PS 4-26-20 *Animals

*First a comment:
  • I’m including this information for its Symbolisms and Energies. “Some” say, what Manifests in our life is a reflection of what is inside us. Sometimes these events within “our” world also reflect, or provide feedback, for what is happening on a global level.
I may never sleep again! I’ve been up all night. I think I’ve only had about 4-hours sleep in the last 2-days.
Right now, I’m convinced there are at least “2” Animals under our Mobile Home! I’ve had one of them cornered in a Heater Vent in the floor. It’s been there since 2a. (Right now, it’s 8a)
The other one appeared at 3a under the room next to that Heater Vent. It made SOOO MUCH noise, thumping up against the floor, I thought it was going to break the wood. It sounded like it was as large as a medium-sized dog!!! After 2-minutes, it settled down. I thought it went to sleep. Then, about an hour later, it started thumping again… under another room, about 25-feet away! Each Time it moved, I could hear it breathing, almost hissing (about once each second).
When that 2nd one made that 2nd batch of noises, at 5a, I phoned “Animal Control”. I was connected to the Sheriff’s office. We were told that the Animal Control people wouldn’t be there until 7a and once they check-in, someone will Call us.
  • I got a chair and sat about 5-feet from that Heater Vent. I just sat there. I knew I couldn’t lose site of that Animal or go out of  hearing range.
  • It was starting to get cold but I couldn’t turn on our portable Heater because I wouldn’t be able to hear both Animals.
  • Then I was stressing even more because our main Heater can’t be turned down below 50-degrees. This means, if that Heater automatically activates I wouldn’t be able to hear these Animals AND it would move the glue traps I placed inside 2 Heater Vents.
Around 8a someone did Call. I explained the situation but they said they don’t go “inside” or “under” people’s homes and that we should Call an Exterminator.
I waited as long as I could and phoned the Landlord at 8:30a. I asked him for Exterminator recommendations. He told us he’s dealt with all types of Animals under people’s Mobile Homes around here and that the Exterminator will only place Bait and set Traps, which is what he told us “he” would do.
I won’t bore everyone with ALL the details.
Our biggest concern is that one of these might actually get inside our home and bite us. THAT’S what keeps me up all night.
  • The other day, I did look online to see if there was any information on “which” Animals these might be. However, I couldn’t find anything showing a wild Animal with a “pale-yellow” tail that’s about a quarter-inch in diameter at the thickest part and about 4 or 5-inches long.
It’s now 11a. What a strange feeling. I haven’t had anything to eat since last night. I’m just too stressed and the “stress” is burning-up a lot of calories. So I need to eat but I’m too tired to eat.
I was watching an hour-long, Music Gear video just now but I was falling asleep in the middle of it. Do I just “stay up” or do I sleep now while the “Animals” are sleeping — knowing that they’ll wake-up at midnight and keep me awake ’til morning? Sylvia would know what to do but I’m so stressed and sleep-deprived that I can’t read her information (within me). The Landlord said, from his experience in this, it could take a month before wild Animals actually decide to eat the bait he’s going to put out!
I’m just “existing” here. There was a “virtual” version of a Synthesizer Expo this weekend and there were LOTS of videos. I’ve watched SOO MANY videos in these 15-weeks, that I’m just burnt-out and being over-tired doesn’t help. I’m just too tired and stressed to do anything else. I’m just a “vegetable” today.
It’s now 1:30p. The Landlord just left. He told me he had put more Bait and some Traps under our home. He also told us 2 things which helped calm me down a bit:
  • The Bait that he put under here  4-days ago, has been noticeably eaten.
  • I told him I was concerned that a rat or mouse might try to get inside here and bite me. He said that would be rare that they would do that.
Someone please tell me when this nightmare ends?
It’s now 10:30p. We haven’t heard any stirrings in several hours. So, wow. I guess Sylvia helped me to Manifest this extremely quick disappearance of all of those negative energies. (It didn’t take a “Month”, as our Landlord mentioned.) So, “poof”, problem solved.
Now it’s just a matter of:
  • Finding Sylvia,
  • Finding a Job,
  • Getting a Stimulus Check, etc.
I guess Sylvia and I will be able to get a good night’s sleep now.