PS 1-2-18 *Pleiadians, *Moon, *4th, Space

*First a few comments:

In last night’s Posting, I forgot to mention something. On the surface, I didn’t think it was very important but, during “Dreamstate” last night, “Sylvia” or me “Guides” inserted a memory I had yesterday, as a reminder to Post this tonight. So here it is…

  • Yesterday, while at work, Sylvia and I were walking in the public part of the building. Walking in front of us, going in the same direction and about 12-feet ahead, were 2 very tall people. A couple. When I saw them yesterday, I noticed how tall they were and immediately thought they were “Pleiadian” or “Tall Whites”. I instantly compared the female’s height to mine. My “guess” is that the top of her head was about 14-inches above the top of my head. (I’m a little over 5-feet tall.) The top of the male’s head was about 1 and a half “head heights” above the top of her head. (In other words, if the “height” [vertical tallness] of his head is 10-inches then the top of his head was 15-inches above hers.) So, using my own numbers, the female would have been about 6-foot, 8-inches tall and the male would have been 7-foot, 7-inches tall.
  • Although we could only see their backs, they were both well-dressed and well-groomed. They walked with a casual-confidence. Sylvia and I were only behind them for a distance of about 30-feet but they seemed to be “on purpose” in their steps. They never paused or looked around. They remained side-by-side and just kept going after we turned down another aisle. I wasn’t thinking too clearly at that point or I would have suggested to Sylvia that we stay with them a bit longer.

Question everything.

This morning, while getting ready for work, Sylvia and I looked out of our Living Room window and saw a “full” or “fairly full” Moon. It struck as “odd”. It was simply too bright. I told Sylvia it was brighter than it should be and looked as though it was generating its own light.

It then occurred to me… What if “the Event” is going to come from the “Moon”? Maybe everyone’s attention is being directed toward the “Sun” and “Nibiru” because the cabal doesn’t want us to “think about” or “monitor” the “Moon”. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

This is just a Note but it may turn out to be very important…

A few sources of information, that I listened to, watch or read tonight, have said that “January 4th” is an important day. The recently active Insider, who refers to “himself” or “herself” as “Q”, has stated that the 4th, 10th and 20th are days to pay attention to. In other words, something will happen on those days which the Light Workers are in control of AND which will help to free this planet from the cabal’s control.

Question everything.


In this 4-minute video, the Narrator shows that 4 different Rockets, Japan, Space-X, China and Russia, have been launched in the last few weeks. The “Space-X” Rocket is to be launched this Friday. Although I’ve heard about Rocket launches in the past, somehow, I just never connected the “dots”… The Narrator says… He thinks these Rockets are going up, in order to “watch something” in Space. Could this have anything to do with “the Event”? “Nibiru”? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 12-27-17 *Coincidence?, Rockets?, Astrology

*First a comment:

I was doing some research and the YouTube page I was on had a 5-minute, “Dr. Who” clip. A few months ago, I had heard who the new “Dr. Who” character would be but I didn’t know this this is the “13th” Doctor in this television series.

  • Sylvia and I have been watching “Dr. Who” episodes for many years.

Is this a “coincidence” that Humanity is FINALLY dealing with the Cabal and about to take back its true “Reality” and to signify these endings we collectively give ourselves Signs in the number “13”.

  • Remember, in Numerology, “13” is technically a “1”, which means “new beginnings”, and “3”, which means “creativity” but together “13” is a “power number”. Only Humans have given it a judgement and called is “bad luck”… but “power” is “power” and, like “electricity”, what you do with it is up to you.

For “me”, this number resonates especially true… I still remember the Manager, where Sylvia and I work, telling me:

  • “Having 2 “Pauls” working here is too confusing. So I’m going to give you a number. You’ll be “5”.”
  • I immediately blurted out “13”. I’d rather be “13”.
  • He said: “You want to be “13”. You’re 13.”

The number “5” is My Sylvia’s favorite number. Why wouldn’t I want to be referred to as “5”? Why did I change that to “13”? Was it to also remind “me” and “everyone” that Humanity is now taking back its “power”?… because that’s what we’re all doing right now.

Also think about this…
the “Dr. Who” series has been going for decades. The Actors who have played “the Doctor” remain in that role anywhere from 1-season to several seasons. So for the “13th” Doctor to be announced right now… at the end of 2017, in the middle of LOTS of Cabal arrests, is a very rare “coincidence”.

…AND, this particular Doctor is a “game changer”. This particular “Dr. Who” character actually makes “Dr. Who” history. You’ll see what I mean, once you watch the video… AND keep these Dr. Who actor’s names in mind when you do:

  • 1st Doctor: William Hartnell
  • 2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton
  • 3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee (This is the “Doctor” Sylvia and I started watching this Series with.)
  • 4th Doctor: Tom Baker
  • 5th Doctor: Peter Davidson
  • 6th Doctor: Colin Baker
  • 7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
  • 8th Doctor: Paul McGann
  • 9th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
  • 10th Doctor: David Tennant
  • 11th Doctor: Matt Smith
  • 12th Doctor: Peter Capaldi

So I’m mentioning all of this because I feel these ARE Signs… “feedback” that Humanity and this planet ARE making progress in removing the “Veil”.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

In this 5-minute video, the Narrator points out that 3 “rockets” have been launched from 3 different countries in the last 5-days… but why? The Narrator says “something big is going on” and, “IF” this information is real, then I have to agree. He also states that there are LOTS of Satellites already orbiting this planet. So why do they need 3 more? (If that’s what they were.) Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Reading for January 2018. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The oligarchic alignment was my name for the concentration of the three powerful, outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in the signs of the 1% (Libra thru Pisces).”
  • “This concentration of planetary power in the signs of the 1% since the early 1970s resulted in a global concentration of political and economic power in the hands of the 1%. It *seemed* obvious that when this concentration of planetary power began breaking up in 2010-11, there would also be a redistribution of global political and economic power.”
  • “We are seeing, or  soon will see, the breakdown of oligarchic power more clearly. This breakdown will no longer be disguised, masked or delayed by the illusory enchantments of Vega, or intensified by its Pluto’s conjunction with Vega.”
  • “The bottom line: we should finally see a resetting of the extreme imbalance of economic and political power created during the oligarchic alignment.”
  • “We should also start feeling the beneficial effects of Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn should soon trigger governmental reform at all levels. It will also hamper the use and abuse of government power. “

Question everything.

Here’s the link: