PS 6-5-18 *Manifestation, ClifHigh, TwinFlames

*First a comment:
Today, as Sylvia and I got out of our car and began walking to the building we work in, I told her I really didn’t feel like unloading a Trailer today. (I was just feeling some heavy energy in the air.) Just then, we were close enough to see that the District Office did send us a Trailer. There it was, sitting at 1 of the Loading Bays.
After clocking-in, we were all told:
  • “We’re not unloading the Trailer today. We have a visit from Corporate, at the highest level, so we’re all going to make an extra effort to make this place even more presentable.”
Sylvia and I have worked there when the company owner arrived for an inspection… and we didn’t stop unloading Trailers then. So, did I really Manifest a “don’t unload the Trailer today” energy? It feels like it to me.
This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.
On the following web page, there are 3 videos. (I didn’t watch the 1st one yet.) The 2nd video is 2-hours long and is an interview with web-bot Programmer, Clif High.
My comments: I seem to be more-tired that I thought and only made it through 40-minutes of that video before realizing I had been sleeping through most of it.
Here’s what I remember about the 1st 40-minutes of that video:
  • Clif states that there never can be a 10,000-foot-high Tsunami on this planet. He says most people have failed to include the fact that the Earth used to be a lot smaller, in their calculations of “Tsunami Waves”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link (The Interviewer talks for almost 3-minutes before allowing Clif to say something):
The 3rd video on that web page is from “Dutch Sinse”


My comments: I haven’t listened to “Dutch Sinse” videos for many, many months but I still remember what his voice sounded like and this video does not sound like him. Even the energy of his voice (in this video) is “up-beat”, almost energized. To “me”, this is not the same “Dutch Sinse”. Maybe it’s the “Mandela Effect”. Maybe he’s now a “Clone” or maybe he got married. I don’t know but his voice-print does not match the one stored in my memory.


In this 14-minute video, the Narrator explains the current energies, regarding “Twin Flames”. She says there will be a lot of changes in July, August, September, October and November and then “massive changes” happen. I don’t think she meant these are “bad” changes because she also states that (Twin Flame) “unions” will also be happening during that end-of-year timeframe.
Question everything.
Here’s the link: