PS 12-19-18 *Manifestations, Cobra

*First a comment:
About 2 or 3 months ago, it was either Lisa Harrison or Aluna Ash who mentioned a Synchronicity that some people were having… She said, if you’re noticing “double numbers”, it means you’re “adjusting” / “aligning” to the new energies coming into this planet… or that someone from “the other side” is wanting to make contact with you. (I’m not sure which.)
So, although I have noticed a few “double numbers”, about 5-weeks ago I began noticing the number on Digital Clocks changing. I would look at a Clock and right at that exact moment, I would actually see the “Minute” change. (For example, if I saw “5:07” on a Clock, within a split-second, I would also see the Clock change to “5:08”.) This has happened to me MANY times since.
About 3-weeks ago, I also noticed more “Physical” Manifestations… I remember being at work and working on a small Project but getting to a point where I needed some information from the Assistant Manager. Looking around, I don’t see her anywhere. Then, as I begin thinking about what I need to ask her, I take a few steps and… “there she is”.
  • Sylvia and I work in a building that’s 65,000-square feet in size — with several Stock Rooms, a Loading Dock, Offices, Break Room and lots of walls and sections divided from other areas. So the odds of anyone being “right there” are pretty high.
This happened 2 or 3 times, over different weeks, with that same person.
Then, yesterday or today, I saw a Supervisor, who’s in-charge of certain areas. I was working on something and didn’t think anything about her being there. I then noticed that she walked down an aisle, towards the other end of the building. Within a few seconds of that, I realized I needed to ask her something about another Project I was going to work on later. Another employee was now within talking-distance. So I asked her where that Supervisor went. The “Supervisor” then, speaks-up and steps out from behind a rolling rack: “I’m right here.” I didn’t mistake her, earlier, for someone else. She has blonde hair… and is the only person working there with “blonde” hair. I think this was before the building was open to the public. So there were no customers around (for me to mix-up with her).
Then, the strangest of these “Manifestations” happened tonight as Sylvia and I were watching a music-technology Podcast.
  • This is a weekly show and is presented by the music-gear review website “SonicState”. Their weekly Podcasts are pretty informative and their music-gear reviews are excellent. (links below)
During this particular Podcast, someone mentioned “poly Synths”. (Synthesizers which allow you to play more than one Note at the same Time.) When I heard that term, my mind wandered a bit…
  • “That’s a good idea but we should be able to do this with one of our Keyboards and control our Eurorack Modules through MIDI… but how do you get the 2nd Oscillator to sound a Note from the MIDI Keyboard? Both Oscillators would be on the same MIDI Channel. So they’d play the same Note at that same Time. Maybe if we…”
As I was rolling all of this through my mind, I realized that it’s just not possible. I could feel my mind beginning to sense the “dead-end” my thought-process was leading me to. Then, just before I finished my thinking, another person in this Podcast mentioned a Eurorack Module WHICH DOES EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED! I couldn’t believe it…
  • “Wait! Did I just Manifest that?”
I had to stop the video and look-up the product he had just mentioned… and there it is… The “FH-2” by Expert Sleepers ($299). It will not only play up to 16-Notes (16 keys pressed on a Keyboard, or other MIDI-capable device) but it also handles “Triggers” from “Drum Pads”, which is my main Instrument!
Yikes! This is the 1st Time I’ve ever heard of such a product! THIS was a Manifestation! So I wanted to be sure I included this in tonight’s Post.
I’m also mentioning all of this because I think a lot of people have been experiencing “some” or “all” of these “Manifestations” but simply haven’t noticed or haven’t put all the pieces together to realize it.
Here’s the link to this week’s “SonicState Podcast”:
Here’s the link to the main SonicState website:
Here’s the link to the Expert Sleepers Eurorack Module’s web page:
Cobra Posted 3 messages for the “Resistance Movement” yesterday:
  • “Cleared to APR”
  • >>>
  • “Project 501 Update”
  • “PLOC has been confirmed, leading to DGRID exposure.”
  • “LSIP is not yet supported due to unfavorable grid ratio.”
  • “Minimum SDBN requirements are set at PHI 2.5-3.5, P>0.8, THETA>0.9, VTXPOS>2.0.”
  • “Minimum hyperphase streaming requirements are set at beta (numex stream): PHI 1.5-3.5, P>0.9 THETA >0.60, VTXPOS >1.8 mu (cts/dl stream): PHI 2.5-3.5, P>0.8, THETA >0.93, VTXPOS >1.8 omega (compromised stream): PHI 1.5-4.0, P>0.8, THETA >0.80, VTXPOS >1.8”
  • “Beta stream is LSIP/Wonderland positive.”
  • “Factor correlation between SDBN and mu stream is +0.85.”
  • “Omega stream is still permitted due to unfavorable grid ratio.”
  • “All other sequences are defined in MASTERPIECE v2.2 and remain confidential.”
  • “Evaluate at ECL2.”
  • >>>
  • “MASTERPIECE v2.2 operational”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 3-4-18 *Signs, RemoteViewing, Parkes

*First a comment:

This one was interesting and VERY obvious… at least to me…

  • Last night, before going to bed, I was checking my face for clogged pores. I was using a magnifying mirror. I noticed a very tiny, shiny, purple “dot” on my face where my nose and right-eyebrow meet. This “dot” was slightly larger than the “tip” (point) of a Common Pin.
  • I then brought my left-hand up to my face, in order to press on it and remove it, using the Index Finger of my left-hand. I pressed on the “dot” and brought the tip of that Finger into view on the mirror so I could see whether or not I had picked it up. I hadn’t… but when I looked at the tip of that Finger, I saw a black “dot” which was the same size as the purple one. Thinking my Finger was dirty, I wiped it off but it was still there.
  • It took several attempts but I did finally get rid of the “purple” dot. Now I was focused on “what” the “black” dot was and how to get rid of it.
  • It wasn’t a Splinter because the area wasn’t red, it didn’t hurt when I pressed on it and there wasn’t any trace of that “dot” on the surface of my skin.
  • It took me about 15-minutes of slowly and carefully cutting-away the very top layer of my skin, surrounding that “dot”, with my Fingernail Clippers. A few Cells lower, into my skin, and it would have entered my bloodstream.

I still don’t know what it was but I felt as though it was manifested there to “Track” and / or “try” to harm me. While I was digging it out, my “sense” was that it was some type of “particle”. (Not a “nano” particle.) There was no sign of it entering my skin from the surface. It’s as though it “just appeared” several layers down under my skin.

I know this was Sylvia pointing this out to me because the 1st “dot” was “purple” — Sylvia’s favorite color. It almost looked like a very tiny piece of “Glitter” but there’s no Glitter at work, or at home, and we’ve been off for a few days.

  • Note: As I’ve mentioned many times before… it’s a good idea for everyone to pay attention to the many Signs that are placed on our Path. When we do recognize those Signs, it’s also a very good idea to “acknowledge” and “thank” them for Guiding you.
  • Think about it… If YOU were helping someone by solving their problem or maybe by giving them money or whatever, and they didn’t acknowledge your assistance, you’d not only feel disrespected but it’s also very draining on your energy. So when YOU notice a helpful Sign that’s provided you with positive Guidance, please be respectful and say “Thank You”. If you’re embarrassed or feel a bit “crazy” doing that, then thank those energies Telepathically. It still counts and they WILL hear you.


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This 51-minute video contains the Farsight Institute’s predictions for March 2018.

I’m including this, not so much for the “predictions” but for their “methods”. Because we are moving faster into times of “energies”, “Telepathy”, etc., “I” feel it’s important for everyone to practice their “Psychic” abilities or at least be aware of who your Senses “Read” those energies.

By watching any of the Farsight Institute’s videos, you’ll see how some people Read the energies around them and how they describe what they are sensing. Notice that they choose their words carefully and, usually, don’t name specific times or locations.

My comments: Once “the Event” happens, or even during the days leading-up to “the Event”, there may not be an “Internet”, “Cellphones”, “Television” or even anyone physically near you. There may be a point in Time where you find yourself having to rely on your own Body, Mind and Spirit to figure things out. By exposing yourself to the various techniques used, when working with unseen energies, you’ll be that much more prepared.

No “fear”. It’s just wise to put extra “Tools” in your toolbox.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This nearly 2-hour video is an interview with whistleblower Simon Parkes. Here are some highlights:

  • Around the 5:50-mark, he states that there are 2 waves of energy coming into the planet. The 1st will be an electromagnetic wave and “the disruption will be less than was feared”.
  • Right after that wave will be a wave which comes from Galactic Center and will elevate Humans. This will be a very short and powerful impact of energy. Many people will fell as though they’ve been hit by a bulldozer. “Negative people will become incredibly confused.”

(I only had Time to watch half of it tonight.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link: