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*First a few comments:

For the last 3 or 4 “late afternoons” and “night’s”, while Sylvia and I have been home, I have been very cold. I remember the last few previous cold Seasons where we could keep our in-home temperature between 53-and 57-degrees. These last few nights, however, even with our home’s temperature at 65-to 68-degrees, I’m still cold… and I’m not talking about my “fingers” or “legs”… I’m talking about my very “Core” — my chest area. I’ve been so cold, I’ve even started a slight shaking a few times. I kept turning-up our Heater but I can’t seem to get it warm-enough in here… and, usually, our bed is the warmest place in our entire day but, lately, I’m even slightly shivering after the point where we’ve been in bed long-enough to warm-up the blankets.

  • (Between “blankets”, “sheets” a “bedspread” and a “comforter”, there are at least 8-layers of coverings on our bed. They feel like they weigh about 25-pounds.)

I’m mentioning all this, in case others reading this are experiencing a similar situation in “their” life.

Last night around 10:45p, while Sylvia and I were home doing research, we heard a low, “rolling Thunder” sound gradually building. We didn’t notice it at first but when we did, we thought it might be a heavy Log Truck but the sound was even “too big” for one of those big trucks and the sound was more consistent. Then we thought it was “Thunder” but it never “peaked” / “ebbed and flowed” it was constant. Then, logically, I figured it must be a “Plane”. We’ve never heard a Plane like this around here… and Sylvia and I have lived in this home for 21-years now.

By the time we came to this conclusion, that sound had been building for several seconds and then seemed to fly almost directly overhead. Just before it reached us, my “logical” mind thought it was here because of “Disclosure” — the “official” revealing that Star Visitors have been “on” and “surrounding” Earth for quite a long Time.

  • Of course, once Disclosure is released, if there’s an aircraft with the sound of a traditional Plane’s engines, it won’t be a “Star Visitor” craft. It will be of “surface-Earth” origin.
  • (From “my” understanding, “Inner-Earth” has more advanced technology… and, of course, the Star Visitor’s technologies is beyond that.)

This morning, shortly before 8a, while Sylvia and I were having breakfast in Subway, all the electricity went out in the area. We were the only customers at that Time. The Manager had to lock the doors, because she had no way of heating any food or even opening the Cash Register. The Signal Lights were out as well as all of the lights of the fast-food restaurants that we could see from there.

  • When this happened, I thought it might have something to do with the “financial” or “government” reset.
  • A few seconds after the lights went out, the came back on twice but only for a second or 2. During one of those ON-surges, I was looking outside and I “just happened” to be looking right at the point where there was a bright, blue flash of light.

In order to get to work, we had to make a left turn out of the Subway parking lot. This meant crossing 5-lanes of traffic in 2-directions… while everyone is hurrying to get to work. We were concerned about doing it but found that, as things unfolded, it was almost effortless.

I’m mentioning this for 2 reasons:

  • In case others have experienced a similar situation in their town…
  • …and for the “symbology” of this experience… “electricity” represents “power”. When this happened, we weren’t “home” and, although Sylvia and I were “in public”, we were specifically “in a subway”. “Subways” represent “travel”. Usually “underground” travel. So to “lose power” in a potential “travel” situation means “we won’t be traveling” or “don’t need to travel”, for some yet-unentered phase of our Life.

Was this caused by recent Solar activity? I don’t know. I have been Tracking what the Sun is doing but there wasn’t any mention, recently, about a strong Solar Flare. So this was probably not the cause.


I haven’t mentioned this in quite a while and I wouldn’t be mentioning it now but I saw this same Topic with a very similar cure on the following forum thread tonight. So, for those of you reading Sylvia and my “Blog”, and haven’t heard this.

I’m including this because it shows that Sylvia and I are not the only ones who know how to cure cancer and to give others hope, if faced with a similar situation and hearing the Cabal whispering in their ear.

  • The OP (Original Poster) on the following forum thread states that his Father-In-Law cured his own cancer with a mixture of Baking Soda and Molasses… and that was 3-years ago!
  • A few other similar experiences were presented by the OP and even some of the Commenters also agreed, when telling how they cured their own cancer. A couple of them saw results within 3-days… even when told they had “Stage 4” cancer!
  • This is what happened to My Sylvia! I’ve been telling everyone I can about how I cured her cancer… and I even put all of that information in a book, which is now free from the “Downloads” Section of our Blogsite. Those people who still follow the Cabal’s whisperings of “modern medicine” just don’t believe me.
  • When Sylvia and I 1st found out that she had cancer, the hospital did 8-hours of tests and then told us it was “Stage 4” and used the term “large mass”  (in her stomach-chest area). They then said we were going to “hospice” the next day.
  • During our 3-weeks in hospice, I sent out lots of eMails, explaining what had just happened. We were completely blindsided.
  • One of the people we know from the local Macintosh computer club, sent an eMail back saying that “Barley Grass Powder” can sometimes cure cancer. I quickly did a lot of research and learned that it turns the body “alkaline”. In that same research, I learned that there is such a thing as “alkaline water”. The next day, 2 wonderful people helped us by locating and buying the Barley Grass Powder and the highest alkaline water I could find in existence (at that time) (“Essentia” brand, 9.5ph)
  • Anyway, the powder’s instructions said to “work up” to a teaspoon a day. We didn’t have Time for that. So a “Super-Dosed” Sylvia… before meals, when she woke-up from naps, when she was thirsty… for ANY reason at all, I gave her a teaspoon of Barley Grass Powder mixed with that high-alkaline water.
  • After 3-days, I noticed her urine bag had changed from a deep black color to dark brown. This was a big improvement. Sylvia was just waking-up from the night-before’s sleep. Before telling her what I just noticed, she told me: “You know, I feel a little better today”. I then explained what I saw. We talked about it and both agreed to keep that powder-water mixture going.
  • A few days later, however, Sylvia’s parents, who crossed-over several years before, came to the foot of her bed. I couldn’t see them but Sylvia could. She wasn’t “delirious”. Sylvia is just “psychically-sensitive”.
  • I asked her if she had to go with them. She said: “yes”. I asked her “why”. She said: “Higher purpose” and made me (I’m crying. It’s been 255-weeks now and I still cry very easily. If “SOMETHING” doesn’t happen soon… VERY soon, I’m going to evaporate-away from all these tears I’m shedding.)
  • …Sylvia said: “Higher purpose” and made me stop the treatment. I couldn’t find any way to argue against “Higher purpose”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly update. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The Khazarian bankers have also, under the surface, already been forced to test and use the BRICS controlled CIPS international settlements system that is set to replace the Khazarian controlled SWIFT system.”
  • “…On a brighter note, is seems the ISIS and Nazi mercenaries are willing to be bought off for a reasonable price. The WDS representative told Romanov that if his group harmed innocents, they would be hunted down and killed. It was suggested that random acts of terror against innocents would harm their cause but that they were welcome to go after the guilty. We all know who they are.”
  • “In any case, the arrival of these human, analogue (as opposed to digital or internet based), communications show that a serious power struggle is coming to a head.”
  • “This is being seen most vividly inside the US. Pentagon sources say Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was killed not only because he opposed the carbon trading scam but also because he was supporting class action suits against big Khazarian mob corporations and because he was working with the US military. In addition to killing Scalia, the Khazarian mob recently staged failed murder attempts against Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and top US general Joseph Dunford. Also, George Bush Sr. last week openly threatened to kill US presidential candidate Donald Trump.”
  • “Bush is upset because his son Jeb was forced to bow out because of ties to 911, drug trafficking, cocaine use, murder and more. However, Pentagon sources say Jeb’s withdrawal from the presidential race “will not spare the Bushes.””
  • “The US military, to bolster their alliance with Russia, are considering allowing Russian spy planes to fly over the US to search for nuclear weapons or dirty bombs that may be under control of Khazarian mafia agents inside the US, the Pentagon sources say.”

Mr. Fulford included a link to “free-energy, made possible from water”. It’s a “Ted Talk” and well-worth watching. Here’s the direct link:

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the article:


This HUGE article contains the notes from a 4-hour conference with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. (I skimmed through it because I already read most of the articles Corey Goode has released. Some of the information, I found to be from those previous articles and some information is new. This particular article was Posted on February 28, 2016.

The information covers:

  • the “Sphere Being Alliance”
  • what is going on between the Star Visitors and the Cabal
  • Inner-Earth activity
  • the Mars colony
  • the Nazi flying saucers
  • the Draco-Reptilian Beings
  • the current meetings regarding “Disclosure”, and much more.

My comments: This article presents a sense of urgency and stress, regarding the disagreement between those involved with the “Full Disclosure” and “Partial Disclosure”. My feeling on this is that Humanity… deep within each Soul of each Being on the surface of this planet at this Time, is now ready for the next phase to begin.

The article mentions that those Beings who support “Partial Disclosure”, will bring us up to “Full” Disclosure over a 100-year period. This is not what “I” am sensing. Within minutes of Sylvia’s crossing-over, she provided me with information which fills me with “my lifetime”. In other words, the reuniting of me and My Sylvia will take place within the Time-Band of the natural predicability of “my” remaining life-cycle. Since my Soul has already been in this particular incarnation for over 61 Sun-cycles, that moment of Sylvia and I being reunited with each other is no more than a handful of Sun-cycles away… but, more importantly, I am more and more feeling that this Time-Point to be this “2016” year.

As I sit here now, looking deep within my own Core, I look to see if I am to return to yet another incarnation before exiting this Dimension and that energy is just not there. I see an old, gray, empty, metal box. This means, I have used all of my 3D options and I have been fulfilled all of my “destination-experiences” (that’s what I was asked to write). So it means this is my last incarnation within this 3D realm.

I have mentioned before that my personal Ship has now “righted” (leveled) itself. This means its Systems are now back online because either it senses that I’m ready or a part of me has signaled it and began those processes.

My Star Visitor family will not leave me in this soup for another “cycle”. I’m sensing that Sylvia has recently made contact with her Star family and that everything is ready… it has been for a long Time. So I’m not sensing any problems or tensions. I’m sensing that everything is in place and we’re all about to make a “leap of faith”… a “jump, through the eye of the needle”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: