in “August”.

It’s very late. David Wilcock doesn’t Post articles very often but when he does I like know what he’s saying. So after reading his very long (as usual) article, Sylvia and I noticed that it’s past our “go to work tomorrow” bedtime. So I didn’t have Time to do my usual research tonight.

Sylvia and I actually worked on “Time Machine” again today.

Why I picked the most complicated song on this album to start building… is unknown to “me”. You’d think it would have been much easier to pull myself up of of “musical-mothballs” by working on the easiest song 1st… like the “Solitude” song. It doesn’t even have lyrics! It’s a very simple song!

No. My mind keeps filling with “Time Machine”. I’ve mentioned before how many “Time” changes it has but I didn’t mention that it also has 1 or 2 “Tempo” changes.

Here are the “Time” and “Tempo” changes:

  • 6/8 at 192bpm (beats per minute)
  • 4/4 at 135bpm
  • 4/4 at 65bpm
  • 4/4 at 135bpm
  • 3/4 at 65bpm
  • 4/4 at 135bpm
  • 5/4 at 135bpm (this is a “March”)
  • 4/4 at 135bpm

This song is approaching 6-minutes in length but even with that amount of “musical space”, there’s still a chance (and I’ve said this before) of creating a “franken-song” (a mis-matched, patchwork of sounds).

Because I don’t have Sylvia “physically” here to help me with this, this album… especially this ONE song, is like getting caught on a hiking trail by a lot of rain… I pull-out a large plastic sheet, to make a flat “roof” overhead. I try to prop it up with some long sticks but it’s nearly impossible to keep 1 stick vertical while I move away from it to properly place another. Even when I get several sticks in place, the weight of the water constantly pushes down on the plastic. So it’s sagging everywhere.


This is the latest “cryptic” message from Cobra:

  • “IMPL anticodes clearing sequence EXT/INT boundary crossed”

My comments: I was going to say “IMPL” might mean “implosion” or “implied” but a Commenter mentioned “Implants”, which makes a lot more sense. So this message “might” mean:

  • Implant anticodes (unlocking codes)… clearing sequence of the external / internal boundary (containment field) has now been crossed… the Lightworkers and Star Visitors are now through the protective field of the implants, which “supposedly” are in 99-percent of the Humans on this planet.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This article is by David Wilcock. The title is: “Spontaneous Ascension: Stunning New Evidence”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The timing of these events is fluid in nature and depends upon our mass consciousness — so even the best estimates are only informed speculation.”
  • “Nonetheless, a shocking new burst of prophetic data came through that indicated we are only looking at “a few” years after 2012 as our main window.”
  • “Some have consistently argued in favor of a “gradual” model, with no sudden event happening at once, but in light of the new data that is very unlikely.”
  • “This “event” is said to involve a huge flash of light from the sun. It is somehow multidimensional. After this event happens, life as we know it is permanently altered.”
  • “Unless you are trending heavily towards the negative in your personality — i.e. manipulative, controlling and selfish — this will be a very positive event.”
  • “The US government may very well go into default and shutdown some time after October 1st, so we may not have to wait very long to see some action.”
  • “Here is the simple fact: there is no money left. The international alliance has taken away the car keys. The magic printing press is almost out of gas.”
  • “This is a war. It is a war fought in secrecy.”
  • “You almost need a pair of magic glasses, like in the movie They Live, in order to properly read the headlines right now.”
  • “The Library of Alexandria never burned down — at least none of the good stuff. It was all secretly relocated to the Vatican Library, where it exists to this very day.”
  • “Bear in mind that some of these documents are vastly older than the lost civilization we call Atlantis. Some books are holographic or made of indestructible materials.”
  • “There are books tracing themselves all the way back to lost ancient civilizations, including refugees whose home planets were destroyed and who then migrated here.”
  • “One such planet was a super-Earth that was utterly destroyed and whose fragments became the Asteroid Belt — originally known as Tiamat or Maldek.”
  • “One of the most fascinating secrets is that the key books in the Bible — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — were found in these ancient document collections.”
  • “These Biblical documents are at least eight thousand years old, maybe closer to 10,000 years old…”
  • “Additionally, when Pete was taken to the “Neuberlin” secret base in the Antarctic, which other insiders I know also visited, he met several different types of ETs.”
  • “Since this was back in the late 60s / early 70s, the environment was far more loose and free than what it has turned into now.”
  • “Pete was able to dialogue with these ETs, ask them personal questions, and get real answers.”
  • “When he asked these ETs the simple question of “Why did you come here,” one answer was by far the most consistent.”
  • “They heard that a very powerful spiritual event was going to take place on this planet.”
  • “They wanted to be here to see it, and to witness how it affected the course of history that would then follow.”
  • “The consciousness of the galaxy, or Logos, was going to embody in human form — which is apparently quite rare.”
  • “The event that I typically just call Ascension is so mind-blowingly magnificent, and so apparently close at hand, that it is astonishing how quiet everyone is about it.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-23-15 *Daylife, Gaia, Nidle, Zap, Illusions

*First a comment:

(I was going to call this Section “Daily Life” but “Daylife” came through instead. It’s an interesting new word.)

I just want to relay the “energy”, “mindset”, “emotional-state” and physical endurance… those of us who have had a MONUMENTAL loss of a Loved One… of what we “go through” / “now consist of”. For those of you “on the outside looking in”, Sylvia and I hope this will give you a tiny bit of Insight into the “daylife” of one of these people (“me”).

  • As of this writing, it’s been over 232-weeks since My Sylvia crossed-over.
  • Although there are “days” and “very short moments” when I may actually hold a conversation or otherwise-interact with someone, these are rare and anything… sound, song, image, animal, laughter… “anything” can trigger a crying attack or complete Meltdown. I have no real control over this and even though I do my best to guard-against these things happening, the “Lessons” that everyone needs, as well as the “clearing of energies, so we can achieve a higher, personal energy” can hit us at any Time from any Where.
  • This happened to me today…  I heard a song called: “No One Like You” by “The Scorpions”. I instantly froze… couldn’t move. I began crying… and continued to cry… hard. I couldn’t stop crying while this song was playing. I’ve heard this song before and sometimes it “hits me” hard and sometimes I recognize the pain it brings but can move past it. This morning, I got stuck… and I was sweeping in the middle of the grocery store where Sylvia and I work when it happened! How no one saw the streams of tears flowing down my face… I don’t know.

Here are the lyrics that REALLY hit me:

  • I miss you since I’ve been away
  • There’s no one like you
  • I can’t wait for the nights with you
  • I imagine the things we’ll do
  • I just wanna be loved by you
  • …there are really no words strong enough
  • To describe all my longing for love
  • …I just need you like never before
  • Just imagine you’d come through this door

Here’s the link to the song:


Here’s another uplifting message from “Gaia Portal”:

  • ““Hostilities” have ceased.”
  • “Openings for Higher Galactics are cleared.”
  • “Effective “landings” now approved.”
  • “Sentience is recognized for “observations”.”
  • “Hominids and Galactics, in Unison, uplift humanity.”
  • “Stars of Silence flash.”

My comments: Right now, it’s early evening. This is the 1st entry in tonight’s eMail. I had just finished watching the weekly “Sonic Talk” from the “SonicState” music-news site. So I was completely in a “musicland-mindset” when I checked out eMail just now and saw this Posting from “Gaia Portal”. I was instantly blown-away and almost cried! I’m either simply having an “emotional day” or I’m feeling just how close the upcoming unfolding of events really is. Only Time will tell.

We really need for this to be real… “I” really need for this to be real… “Hostilities have ceased” and “Effective landings now approved”… THESE are just SOME of the things Sylvia and I have been waiting for. So if these can happen “NOW”, we will be VERY happy.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Over the past few months, this world progressed from being one in which the dark cabal was still in charge to one where these scurrilous crooks are on the ropes. The various groups of our Earth allies are finally realizing how this world’s scenario needs to be accommodated. As consciousness rises in this realm, the financial system changes and the new prosperity require a reveal. We have asked that this set of precise procedures be done at a much quicker level. This advice, as said previously, was largely ignored. The time is now ripe for these changes to be manifested and explained to you.”
  • “This matrix is now being enormously weakened by the great waves of energy coming from your galactic core. These energy waves are significantly aiding what our Earth allies are achieving. This joint operation is at the verge of a wonderful success. It is to bring the new reality that is to reunite you with your Inner Earth, Spiritual and Space families!”

My comment: The “Spiritual” realm is where Sylvia is. So “reuniting Spiritual families” is when the “Veil” is removed and those Beings who have not yet reincarnated will be reunited with those on THIS side of that “Veil”. THIS is what Sylvia and I are waiting for! In “my” world, NOTHING else matters!

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


If anyone’s still following “Zap”, this is his mid-week update. Here are some excerpts:


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This channeled message is from the Pleiadians:

  • “A long time ago, you were able to see reality clearly for what it was. History is about to meet itself again. When that happens, you are going to see beyond this illusion…”
  • “Reality, my dear ones, is about to explode upon your reality, and you have to be prepared for all kinds of things to happen within yourself as your view of the world expands in ways that you can’t predict and that you can’t anticipate.”
  • “Everyone is putting their ideas in front of them to be recognized and, while that is satisfying, it won’t help you too much in the days that are coming. What will help you is to see clearly and to join together and to say, “This is what we’re seeing.” Not, “This is my interpretation of what we’re seeing.””
  • “We of the League of Light, with whom I am aligned and who exist in this now with you to serve your uprising consciousness and your well-being as you walk into the coming moments of the transformation that is upon you already.”
  • “The light that shines within you is about to become more visible to each other.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: