PS 3-8-18 Arrests?

This 25-minute video is an Arrest-update from a whistleblower. Here are a few highlights:

  • He says there are now over 18,500 Sealed Indictments and claims the Arrests will begin this Sunday (March 11th).
  • He claims the Arrests will take place during a 72-to 96-hour period.
  • He says this Plan was created in the late 70s.
  • He says we’re currently in the lower 4th Dimension and will have to go through “20-weeks of learning before we can get to 5D”.
  • He says there’s a “Magnetic Curtain around the Universe” and is controlled by the “Universals”, who answer directly to the Creator.
  • He says “they merged the Present and Future Timelines and took away the Past”.
  • He says the “Universals” have shut down the SSP (Secret Space Program). The SSP were told to “work for us” (the Universals) but the SSP thought they could lie and fight-off the Universal’s forces but they couldn’t. He says that’s what was seen in that “fire fight” in the Sky a couple of weeks ago. So the Universals disabled their Weapons and their ability to move. So those Beings are now stuck in their Craft, just floating in Space.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

While continuing my research tonight, I discovered the following 36-minute video which also talks about the Arrests on March 11th, “Q” Posts, “the hunt for red October”, etc:

My comment: This information matches the timeframe of some of the Hypnosis (Clients. See our “Countdowns” area details.)

PS 12-19-17 “Q”

I wasn’t going to include this but I’m being “nudged” to do so. As I tune-in to this energy, I’m feeling that there’s more to including this than just getting more people to help solve riddles.

  • For those of you who haven’t heard about “Q” (also known as “Q-Anon”)… This seems to be a “male”, “female” or “group” which has extremely inside information as to “how”, “when”, “where” and “why” the “Swamp” is being drained. (I’m referring to the mass arrests of the Cabal that have been taking place all of this planet for the last few weeks.)
  • “Q” seems to know exactly what the President, Pope and a few other key officials “are doing” — sometimes before they do them. “Q” then Posts this information in cryptic form. Those who figure out what’s being mentioned then know that the Cabal is actively being rounded-up.
  • “Q” has been Posting on Forum sites: “4chan” and “8chan”. According to the following video, the members of those Boards are obsessed with “figuring things out”.

The following 40-minute video is an interview of Tracy Beanz who interviews the “owners” or “Moderators” of the “4chan” and “8chan” Forums. One of the main points they make in this video is that they need more people contributing to the research those Boards are doing. This will not only solve “Q’s” mystery messages quicker but will pour a huge amount of energy into Humanity’s collective consciousness.

My comments: The “nudge” that I’m getting is showing me that all of this energy is “history in the making”. If people contribute their ideas to those Boards… or only watch as others process “Q’s” information… or even place these happenings within their mind, the frequency of this planet and all the Beings “on” and “in” it will be raised that much faster… AND they will feel good that they saw it unfold as it happened.

I’m my opinion, we are now in the Time of the “Great Unfolding”. Humanity is now taking back this planet. Once we do this, we will take back our true “Reality”… which means dissolving the “Veil”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to that 40-minute video:

For background…
Here’s the link to Tracy Beanz’ YouTube Channel, so you can see her videos on figuring out “Q’s” messages:

Here’s the link to Jordan Sather’s YouTube Channel, so you can see his videos on figuring out “Q’s” messages: