PS 9-9-19 *Water, Weather, Predictions

*First a comment:
This morning, Sylvia and I found a message on our Answering Machine from the Cities’ Water Management Division. It stated that they are currently removing sediment from some new pipes they recently switched to and were asking Residents to report any problems they may find.
What Sylvia pointed out to me was the pipes they changed “from” and those they changed “to”. The recording stated that the old pipes were 24-inches in diameter and the new ones are 32-inches. This, of course, means “higher capacity”… more water can now be moved into the Cities’ Water System.
In the past, Sylvia told me that, symbolically, “Water” equates to “Spirit” / “Spirituality” / “Source” / “Flow”. So, by now using larger pipes, the people in this City area have raised their vibration and are now “taking-on” / “moving with” more Spirituality.
Just some thoughts.
During the beginning of this 11-minute video, the Narrator explains that the Sea Ice on Alaska has now melted. He says it’s the first Time in recorded history the ice has pulled away from the Alaska shoreline and now starts 150-miles out.
My comments: I’ve mentioned, in previous Posts, that the Earth is waking-up and just like any Being who sleeps, when they wake-up their “body” (the physical part of them) becomes warmer.
So this is feedback for me which re-affirms that this planet is becoming “self-aware” / “free” and this means Ascension is close.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

This 23-minute video is an energy update by Clairvoyant, Aluna Ash. “IF” this information is real, the next few months are going to be VERY interesting and “maybe” SOMETHING tangible will FINALLY be revealed!… Maybe.

  • She talks a bit about “physical” Earth changes that are “supposed” to happen around February.
  • Around the 17:30-mark, she talks about the Sky becoming a “Rainbow-colored” Sky.

Question everything.

PS 11-13-15 *Mars, Quinsey, Insights

*First a comment:

While mopping the floor in the grocery store this morning, something hit me… a realization…

  • This is based on the information I’ve read by Corey Goode AND last night’s information about the “Positive Military” clearing-out that undersea base, just off the coast of Malibu, California. There’s also a big sprinkling of Cobra’s latest information, regarding a planetary meditation, in order to provide 1 last PUSH of energy, so the “Event” can begin.

According this this bundle of information, the bases on Mars, and a few other planets, contain Human “workers” (slaves) who were told that the Earth had a major catastrophe, is inhabitable and that THEY are “fortunate” to be alive and on Mars (or whatever planet they’re on).

When Corey Goode attended that meeting on Mars, a few months ago, he described the “people” (the slaves) as being eager to learn whatever they could about the Earth. They sense that something isn’t right but don’t have any information except what the Cabal spoon-feeds to them.

My “revelation” today was this…

  • We are now in a “fork-in-the-road”… Humanity can continue to sit back and “let everyone else” do the work or we can all pitch-in and get the “Event” activated sooner. Sylvia and I vote to jump-start the “Event” in any way possible!
  • Sure, this can be done in everyone’s personal daily meditations or even in a mass, weekly meditation but we need to pull this in to a very personal level and do this on an “individual” and “inner” basis. At the same time, we can easily kick that last stick out from under the Cabal, so they just fall over in complete and very quick defeat.
  • How do we do this? We accomplish this by actively gathering as many Beings as possible to participate in a “personal and continuous energy focus”.
  • The Cabal is spread extremely thin right now and have basically run out of options. I know this because of the “missile test” off the California coast last week. It didn’t occur to me until this morning… The Star Visitors and “Positive Military” would not have cleared out that particular undersea base, unless it was the last such hiding place for the Cabal. The Cabal’s launching of those 2 missiles, when the base was taken, tells me the Cabal have completely run out of options and did that in desperation.
  • So, if the Cabal are spread thin and are probably concentrating most of their resources on various Earth-surface locations, this means their Solar System outposts are severely understaffed. We all need to, “individually”, “collectively”, meditatively” and “remotely” mentally communicate with all of those Beings who are still held captive on those planetary bases. This won’t take a lot of work or even mental effort on anyone’s part but if everyone can use their brain’s “idle time” to… 1) “Shield yourself” and 2) send out a general-broadcast, telepathic message to those planetary inhabitants who are still slaves. Let them know: 1) that the Earth was never destroyed; 2) that those of us on Earth are about to round-up the last of the Cabal; and 3) Right now is their best chance of breaking themselves out of their situation. It doesn’t matter if the Cabal also receive this message. There’s nothing they can do now to stop a mass-uprising.

The message was much quicker and more profound when it filled me this morning. Its energy was so strong, it was almost overwhelming. Sylvia suggested we write a song about this and release it right away. That’s how important this is.

This song is called “Calling All Humans”. For some reason, it took me almost an hour to write the words and if I didn’t have to program a “software Singer”, to sing the female vocals, I would have finished it by now. Sylvia and I have to work tomorrow. So we had to switch-over to “Research Mode” for the rest of tonight. We’re hoping we’ll have this song finished late tomorrow… maybe… we’ll see. Once we do, we’ll make it available to everyone… probably through 1 of our Blogsites.


This channeling is interesting because Mike Quinsey, who has been channeling “SaLuSa” for many years, recently said he was no longer going to do that. However, in today’s channeling, this is what he starts with:

  • “Dear Friends,”
  • “Some of you will not have read that since I stopped channelling SaLuSa events have moved on quite quickly, and that I have since received a message from St. Germain through Nancy Tate asking me to channel direct from my Higher Self. I had not tried this previously, but decided to give it a try, and the message I have received is as follows:”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The title of this 39-minute video is: “Flat Earth , The Holographic Illusion, Ayahuasca Visions, & Twin Flame Energy”. I began watching it for the Twin Flame information but, for some reason, I continued and watched the entire video. Some might say the information covered is simply “Spirituality 101”. Maybe I watched it as more of a “summary of Spirituality”. I don’t know.

I’m including this in case other are also wanting an “energy overview” tuneup.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: