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*First a few comments:
Although I have a strange and heavily-formatted writing style, it has evolved over these last 258-weeks. In the beginning, 1 of the things I did was to put more of a “summary” in the “Subject” line of the eMails that I sent out. I also used to place the “Date” at the end of that information.
Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this is because some of you may wonder why I sometimes create a 2 or 3-word Title but don’t use any Spaces (in the “Subject” line)… When I’m selecting a Title, I run it through my mind and sometimes Sylvia has a suggestion of a better word or phrase. Either way, there are times when the “better-energy word” is actually 2 or 3 words but because I want to use a little room as possible in the Subject line, I push them together. (For example, in today’s Posting, I’m using the “word” “NewSociety” as a single word.)
For more information on my writing style, visit our Blogsite and then click “My Writing Structure” in the menu. Here’s the direct link:
During the last few days, I’ve noticed that Sylvia is teaching me a bit more about “Telepathy” and how her and I can communicate with each other. I’ve mentioned this in the past but this energy (and my stress) comes and goes. When I’m stressed, I can’t receive communications from Sylvia as easily as I can when I’m NOT stressed.
So I noticed this latest increase in “Telepathy training” a few days ago…
I don’t remember what I was thinking about at the Time but my mind was not on the “Telepathy subject” that Sylvia was giving to me. So, in the middle of thinking of one thing, I noticed an “intrusive thought”.
(“Intrusive” thoughts “usually”, at least for me and Sylvia, mean that they’re not coming from our egos.)
When I had this intrusive thought, I did notice it but it didn’t make any sense. Then a 2nd, and unrelated. intrusive thought came into my mind. As I looked at that and compared it to the 1st one, I wondered why I was thinking about these 2 unrelated things when it hit me… there was a connection. Sylvia was providing me with information about the common connection between them.
(For example… This is not the exact wording or imagery that Sylvia provided me with but it is the “feeling” and “idea” of how this unfolded:  When this 1st happened, I don’t remember what my mind was working on. Probably something to do with preparing supper. Then, the 1st intrusive thought arrived in my mind… almost pushing-out the step involved with preparing the food. This new thought was an image of the North Carolina car-Registration letter we received about a week before. I stopped what I was doing and looked at that image in my mind. As I was doing this, I received a “feeling” that our car is being looked-at by a mechanic. This only took 1 or 2-seconds. As I was looking at these 2 pieces of information, I told Sylvia: “What does working on our car have to do with sending in the money for the Registration?” On another level, the connection was made. Either by “me” or by Sylvia adding some insightful energy so I would “get it”… “Oh. You think we have to get an Inspection before we send in the money for this Registration? I’d better read that letter again.” When I did, it clearly showed: “Must have an Inspection.” I didn’t see it before because 1) I didn’t have my glasses on and 2) because I “thought” I remembered these forms only requiring “money”. If Sylvia didn’t send my that Telepathic message, I would have sent in the money and been in big trouble.)
So, “IF” this is “Telepathy”, it’s not what I thought it would be like. Of course, this may be Sylvia’s personal way of communicating with “me”. I thought “Telepathy” involved actually hearing a voice in your head. Maybe that was the Cabal telling Society, eons ago, this is how Telepathy works and they do this to prepare people for a Time when they may use their negative technologies to place THEIR voice in our heads.
Anyway, this was so subtle, I almost didn’t pay attention to it. It’s happened 2 or 3-times since then… that I’m aware of. So I’m beginning to understand how Sylvia and I are doing this.
Because of Sylvia’s insightful “go get our car Inspected” communication, we drove to the car place after work today. While we were sitting there in the Lobby, my mind wandered to various things. Then, there was another intrusive thought. This Time, Sylvia brought up a memory from within me. It’s something I thought about  many years ago. Today, I would label it a “Mind-Opening Exercise”.
A lot of times, when I’m looking at traffic on the roads or lots of people walking through a large Shopping Center, I wonder… “It’s very strange that THOSE people, coming from THAT direction want to go where THESE people, coming from THIS direction, have already been.”
In other words, if cars are driving from the North part of town and other cars are driving from the South part of town, wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a way for them to stay where they are. Each flow of traffic wants to go where the other flow of traffic has already been. As if… strangers, walking or driving in opposite directions, could stop and tell those in the other car: “You can go back now. I’ve already picked-up the milk and bread you were going to get at the store.” “Oh. Thanks… and we bought that new Toaster you were running across town to buy.” “Hey. Thanks.”
I realize it doesn’t work that way but this is the kind of stuff that runs through my mind sometimes… and I did say it was a “Mind-Opening” exercise.

Along this same idea, a similar thought I’ve had in the last several months or so…

Have you ever wondered about the flow of money that you, personally, “receive” and “spend”?
Think about it…
We get a job or create our own business, in order to have an income. When we receive that income-money, we turn around and give some of it to the grocery store, gas station, landlord (or bank), etc. Then THAT person will take some of your money and give it to their grocery store, their gas station, their landlord, etc.
One thing that I wonder about, in all this, is… If we could just determine who is the last person all of our money goes to and just give THAT person our money to begin with.
(In other words, maybe the grocery store owners pay the electric bill. Instead of me paying the landlord, so he can pay the gas station… so they can pay the grocery store, who ends-up paying the electric company, “I” should simply pay the electric company.)
Again, this is not how Society currently works. It’s just something mind mind works on from Time-to-Time.
(Back to my thought, while sitting in the Lobby of the car place today…)
So as I was looking at this newly-placed memory and begin to wonder why that just appeared in my mind, Sylvia connected this to a “feeling” of a “Barter System”. So now I’m floating these 2 facets within my mind and doing my best to figure out what is going on when Sylvia gently sent some of that “insightful” energy to me.

That’s the best way I can describe this. It’s all new and I don’t quite understand it all just yet.

When this unfolded, this is what I saw:
(I don’t know if this is “the future” of Humanity on this planet or a suggestion of a possible direction that Humanity could step-into. For the sake of explaining this, I’m simply going to state this as something in the immediate future.)
Most everyone works at what they “Love to do” (because they just Love the feeling of doing that work or helping others, etc.) or “want to do” (because they’re doing it for the exercise or to keep their mind busy while they work on other mental challenges, etc.)
There is no “money”, “credit cards”, etc.
A Farmer grows food because he or she Loves doing that. When they need a Toaster, they simply pick it up from someone who enjoys building things. When someone needs public transportation, they ride with someone who enjoys Driving.
As I tune in to this more, now, Sylvia is showing me that the “exotic” technologies will be in-place by this point in Time. So “Zero-Point” energy will provide everyone with all the electricity they will ever need. Replicators will produce lots of “material” / “physical” things. (So the “Toaster” will be Replicated.)
The aspects of Society, which require are “dirty jobs”, such as moving sewage, will be handled either by new technologies or by robotic workers. Some aspects, such as bringing water to a city and creating buildings, will be done by those who have those skills and simply use that as their contribution to the new Global Society.
When I mentioned that some people will still be “couch potatoes”, Sylvia mentioned that the smaller details will work themselves out or Society can choose to have some type of verification method which tells the “Giver” that the person you are giving that “item” or “service” to is, indeed, contributing to the whole.
Question everything.
I was going to mark this as “bonus” information but, because it’s a current happening, it belongs in the main Section.
I don’t normally include information on “Black Holes” but, “IF” the following 7-minute video is real, I believe this particular piece of information is trying to tell us something.

In a part of our Galaxy, known as “Sagittarius A”, it’s been generating a range of flares just about every 10-days or so. Since 2016, this activity has drastically increased… to the point of nearly every day.

My comment: Is this another iron in the fire of “Disclosure”? Is NASA releasing this information in order to condition Humanity to believe Star Visitors are real? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


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