PS 10-14-17 Disclosure?, Astrology, Timelines

In this 10-minute video, the Narrator states… The “European Southern Observatory” (ESO) is going to hold a Press Conference on October 18th to reveal “an astronomical phenomenon that has never been witnessed before”.

Although this may simply be another: “We just discovered water droplets on the rocks in the Kuiper Belt”, I’m including this because it “may” be something of real significance, which may be part of the “Disclosure” most of us have been waiting for. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

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This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

Although I included yesterday’s Astrology information from Carl Boudreau, he sent out the following information today:

  • “A few thoughts on this weekend’s energies.”
  • “Just a note to alert my readers to a ‘problematic’ aspect that is, most probably, already affecting us noticeably. In my opinion it’s one of those stealthy aspects you might not realize is affecting you until someone mentions it.”
  • “I’m talking about Mercury’s opposition to Uranus. It will be exact this Sunday morning, 3:51am New York time. These energies will be especially intense.”
  • “Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Both of these energies, each in their way, stimulate the mind and the nervous system.”
  • “So, Mercury and Uranus will be simultaneously reinforcing and opposing each other’s energies in our minds and nervous systems. This will powerfully affect both our minds and nervous systems.
  • “Moon, Jupiter and Neptune, Pluto and Uranus will form minor positive aspects in the hours and days surrounding the Mercury/Uranus opposition. This opposition itself also involves the Sun and Jupiter, flanking Mercury and also opposing Uranus. The opposition occupies the center pole of a Kite. It’s a potent and complicated set of placements.”
  • “Suffice it to say, this weekend, a really complex mix of energies will be directly affecting our nerves and our minds.”
  • “Some of this energy will deeply inspire some of us. Some of it will stir up deeply embedded, repressed patterns and structures. We could be feeling overstimulated, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, deeply impatient with patterns that we feel confine us unfairly. There could be interpersonal outbursts and generally rebellious behavior. We could also feel inspired, even visionary and, just perhaps a little crazed.”
  • “Based on what I have seen of related charts, this weekend, we are seeing a preview of things to come. There will be time to look more deeply into these energies and their likely effects.”
  • “For the time being, be aware that you are probably a little more hyper than you realize you are. The energies are affecting you more strongly than you realize, too. And you are probably considering and implementing greater changes – with more varied and complex implications – than you realize. Don’t burn any bridges.”
  • “Try to stay grounded. Try to remain calm and patient with what is going on around you. If it feels like you’re having one of the best days of your life, think things through. Your judgment might not be as reliable as you think. Or it might!”
  • “Our minds and nervous systems are not yet used to energies like these. Go slow, steer clear of confrontations, until you have a reliable grip on what’s really going on and you have learned to reliably navigate energies as intense, penetrating and subtly transformative as these.”
  • “It’s going to take awhile, probably months, to get a handle on these and other energies like them. And in the end, they might get the better of us.”

Question everything

  • Note: There’s no “link” because it looks like Carl only sent this information through his eMail list.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This was also sent to me by K.K. (thank you).

This seems to be a Channeled message. Here are some excerpts:

  • “We continue to give guidance on the movements of the timelines because these few weeks are so critical that everything can loosen and fall away, while there is a little tuning with timeline # 42. Although seen from a human point of view, the fact that we have a few months before they finish separating. After that it will be very difficult to move from one timeline to another.”
  • “Why this tone of “hurry” that imbues the energy of this discussion? Because those who control the planet are doing everything possible to prevent peoples shift to line 42, because they can not reach it in any way, hence the efforts to keep the maximum number of people on timeline 33, which is based on their control over the populace…”
  • “It’s too, they told us, too toxic and harmful — the “etheric” accumulation around the planet, even for them, all that has accumulated on Earth that is like that because they feed on negative energy, but which makes them lose strength and vitality from doing it. Like eating every day at McDonald’s and getting addicted to it by the additives, knowing that it’s making you sick and unhealthy, so something is happening to them.”

Question everything.

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PS 8-16-17 *Anniversary, Portal

*First a comment:

On August 1st, Sylvia and I have been Married for 30-years.

  • We wanted to be Married before the “Harmonic Convergence, which was on August 10th 1987.


In this 5-minute video, an interview with a Psychic, “supposedly” provides information that there are “Natural” “Portals” / “Stargates” and at least 1 man-made version, which is at the North Pole. The Psychic states that “some” / “most” Beings on this planet travel to the Moon through the North Pole Portal about once a month and this technology is why they stopped the Shuttle Program.

I’m including this because… Even if this is “not” true, it does present another “possible” facet to this big-picture puzzle I seem to have spent several Decades piecing together.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-21-16 Space, Hoffman

This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This 15-minute video explains that NASA’s “Space is a vacuum” idea is actually violently unsuitable to organic matter. In other words, if a person were in a Spacesuit, inside the Space Capsule and traveling outside the Earth’s atmosphere, the Ship would be torn to pieces and the liquids within their body would boil.

My comments: So “IF” that information is real, then I have to ask myself some questions. These pieces to, what “I” would call the “Grand Puzzle”, appeared in my mind after watching that video. I feel as though they, somehow, are related to each other and fitting them together “just so”, will reveal some very insightful answers. (Remember, these are all pieces to unlocking this illusion. So all aspects, no matter how strange, must be considered.So whether any of these are true or not is not important.):

  • Many years ago, Sylvia read that the Whales are the oldest and wisest Beings on this planet.
  • The last words of Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, just before he crossed-over, were: “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!”.
  • The “Firmament” — the waters surrounding the Earth.
  • (When I went to check “Firmament”, Sylvia suggested that I also need to include…) The “Inner Earth” civilization.
  • The books written by Carlos Castaneda… especially the parts where his main character, Don Juan, crosses beyond the “Veil” by simply walking there. I believe, at the end of the last Don Juan book, that character either walks off a cliff and onto the firm ground on the other side of the “Veil” or he walks out from a tree branch to the “other side”.
  • Fish, frogs and other animals falling from the sky, at various times, at various locations around the world.
  • The exotic technologies in the possession of the Cabal, which can very quickly fly through the “Radiation Belt” and to the other planets in our Solar System. At the same Time, we have NASA’s antique Space Craft, propelled by “rockets”, which take forever to build and don’t seem to accomplish much when they reach their respective destinations.
  • Seemingly “random”, but very large, holes appearing around the world.
  • Quantum physics states that actions sometimes change when they are observed.

We also have to ask ourselves:

  • Has the Earth always been “a Sphere” or “flat”… or did it recently change?
  • Has Space always been filled with “water” or has it always been a “vacuum”… or did it recently change?
  • Has the Sun always been “the Sun” or “a mechanical device”… or did it recently change?
  • Has the Moon always been much closer to the Earth than they’re telling us… or did it recently change?

Could all of these current question simply be the Cabal’s way of moving Humanity into “Disclosure” — the “official” revealing that Star Visitors are real? Maybe the Cabal is responsible for whispering these current questions into the ears of Humanity… Maybe they’re also responsible for making certain videos and articles, on “Disclosure” topics, available and then immediately removing them — knowing someone in the “alternative-thinking” community would notice and spread the word.

As you can see, at this point, I only have more questions.

Here’s the link to Steve Jobs’ last words:

Here’s some background on Carlos Castaneda:


Question everything.

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This is Jennifer Hoffman’s Posting for today:

  • “This is why we seem to be moving faster — it’s because we are taking less time to get through experiences and lessons. We have a choice to take the long, painful way or the shorter, more joyful way and that choice is available because we have already done the work. So all we have to decide is whether we want to repeat the lessons or use them to shorten the next experience.”

I’m including this because it’s providing some helpful feedback to the world around us.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-4-16 *Days, *Vision, NASA

*First a few comments:

Since Wednesday, I’ve been 1-day off. On Wednesday, it felt like it should be “Thursday”. Today it not only felt like “Friday” but I’ve been telling Sylvia today was August “5th” all day. (Today is August “4th”.)

While at work today, I had a bit of an “Intrusive Thought”… I “symbolically” saw Sylvia about 100-feet away. There were LOTS of other people around. Sylvia saw me, called my name and began walking fast towards me.

  • I saw “symbolically” because, although I saw those images, they appeared in my Aura and not in my “visual”, “feelings”, “hearing”, “Heart” or “smell” circuits.

Question everything.


Recently, the following was released by NASA:

  • “July 29, 2016”
  • “MEDIA ADVISORY M16-090”
  • “NASA Announces Changes to International Space Station Coverage”
  • “In September, NASA will bring its online audience inside the world of human spaceflight as never before, from its Johnson Space Center in Houston — home to NASA’s astronaut corps, the storied mission control and several human spaceflight programs.”
  • “New and unique stories from the International Space Station, Orion spacecraft program, and other human spaceflight projects, will take viewers behind the scenes of the groundbreaking science taking place off the Earth, for the Earth, and the technology NASA is developing to prepare for its journey to Mars. This programming will be available to a worldwide audience on various NASA social media accounts, including YouTube.”
  • “NASA Television’s Space Station Live program will be phased out in August and discontinued Sept. 1. However, NASA TV will continue to air live coverage of dynamic space station operations, including launches, dockings, landings, spacewalks and briefings. NASA TV also will continue to air weekly highlights of life onboard station in the short-format Space to Ground program, also available on YouTube and via podcast.”
  • “Daily updates on space station research and operations will continue to be posted to the International Space Station blog, as will more detailed daily rundowns of crew activities on the in-orbit status report blog.”
  • “Digital audiences also have the option of receiving weekly video highlights by subscribing to Johnson’s news release email list. To receive this weekly highlights email, and other news and updates from Johnson, email with “subscribe” in the subject line. Or, check out the hundreds of hours of raw video from the station that is available for download from Johnson’s video collection archive, with additional video added daily.”

My comments: They didn’t say the Space Station was being abandoned. They’re simply not going to provide us with a “live view” from those cameras.

My best “guesses” as to why they are doing this are:

  • Whatever NASA doesn’t want Humanity to see, is now too big, too many or simply uncontrollable by NASA. or
  • NASA’s funding is drying-up and they can’t afford to keep that army of “Photoshoppers” on duty, in order to examine and erase all the things they don’t want us to see.

Only Time will tell.


Question everything.

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