PS 2-12-20 Ascension

This 24-minute video doesn’t waste any Time in explaining “how” each of us can activate the “Ascension” process.
  • This video is from “Gosia” of “Cosmic Agency” and she presents information which was given to her by “Swaruu”, a Taygetan from the Pleiadian Star System.
Here are a few highlights:
  • (Gosia) “How do I build that Timeline?… How do I build that future?… How do I build that Intention to generate the frequency that will match the Ascension?”
  • (Swaruu) “You must live it, as if it had already occurred. That is how it occurs. It is not something that will happen to you. It IS and MUST BE something that YOU do for yourself. Everything is frequencies and frequencies are the result of mental perception of consciousness. You want to know how… “Fake it, until you make it”. You must LIVE in that state of mind. You must not wait for “something” to happen. You must roll-up your sleeves and “get to it”. Study. Be the change. Doing every little detail that YOU feel WOULD make a difference. There are no small details. Small things are only small from the Human perception and scale of relevance. Importance. Not for a Cosmic scale.”
In the 2nd half of this video, Gosia presents her thoughts on what Swaruu provided and Gosia brings up something that most of us has known for a long Time, but has probably forgotten… or maybe some of us (like “me”) hasn’t connected this piece of information with the “Ascension” process:
  • (Gosia) How do you fight 3D? Not by fighting, pushing against it but by focusing on “5D”… We destroy “3D”, Collectively, by “being” 5D.”
There’s a Saying:
  • “IF you’re fighting the System, you’re still part of the System.”
I’m still listening to her comments and realized something that I had thought about before…
  • It’s not like she’s presenting new information but it’s either “the way she’s explaining it” (the “words” chosen) or there’s a special “energy” attached to what she’s saying… or… or, “I” (“we”) am now ready to actually “hear” the message.
  • Anyway, what I realized is this… When all of the Beings “on” and “inside” this planet focus their Intention on “5D” / “raising our frequencies”, we begin to move onto that “Ascension” Timeline. However, if a majority of the surface population become distracted by the cabal’s “mind games” / “Society maneuvers”, then that “energy balloon” that’s about to lift us all up, will become a bit deflated.
So, as Swaruu also explained, we need to focus on the idea that “Ascension” has already happened. We need to place our attention on “5D” and allow those frequencies to pull us toward that Timeline.
This all seems almost “too simple” but maybe that’s its design… Maybe the very “Tool” which can bring all of Humanity AND this planet through the Ascension process is “hiding in plain sight”… so simple that we don’t even think about it. Maybe when some of us get close to figuring it out, the cabal bring out their Society “noise makers” and try to stir things up. “Hey, look over here!”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 12-1-19 *StarSeeds, *Deception

*First a few comments:
Last week, while having Breakfast at Waffle House, as Sylvia and I always do before going to work, we noticed 2 children sitting at the Booth next to us. One of the Waitresses brought in her 2 girls (probably 4 and 6-years old) for a few hours (for some reason).
I do my normal “stare at my plate”, “stare at the walls” while I’m eating but then something caught my attention. At one point, I heard the younger girl tell her Mom: “Can I play some music?”. They then walked over to the Juke Box. The girl was smart enough to know she wasn’t tall enough to see the screen and immediately pushed a nearby chair in front of the music machine. She stood on that chair and quickly made some selections.
The music started playing and I told her Mom: “Did “she” play that? It’s a sophisticated song for someone so young.” Her Mom told us it’s a song from the movie “Frozen” and her daughter likes to hear it.
Then the next song played. It was “We Will Rock You” by Queen. I told the Waitress: “YOU must have picked that one.” She said: “No, SHE picked it. It’s her favorite song.”
Here’s the link to that Song:
While at Waffle House, I do my best not to really “look” at anyone. (I just don’t want to seem like I’m staring and have nothing better to do. Actually, I’m usually going over the information I read the night before and I’m seeing where all the new pieces fit in my Research.) At one point though, I glanced at the table the girls were sitting at and the youngest one looked right at me. At that point, I was Reading her “pre-Incarnation” background.
  • The younger girl is a “Commander” of that Ship. Either “fully” in-charge or “one” of those in-charge. Her older sister is a Scientist on that same Ship.
 I started to cry. No one saw me. I was crying because I saw that those 2 “children” were part of a Wave of Beings who had Incarnated on the surface of this planet, in order to help raise the overall frequencies.
  • Sylvia and I heard that Beings have been doing this for many decades. So this was not new information for me.
I was crying because Sylvia mentioned that this planet is now in the middle of the “last” Wave of Star Being helpers.
As I sat there, I wondered if their “mission” / “abilities” were hidden or protected from the cabal’s sensors. I then saw that each of them had a “Protector”. Each was at least 6-foot tall and wore a long “robe”, similar to the ones worn by the Guards who were assigned to protect the Emporer in Star Wars Episode 5. (We see them just before Luke Skywalker has that Lightsaber fight with Vader.) I couldn’t see their faces. So I couldn’t tell which Race they belonged to. However, as I “wondered”, my mind drifted a bit (or my stress dissipated) and I did manage to see their “lion-like” heads. Sylvia confirmed that those Protectors and the girls are Lion Beings from the Lyra Star System.
“IF” any of this is true, it shows that more and more, probably ALL, new Births are Star Beings who have come here to help in our collective Ascension… and “this”, in turn, tells me that we are all ever-closer to that “Veil” being removed and Sylvia and I reuniting with each other.
So. Is this just my over-active imagination working over-time?… or an insight into their energies? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Over the last few weeks, Sylvia’s “Lesson” for me to “understand”, “recognize” (see through) and “dissolve” this “Illusion” we think is our “Reality” has intensified. More and more, as things around me come to my attention, she points out that I need to stop, take a mental step back and see how some of those happenings are designed to keep me IN the Illusion.
As I immerse myself into those “Lessons” I clearly see how some of them are just waiting to pull me in to that magic trick AND, at the same Time, keep me from focusing on getting myself past the “Veil”.
Think about it… “Some say” we are all here to “experience”. No judgements. No right or wrong. Just experiences. The cabal know this but, long ago, they devised a few different Plans, which would shake us up (a jolt of “what’s happening now?”), so they could then “guide” us onto the Path of THEIR choice.
There’s a cabal saying:
  • “Order from chaos”
  • …which means THEY will create a problem and while everyone is panicking, the cabal will come forward with the “solution”.
Because the cabal still own the Main Stream Media (MSM), they can “spin” (twist) the facts to their own advantage. So it’s easy for them to make just about everyone believe THEIR solution is the best.
Think about it…
  • …from… “this” fruit is bad for you (and, later, “It’s ok. “that” fruit is NOT bad for you afterall), to…
  • …”the people in that country just insulted us. We must go to war with them.”… to
  • …”this” sports team is better than “that” sports team, … to
  • …children arguing in the Playground, etc.
All of it is designed to keep us “in the game”… in this “Illusion”. There’s a Saying:
  • “If you’re fighting The System, you’re still a part of The System.”
From what “I” have heard, over these last many months… from “my” Research, the cabal have had their “exotic technology toys” removed and the major flow of money to them has been lessened. in “my” opinion, this is why we are seeing a lot of “random” problems in various places:
  • From Hurricane Katrina (when the cabal still had Weather-Control technology), to various shootings, etc.
Yes, some people were hurt and some passed-away because of these “happenings”. Even if no one was ever injured, “some” of Humanity would still be sucked-in to the cabal’s twisted energies by including those topics in their “Water Cooler” conversations.
  • “They DID die.”
  • “No they didn’t.”
  • “Look at the facts”…
Well, if the “cabal” are in-control of a situation, there ARE no “facts” but, as you can see, the cabal only need to sprinkle a little “us versus them”… a little “doubt” into any equation and “most” people will “repeat” and “fortify” that information as if it were “fact”.
As an example of all this, let’s take a look at a situation I became aware of yesterday…
First, watch this 39-minute video:
Here are some unanswered questions, regarding that video:
  • Did the Attacker actually pass-away?
  • Why did the man with the knife take the knife?
  • Why did he run away from the crime scene WITH the murder weapon? (If he was going to hide the murder weapon, he wouldn’t be carrying it like that.)
  • Why did he take that item out of his pocket AND throw it to the ground IN FRONT OF the people who were filming him? (If he took that item from the Attacker, and was trying to help him, he wouldn’t have thrown it to the ground where everyone was watching him. Anyone one could now simply pick-up that item to see what it was.)
As the Narrator points out, many times, this is all VERY ODD. “Based on what we saw”, it just looks like it was all staged. “IF” this was staged, “why” did it happen? in “my” opinion, one reason might be… If the cabal have their money, exotic toys and mind-manipulation items taken away, the only thing they have left is “Deception”… but if it’s just “Deception”, who would care? The “cabal” would care because, as I mentioned above, this particular “happening” would get people talking, wondering and pouring their energies into “what really happened?”… and THIS is what keeps those people tied to this “illusion”.
Just some thoughts.

PS 6-23-19 *Health, *StarSeeds

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 6/16/19)
Last Wednesday, while helping unload a truck at work, I hurt my back. We had already been unloading it for a couple of hours and, at one point, I was about to place a bag of clothes (about 30-pounds, no big deal) onto a rolling rack that they use. I pivoted at my waist about 2-inches, lifted my arms (with that bag) and PAIN. I couldn’t do much for the next several hours. I actually had to sit down several times. I never sit down while at work. So everyone knew I was hurting. For an hour or so, I couldn’t even completely fill my lungs with air.
Close to the time when this first happened, one of the guys asked me a question. I don’t remember what he asked but it required an answer from Sylvia. As he asked me the question, I looked up at the 2nd floor that hangs over the Loading Dock where we work. (It’s like a “Mezzanine” in a theater — if you’re standing below that floor, you can see the people sitting up there.) I looked up and “felt” Sylvia sitting there. She was using the “Smart Glass” technology that she got from Agartha (inner Earth) and was eating some fruit.) She made a comment, in response to that guy’s question. So I passed it along to him.
I didn’t think about Sylvia using the Smart Glass until we got home. (I actually thought she turned it back in to the Agarthans, the last Time she used it.)
I was sitting at my desk eating supper and my back kept hurting. Even the simple movements I was making — eating and drinking — were causing my back to hurt. Sylvia then explained that I should take a deep breath and hold it, just before doing anything which would cause my back to hurt. I did that and there was no pain. None. After an hour of this, I was fine.
  • Sylvia then explained… The Smart Glass has “Wave Guide” technology in it. This is used by the Agarthans for healing and, basically, manipulating / re-aligning organic energies. (It can actually project energy onto another Being or organic material and heal it.) However, although she could use this on herself, she wasn’t allowed to use it on “me” (or anyone on THIS side of the “Veil”)… BUT the Smart Glass did explain how the various Systems are interconnected within the shell of the many Beings here on 3D Earth. So she did some research on what I was going through and learned that if I fill my lungs with air, the expansion of that cavity would be able to connect to other parts of the System within me and re-train that “pain” energy that it doesn’t belong within my Field.
  • “Wave Guide” technology has to do with energies being both “waves” and “particles” and how any “observer” of them can manipulate and manifest using those energies.
As always, I’m including this so others can understand how Sylvia is able to help me sometimes, how we communicate with each other and how Sylvia and I are helping to dissolve that “Veil”.
This has to do with “Drumming”… but it’s much more than that.
  • In the 60s, when I first started noticing “music”, there were no “female” Drummers in major bands, on television, etc. Yes, there were those rare moments in music history when the world would be presented with the magic of Drummers like Sheila E, Chaka Kahn and Karen Carpenter but, even until the last decade, the females that “I’ve” seen, playing the Drums, have been scarce and most of them seemed to be struggling to keep a beat.
  • So, for the most part, when I was growing up, “Society” looked at females as not being able to throw a baseball, not coordinated, not able to play more than “boom-chick, boom-chick” on the Drums, etc.
Today, I was checking the various music-gear, music-lesson websites when I thought I’d take a look at “Drumeo” — a Drum Lesson YouTube Channel. I skimmed through the various videos listed and saw one that caught my attention. The title is: “Groove Illusions”. I’d never heard that phrase before and thought I’d take a look at it. Oh, wait. it’s a “girl” giving that lesson. Oh, well. I’ll watch it anyway. (I’m not really like that. I’m exaggerating here, to make a point.)
The video starts with her playing the Drums to a Backing Track (a recorded Song). The camera shows off her “prettiness”. So I tuned-out the Drums. Then I noticed “what” she was playing… Whoa! WHOA! I’d better pay attention to what she’s actually playing or I won’t be able to keep up with her lesson.
The name of this VERY professional, VERY capable Drummer is: Camille Bigeault.
I was in tears for the first 12-minutes, watching this video. Why? Because (I’m crying again, looking into that energy)… because she’s showing me: “We have arrived.” This is “feedback” to “me” that the greatest Starseeds… the strongest off-planet assistance Earth has been asking for has finally arrived and is now making themselves known… to everyone.
Camille not only “plays the Drums” but she does it effortlessly… and she’s not just “winging it”. She actually KNOWS her stuff.
This current wave of Starseeds, Indigo Children, Rainbow Children or whatever you want to call them, have come here to help bring this entire planet “Home” — out of this illusion. This alone takes focus, an inner-strength and a lot of Heart. At the same Time, most of these Beings “announce” their arrival status by doing near-miracle things.
  • Camille, for example is from France and speaks English very well.
  • Plays the Drums like an accomplished Progressive Rock Drummer,
  • Wrote most of the Backing Track music herself, etc.
Heres’ the link to Camille’s lesson:
Here’s the main “Drumeo” YouTube Channel, where you can watch Drum Lesson videos:

PS 7-31-18 Predictions, UFOs

In the following 2-minute video, Clairvoyant “Aluna Ash” states:
  • “ALL Twinflames, Starseeds: The Gateway Keepers of The Collective Unconscious- The 144 711 Template: This is the PRE-event for October event. We are in a dimensional shift. Your 5D timeline will merge with your current access point within the next 2, 3 weeks. -Arcturus Transmission Point overseeing the Galactic Human awakening and ascension of humanity. You are here to merge the non-physical with the physical, while existing & experiencing both. This 3D 5D merge is happening as Gaia shifts to a 4th density Entity. Mirroring Uranus cycles. Uranus is Gaia’s ascension partner in this galaxy. Everything has a mirror.”
My comments: While reading that, I felt as though she was talking directly to “me”. “You are here to merge the non-physical with the physical, while existing & experiencing both.” That’s exactly what believe we are doing. I’ve mentioned this several times during these last 381-weeks… this is why I remained on THIS side of the “Veil”, while Sylvia crossed to the other. We are both grounding the Light and pulling those Realms together.
  • “Listen to all past energy updates to hear more about this current paradigm shift that began on the Galactic New Year July 26th, activating the Galactic Human template.”
  • “We are dismantling ALL timelines and fragmented realities created from past experiences for ALL TWINFLAMES, STARSEEDS, LIGHTWORKERS… You are no longer attached to 3D past experiences. Gaia will begin to mirror Uranus through our poles shifting as we match these higher frequencies of the Uranian timeship grid in full affect- This is the fall of Babylon. Babylon is the 1260 timing frequency of false time locking humanity in a visible light frequency of linear time which is the 3D Matrix system.”
  • “The codes are already within you. This is why you are the gateway keepers. These codes activate during specific cycles and waves that I post. The physical body will begin to activate the Galactic Human’s Biosolar Telepathy through this cycle, creating the new telepathic civilization. This is the next phase of this human experiment. This is put into place by Galactic contract and it will not happen any other way.”
  • “You are not actually “leaving” only leaving the Matrix System. You have agreed to create heaven on Earth by re-awakening the Galactic Human and by guiding this ascension process. This is done by your ability to be a multidimensional being, existing in multiple dimensions to pull forth higher timelines into the physical. You came here through Galactic contract to co-create New Earth not leave for New Earth and leave the unawakened behind in the system. -AA Transmission Station, Galactic Federation Of Light.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.
The following web site contains lots of articles on subjects such as:
  • UFOs,
  • Russian underground cities,
  • Antarctica,
  • Chemtrails,
  • Clones,
  • Missles,
  • Nazis, etc.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to this site’s “menu” page:

PS 7-17-18 Predictions, AlternativeNews, Cobra

In this 5-minute video, “Aluna Ash” says she was awakened from a sound sleep with the following information. She provides so many quick details that it’s better for everyone to simply watch the following video (instead of me writing-out what she said).
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Although I sometimes “check-in” with “alternative news” sources, in order to see what’s happening on the “Society” level of this planet, this is not “typically” a “Rabbit Hole” I Track.
With that said, there is some subtle and very interesting information in the following video, which some of you may find useful. The Narrator of that 45-minute video “shows” and “explains” various happenings which have recently taken place. Some of the things she points-out are almost “hide-in-plain-sight” or “spy versus spy” happenings.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
This was Posted by Cobra today:
  • Planetary Ascension Process
  • “After the Event, the planetary Ascension process proper will begin. The Veil will be lifted, using vortex technology:”
  • “And the energy space around the Earth will look something like this:”
  • “All the spider plasma entities that now encapsulate Earth surface cities will be gone by then. It is not a coincidence that surface cities look like spiders when seen from space:”
  • “The physical metallic spiders which are physical anchors for the Chimera grid will be gone also:”
  • “Now it can already be revealed that the Chimera are actually insectoid (arachnid) beings incarnated into humanoid bodies, and are even more full of anomaly than dracoids (Draco and Reptilian beings incarnated into humanoid bodies):”
  • “In Asia, the Jesuit / Rothschild / communist / turbocapitalist layer of China will be disintegrating rapidly and underlying positive Blue Dragon taoist culture, originating from Thuban (Alpha Draconis), will be fully activating its network of Light through the actions of Eastern Agartha network:”
  • “Many new technologies known to Resistance Movement are now already in development on the surface, and they will make life easier:”
  • “In the West, White Nobility families will revive the mystery schools of Atlantis:”
  • “Real occult understanding about planes of existence will be revealed:”
  • “Also, understanding about 13 rays / emanations from the Source and understanding about dynamic interplay between the Absolute and the primary anomaly will be revealed also:”
  • “Also, understanding about spiritual initiations. Knowledge about spiritual initiations in its distorted form exists even today:”
  • “Here it needs to be said that the fourth (Arhat) initiation means dissolution of the vertical implant, vertical primary implant being a rotating plasma black hole which separates personality identification from the I AM presence. When this implant is dissolved, the electric fire of the I AM presence absorbs all living matter of the causal, mental, astral, etheric, plasma and physical bodies into itself, and can from then on project itself into the time / space continuum as a double torus living hologram of the rainbow resurrection body (Light body):”
  • “Consciousness of the Ascended being who has taken Arhat initiation is absolutely free from any negativity and suffering and is full of what is true, good and beautiful.”
  • “Before the Event, one of the fastest ways to accelerate your individual Ascension path is to practice cosmic Cobra breath (NOT directly related to the writer of this blog)”
  • “The other very important element is to connect with your I AM presence:”
  • “And to connect with Ascended beings.”
  • “And to connect with nature:”
  • “After the Event and the First Contact, awakened Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors will begin to gather in Areas of Light in Soul families. They will undergo group Initiation and Ascension process and will complete this process in the first wave of Ascension, when they will be teleported to the motherships of the Galactic Confederation. Many of them will later return as Ascended beings to the surface of the planet to prepare the second wave of Ascension which will take place in the same manner. Those who will undergo the Ascension process in the second wave will also be able to return to the surface of the planet and prepare the third wave , which will also happen in the same way and will complete the Ascension process for this planet.”
  • “All Lightworkers (Starseeds) who make their free will choice for Ascension will be able to complete their own Ascension in either of the waves, which will happen a few years apart. Some rare humans of the Earth origin will be able to complete the process also.”
  • “This process is known in certain circles as Rapture:”
  • “Planetary Ascension process was described in great detail and quite accurately in the following book, in one of the very rare reliable channelings:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”
My comment: Since Cobra starts this out with “After the Event…”, I feel that “he” or “she” is really telling us that “the Event” is SO VERY SOON! Only Time will tell.
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to access the images and links provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 12-18-16 *Communication, Ascension, Starseed, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

Here’s the link to our BandCamp page, where you can listen to our entire album: “Perfectionately Yours”. You can also read the Lyrics to each Song and Sylvia and I have also included some background information on this album:

As Sylvia and I were having Breakfast this morning, I looked into our Living Room and was looking at Sylvia’s desk area. I was remembering how we spent quite a while figuring out the best way to use that Living Room space for both of our workstations, when we 1st moved in here.

I then noticed the many notes, pictures, books, small piles of office supplies, etc. that Sylvia placed “just so”. I’ve mentioned, many times, that Sylvia and I are 90-percent alike. The arrangement of items in our work-area is one of those very few parts of our energies where we are different. To “me” her desk-area is “cluttered” but, to “Sylvia”, it not only provides her with all the resources she needs to keep “her”, “me” and our entire “household” and “business” operating efficiently, but those things also give Sylvia emotional comfort.

I got up from the Breakfast Table (this morning) and was thinking of all this again and remembering how I know all this about My Sylvia… In a word, “Communication”. I am SOOO grateful that both Sylvia and myself always remembered to “Communicate” with each other on everything… every thing.

Over the years, I’ve heard other Males, and even Females, talk about their “Significant Other” as if they didn’t really know that person:

  • “Yeah. The wife put those things there. I have no idea why. She’s funny like that.”
  • or
  • “Now THIS… I could never understand why he bought THIS. It doesn’t DO anything. It’s just junk.”

When all these pieces filled me, I had an out-pouring of tears… BIG tears. I was standing there. In the middle of our Kitchen CRYING… Crying because Sylvia and I have that “special-ness” which comes, 1st through unquestionable LOVE and then through Communication. I was sad because some people don’t ever get to that layer of understanding with their Loved Ones… but we have.

I’ve even heard people talk about their Loved Ones, who are in a State of “ready to cross-over”, and take the stance of:

  • “it’s his or her time to rest and move on. I’ll just let them be and let them “slip away” when they’re ready.”

They may not say those exact words and they may not even know they feel that way but after that person “crosses”, they’re just sad because they’re no longer here and “what am “I” going to do without them?”

That’s fine. Everyone has to function within their “Truth”. To “me”, though, when Sylvia and I spent those horrible 3-weeks in hospice, my “Truth” told me:

  • This is all we get “right now” on this “physical” level. If I have ANY questions for Sylvia, THIS is the Time to ask them.

So I did. There were even a few people in hospice who told me to “just let her rest”. I NEVER pushed Sylvia, in ANY part of our Life together. So, even in hospice, I asked all my questions when the timing was right… When she was “aware” of the “me” here and in a talking mood.

All through “hospice”, I thought to myself:

  • “I only have ONE CHANCE to get this right!”

I’m glad I did ask those questions and Sylvia is happy that I went-ahead and allowed her to Communicate those fragile pieces of information which I still needed from her.

All of this is also why I still keep all of Sylvia’s “things” just as SHE left them. Yes, it’s a “blessing” AND a “curse” but it gives me comfort because I KNOW “why” she bought “that” and why she “placed those items just as she did”. Yes, I remember what My Sylvia looks like… on the “outside”. She really is beautiful… BUT I also KNOW what makes My Sylvia “MY” Sylvia… I know her very “Character”… her “Style”… her very “Essence”. Anyone can fall in-love with a “Mannequin” / a “Trophy Wife” (or “Trophy Husband”) but, at the end of the day, you find yourself trying to have a “Life” with an empty shell. When you reach the true beauty of another person, their Character, filled with their personal quirks and special ways of doing things, THAT’S when you (I’m crying)… That’s when you’ve connected, not only to “someone special” but you’ve connected on a very special level… and be sure to tell them, in a loving way, of course:

  • (you) “You know that crooked way you like to wear your hat?”
  • (your Loved One) “Oh. I’ve been meaning to fix that.”
  • (you) “No, don’t. I love it that way. It’s part of your cute Style.”
  • (your Loved One) “Uh… you LIKE it that way? I didn’t know anyone would ever notice.”
  • (you) “It’s part of what makes “you” YOU. I love that about you.”
  • (your Loved One) “Ok… I’ll have to find more quirky things to do… to see if you’ll notice them.”
  • (you) “I can’t wait.”


This 1-hour, 49-minute video, published on 12/17/16, is of “Channel” Micheila Sheldan. Here are some highlights:

The Dimensional-based information begins around the 23-minute mark…

  • We’re currently in a “splitting of the TimeLines”.
  • In November, the Earth came to a “leveling-off of her vibration”.

The Channeling begins around the 41-minute mark…

  • “Time” is created by you. “Time” is not linear. With every creation, Time is evolving through you into being. “The illusion of time that has been presented to you is one of THE most resistant programs you have running within your structure. We can relate this in the way in which you function in your day-to-day reality. Meaning that you are watching the clock… there are tasks that you must pertain to and, that clock is taking you into a dimension that keeps you, perspecting into each moment, either in future or in past.”
  • “A raise of Dimension is equal to a raise of perception… a “change” in perception.
  • “…and you are going to be operating in a field of synchronicity that you have never seen before. The reason for this is that the magnetics here have changed.”
  • (Someone asked a question about “transitioning” and this is the “Channel’s” response…) “When your Soul has a physical experience on Earth, your transition is different than any other dimensional location that you might be in. The reason for this is, it is equal to the way you have evolved here as Beings. We see that the form of transition is actually going to be changing as you move into this next phase of reality.”

My comments: The “Channel” doesn’t explain exactly what that new form of “transition” is but, in “my” opinion, it’s what Sylvia indicated to me, shortly after she crossed-over… that “I” would not be “crossing”. At least not in the “physical” / “traditional” sense. My feeling “was”, and still “is”, that “I” and those Beings here when the “Event” takes place, will simply “be” with those Beings on the other side of the “Veil”, once that “Veil” is removed… and THAT is the “form of transition” we are all quickly approaching. This is a very positive thing.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the link to her personal website:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I’m including this because, “IF” it’s true, then it “may” indicate that yet another Starseed has awakened to his true purpose…

  • “Doctors who treated Kanye West at the UCLA Medical Center say that the pop star thinks he is an alien sent to Earth to help humanity.”
  • “According to the new issue of Life & Style magazine, Kanye West told doctors and medical staff that he was a “starseed” sent on a mission to help Earth.”
  • ““When he first went to the psych ward, he was hearing voices,” notes an insider.”
  • “Soon after that, “he started telling people he’s a ‘starseed’ –  an alien on a mission to help the Earth.””
  • “Kanye has only been out of the hospital for a few days. His stay lasted less than two weeks from his Nov. 21 admission.”
  • “When he was admitted last month, rumors swirled that Kanye West had been forcibly locked up for “brainwashing” by his handlers after an outburst where he called Jay Z a member of the illuminati and he publicly offered support for Donald Trump.”
  • ““I am putting my career, my life, my public well-standing at risk, when I talk to y’all like this. Beyoncé, I was hurt, cause I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won [VMA] Video of the Year over me, over Hotline Bling.””
  • ““Jay Z, I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head. Talk to me like a man!””
  • “Doctors say Kanye’s recent bizarre behavior could be evidence of some kind of schizoaffective disorder. Symptoms include hallucinations or delusions, along with depression or mania.”
  • “Whether or not Kanye West still believes he is an alien, he has doubled down on his support for Donald Trump and is rumored to have been offered an Ambassador role in Trump’s administration after their recent meeting on Tuesday.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m also including this as “bonus” information…

Jennifer Hoffman’s message, from today, was difficult for me to understand but I think I know where she’s coming from. She seems to be painting a realistic picture of what “2017” will bring Humanity:

  • “What a strange day it was today. first, it was hot here in Wilmington, 78 degrees! which is almost a 100 degree difference from the -10 in Vermont 2 days ago. Then I noticed time was acting strangely, as there were moments when it seemed to stand still and I was processing so much energy that I was in and out of body all day. I also re-read the Madeleine L’Engle books, starting with ‘A Wrinkle in Time’. I have read them a dozen times but I needed to read the first 3 books today.”
  • “We are creating many levels of closure — but this is not ‘the end’ forever and there will be no more lessons for the rest of forever. I want to be clear about that. Closure is a completion of cycles that allow new energetic pathways to be created but they are not the endings that some people are writing about, from which false hope that we can start the new year with no more ‘stuff’ can arise. 2017 can be a wonderful year but it is not”
  • “We’ll have new cycles but with closure we can experience them from a different perspective. Without closure, we don’t have the new perspective so while it appears that we repeat lessons, what is really happening is we lack the new perspective to allow us to see new potentials or possibilities in ‘old’ situations.”
  • “I feel we are in a powerful transition today as we enter a very unusual energy week. I am excited about this, are you? Despite the strange energy today, I feel very positive, happy, and energized about the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. How was your day?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-2-16 StarChildren, Cobra, Space-X

*First a comment:

It sure doesn’t feel like “Saturday”. I’m sensing that it’s really supposed to be “Tuesday”.


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.
The following is titled: ““The New Human” – Excerpt from book“. There are 2 excerpts which you should know about. This is the 1st:

  • “The following excerpt is from a soon to be released book titled “The New Human” by Mary Rodwell who is an internationally recognized UFO researcher specializing in ET contact phenomena.  It features a special child named Cathy who the author says is a “Star Child.””

…and this is the one which REALLY caught my attention. (When I read “5-years from now”, I felt sad. Then I saw the TimeFrame and my energy increased!)

  • “CATHY: “Something important will happen in the next five years on this planet (2012-2017). The parents have to listen to us. We need to educate the parents.””

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is today’s cryptic message from Cobra:

  • “BIOCHIP primary trigger”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


According to the following article, the recent destruction of the “Space-X” rocket was caused by a “UFO”.

I’m including this because I’m hearing about more and more varied things happening and all of this “might” lead to “Disclosure”.

So “IF” that’s a real “UFO” in the photo (on the following page), it means our Star Visitor families and friends really ARE taking a more-active role in our well-being than we realize.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-15-16 *Helpers, Quinsey, WhiteHat-DarkHat

*First a comment:


  • I just finished writing the following and realize… I thought this was going to be an account (a re-telling) of what happened today but I was “nudged” to provide a few more details on the “process”. That wasn’t my intention when I started this Section. (In other words, I didn’t want to “preach”.)

I’m including this because Sylvia and I want to show at least 1 way of “reading” (“sensing”) another person’s energies and deciphering the information provided.

Anyone can do this. You can also do this with animals. The main thing is to “fist” Shield (“energetically” / “psychically” protect) yourself and to always be open-minded about “what” you receive and “how” it come to you.

  • I’ve mentioned before that “I” sometimes “see” Sylvia’s information through my “feelings” or “understand” her message through an “image”, etc.
  • For “me”, the information “I” receive is placed “within” me — my physical body and even in my (Aura) energy field. i’ve also “sometimes” noticed that “feedback” will come from “outside” of those areas… For example, if I’m not sure if I’m interpreting something correctly, an outside (of me) “nudge” may be provided… Let’s say I’m describing an “electrical flow” but don’t understand if it’s running “parallel” (side-by-side) or “in-series” (one-after-the-other). While I’m explaining this, someone (not knowing anything about what I’m saying) might walk by and say: “You know, we should pick-up some cereal” (serial, in-series)… or they may say: “Tomorrow, we’ll walk through the Mall arm-in-arm” (parallel, side-by-side).

A few weeks ago, someone was telling me and Sylvia about her 11-year old daughter having a tough life, mentally, and sometimes finding it very difficult to deal with the immediate social-world around her — school, friends, etc.

The girl had a crying attack this morning, so her Mom called a Councilor, who is trained in this type of work.

Sylvia and I have seen this girl from across the room but haven’t seen her face or heard her voice. So “I” have not picked-up on any of her energies, in order to offer some type of information which “may” be of some help. However, “Sylvia” CAN “read” that girl. So, today, after hearing what happened, and being concerned but not able to offer any assistance, Sylvia provided me with this information:

  • It was several minutes later and Sylvia and I were in another part of the building mopping. Sylvia then provided me with this:
  • That “little girl” is a VERY powerful Being. She came here from VERY far away, in order to help at this time.

At that point, I just CRIED so VERY hard, I couldn’t move. Fortunately, we were near the Stock Room. So no one saw me.

  • I was crying because, at that moment, I sensed that “I” had been in this Galaxy or simply on this single planet for more incarnations than I care to remember… that I have been helping fight the negative forces for so very long that I’m also worn out. To finally have help… and very special help seemed to connect me with my own “bigger picture”… that someone “out there” FINALLY realized we need help here and FINALLY figured out how to send-in reinforcements.

Once I could move again, with tears still on my face, I quickly went to find the girl’s Mom, to relay the information I was just given.

  • I saw her on 1 of the grocery aisles but didn’t want to say anything just yet because another Customer was on that same aisle, looking at some crackers. So I stood back and waited for several seconds but the Customer just seemed to be in slow-motion.
  • I told Sylvia that I didn’t want to take to the girl’s Mom while that other woman could hear me. Sylvia simply said: “Timings”. So I continued to wait.
  • Before that Customer left, 2 other Customers entered that aisle. Again, I told Sylvia that we have to wait and, again, Sylvia said: “Timings” but this Time, she provided an additional piece of information, which came to me through my “feelings”… The “Timings” she’s referring to is to “talk” and not the “Timings” of “do not talk”. So what Sylvia was suggesting is that these 3 people also need to hear this information… or at least be a part of the energy of that moment. I told her “ok” and began explaining what I received.
  • As I was explaining everything to the Mom, I noticed that my mind drifted to the back part of that information line, looking for an answer to a question I just had. I wanted to know if that girl is about to do her work all by herself. As soon as I imprinted the question, I received an image of the Earth (about 2-inches in diameter). All around it were “red” / “reddish” spheres, like the round-end of a Common Pin with the pointed-end stuck into the Earth. From the eighth-inch diameter spheres, I understood that there weren’t “millions” of people on that girl’s team but there may have been a thousand or so. (Had those “spheres” / “pin-heads” been smaller, there would have been may more surrounding that picture of the Earth and this would have told me there were many more than a “thousand”.)
  • I started to explain that these “Helpers” are similar to the “Starseeds”, “Indigo”, “Rainbow” and “Crystal” children, but there was “empty energy” where that information should have been (within my mind). I then sensed a piece of information on my “inner knowing”, which told me these Beings are in a Class by themselves. They are not the same as the Beings in those groups.
  • As I sensed I was reaching the end of the information Sylvia provided, I looked for more but nothing else came-through. So I told the girl’s Mom: “That’s all I have right now. Either that’s all that’s being allowed to come-through (to be shared) or “I’m” not allowed to know.”

Again, I’m being “nudged” to provide these details, in order to share how “our” (me and Sylvia’s) process works. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I’m also including this information to let everyone know… “IF” this information is real, it means several more “Helpers” have incarnated on this planet and are now at the point of “waking-up”. They feel a bit different to me. Although I can’t read the “scope” (the “measurement”) of just how powerful they are, I just “know” that they are extremely powerful Beings and “this” is why, in “my” opinion, that girl is “probably” being targeted by the Cabal’s mind-games group… to keep her and her team from doing their job. (Right now, I’m also sensing that the Cabal cannot stop them. On some level, they knew this might happen and are simply waiting for the right Timing, in order to unfold their talents.


This Channeled message is through Mike Quinsey. Here are some excerpts:

  • “People’s expectations are rising and their confidence improving so much, that they are coming forward to support the Light. The truth has begun to surface and the lies and distortion of the facts are not so easily accepted as they were. People’s perception of what is going on is revealing the truth, and they have the ability to be discerning where false information is circulated. These are the predicted times when what has been hidden will be revealed, and although the news is still largely controlled by those on the dark side, it does sometimes leak out. There have been many resignations as the dark Ones are revealed, and it will continue until it reaches a point when their place is taken by Beings of Light. It is in fact already happening on a small scale and often it has a knock on effect that leads to others who have hidden their actions coming out.”
  • “…matters are changing even more rapidly than previously and the pressure is mounting on those who support the Illuminati. They know that their time is limited and had hoped to escape responsibility for their deeds. There is no escape and they will have to answer for their actions, regardless of how much they try to avoid the inevitable time of accountability.”
  • “Bear in mind that you are eventually going to leave the lower vibrations, as the changes occur in your approach and understanding of spiritual understanding… As has been previously indicated, you agreed to drop down into the lower vibrations, and you were assured that at any time you wished to progress, you would be given help. Time as you know it is on your side but if you wish to take advantage of the coming end of the last cycle and the opportunity to ascend, you need to apply yourself to reach the level of vibration that is necessary to do so.”
  • “When you finally return to the higher dimensions all will be revealed to you, as you have been severely restricted by the lower vibrations and even temporarily lost your memory. Some of you have a “feeling” of experiences in a higher level, and occasionally a memory of them. This sometimes results from your “out of the body” experiences during your sleep time, although most souls cannot bring such things to their waking mind.”
  • “This year is still going to be one to remember and although matters are not manifesting as quickly as intended, be assured many things are happening behind the scenes. To say the least you will not be disappointed once those of the Light feel safe enough to proceed with their projects.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Since I don’t know the background or Source of this information, I can only present it.

  • The Resistance Movement
  • “The Resistance Movement consists of Pleiadians who were baited down to the surface to perform alpha operations and were then barred from the ship. These people then formed a plan to help awaken the surface population and overthrow the Illuminati in 2012.”
  • “The Resistance Movement is not centralized by any means. Some of the Pleiadians that were baited down were completely unaware and were not able to make it to a safe location underground without being programmed. On the other hand there are others that understood the situation and were able to make it underground safely. The ones that remained on the surface were able to join governmental agencies such as the NSA but were loyal to the Illuminati or in other words they were dark hats.”
  • “The plan to liberate the planet in 2012 nearly succeeded. During the summer of 2012 the Illuminati actually began to negotiate their surrender. The problem was that not enough people took collective action to force it. The Illuminati kept stalling and stalling to prolong the situation. Then eventually the galactic central sun was muted by the Draco Federation and this noticeably slowed down the evolution of humanity.”
  • “This plan was not the only plan to liberate the planet by the Resistance Movement. What many people don’t realize is that during the early 90’s a lot of people began to reach their ascension. The Resistance Movement got involved with a certain television show that caused a lot of starseed children that had recently reached their ascension to realize their potential.”
  • “The Organization is a Draco group. The Resistance Movement and the Organization are not connected. What many people don’t realize is that there were many Draco groups undergound. The faction in Montauk or the Chimera group was not the only group by any means. The Organization would mostly come up and bait White Hats underneath the surface to program them or kill them. They would then come up shapeshifted as the white hats to shape geopolitical events in their favor.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: