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*First a few comments:

Starting a few weeks ago, I’ve been having the “feeling”, and sometimes “imagery”, that Humanity is currently in the middle of a “Magic” energy realm.

  • To me and Sylvia, “Magic” is the Human version of “Wizardry”. “Magic” being the scientific, logical, psychological way of presenting the “in-touch with Nature” energies to the masses… fooling them into “believing” what they are showing them is real. In other words, it’s a Cabal mind-game which keeps people focused on the “physical Sight” of their experience and to keep them from going within and sensing their outside world through their Heart.

When I see the imagery, explaining this, I see lots of people scattered throughout a vast Forest. Slowly and carefully making their way to a “place”, a “new world” they have never seen but, in their Heart, they “know” it’s there, somewhere.

With each “crackle” of a stepped-on twig… with each “bird call”, they hesitate, evaluate and then continue their Heart-lead journey. They must guard their physical senses, because they know these can be easily tricked by the Cabal, especially in this Magically-created illusion they have been living in for so long and are now, finally escaping from.

Up ahead, not far from their current Path, I see an open field where the true “Nature” and the “Wizards”, who respect and work, interwovenly, with those energies, are excitedly-waiting for Humanity to step from those “trees of darkness”. They know we have to do this by ourselves… and we’re almost there. (I’m crying.)

  • In other words, I’m sensing that Humanity is currently feeling the Cabal’s last attempt to stop us from finding our way out of this illusion. They are doing this by playing their last card: “psychological warfare”.

I remember a very small part of a Dream I had last night…

  • I could see a few rows of small, colored “boxes” in front of me on a table. Each had some writing on it. As I tried to read this writing, I realized I didn’t have my eyeglasses on and everything was blurry. Just after that thought, however, I felt a different energy from within me kick-in. I could see and feel my eyes “remembering” or “focusing” on what I was seeing and everything quickly came into focus. I could not only read all the text but everything within my view was sharp and clear. Just as it was before I started wearing glasses.
  • Within a second or 2, however, my brain, or an “I not supposed to be able to do this” energy, must have realized what I just did and changed my eyesight back to “blurred vision”.

That’s all I remember.

This morning, just as we were getting out of bed, Sylvia reminded me that I hadn’t updated our personal Band page, to reflect this new “Music-Gear Drawing” Project that we started yesterday. So I made some changes to that page and updated the Banner at the top of our “Patreon” (crowd-funding) page.

Here’s the link:

The 3 products we placed in that photo are on our “we’d like to examine these products” list. From left-to-right, they are:

  • “MatrixBrute” synthesizer, made by Arturia: $2,000
  • “Lifeforms Evo” modular synthesizer, made by Pittsburgh Modular: $3,800
  • “TD-50 V-Drums” electronic drumset, made by Roland: $7,500

After getting out of bed this morning, I had to go into Sylvia’s Bathroom for a second. We almost never go in there… well, not in the last 303-weeks, anyway.

As I got to the sink, I noticed a small, droplet of water sitting on that Counter, right next to the sink. I saw it as I “approached” the sink, so it didn’t come from “me”. I touched it and it “felt” and “responded” as “water”. I looked and touched the ceiling right about that spot and it didn’t fall from there. The ceiling wasn’t wet, damp or discolored.

That droplet had to have just “appeared” there before I entered that room. I say that because I went back there to check on it, a few hours later, and it was almost completely gone… from evaporation, I guess. So it wasn’t there yesterday or even last night before we went to bed.

The only conclusion “I” can find within my mind is that “Sylvia” placed that droplet there, somehow knowing that I would find it.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Here’s the link to our crowd-funding page for the Music-Gear Drawings:

Of course, anyone can still listen to our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, for free from our BandCamp Page:


I found this Jennifer Hoffman Posting, from today, very interesting:

  • “More light pillars from’s page, this one was in Wyoming. I know the ‘official’ story is that they arise from light reflecting on ice crystals but they are too straight, too even, and I believe they are a representation of energy flowing to us.”
  • “This is the official story: ALTERNATE AURORAS: On Jan. 24th, photographer Dave Bell of Pinedale, Wyoming, witnessed a display of colorful lights in the sky. They looked liked auroras–but they were not.
  • “They’re light pillars, caused by ice crystals in the air which intercept urban lights and spread them into colorful columns. Sometimes called “false auroras,” no solar activity is required for the phenomenon. The only ingredients are ice and light pollution.”

My comments: In “my” opinion, she right. Even when I was a kid and began explaining the world around that “I” was experiencing, I heard LOTS of “he’s crazy” comments as well as various styles of “rolling the eyes”. Now, as the Cabal pulls that last card… that “sleight-of-hand” / “psychological trick” card from their sleeve, “I” and many others can clearly see-through their lies and twisted double-talk. In other words, the tables have been turned!

So now we have “Science” (actually it’s the “Cabal’s brain-washed science”) telling us that “ice crystals” can create “perfectly vertical”, “single-color beams” of light from the ground to the sky. R-i-g-h-t.

  • Hey, Cabal! How’s it feel? For eons, you’ve been talking-down the Truth each Being carries into this 3D realm at birth. Twisting our true perceptions until we actually believe what we’re “told” and not what our Heart is showing us. We now instantly see-through your lies. Please continue with your own extinction. The more you explain things, the faster everyone will see you for what you really are.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I then did a quick Internet search for something similar and found this website:

They explain this light-show the same way Jennifer Hoffman’s source did — light coming from the sky. However, the person who took the photo on the above page, states that the light was coming from the “Earth”. Not the “sky”.

Then, while on THAT page, I saw a title which even “I” couldn’t believe: “Solar wind is blasting Earth’s oxygen onto the surface of the Moon“.

My comments: Really? If “I” wrote that same article, EVERYONE would continue to say “I” was crazy. So now we have a “Science” website saying:

  • “Scientists have discovered that oxygen ions from Earth’s atmosphere are transported to the Moon once a month…”

Sure it does.

Before this, the Cabal’s Scientists were spoon-feeding us the idea that Space is a “Vacuum” but now, that same “Science” / those same “Cabal-payroll employees” are telling us that “Oxygen” can travel THROUGH that Vacuum and reach the Moon.

I’ve actually heard better ideas from 3-year olds. So, to “me”, this is feedback that the Cabal is truly using every resource they have left.

“Oxygen” reaching the Moon… now THAT’S funny.

  • Please seriously consider what all of this means… As the “Cabal” / the “Bully in the playground” uses its last weapon, “talk”, it means it has no other options left. If we continue to see-through the Bully’s lies and laugh at his every word, at first, he will become angry. However, if we continue to deflect his energies, he will eventually short-circuit and destroy himself.
  • I feel we are truly almost Home. So it’s extremely important for every Being on this planet at this Time to understand this last “war” the Cabal is forcing on us. Most of us don’t even see this tactic as a “war” but it is. The Cabal’s energy is quickly being extinguished. Those of us on the sidelines, not playing the game, must hold strong in our belief that WE are helping the Earth and our fellow Travelers on this part of our collective journey together. So must continue to not only energize the “Light” but also shine it on the “Dark”.


Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. Here are some excerpts:

  • “For the Trump regime, fixing the Middle East will be the easy part. Trump has announced he also plans to take on the hard part, dealing with the Federal Reserve Board, by hanging of portrait of Rothschild (Fed) nemesis Andrew Jackson in the White House, Pentagon sources note. This is not something the US military government will be able to solve merely by marching into Fed headquarters and rounding up central bankers or even by bumping off members of the Rothschild family. It will rather involve dealing with China.”
  • “Here is how a source close to the Rothschilds described the situation. “The Rothschilds are embedded in China, and have been for many years. All of their gold and liquid assets are in China…Everything that happens is well thought out and planned long in advance.””

My comments: This is a short article for Benjamin Fulford. At the end of it, he mentions that he hopes to get more written later today.

A lot of what this particular report mentions is the moving of troops and the dividing of some parts of the world, at least on “paper”. When I hear someone talk about “war”, “troop movements” or types of physical control over another country, I do my best to see beyond the “surface words”… doing my best to look-into their real reason for doing what’s being described. I still feel as though Humanity and this planet are currently on a “Positive” Timeline and, sometimes, when it “appears” that something “Negative” is happening in the world, it’s either a distraction or a secret because the Light Workers need to do some work without the Cabal knowing about it.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-29-17 *Album, *Drawings, GoingHome, Astrology, Gaia, Cobra

*First a comment:

A free Internet Radio service, Radio AirPlay, that Sylvia and I have been using for a while, sent us a free, promotional offer the other day. Today, we took advantage of it. For a few months now, we had been using this to get our Song, “Calling All Humans”, into the Ears of more people.

With this promotion, we’re able to add a few Songs from our album, “Perfectionately Yours”. As I was double-checking which Songs to upload, I knew I had to listen, again, to the one Song that always makes me cry: “Shining Armor”.

  • Lately, I’ve been feeling as though my Heart has built a wall around it, in order to protect it from being Soul-level damaged, whenever certain things about My Sylvia appear within my tiny world. So, I thought: “It’s been over 303-weeks now. I’m sure I can listen to that Song without completely falling apart.”… Nope. I cried and I cried hard, all through it. It’s ironic because “I” feel that “Shining Armor” is the best Song on that album.

Here’s the link to “Radio AirPlay”:

Here’s the link to “Perfectionately Yours”, where you can listen to the entire album for free. (Be sure to scroll down, on that page, in order to read the background about that album):

Ok. We did it. We just finished tearing down our “Patreon”, crowd-funding page, for our album, and created our new “Monthly Music-Gear Drawing”, crowd-funding page.

  • We’re asking for $5 contributions, in order to reach that month’s Goal. When it’s reached, we’ll purchase that piece of Music Gear, examine it, review it and then hold a Drawing of those who contributed and give it away.

For March, we’ve selected the “Korg Volca FM” synthesizer. Although we already own this $159 product, we thought we’d start off small and with something we’re already a bit familiar with.

Keep in mind that Sylvia and I, and our Band (“Infinity”), are currently unknown. This means “getting the word” out is an uphill job for us. So if you or someone you know is interested in Music Gear, and would like a chance to win one, please give them the following link.

More details can be found at the link below.

Here’s the link to our Music-Gear Drawing page:

Here’s the link to the Korg Volca FM page:


I’m not marking this as “bonus” or “extra credit” information because I’m sensing that it’s “current” information and something I’m placing on my radar (to be aware of and watch for).

This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would have never seen this otherwise.

This is a Channeled message, from January 26th, through Suzanne Lie…

As I was reading this fairly long article, I found it interesting (and something Sylvia and I can relate to) but wasn’t sure if it was something I needed to include in tonight’s Posting. Then I read the 3rd paragraph below. When M.R. sent it, there must have been a “Copy / Paste” glitch because that 3rd paragraph came through to me as text, which was so small, it looked like a “line” across the page. I almost skipped over it but I focused myself on it and when I read it, I just started crying… hard. I couldn’t see anymore, because of the tears. So I got up and wiped-off my face. Before I returned to my computer, I just started crying again. Here’s what I read that caused such a deep “knowing” about the life Sylvia and I had before incarnating during this part of our Time on Earth:

  • “For a flash of a moment, I WAS the Ship, and the Ship was I. Within that moment of the NOW, I experienced a Life Review of every life I ever had on planet Earth. I almost fainted from the rush of information that filled my Soul, but my “new/old” friends surrounded me and sent me Unconditional Love.”
  • “When I recovered, which was quickly because of my friend’s assistance, I asked, “What was that?””
  • “My friends all smiled and said, “You just recalibrated your self because this time you are staying on the Ship to assist with the Landings.””

My comments: During these last 303-weeks, since My Sylvia has crossed-over, I have had more than a handful of times when I have been flooded with so much energy, thoughts, images, feelings and more that I was “physically” pushed back in the chair. If I was “standing”, I would simply stop during those several seconds of it happening. I just couldn’t move.

I never connected that experience with a “Calibration” but it does make sense. I always assumed those moments were parts of “me” resonating with something on the other side of the “Veil”, because another hole was created in it and I had to “equalize” my energies to these new Streams. I also felt that some of those moments were “Sylvia” sending me some new energies or healing some of them I was already using.

It looks like that was “Part 1”. I’m looking forward to Part “2”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to “Part 1”:

I just did some quick checking and discovered “Part 2”, from January 28th…

Here are some excerpts:

  • “…as the teens who are at all awake to their true SELF will be called on to awaken others as soon as possible.”
  • “By “awaken others,” I mean that they seek out those who are aware of their galactic heritage. Once they are aware of their true, galactic self, they will likely begin their process of transmutation into Lightbody. This process begins with knowing about the innate “Lightbody” that lies within the Kundalini waiting within the base of your spine.”
  • “Once your Lightbody begins its activation process, your innate knowledge of Light Language will steadily come “online” within your consciousness. Eventually, Light Language will be your primary means of communication.”
  • “Gaia has indeed gone into Her “darkest night before the dawn,” and this is especially true for the Unites States, which was assigned to be the “flashpoint” for ascension. Please remember that in order to “jump high,” one must first bend down low to gain the momentum for change.”
  • “…But do not despair because within your third dimensional reality, there must be an ending of the old in order to have the beginning of the new.”
  • “This activation of our Light Language is much like the activation of 3D language that occurs when babies become toddlers on Earth. However, on Earth you must learn/remember how to speak human language. Conversely, on the Ship, our Light Language is “just there,” in a similar manner in which your ability to hear is “just there.””
  • “Now that statement leads me into a description of how we “hear” via Light Language. How can you hear light? Well, you don’t really “hear” it. Instead, you FEEL it within your aura. On Earth, your Aura is largely forgotten, but on the Multidimensional Starships, your fourth dimensional aura is a natural component of your body, as is your fifth dimensional Light Body.”

My comments: Maybe this is what I experience when Sylvia sends me “information”. (I wrote about this a lot, while Sylvia and I were working on our album.) Sometimes her “information” would enter through different “Sensors” within my Field and some of those times, the energies would cross-connect. I would receive “words” through “pictures” or “feelings” through “sounds”, etc. This is partly why it took us almost 2-years to complete that album. Even now, I’m still working on understanding whether the “input” I sometimes receive is from Sylvia or if it’s coming from within “me”. Maybe Sylvia and I just haven’t Calibrated our personal “Message System” yet.

  • “Another concept that will disappear in the fifth dimension is the concept that the strips of paper, most of which are NOT backed by gold, give you power within your life, as well as over your life.”
  • “Money will be one of the very first illusions that will be released as Gaia expands into Her innate fifth dimensional resonance. Also, those who can expand their consciousness to remain in alignment with Gaia’s ascension will resonate far beyond the reach of those who wish to control or have “power over others.””

Question everything.

Here’s the link to “Part 2”:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology outlook for February 2017. It wasn’t until he mentioned a “turning point” in this excerpt that really caught my attention:

  • “February’s two eclipses will mark a low point, I believe, and constitute something like a turning point. Even so, there’ll be many reverberations and repercussions rumbling through our lives and plenty to clean up afterward. So we shouldn’t expect a sudden rapid increase in our fortunes.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Streamliners command the planetary roadways.”
  • “Keleg-miners create the paths.”
  • “Fires of celebration inspire the masses.”
  • “Heavens are opened to the common beings.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This was Posted by Cobra today:

  • Mysteries of Isis
  • “Mysteries of Isis are the remnant of the original Goddess mysteries that were brought to Atlantis by the Central Race many hundreds of thousands of years ago.”
  • “These mysteries were practiced uninterrupted for countless millennia on the surface of the planet in sacred temples dedicated to the Goddess. Living contact with the Goddess presence, the clear divine feminine archetype originating directly from the Source, was the basis of stability and harmony of the society.”
  • “After the interferences of the dark forces started on the planet, and especially after the Archon invasion 26,000 years ago, that perfect connection with the feminine aspect of the Source got interrupted.”
  • “Astara was a being from Sirius star system that took upon herself the task of preserving the Goddesss presence on the surface of the planet in the last 26,000 year cycle.”
  • “She was known as Aset to the Egyptians, Isis to the Greek and that is the name that is most widely used now.”
  • “Egyptian mystery schools tried to preserve the legacy of Atlantean mystery schools as pure as possible. Isis mysteries, as taught in the Egyptian and later Greco-Roman mystery schools, included the following:”
  • “The existence of divine plane of creation of pure Love and Light where no darkness can exist, and techniques to access that plane in your consciousness”
  • “The immortality of the Soul and the path to become that Soul”
  • “The protocol to avoid Archons and reach the realms of Light after death”
  • “The protocol to embody the Goddess presence and to become a living embodiment of that Goddess presence in all daily actions”
  • “The mysteries of the underground kingdom”
  • “The mysteries of the sacred union (hieros gamos).”
  • “Mysteries were taught only to the initiates, whereas the masses worshiped Isis as a personified deity, a protector that can help in times of trouble:”
  • “In the ancient world two millennia ago, Isis worship was the most popular and widespread religion across the Mediterranean:”
  • “Because of its tremendous impact on dissolving the Veil at that time, the Archons have devised a plan to hijack the evolving Christianity, turn it into a mind programming cult, suppress all Goddess worship and enforce the Nicene creed:”
  • “The mysteries of Isis had to go sub rosa (undercover).”
  • “Rosicrucian alchemists tried to revive them more that 1000 years later, but their real comeback only came in the 18th century, when Comte de Saint Germain initiated Cagliostro into the mysteries and gave him the task to spread those mysteries across Europe:”
  • “Cagliostro initiated many women of the French high society as instructed by Saint Germain, to reform and enlighten the society from within. These women were transmitting coded messages with sign language, as you can see in the following pictures (pay attention to the hand mudras):”
  • “Princess de Lamballe was the high priestess of Isis at that time, initiated by Cagliostro and in frequent contact with Saint Germain.”
  • “Mozart was a disciple of Cagliostro that spread the mysteries of Isis through his music, especially through his famous opera, the Magic Flute:”
  • “Christian Jacq has written a series of books about Mozart and his connection to the mysteries of Isis, that are much closer to the truth than it might appear:”
  • “Now it is time to revive the mysteries of Isis again.”
  • “You can do so by listening to the music:”
  • “By nurturing your sexual energy:”
  • “By connecting to the Goddess art from the past:”
  • “By connecting to the natural rhythms of time through the 13 moon calendar.”
  • “And by preparing for the Event by connecting to the Galactic Goddess:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following link, in order to access the images and links provided.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: