PS 4-7-19 *Diet, *Paint, Parkes

*First a comment:
Just a quick note for those who want to know this…
  • Last week, Sylvia had me add “Rosemary” to my Diet. So, while grocery shopping, she had me purchase not only Rosemary the “spice” but also Rosemary Essential Oil. I’ve been adding a lot of this spice to my Lunch and Supper meals. I’ve used the Essential Oil, along with purified water, as a “mouthwash” / “mouth-rinse”. I’ve also put the Essential Oil in my hair. Mostly to help darken some of the white hairs.
I’ve almost used-up the “Turmeric” and “Molasses” that Sylvia had me add to my Diet a few months ago.
One of the projects I have at work is to paint the doors and walls in a few of the Stock Rooms. I’ve already painted the Ladies’ and Men’s Rest Rooms. When I did, I backed into a wall in one of the Stalls that I had just painted. This smeared white paint on the back of my black jeans.
This happened about 2-months ago and, last week, I was finally able to buy a black “Fabric Marker”, in order to color those white paint-smears “black”.
I did this yesterday and it’s been very interesting. The black ink in that Fabric Marker WILL NOT attach itself to the white paint on my pants. No matter how much black ink I rub or dab directly onto those painted areas, the black coloring simply slides off the paint and onto the fabric of the jeans.
  • Yes, I could “Dye” those jeans but I don’t want to ruin our Washing Machine and I don’t really feel like going through all the work of finding or buying a large pan that we can use for this and then going through all the work of re-coloring those jeans.
Here’s the link to the Fabric Marker we purchased:
This 1-hour, 11-minute video is a monthly update from whistleblower Simon Parkes. Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 8-minute mark, he talks about “5G”. He’s been told (supposedly from his “Insiders”) that the United States has something in-place which will neutralize the harmful effects of this new, wireless “technology”. He says, currently, other countries aren’t so fortunate.
My comment: Because the Earth and Humanity are increasing their frequencies (in preparation for “the Event”), I feel that some of the harmful energies on this planet, such as Wi-Fi, Fluoride, GMO foods, etc.,  can no longer affect the surface population (of ALL Beings — nature, animals, vegetables, minerals, etc.).
  • Around the 21-minute mark, he talks about “Planet X” (Nibiru).
  • He then talks about the upcoming “Pole Shift”. However, he states that it’s going to be a “Magnetic” Pole Shift and not a “physical” Shift.

My comment: “In a couple of year’s time?” Simon then states that amateur Astronomers will be able to see “Planet X” in a couple of year’s time. What? That’s not the timetable “I’m” seeing for this planet. However, if he’s correct,  then, “from what I know and feel”, these “happenings” will take place AFTER “the Event” / “Ascension”… and, the more I think about this right now, the more it makes sense. Simon said the Earth will not be hit by “Planet X” but the Earth may experience some flooding and other physical problems because it will be moving through the debris field of this very large planet.

In my findings, those who will be Ascending during “the Event”, will not be experiencing any Earth catastrophes. So if these physical problems ARE going to happen on Earth, then they will take place AFTER Ascension.
  • After the 50-minute mark, he talks about the concept of “Time” and how Humanity is about to move through the 4th Dimension and into the 5th.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 10-27-16 *TechTip, Saturn, Keenan, Connections

*First a comment:

Yes, this is a technical tip but it does apply to the mission of every LightWorker out there…

  • Yesterday, I was watching my favorite, weekly “music technology” Podcast at The Narrator mentioned that musical instrument company “Korg” had placed an image on their facebook page about new products being announced on November 1st. The Narrator re-Posted that image on “his” facebook page but, a short while later, that image had been pulled.

I was thinking about this, this morning, and I guess my programming background (what little there is of it) kicked-in…

  • Had he “Copied” that image to his own hard drive, then “renamed” it and finally Posted it, whoever removed it would not have found it for a VERY long Time. Yes, there is “image recognition” software available but to scan the entire Internet for that particular image, would have taken a supercomputer a very long Time. Yes, there are ways to embed “security” / “copyright” information either directly into the image itself or in the Header Record (behind-the-scenes) of that file. However, this is “passive” information. It won’t seek-out its owner if it’s on an unlisted website.
  • (…and, yes, it’s possible to simply search the Internet for that security information, which will locate that image much faster than “image recognition” algorithms. Nothing’s perfect. (With that said, “some” of those security measures will be stripped away by simply re-saving that image file as a different “Format”… If it’s a “PDF” file, save it as a “JGP”, “PNG” file or some other Format. You could even print it out, scan it yourself, save it and then upload it to the Internet. Again, this will not remove every embedded security measure. I think “Adobe” claims to be able to encode graphics files with copyright information which no method can remove but “I” have never seen this “proven” or “dis-proven”.)

Keep in mind… I’m not explaining this so everyone can go and steal someone else’s creations. I’m explaining this for those times when we, as LightWorkers, need to share important information which the Cabal will probably hunt-down and remove.

Question everything.


The reason I’m including this is… “IF” this information is true, then it shows Saturn is waking-up:

  • Saturn’s polar hexagon has changed from blue to gold
  • “Two pictures taken with natural light from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft have shown a shifting color of the atmosphere around Saturn’s north polar area between 2012 and 2016. Researchers are looking into possible causes for the difference in color.”
  • “The color change is thought to be a result of Saturn’s seasons. Specifically, the shift from a bluish color to a yellow hue may be as a result of elevated production of photochemical hazes in the atmosphere as the north pole gets closer to Saturn’s summer solstice in May 2017.”
  • “Scientists said the hexagon, which is a six-sided jet stream, might serve as a wall that stops haze particles generated outside it from coming in. Throughout the polar winter night, between November 1995 and August 2009, Saturn’s north polar atmosphere became free from aerosols generated by reactions between sunlight and the atmosphere, also known as photochemical reactions. Because the planet passed equinox in August 2009, the polar atmosphere has been ensconced in continual sunshine, and aerosols are being generated within the hexagon that sits around the north pole, making the polar atmosphere appear hazy today.”
  • “Other effects, including variations in atmospheric circulation, may also be playing a part. Researchers have said seasonally moving patterns of solar heating most likely had an impact on the winds in the polar regions.”
  • “In 1980 and 1981, NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 space probes gave us the first looks at the top of Saturn, situated more than 930 million miles from the Sun. Among their several discoveries, the probes showed a strange, hexagon-shaped design in the planet’s uppermost clouds around its north pole. The hexagon stayed virtually static, without moving relative to the planet’s overall rotation, which was not accurately known at the time. The pictures captured by the Voyager probes indicated the clouds were moving quickly inside the hexagon in an enclosed jet stream and were being pulled by winds moving at more than 250 miles per hour. Observations made 30 years later revealed the hexagon and its jet stream have remained largely unchanged.”

Be sure to visit the link below, in order to view the images provided.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This 24-minute video is an update from Neil Keenan. He seemed to present several key points to what he has been doing to restore the “Global Collateral Accounts” but I can’t tell you much more than that because, although I did sit-through the entire video, I slept through most of it. (I really can’t get by on these nights of 5-hours of sleep that Sylvia and I have been getting and this has been going on for more months than I can count.)

Question everything.

Here’s the direct link to the video:

This is Neil Keenan’s website:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

I started not to include this but Sylvia suggested that we show how they can stay connected to the information “they” need. Whether this is from your “Guides”, “Higher Self”, “Loved One on the other side of the “VeiL””, etc. we are all connected to levels of energies and loving Souls who can assist us along our Path… our Journey through this realm.

  • I saw the title for this article: “Four Ways To Detox The Neurotoxin Fluoride From Your Body” and figured it might be a good idea to at least be aware of what someone else thinks is beneficial for getting rid of “Fluoride”.
  • Now, there are an infinite number of “diets” which “claim” to fix an infinite number of health issues. So, it can be easy to go mad when deciding which of those “food-intake” methods is right for “you”.
  • A few decades ago, Sylvia and I 1st talked about “food” and how it affects the Unit (the “body” and its many Systems). Sylvia explained how “combinations” of certain foods can give some people unwanted effects. She also told me how some foods provide certain nutritional benefits and other foods provide others. I told her that I simply eat food as “food”… I in-take food and convert it to whatever this Unit requires at that point in Time. Sylvia knew that I always keep “one foot on the other side”, so she understood what I was saying and knew that’s what worked best for “me”.
  • After Sylvia crossed-over, we became even more bonded to each other than before and I do my very best to pay attention to every piece of information she sends me. Some of those energies are “food choices”. I’ve mentioned in this Posting many times how Sylvia has changed the foods I eat. I’ve always been perfectly healthy. So I continue to follow her advice and “remain” perfectly healthy.
  • Because of Sylvia’s help, I’ve actually been consuming 2 of the 4 items on the above list. One of the items in the 1st part of that list is “Potatoes”, which Sylvia has just recently (as of about a week ago) had me start buying again. So we’ve been eating Potatoes once a day since.
  • Many months ago, Sylvia had me buy “Turmeric” and add it to as many meals as I can. This is the 2nd item on the above list.

My point here is that we can all do this but, like with any type of exercise, we must work those “psychic muscles” on a daily basis. There are many techniques which can help you get in-touch with the positive, unseen energies and Beings which surround you and want to help you any way they can. Follow your Heart and you’ll know which is right for you.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: