PS 1-18-20 *Australia, LightSpeed, Perspective, cabal, UFOs?

*First a comment:
In this 27-minute video, Researcher Jordan Sather talks about his Speaking Engagement in Australia (live from Australia). He talks about the fires, how bad the air is and how dry everything is.
I’m including this because, at one point, he states that Australia has just had about a month’s worth of rain in 24-hours.
My comment: Those massive fires are very unusual and now this much rain is very strange but he never made the connection that “maybe”, just “maybe” the “White Hats” and / or “Star Visitors” are responsible for creating that much rain, in order to help put-out those fires. “IF” that’s true, it means there ARE things happening. They’re just not obvious and within reach of Society’s awareness… yet.
“I”, like MANY, are so tired of the few things that ARE happening always seem to be in the background. The Humans on the surface of this planet need to stop playing games. It’s way beyond Time to stop this Roller Coaster and simply let everyone off.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This 25-minute video is titled: “Frequency Mapping-Unknown Regions of Space (Stellar Navigation part 7-Swaruu of Erra-Pleyades“. (Pleiades)

The video itself is a soundtrack and LOTS of text. No talking. The information provided is from a Channeled Being known as “Swaruu”. She is from the Pleiades.’

I’m including this because of something I saw in my mind… a “puzzle piece” snapping into place. This happened at the 3:25-mark:
  • “So when reaching light speed, an object would have a mass equivalent to a Singularity, or virtually infinite mass.”
However, in “my” mind, I wasn’t shown anything to do with “mass”. Instead, those words sent me off on a sort of inverted tangent:
  • I saw that… At the moment of achieving LightSpeed, the object (and its inhabitants, if it has any) switch to different Laws of Physics. At that point, they are ‘out of Time”… maybe in a slightly higher Dimension… maybe out of phase with everything that existed in their previous State.
  • I was reminded of those times when I used to run. Either as a kid or, years later, after work when I would Jog once in a while. Not often but there would be a few times that I would run at a certain… “frequency” that it felt surreal. As if I was not a part of the world around me. My “running” instantly became effortless. It was partly because I had reached a certain “speed” but that’s not the entire equation. I was also at a specific “Resonance” within me. It felt wonderful. I felt as though I no longer had to move my legs as fast as they had been moving… as if I could now move them “half” or “a fourth” as fast as I had ran to reach this… “experience”.
  • My mind was then shown a memory I had of something Sylvia read, a couple decades ago. It was an article about some Oriental Monks who lived way out in the desert or hills somewhere (another country, I think). The Author of the article was a Reporter, doing research on these Monks. He had been walking to their location and stopped to sit and rest a while when a “wisp” of air and a blur of motion quickly moved past him. Later, he discovered that was one of the Monks traveling into the nearby Village. They knew how to achieve that “resonance-walking” State and traveled in this manner often.
I’m now reminded of an analogy from the world of Synthesizers:
  • We’ve already had electronic circuity which allows a Synthesizer Operator to produce zero to 5-volts, by turning a Knob to the right and zero to minus 5-volts by turning that same Knob to the left. A few years ago, we started seeing more and more “Oscillators” (Synthesizer sound producers) with “Through Zero” Modulation. Typically, this means turning a Knob to the right produces more of a specific Waveform (Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, etc.) and turning that same Knob to the left produces a Reversed Phase version of that same Waveform. When that Knob is in the center, the Waveform is flat. Not moving. No energy.
  • So when that Knob is rotated to the left of center, the energy of that Waveform could be said to be moving “back in Time”, reversed, and when it’s at its center point, the Oscillator produces no sound or a nullified sound… or it could be thought of as “stepping out of the realm of Time”.
It’s not quite the same as traveling at “LightSpeed” but it shows that this idea is reflected in the nullifying and then reversing of energies, which may be what is happening when an object travels faster than the speed of Light. Maybe we just haven’t discovered that part of it yet.
Just some things to think about.
Here’s the link to a short explanation of “through zero modulation”:

Here are a couple of “through zero” Oscillators (including information and videos)…

This one is called “Zero Point Oscillator”:
This one is called “Generate 3”:
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 2-hour, 2-minute video is a Hypnosis Session with Alba Weinman. The title is: “366 Alba Weinman – Resolving Fear, Guilt & Shame and a Message from the Pleiades“. I was interested in what the Pleiadians had to say. So I skipped-through to a point near the end.
The Pleiadian message itself had a sense of “urgency” with it, as if Time was running out, but, the reason I’m including this is because of the “text” / “message” at the very end of this video. in order to put that information into Perspective, it’s “best” (in my opinion) to begin watching from the 1:40:37-mark. (Of course, you may want to watch the entire Session.)
  • The information pulled through the Hypnosis Session, and the understanding at the end, provide an insightful “Perspective” on “part” of how this “Reality” works and helps us to realize that there’s much more to this illusion than we’ve been told. Most of us, who are reading this, know this but it’s nice to have a “refresher” and a ‘different vantage point” every now and then.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 1-hour video is a summary of behind-the-scenes (but “political” and “Social”) happenings around this planet.
I’m including this because of something the Narrator showed in a previous video. (She shows it again in this one, starting at the 45:29-mark.) It’s a photo of a terrorist leader known as “Jabba The Jihadi”. (I think he was recently “crossed-over”.)
So my Point here is that the cabal have been nothing more than a “bully in the playground” for many months now and some of the “distractions” they’ve whispered into our Collective ears have been nothing more than “fear” tactics. Think about it… I’ve mentioned this before… Anyone still remember all the ‘fear” being poured onto us because of:
  • swine flu
  • bird flu
  • ebola
  • I think there was even something about the “plague” being discovered.
  • holes in the ozone layer
  • food shortages
  • bad water
  • bad air
  • world war 3
  • the border wall
  • Yellowstone “ready to blow”
  • the fires in California
  • the fires in Australia
  • vaccines
  • gun control
  • impeachment
  • and MANY more
Yes, “some” were physical things but most were simply “ideas”… “information” which the cabal specifically designed in order to get the Beings on the surface of this planet to tremble in “fear”.
…and the same is true with this terrorist idiot. Go to the 45:39-mark and look at his photo. That guy is so fat, anyone can clearly see that he could have been captured at ANY time. Think about it…
  • (subordinate) “Sir, we’ve just spotted the American White Hats coming over the hill.”
  • (Jabba The Jihadi) “They’ll never catch me. I’ll be on my camel and out of here in a flash.”
So, let’s picture this scenario… First, he has to get up off the floor. Then he has to waddle across the room in order to get outside. Then, he not only has to find a remaining camel that will support his weight but “how” is “he” going to get up onto one of them? Even if he could, so much Time would have passed that the Allies would have surrounded him and his headquarters and relaxing with a few beers by the Time he does ANY of that.
This means the White Hats will “pick-up” or “eliminate” ANY terrorist leader when they feel it’s in “their” best interest.
The fact that the cabal has chosen a very fat person to play this role either means they are laughing at us or they simply couldn’t get anyone else to take that job. I’m guessing they’ve run out of resources and just went out to the terrorist’s camp and pointed to someone: “You. You’ll do. Come here.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Although I watch lots of UFO videos, I don’t usually include them because, to “me”, most of them just don’t “feel” right… they don’t really “Sense” like they’re really Star Visitor crafts. The 2 in the following video, however, do feel important. I’m not entirely sure they are “otherworldly” but my Intuition tells me they are important to pass along for some reason.
  • The Narrator talks about the 1st one, beginning at the 22-second mark. He says it has a “black tail” and keeps calling it a “Meteor”. To “me”, it’s not a Meteor and it doesn’t have a “tail” behind it because that black “wisp” is inside some type of “shell”. It has a white area at its “nose end” (the part pointing towards the ground) and it looks like it’s a gray shell. However, it does look like it tumbles once or twice before coming through into that open part of the sky.
  • The 2nd one begins at the 2:30-mark. We see 5 “cloud trails” that are very thin and very vertical. They are actually moving parallel to each other and are heading straight down towards the ground. However, at one point, 3 of them begin to make a sharp turn to the left, together, as if they are under intelligent control. The Narrator (and myself) cannot see any type of plane or other object at the leading-edge of those “cloud trails”.
I’m including these because it’s something to think about. “IF” these objects are real, then, to “me”, it’s feedback that we’re inching even closer to “the Event”. “IF” these objects are not real, it’s still something to keep an open mind about.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 1-3-17 *Rash, UFOs

*First a comment:

Yesterday, in the middle of the day, I noticed my arms were itching. I took off my shirt and saw an almost “bubbled”, red rash under my arms and on the inside portion of my elbows. Each area was about 5-inches in diameter.

I immediately traced-through my mind, in order to figure out what I had eaten to cause this but nothing was found. I then examined my mind, regarding the shirt I was wearing but it was recently washed the same way we’ve always washed it.

From there, my mind jumped to “Showering” the day before. I then remembered that I had used the “Shampoo Soap” that we bought for my hair but used it to wash my arms.

So the “Society-level” answer to this “rash’ is that this special soap caused it. If we back-up from this (look at the bigger picture), however, and add-in some “alternative information”, we see that this “rash” is more-likely from the continually-upgrading energies coming into this planet from the Galactic Central Sun. Some people have reported various physical “problems” or “annoyances” with this. In other words, everyone is “reacting” / “processing” these energies differently. Some people have headaches, some have muscles or joint pain and more.

Last night, I put some Aloe Vera Juice on those areas but it only helped for a few minutes. (The itching woke us up this morning.)

Once Sylvia and I got out of bed this morning, I thought about putting more Aloe Vera Juice on it but wanted something that would last longer. My 1st thought was “Coconut Oil”. Sylvia suggested the “Neem Oil” that we “just happened” to have.

  • Sylvia had us buy a small bottle of Neem Oil, so I could put it in my hair after each Showering, in order to condition my hair and keep it from being frizzy.

Although it was a work-day, I quickly looked it up and, Sylvia was right, “Neem Oil” does help with “itching”. In fact, its “non-itching” effect lasted about 12-hours.

I’m mentioning this in case others are experiencing recent physical changes and might be concerned about them.

Question everything.


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would not have watched this otherwise.

  • Normally, I would carefully place my comments off to the side in a special Section but, because I watched this video and wrote my “Comments” out in an eMail to M.R., I’m simply going to leave them that way.

This 3-hour video is a Talk by Steven Greer, whistleblower and Founder of “CSETI” (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence). (I watched the 1st 2-hours of this video.)

Years ago, Sylvia and I sensed that there was something odd about Steven Greer. Even as I told Sylvia I was going to watch this video during supper, she said: “He’s Cabal”. I told her that I remembered that but, sometimes, it’s a good idea to see and hear what the enemy is projecting, in order to understand the bigger picture and what their distraction will be in the future.

Way before this 8-minute mark, I had several “red flags” go-off, with some of his key words and ideas.

According to this Wikipedia page,

…he has no real government influence but he states that he had a meeting with a military officer who didn’t know about the information that he (Greer) was telling him and that Greer was in another meeting with several high-ranking military and government officials and was pointing out which of them was feeding them disinformation. 1) How could he get a meeting with a high-ranking military officer?… and 2) why would ANY military official believe him?

He started “CSETI”. Sylvia and I have always thought CSETI (and there’s another one but I can’t remember its name) were a distraction and disinformation. If the government (Eisenhower) already had meetings with Extra Terrestrials during the 50s… and, before that, there were the Germans with their “flying saucers”, why would anyone want to “listen for signals from space”?

Plus, in this video, he “begins” by stating that he has very, very, very bad news. To “me”, this is “Cabal fear”.

Interesting… At around the 37-minute mark, he says: “…Northrup-Grumman, my uncle’s old company”. In “my” opinion, that connection alone would place him “in the know” of a lot of things… however, that information-flow may only be limited to the “compartmentalization-facet” that his uncles was in. So “IF” he does have access to that “compartment” of information, then, “yes”, he could know a little more than a few Generals. Of course, they would have their own compartment and know some things Greer doesn’t know.

Around the 58-minute mark he explains the difference between “man-made” Craft and “Extra Terrestrial” Craft. In “my” opinion (somewhere deep inside me), he’s right. I somehow know that real UFOs” do not have “seams” or “rivets” or the need for reinforcing of long sides by folding or curving the material.

By the 1-hour, 10-minute mark, he has explained so many details that I’m thinking he’s part of the Cabal’s “soft Disclosure”… That the Cabal “allowed” or “put him up to this”, in order to get people ready for whatever is next… but it won’t be what he’s explaining — a “False Flag UFO attack”. My feeling is that he’s allowed to present this material, and in such great detail, because the Cabal cannot act on this any longer. Those “toys” have been locked-away from them. So, if you’re the “Bully in the Playground” who has now been told:

  • “IF you push one more child, we will send you to Reform School (or fill in the blank with your own “bad punishment”)

…then the only thing you have left is… “talk”. So why not tell those children what you COULD HAVE done to them?

  • “If you keep giving me your Lunch Money every day, I’ll be nice to you but if you don’t I’m going to do “this” and ‘this” and “this” to you.”

Tomorrow’s a work-day. So we had to stop but we did watch it for 2-hours (up to the questions). Very interesting information. I’m still not sure if he’s “switched sides” or is simply “now allowed to provide those details because that’s “not” what the Cabal are going to do”. So I’m a bit hesitant to believe “everything” he’s stated. I sense that he did sprinkle-in some real details, to show he’s working “for the people”… or maybe I’m just being too critical of him. Only Time will tell.

According to what I’ve been finding in the last week or so, especially with Clif High’s information yesterday, it “seems” like all the focus for Humanity is about to be on “Antarctica”.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-4-16 Gaia, May30th, Quinsey, ProsperityPackages?

This is today’s message from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Elements of timelines release from prior pathways.”
  • “Timeline combinings are no more.”
  • ““True essence” is observed and experienced by the hu-being.”
  • “The trudging paradigm is relinquished.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


MAY 30th
The title of this article is: “WE’VE MADE IT : Something dramatic is happening or will happen very soon.“.

  • “In order to project what will happen in the coming days you must bear in mind that May 30th was the most auspicious date in the history of mankind and this planet since it began to descend to lower frequencies in the late epoch of Lemuria and Atlantis. It represents an irreversible phase shift from a closed and partially closed system to an entirely open energetic system at all levels – from the quantum level to the human ego-mind level. This opens infinite venues depending on the degree of individual spiritual evolution. It is the pinnacle of energetic transformation of Gaia and humanity.”

My comments: The Blogsite I learned about this from is “Out Of This WorldX”. They advise “To be read using discretion” and I’m doing the same. I’m not saying any of this information is true. I “want” it to be real. I “need” it to be real. I’m including this to expose everyone to these alternative ideas AND in case it “IS” true.

  • I’ve mentioned several times, previously, that I’ll even examine the Cabal’s “lies” and “half-truths” because, at some point, even “negative” information will nudge me closer toward the Truth.
  • For example, the Cabal and all the “doomsdayers” are saying Humanity is about to experience “3-days of darkness”. However, if we consider some of the Cabal’s negative habits, we discover that their lies could actually point us in the opposite direction. So instead of “3-days of darkness” we may be looking forward to 3-days of “Light”.

Please do your own research.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This Channeled message is through Mike Quinsey. Here are some excerpts:

  • “All proceeds well regardless of any outer appearances, and the various aspects associated with Ascension continue to be advanced in readiness. The dark Ones continue to lose power and their options are becoming very limited. Many times they have been requested to surrender but have declined, seeming to be prepared to fight to the bitter end. They certainly cannot escape justice as planned but will almost certainly try to bargain where their surrender is concerned. They must face the fact that their days are numbered and they can no longer hope to fulfil their original plan for world domination.”
  • “All is moving forward quite quickly and it is possible that the first official announcement will come as early as July, and be the first of many.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I would place this under “bonus” information but it provides “me” with good information about upcoming changes, which will eventually lead to the removal of the “Veil”.

The OP (Original Poster) in the following Forum Thread provides information which states that Switzerland is considering giving their citizens $2,560 Swiss Francs each month. I saw something a month ago which said New Zealand and a Province in Canada was also considering giving their citizens and income. Although some of these proposals will also remove “some” government “hand-outs”, such as Food Stamps and / or Social Security, it shows that big changes are being talked about.

My comments: I include this type of information because:

  • Several Sources of information have been saying most of the countries on this planet will be providing “Debt Forgiveness”, a “Financial Reset”, “Prosperity Packages”, etc.
  • and because this is a major mind-set change for Humanity… and THIS means another facet of what some are talking about, “an upgrade of energy from the Galactic Central Sun, is probably true and happening NOW.

As I said, all of these big changes will unfold toward the “Veil” being removed and THAT is what Sylvia and I are waiting for.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: