PS 10-19-19 MandelaEffect

I’m including this because the “Mandela Effect”, “real” or “perceived”, shows that “something” has changed within this so-called “Reality”… and THIS adds weight to what Sylvia has “told” and “shown” me AFTER she crossed-over. I still believe in what she said:
  • “The Veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon.”
…and I’m still convinced that this will happen “in my lifetime”.
Although I’ve included information on the “Mandela Effect” in previous Posts, the 3 videos I’ve listed below are more level-headed and explain things in a more basic fashion.
For one thing, the Narrator is the CEO of a software company which handles the distribution and coordination of LOTS of food products throughout the Food Industry. So, for him to come forward with an “out there” video means he could potentially risk losing his company’s credibility and his customers. So he’s serious about what he says and has done his research.
  • Video 1 is 15-minutes in length and explains the “Mandela Effect”.
  • Video 2 is 18-minutes long and mostly explains that this “Reality” is really a “Hologram”.
  • Video 3 is 14-minutes and explains the symbology of the television show, “Gilligan’s Island”, and how it relates to “Mandela Effects”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to video 1:
Here’s the link to video 2:

Here’s the link to video 3:

PS 5-24-18 *Music, *Dream, *Sylvia, *Bear, Codes?

*First a comment:
(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)
Yesterday, while doing some research, I was on YouTube at some point and clicked on a Category that I had seen down the left side of most of their pages for a long Time. I clicked the “Music” menu option. It brought me to a page of Music “pieces” which I couldn’t quickly figure out. I then told Sylvia: “I wonder if “YouTube” has our Song.” So I did a Search for “Calling All Humans”. On the Search-Results page, I had to scroll down a bit but then I saw the Song’s logo — that blue-to-purple gradient with our Band’s triangle logo on it.
The company we paid to distribute that Song set that up. It’s the 1st Time we’ve seen it in the more than 12-months of releasing that Song with them.
There are 2 things I noticed on that page:
  1. 11 people had listened to that Song.
  2. 25 people are Subscribing to that Channel.
Here’s the link (Of course, there’s no charge to listen to this Song from the following page):
I’ve haven’t been remember very many Dreams lately. Last night’s Dream DID involve Sylvia but I don’t think it was, what “I” call, a “Progressive” Dream (each “Sylvia” Dream linking from the one before it)…
  • It was night-time. I was in our home, although it didn’t look anything like the home we currently live in. I was waiting for Sylvia to come home from work. She’s a Waitress in a restaurant.
  • I remember working on my computer and that, at one point, I wanted to call her, to find out when she was coming home… but I thought I’d better not because she’s working and it would be awkward for me to phone her just to find out when she’ll be leaving there. At that point, I realized: “Oh. That’s right. It’s “Sylvia”! I can just use Telepathy.” I don’t remember my message or her reply. (Sitting here thinking about that, I feel as though I’m not supposed to know “when” she’ll be “coming home to me”.) I wanted to know when she’ll be here, so I could take a shower before she arrives. I knew I wouldn’t need much Time for that. So I wasn’t very concerned about that particular timing.
  • Probably a few minutes later, Sylvia came home. We were in our Living Room and spoke for a few seconds but I don’t remember what was said. Sylvia then had to go to the “Bathroom” but, in the Dream, she walked into our “Kitchen”. I distinctly remember this because, in the Dream, I then heard our Refrigerator dripping a LOT of water into the pan we have inside it. (Our Refrigerator has been dripping for at least 12-months now.)
  • I don’t remember the rest of it.
My interpretation…
Part of me says this Dream is information from my Higher Self, which tells me “Everything’s going to be ok. Sylvia will be here very soon now… but most of me feels that the information in this Dream came directly from My Sylvia and that she’s telling me:
  • I’m always with you but now we’re both “waiting” for that energy screen to be removed. I’m a “Waitress” (waiting on people) and you’re “Home” waiting for me to finish what I came here to do. (That’s what she wanted me to write. I had no idea it would be worded that way.)
Restaurants Symbolize “nourishment”. So for Sylvia working in a Restaurant, means she’s being nourished… taken care of… she’s doing ok.0
Water, in a Dream, is Symbolic of “cleansing”, “Sprit” and a “connection to Source”.
  • Note: Sometimes, while Dreaming, we integrate the “sounds” where our physical Unit is resting (sleeping) into the Dream itself. In other words, if there’s a loud, persistent bird outside your Bedroom window, while you’re deeply asleep, some part of you may bring that sound into the Dreamstate and you may then see a bird chirping in your Dream.
As soon as Sylvia and I woke-up this morning, I went into our Refrigerator to see if the pan in there had a LOT of water in it. It didn’t. So the “Refrigerator water” that I heard in the Dream was created in the Dream solely to provide me with that Symbology.
The “Telepathy” part of the Dream is feedback which tells me that Sylvia and I are truly continually in-contact with each other.
As always, YOUR mileage may vary.
This is one of those “pay attention to what you say, because it could have a special, deeper meaning” situations…
  • After Breakfast this morning, while at home, I stood as I always do after Breakfast, and allowed Sylvia to hug me — giving her my complete attention.
  • Although this only last several seconds, she noticed that 1 of my hands was clenched into a fist (as it always is when I think about our situation). Sylvia said: “It looks like you want to punch something.” (me) “I would punch a hole in Time to get you back.”
I’m mentioning this because I’ve never thought of doing that but those words just shot out of my mouth without my thinking about them. I just thought it was an interesting thing to do — to punch a hole in Time.
I’ve mentioned before that Sylvia and I don’t have any Children “together” but we do have a (stuffed) Bear.
  • He’s perpetually about 5-years old, only enjoys and participates in Positive things and has his own slightly different, sometimes abbreviated Language. When he communicates, “I” can sense his information better than Sylvia and he usually projects images or single words at me, when he wants to tell me something or to reply to what me or Sylvia are asking him.
While we’re home, whenever we’re about to eat Lunch or Supper, I ask him where he wants to be placed. (We all “prepare” the food together, in the Kitchen.) Since Sylvia and I typically eat at my desk and watch Music Technology videos, I always ask him if he wants to sit there with us, while we eat, or if he wants to sit at his favorite spot by our Living Room window, where he can watch all of his outdoor, Animal friends.
Just before sitting down to Lunch, today, I asked him where he wanted to sit. He showed me the word “fishes”…
  • (me) “fishes? Where? There’s no fishes around here.”
  • (Bear) “sky”
  • (me) “There’s fishes in the sky?”
  • (Bear) “clouds”
  • He then showed me several medium-gray clouds in the sky.
  • (me) “There’s fishes in the clouds?”
That’s all I received.
About a month or so ago, he did the same thing with “fishes” and I mentioned it in one of our Postings. I’m including this, in this Post, because I’m beginning to think there’s more to this than I can understand right now. Are his “fishes” really Starships?… or Orbs that he can “see” or “sense”, which “I” cannot? Is he showing me “something that lives in the water” that is now “in the sky”, because things have changed but we haven’t noticed… and that things are now upside-down? Only Time will tell.

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

In this 17-minute video, the Narrator explains the upcoming “Event” and says it “may” happen on May 24th… which, of course has already passed. However, he mentions that he received “Codes”.
Here’s what the Narrator says about this information:
  • “Im sharing my views and expectations about the event in this vídeo. Also i speak about the codes given previously and add more info. Take all this information with a grain of salt, im here to help and share, if this information does not come to be true, at least it was given and made available.”
I’m including this because this is yet another person who has received Feelings, Dreams, Inner Knowings, Visions or general information about the upcoming “Event”… AND because I haven’t heard of anyone else “having” or “using” “Codes” for the “Event”. So “true” or “not”, I’m seeing more and more people coming forward with information about “the Event”… and not just “it’s something to write about” but, a lot of these people are receiving this information from within themselves. No, this doesn’t make “the Event” and “more” or “less” real but, even if none of their Findings are true, all of this IS stirring a LOT of energy around… “something”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the video:
Here’s the direct link to the “Codes”:

PS 11-26-17 *Sylvia, *Drive, *Progress, Dream

*First a few comments:

Last week, the day after Sylvia and I bought this new car, I found a tiny, confetti-like, purple, metallic “Heart” on Sylvia’s desk… right where the file-folder draw is… right where she knew I would be storing those new papers. I’ve been over her desk a few times, in these last 346-weeks, and know where everything is. There wasn’t a Heart there before. So I took this to be from My Sylvia and telling me she’s Guiding me and that I’m on the correct Path… the Path she wants us to be on.

This morning, just after getting out of bed but still not quite awake, I looked out of our Living Room window as I do every morning. I saw our new car sitting there and I immediately received some information about that situation…

  • Our other car was a 1997 “burgundy, Honda Accord”. We bought it “used” from the local Honda Dealer. That car was purchased “by Sylvia”… “with Sylvia’s money” that she received from her family. So even though she kept telling me: “It’s OUR car”, it’s filled with Sylvia’s energy.

What I received this morning was this…

  • Sylvia studied, on her own, “Dream Interpretation”. She always told me that “cars” / “your vehicle” represent your “Drive”.
  • Both of those cars represent the “Drive” aspect… the “manifestation”… the “physicalness” of “My Sylvia”. Before Sylvia crossed-over… Before she was ever sick, she told me, many times, that she was “tired” and would like to just “go home”. So, her energies, like our previous car, were deteriorating.
  • Once Sylvia placed herself on the other side of the “Veil”, she was “re-born” / “re-manifested” / “new and completely rejuvenated”. This “symbology” has now been sent to me, here as “Sylvia’s Drive restored”.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.

A few days ago, seemingly out of nowhere, a Star Wars video clip entered my mind. I felt the message behind it saying:

  • “This is where we are now.”

I just now found that clip. It’s from “Episode IV: A New Hope”. It’s where Luke Skywalker is flying through the “equator” of the Cabal’s “Death Star” and has Darth Vader just seconds behind him. Near the end of that clip, I cried… and cried hard. This is partly because Sylvia and I always like to see “good” triumph over “evil” and, mostly, because we are all getting so very close to that “Veil” being removed.

Here’s the link:


In this short article, the Author explains a recent Dream he had. (It’s extremely positive.) Here is an excerpt:

  • “There is a huge wave of energy arriving that all of us will be focused on. In the meanwhile, another wave of energy will be coming from the opposite direction and will converge with the initial energy wave. At that point, something magical will happen! Whether that’s moving into the next stage of spirituality, becoming a lightbody, or something else is unknown, but it will be MAGICAL!”

Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to read the entire Dream as well as his symbolic interpretation of what it means.
Question everything.

Here’s the link (I did not watch the video that’s on this page):

PS 4-5-17 *illusion, Cobra

*First a comment:

(We didn’t Post anything yesterday.)

Yesterday, when Sylvia and I came home from work, we checked our “paper” / “traditional” / “outdoor” mailbox. (We only check that mailbox once a week.)

I got out of our car, opened the door to our mailbox and right there, in the middle of it, facing me was a black Hornet (a Wasp). Out of “re-action”, I immediately shut the door. Sylvia suggested I stand to one side, open the door again and allow the bee to fly away. So I did.

  • I don’t believe in “insects”
  • Plus, probably from my previous Incarnation onboard a Starship, there shouldn’t be “insects” on this planet.
  • So whenever I find an “insect”, I typically eliminate it. In the last decade or so, though, I’ve settled on an “energy plateau” within myself which states… If an “insect” is within “my” space, I will eliminate it. If I not within our home, car, etc. and encounter an “insect”, I will simply say: “This is not my insect” and leave it alone. However, if that “insect” attacks me or Sylvia, in any way, I WILL eliminate it.
  • Somehow I have an inner knowing that this “place” most Humans call their “Reality” is maintained by a computer program and “insects” “appear” / “exist” because of a glitch in the software.

So when I allowed that bee to fly away, I actually “saved it’s life”… or did I? Some say WE are in a “Dream” / “illusion”. If we are, then I simply forced that bee to remain stuck in this illusion. (Think about that for a moment.)

  • When My Sylvia crossed-over, I cried so hard, and for such a long Time, the energy couldn’t be calculated. The pain that pierced my Heart and stuck into my very Soul was almost crippling. My crying and my pain was not because My Sylvia had “died” (because there’s no such thing). Instead, my suffering was because I could feel the “physical” separation from My Sylvia.
  • From Sylvia’s side of things… She didn’t cry because she had crossed-over. Instead, she cried because she was concerned that I couldn’t “see” or “understand” the situation “I” was stuck within. She can see the energy of the “Dream” / “illusion” I’m currently inside of but she doesn’t have access to (or isn’t allowed to) re-program my situation, so we can be “physically” together again.

As always, your mileage may vary.


This was Posted today by Cobra:

  • “Black alert at 504, black grid ratio alert, N danger”

My comments: When Cobra 1st began Posting the “504” number, I thought it was a specific point on a security grid around the Earth or within a device which was being used to nullify the Cabal’s actions. When ready today’s Post, however, I immediately realized that Cobra doesn’t mention any other numbers (that I can remember). So “maybe” his “504” number refers to the Earth itself or this Solar System. Only Time will tell.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 2-23-17 *Signs, Ascension, Astrology

*First a comment:

This is not directly from “me”…

  • This morning, while having Breakfast at Waffle House, 2 women came in and sat in the Booth next to us. I didn’t look at them (I do my best not to look at anyone, especially females) but I noticed them there and out of the corner of my eye, I also noticed that 1 of them was completely bald. My feeling was that she was dealing with cancer and going through “chemo-therapy”. (There’s 2-words which shouldn’t be hinged-together.)
  • Anyway… At one point, the bald woman told the other about a Dream she I. (I think she had it last night.) I couldn’t hear most of it but I did clearly hear: “…the pyramids in Egypt were being destroyed…”

Whenever someone tells me a Dream, either “directly (“Do you want to hear my Dream?”) or “indirectly (such as when I overhear someone explaining their Dream), I not only pay attention but I instantly interpret (overlay) it as feedback of what is currently happening to this planet, Humanity and this Dimension.

Since I could only understand that part, I quickly ran it through my mind, doing my best to match it up to current, behind-the-scenes happenings… but I couldn’t make anything fit.

As I was digging deeper into this, and thinking she tapped-into what the Cabal “were going to” do, Sylvia mentioned the most obvious aspect, which I never thought of…

  • She received feedback that SHE is battling her own cancer and winning. In her world, the great pyramids of Egypt represent the most solid foundation of an immoveable manifestation, which is also how she used to feel about her cancer. Now, though, she sees that foundation being destroyed and no longer able to block her health progress.

With a powerful Dream providing her with such obvious “Signs”, I was very surprised that she laughed the entire Dream away as she was telling it. So, to “me”, she no only didn’t honor her own Dream but she also failed to examine the Signs it offered AND she didn’t her herself ridicule “that process” / “those tools”.

Could I be completely wrong about this facet of this woman’s life. Of course. Could I have misunderstood Sylvia’s message? Maybe.

It doesn’t matter if “my” interpretation of all this is correct or not. The reason I’m sharing this is to show that many things we take for granted can “sometimes” be the “tap on the shoulder”, “look over here” message from those unseen Beings who love us.

  • As an example of how you could think about this…
  • Let’s say you’re cleaning out a closet or the garage and pick up a box of old papers that you no longer need. You toss it across the room but inside, there’s also a small “bell” that you had forgotten about. You hear a metallic “click” sound and then notice that you just broke the bell.
  • Maybe you used to do Meditation, interpret your Dreams, etc. but haven’t for many years. Your “Guides” or “Higher Self” is telling you about the “broken bell”. Alexander Graham Bell is credited with patenting “the 1st practical telephone”. The “telephone” represents “communication”. So your Guides are telling you to re-establish your communication with them.

That was just a very quick example. The Signs and Symbols from “the other side” don’t have to be so cryptic. It just depends on, in “my” opinion, how they are able to get a message through to you and how your mind will interpret the sights and sounds within the immediate world around you. Maybe a message from your Guides could be very straight-forward… Maybe someone you’re talking to says: “I bought a kite” but you hear: “Call your wife”.

As always, your mileage may vary.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This 2-hour, 7-minute video is an Interview with Lis Ana by Alexandra Meadors. (The Guest begins speaking around the 10:50-mark.) The bulk of what they talk about are the “tools” and the “mechanics” of how “Ascension” is unfolding and how each of us can adjust to the new frequencies.

Here are some highlights:

  • Around the 31-minute mark, Lis Ana says: “I can see the Finish Line… The light at the end of the tunnel… It’s right there. We’re tired. We gotta do that last push.”
  • “If you are embodied in your work… If you’re here, on purpose, and there’s such peace in purpose, If you’re on purpose, I promise you, you will be supported. It’s only up here. Your doubts will shut it down. Your beliefs will clog it all up. Let it all go. Walk in that trust of who you are.”
  • Alexandra says that, yesterday, she heard that “all of our Star Families are waiting in anticipation… They are in such joy. There are parties going on up stairs because they know that we’re really getting close.”
  • “If there is ANYTHING that you are reading or hearing, that is causing you fear, then don’t read it. It is NOT the truth.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


I’m also including this as “bonus” information…

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology information. In this article, he seems to be mostly focused on the upcoming eclipse.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to Carl’s facebook page:

PS 2-20-17 *Signs, Cusp, Fulford, Wilcock

*First a comment:

Several times in the past, I’ve mentioned that it’s important to “notice” and “follow” the many “Signs” which have been carefully placed along our Path. Maybe these are designed and placed by our “Higher Selves”. Maybe they’re there because of our “Guides”. In “my” case, they sometimes appear because of My Sylvia.

Here are a few Signs that I noticed today, which most likely come from Sylvia…

  • Sylvia and I finished our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, on July 1, 2016. We’ve been doing our best to raise the money to have some CDs manufactured. (So far, there’s been no progress with this.)
  • A couple months ago, Sylvia mentioned that we should put the album out there in “Digital” form and, later, when we have the money, we can get the CDs made and move it in that direction.
  • I kept forgetting to do this because different things kept coming up. So I wrote myself a note and placed it on my desk, where I work. Several weeks have gone by and it still didn’t get done.
  • Today, I was determined to accomplish this task. I sat down at my desk with that Intention. I saw the note, found our Password and went to the website which would start this ball rolling and… IT WAS COMPLETELY DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE! What? This isn’t “Bob’s Burger Shop”. It’s an international Song Promotion company that’s been in business for at least 10-years and their Parent Company has been in business since 1946. So for this site to be “offline”, instantly told me Sylvia wants us to wait… at least for today. For some reason that only she can see and understand, we need to not do this right now. So we’ll just have to wait.

My point here is twofold:

  • It shows that Sylvia and I are still very much “in-touch” / “in-communication” with each other. At least on some level… and that anyone can do this if they simply pay attention to the Signs around them.
  • This also shows that “there are no accidents” and “everything in it’s own timing”. In other words,  “don’t push the river” because the only thing that you’ll accomplish is you’ll generate a lot of stress for yourself. This also applies to the various things you do on a daily basis, such as Driving. If you’re late for work, you’ll be late for work. There’s no need to try to push every vehicle in front of you by Tailgating them. Simply look ahead… down the road a bit and you’ll see that Signal Light changing to “Red”. So why would you want to waste Time and gas just to “hurry up and wait”? You’re just creating more stress for yourself and those Tailgated vehicles in front of you. (“Tailgating” is dangerous, rude, immature and serves no purpose. Don’t do it.)


This 1-hour, 19-minute video is an interview with web bot specialist, Clif High. Here are some highlights:

  • Around the 52-minute mark, he talks about Humans going “off world” and that this requires a “cash-less” society.
  • He then talks about the Cabal elitists and that they think they’re descendents of the Extraterrestrial race with elongated skulls. He states that he’s never “bought into” the idea that the Cabal want to eliminate most of the worlds population. Instead, he says those elitists need us, the “99-percent”, to get to a level of awareness so WE can put THEM back into space. This was their agenda for eons… they simply want to get off of this planet. Of course, THEY aren’t going anywhere. “That kind of stuff is all coming to a head this year.”
  • He says he’s read a government Register which shows new companies and their technologies. In it, he says, are lots of different advanced technologies which are about to be introduced. He says this is a type of “Disclosure”.

My comments: I don’t know if it was a previous Clif High interview, Simon Parkes or someone else but we’ve heard of this before… How the discoveries now being revealed in Antarctica are slowly being introduced to the surface population but not shouting “Hey, this is how anti-gravity works” but by giving or showing those technologies to key people in key companies and having THEM create new products for the masses.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “A few dozen arrests might be all it takes to free humanity now“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Before naming names though, first of all we need to clearly identify the overall target. That is a sub-set of the so-called Jewish population that is described in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament or Torah. These are people who worship Satan (Baal, Molech etc.) and practice both human sacrifice and cannibalism. They have thousands of years’ experience in infiltrating societies and taking secret control of the top levels of power through murder, blackmail, bribery and propaganda. The nightmare of their rule is finally ending.”
  • “However, make no mistake, these people are extremely dangerous, very smart and now literally fighting for their lives. The reason is they know that when the American people find out these thugs have been torturing and killing their children on an industrial scale, the people will demand justice be served, That’s why the battle taking place now inside the Washington DC power structure is so vicious.”
  • “In any case, the arrest of over 1000 low ranking members of pedophile networks in the US, Canada, Norway, Ghana etc. (many of them connected to the Clinton Foundation), is being used to gather evidence against higher level pedophiles, FBI and CIA sources say.”
  • “That is why US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the G20 in Germany last week, Pentagon sources say. Also, US top General Joseph Dunford met Russian military chief Valery Gerasimov in Baku on February 16 “to discuss the final takedown of ISIS, drug cartels, and the cabal,” the Pentagon sources say.”
  • “The fact is, the cabal has been trying, and failing, to create a pandemic for years and will continue to fail. So, if the US authorities want to go ahead and arrest Gates, there is no need to fear.”
  • “The old Nazis that escaped to South America, all of them have died out in the late 1990s. Many lived into their 90s and were very strong and these ones died of old age. The secret base in the mountains of South America was replenished with young Nazis males in their 30’s at the time. These new Nazis are not like the old Nazis. The new Nazis are not looking to take-over the world. They are reclusive, and so they stay to themselves and continue to work on and fly around the Earth in their saucer ships, etc.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is today’s comment by David Wilcock on what Benjamin Fulford said. I was going to “excerpt” it but I can’t find much to include here. So I’ll simply let everyone read it for themselves.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 2-19-16 *Time, *Cobra, *Symbology, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

I don’t remember the last time I felt a strong alteration in “Time”… I mentioned that, on “Thursday” it felt like the next day should be “Saturday”… and, today, it DID feel like “Saturday”. Now, it feels like tomorrow should be “Sunday”. So the feeling hasn’t changed yet, at least not for “me”.

In last night’s Posting I included some VERY important “new” information from Cobra. However, as K.K. (who’s on this list) just pointed-out in an eMail, I had forgotten to enter that title in the “Subject” line.

So if you haven’t seen Cobra’s Posting from 2/18/16, then please visit the following web page and read that article:

We just received an eMail from E.R., who’s on this list (thank you for sending that), He spotted something in a recent Posting of ours that I had not caught. Basically, its the symbology of our old washing machine no longer “spinning” and the floor-cleaning machine at work, which 1 of its brushes will no longer “spin”.

I’ll have to give some thought to the deeper meaning of this.

I’m including this because it shows how “symbologies” are in our daily lives but we sometimes have to look at those facets from a different angle… or, in this case, have another person see what you “can’t”, “won’t” or “don’t”.


Today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman also includes a short video. Here’s the “text” portion:

  • “We’re into full on 3D to 5D integration and as your 3D world unravels it opens new pathways of potential. So now we have more than one way of doing things and we don’t know what to choose. We can change our minds though, which is an opportunity to try different things and see how they work. Remember to not pin all of your expectations on one thing because lots of different paths are available now. Choose one and see how it works. I hope you like my props in this video!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page: