7-31-19 Hypnosis

This 42-minute video is Hypnosis Practitioner, Allison Coe, providing information from a few of her Client Sessions. Her information begins at the 5:25-mark.
  • I found this very late at night and tomorrow is a work-day for me and Sylvia. So I can’t provide “Highlights”. However, the information is very helpful. Basically, she describes “the Event” and what happens to a few different groups of Humans, once the burst of Galactic Light hits them.

Question everything.

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PS 12-15-17 *Car, Transition, 432

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)

Our new car will be 1-month old in 2-days. Since Sylvia and I have the next 2-days off, this is a good timepoint to say it’s now “1-month” old.

So, for anyone who’s curious… This car has now been driven 355-miles since it was created. Yesterday, on our way home from work, we put gas in this car for the 1st Time since we’ve had it. Yes, we drove it for 30-days on 1 tank of gas. It has a 17.2-gallon gas tank. The “mileage computer”, in the car, shows that it still has “about” an “80-mile” range before it runs out of gas. We’ve learned that the “Range Indicator” is not strictly what it shows. There are several variables involved in how it reaches that number and these change mile-by-mile.

Although we didn’t completely fill the tank this Time, this car knows how much gas is now in its tank and has adjusted the “Range Indicator” accordingly.

So, for $25, we can drive this car for about 1-month. Of course, we do our best to plan “errands” to-and-from work and we don’t leave home when we’re not working.


The title of this article is: ” The Transition Between Symphonic Universes”. It’s the pulse of Humanity as we collectively raise our frequency during this “transition” / “Ascension” process.

I’m including this because I feel it might be helpful to those around you who may not know why they have been experiencing “negative” happenings recently. For those who do know what is happening, this information may help you to better-align with these new ideas and energies as they enter your own “world” / “experience”.

I found the following lines to be most helpful to “me”. Although the mention of “Divine Twin” is not referring to “Twin Flames”, “I” am seeing this information directly reflecting what Sylvia and I are currently going through.

  • “As the Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine are Unified at individual Chakra Systems, the Divine Twin activates Within.”
  • “Inner Grids reflect outer grids and vice versa, so inner twin must be unified in order for the Divine twin ship to occur in a manifested reality.”
  • “We are preparing for this Now As the Root Chakra Of The New world anchors to the new reality.”

Thank you “M” for bringing this information through.

Question everything.

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This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Although I’ve covered the number “432” and its important relationship with Music, many months ago, this 22-minute video explains this number even further. I hadn’t realized just how many facets of our 3D existence are “based-on” or “divided-down-into” the number 432.

This video also explains a few ancient Cultures and their use of this number and ties things together with questions about the current awakening of Humanity. It also covers “Sacred Geometry” and show how the basic “2D” and even “3D” versions of those shapes “contain” or “reduce-down-into” the number “432”.

I’m including for those who didn’t know about it and because it brings together many seemingly-different aspects.

  • This video was Posted in 2013 and is actually 31-minutes long. The 1st 22-minutes is filled with information and the rest of the video contains kaleidoscope images and music, which, “I assume”, is based on the 432 frequency.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-8-16 *Music, President, Prophecies

*First a few comments:

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t want to turn this into a “music blog” but accounts of what happens between me and Sylvia show many things…

  • …that we ARE still connected to each other
  • …that we’re constantly building our communications with each other. (I’ve been realizing, more-and-more, that these “energy exchanges” are not always under the strict definition of “Telepathy”.)
  • They also show part of my daily struggle, to “get through another day”, while maintaining this link between us and dealing with whatever “Society” throws at us. This album is moving forward, basically, against all odds… It’s “Sylvia” who had the formal music training and “she’s” the Pianist. Sylvia is a great Composer and an accomplished Keyboardist. “I’m” a “Drummer”… I bang on things with drumsticks and the songs I write are not of the Spiritual-depth or harmonic-weave that Sylvia is effortlessly capable of creating.

Today, we worked over 9-hours on “Shining Armor” and about 3 of those hours was wasted trying to get the “technology” to do what we needed…

  • For several reasons, Sylvia had me assemble this song in the Key of “D-flat Major” (5 black keys and 2 white keys). Picking out the notes for the Cyber Diva (software singer) to sing was not a problem but, today, when we got to the point where I needed to play some very simple Chords under those Vocals, I just couldn’t do it. This is where my “technology fighting” came into play. My over-active imagination kicked-in and I began thinking of the many ways we accomplish this with the least amount of “Time” and “Money”. So I read-through our music-gear manuals and went online to begin vast amounts of research. In the middle of that, Sylvia mentioned: “Doesn’t our Krome have an Arpeggiator?” (Looking back, I felt that Sylvia looked through the manual and found this information.) When she sent me that message, she also sent the “understanding” of how she thought it would work for us.
  • I instantly thought: “Of course. Program the Arpeggiator with the Chords we need and then trigger them in real-time by playing a single key on the keyboard.” (A different key to trigger each Chord.) It took a while to program those notes with no “Undo”, “Select All”, “Copy”, “Paste” or Mouse but it worked.

If Sylvia were here “physically”, she would have this song written in about an hour… AND, she probably wouldn’t need to turn on her keyboard or even look at the keys. I’ve seen her do that… I’ve seen her write several songs off the top of her head. Just paper and pencil. Yes, she’s THAT good!

Today, I was thinking again about Sylvia and I being “Twin Souls” — a Soul that split itself in half. This makes sense to us. Although Sylvia and I are 90-percent alike, “some” of our differences are “left-brain” / “right-brain” energies. For example: Sylvia can be highly creative and write songs with just paper and pencil. I can’t do that. However, my brain moves in the other direction… I remember Sylvia and I waiting in the car-repair place several times and, in order to pass the Time, I would write computer programs. I brought paper, pencil and a reference book. No computer, cellphone, iPad, calculator, etc.

All I’m saying is… “I” believe that in every Family Unit and group of friends, there are those who “seem” to have no knowledge skills or physical talent but, if you look even at the smallest facet, you may just find that “special something” that someone can do which no one in that group “can” or “wants to”. We are all here for many reasons. I was “going” to say: “If you’re still breathing, you have something to contribute”… but that’s not exactly true. So I’ll just say… EVERY Being has something to contribute.


Ok. This is very strange…

The 1st 3-lines of this White House document, from May 6th, are:

  • “Executive Order — Facilitation of a Presidential Transition”

My comments: I really have no idea what this is all about… BUT, I really don’t think this type of document is created just before each Presidential Election. So all “I” can do is “READ-into” this and come-up with…

  • “Maybe” this document was created, in order to “Legally” tie-up any loose-ends regarding the upcoming transition from the “corporate” government to the “Republic” and the placing of General Dunford into the President’s chair.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

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This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Although I don’t Track information within the “religious” realm, every “thread” within this illusion is a possible piece in the Grand Puzzle I’ve been working on since My Sylvia crossed-over, 265-weeks ago.

  • Our goal, me and Sylvia, is to be reunited with each other, once the “Veil” is removed… and this pinpoint in Time is quickly approaching.

So I’m including the following information, although it “seems” to have a “religious slant”, because there may be more to it than what I can initially analyze. Plus, there may be someone reading this who may benefit by this… providing them with a “thread” or 2. Only Time will tell.

The following, 10-minute, video was Posted on May 7th, 2016. It provides information from 12 people who have made predictions for the year: “2016”. What’s so interesting about these particular predictions are:

• most of the people who wrote them, lived a few hundred years ago, and

• a couple of those people used the “Hebrew” calendar to arrive at their “2016” point in Time.

My comments: I “don’t” want to include this information because:

  • the original Predictors made their interpretations through the wall of “religion”, and
  • being such old predictions, they “may” still be from the old, negative TimeLine that Humanity “was” on. (From “my” perspective and through “my” rose-colored glasses, the TimeLine has changed to “positive” and many events which “were” going to happen are no longer what they appear to be. (I’m not quite sure what that last line means but it’s what was suggested I write.)


Question everything.

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