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This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This information is from Daniel Teague. He’s a “walk-in” and, since that Time, has had special dreams, the ability to do psychic healings and is in contact with a few Star Visitors.

This is his message… Posted on August 28th:

  • “Have you ever said you feel like time is going by too fast?”
  • “During a deep meditative state on August 19th 2015 Daniel Teague received information from a guide on a light ship that the 24 hour Earth clock has been eliminated.  Please transition to the Arcturian 36 hour daily cycle. Daniel was unsure if this was only meant for him?”
  • “On August 20th 2015 a being named Sphinx from Arcturus came to Daniel. Sphinx said “this change should slowly be awoken to all Starseeds and humans. We understand this change will come with hesitation but will be viewed and reviewed”.”
  • “It is obvious a galactic event is coming but it’s unclear exactly what will happen. Please prepare to act when you feel the moment has arrived.”

My comment: This is yet another Source of information who is pointing to the same TimeFrame as a lot of other information relayers… “September”… but are we still being deceived?…

  • …Is the Cabal simply “mind-feeding” those people the false information they want them to spread?… or
  • …are the “Sources” simply picking a current “New Age” topic and echoing it to the Masses?… or…
  • …Is all of this real and we’re about to step through the “Veil”? Only Time will tell.

I couldn’t find anything which explains how this new “36-hour day” works… do we simply insert “36” hours in place of our current “24-hour Earth rotation” or is each “new hour” made up of (for instance)72-minutes? If so, how long is a “new minute”?

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the link to his interview with Alexandra Meadors:

Here’s the link to his personal website:


This channeled message is from “SaLuSa”.

My comment: The 1st paragraph, which I didn’t include here, seems to “me”, to be somehow disconnected to a “positive” Channel. I was really surprised when I read this statement:

  • “It could have been so different had you accepted that you are your Brother’s keeper…”

I thought the phrase “your brother’s keeper” meant you are poking your nose into someone else’s situation when you should simply be keeping your own life in order.

Maybe I’m just not understanding this correctly.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “There is a grand sorting out that at this time is elevating all aspects of the Light. There will come a time quite soon, when the Light has risen to such a level that it literally leaves the lower vibrations behind. It means that any soul that has not ascended will move to another cycle that continues to meet their needs. All works out perfectly in the end so there is no need to worry about the future of any particular soul.”
  • ” You can of course help yourselves by keeping calm and focussed on the Light. You may read of many frightening occurrences around the world but that is inevitable when cleansing is taking place. Plus the fact that the Press enjoys exaggerating conditions by using very emotive words. The dark Ones also enjoy creating fear, as the energy feeds their lower energies and draws more people into them.”
  • “The Galactic Federation is at the ready for instructions to round up the dark Ones, who are no longer the force they were. They are now very restricted in what they can do and are unable to proceed with their plans to take over the Earth.”
  • “Soon events will occur that will indicate what is coming.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is a bit strange. I found this through 1 of the alternative news “digest” sites I use for feedback. Someone on THAT site found something on a New Zealand website and Posted this:

  • “Sky Television in New Zealand has issued a warning to expect solar disruption in 8 – 14 days from now. Sky TV has issued a warning to expect signal disruption due to solar interference and that viewers may receive a ‘Blue’ screen and ‘No Signal’ message. This will be caused by the ‘position of the sun in the sky’. We are unsure if this ‘position’ will be different to the normal ‘position’ of the Sun, no other indication has been given by Sky TV as to why this ‘position’ will cause outages.”
  • “The warning states that this will occur from September 5th through until September 11 between the hours of 2:00pm and 5:20pm local time.”
  • “Do Sky TV have the ability to see into the future and predict solar activity that has not yet taken place or have they be warned to prepare by others with knowledge of the future ?  Is this something to do with the 500 days and other predictions for the month of September. When did Sky develop the technology to see solar activity that has not taken place yet.”
  • “This warning is also in the printed edition of the online publication. This edition of the ‘SkyWatch’ TV listing guide states clearly to expect disruptions and was delivered to customers several weeks ago. This would indicate that Sky TV New Zealand has had at least 3 – 4+  weeks of advanced warning to expect problems with the Sun.”

My comment: In order to see if the television station’s information was real, I “backed into” it by searching for the name of that station, which is “sky tv”, and navigating through THAT site to the same page quoted by the person on the “digest” site.

Of course, you should do your own research.

This brings up a few mind-bending questions:

  • So how could a television company know something about the Sun 3-weeks before it happens?
  • Why would that television station tell its customers: “You may see a “No Signal” message on your screen and be unable to view some services during the 2pm – 5.20pm window each day.”. How can they know, so accurately, that this “problem” will last until “5:20pm”?… Not 5pm or 5:30pm but “5:20”?

Also, this statement by the station doesn’t make sense:

  • “Between 5th – 11th September 2015 the service will be affected intermittently between 1pm and 5.20pm 2pm and 7pm.”


Question everything.

Here’s the link to the “digest” page:

Here’s the direct link to the New Zealand page:

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