PS 8-6-17 *Modular, *Symbols

​*First a comment:

I finally did a little work on our Music Blogs today.

I added a “Downloads” page and mentioned the new Synthesizer Module Sylvia and I purchased yesterday. It’s the “MIDI 3” Module by Pittsburgh Modular. I also created a Patch Chart for it and uploaded it to that new page.

So if you know what we’re talking about or know someone who has a Modular Synthesizer, they may be interested in the downloadable files we added to our Blogsite. (I won’t bore everyone with the details here.)

Here’s the link:

A few mornings ago, while sitting in Waffle House having Breakfast, I noticed a metal door under their counter. Besides a handle, it only had 2 Symbols on it. These were 1/2-inch squares. One was “red” and the other was “blue”. I figured they must represent “hot” and “cold”. Then my mind wandered and I couldn’t figure out why those 2 colors were used to represent those Temperatures.

My 1st thought was that the ancient people of the world linked the color “red” with “hot” because of the “Sun”… but, as far as I can tell, the Sun has been “orange” for the last few hundred years. A few decades ago, it  slowly changed to “yellow” and, in 2012, it changed to “white”. They say this is because it went from burning “hydrogen” to burning “helium”.

  • Our current Sun is “white”. Go outside and notice it sometime. Some say it will now slowly change to “blue”.

Even if ancient societies used the color of “fire” to represent something “hot”, they would have chosen “orange”. Not “red”. Unless something is on fire which will turn flames “red”, fires are typically orange and yellow. Even Lava is orange.

So how did “modern Society” decide that “red” should represent “hot”?

Now let’s look at the “blue” color on that metal door…

Clean “water” can be various shades… from “blue” to “black”, depending on the depth of the water, lighting, reflections on its surface, angle of view, etc.

Clean “ice” is typically “white”. Ice is “cold”. So why did our collective symbolism choose “blue” to represent “cold”?

Just some thoughts.

Question everything.

PS 3-5-17 *WakeUp, *MusicGear, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

(Sylvia and I did not Post anything yesterday.)

I’m placing this here in “my Comments” Section because I want to bring something to everyone’s attention…

I realize that almost everyone reading this already knows about this but Sylvia and I want to be sure that we all “continue” to move forward with our individual “awareness-raising” and not be lulled by the Cabal’s bombardment of negative frequencies…

The OP (Original Poster) in the following Forum Thread presents information on a new 3D-printing technology which can “print” a new home, on-site in just 24-hours.

Initially, I was only going to send this to E.R. Being an Engineer, I thought he would be the only person who would appreciate the “technology” behind this. As I mentioned this to Sylvia, though, she suggested I include it because it shows how some Humans are not only “rejecting” the Cabal’s bombardments but also thinking “outside the box” and discovering new ways to help the Collective of Humanity at the same Time.

Granted, exotic technologies are about to be introduced to the General Public but if Humanity was simply left on their own… to evolve without Star Visitor influence, this type of “3D printing” / this way of “thinking outside the box” would be a notable point along our Collective Path.

Many years ago, Sylvia and I watched a “Dr Who” episode (with “Dr” 5 or 6, I think) where they showed the General Public all, sort of, hypnotized by their cellphones. At one point, everyone stops moving for a few seconds, as if they were receiving a new “download”, then they all laugh and go about their business. In other words, it showed how the Cabal’s “Society” was controlling the population through their own twisted, negatively-based, “technology” and could make them do whatever they want, whenever they want and to “think” whatever they program them to think.

Although that was a “television show”, it does reflect what “most” Humans on this planet do every day. Please take a moment from your day and look around you. Notice how “most” people interact (or “don’t” interact) with their immediate surroundings because they’re “on the phone”. Do they notice that their own children are simply “following them around the store, when their shopping”? Do they notice that they’re blocking the aisle, so others can’t walk past them? When outside… Did you hear that bird or bubbling river or water fountain and notice that they did not?, etc.

We need more and more Humans to wake-up. We need more Humans to find new ways around the Cabal’s diversions… new ways to build a good-quality home for less (or “no”) money.

We are so very close now. This is no Time to hit the “Snooze” button or say “let someone else do it”. Even by you just “noticing” how others are interacting with this illusion we call “reality”… this will help raise the consciousness of everyone ON THIS PLANET.

It’s truly Time for us all to return home to our Star Families, and, I’ve said this many times… Once the “Veil” is removed, or I find some way to return to My Sylvia (by walking through the “Veil”), I will be moving so fast, I will look like a blur. So if we don’t all leave together… and I’m talking about a “positive transition” not a “crossing-over”… If we don’t all leave this illusion together… If I’m no longer here and some of you are still looking for the door, please stop, pull-back from the Cabal’s mind-games, regroup your energies and follow your Heart. I feel that we each hold the Key to getting out. I’m just throwing out breadcrumbs as I plough-through my Path. If any of them land by your feet maybe you can decipher what I “said” or “did”. Maybe my “pieces of the puzzle” will help someone else.

We need to stay positive, keep sharing and continue moving forward. If any of us slips off the Stepping Stones, which provide a walkway across the river, don’t think of it as “bad”. Think of it as “change”. It’s like cold water on your face… we may not like it at first but, in the end, we thrive on its awareness.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Forum Thread:

Here’s the link to the “Dr Who” website:

I finally got around to changing our crowd-funding page. (I was supposed to change it on March 1st)

This is for our fairly new idea of doing a “crowd-funding” for new music equipment, reviewing that month’s item and then holding a Drawing of those who contributed and giving it away.

Last month, we selected the “Korg Volca FM” Synthesizer. ($159 retail) Since no one was interested in this, this month, we’re going to the opposite end of our Wish List and selecting the “Lifeforms Foundation Evo” Synthesizer, made by Pittsburgh Modular. ($3,799 retail)

  • Basically, people contribute whatever amount they want. Once we reach that month’s goal, we purchase that product, examine it, “write” or “film” our review of it and then hold a Drawing where one of the Contributors will win it.

Details can be found here:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I thought some people may find this helpful. It’s a comment from Jennifer Hoffman’s facebook page (from today). In dealing with various issues which may affect us at different times, having this type of feedback lets us know that we’re working through a “Cosmic” energy and that we’re not going crazy:

  • “You may notice that you feel a wide range of emotions, happy one minute, then angry, then sad, then happy again. That’s because as we clear this deep level of 3D density we’re now working through, it is connecting with any similar energy you’re holding. And as soon as you feel those emotions you focus on clearing them. It’s all part of the process so shine on and keep that energy moving.”
  • “It also helps to take care of your body now, it’s working hard. So taking a nap, resting when you’re tired, eating a cookie because you want to, or chocolate which seems to be an important aspect of this ascension cycle (maybe because chocolate awakens endorphins and serotonin). I have eaten more dark chocolate (my favorite) in the last 5 years than I have in the last 20 years.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 1-30-17 *Magic, *Dream, *Drawings, *Sylvia, Hoffman, Fullford

*First a few comments:

Starting a few weeks ago, I’ve been having the “feeling”, and sometimes “imagery”, that Humanity is currently in the middle of a “Magic” energy realm.

  • To me and Sylvia, “Magic” is the Human version of “Wizardry”. “Magic” being the scientific, logical, psychological way of presenting the “in-touch with Nature” energies to the masses… fooling them into “believing” what they are showing them is real. In other words, it’s a Cabal mind-game which keeps people focused on the “physical Sight” of their experience and to keep them from going within and sensing their outside world through their Heart.

When I see the imagery, explaining this, I see lots of people scattered throughout a vast Forest. Slowly and carefully making their way to a “place”, a “new world” they have never seen but, in their Heart, they “know” it’s there, somewhere.

With each “crackle” of a stepped-on twig… with each “bird call”, they hesitate, evaluate and then continue their Heart-lead journey. They must guard their physical senses, because they know these can be easily tricked by the Cabal, especially in this Magically-created illusion they have been living in for so long and are now, finally escaping from.

Up ahead, not far from their current Path, I see an open field where the true “Nature” and the “Wizards”, who respect and work, interwovenly, with those energies, are excitedly-waiting for Humanity to step from those “trees of darkness”. They know we have to do this by ourselves… and we’re almost there. (I’m crying.)

  • In other words, I’m sensing that Humanity is currently feeling the Cabal’s last attempt to stop us from finding our way out of this illusion. They are doing this by playing their last card: “psychological warfare”.

I remember a very small part of a Dream I had last night…

  • I could see a few rows of small, colored “boxes” in front of me on a table. Each had some writing on it. As I tried to read this writing, I realized I didn’t have my eyeglasses on and everything was blurry. Just after that thought, however, I felt a different energy from within me kick-in. I could see and feel my eyes “remembering” or “focusing” on what I was seeing and everything quickly came into focus. I could not only read all the text but everything within my view was sharp and clear. Just as it was before I started wearing glasses.
  • Within a second or 2, however, my brain, or an “I not supposed to be able to do this” energy, must have realized what I just did and changed my eyesight back to “blurred vision”.

That’s all I remember.

This morning, just as we were getting out of bed, Sylvia reminded me that I hadn’t updated our personal Band page, to reflect this new “Music-Gear Drawing” Project that we started yesterday. So I made some changes to that page and updated the Banner at the top of our “Patreon” (crowd-funding) page.

Here’s the link:

The 3 products we placed in that photo are on our “we’d like to examine these products” list. From left-to-right, they are:

  • “MatrixBrute” synthesizer, made by Arturia: $2,000
  • “Lifeforms Evo” modular synthesizer, made by Pittsburgh Modular: $3,800
  • “TD-50 V-Drums” electronic drumset, made by Roland: $7,500

After getting out of bed this morning, I had to go into Sylvia’s Bathroom for a second. We almost never go in there… well, not in the last 303-weeks, anyway.

As I got to the sink, I noticed a small, droplet of water sitting on that Counter, right next to the sink. I saw it as I “approached” the sink, so it didn’t come from “me”. I touched it and it “felt” and “responded” as “water”. I looked and touched the ceiling right about that spot and it didn’t fall from there. The ceiling wasn’t wet, damp or discolored.

That droplet had to have just “appeared” there before I entered that room. I say that because I went back there to check on it, a few hours later, and it was almost completely gone… from evaporation, I guess. So it wasn’t there yesterday or even last night before we went to bed.

The only conclusion “I” can find within my mind is that “Sylvia” placed that droplet there, somehow knowing that I would find it.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Here’s the link to our crowd-funding page for the Music-Gear Drawings:

Of course, anyone can still listen to our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, for free from our BandCamp Page:


I found this Jennifer Hoffman Posting, from today, very interesting:

  • “More light pillars from’s page, this one was in Wyoming. I know the ‘official’ story is that they arise from light reflecting on ice crystals but they are too straight, too even, and I believe they are a representation of energy flowing to us.”
  • “This is the official story: ALTERNATE AURORAS: On Jan. 24th, photographer Dave Bell of Pinedale, Wyoming, witnessed a display of colorful lights in the sky. They looked liked auroras–but they were not.
  • “They’re light pillars, caused by ice crystals in the air which intercept urban lights and spread them into colorful columns. Sometimes called “false auroras,” no solar activity is required for the phenomenon. The only ingredients are ice and light pollution.”

My comments: In “my” opinion, she right. Even when I was a kid and began explaining the world around that “I” was experiencing, I heard LOTS of “he’s crazy” comments as well as various styles of “rolling the eyes”. Now, as the Cabal pulls that last card… that “sleight-of-hand” / “psychological trick” card from their sleeve, “I” and many others can clearly see-through their lies and twisted double-talk. In other words, the tables have been turned!

So now we have “Science” (actually it’s the “Cabal’s brain-washed science”) telling us that “ice crystals” can create “perfectly vertical”, “single-color beams” of light from the ground to the sky. R-i-g-h-t.

  • Hey, Cabal! How’s it feel? For eons, you’ve been talking-down the Truth each Being carries into this 3D realm at birth. Twisting our true perceptions until we actually believe what we’re “told” and not what our Heart is showing us. We now instantly see-through your lies. Please continue with your own extinction. The more you explain things, the faster everyone will see you for what you really are.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I then did a quick Internet search for something similar and found this website:

They explain this light-show the same way Jennifer Hoffman’s source did — light coming from the sky. However, the person who took the photo on the above page, states that the light was coming from the “Earth”. Not the “sky”.

Then, while on THAT page, I saw a title which even “I” couldn’t believe: “Solar wind is blasting Earth’s oxygen onto the surface of the Moon“.

My comments: Really? If “I” wrote that same article, EVERYONE would continue to say “I” was crazy. So now we have a “Science” website saying:

  • “Scientists have discovered that oxygen ions from Earth’s atmosphere are transported to the Moon once a month…”

Sure it does.

Before this, the Cabal’s Scientists were spoon-feeding us the idea that Space is a “Vacuum” but now, that same “Science” / those same “Cabal-payroll employees” are telling us that “Oxygen” can travel THROUGH that Vacuum and reach the Moon.

I’ve actually heard better ideas from 3-year olds. So, to “me”, this is feedback that the Cabal is truly using every resource they have left.

“Oxygen” reaching the Moon… now THAT’S funny.

  • Please seriously consider what all of this means… As the “Cabal” / the “Bully in the playground” uses its last weapon, “talk”, it means it has no other options left. If we continue to see-through the Bully’s lies and laugh at his every word, at first, he will become angry. However, if we continue to deflect his energies, he will eventually short-circuit and destroy himself.
  • I feel we are truly almost Home. So it’s extremely important for every Being on this planet at this Time to understand this last “war” the Cabal is forcing on us. Most of us don’t even see this tactic as a “war” but it is. The Cabal’s energy is quickly being extinguished. Those of us on the sidelines, not playing the game, must hold strong in our belief that WE are helping the Earth and our fellow Travelers on this part of our collective journey together. So must continue to not only energize the “Light” but also shine it on the “Dark”.


Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. Here are some excerpts:

  • “For the Trump regime, fixing the Middle East will be the easy part. Trump has announced he also plans to take on the hard part, dealing with the Federal Reserve Board, by hanging of portrait of Rothschild (Fed) nemesis Andrew Jackson in the White House, Pentagon sources note. This is not something the US military government will be able to solve merely by marching into Fed headquarters and rounding up central bankers or even by bumping off members of the Rothschild family. It will rather involve dealing with China.”
  • “Here is how a source close to the Rothschilds described the situation. “The Rothschilds are embedded in China, and have been for many years. All of their gold and liquid assets are in China…Everything that happens is well thought out and planned long in advance.””

My comments: This is a short article for Benjamin Fulford. At the end of it, he mentions that he hopes to get more written later today.

A lot of what this particular report mentions is the moving of troops and the dividing of some parts of the world, at least on “paper”. When I hear someone talk about “war”, “troop movements” or types of physical control over another country, I do my best to see beyond the “surface words”… doing my best to look-into their real reason for doing what’s being described. I still feel as though Humanity and this planet are currently on a “Positive” Timeline and, sometimes, when it “appears” that something “Negative” is happening in the world, it’s either a distraction or a secret because the Light Workers need to do some work without the Cabal knowing about it.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: