PS 12-10-17 *Cabal, *Electricity, Tunnel?, Dots

*First a few comments:

A few days ago, I read somewhere that the “fires in California” were started by the Cabal… using some type of “Satellite Weapon”. Of course, you don’t believe it… The “General Public” doesn’t believe it! This is because the Cabal are so VERY stupid. They’ve been dumbing us down for a VERY long Time. One of the “slight-of-hand”, “mind-games” they’ve gotten most people to buy-into is that there is no such thing as “exotic” (highly advanced”) technology on this planet. So even if someone was in a plane and took pictures of a Satellite glowing red (charging-up its weapon system) and tells people they saw this with their own eyes, the General Public still would not believe it… or even be open-minded enough to think about that possibility.

When I read that article a few days ago, the information stated that the Cabal started those fires as revenge for Trump saying that we now recognize “Jerusalem” as the capital of Israel.

  • Hey Cabal! You’ve managed to dumb everyone down. So now that you WANT everyone to believe you still have “power” and “control” and “advanced weapons”, NO ONE believes you!
  • (Cabal Puppet) “We should make an announcement and tell Humanity that we are still in control of everything and that we have started those fires with our superior technology and that they should now fear us.”
  • (Cabal PuppetMaster) “We can’t tell Humanity we have exotic technologies! If we do, THEY will want us to make them available to everyone and we’re not going to do that.”

Looks like the Cabal’s own “Plan” has backfired. Oops.

Our electricity went out again last night (Saturday). It had flickered a few times, several minutes earlier, but actually went “out” just before Sylvia and I headed off to bed.

As soon as it went off, I phoned the Electric Company to report it. Their Automated System told us it had been reported 10-minutes earlier and that they had already sent Crews out to fix it… AND that “power would be restored by 11p “MONDAY”! What?! That’s 2 full days without electricity. We’ve never had our power go out for that amount of Time. So we went to bed.

Right around 11a, this morning (Sunday), our electricity came back on. Was their Automated System wrong? (It’s never been that far off before.)… or did their Crews realize it wasn’t as bad as “the System” told them it was going to be?… or was something else going on?

Our “power outage” may be tied-in to the information in the “Tunnel?” Section below. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.


In the following 4-minute video, the Narrator explains that he’s been following the Seismographs for many years and, today, he noticed some activity that does not look Natural. He shows charts for North Carolina, Tennessee and Oklahoma which are filled with “noise” — LOTS of underground activity.

He states that this does not indicate “Earthquakes” and “guesses” that this “may” be caused by “Tunnels” being made underground.

My comment: “IF” his “Tunnel” theory is correct, is that what caused our electricity to go out? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The Narrator in this 27-minute video covers some of the recent “Society” news items but uses behind-the-scenes information to “connect-the-dots”.

Although most of you reading this are the “Choir” (“preaching to the Choir”), I’m including this because:

  1. You may not be aware of some of the “connections” he makes.
  2. You may know of family members, friends and co-workers who don’t know any of this. You may be doing your best (as Sylvia and I are) to at least expose those around us to what could “possibly” be happening on this tiny planet but, as soon as you speak a “lunatic phrase”, they shut you down (tell you it’s “crazy talk”) and walk away.

My comments: I’ve mentioned before that Sylvia and I “want” to be thought of a “weird”. It’s ok. If we can get the people who we’re around a lot, to think of us as “the crazy ones”, when things are finally brought out to the Public’s Awareness, they may panic and not be able to make sense out of it. If they remember that “we” (and others) have been “talking about this stuff” for a long Time, they impulsively seek us out, in order to get some answers… or at least point them in the right direction.

Sylvia and I don’t know everything that “is” or “could” happen but, just being the “focal point” may help those in panic-mode to calm down a little. You can do the same thing with the people in “your” world. We all need to make this effort. Explaining these things to other, even if it make you look a little crazy, will not only contribute to the overall “raising of consciousness” on this planet but you will also be helping those who “have their head in the sand”. By exposing them to this information, they will be in slightly less “shock”, when everything begins to unfold “in the realm of the General Public”. (It’s been unfolding for a great while now but not so the Public can know about it.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 12-27-16 *Mars, Hoffman

*First a comment:

When Sylvia and I walked out of work today, the sky was full of clouds and it felt like it wanted to rain. For some strange reason, I immediately thought:

  • “This planet isn’t supposed to have “clouds” or “water falling from the sky”. Water is in the ground. it’s supposed to be brought-up and distributed from its underground sources.”

Within the few seconds, when all this was happening, my mind then switched to seeing “Mars”. I saw its dusty, cloudless surface-environment and, just as I was beginning think: “So? Why am I now seeing Mars?” I “felt” an explanation…

  • Long ago, when the Inhabitants of Mars began living underground, they figured-out how to harvest the internal water of that planet. They “direct” and “use” that water in whatever ways are necessary.

I’ve been thinking about that word, “harvest the water” ever since. The word “harvest” is very important, somehow. Maybe it’s “coded”. Maybe it’s designed to unlock some memories of previous lives on Mars, by some Humans reading this. Only Time will tell.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Today’s message from Jennifer Hoffman seems to be “guide” or “roadmap” of what to expect, as we carefully move from the old energies to the new ones:

  • “Are you feeling a little bit impatient and anxious today? I was this morning and noticed I felt the same way I did when I was having my babies — I just wanted it to be over with. We’re on the fast track to our new year but we’re in between energy spaces now, in the hallway between the old and the new. The energy of 2016 and everything we’re done with in that year is over, we don’t want to participate in it any longer. But we’re not yet fully into 2017 and we can’t leap frog into the new year, we have to let this one finish before the next one can begin.”
  • “But the hallway isn’t empty, it has a lot of our stuff in it that is calling to us one final time, asking us whether we want to keep it or let it go, bring it with us or leave it behind. Take this time to finish cleaning your energetic and emotional house, the new year will be here in a few days and doing your final cleanup is time well spent.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: