PS 2-12-20 Ascension

This 24-minute video doesn’t waste any Time in explaining “how” each of us can activate the “Ascension” process.
  • This video is from “Gosia” of “Cosmic Agency” and she presents information which was given to her by “Swaruu”, a Taygetan from the Pleiadian Star System.
Here are a few highlights:
  • (Gosia) “How do I build that Timeline?… How do I build that future?… How do I build that Intention to generate the frequency that will match the Ascension?”
  • (Swaruu) “You must live it, as if it had already occurred. That is how it occurs. It is not something that will happen to you. It IS and MUST BE something that YOU do for yourself. Everything is frequencies and frequencies are the result of mental perception of consciousness. You want to know how… “Fake it, until you make it”. You must LIVE in that state of mind. You must not wait for “something” to happen. You must roll-up your sleeves and “get to it”. Study. Be the change. Doing every little detail that YOU feel WOULD make a difference. There are no small details. Small things are only small from the Human perception and scale of relevance. Importance. Not for a Cosmic scale.”
In the 2nd half of this video, Gosia presents her thoughts on what Swaruu provided and Gosia brings up something that most of us has known for a long Time, but has probably forgotten… or maybe some of us (like “me”) hasn’t connected this piece of information with the “Ascension” process:
  • (Gosia) How do you fight 3D? Not by fighting, pushing against it but by focusing on “5D”… We destroy “3D”, Collectively, by “being” 5D.”
There’s a Saying:
  • “IF you’re fighting the System, you’re still part of the System.”
I’m still listening to her comments and realized something that I had thought about before…
  • It’s not like she’s presenting new information but it’s either “the way she’s explaining it” (the “words” chosen) or there’s a special “energy” attached to what she’s saying… or… or, “I” (“we”) am now ready to actually “hear” the message.
  • Anyway, what I realized is this… When all of the Beings “on” and “inside” this planet focus their Intention on “5D” / “raising our frequencies”, we begin to move onto that “Ascension” Timeline. However, if a majority of the surface population become distracted by the cabal’s “mind games” / “Society maneuvers”, then that “energy balloon” that’s about to lift us all up, will become a bit deflated.
So, as Swaruu also explained, we need to focus on the idea that “Ascension” has already happened. We need to place our attention on “5D” and allow those frequencies to pull us toward that Timeline.
This all seems almost “too simple” but maybe that’s its design… Maybe the very “Tool” which can bring all of Humanity AND this planet through the Ascension process is “hiding in plain sight”… so simple that we don’t even think about it. Maybe when some of us get close to figuring it out, the cabal bring out their Society “noise makers” and try to stir things up. “Hey, look over here!”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 1-31-20 Virus?

This 15-minute video is from Gosia of ” Cosmic Agency”. She’s “supposedly” a contactee of a branch of Pleiadians called “Taygetans”. The title of this video is: “Corona Virus – Taygetean Pleiadian Findings: Threat or Hoax? (Extraterrestrial Message)“.
  • I don’t normally Track this type of subject because it’s one of the many things the cabal is doing, in order to distract the General Public and coax “fear” out of everyone.
  • I’m including this because, even “IF” the information presented is not true, it still provides us with something to think about… something to add to our many “puzzle pieces”.
In this video, she reads the analysis done by one of the Taygetan Starships. They say they have analyzed some of the blood samples from the people in China who “supposedly” have the “Corona Virus”.
One of the Commenters to that video is listed below. Think about what she says… If her daughter is only attending “ONLINE” school, why would her daughter have to get a “flu” shot?
  • “Lorie Mendoza”
  • “I’m just getting over the flu I thought I was going to die it was awful and all I hear is you should of got the flu shot !! I had to register my daughter for online school and I had allot of problems due to her not having immunization flu shots ect i didn’t understand why if she is going to online school and won’t be around other children why would she need these shots updated !she’s 15 yrs old this how I know there evil agenda behind it! Trying so hard to make us get the flu shots putting the so called dead flu cells in us you are so right Gosia the flu shots are far worse then the flu it’s self”
I won’t highlight the video. Watch it yourself and come to your own conclusions.
Question everything.
Here’s the link: