PS 11-10-19 *Images, Cobra, Starship?

*First a comment:
About 4 or 5-weeks ago, I began seeing “people” when I first close my eyes to go to sleep. This doesn’t happen every night and only lasts for up to 30-seconds or so but the visuals are extremely clear, although a bit dimly lit.
  • These are just “people”. Mostly faces. Sometimes I can see from their feet to the top of their head. There’s never a “multitude” of people. Mostly 5 to 50. Sometimes they’re up-close as if they’re looking into a camera or “my window, where I can see them”. Somehow they seem to know I’m seeing them.
  • Those people are never threatening. They just seem to be casually going about their business. Some stop to look at “me” but most seem to be mingling with others or moving “to” and ‘from” somewhere.
So, has a Past Life portion of my Mind opened and I’m now seeing what I’ve lived-through?… or are the “Veil” being thinned so much that our Star Visitor families and friends can now see “us” looking at “them”? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
The following was Posted by Cobra today. Basically, he is asking everyone to buy Silver on November 11th. A little or a bunch — it doesn’t matter.
He’s saying… If a “critical mass” of Humans buy Silver on 11/11/19, it will increase the energies on this planet enough to where the Star Visitors will get involved and, in-turn, will activate a Global Currency Reset.
  • Silver Trigger Final Update
  • “Time is approaching for the Silver Trigger and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.”
  • “If the critical mass is reached, the Light Forces will be able to intervene directly in the global financial system for the first time in human history, and a cascade of events will follow that will inevitably lead to the financial Reset.”
  • “Next 12 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in over 30 languages:”
  • “The main page with instructions for the activation is here:”
  • “And the Cobra interview about the activation is here:”
  • “Many people are supporting our activation.”
  • “Benjamin Fulford here:”
  • “And at 21 minute mark here:”
  • “Kauilapele:”
  • “Stillness in the Storm:”
  • “We Love Mass Meditation with many useful links:”
  • “And many others:”
  • “In many countries around the world, November 11th is a holiday:”
  • “People in those countries can google places that will be open and sell silver despite the holiday, or buy silver online.”
  • “People who do not have much money can buy a 1/10 oz (a little bit over 3 grams) silver coin for 3.50 eur plus 1.65 eur shipping, for a total cost only about 5 euros, here:”
  • “For people who do not even have 5 euros, they can get a small financial assistance to help them with their purchase, if they fill the form here:”
  • “The silver that you will buy will serve as a physical seed that will start manifesting your future abundance on November 11th.”
  • “Let’s do this!”
  • “Victory of the Light!”
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to see the images and access the links provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
In this 7-minute video, a “Starship” is seen floating near the International Space Station. Is this real?
I’m including this because “IF” it IS real, it’s possibly the clearest (not real clear, but clearest that “I” have seen) image of a Starship… and, “IF” it IS real AND it’s being allowed to be seen on “YouTube” then it means the cabal is giving Humanity a better peak into their “soft Disclosure”.
I’m also including this because… if it’s NOT real, this information and sighting will help to open our collective minds to “things beyond the Earth”. This, of course, will raise the collective consciousness and that will bring us all closer to “the Event” (which is what Sylvia and I are now waiting for).

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-1-19 *Vision, Anomaly

*First a comment:
Yesterday afternoon, while sitting here at my computer doing some research, I saw a very quick image of me. I don’t know if it was from a different timeline or this timeline but in the future…
  • I know I’m on a large Starship. I’m pretty sure Sylvia is near me, as well as a few other people. Me, Sylvia and maybe a few others are dressed in a 1-piece, white, tight-fitting “garment”. It has long sleeves, feels a bit stretchy and the pants go down to the shoes. All of it is white. We’re all talking, smiling and sometimes laughing. I feel as though this “garment” is a “Uniform”.
  • I feel that this “Vision” (this “image”) is after Ascension and these Uniforms allow all of the Beings to quickly identify the “Ascenders” from those who have always lived on the Ships… those who have come here to help the Earth. I say “Uniform” because I have a sense that this particular garment is for “Cadets”, the lowest rank on a Starbase.
  • I questioned the energy surrounding this “Vision”. I remembered (before this Incarnation) that some of us hold a very high rank on some of these Ships and should have this reflected in our “Uniform”. However, I was told that we agreed to be brought back as “Cadets” until we re-formed our memories of our life within Star Space.
In this 1-hour, 20-minute video, the Speakers explain “Magnetic Anomalies” and how “UFOs” travel through them. “IF” their information is real, then this video presents a slightly new way to think about the “appearance” and “travel” of Unidentified Flying Objects. If their information is not real, then use this information as an exercise to open minds and think outside the box.
They also explain that “most” UFOs actually travel “inter-dimensionally”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 11-6-16 *Job, *Cabal, *Sylvia, illusion, Unfoldings, StarShip?, Goode

*First a few comments:

Although Sylvia and I have worked for this new company for a week now, we only received our November schedule last Friday. (Yes, they let their employees know their schedule a month in advance! This is a very professional company.) Our schedule looks to be 4-days working and 3-days (in a row) off. This is very nice. It’s almost like having a Vacation in the middle of working. Sylvia and I haven’t had more than 2-days off in a row since… uh… uh… I can’t remember. This is nice because, even with a day full of chores, we have the next day to rest… and then we have the next day to catch-up on sleep.

The work, at least because we’re new to this job, is very “physically” and “mentally” involved. So a nice block of 3-days for ourselves is very welcome.

Any Time any of us can un-tie the shoes of the Cabal, so they’ll trip over their own feet, we should step forward and do so. That’s why I’m including this…

  • In the last 10-months or so, 1 of our Credit Card companies informed us that they “are required by law to gather our current income information, in order to be considered for a Credit Line Increase”.
  • During those same 10-months, Sylvia and I have received 2 increases from a different Credit Card company and neither Time have they asked us to update our information. They simply gave us an increase in our Credit Limit… TWICE!

I was writing the last part of the “illusion” Section (below) when I clearly heard My Sylvia cough a few times in a row. I know it was her. I know every part of her, just as Sylvia knows every part of me, and we are solidly tuned to each other. The sound was fairly faint. I would say it sounded as if Sylvia was 80-to 100-feet away from me.


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This information is by psychic Kim Russo.

  • “Now everyone has their favourite candidate and everyone has a reason to back it up. I am here to tell you that what you think you know – YOU DON’T. Whether you are a republican or democrat, what I see is not about either party. The structure of government as we think we know it will no longer exist. The election may have one winner over the other but then the outcome will quickly change. This election is not cut and dry as you know elections to be. One winner right ? Wrong. Wrong wrong. There is going to be a plot twist like you’ve never seen before. It will change everything in our system. I say system because that is what it is. It’s a system that we were programmed to buy into. A system that does our thinking for us. A system that allows us to believe that if one has more paper money over another then they are affluent and the other is a failure. A sure way of segregating humans into categories.
  • Okay back to my vision. You will say omg how didn’t I see this before. You will scratch your head in amazement. You will think it’s the biggest show on earth. Bigger than any drama that you can ever watch in the media. If you think it’s what’s been shown on the news already? Well, it’s more involved and has not yet been revealed. I say between the election and the new year we will know. I RARELY give world predictions. In fact, I never do. I usually keep them to myself. Spirit told me to let you know to let go of what you think you know. Do not assume it will be an outcome that the media has you so brainwashed to believe or that your personal opinion is based on what you think you know. This will be the unveiling of hidden illusions that may make your head spin. Don’t ask me what it is. I only have some glimpses.
  • If you know me and how I receive my information, you know my Guides typically show me the final outcome which is what I just wrote. This is not one party over another. It is about how we are going to grow into our highest spiritual being. The bigger picture is why this will happen. No fears. It must go down this way. I feel it will be for the highest good. It will open our eyes to many truths. I feel it will teach us once and for all to trust in a higher power in the Universe. And that power is not left or right. THAT POWER IS UP. GET READY FOR THE PLOT TWIST PEOPLE. Not just for the United States – but for the betterment of humanity and to raise the consciousness of our world to a higher vibration.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

If you don’t like “facebook”, you can also read her information here:

Here’s the link to Kim Russo’s website:

…and, on the following Blog page, there is an interesting gathering of information, which includes the statements above from Kim Russo. This page also mentions Secretary of State, John Kerry’s, trip to… “Antarctica?” starting on… “Election Day?” This is very odd. It also mentions a “CME” (Coronal Mass Ejection… a type of “Solar Flare”) hitting Earth starting on… Election Day. That page then includes the November 5th Channeling from Blossom Goodchild.

For a long Time, I was including Blossom’s weekly messages but stopped many months ago because it seemed that her connection changed and the messages were just “pep talks” and “Guidance information”. However, in “my” opinion, Blossom’s November 5th message is worth reading. You can find it at the Blog page below but it’s easier to follow from her own Blogsite (also below).

Here’s the link to the Blog page:

Here’s the link to Blossom’s message:


This was also sent to me by M.R. (thank you). I would not have found this otherwise because it was sent to M.R. as a “newsletter”. It’s not on the Sender’s website. So I am including that message here.

I was going to mark this as “bonus” information but, “IF” it’s true, it matches the information above AND it seems to be indicating a TimePoint within Humanity’s immediate future. (I used “bold” and “underline” on those words below.)

This is from Maureen Moss:

    • “Dearest Hearts,”


    • “Not a typical newsletter from me, these are words that flowed forth this morning.”


    • “Clearly the week ahead for the United States and those across the world will be one of the most significant in history. The Presidential election is historic in and of itself, though the weeks to follow may prove to be more so. Nothing is as it appears to be.”


    • “We are in the beginning times of an entirely new civilization, as was humanity some 200,000 years ago. Everything not harmonized with this new civilization will be dismantled… not sometime in the future… in the weeks directly in front of us.”


    • “Hundreds of thousands of years and billions of people will be shaped by who we become individually and then collectively and how this Earth is restructured by the events unfolding now.”


    • “We must trust we are being brought into harmony under the impulse of One system of operation.”


    • “Long knowing that a new humanity and new global reality would be born… in this our lifetime… certainly we had little idea of how that would occur.”


    • “Not all that long ago we came to know the responsibility we personally held to lift and stabilize our consciousness, open wide our hearts and free ourselves from the captivity of a deceptive, fearful lower nature having multiple realities.”


    • “Certainly we started becoming aware of our desire to know ourselves authentically, thus beginning the journey to return to a singular loving nature no longer conflicted by dual pillars of truth nor at odds or war with ourselves.”


    • “All this, in Divine right time and in preparation for a new reality to be born on Earth. It had to begin within ourselves.”


    • “Certainly not as instinctively, was how an entire distorted external reality (politically, socially, economically and more,) operating in reverse truth, riddled with deception, lies and manipulation would come to find its true nature.”


    • “Few would have considered how much could potentially come to Light under the glare of so much darkness, or that it would come through a Presidential election… far from over on election day regardless of the seeming winner…in the United States of America.”


    • “This election is a seismic evolutionary event.”


    • “In this week ahead, and those to follow… through the flurry and activity of the end times and the beginnings… as you witness the distorted psychology of the human system exposed and broken down from every angle… breathe, stay in your center and with an open heart, open mind and love… be in observance of this most profound display of activity on behalf of humanities evolution… and that of the Earth.”


    • “Hold each other close and stay in your center. We will get through this…it has already been written.”


  • “God Bless You,”
  • “Maureen”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to Maureen Moss’ website:


The following is a link to a page which shows a Starship made of out “light”. I saw this yesterday but didn’t include it because it just didn’t “feel” right.

Today, someone sent me a link to this same image. I took a “closer” and “longer” look at it just now and realized something…

  • At the top of the following page, there are “2” images of this Starship. One shows some clouds and the “Ship” and the other shows clouds, the “Ship” and some “Orbs” in the sky near it. Since there are no Orbs in the 1st photo, it means “Time” has passed for the Orbs to appear in the 2nd photo. However, look carefully and you’ll see that the “clouds” have not moved. In both photos, the clouds are in the exact same location with the same shape, size, etc. Because of this, I’m fairly sure that image was created in someone’s computer. This is really too bad because I REALLY want to believe that image is real.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


“IF” any of this is real, then Corey Goode’s statement below matches what some of us have been wondering about recently… regarding Secretary Of State John Kerry’s recently-announced trip to… “Antarctica”… to begin on Election Day.

    • ““The Cabal is on the ropes and panicking”: There was a number of things that I was unable to share in my recent update that I hope to be able to share soon. Some of that information involved a few details about negotiations for sanctuary for Secret Earth Syndicate members who work more in the public eye. It appears that they now expect to have to flee from prosecution in the near future. There has been quite a lot of newer activity in Antarctica and South America in recent weeks that I am certain has ties into Sec Kerry’s upcoming trip to Antarctica. CG – Secretary Kerry Travels to Antarctica, New Zealand, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Peru.”


  • “According to sources an island in NZ, Area’s of South America and Antarctica are places “Cabal” members plan on fleeing to. If so these meetings may very well be a signal to the Alliance that key members of these Secret Earth Syndicates are preparing to escape justice from an angry American populace. This syndicate believes they can steal the election and once again escape their fates. CG: U.S. Top Diplomat Kerry Flying To Antarctica During Presidential Vote.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-29-16 Disclosure?

*First a comment:

Just as I Posted my: “PS 4-29-16 *Sylvia, ClifHigh” information, I saw that I had started another Posting earlier in the day. When I quit the “Mail” program, before supper, that message was not re-opened. So I forgot that I had already started tonight’s research.

Anyway, the information below is what I found earlier today and should have been included with the previous Posting.


I was going to call this Section “UFO?” but then the “CERN” information appeared before me. So I had to adjust this Section.


In at least 1 other Posting that I don’t Track “UFO” information because, for me and Sylvia, this is “a given”… Star Visitors, Starships, exotic technologies, etc. have existed “in”, “on” and “around” the Earth for a VERY long Time. Their existence was never a question for us. However, since the Cabal have cornered the market on what Humanity “is” and “isn’t” allowed to see, any “UFO” images, which are more than “dots” in the sky, always catch our attention.

I’d like to think I’m pretty good at telling the difference between a “Cabal SkyCraft” and a “Star Visitor Starship”. So far, “unknown, sky objects” that “I” have seen have been either “Photoshopped” (computer created) or “a Cabal craft”… until today…

“IF” the images in the following 10-minute video are real, then they are the most convincing images “I” have seen (from THIS side of the “Veil”) of a Starship… a real, off-world Starship.

I’m also including this because “IF” it’s real it means:

• The Cabal are now unfolding “Disclosure” (the “official” revealing that Star Visitors are real), or

• The “Veil” is now so incredibly thin that our Star Visitor families and friends can now appear more easily. (This would also mean that those on the other side of the “Veil”, like My Sylvia, will now be able to communicate and visualize to their Loved Ones on THIS side of the “Veil”. Sylvia and I are ready. Let’s get this train moving!)

My comments: In this particular “happening”, Ship doesn’t fully materialize. So the images are not of the entire Craft… and, although the eye-witness states that this Craft is 2-football fields wide, it’s not a “Mothership”. They are MUCH larger.

Question everything.

Here’s the link of the 10-minute video:

Here’s the link where I 1st saw the above information:


The Cabal are almost becoming “comical” now. As Humanity raises its frequency and “Awakens”, we are all more and more able to see-through their lies, half-truths and information-distortions…

The following short article explains that a small animal chewed through a cable in the CERN (collider) facility and disabled it.

My comments: Let’s see now… It cost them $7-BILLION to build this state-of-the-art facility. All the images “I” have ever seen of this collider look as through there was a LOT of “attention to detail” in “designing” and “maintaining” this entire complex. Every wire, pipe and vent hole look like they have been properly sealed… and, according to this Wikipedia article, CERN is 100-METERS below the ground!

So… yeah. A small animal dug 100-meters into the ground, or even walked along a pipe, and then chewed-through an industrial cable! Yeah. That’s what happened.

Does anyone else see “what’s wrong with this picture?”

So, to “me”, this is yet another unfolding, by the Cabal, of “Disclosure”. I included a few of these last night and now there’s more today. If this keeps-up, we should see our Star Families, and those on the other side of the “Veil”, BEFORE 2016 IS OVER!!!

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 3-31-16 *April, *Credit, *TimeLines, Gaia, WarpDrive

*First a few comments:
As we collectively step-out onto the next month we call “April”, it’s not very good energy for me… It’s not a month I care to think about.

April 9th is when My Sylvia crossed-over.

Those 3-weeks in hospice were only the beginning of this nightmare I now call my existence.
I don’t like to swear. So I’ll put it this way:

The Cabal are the stupidest bunch of floaters I’ve ever seen in a toilet.

This, of course, makes the LightWorkers and Star Visitors, who control the timing of our freedom, EVEN DUMBER! (“Dumber” because they’re still allowing the Cabal to control their actions and timings.)

Here’s just 1 example:

One of our Credit Cards is from 1 of the Cabal’s larger banks. For the last 4-months or so they’ve left notes in our Account, asking us to update our Income Information, so they can consider us for a higher Credit Line. They say it’s the “government” that’s made them ask us to update our info, before they can even “consider” give us an increase.
Today, another Credit Card company simply sent us an eMail stating: “We just raised your Credit Limit by $300!” There were no games to play or paperwork to fill-out… AND, a few times, we’ve even spent a little more money than our “limit” allowed.
So “why” did they raise our limit? I know some Humans would love to know that formula (used by the Credit Card companies). For me and Sylvia, “I” think it’s because we’ve never been late on a payment AND because we DID slightly spend more than allowed. This told them:

“Hey, this family HAS the money, because they’re always on-time, but could use a little more spending room. So let’s increase their limit.”

Right now, except for this raised limit, all of our Credit Cards are full. We’re simply waiting for “Debt Forgiveness”. So the LightWorkers can remove those debts and leave the Cabal “holding the bag” (paying the bill). Credit Cards are the invention of the Cabal. Propped-up by laws made by the Cabal. In order to pay those Credit Card bills, we have to use another invention of the Cabal, called: “Money”, which they print and control. However, before we can pay those Credit Card bills, we have to take advantage of ANOTHER Cabal invention, which is called: “work for your income”… and THAT completes the Cabal’s circle.
So once “Debt Forgiveness” is officially announced, Humanity will switch over to real “money”, which is backed by real “things” and the Cabal’s fake, criminal “money” will be worthless. Maybe there will be a HUGE bonfire… and maybe the Cabal will light it FROM THE INSIDE!
(Sorry. That was more of a “gotta get it out of my energy sphere”.)
On 3/29/16, I included a “Timelines” Section, which basically stated that the positive Beings will soon go back 80,000-years and correct our hi-jacked Timeline and this will give us an 80,000-year “do-over”.

I’ve been thinking about this. Keep in mind that “good” and “bad” are “judgements”. They are taught by “Society” and learned by the new incarnates, who are arriving daily to help Humanity and the Earth.

What I’m puzzled about, with this, is… If a group of Beings (such as the Reptilians) can go back in Time and change things… we call it “bad”. When a 2nd group of Beings (such as the Star Visitors) goes back in Time and changes things, why do we call this “good”?
(1 thought): “That’s easy. The 1st group caused a lot of suffering to the Earth and to Humanity. So when the 2nd group goes back to change things back, it will be as though all that pain and suffering never happened.”
(2nd thought): “So all of the challenges we faced, obstacles we’ve overcome, the compassion we’ve learned, the helping our fellow Man and all the pure Love that was generated in the face of those very trying times will never have been learned? How is that a “good” thing?”
Here’s the link to that previous article:
Another encouraging message from “Gaia Portal”:
“Heralds of amplifications present.”
“Storm fields relinquish, as dregs are removed.”
“Waters of emerging Higher Energies wash the planet, and hu-being consciousness.”
“Nothingness appreciates.”
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
The following short article explains that “Warp Drive” technology is right around the corner and that we’ll be able to travel Light Years in just a few days.
My comments:
The reason I’m including this is because of something that “felt wrong” about this idea, when I heard it several months ago. I just didn’t feel that “wrong-ness” as heavily as I’m feeling it right now. So I want to share my personal thoughts on this idea:

Having a Starship with “Warp Drive” capability is only part of the full equation. Let’s think about this… You’ve just built a StarCraft which can move through Space faster than the speed of Light. (Faster than 186,000 miles per second.)

At that speed, a grain of sand, floating in Space, would either disintegrate upon impact with the Ship or go right through the Ship’s outer Hull.

So, along with a very fast Drive System, your Ship must have an incredibly fast-thinking computer and far-reaching Sensors. In fact, your Ship’s Sensors will have to scan in a “cone-shape” out in front of your Craft a MINIMUM of 1,860,000 miles ahead… constantly! This will only allow a 10-second TimeFrame for your Ship’s Sensors to detect an obstacle, figure out the best maneuvering path to take and then control the Ship to make those changes. (Remember, flying through Space means we’re dealing with 360-degrees of maneuverability. it’s not like driving a car and deciding whether to turn “left” or “right”. So a Starship has to constantly “sense” and “control” the energies within the entire “sphere” around it.)

As you can see, this is not something that seems very practical.

Yes, the Ship could be designed to have Force Field (Shields) technology but these will only deflect small to tiny objects. If there’s a situation where your Ship is heading directly into a planet so large that it will take several seconds to go around it, Shields will not protect your Ship from a direct impact into a planet. Not at those speeds.

So, to “me”, “Warp Drive” technology is “linear thinking”… We have taken what we now know and simply improved it. We haven’t really made a “leap” in technology. This is similar to something I told Sylvia many years ago… I was thinking about how Humans went from the “horse and buggy” to “automobiles”. I told Sylvia I would have never thought of that (‘automobiles”). My mind would have continued to improve the buggy… changing the suspension, installing more comfortable seats and maybe testing different materials for the frame and wheels but I don’t think I would have thought about replacing the “horse” with a “motor”.

So instead of making an engine which will move your Ship faster through Space, let’s backup and see what the real goal is… We really just want to move “people” and “materials” from “Point A to Point B”. Why don’t we simply use what is already available? “IF” the ideas I’ve read-about are true, all we have to do is use the man-made Portals, called “Star Gates” or the Natural “jump points”, such as Wormholes and Suns. Enter “this one” and exit through “that one”.

Anyway, just some thoughts.