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*First a comment:

About a month ago, I talked to Sylvia about us buying a small Space Heater for our home. After receiving that $200 Electric Bill for January, I wanted to be sure we stayed warm but without the high-price of running our central Electric Heater.

  • I did some quick checking and found a central heating unit, made for Mobile Homes (like ours), which drew 22,000-watts of electricity. That seems a bit excessive but maybe that’s why our home Heater is the biggest draw on electricity that we have.

When I started my research on which Space Heater to get, Sylvia nudged me to look-into the temperatures for the next month or so. When I did, I saw that February and March would be much warmer than January and that we didn’t need to spend any money on a portable Heater.

This morning, while at home having Breakfast, the temperature in here was a little on the “cool” side. I told Sylvia we might still need to buy a Space Heater for these “in-between” times when we need just a touch of heat. She then showed me a Stage and asked me to feel what it was like when I played in a Band on Stage. I told her it was typically very “warm” or “hot”, because of the Spot Lights they use on the Performers. That’s when I got Sylvia’s message…

  • “Light”. A high-wattage Light will not only heat a person up but it’s safer than a Space Heater. It will also be less expensive to operate than a Space Heater and our home Heater.

I then remembered there are “Flood” lights and “Spot” lights. A Spot Light, shining directly on us, would heat us and the air it’s shining through. So I began researching which Spot Light to buy. When I did, Sylvia showed me one of those metal, cone-shaped light-holders that can be clamped onto different things. She was telling me that we already have this type of light-holder.

I frantically went through our home looking for it but couldn’t find it. I then calmed myself down a bit and felt Sylvia direct me to one of our rooms. Still not knowing exactly what I was receiving or what Sylvia was wanting me to do, I moved slowly and constantly checked my Senses along the way. I felt like I was playing “Hot Cold” (or whatever it’s called… where someone is guiding you by telling you you’re warm, cold, hot.) This worked because I found a box in a closet and when I opened it, there was the Light she showed me. In that box was also a 150-watt Spot Light. (It pays to tune-in to your helpers, Guides and, in my case, to Sylvia.)

So, although lightbulbs can get VERY hot, it’s still much safer than a Space Heater and you won’t forget it’s on because it lights-up the ENTIRE ROOM!

I’m including this because it shows the connection Sylvia and I have with each other… across the “Veil” AND it shows how we can all benefit from “thinking outside the box”.


I’m including this topic again because there seems to be a new video, this Time it’s from the ground looking up at the Sky… and I’m including this in case there’s more to it than I realize right now.

I included this information in yesterday’s Post and the same Narrator has uploaded a new video. in it, he shows 4, very short videos from someone in The Netherlands. These videos, according to that person, show a line of “Clouds” which stretch in a straight line as far as the eye can see.

My comment: The thing that doesn’t make sense here is the image of the Earth which shows that line does not go though The Netherlands. So did that “Cloud Line” move? or is something else going on?

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was Posted today by Cobra:

  • Directed Energy Weapons
  • “Directed energy weapons are NOT plasma weapons, they are NOT scalar weapons. They are physical weapons emitting electromagnetic radiation:”
  • “They are used by the Cabal in their attacks towards the awakened part of human population:”
  • “By attacking civilian targets, the perpetrators are violating the fourth Geneva convention and this constitutes a war crime:”
  • “Perpetrators will be persecuted according to international civil and military law as soon as the planet is liberated.”
  • “You can find a detailed list of intel resources about directed energy weapons here:”
  • “Weapons most frequently used in attacks against civilians are sonic lasers:”
  • “These are usually not deadly, but still extremely unpleasant.”
  • “More dangerous are electrolasers:”
  • “They are used to trigger cardiac arrest (heart failure) and kill the target, those targets often being holistic doctors:”
  • “Company producing those deadly weapons is called Applied Energetics:”
  • “It was formerly called Ionatron:”
  • “The Light Forces have requested as many people as possible to spread information and awareness of the directed energy weapons and do the following meditation as often as you feel guided:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to access the Meditation, images and many links provided.
Question everything.

Here’s the link: