PS 9-29-16 *Create, *Diet

*First a few comments:

I think it’s been 4-days since Sylvia and I “Launched” our crowd-funding campaign. So far, “crickets”… no activity on our Patreon page. Sylvia and I talked about how this is affecting us.

  • As I’m tuning into this right now, Sylvia is telling me: “We can’t let others dictate our Life.” In other words, we have to be True to ourselves, keep moving forward and follow our Heart.
  • So we’re going to keep making Music and telling as many people about our Songs as we can.
  • We even started looking at having fewer CDs made initially. Then, “IF” this album sells, we can always make more. By bringing the Quantity down from “1,000” to “100”, the costs are a little more within reach of “us” funding the production costs. This means we won’t have to rely so much on “crowd-funding” and can release this album much sooner. Of course, “IF” we get ANY funding through Patreon, we’ll apply those funds to whatever costs we’re dealing with at that Time.

We actually decided this “yesterday” and even “crunched the numbers” on the “100 Quantity”.

In “today’s” Inbox, was a daily “here are some crowd-funding ideas” eMail from Patreon. They’ve been helpful but “today’s” is almost insightful:

As I’ve mentioned many times, I include this type of information because some of you have asked me to do so.

I think this one started yesterday. Although Sylvia had me “researching”, or just “thinking about”, “Neem”, many months ago, this latest wave of energy seem to come out of nowhere.

So last night I did a little online checking of the benefits of “Neem” and, today, we went to Earth Fare (grocery store) and bought a small bottle of “oil” and a jar of 90 capsules of “powder”. The “powder” is for “internal” use and the “oil” is for “external”… at least with the specific products we bought.

We’re not going to take the capsules internally. Instead, the plan is to open 1 at a Time and use it to brush my teeth.

  • I say “plan” because I just did that and, although it’s not a really “bad” taste, to “me”, it tastes like I just mowed the lawn, grabbed a handful of clippings, dried them, ground them up and put a teaspoon of that in my mouth… and began brushing.

The information online states that brushing with Neem is good for a lot of things but it doesn’t specifically mention that it’s good for “whitening”, which is what I want it for.

We’re using the Neem “oil” in my hair. I’d like to get rid of the “white hair sprouts” that just want to stick-out in every direction and, of course, to reverse that “white” color back to its original dark brown. Only Time will tell.

I’m glad the employee we spoke to at the grocery store told us what Neem smells like. Otherwise I’d be wasting hours trying to figure out this “familiar, but a bit odd” smell. She said it smells like “peanut butter” and that’s the closest traditional scent that “we” would compare it to.


(I couldn’t find anything that “I” thought was worthwhile.)