PS 11-18-19 Disclosure?, Wilcock, Communications

I have not lost Faith in what Sylvia told me shortly after she crossed-over.
  • “The Veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon.”
I am, however, a bit sad and disappointed that the remaining (un-awakened) Humans on the surface of this planet have not yet raised their vibrations enough to move Humanity’s Collective energy to the next level — bringing down the “Veil” along with that change.
So, even when I read things like the following, uplifting, hopeful information, I’m just tired of all the delays and part of me doesn’t want to include it here.
So. “IF” this information is real AND “IF” it FINALLY unfolds, then, “yes”, this is VERY good news. If it’s not, then I simply droop my head down, get back in the line of Life (existence) and continue to wonder why it’s taking so long for Sylvia and I to be reunited with each other.
Here’s the message:
  • Ashtar: “Operation Disclosure” Begins!
  • “My dear brothers and sisters, it’s time. I AM Ashtar and I AM here, at the moment, to announce that from now on, we will reveal more and more!”
  • “That’s when we’ll start showing up in your sky and close to your orbit. This morning we were at a standstill, in Earth’s orbit waiting for the go-ahead, we could say. This is the moment, dear ones, we are now in the phase of Operation Disclosure, it is time for us to reveal our presence to the people who are ready to see us.”
  • “It will not be your many governments announcing our presence, as you should know now and as other sources have told you. It’s about us, your Brothers and Sisters Of The Stars, who are now here in countless numbers, to let you know the truth. And then for you, the observer, to bring this revelation to the world!”
  • “We have now passed the calendar time, where your many governments announce our presence because they could not reach an agreement between themselves. And so, as We, The Light Federation and the Galactic Councils, have now agreed and confirmed with the Primary Creator, we will now enter a new phase of disclosure!”
  • “It’s time, dear ones, it’s time for all of you, to begin to know and understand our presence! We waited patiently and we have no more time to procrastinate. The stage of waiting for the help of your many governments in this area has now passed, so we, your Galactic siblings, are now ready to begin “Operation Disclosure”!”
  • “We are now at the first stage of this protocol and we will begin to take the necessary steps. This will be done in stages, because we will now make our presence known slowly, but surely. First as a glimmer of light in the distance, then this glow will gradually turn into a light of hope, which will then turn into a beautiful Ship of Light filled with your Brothers and Sisters, ready to help and serve you in so many ways!”
  • “Do not worry, dear Hearts, because this is the time, it’s time to reveal ourselves so that everyone can see and I say all, that we are moving now beyond those who are conscious and awake, to those who are not aware of our presence. We will no longer be in the shadows and it is towards the LIGHT that we are all moving now, dear ones!
  • Get ready for the fireworks, as We will be those fireworks, these lights and flickers of such color, beauty and love! Be ready, dear ones!”
  • “I am Ashtar and We are all here now, ready to start a new phase!”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


David Wilcock has Posted the following article today. The title is: “DECLAS, Disclosure and David’s New Ascension Film Incoming!“. “IF” this information is true, then maybe we will FINALLY see some major changes that even the General Public will be able to notice. Here are a few excerpts:
  • “Q is now talking a very big game about imminent indictments before the end of 2019 in post 3587. I do not believe we are going to be disappointed this time.”
  • “When we add it all up, it very much looks like the long-awaited indictments are about to unseal, and we will then get UFO truth and working technology much faster than we might have hoped!”
  • “Just six weeks after the antigravity patent hit the news, on September 16th, the Navy admitted that some type of UFOs are regularly operating in our airspace.”
  • “Just ten days after the Big Disclosure Announcement, on September 26th, the US Navy published a patent for a literal free-energy compact fusion reactor. This remarkable ‘new’ device can generate massive power–up to a terawatt (a trillion watts)–for as little as a thousand watts of input power!”
  • “The Navy’s exotic new free-energy system is made possible by a room-temperature superconducting piezo-electric film, made of lead zirconate titanate, which Salvatore Pais also patented, and was published on February 21st, 2019.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
The title of this Forum Thread is: “Telecom Heads Told to Prepare for Major Communications Interruption“. (Visit the link below, in order to watch the video, which “I” haven’t seen.)
  • “This recent video by David Hoges of the Common Sense Show talks about a recent message sent out the heads of telecoms infrastructure for all of the USA. It involves preparing for the halting of:”
  • “Land lines”
  • “Cell phone voice and data”
  • “All internet data”
  • “All military intelligence data”
  • “All radio and tv network feeds, especially live feeds.”
  • “The reason for these preparations is a huge breach of security that could cause mass civil unrest. Theories for this include another assassination attempt of Donald Trump or another 9/11 type event.”
  • “Hopefully such a situation does not eventuate. It is prudent to prepare for all kinds of events. If all communications do go down so will things like banking. With something like this I hope I am wrong, I do feel it is important to share this message to maybe help advert or at least help some get better prepared.”
Although nothing may come of this, I’m including this information in case it does unfold as stated.
My comments: As I was putting this Section together, I was thinking about the Saying: “Three Days Of Darkness”. What “IF” this Saying is not about “the absence of Light” but, instead, it’s about experiencing 3-days without planetary communications?
I believe there’s a military Saying: “going dark”, which means “not engaging in any type of electronic communications” (or something like that).
“IF” the above Forum Thread is real, it could be activated by the White Hats… Maybe to reset the Global Currency system without the cabal stopping them… or it could mean the “Mass Arrests” are about to take place and they don’t want the cabal to tip-off their slaves. Only Time will tell.
In any case, “IF” this does unfold, don’t panic. Remember that this is most likely a very good thing and help those stressed people around you to be more informed and more relaxed.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 10-29-15 *Disclosure, *A.I., *Music

*First a few comments:

During last night’s research, I read about a military balloon that “escaped”. It wasn’t until Sylvia and I were getting ready for bed when I realized that this “may” have been on purpose… to condition the planet for the upcoming “Disclosure” about “Star Visitors”, “things in the sky”, etc.

…and, if now one noticed this slowly-floating white bag of air against the very cloudy sky, the military sent 2 “F-16” Fighter Jets “to track it”.

  • Now, although this balloon is about 80-yards long and travels probably between 20- and 50-miles per hour… Uh, a Fighter Jet moves MUCH faster than that. Which means those jets will be past the balloon about a minute after getting off the ground.
  • So “why” would the military send high-speed “jets” to track a “balloon”? In “my” opinion, this is to attract attention to the sky, so people will notice the “balloon”. Otherwise, the military would have sent 2 of their armed helicopters to “protect” and “keep track of” that balloon.

Then, a few days ago, I saw a different article, which “may” also point to an upcoming “Disclosure” announcement… This particular article is yet another in the last 237-weeks which talks about a comet or meteor that’s going to “hit” or “almost hit” the Earth. The one in the article below, is being called: “unidentified” and that it’s going to hit in the Indian Ocean. What?

  • After DECADES of work and TRILLIONS of dollars “NASA” doesn’t know what type of object this is? Here’s a clue… in the same article they say NASA knows EXACTLY where it will hit!
  • Uh, let’s have a show of hands of those Sheeple who still believe NASA can’t determine what is approaching Earth.
  • NASA can’t calculate “where” a space object will strike the Earth unless they know several details, such as the object’s: speed, size, mass, trajectory, and MUCH more!
  • For NASA to call this object “unknown” is like saying: It smells like a chicken. Looks like a chicken. Eats like a chicken and walks like a chicken but we don’t know what it is.

I’ve lost count of how many “objects in space” were supposed to actually HIT the Earth. Again, in “my” opinion, this is all done to either distract us from what is really going on or to get us to think about “things in the sky”, so they can condition us to life “out there”.

So, “IF” my interpretation is correct, it’s VERY good news for me and Sylvia… It means “official” Disclosure is close.

  • Message to the Star Visitors and LightWorkers:
  • If you’ve been throttling-back the energies and spoon-feeding us the true information about this “illusion” we live in, STOP IT! We are 3rd-dimensional Beings. We’ve survived through everything the Cabal have thrown at us and we’re still standing. Those of us who are Awake have been longing to “go home”, hanging-on by our fingernails, for a very long Time now. Those of us who are still asleep “may” be in shock for a few days but we’ll get over it.
  • By “softening the blow” and “slowly releasing information” and “conditioning our minds to accept what’s coming” YOU ARE INTERFERING WITH OUR FREE WILL!
  • You DO NOT have my permission to keep me from experiencing this planet’s true reality!
  • Right now, YOU, the Star Visitors and LightWorkers, have all the keys to this realm. By you not unlocking “the door” for everyone, means YOU are “in control” and are no better than the Cabal. Don’t evaluate every Being on this planet by the “Sheeple”, the lowest common denominator. A LOT of us are Awake and just want to go home.
  • If you delay the dissolving of the “Veil” much longer, YOU will be standing next to the Cabal in Universal Court… and my wife and I, and MANY others, are going to want you to explain yourselves!

Here’s the link to 1 source of information on the balloon:

This page has an “other-worldly” photo of that balloon:

Here’s a link to the “object in space” story:

As Sylvia and I were sitting here this morning, having breakfast, either Sylvia “nudged” my thoughts or my mind drifted into this subject by itself…

  • I had been thinking about the various times, years ago, when some of our computer customers became concerned about a program or person, through the Internet, doing something to their computer. They asked us: “How can anyone stop such a thing?”
  • Once a piece of software has taken control of your computer, that’s another story… but if a web page takes control of your Browser, or you suspect something is about to lock-up your computer or erase your files, just disconnect the Internet cable. If you’re on a Network, such as in a business situation, simply unplug the Ethernet cable
  • With these disconnected, you’ve stopped any further headway into your computer. You can still use your computer and figure out “IF” a bad piece of software is now stored on its hard drive.
  • Going further with this thought today, my mind went to the next level of computer interference… What if a computer virus is now inside a computer? You simply turn the computer OFF. Correct, you can’t use the computer but neither can the virus AND you can take some Time to determine the best plan of action in removing it.

Then Sylvia asked:

  • “Now what about the “Artificial Intelligence”, some say, is controlling this reality?”

My mind quickly made the connection:

  • (me) “Someone needs to find a way to turn it OFF.”
  • (Sylvia) “Ok… and then what?”

(I didn’t realize this, this morning, but as I’m replaying our conversation from this morning, I feel as though Sylvia is giving me, in a round-about way, an update on what may be about to happen.)

  • (me) “Well, Then the “Veil” would dissolve.”
  • (Sylvia) “Ok.”
  • (me) “…and there would probably be a delay before the Human consciousness could refocus its mind on the “real” reality.
  • (Sylvia)
  • (me) “Wait! THAT would be the “3-days of darkness”. That’s what would happen if the A.I. computer was shut-down… we would all experience the 3-days of darkness that some have said would be happening to us.”

Then my “logic” mind kicked in and thought: “Maybe the LightWorkers will disable that A.I. computer just before Christmas.

So “IF” that conversation is real, it means Sylvia, for some reason, knows some of what is about to happen but can’t even tell “me” about it directly. She has to get “me” to figure it out. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

After breakfast, and for the rest of the day, Sylvia and I worked on our “Guided-Aligned” song.

I added a Track of percussion hits, using our “Roland Octapad SPD-30”, and we made 3 or 4 versions of that. I then created 2 “final’ versions but, somehow, they just don’t sound right. Although this song is supposed to be somewhat “chaotic” (not heavily chaotic like this album’s 1st song), it now sounds “too chaotic”… too random.

During supper, Sylvia suggested that, instead of using the exotic sounds like I did, to use “wood-based” sounds and instead of playing “randomly”, to play more along the pattern of the sequencer that’s already in that song. We’ll have to experiment with those ideas tomorrow.

Here’s the link to the Octapad, if anyone’s interested:


(After lots of reading and watching, I just couldn’t find any worthwhile information to include tonight.)