PS 4-7-18 *Status, Cobra, Arrests

*First a comment:
A few months ago, Sylvia indicated the Status of where we (her and I) are at this point in Time. She did this with 2 different television shows from the 60s. She provide this feedback in order to help lower my stress level and to let me know that the Time is very close for the “Veil” to be removed and for her and I to be reunited with each other.
The 2 television shows are:
  • Star Trek (original series) “The Enemy Within”: When Sulu is trapped on the planet, because of a Transporter malfunction, him and his Away Team are almost completely frozen by the harsh temperature of that planet.
  • This is where I “perceive” I am in this illusion — completely stuck without My Sylvia’s Life Support.
  • Twilight Zone (original series) “Little Girl Lost”: A little girl falls through the wall in her bedroom 1-night, while looking for her dog. Hearing his Daughter’s cry for help, her Father enters the wall to look for her. After walking through this mysterious, unfamiliar place, the man finally locates his Daughter and their dog. They then make their way back to the wall’s opening, where his Wife and a Neighbor are waiting for them. When the Father, Daughter and dog finally emerge back into the girl’s bedroom the Father explains about the many passageways he had to travel through, in order to find his Daughter. The Neighbor then states: “What are you talking about? I’ve had a hold of your feet the entire time.”
  • This is “Sylvia’s” Reality of what is actually happening… Although “I” think I’m wandering lost and un-assisted, Sylvia has her arms around me all the Time.
I started to not write-out this next piece of information but the more I think about this, the more I realize something has changed…
I’m citing the “Mandela Effect” on this…
  • When I Searched for Clips for the Twilight Zone episode, I 1st found the one at the link below. It only shows the part where the Father falls into the wall and finds his Daughter. It doesn’t show them re-entering the girl’s bedroom.
  • What I noticed… and what is now bothering me, is that the Father in that Clip NEVER MOVES, once he enters the wall. He just stands there calling-out to his Daughter and their dog. When I watched that entire episode, back in the 60s, the Father actually WALKED AROUND. He walked through several rooms and corridors, looking for his Daughter and the dog.
  • Now, however, the following Clip shows something completely different. I know the Father’s lack of movement in this Clip is WRONG because his walking around is really the build-up to the “Oh my gosh!” reaction for the television audience… because, once they’re back in the bedroom, the Father explains that he had to walk quite a lot, in order to find them. Then, the “Oh my gosh!” is when the Neighbor says: “What are talking about? I was holding onto your feet the whole time.” So if his “walking” was the “build-up”, why would this Clip now show him NOT moving? I say it’s because of the “Mandela Effect”.
I hadn’t heard of anyone in the Mandela Effect circles discussing this. 1) because I don’t go looking for those forums, and 2) because I think there are TONS of very subtle changes within this “Reality” that no one has discovered yet… simply because they’re very minor and tucked-away in less-viewed videos, articles and images.
Here’s the link to the Twilight Zone clip:

Today, Cobra Posted the following 4 messages. These are intended for the “Resistance Movement”:

  • “Saturday, April 7, 2018”
  • “Modulate MASTERPIECE”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 6:41 AM 34 comments:”
  • “Merge Project 83 / MASTERPIECE”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 9:49 AM 28 comments:”
  • “Prioritize CITA ANNABELLA  modulation, RPS strictly enforced”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 1:55 PM 12 comments:”
  • “RPS: potential HVBN contextual response positive, all past RP- timelines reverse cleared”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 3:19 PM 6 comments:”
My comments: “timelines”? This is the 1st Time I know of that Cobra has mentioned “timelines” when communicating with the Resistance Movement. I didn’t know they were “involved with” or were “capable of” manipulating timelines.
Maybe this means we so close to the activation of “the Event” that the Resistance Movement has to “clear” and “align” timeline energy as well as the other things they’re taking care of. Only Time will tell.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:
This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
In this 15-minute video the Narrator explains that Animals, in different parts of the United States, are not acting as the normally do. He shows short Clips of Rabbits, Geese and Birds which seem to not “notice” or not “care” about being near Cars and People.
One Bird is shown, repeatedly-trying to fly through a closed window. In another short video, a Bird is just sitting on the ground near someone’s home and doesn’t seem to be concerned about the Family Dog trying to pull himself off his leash to take a closer look.
My comments: This isn’t something I normally Track but I am interested in Animal “patterns” as a whole. Except for not seeing ANY Animals for many days at a Time, I haven’t seen any strange Animal behavior. Have any of you seen Animal characteristics like the ones mentioned in the following video?
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 57-minute video, from April 5th, is of a Researcher / Journalist named David Seaman. He claims that his team is made-up of former Law Enforcement officers, Intelligence Community people, etc. Here are a few highlights:
  • He begins this video by opening a bottle of Champagne.
  • He says “it’s over” and that the Arrests are about to begin. A few days ago, I learned that someone had leaked information that President Trump wasn’t really under investigation. (I think the “good guys” wanted this distraction out there, in order to confuse the cabal.) Because of this leak, he says, the Arrests have now been pushed forward and are about to take place. He said, originally, the Arrests weren’t supposed to happen for another month or so.
  • The Journalist in this video claims to have seen the Indictments, which now number over 24,000, and saw at least 1 being un-sealed.
My comment: “IF” that information is real, then, “yes”, this is HUGE!!! The Arrests will now be the 1st “public” Domino to fall.
  • He claims to be in on some special information that he can’t talk about. Several times, he mentioned parts of some things and then stopped and said he’s not allowed to say more. One of these pieces of information is around the 15-minute mark when he talks about “Bitcoin”. He says the people involved with the Financial System of this country are seriously considering “Crypto Currency” as our new Financial Method and “Bitcoin” is at the top of that list.
  • In his Live Broadcast (which is the video below), someone asked him when the “MSM” (Main Stream Media) go down. David then says: “Within days”.
  • He says we’re going to start seeing MSM members being “out sick” or “family matters” or “on vacation”, etc. They will actually being going to jail.
  • Someone just asked him about “Chemtrails”. He says “Chemtrails are real. They were just decommissioned. I can’t say much more than that. Chemtrails are ended. They’re done. It’s not a thing any more.”
  • The “Royal Family” will also be taken down but not with “Indictments”. “There’s a special plan for them.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the video:
Here’s the link to an article about David Seaman:

PS 3-31-16 *April, *Credit, *TimeLines, Gaia, WarpDrive

*First a few comments:
As we collectively step-out onto the next month we call “April”, it’s not very good energy for me… It’s not a month I care to think about.

April 9th is when My Sylvia crossed-over.

Those 3-weeks in hospice were only the beginning of this nightmare I now call my existence.
I don’t like to swear. So I’ll put it this way:

The Cabal are the stupidest bunch of floaters I’ve ever seen in a toilet.

This, of course, makes the LightWorkers and Star Visitors, who control the timing of our freedom, EVEN DUMBER! (“Dumber” because they’re still allowing the Cabal to control their actions and timings.)

Here’s just 1 example:

One of our Credit Cards is from 1 of the Cabal’s larger banks. For the last 4-months or so they’ve left notes in our Account, asking us to update our Income Information, so they can consider us for a higher Credit Line. They say it’s the “government” that’s made them ask us to update our info, before they can even “consider” give us an increase.
Today, another Credit Card company simply sent us an eMail stating: “We just raised your Credit Limit by $300!” There were no games to play or paperwork to fill-out… AND, a few times, we’ve even spent a little more money than our “limit” allowed.
So “why” did they raise our limit? I know some Humans would love to know that formula (used by the Credit Card companies). For me and Sylvia, “I” think it’s because we’ve never been late on a payment AND because we DID slightly spend more than allowed. This told them:

“Hey, this family HAS the money, because they’re always on-time, but could use a little more spending room. So let’s increase their limit.”

Right now, except for this raised limit, all of our Credit Cards are full. We’re simply waiting for “Debt Forgiveness”. So the LightWorkers can remove those debts and leave the Cabal “holding the bag” (paying the bill). Credit Cards are the invention of the Cabal. Propped-up by laws made by the Cabal. In order to pay those Credit Card bills, we have to use another invention of the Cabal, called: “Money”, which they print and control. However, before we can pay those Credit Card bills, we have to take advantage of ANOTHER Cabal invention, which is called: “work for your income”… and THAT completes the Cabal’s circle.
So once “Debt Forgiveness” is officially announced, Humanity will switch over to real “money”, which is backed by real “things” and the Cabal’s fake, criminal “money” will be worthless. Maybe there will be a HUGE bonfire… and maybe the Cabal will light it FROM THE INSIDE!
(Sorry. That was more of a “gotta get it out of my energy sphere”.)
On 3/29/16, I included a “Timelines” Section, which basically stated that the positive Beings will soon go back 80,000-years and correct our hi-jacked Timeline and this will give us an 80,000-year “do-over”.

I’ve been thinking about this. Keep in mind that “good” and “bad” are “judgements”. They are taught by “Society” and learned by the new incarnates, who are arriving daily to help Humanity and the Earth.

What I’m puzzled about, with this, is… If a group of Beings (such as the Reptilians) can go back in Time and change things… we call it “bad”. When a 2nd group of Beings (such as the Star Visitors) goes back in Time and changes things, why do we call this “good”?
(1 thought): “That’s easy. The 1st group caused a lot of suffering to the Earth and to Humanity. So when the 2nd group goes back to change things back, it will be as though all that pain and suffering never happened.”
(2nd thought): “So all of the challenges we faced, obstacles we’ve overcome, the compassion we’ve learned, the helping our fellow Man and all the pure Love that was generated in the face of those very trying times will never have been learned? How is that a “good” thing?”
Here’s the link to that previous article:
Another encouraging message from “Gaia Portal”:
“Heralds of amplifications present.”
“Storm fields relinquish, as dregs are removed.”
“Waters of emerging Higher Energies wash the planet, and hu-being consciousness.”
“Nothingness appreciates.”
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
The following short article explains that “Warp Drive” technology is right around the corner and that we’ll be able to travel Light Years in just a few days.
My comments:
The reason I’m including this is because of something that “felt wrong” about this idea, when I heard it several months ago. I just didn’t feel that “wrong-ness” as heavily as I’m feeling it right now. So I want to share my personal thoughts on this idea:

Having a Starship with “Warp Drive” capability is only part of the full equation. Let’s think about this… You’ve just built a StarCraft which can move through Space faster than the speed of Light. (Faster than 186,000 miles per second.)

At that speed, a grain of sand, floating in Space, would either disintegrate upon impact with the Ship or go right through the Ship’s outer Hull.

So, along with a very fast Drive System, your Ship must have an incredibly fast-thinking computer and far-reaching Sensors. In fact, your Ship’s Sensors will have to scan in a “cone-shape” out in front of your Craft a MINIMUM of 1,860,000 miles ahead… constantly! This will only allow a 10-second TimeFrame for your Ship’s Sensors to detect an obstacle, figure out the best maneuvering path to take and then control the Ship to make those changes. (Remember, flying through Space means we’re dealing with 360-degrees of maneuverability. it’s not like driving a car and deciding whether to turn “left” or “right”. So a Starship has to constantly “sense” and “control” the energies within the entire “sphere” around it.)

As you can see, this is not something that seems very practical.

Yes, the Ship could be designed to have Force Field (Shields) technology but these will only deflect small to tiny objects. If there’s a situation where your Ship is heading directly into a planet so large that it will take several seconds to go around it, Shields will not protect your Ship from a direct impact into a planet. Not at those speeds.

So, to “me”, “Warp Drive” technology is “linear thinking”… We have taken what we now know and simply improved it. We haven’t really made a “leap” in technology. This is similar to something I told Sylvia many years ago… I was thinking about how Humans went from the “horse and buggy” to “automobiles”. I told Sylvia I would have never thought of that (‘automobiles”). My mind would have continued to improve the buggy… changing the suspension, installing more comfortable seats and maybe testing different materials for the frame and wheels but I don’t think I would have thought about replacing the “horse” with a “motor”.

So instead of making an engine which will move your Ship faster through Space, let’s backup and see what the real goal is… We really just want to move “people” and “materials” from “Point A to Point B”. Why don’t we simply use what is already available? “IF” the ideas I’ve read-about are true, all we have to do is use the man-made Portals, called “Star Gates” or the Natural “jump points”, such as Wormholes and Suns. Enter “this one” and exit through “that one”.

Anyway, just some thoughts.