PS 1-13-20 *Time, *Moon, *Frequency

*First a few comments:
(You can tell Sylvia and I had the day-off today — I get “wordy”.)
From within “my” tiny world, “Time” seems to be moving faster… again. I noticed it starting around the middle of December. Even now, we’re 13-days through January and I can’t “remember” or “feel” where all those previous days went.
I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past but each beginning of a New Year, I feel that the energies just don’t match what “Society” tells us about “Time”. In other words, at the beginning of each January, actually speaking (saying out-loud) the “year” doesn’t sound right. Hearing myself say “2018”, “2019” and now “2020” doesn’t sound like we’re supposed to be at this point in the timeline.
For “2020”, specifically, however, I noticed something “strange” / “out of place” last week. When I thought about the number “2020”, again, it just didn’t seem correct. Then, another aspect hit me… In the 60s, when my parents and I went to Disney World, and even seeing “futuristic predictions” on television in the 70s, Society was told we would have “push-button homes”, “3-wheel cars”, “flying cars”, etc. In the 70s when “Earth Changes” were being talked about, in “Psychic” circles… all of this was pushed-out to the year 2000. Back then, most people thought:
  • “The year “2000”? That’s so far out there, it’s silly to even THINK about those things now.”
Even though it was only 30-years (or so) “out there”, it seemed like it would take another lifetime before any of us got to experience those “new fangled” ideas.
Remember, that was the year “2000”. We are currently in the year “2020” and THAT’S TWENTY YEARS PAST THAT TIME-POINT!!! We’re actually TWENTY-YEARS past the “science fiction future” Society was telling us about in the 70s. How did this happen? How did we get this far down this timeline?
Just some thoughts.
Last week, Sylvia and I noticed a Full Moon while driving to work. When we got there, we took a minute to really “look” at it. We didn’t have any binoculars or anything to magnify it but we did study it for a few minutes.
What we noticed is that there are noticeably more dark areas on the surface of the Moon than we’ve seen before. “IF” this is true, then why hasn’t anyone else mentioned this?… and, what caused those new spots?
Question everything.
Little-by-little… As Time marches on… As the cabal “circle the drain”, I’m seeing “one here”, “another one there”… White Hat Journalists (Researchers) pick-up the “negative” side of the current Frequencies the Main Stream Media (MSM) is spewing. Yes, things need to be reported to the Awakening public… Yes, negative things… VERY negative things will be revealed but I’m seeing the negative things, being reported by those we trust, as a “tug” on the Frequencies which are guiding us along this final timeline. The one which leads this planet to “the door”. We FINALLY found it and we’re, collectively, almost there and the cabal know this. They see us inching towards it as they realize they will soon be stuck here in a “negative soup”, which THEY created. (Of course, it’s also possible that they will also Awaken at the last possible moment.)
I don’t think I’m “jaded” about all this. (I think that’s the right word… a protective shell around me, so I can’t feel the deep pain involved with the revealing of what’s truly been happening on the surface of this planet.) Instead, I think I’m realizing, more and more, that this “Reality” really is an illusion. Just like the games we can play on a computer. The images on the screen are simply made-up of Pixels (picture Elements)… dots of colored light and are controlled by a piece of “software”… instructions, written in a language only a computer can interpret and display on its screen.
More and more, I’m understanding that the “world” around me is a “bunch of Pixels” controlled by, “some say”, a “Master Program”.
Smelling and tasting a wonderful meal and seeing a beautiful woman are almost instantly reduced to calculations and Pixels — like the points of paint on a canvas, seeing “The Mona Lisa” from afar and feeling that she’s a good-looking person but getting closer and realizing she’s only an intentional smattering of paint on a piece of cloth.
It’s the same in the movie “Tron”. Sitting in the audience, we get caught-up in the fast pace of the character’s actions and the movie’s Special Effects but, beneath it all… in the actual world of “Tron”, there is a computer creating it all and a “User” outside of it, controlling the Program. To those within “Tron”, “Users” are Gods because they manipulate every “choice”… every decision allowed by the Program. Are we in that same plateau? That similar “leap of faith” / “leap of understanding” as when Humans thought “Heaven” was just beyond the blue Sky?… When some Cultures believed they had to “Pray the Sun to rise” each morning or it wouldn’t appear in the Sky? Some Humans still think the “Moon” is a small planet or hunk of rock. “Some” Cultures insist “the Moon was rolled into place”. Many times, I’ve mentioned: “Truth is a moving target.” These are the types of things I’m referring to. Humanity, as well as each of us, individually, have our own “Plateaus” of understanding. If we allow our minds to be open we then see the ladder which will help us climb “the Mystery” (inside of us) and reach that next level.
I guess what I’m saying is… We’re all tired of “nothing happening”, “the Event being delayed”, etc. and it would be nice to at least know those we look-to for information on the Positive timeline are actually interpreting the “smoke signals” correctly.
Question everything.

PS 8-6-19 *Plateaus, Draco

*First a comment:
(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)
  • (Sylvia and I got in way too late last night to read a response sent to us, regarding my “*Plateaus”.)
  • Yesterday, a Reader of these Posts sent me an eMail. This person thanked me for some of the information I presented in “*Loved Ones” and even a tiny portion of what I wrote in “*Plateaus”. This person also explained their disappointment in what I said about the “bible”.
  • Since one person (that I’ve heard from) was upset, I figured there are probably more who feel the same way. So I’m going to do my best to explain what I meant in “*Plateaus”, in “this” Post. However, as I sit here thinking of different examples, they all seem to add gasoline to that fire.
There’s a Saying:
  • “Truth is a moving target”

To “me”, this means…

  • As a Child, toys, fun-things-to-eat, cartoons and exploring the things around you is your entire world. This is the Child’s “Truth”. The concepts of “Credit Cards”, the “Internal Combustion Engine” and “Gravity” won’t be absorbed by the Child because he or she doesn’t have any similar experiences for those ideas to hook-on to.
  • As the Child gains more experiences, he or she will ask questions and this leads to “understandings” and these provide “knowledge hooks”, so even more far-reaching ideas can be examined.
  • At each of these stages where “knowledge hooks” (or “Plateaus”) are formed, the Child may realize “this” is the Truth.
  • As that Child grows-up (evolves), he or she builds more “knowledge hooks” from more and more experiences. At each of those Plateaus they can look back on their life and may pick-out a few concepts and think: “What was I thinking? THAT’S not true. I now know THIS to be true.”

There’s a Saying:

  • “Each day, I’m smarter than I was the day before.”
(or something like that)
In other words, this Child will not know “Particle Physics” even exists until he or she has had the proper education.
In this 4-minute video, the Narrator states that the Draco Reptilians now have a new leader. It’s a “female” and she’s their “Queen”. That is… “IF” any of that is true.
  • Previously, the information in “alternative news” was that the Draco had a King named “Anu” (AH-new) and that he was captured, Tried and then sent back to Source.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 6-15-17 InFighting, Hoffman

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

  • I was going to call this Section: “FakeNews?” but Sylvia suggested: “In-Fighting”.

This subject is about the “alternative news” / “new age” / “Enlightened” / “Ascending” community and “some” of the recent “name-calling” and “finger pointing”.

There’s a Saying that Sylvia taught me many years ago:

  • “Small minds talk about “people”. Great minds talk about “ideas”.” (Yes, there’s a little more to it but this is how Sylvia explained it to “me”.)

When I 1st started my nightly research, over 322-weeks ago, there were various “growing pains” of who was telling the truth, who was telling “half” of the truth and who was just making things up as they went along. Being naive about a lot of “Human” and “Society” aspects, and because I was very raw from Sylvia’s “crossing”, I completely fell for everything “Drake” was stating. Several months later, it was revealed (supposedly) by his own team that his information had been hijacked and he was instantly discredited. (It was stated at that Time that those “whistleblowers” who gave him information, began giving him “false” and “half false” data.

  • Since then, I’ve pulled-back a bit and always ask everyone to “question everything”. I do my best to use my own Discernment but I still, sometimes, get caught-up in the “I really need to believe this” facet of what is “supposedly” going on behind-the-scenes.

About 3-weeks ago, Bill Ryan and “Dark Journalist” made some negative statements about “Corey Goode”. Later, Clif High said some negative things about Corey Goode and David Wilcock. A few days ago, someone else stepped forward and said a few things against Cobra.

What I’m sensing is that we are now at the very Point in “Space” and “Time” where the “energies” of this planet and her inhabitants are squarely in the realm of “been there, done that”… all possible combinations have been tested, tasted, manifested or simply thought-of… at least by “someone”, “somewhere”. When I thought about this, tonight (after viewing the videos below), I saw (in my mind) a symbolic picture of the Earth with almost everyone pointing in a different direction. This represents our Past… where everyone wanted to explore every “thing”. Then I saw a symbolic image of everyone pointing at each other. My feeling with this is that everyone is now questioning the “authenticity” and “sincerity” of each other. We’re “calling each other out”… making everyone step forward and provide proof that they’re working for “Truth” and following the “Light”.

What I’m seeing in the few videos below is a bit ridiculous… with “some” people now putting their personal background “out there”, in order to prove to everyone that they are on the Path of helping Humanity and this planet.

Tonight, I found this 42-minute video of someone defending herself against some negative “alternative news” information.

Here’s the link:

Then, on that same YouTube page, I saw this 6-minute video, by Corey Goode’s Web Master, explaining their side of things:

Then I saw this 9-minute video, from someone watching all this from the sidelines. He provides a little bit of a perspective from “outside the tangled energies”. He does make a good point… He’s coined the term: “UFO Disease”, which I’m guilty of having…

  • I KNOW I’m swinging through the dense jungle, like a monkey on tree-vines. I can see the edge of this vast Forest just up-ahead and need to get there as fast as I can… any WAY I can. So I’m always looking for solid evidence that “something” is happening and any “Date” (point in Time) that I can find.

I’m not saying any of the people mentioned or in the above videos are “right” or “wrong”. I just have a strong sense that it’s Human nature to explore, discover and experience and, because everything’s been done, we’re now facing the final equations within this Dimension… We’re pulling the mask-off… Pulling back the curtain (from the Wizard Of Oz), pointing at each other and saying:

  • Hey, this game’s finally over. What part did YOU play in all this?

In other words, I’m not really feeling that the Cabal is needing to distract everyone from their last-minute chaos. Instead, I’m sensing that we’re all going through the “funnel” over to the next Dimension and as the space between us is getting smaller, we’re noticing each other more and, just like standing in line to board a Train, we have nothing else to do except make “small-talk” with each other.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.


The very next thing I found was this information from Jennifer Hoffman:

  • “Strange day and very strange energy. People are being attacked, attacking, blamed, discredited, and more for very strange reasons. I had someone write me to tell me I was violating his copyrights on my page that discusses coffee. There is no such page on my website. It’s the polarity/duality conflict where the invitation to leave polarity (the 3D either/or) and enter duality (multi-dimensionality) is being considered and decided. For some people this is a tough choice and not one they want to or are ready to make. For others, it’s something they want and are ready for.”
  • “Are you noticing this too? It has certainly been quite a strange day energy wise, even my clients acknowledge that they were facing this issue in different aspects of their lives and were struggling with it. How was your day? Mine went by very quickly, I cannot believe it’s the end of the day already.”

My comments: For “me”, her information is talking directly to the Section above. Interesting “synchronicity”.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 5-20-17 *Truth, *25-Percent, Hoffman, Wilcock

*First a few comments:

A few days ago, while Sylvia and I were having Breakfast at Waffle House, 2 women came in and sat down in a Booth next to where we were sitting. Although I never looked directly at her (for several reasons), I sensed that she was completely bald. My feeling is that they both were having Breakfast before going to the hospital for her health condition, with her friend along for support.

I told Sylvia I’d like to share what WE went through and how I actually cured your cancer but how do we share something like that?

  • You don’t.

One of the many things Sylvia and I talked about, and learned, since we’ve been together is… Although you can “speak” your words, when sharing something like that, the person you’re talking to will not actually “hear your message” unless they are ready to… unless they are at that point in their life where they have (internally) asked those types of questions. THAT’S when the answers they seek will be presented to them. There’s a Saying that Sylvia taught me, a few decades ago:

  • “When the Student is ready, the Master will appear.”

How Sylvia and I conquered her cancer and the many Lessons we learned “before” and “after” that, is OUR “Truth”. You cannot unlock someone else’s Evolutionary Lock with your Truth Key. There’s a Saying:

  • “Fall on deaf ears”

In other words, if you dump your Truth on someone who is not ready for it (has not asked you for it), then most of what you say will sound like you’re speaking in a foreign language to them.

At one point today, I was thinking about what “some” people have said about the Cabal… That they want to eliminate 75-percent of the people on the surface of this planet because the rest would be easier to control.

Several times, I’ve mentioned that this doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Let’s say you live in a Great Forest. You’re in the middle of Nature and there’s a nearby Stream which is home for several different types of fish… and you LOVE fish. In fact, there are so many fish, constantly swimming by, in that Stream, all you have to do is reach down and you’ll grab a fish every Time. It’s free food and it’s easy to get to.
  • (Here’s the part that doesn’t make sense.) One day, you decide there’s just too many fish in that Stream. So you walk up-Stream a bit, until you come to a branch of that Stream which flows in another direction. You place a net (or something else) in the Stream at that junction, which allows the water to flow freely but causes 75-percent of the fish to move into that side-Stream.

Even the idiot “Cabal” is not that stupid!

So what “I” think is happening is this:

  • Maybe the Cabal went into the Future… Maybe they knew this from the last 26,000-year cycle (or whatever)… but, somehow, they knew that “Ascension” is coming and that 75-percent of the Beings on the surface of this planet will be “resonating with” and “pulled-into” the new Earth. They knew they’d be left here with only a “maximum” of 25-percent of the population…
  • (Cabal puppet): “This is horrible. We’ll be left behind again! What can we do?”
  • (Cabal master): “We will take this information and twist it… just slightly. You will begin by telling the Humans that we will eliminate 75-percent of them because controlling 25-percent will be easier for us.”
  • (Cabal puppet): “… but how will that…”
  • (Cabal master): “This will spark fear throughout Humanity. Then, whenever they begin to realize what we’re doing, we will inject them with even more fear by starting wars… and just so they don’t see our Master Plan, we will alternate between war, disease, food shortages, financial setbacks and even religion and Beings from Space. We will keep them in fear.”
  • (Cabal puppet): “So we’re not really going to eliminate 75-percent of them?”
  • (Cabal master): “No you fool! We need them! We will feed off of their fear for eons!”
  • (Cabal puppet): “…but their Ascension has already begun. We’ll lose most of our food supply.”
  • (Cabal master): “No. There is a way for us to keep them here through this cycle… AND it’s those 75-percent who will actually close their only doorway out of here.”
  • (Cabal puppet): “How can that be?”
  • (Cabal master): “Those Humans are very powerful Beings. If they ever figure that out, they will leave this illusion in the blink of an eye. But by keeping them in perpetual fear, we will actually cause THEM to ground themselves to the negative energies and lock us all onto the negative Timeline.”

Question everything.


I found this Jennifer Hoffman Posting, from today, very helpful. Including it here may help others understand the condition of the waters Humanity is collectively standing in at this Time:

  • “This video responds to a question someone posted, is President Trump part of the darkness in the world and how can we change what is going on. Light or dark, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. What those who are ‘dark’ do is act as awakeners, they make people take action. And that is a good thing. It’s easy to window shop our spiritual choices until we have to make a choice and that is what these people do. While I’m not pleased with the news about the dark agendas, deep state, and other nefarious acts, this is certainly what is waking people up. And judging them doesn’t help us, shining brightly does. Remember, the light makes the darkness irrelevant, that’s why we need to shine on because we’re the light people run to when they realize they no longer want to be in the dark.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


The following web page contains highlights from David Wilcock’s talk at “Contact In The Desert”, held 5/20/17. Here’s an excerpt:

  • “…the Antarctic “city” is actually a spaceship…the rooms on the ship have their own personal yards, fruit trees, grass and gardens…they are lighted by sun-charged light-emitting materials…the bathrooms turn the owners own waste into fertilizers for their personal gardens. The ship may be as big as 15 miles in diameter. The ship is made with a self-healing metal. This is what protected the ship from meteors in Space. This metal is intelligent and can choose whether to heal itself or not…this metal can also transform into another object on voice command. Because the occupants have free energy and 3D printing, they have continued to live for all this time…their population has doubled since they first arrived…”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-17-16 *Destination, Peaked, Truth, Walmart, Empowered

*First a comment:

(I couldn’t find the word which describes “searching for something and then finally finding it”. So I pulled “Destination” out of this Unit’s word list.)

I forgot to mention something…

  • Yesterday, while sweeping the floor at work, a song began playing on the grocery store’s Sound System. It’s called: “Escape” by Rupert Holmes.
  • Yesterday marked 249-weeks since My Sylvia crossed-over and… you guessed it, I cried while that song was playing. I went looking for it, just now, and still cried. Why?… because it tells a story of how 2 people, who’ve been a “couple” for a while but don’t really know each other. They “settle in” to that relationship but don’t really “find” each other…
  • • don’t take the Time to listen to her beautiful voice.
  • • don’t take the Time to feel the softness of her flowing hair.
  • • don’t take the Time to truly inhale the magic of the aroma of her skin when you’re nuzzling against each other’s face.
  • • don’t take the Time!
  • I then thought about how many MILLIONS of people search for that “special someone” but never find them. Sometimes that very special person is right there beside you… in your circle of friends, the other employees where you work, that smiley-person at the coffee shop who remembers you like to use a spoon instead of a stirrer, etc.
  • I then remembered that Sylvia and I DID find each other… and we did it “against all odds”, as I see it.
  • • Sylvia was born into the West Coast of this country.
  • • I was born into the East Coast.
  • • Sylvia incarnated, this Time around, 18-years before me.
  • • I’ve never been West of Florida for the 1st 26-years of my existence (in this incarnation). (There’s that number “26” again, which seems to hold some type of “clue” or “magic” for me.)
  • • Sylvia and I met close to the middle of this country… in New Mexico.
  • • Sylvia was the Music Director of a “Science Of Mind” church. (I had gone there with a friend, in 1980. At a Time when I was completely done with any Cabal-based / man-made “religions”.
  • • For the 1st 6-years after that meeting, neither of us felt the “spark” or saw that our Life’s journey was to be WITH each other. Sylvia was married when we 1st met. That was her 3rd husband and 4th marriage. (I am her 4th husband and 5th, and “final” [she’s telling me], marriage.) In fact, we are still married to each other. (I’ve mentioned this before. So I won’t bore everyone with those details here.)
  • • For the 1st 6-years after meeting each other, Sylvia and I dated other people… with no clue of our future together.
  • So, to “me”, this 1st meeting was “against all odds”.

So when that song played yesterday, I felt so extra special because Sylvia and I found each other… and, at the same time, was extremely sad… for those MILLIONS of people who never find their True Love.

Here’s the link to the song:


Within a single message (linked below), there was a helpful “status report” of what is “supposedly”  currently happening in our Solar System… “IF” any of this is true. The rest of that same message seems to be “pointing fingers” at other “Alternative News” providers.

  • Note: “Yellow Rose For Texas” mentions 3 abbreviations that you may want to know about:
  • • “EF”, which stands for “Enemy Forces”
  • • “ED”, which is (from her website): “Ed (Numbers Editor) is not the Sun we see, it’s the Black Sun behind our Sun. The Sun we see is a portal / eye that the Earth is about to be pulled through. Then Ed / Black Sun will super nova and take out everything in the abyss. – ROB”.
  • • “VAH”, which are planet ships. Ships masked as planets.

Here are some excerpts from the top part of that Posting…

  • “there has been a lot on the cams that we’re just not speaking of. Pathways are ending for the ef..”
  • “We heard today that mercury the vah is about to end. I’m watching to see if Ed hits it..”
  • “The ef on the inside, are not going to stop until we exit. This we knew. People are still tied, to those branches. They get their information from them, with out even knowing it consciously. “Twin Flame” is a term used by the Nephilheim, not those above. I was corrected on that, and so corrected the information I gave out.  Again, its all about the knock, and discerning whom is whom. The ef have always used identity theft, and so people continue to speak of “another person called ‘the one’.” There is only one. There is also talk of a ‘mother’ whom is attempting to pose as Eve. I don’t know how many times I’ve said, that this is the ma net influence..”
  • “In this construct, there are other vahs. These vahs’ all have a ‘male and female’ counterpart. Their ‘wives’, are all called mothers, ma’s, etc. Like Eve, they are the mother of those on that vah. Their heirs.
  • None of the vahs, in this ‘solar system’ are allowed the exit, except two. Mer and Earth. All others, who entered from above, are going back to above. But those who belong below, stay here for the nova and pit. They get no exit. There will be no continuation of human meat, as a beef herd so they get no second earth. They had been transferring their orgs..the Babylon slave system…these we killed off with that second vah.
  • no more..”
  • “It only appears that nothing is happening. In fact, it is all happening at once. Many are still helping, during sleep time, to pack and move..”

My comment: When I read that, I got to the word “pack” and something within me just “resonated”. I don’t know “what” or “how”. It just feels like I want to say: “Yeah. That’s what Sylvia and I have been doing.”

The other part of that Posting…

Ok. Now I KNOW “2016” is the year “something” that is “Earth-chaning” / “Life Altering” will happen…

I’ve mentioned, in previous Posts, that the Cabal now has lost a LOT of their “control” and “money” and have resorted to the last energies they can draw from… “words”. So they’ve using “words” to coat our minds with “fear” and “doubt”… because they can’t simply round us up, stick their finger in our faces and say: “We’re still in charge. You will do what WE say.” Their done and they know it.

The reason I say this reinforces a “2016” happening is because the Cabal has now pulled-out their last “card” (in “my” opinion)… They are now using their “disinformation” and “half-truths” to verbally attack some of the top-tier influencers in the “Alternative Information” realm.

  • When people come from an “energy” viewpoint and interact with someone else who is also coming from that same caring, big picture energy, they never “tell” someone what to do or how to do it. Instead, they present their information as “advice” and they direct it to a “generalization of people”.
  • In other words… Let’s say 1 of these people wants to “tell” another that he or she is over-watering a plant. Instead of saying: “You’re adding too much water too often.” They would say: “Some people have found that this type of plant does best with a trickle of water, every-other-day”.

In this single Post, that I’ve linked to below, there are 3 or 4 of these high-level people, in the “Alternative” realm, who are point-blank, calling-out others from that same camp.

I’m not including this to point fingers at who’s “right” and who’s “wrong”. I’m not “taking sides” because most of the information they’re projecting is not something Sylvia has made any indications on. I simply stay as tuned-in to My Sylvia. When she suggests something, I verify it within myself and then, if I want some extra feedback, I’ll look “outside of me”… on the Internet or ask those people within my immediate world (at work, while shopping, etc.). Typically, I look for people’s personal observations and dreams, to “help” gauge the situation on this planet and within Humanity.

I’m not asking anyone to believe what “I” write. I’m only sharing this information because several people I’ve personally spoken with, over these last 249-weeks, have asked me to send them the various things Sylvia and I talk about. I do my best to present the “facts” or “original source” information. Yes, I have my own opinions about various facets of what I include but, again, I do my best to state these are “My Comments”.

So here’s the information which tells “me” the energies of this planet AND Humanity have “Peaked”…

  • I’ll let you browser-through that information yourself, which you “may” or “may not” be Guided to do.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to that article:

Although “Yellow Rose For Texas” (YRFT) Posts information on the above Blogsite, this “may” be her personal Blogsite:

Here’s a link, which provides a video that explains “Yellow Rose For Texas'” abbreviations:

Here’s the link to “Tannath and the Silver Legion”:

There was a Time when “Tolec” (of the “Andromeda Council”) was working with “Tannath”. Here’s the link to Tolec’s website:

I’d provide links to the other people mentioned in that article but I don’t know who they are or how to find their websites.


…and speaking of “Truth”… This was Posted today by a Blogsite that Sylvia and I are “Following”.

I’m including it because it provides “me” wth feedback that “2016” is the year we’ve all been waiting for.

Here’s what was Posted:

  • “This will be the year when the LIES AND DECEIT OF THE ‘Powers That Be’ will be exposed in accelerated fashion.People are no longer excepting them at their word.”

My comment: I’ve mentioned many times that, even after 249-weeks (since Sylvia crossed-over), my “Reasoning” and “short-term” memory are the last facets to come back “online” (within me). Even when Sylvia was here, physically, with me, I’ve always had a difficult Time with Society’s “English” language.

It took me several readings of that “sentence” (above) to finally figure out what was being said. I realize “I” over-use “punctuation” and “formatting” but I want to be certain that my ideas actually reach the mind’s-core, of that people casting their eyes over my words.

I’d like to just suggest that more people use at least a little more “on-purpose” word and sentence identifiers.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I typically don’t Track “Walmart” information but this might be a clue to something important…

I had read, a week or so ago, that over a hundred Walmart store would be closing. Just now (“according to the articl below)I, read that all of those locations that are scheduled to close will be doing so “by the end of January”!

My comments: Walmart is probably the world’s largest Retailer. Each of their standard stores is very large — employing LOTS of people. For a company this huge to close over a hundred stores in the U.S. alone, is “something fishy” to “me”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


With so many facets of information being manipulated these days, I’m going to start this by saying “IF” this information is true. Yes, Sylvia and I want to believe but, on many unseen levels, the bulk of Humanity has been fighting a fierce war against the Cabal for a very long Time and recently we blew-up their magic lantern which paints this very illusion and there’s shattered glass everywhere. So we need to walk cautiously, during this Time of crossing-through the “Veil”…

According to the following article, a 16-year old Taiwan singer was seen in a photo, holding a “Taiwan” flag and looking proud to be able to do so. The article states that waiving a “Taiwan” flag is a crime, in the eyes of China.

(I cried when I read that article and I’m crying now, writing this out.)

The Chinese government told her to make a video apology by reading what they wrote for her to say. She did this but didn’t look too happy about it.

China’s 2nd mistake, in “my” opinion, was… all of this happened THE DAY BEFORE TAIWAN ELECTIONS! Guess what happened? You guessed it. MOST OF TAIWAN not only went to vote but they voted AGAINST those politicians who stand FOR China!

I’m including this because it shows that each of us is here, right now, because we are supposed to be here… right now… AND, when we work through our Heart, we automatically poke a finger in the collective eye of the Cabal. Whether you’re the 1st person in the building, to arrest the nastiest member of the Cabal or a 16-year old girl, who is simply holding a flag… your “Heart-based” actions AND non-actions are VERY empowering. This is the way mountains are moved and the way the Cabal is being swept out of here.

(I’m still crying… because this girl’s Heart showed us that even a “seemingly” insignificant action can rally Taiwan’s 23-million residents, yes “23 MILLION”, to her side. She, unknowingly, has just empowered that entire country.)

For “me”, this also says: “We are yet another step closer to the “Veil” being removed.”

Question everything.

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