PS 4-7-19 *Diet, *Paint, Parkes

*First a comment:
Just a quick note for those who want to know this…
  • Last week, Sylvia had me add “Rosemary” to my Diet. So, while grocery shopping, she had me purchase not only Rosemary the “spice” but also Rosemary Essential Oil. I’ve been adding a lot of this spice to my Lunch and Supper meals. I’ve used the Essential Oil, along with purified water, as a “mouthwash” / “mouth-rinse”. I’ve also put the Essential Oil in my hair. Mostly to help darken some of the white hairs.
I’ve almost used-up the “Turmeric” and “Molasses” that Sylvia had me add to my Diet a few months ago.
One of the projects I have at work is to paint the doors and walls in a few of the Stock Rooms. I’ve already painted the Ladies’ and Men’s Rest Rooms. When I did, I backed into a wall in one of the Stalls that I had just painted. This smeared white paint on the back of my black jeans.
This happened about 2-months ago and, last week, I was finally able to buy a black “Fabric Marker”, in order to color those white paint-smears “black”.
I did this yesterday and it’s been very interesting. The black ink in that Fabric Marker WILL NOT attach itself to the white paint on my pants. No matter how much black ink I rub or dab directly onto those painted areas, the black coloring simply slides off the paint and onto the fabric of the jeans.
  • Yes, I could “Dye” those jeans but I don’t want to ruin our Washing Machine and I don’t really feel like going through all the work of finding or buying a large pan that we can use for this and then going through all the work of re-coloring those jeans.
Here’s the link to the Fabric Marker we purchased:
This 1-hour, 11-minute video is a monthly update from whistleblower Simon Parkes. Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 8-minute mark, he talks about “5G”. He’s been told (supposedly from his “Insiders”) that the United States has something in-place which will neutralize the harmful effects of this new, wireless “technology”. He says, currently, other countries aren’t so fortunate.
My comment: Because the Earth and Humanity are increasing their frequencies (in preparation for “the Event”), I feel that some of the harmful energies on this planet, such as Wi-Fi, Fluoride, GMO foods, etc.,  can no longer affect the surface population (of ALL Beings — nature, animals, vegetables, minerals, etc.).
  • Around the 21-minute mark, he talks about “Planet X” (Nibiru).
  • He then talks about the upcoming “Pole Shift”. However, he states that it’s going to be a “Magnetic” Pole Shift and not a “physical” Shift.

My comment: “In a couple of year’s time?” Simon then states that amateur Astronomers will be able to see “Planet X” in a couple of year’s time. What? That’s not the timetable “I’m” seeing for this planet. However, if he’s correct,  then, “from what I know and feel”, these “happenings” will take place AFTER “the Event” / “Ascension”… and, the more I think about this right now, the more it makes sense. Simon said the Earth will not be hit by “Planet X” but the Earth may experience some flooding and other physical problems because it will be moving through the debris field of this very large planet.

In my findings, those who will be Ascending during “the Event”, will not be experiencing any Earth catastrophes. So if these physical problems ARE going to happen on Earth, then they will take place AFTER Ascension.
  • After the 50-minute mark, he talks about the concept of “Time” and how Humanity is about to move through the 4th Dimension and into the 5th.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 3-11-17 *Health, *Grid, Keenan, Wilcock

*First a few comments:

(Sylvia and I did not Post anything yesterday.)

If anyone’s interested… About a week ago, Sylvia suggested we buy a jar of “Rosemary” (spice) and for me to use a lot of it in most of the meals we create at home. She even had me buy a couple of bags of “Rosemary & Olive Oil” potato chips (made by “Deep River”). They’re “organic” and “non-GMO”.


Today, we bought a “Himalayan Salt Lamp”. So we can benefit from its negative ions.

  • About a week ago, when we 1st learned about the effects of “negative ions”, we read that “ozone machines” can produce enough of those energies to get rid of mold and other bacteria. I told Sylvia it would probably also get rid of all the ants and spiders living under or around our home. However, once we read about the safety concerns… that too much ozone can cause health problems, Sylvia suggested that I not buy such a machine, because my lack of “Reasoning”. Instead, we learned that “Salt Lamps” can also create negative ions but in a smaller “dose” and more-controlled (less harmful) way.

I won’t get into the details of getting our car an oil change today or helping a former co-worker “possibly” find a new job but, in the middle of those details, there was some “planetary” information…

It looks like the grocery store where Sylvia and I used to work “may not” be doing so well. When I told Sylvia that I felt as though I jumped to a different TimeLine, she explained this situation this way:

  • The Cabal had setup a “controlling grid”. which kept their projects and negative energies sustainable. Any “non-Cabal” person, who was resonating with those energies, was also carried along with it — making “them” seem to “have good luck” and with the rest of us thinking “how can someone so unqualified be so successful?”. Now that the grid is gone, those non-Cabal Humans will suddenly find their long-term, “negative” or “disruptive” goals very shortened.


The following link will take you to a page which contains some background text on what Neil Keenan has been doing and a 25-minute video of him explaining the current status of the “Global Collateral Accounts”.

I have only watched the video but can’t “excerpt” it because he jumps around (in topics) a bit and during those parts where he does provide some insights and details, the video is cut.

  • Neil Keenan claims to be a focal point for the gold, which will back the new currencies of the world as well as being involved with “Debt Forgiveness” and the “Prosperity Packages”. (That’s “my” understanding anyway.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This long article was written by David Wilcock. The title is: “New Movie-Length Video: The Antarctic Atlantis“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “There is a huge need for me to be able to release content quickly, effectively and with high quality as we head into this dizzying final phase of the Cabal’s takedown and mass public exposure.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: