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*First a comment:

Two days ago, when Sylvia and I left work, we almost couldn’t get out of the parking lot. There was traffic in every direction. We left at our typical Time and, even now, we still don’t know what caused it.

Thinking there was an accident on the single-lane (in each direction) road we normally take to go home, I told Sylvia we should go “the long way” because it should get us home much faster. However, this meant we’d have to travel about 10-miles out of our way.

So we drove a few miles on a well-traveled 2-lane road, which now had less traffic than the road we normally would have taken. Then came the “fun part” — the Interstate Highway.

  • I’ve mentioned previously that Sylvia and I are not from this planet. There are many facets to the Human “Society” that I don’t understand and the System of “Driving” is very antique and dangerous. On non-Highway roads, the Speeder’s Limit is much slower, making it safer, but you have to deal with “Tailgaters”. These are Humans who waste a LOT of Fuel, create a LOT of Stress for themselves and are highly insecure. They simply must keep their vehicle attached to the vehicle in front of them or they’ll feel rejected. It’s sad and very dangerous. If you confront them, they’ll deny doing it. The “Driving Handbook”, issued by every State, explains that a “safe distance for driving” is “1 car length for every 10-miles an hour you are traveling. So, for those Tailgaters who don’t know how to do Math… If you’re driving 40-miles-per-hour, you must keep your vehicle a “minimum” of 4-car-lengths (around 40-feet) BACK from the vehicle in front of you.
  • When you Tailgate, you have no idea of what’s going on inside the vehicle ahead of you. It could be a new Driver… a Mom or Dad dealing with playful young children… a pet that’s jumping around… a problem with their vehicle, etc.
  • When you Tailgate, you create Stress within yourself and in those people inside the vehicle ahead of you. You also place everyone in BOTH vehicles in possible danger, especially if something happens very quickly which you cannot see.
  • Plus, keeping your vehicle back 40-feet or 4-inches is not going to get you to your destination any sooner. If you “miss the Light” at the next Intersection, big deal. Have you timed those Intersection Lights? They typically will only stop traffic for 1-to-3-minutes. So the next Time you decide YOU are the most important person on the entire road, think about what you’re doing. Is 60-seconds going to make that much difference in arriving at your final destination?
  • Stop being a jerk and be respectful.

I don’t do well with “outdoor Navigation”. Even deciding which “On” Ramp to use really confused me. One went “West” the other went “East. Yes, “simple” but not for “me”.

After driving about a mile on the Highway, we saw some signs for an Exit. Staying on the Highway felt right but, at the last minute, I finally felt Sylvia “nudge” me to “take the Exit”. So I did. The traffic was starting to get thicker at that Time, so I had a difficult Time getting onto that Ramp without hitting another vehicle.

Now, the good news is that our “Exit” became the “Turn Lane” that we needed, in order to get off the Highway. The bad news is that this Lane is about 2-miles long and now the traffic is bumper-to-bumper traveling at 5-miles-per-hour… AND we not only had to deal with “Tailgaters” but also those Humans who wanted to cut in front of us.

  • All through Grade School, I had to deal with kids who were constantly “cutting in line” in the Cafeteria. When Rules are specifically stated, I like to follow them. So when those kids would just “step in line” ahead of me, it caused me some Stress.
  • I’ve been dealing with this “push my buttons” scenario ever since then… until a few months ago.

Sylvia’s been helping me work on these things and, a few months ago, I noticed I could more-easily “shrug it off” whenever it happened. It was noticeable. So while slowly creeping down the Highway, I was really noticing my energy-reactions to what was happening “in front” and “behind” us. I was pretty much “Oh well. Whatever.” I had no Stress and no hidden anger, concern… nothing. I must have allowed at least 12 vehicles to “cut in front of us”. I know the Tailgater behind us wasn’t happy about that but “Oh well”. (I didn’t do it to give the Tailgater a hard Time. I just knew those vehicles needed to be in our Lane. So I allowed them in.

I now feel that the entire “there’s too much traffic, go home another way” scenario was Sylvia’s doing. Had we gone home our regular way, the “Lesson” of people “cutting in front of us” could not be manifested because there’s only 1-Lane in each direction. So we were purposely placed on that Highway where I could be “Tested”.

For “me”, knowing I had no regrets, anger or Stress, during that situation tells me I’m Evolving… and I take this as more feedback from Sylvia that points to “something” happening on this planet very soon. I’m reminded of what Sylvia mentioned (I’ve mentioned this before)…

  • “YOU are the feedback you’re looking for.”

Yesterday, while at work, 1 of the company’s delivery trucks (a Tractor Trailer) arrived and I was 1 of the employees who had to unload it.

  • During this type of work, Sylvia usually sits off to the side, out of the way, and reads a book.

This Trailer, as with most of them at work, are packed from floor-to-ceiling, front-to-back and all of it has to be transferred into the building.

When that particular Trailer was finally emptied, I saw a solid, black “Triangle”, about 2-feet on each side, which someone had spray-painted on the far wall — in the “Trailer” but just behind where the Driver sits. I’ve helped unload LOTS of Trailers, while working for this company, but I’ve never seen a marking like that inside a Trailer. There are no company logos, products or other items used by this company which use a “Triangle”. So this was very unusual.

The reason it caught my attention is because the logo Sylvia and I use for our Band, “Infinity”, is based on a “Triangle”. You can see our logo on our website. Just follow the link below.

So was it a “Sign” from Sylvia?… a “Sign” from my Guides or Higher-Self?… or just someone’s “doodle” because they had too much Time on their hands? Only Time will tell.

Here’s the link to our website:


Today’s Post by Cobra looks to be directed towards the “Resistance Movement”:

  • “Z→Y vector transfer in progress, hyperphase clearance approved”

My comments: “I” have no idea what this could mean. However, the Commenters, on Cobra’s web page, seem to feel this is very positive news.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: