PS 6-12-17 *Dream, Fulford, Hoffman, Cobra

*First a comment:

It’s been several months since I remembered a Dream. Last night’s Dream wasn’t, what “I” call, a “Progressive Dream” of me and Sylvia but I feel there’s some very important Symbology in this…

  • I’m outside and it’s not very Sunny, because the Sun is beginning to set. I’m in a fairly large “town”. (Not a “city” but a good-sized “town”.) I’m walking along a paved street. There are scattered areas of small trees and lawn. There are LOTS of people EVERYWHERE! Not so many that everyone is bunched-up but enough that this could be from a “parade” or some type of “celebration”. Everyone’s energy is very positive with everyone enjoying themselves and smiles can be seen on most faces.
  • I’m walking to a “School”. (Not a High School and it feels like it’s a higher-level of education than a University.) I guess I’m a bit excited because I’m focused on getting to that School.
  • At one point, I almost walk right past 1 of my Uncles. We both see each other at the same Time and say “Hi”. The energy moving me toward the “School” is almost too strong for me to stop and talk with him but as I touch his arm, I grab onto it, trying to anchor myself so we can talk for a bit. I finally slow down but can’t stop. I remember saying these words to him:
  • “I’m graduating.”
  • When I said that, I saw a Calendar page in my mind. It was “May”. My feeling (in the Dream) was that it is now “May” and I will graduate in “June”, which is “next month”.

That’s the main focus of this Dream. The rest of it was just me wandering through all the people and then finally entering the School.

What I don’t know is… Is this Dream simply telling me I’ve won yet another “energy prize”? and nothing “physical” will be shown for it… or is it telling me that I’ve FINALLY graduated this Dimension and I’m about to be with My Sylvia “physically”? Only Time will tell.


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis 20170612 Khazarian mafia will make several more tries to start WW3 before their final defeat“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Henry Kissinger last week tried to cash a $4.3 quadrillion bond by promising to give the money to the Asians in exchange for protection for the Khazarians, according to right wing sources close to the Emperor of Japan. The money would go to the AIIB, the BRICS bank and the Asian Development Bank as well as to the Khazarians, Kissinger promised, according to this source. The problem is that Kissinger is a mass murdering war criminal who has been using fraud even since the Nixon shock to maintain Khazarian control over the world’s money.”
  • “What the Khazarians control is known as the “Global Debt Facility,” and it is nothing more than a Babylonian debt slavery illusion being used to enslave humanity. Above the “Global Debt Facility,” which is based on nothing, lies the “Global Credit Facility,” that is backed by real assets, notably Asian gold. So, while the AIIB, the BRICS bank and the ADB are commendable institutions, they have no need to continue to function under Khazarian debt slavers. They will be fully supported by the new financial system.”
  • “The situation in Japan is also getting very bad for the Khazarians. Although the slave Parliament did manage to pass a law saying the Emperor would resign within 3 years, it will be game over for them before they ever get a chance to install a proxy Emperor. The vast majority of Japanese underground factions are all now ready to remove the Khazarian proxies. Representatives from the White Dragon Society have had meetings with heads of several of these factions recently and have agreed to form an alliance with the goal of once again making Japan and independent country for the first time since 1863.”
  • “This might be a good time to remind the Jewish people that they never really escaped from Babylon and that the fall of the Khazarian mob will mean they will be truly free for the first time in thousands of years. The Israelis will be free to make peace with their neigbhours and rebuild their temple, just so long as they leave the Dome of the Rock intact. Also, they need to make it clear to the world the Temple will be dedicated to Yahweh and not Satan. There will be no human or animal sacrifices allowed at the temple.”
  • “Have no doubt though, humanity will win.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This Posting by Jennifer Hoffman is particularly helpful. At least, to “me”. It’s what I sometimes go through whenever explaining “my Truth” to another person for the 1st Time.

  • “What do you do when people challenge your beliefs and opinions? How do you ‘know that you know’ if no one agrees with you? You can’t be right only if others admit they are wrong (and they aren’t, they have a different opinion). This is our lesson in acceptance and I have been writing about it since 2004, it’s a tough one because it requires that we respect everyone’s opinions, beliefs, and energetic sovereignty, as well as our own.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


Today’s Cobra message provides “me” with more information that the Time for the dissolving of the “Veil” is extremely close now…

  • Vacuum Metastability Event
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.”
  • “The head is positioned within the plasma anomaly accretion vortex close to the surface of planet Earth with its outer edge about 3 Earth radii from the planetary center, as it is described here in detail:”
  • “Mainstream science has „discovered“ that outer edge a few years ago:”
  • “Now NASA has openly admitted that man-made low frequency radio waves are forming that outer edge, efficiently creating the outermost barrier of the Veil:”
  • “If you change „VLF transmitters for submarine communication“ in the above article to „ELF transmitters of the HAARP and similar programs“ you will get a clear picture how the outermost barrier of the Veil is generated.”
  • “Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the black stone, a top quark-antiquark condensate. Black stone is a big hadron made of top/antitop quarks that were created by the Chimera millions of years ago in huge particle accelerators (Dyson rings) that were able to produce temperatures above the critical temperature of 2 trillion Kelvin, needed for black stone creation.”
  • “For about 7 million years, the black stone was located on a planet orbiting Rigel star system (which was the center of the cosmic anomaly during that time) and was then brought to Earth from Rigel through the Taurus cloud plasma filament in 1996:”
  • “It is now located in the Chimera underground facility near RHIC collider on Long Island.”
  • “Interaction of anomalous plasma with the back stone creates a huge negative plasma vortex about 500 miles in diameter with its center on Long Island:”
  • “This vortex is the purification station for remaining primary anomaly on the surface of the planet. Top members of the Cabal and many members of the Chimera are using the anomaly of this vortex as a shield against the Light and this is why the East Coast has the highest concentration of the Cabal on the planet.”
  • “Positioning Cintamani stones in a flower of life pattern inside this vortex will serve as a vectoring grid for the energies of Sirius and will accelerate the transmutation of this anomaly. It is also beneficial to flood that vortex with the Violet flame:”
  • “It is interesting to note there are Atlantean underwater pyramids built by the Pleiadians located not far away from Long Island:”
  • “These pyramids serve as the positive anchor point that counteracts the negative effects of the Long Island plasma vortex.”
  • “The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.”
  • “The removal of the black stone will tip the cosmic equilibrium and the current metastable state of false vacuum will cease to exist:”
  • “False vacuum we are currently experiencing is a metastable sector of the universe where the interaction between the Source and the primary anomaly creates conditions that are pro-entropy and anti-life and are the underlying reason why quarantine Earth status and the existence of evil is even possible.”
  • “Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet and will effectively trigger the Event. The Event is the moment of instating true quantum vacuum conditions inside the Veil and thus the removal of the part of the primary anomaly that is directly responsible for the existence of evil. The underlying force that was allowing the existence of the Cabal and suffering will cease to exist.”
  • “Meanwhile, Operation PrisonBreak continues with soft Disclosure about extraterrestrial life:”
  • “And with public space program initiatives that will put humanity beyond the Veil:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

My comments: I really like this statement: “Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet and will effectively trigger the Event.”

Cobra has stated, many times, that he will not reveal any plans of the Resistance Movement which are currently unfolding or are planned for a future point in Time. So for him to actually say they are currently removing the Black Stone tells me that this particular mission is “almost” or “already” complete. “IF” this is correct, it means the “Event” will “probably” be triggered by the end of this year and could even be activated any day now!

As always, your mileage may vary.

Be sure the visit the link below, in order to access the images and links provided.

Question everything.

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PS 5-11-17 Cobra

This is the text version of a recent interview with Cobra. Here are some excerpts:

  • “In regards to the March 28 update, you confirmed that Rockefeller is indeed dead and is hiding on the plasma plane. Can you tell us is he captured yet?”
  • “Cobra: Yes, actually, he is no longer in this planetary system. He will very soon be on his way to the Central Sun.”
  • “Now, in some of your previous posts, you had mentioned that strangelet and toplet bombs were said to be tied to the Unholy Four and major Cabal members. You indicated previously that arrests could trigger these bombs. Is this still the case?”
  • “Cobra: There is still a problem with it, but there are, I would say, certain plans and certain approaches of the light forces that can circumvent this.”
  • “I will not go in detail here, but it’s a complex subject. So I cannot give a straightforward answer. In some cases, bombs could be triggered. In some cases, it could be prevented. And there are plans underway which will completely eliminate this.”
  • “Cobra: Actually strangelet bombs have been removed completely. What we have now is the toplet bombs.”
  • “Rob: Okay. So I guess the question is, would they be able to stop the toplet bombs?”
  • “Cobra: I would say, again, in a few cases yes. This reaction has not completely mastered yet, but they are getting closer and closer. And when they will be able to completely master this, I would expect the Event to happen.”
  • “Rob: Okay, so that’s very good news. And obviously at the time of the Event, if not a little bit before, a lot of this technology would be brought down with one order by the Galactic Confederation.”
  • “Cobra: This will be completely shut down at the time of the Event, if not a little bit before. It will be completely shut down.”
  • “Cobra: Okay. The main technologies are so-called morphic chambers. Morphic chambers are . . . I would say are artificial intelligence constructs which influences the plasma field and shapes the plasma field with strong electromagnetic fields and scalar waves.”
  • “It’s actually a technology that shapes and designs the plasma plane around the planet. And whole planetary surface is under the influence of this technology.”
  • “And since last week, the Galactic Confederation forces are removing this. And this is what triggered for the first time in human history the reaction of the Chimera Group, because they said, “If the Galactic forces intervene, we will create World War III.” So this is why this Syria situation is happening now. Because for the first time in human history, the Galactic forces are clearing this out.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 4-7-17 *Sylvia, *Antarctica, *Wind, Gaia, Cobra, Fulford

*First a few comments:

I don’t know what happened with “Humanity” or “this planet” today but, with me and Sylvia, lots of new energies were moving through us.

  • The 1st thing I noticed was this morning, while getting ready for work. Instead of eating breakfast at “Waffle House”, Sylvia suggested we eat here at home. So we did.
  • The next thing I noticed was between 11a and 1p. Several times, waves of strong but tolerable energy flowed through me. None were overpowering and I could feel that each was bringing a “newness” and “higher frequency” with it.
  • After a few of these washed through me, I focused more on Sylvia, to see if she was sending me any information about what was happening. I immediately got the word: “Agartha”. I peeled-away a few layers of that and… either Sylvia, and many others from the other side of the “Veil”, went to some type of meeting in Agartha today or those people were informed that it’s now ok for them to move into the various cities within Agartha which have been set-aside for them. Either way, I’m sensing that they were told to select Living Quarters and to prepare for their Loved Ones to join them (who are on THIS side of the “Veil”. That’s US!)

If this wasn’t my over-active imagination running away with my mind, then it means the “Veil” is about to be removed and everyone on THIS side of the “Veil” will be reunited with their Loved Ones on THAT side of the “Veil”. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

This is just an observation on my part…

  • Today, I was thinking about “Antarctica” and realized that I have not seen any more information about the city and exotic technologies which were “supposedly” discovered there recently.
  • In the past, regarding various topics, different Sources have mentioned: “Whenever people stop talking about “it” (fill in the blank with whatever you like), it usually means it’s currently very active.”
  • (In other words, “typically”, whenever information on a Subject goes quiet, it’s because the events surrounding that information are actually being worked-on… and in a BIG way.)

Question everything.

I think it was last night that Sylvia and I experienced a lot of Wind around our home for several hours. It kept moving the metal roof on our Mobile Home and, a few times, we could hear its strong rumble moving through are immediate area but just above the trees.

Then it was Time for Sylvia and I to go to bed. I was concerned that the Wind might harm our roof and then the Cabal’s age-old “whispers” began to coat me in “fear”: “What if we’re sleeping and the Wind knocks our Mobile Home over?”

Fortunately, Sylvia’s “anti-fear” training kicked-in. Besides knowing I’m not going to cross-over, I also remembered: “Whether I generate “fear” or not, the Wind is going to do whatever it’s going to do.” I also thought about us staying up until the Wind calmed down, which could have been “all night”.

Juggling all these ideas in my mind and remembering what Sylvia taught me… we simply went to bed. As soon as we got into bed, the Wind stopped.

Question everything.


This is from “Gaia Portal”

  • “Treasons exposed, closings follow.”
  • “Knights of Illumination ride for the masses.”
  • “Upliftments are communicated and experienced on all levels.”
  • “Harbingers speak clearly, and remove the doubts.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today, Cobra Posted 2 messages. Here’s the 1st:

  • “Planetary Situation Update”
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are intensively clearing the head of the Yaldabaoth entity with all plasma anomaly and plasma toplet bombs and all plasma scalar technologies of the Veil. Realizing that they are going to lose, the Chimera have stepped up the plasma attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that are beyond brutal.”
  • “On Wednesday, the Light forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command have begun full force active removal of all plasma negativity near the surface of the planet. Every direct intervention of the Confederation forces inside the quarantine Earth provokes retaliation by the Chimera and they started first by trying to provoke nuclear exchange between USA and North Korea:”
  • “Although there was limited nuclear exchange on Wednesday in one of the underground bases, vaporizing a certain number of Dracos working for the Chimera, the Light forces do NOT allow nuclear exchange beyond the scope of mini nukes on the surface of the planet.”
  • “Realizing that they will not be allowed to go nuclear, the Chimera have resorted to trying to trigger a global war with conventional weapons.”
  • “Through the Archon and Jesuit network, they have pressured Trump to attack Syria:”
  • “Trump did this without approval from the Congress, which is a clear violation of the Constitution:”
  • “This military action helps the Archons in their attempt to retake Palmyra, a crucially important vortex point within the Syria pentagram:”
  • “The plan of the dark forces is to involve Turkey and Israel in the conflict, and expand it throughout the Middle East:”
  • “They are hoping of provoking Putin, but he is in contact with brilliant Pleiadian military strategists and most likely he will play it wisely, using diplomacy, international public opinion and military support to Syrian army rather that direct confrontation with the United States.”
  • “The international public is becoming more and more aware that the chemical gas attack in Idlib, which Trump used as a pretext to attack Syria, was a false flag:”
  • “Involving White Helmets:”
  • “Now Trump worshipers are finally beginning to sober up:”
  • “The Light forces will do whatever they can to limit the escalation of this military conflict as much as possible. Dragon sources have reconfirmed that this will be a short, intense but limited escalation. The Resistance is expecting the situation reaching its peak next Tuesday.”
  • “Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!”
  • “PS. Just as I wanted to post this update and the next update which will be even more important, blogger went down for a few hours worldwide, delaying my post:”
  • “An interesting “coincidence“.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the page below, in order to access the images and the many links provided.

Here’s Cobra’s 2nd Posting:

  • “It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of reaching planetary peace is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Full Moon on April 11th to create a portal through which we will balance the energy field around the planet.”
  • “We are doing this meditation to counteract the negative effects of the military escalation that is now taking place in Syria:”
  • “Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.”
  • “Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event closer to us:”
  • “This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of reaching planetary peace. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.”
  • “We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation!”
  • “Astrological chart for our meditation shows a cardinal grand square of Sun/Uranus/Eris, Vesta, Jupiter/Moon and Pluto/Juno which signifies the peak point of planetary tension before its gets finally resolved as a result of the intervention of the Light forces:”
  • “You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:”
  • “Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!”


Be sure to visit the web page below, in order to access the links provided and to read the Meditation.


Question everything.

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Today, whistleblower Benjamin Fulford, Posted the following:


Trump missile attack on Syria is a sign of Khazarian mafia desperation

“By Benjamin Fulford, April 7, 2017”

  • “The missile attack ordered on Syria by US President Donald Trump is a sign of desperation, not strength, and will lead to the end of Trump’s presidency, CIA sources in Asia say. It is no coincidence the missile attack came as Chinese President Xi Jinping was visiting the US because it was intended to provoke China and Russia. However, this attack will fail to cause World War 3 and will fail to prevent the bankruptcy of the corporate government of the United States.”
  • “This attack came after the heads of state of Egypt and Jordan visited the US to demand a final end to Israeli crimes in the Middle East and to force a solution to the Palestinian problem. The US military supports this request and has created an alliance around Israel to ensure such an outcome.”
  • “In a desperate hail Mary move aimed at preventing their demise, the Khazarians forced Donald Trump go along with this stunt by blackmailing him with a video of him raping a 12 year old girl, CIA and NSA sources say. By forcing Trump to carry out this act, however, the Khazarians have only revealed their desperation and doomed the Trump presidency.”
  • “The Satan worshipping gangsters who control the State of Israel apparently did not read the story of the boy who cried wolf or in this case the boy who cried Sarin gas. They have completely lost the ability to fool the world no matter how hysterically their propaganda repeats their lies about Sarin or anything else. The link below explains what really happened in Syria.”
  • “It is time to permanently end these criminal’s reign of terror over the planet earth.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 2-12-17 Cobra

The following information was Posted today by Cobra:

  • Situation Update
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. There was a drastic improvement of the situation in our Solar System lately. The Light forces have managed to clear most of the plasma anomaly from the Solar System and beyond, and the vast majority of plasma anomaly with most remaining toplet bombs is now accumulated close to Earth within 3 Earth radii from the Earth center.”
  • “This is the area of the „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity and the area of quantum anomaly well within which the quarantine Earth resides. The edge of this anomalous plasma field is described as the plasma shield in this article:”
  • “The Chimera group keeps this anomalous plasma in position with a scalar field with most prominent resonant frequencies of 11.76 Hz (corresponding to alpha brain waves) and 15.68 Hz (corresponding to beta brain waves). These two frequencies are the basic frequencies of the Veil. You can counteract some of the harmful effects of the Veil’s scalar field with binaural tones of the same frequency:”
  • “The so-called „tentacles“ of the Yaldabaoth entity are not really tentacles but actually plasma filaments that are ever shifting and changing and they are not being removed one by one but are all gradually dissolving as the Light progresses. You need to understand that Yaldabaoth entity is a plasma parasite that feeds upon the healthy solar plasma that is emanating all the time from the Sun and distributed throughout the Solar system by solar wind:”
  • Density of the anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth entity together with toplet bombs throughout the Solar System is now decreasing fast to the point of being almost completely dissolved and now basically only the „head“ of the Yaladabaoth entity remains. This „head“ is comprised of many layers of anomalous plasma that were laid upon the surface of the planet in the last 26,000 years.”
  • The vast majority of this Solar system beyond Earth—Moon orbit is now in the hands of the Light forces and their fleet.”
  • “At the same time, battle for the energy grid closer to the surface of the planet is in full force and this unfortunately includes brutal scalar attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors:”
  • When the head of the Yaldabaoth entity with its toplet bombs is removed, events will accelerate exponentially towards the main Breakthrough:”
  • “Meanwhile, on the surface of the planet, the forces behind president Trump are consolidating.”
  • “First, there is Erik Prince as the secret adviser of Donald Trump and the Sovereign Military order of Malta behind him:”
  • “Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) is controlled by the Jesuits:”
  • “The main forces directly controlling SMOM are old European Archon black nobility families, such as Pallavicini and Ortolani and the former King Juan Carlos of Spain.”
  • “The second force behind Trump is Goldman Sachs:”
  • “The Jesuits are using Trump as a tool to polarize the population of the US into „leftists“ and „rightists“, artificially engineering a national conflict. Needless to say, they will not be successful.”
  • “As we come closer to the Event, it is very important to revitalize the Prepare for Change groups throughout the planet. Here are excellent guidelines from the Czech Prepare for Change group for creating and expanding your Prepare for Change group:”
  • “You are also welcome to join us on our new Ascension Conference in Taipei, Taiwan on March 11th-12th:”
  • “Much new intel about the Ascension process will be released there because the time is right.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

My comments: “IF” Cobra’s information is correct, it’s very good news to now have a couple of frequency numbers, regarding the “Veil”. He states that some of the harmful effects of the Cabal’s Scalar Field with “binaural tones of the same frequency”. Since most people don’t have access to equipment that can produce these frequencies, or know how to use them, in “my” opinion, it may be possible to also lessen the Cabal’s negative tones by using “white” or “pink” Noise.

  • “White Noise” contains all frequencies and sounds like “static” on a radio or a garbled (course) “hissing” sound.
  • “Pink Noise” is very similar to White Noise but, where White Noise focuses on the “high” frequencies, Pink Noise focuses on the lower-range of those frequencies.

So, since most people don’t have Synthesizers, where you could simply create the 11.76 and 15.68 cycles-per-second-sounds or dial-in the type of Noise you’d like to hear, if you have a radio, you could simply tune it “off channel” so you COULD hear the “static”.

I hadn’t realized this until just now but maybe it’s the “frequencies” which lots of people, myself included, seem to be able to “tune-in” to better ideas, the Grid, the other side of the “Veil” more-easily when we’re around “Water”… especially “running” Water. Because running Water, especially when its striking its surrounding like Rain on a hard surface, sounds like “static” — White noise. If this is the case, may also have good results listening (or bathing your room with) the sounds of running Water, such as a recording of a Waterfall or Rain. (“Waterfalls” will “typically” sound more like “Pink Noise” and “Rain” will “typically” sound more like “White Noise.)

  • Whether you’re using “Natural” or “electronic”, listening to a wash of a large range of random frequencies can also help some people to concentrate better and to fall asleep faster. (If you’re sleeping to these sounds, be aware that they will mask “most” other sounds. So if you need to hear a baby crying or your dog scratching at the door, you probably won’t while these frequencies are flooding your senses.)

As for “Trump”… I don’t Track much in the “political” world but I don’t feel that he’s a Jesuit puppet. (That’s just my 2-cents.) You’re mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-9-16 *TheBest, *Helicopters, Cobra, Trap

*First a comment:

This morning, my mind drifted to the collective of incarnates who now occupy the various Units throughout this Universe. Some are Human. Some Insectoid. Some Reptilian. Some Avian. Some Aquatic and so on. All of these Beings are scattered throughout this vast expanse of Space. Intentionally appearing (being born) within their Body / Unit, in order to “learn”, “teach” and “contribute” according to their abilities and level of experiences and skills.

Think about this for a moment. There are Beings of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials which have entered this plane of existence just as you and I. “IF” what I’ve been reading is true, then “some” or “all” of those other planets… in those other Solar Systems… in those other Galaxies have already been freed. “IF” that’s true, then the “Earth” is the last planet to be released from the Cabal’s grip… but we all knew this going into this Mission. This means WE, all of us here on planet Earth at this point in Time, carefully selected “Earth” 2016 as our destination. This means YOU, I and all of us… Humans, bids, fish, dogs, cats, etc. are the “Best of the Best”. We have to be. Otherwise, the Cabal could never be defeated.

So if you’re having a bad day or feel useless because you’re feeling that “YOU” will never “make a difference”, remember…

  • “WE” are the strongest, bravest, most-loving and all-’round “Best” there is… in this entire Universe!

So pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, watch-out for the distractions and don’t take any %$#@ from the Cabal!!! We have just 1 “push” left and we’ll be through the worst of this. We’re almost there.

Today, at 3:10p, 3 gray, what “I” would call “light military” helicopters flew over our home. They seemed to be about 150-feet above the treetops and flying in what “I” would call a “zigzag” pattern… The 1st and 3rd were almost inline behind each other but about 500-feet apart and the 2nd was about 200-feet to the right of the 1st but back about a hundred feet or so.

At 3:45p 3 more, of a similar but not “exactly” the same type, flew right over our home. Same “zigzag” pattern but flying about 50-feet closer to the ground.

All 6 of them were flying East to West.

Question everything.


This is a detailed update from Cobra:

  • A Major Situation Update
  • “Parts of intel released in this report may be difficult or disturbing for some, but need to be released anyway.”
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. After the Chimera has opened the war front inside our Solar System, the Light forces have lost a lot of territory on the plasma plane throughout the Solar System and the Pleiadian fleet had to retreat almost completely.”
  • “Some of that territory has been regained in the last few days and the Pleiadians are returning.”
  • “What has not been known previously to the Resistance is the fact that the physical biochips have not been cleared completely. There is a certain part of the biochips that has escaped all advanced detection and removal technologies of the Resistance and unfortunately every human being still has at least three of those biochips. These three biochips are the physical anchor point for the three main plasma implants, located in the frontal lobe and above the navel.”
  • “The frontal lobe biochips are attached to the optical nerve of both eyes and connected to the auditory cortex of the brain with artificial synapses. They send a constant audio video stream of whatever you see and hear into the mainframe computer of the Chimera group. That computer constantly monitors the activity of surface population and prevents contact between the surface population and the Agartha network and/or extraterrestrial beings of Light with plasma toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms.”
  • “The above navel biochips can effectively control the behavior of the surface population with electrical current biofeedback loop entrainment.”
  • “The activity of the biochips increases during plasma scalar attacks, additionally creating conflicts and lowering the vibration of people.”
  • “Some Agarthan and SSP groups are also infected with those biochips. On the other hand, the races that have completely mastered physical-etheric body transfer (the Resistance, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and the positive Andromedans) are completely free of them.”
  • “As I have stated before, these biochips were developed during WW2 in Nazi concentration camps as ordered by the Chimera group to ensure that the quarantine status of the planet is maintained and the surface population controlled.”
  • “Siemens was the company that provided the technological know-how in the development of those chips:”
  • “They were spread among human population effectively after the end of WW2 , inserted in the vaccines of the WHO vaccination programs worldwide.”
  • “One huge technology upgrade of those biochips was between 1979 and 1984 and another one between 1996 and 1999. Another upgrade was in late 2009 and the new vaccines since 2009 have a newer, more powerful version of the biochips inserted into them.”
  • “Although the Resistance has managed to shut down and remove most components of the biochips circuits, one aspect remained undetected until September 1st, 2016 when it was simultaneously activated by the Chimera among the whole surface population and among most SSP factions. The Resistance is now developing technology to remove whatever is remaining of those biochips.”
  • “Also, the Chimera has ordered their remaining Draco minions to activate all remaining scalar plasma weapons which have been secretly installed by the Draco into the majority of all low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. These scalar plasma rays are now targeting the most awakened Lightwarriors and Lightworkers on the surface of the planet in full scale. The Resistance and the Pleiadian fleet can not yet shut down those weapons as they are protected with plasma toplet bombs.”
  • “Also, the Chimera has used old Nazi connections within Germany since 2001 to start constructing underground bases, where they plan to evacuate the Cabal personnel. They also use some of those bases to house the most violent „refugees“ that came with the migration wave into Europe and they plan to unleash them in the global conflict they are hoping to engineer.”
  • “The Resistance has complete control of this situation as the subterranean world is their domestic territory and they have resources to stop any of this from happening and the dark forces will be never able to use those bases or unleash those „refugees“.”
  • “If any of you are curious about those plans of the Cabal, here is the partially reliable first-hand witness report:”
  • “I am not adding the above link to create fear, but for your education and with the full awareness that those plans will NOT be successful.”
  • “Regarding current escalation of tensions between Russia and USA, Putin has received a tactical plan from the Pleiadians how to avoid a global war.”
  • “As the astronaut Edgar Mitchell has emailed to John Podesta, the chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, the positive extraterrestrials will NOT allow a global conflict to happen:”
  • “Complexity wave analysis by the Resistance predicts 65% probability that Hillary Clinton will win the election.”
  • “The global financial system is NOT near the collapse yet as this website erroneously indicates:”
  • “The huge price difference between the West and East silver/gold prices is due to the fact that the Cabal has used the timing of the national holiday in China to artificially lower the gold price. That holiday is China is called the Golden Week and the Cabal just could not resist the temptation to smash the gold price right in the middle of the Golden Week:”
  • “Shanghai Gold Exchange was closed during the holiday and will reopen tomorrow. After it reopens, the East / West gold and silver prices are expected to realign:”
  • “On a more positive side, there is a lot of soft Disclosure going on about many topics in the mainstream media.”
  • “The quarantine status of plant Earth:”
  • “Potential microbial life in our Solar System:”
  • “Earth-like planet in Proxima Centauri system:”
  • “I can confirm from my own off-planet sources that there is a watery planet in the Proxima / Alpha Centauri system and it teems with positive life forms.”
  • “There is more evidence of a Dyson sphere around the star KIC 8462852 :”
  • “And another star with a potential Dyson sphere has been found:”
  • “There are plans to put humanity back to the Moon:”
  • “To Mars:”
  • “Throughout the Solar System:”
  • “And to reach the stars:”
  • “Also, there is more Disclosure in certain TV shows than most people imagine:”
  • “And finally, if you are frustrated that this is all taking too long, perhaps you could take some positive action. Here is a brilliant example what just one person can do:”
  • “If you feel so guided, you can assist that project to feed the hungry here:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following page, in order to access Cobra’s images and links.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


According to the following article, the NON-release of information by Julian Assange was really a trap set by the LightWorkers, in order to get the Cabal to reveal some of their control-points as well as “which” Cabal members are involved.

I’m including this because “IF” this is real, it could also mean the many (the “infinite) delays we’ve been hearing about, regarding the “Global Currency Reset”, “Disclosure”, etc., “may” also be traps set by the good-guys, in order to get the Cabal to show themselves.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-4-16 *Temperature, *Dates, Cobra

First a few comments:

Over the last 4-months or so, Sylvia and I have noticed that we are even more tolerable to the heat than we were previously. There were days, during June and July, where the temperature in our Mobile Home reached 86 and even 90-degrees inside but we really didn’t mind it. A couple nights ago, however, the temperature in here reached down to 76-degrees and we were feeling cold. So I’m not sure our temperature “range” has expanded. Right now, it seems like that range has shrunk or moved up several degrees. If that’s the case, then Sylvia and I probably won’t do very well if this illusion we call “reality” gets any cooler than it is right now.

Also, regarding the “temperature system”…
I think I’ve mentioned this before but it’s always seemed very strange to me that Society’s “temperature-measuring system” is not based on the Human entity. In other words, Society (on any planet) should have based its “temperature ruler” on the main Lifeform of that planet. This means the normal, healty, Human temperature would be “100-degrees” and everything else would be based from there… just like in “Sacred Geometry”, where the size, shape and relationship of the Objects being measured are used as their own Ruler. (A “square”, for example, could be “halved”, “quartered” and “diagonaled”, in order to create any number of other Objects and each would be a multiple of that original square.)

In the last few days, I’ve been feeling… Maybe these Dates that various alternative news Sources keep throwing at us are simply to get Humanity to pull our collective energy faster through this TimeLine. I see this as a person in a row boat, moving along a calm river by lassoing rocks and tree-stumps along the shore…

  • “There’s another 1 up ahead. I’d better throw my rope around it and pull myself to that spot. Oh wait. Now there’s another up-ahead. I’ll rope that 1 and keep going.”

Whether it’s the Cabal or LightWorkers doing this, I don’t know. It just seems a bit noticeable to “me”.


This is an Interview with Cobra from 8/25/16. Here are some excerpts:

    • “COBRA – The galactic heart beat or the galactic pulse is quite regular galactic cycle which activates the galactic sun every 25,000 years and we are now entering a period when such a galactic pulse will happen and this will coincide with a larger cosmic cycle and that will tigger The Event.”
    • “Richard – Is there any way to stop these beings from even being able to see you. Can we call on the Galactic Confederation to stop this.”


    • “COBRA – They can assist and you can become invisible simply by raising your vibrational frequency to the point where they can not even reach you.”


    • “Lynn – Cobra, when you recently referred to the “sneeze” of the Galactic Central Sun, were you talking about the Galactic Super-wave that will arrive on earth to start The Event.”


    • “COBRA – Yes.”


    • “Lynn – What can we expect to experience when the sun “sneezes”.”


    • “COBRA – The Event.”


    • “Lynn – But will we feel this physically or some other way. Will we be able to sense it.”


    • “COBRA – You will be able to feel the energies of this in many different ways. (thank you)”
    • “Richard – Cobra, after The Event, will we have ways of protecting ourselves physically and mentally from negative forces or will the negative forces be minimized so we don’t have to worry about protection.”


    • “COBRA – The negative forces will be absolutely removed after The Event. (thank you)”


    • “Lynn – After The Event, will the relationships between men and women improve. Will there be less competition between certain men for a certain woman and will people be able to find more fulfillment in their personal relationships.”


    • “COBRA – After The Event, the Archons will be removed and they will not be able to interfere with relationships any more so many of the old conflicts and old drama which is now existing between men and women will simply disappear and true love will be discovered again. Because the way will be removed and the relationships will drastically improve at that point.”
    • “Richard – Cobra, when twin flames find each other, do they need to be physically near one another to anchor divine feminine energy or can they work far apart from one another.”


    • “COBRA – The meetings between twin souls are not happening yet, but when they will begin to happen, the strongest connection is when they are connected physically but that connection can also happen without that physical connection.”
    • “Lynn – Can you update us on the progress of removing the dark entities and dark beings.”


    • “COBRA – I would say the situation on the plasma/etheric and astral planes is getting much better especially since July there was a certain breakthrough which allowed certain amount of light to come directly through those planes and the number of negative begins on those planes is reducing drastically since July. It is really . . . we are really making progress now. (awesome, thank you, good to hear).”


    • “Richard – Cobra, can you give a progress report on the removal of toplet bombs, plasma strange-let bombs and plasma bombs.”


    • “COBRA – The vast majority of plasma strange-let bombs have been completely removed. The main problem now are the plasma toplet bombs and there is, I would say there is progress being made but I can not be more specific. (thank you very much)”
    • “Lynn – Can you tell us how we might begin to communicate with the Agarthan’s’ or other beings within the inner earth.”


    • “COBRA – I will release certain protocols about this in the near future. I will not say this now, but I will release certain things about this in the near future. (thank you)”
    • “Richard – Cobra, on May 10th, 2012 you wrote that “the leader of the Archons on the physical plane has been arrested on May 5th by the Resistance Forces and taken off planet. He has crossed over to the light and is now free willingly assisting the planetary liberation process. Later on July 15, 2012 you wrote something similar that the Archon leader went to the galactic central sun so now the Cabal are worshipping something that no longer exists. The question is; is this former leader of the Archon now assisting with the planetary liberation process or does he not exist any more.”


    • “COBRA – He was assisting the light forces for a short period of time but when he had realized what he had done in the past he volunteered to be disintegrated in the galactic central sun and his wish was granted. So he does not exist any more. And there are certain factions of the Cabal that are worshipping that entity without realizing that that entity does not exist any more as individual being. No where in this Universe and no where anywhere else. He does not exist any more. It’s a thing of the past.”
    • “Lynn – The veil which extends roughly 8.6 miles above the earth’s surface and the plasma Octopus called Yaldabaoth, how is the Yaldabaoth situation. Is it vanishing?”


    • “COBRA – It is, this plasma entity, I would say, the plasma body of that entity is slowly being disintegrating or transformed into pure light as the light forces are progressing.”
    • “Richard – Cobra, what is the relationship if any between the veil which extends roughly 8.6 miles above the earth and the plasma Octopus?”


  • “COBRA – The plasma Octopus expands throughout the whole solar system and the veil, the innermost part of the veil does not extend beyond 8.6 miles and this is the section which has the most concentration of plasma technologies, scalar technologies and many of the technologies can not extend beyond that point.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: