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*First a comment:
  • (Remember, everything I write, especially when I place it in this “comment” Section, is from “my” perspective… “my” tiny world. YOU must do your own Research.)
Sylvia and I work in a building that has a Public Area and that area has a wide-screen Television mounted on the wall. Sometimes, when we pass-by that area, the Television is no only ON but is tuned to “cnn” or one of the other cabal Stations which spew negativity.
The other day we passed through that area and someone on the “news” was talking about “old” or “retired” people who sleep too much. The “experts” were telling everyone that this could be a sign that those people are developing “dementia”.
  • When I was growing up and starting to really notice the world around me, one of the things I remember figuring out was “Sleeping”.
  • In the beginning of my personal evolution, I saw that only very young babies, very old people and anyone who was sick needed “naps” during the day.
  • (A few decades ago, Sylvia told me that babies, especially “newborns”, are still connected to the Energies of ’the other side” [where they Incarnated from])
  • Many years later, I realized that “babies” need a lot of sleep because they are still attached to those “other side” Energies and are learning how to cope with “this” Reality… this “illusion”. So what do those on “this” side of the “Veil” do? We buy them colorful toys, flashy balloons and anything which can attack the babies’ Senses and ground them “here”, on “this” side… doing our best to break their connection. Instead, what we SHOULD be doing is encouraging the baby to remain tethered to the “other side” but also teach them how to engage, just enough, in “this” side, to understand that we’re trapped in this illusion and that, maybe, they can provide us with some insight as to how we can get out. (See how the cabal has whispered in Society’s Collective Ear and manipulated most of us? They actually have “US” breaking the babies’ connection with Source.)
  • As for “elderly people” taking too many “naps”… They may be reconnecting with “the other side”, in order to bridge their upcoming transition… or have found a way to reconnect to Source, in order to pull-through some insights for dealing with this “Reality”.
So, think about it… Telling people… if they know of a friend or family member who is napping too much… the cabal is telling them to bring them to a “medical authority” so they can get examined and some drugs.
We must all learn how to “think outside the box”… “think for ourselves”. Stop allowing the “Television” to steer your thinking.
Question everything.


This 30-minute video is from Researcher and Contactee, Lisa Harrison.
Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 7-minute mark, one of Lisa’s guests relays a Dream that her Father had. (The Dream was on September 26, 2021) In the Dream, her Father is in church and visited by an Angel. The Angel tells him “covid will be gone in 6-months”. “There will be no war.” (March 26, 2022 will be “6-months”.)
  • At the 13:39-mark, Lisa describes a Dream that she had. Basically, she says, something’s going to happen which will seem terrifying but will turn out to be beautiful.
  • “Dragons are the Record Keepers”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Cobra Posted this on March 15th…
  • Ekpyrosis
  • “Toplet bombs are still the main reason why the Light forces can not intervene directly in the situation on the surface of the planet. The Light forces are now clearing the quantum and subquantum anomaly on the higher mental plane with maximum possible speed and as soon as that is done, they will start clearing the subquantum anomaly on the physical plane, which is the riskiest part of the whole operation.”
  • “The most critical timeframe is between now and April 24th. Accidentally or not so accidentally the cutoff date of April 24th coincides with the end of Kala Sarpa Dosha, a very challenging period in Vedic Jyotish astrology, which ends on April 22:”
  • “During this time period, a very intense clearing of the primary anomaly will be taking place. During the very same period, Pluto will be making an exact trine with Sedna. Sedna is a planetoid which astrologically signifies the Platonic year precessional cycle, as its orbital period of 11,390 years is roughly about half of the precessional cycle. Energetically, Sedna is connected with the Galactic Central Sun and its regular pulsations, which occur roughly every 12,800 years. Sedna trine Pluto is a very powerful aspect, which harmoniously starts to introduce us to the next Galactic superwave which is about to occur in our near future:”
  • “As we are nearing the end of the cycle, the dark forces are freaking out because they know their end is near. Because their pandemic plan failed, they are now trying to engineer a new world war through the conflict in Ukraine. Their plan is to escalate the war into a nuclear conflict by provoking both sides, thus depopulate the surface, and rescue about 1 million of Illuminati members into underground bunkers. Here you can see that the same politicians who were promoting coronavirus Great Reset are now trying to escalate the Ukrainian situation into a world war:”
  • “In some circles, their plan is known under the codename Doom 33, in other circles it is known as Z-Plan or Plan Z:”
  • “Black Nobility families and Jesuits know about the coming Galactic pulse and are worshiping the Galactic central Sun as the Black Sun:”
  • “They would like to trigger the Galactic pulse as part of their End Time prophecies with nuclear war “ordo ab chao” ekpyrosis:”
  • “On the Russian side, one of their main agents is Patriarch Kirill:”
  • “He was a KGB agent under codename Mikhailov:”
  • “Where he fell under the Jesuit influence:”
  • “His main goal is to recapture Kiev for Russia and restore it as the capital of the Russian Orthodox Church:”
  • “There are also some Black nobility agents in the top echelons of the Russian military, and they have codenamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine as Operation Z:”
  • “All those people were pressuring Putin to invade Ukraine, when at the same time he was being targeted with directed energy weapons to weaken his resistance to Plan Z.”
  • “When Russian military received intel about Ukrainian plans to attack Donbas in March 2022, that was the last straw:”
  • “Pallavicini is a Black nobility family that is influencing Putin indirectly from Rome:”
  • “Pleiadian advisers to the Russian top brass were strongly against the invasion and were giving plans how to resolve the situation peacefully, but they were not listened to. This war creates a lot of needless suffering both for Ukrainian and Russian people, and needs to end as soon as possible. Therefore the Light forces are still asking as many people as possible to join our meditation for peace:”
  • “On the Ukrainian side, Plan Z is being promoted through ultra-secretive Neonazi “Group Z” which was formed by Black nobility families during World War 2 in Germany:”
  • “And you can see Ukrainian soldiers wearing the symbol of the Black Sun:”
  • “The Light forces can prevent more than 99% of all negative scenarios, but they can not prevent all of them all the time, especially if the Dark forces attempt them over and over again. Therefore it is very unlikely that the current war in Ukraine will escalate much further, but it is not totally impossible.”
  • “There are other situations worldwide that need our attention.”
  • “The attacks with directed energy weapons on the key Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors continue:”
  • “Majority of people in Afghanistan and Yemen are facing extreme poverty and starvation:”
  • “Therefore our meditation for Afghanistan is still very much needed:”
  • “Light forces have communicated that there is small but real possibility of internet disruptions in the very near future and it would be wise that may people make printed copies of the articles in this blog, especially the newer articles that are not covered in the book:”
  • “All existing Cobra interviews are gathered here:”
  • “And it would be good if many people can make copies of that file.”
  • “In those turbulent times, it is important to find inner peace:”
  • “And develop compassion:”
  • “Many people are clearly lacking compassion, as you can see everywhere in the state of the world, including in the comments on my blog, and also here:”
  • “On a brighter note, humanity is starting to expand into space:”
  • “And most people are beginning to understand that we are not alone:”
  • “Scientists are beginning to open to the idea of humanoid life across the universe:”
  • “Scientist are also beginning to understand that black hole singularities do not exist and are rather quantum vacua, and black holes are actually fuzzballs made of 11th dimensional strings:”
  • “They are also beginning to understand that dark energy does not exist, it is simply Casimir force acting upon spacetime continuum from the quantum level:”
  • “Goddess wants peace and peace it will be:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to see the images and access the links provided by Cobra.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
YRFT (Yellow Rose For Texas)
Here’s a slightly “out there”… slightly “coded” perspective from Wisdom Keeper, Yellow Rose For Texas. This video is almost 7-minutes long. (It’s better to see her words on the video than it is for me to write them out here.)
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 4-27-16 *Sylvia, *Bleedthrough, *H.I.P.S., Hoffman, Cobra

*First a few comments:

I’ve had this type of “sensation” / “psychic awareness” before. Each Time, they’re WONDERFUL and sometimes they’re stronger…

  • This morning, while getting ready for work, I was sitting here at one point, with my mind involved in the many chores of getting ready to brave the illegal, constraining and negatively-sticky ILLUSION most Humans call their “Reality”, when I felt Sylvia nuzzle my face. I know my girl’s energies on every level. So this immediately caught my attention. As I focused on Sylvia, I could feel her rest her cheek against mine and gently move back-and-forth. It was a powerful experience. I thought she was going to manifest next to me.

I’m mentioning this because even after these horrible 263-weeks, it shows the symbiotic relationship Sylvia and I have had for much longer than we currently understand.

…and I’m mentioning this in case “you” or someone you know has had a similar experience.

…and, of course, I’m including this because it shows the “Veil” is, once again, getting thinner.

I’ve mentioned similar experiences before and I know Humans have gone through this many times for a very long Time…

  • It was last night or the night before. I was sitting here at the computer, doing that night’s research when I briefly fell-asleep. It’s 1 of those times when you “sleep” for anywhere from 1-second to an hour or more. When they happen to me, they seem to last 1-second to almost a minute.
  • Sometimes, when people wake-up from these, it’s very quick and a bit disorienting. However, most often, the “RE-orienting” is simply: “where am I?” and “what was I doing?” I’ve experienced those also.
  • When this happened recently to me, AS I was waking-up, I seemed to be riding a “thought-wave” of something that doesn’t exist here in our current home-situation. I can’t remember what information I was riding on when I came back from that quick “sleep”. So I can’t use that as an example but I do remember realizing, during my quickly-adjusting “RE-orientation”, that Sylvia and I don’t have that particular item.
  • Let’s say the “thought-wave” had to do with returning a Library book or turning off the television or changing the cat’s litter box. The instant I was fully back inside this Unit (the body and its many Systems), I quickly realized we haven’t been to the Library in years… don’t have a television… don’t have a cat.

So, to “me”, I was either IN an alternative reality or I moved through one, as I re-entered this Unit.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

*H.I.P.S. (Hidden In Plain Sight)

  • Note: I’m probably not the 1st Being on this planet to figure this out… “IF” it’s true, that is.

There are a small number of Blogsites that Sylvia and I “Follow”. Today, 1 Posting caused a few of the “puzzle pieces”, that I’m carrying within my mind, to float together. I spent about a half-hour just staring at the idea that, “IF” I’m correct, another facet of this illusion has been Hidden In Plain Sight for eons but “most” of us have never figured it out.

My “puzzle pieces” were activated this afternoon when I quickly scrolled-through this Blogsite Posting:

  • I didn’t read the text. I was simply caught-up in the 2 images mentioned below.

On that page, there’s a drawing of the “Female Reproductive System”. However, the pieces didn’t “click-together” until I scrolled-down a bit further to see the drawings of the DNA Strands. Then, when I looked above them, I saw symmetrical, circular shapes, which (I think) represent the top-down view of each Strand beneath.

The instant I saw those circular shapes, I thought: “Snowflakes”. Then Sylvia nudged my mind a bit and showed me the “Flower Of Life” design.

So here’s what I “may” have figured out…

  • I feel as though these 2 pieces of the puzzle fit together but I can’t (at this point in my Awareness) make it work.
  • Piece 1:
  • Because the Cabal lie or provide us with half-truths, I see their very negative image of satan (or whatever you want to call it) as really representing the Female Reproductive System. To “me”, this means the Cabal base their beliefs on THIS and not the “dark entity”. They feel “the way home” involves the Female Birthing Process. Because they hold this is such high-regard, they don’t want the mere Humans to learn about this secret. So they take that sacred female image and distort it… by changing part of it to “horns”, a “face, change the soft skin into tough leather & hair and, most of all, they disguise the entrance with the sharp teeth of a monster.
  • Please keep an open mind…
  • So each Time they show us this “Demon”, they know we will “not question”. We will simply, and quickly, look away. With valuable “puzzle pieces” being dangled right in front of us, we always ignore it and run the other way.
  • Piece 2:
  • Some say our DNA “used to have” or “is evolving into having” many more than 2-Strands. Those circular shapes, above each DNA section do not represent the ultimate Human DNA. Those symmetrical shapes simply show how various Stands of DNA have “grown” / “evolved” in the Strands below them.
  • What if we saw a complete and perfectly healthy Human DNA strand? “Maybe” it would look like the “Flower Of Life” design. Think about this… Maybe that’s “the” or “one” purpose of this sacred design.
  • Here’s a link to the “Flower Of Life” pattern:
  • Some say the most “negative” of Beings is known as “Lucifer”. Some also say the word “Lucifer” means “bringing light” / “bringer of light”.
  • In “my” puzzle-pieces above, this is the label the Cabal have used to tell us “here is the answer” / “here is the way home”  but, at the same Time, they are telling us to “turn away, this knowledge is ours alone”. So  the “image” of Lucifer tells Humanity “this is VERY bad” but the word “Lucifer” tells us the real image (of the Female Reproductive System) means “bringer of life / light”.

“IF” any of this is really what’s going on, then take my sharing of my Thought-Processes as just 1 way of deciphering this coded illusion we currently exits within.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.


This is today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman.

I’m including this because her perception of the slowing of “Time” around her is similar to the “slowing” and “speeding” of “Time” that “I” have been feeling over the last 10-days or so.

I’m also including this, in case “you” or someone you know has also experienced some type of “Time-fold”.

  • “We must have had some kind of time warp happen today, I drove out to the other side of town to have lunch with my mother and it took me 40 minutes to get there, for a 20 minute trip. The trip back was normal but as I was driving out I felt like I was pushing the edge of the time boundary, I could feel the drag of the time energy as I was trying to move forward, which felt like my car was barely moving although I was driving my normal 70+ mph. It was around noon today, my time. Did anyone else experience something like this today?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today’s Posting by Cobra is cryptic:

  • “SUBPHX attempt delay: contextual subfactions shift incomplete”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: