PS 4-8-18 *MySylvia, *Portals, Cobra

*First a couple of comments:
9/22/36 – 4/9/11
(September 22, 1936 – April 9, 2011)
(Yes, Sylvia was “74” when she crossed. She was “18-years” older than me. Now “I’m” 18-years older than “her”.)
  • Exactly 1-week after My Sylvia crossed-over, I held her Memorial Service in the Chapel of the hospice we had been in for the previous 3-weeks.
  • At one point, during that Service, I held-up a piece of paper which I had printed the large numbers “4/9/11”. I said: “My Sylvia crossed-over on 4, 9, 11” I then moved 1 of my hands and covered the number “4”. I didn’t say anything but my intention was to make the Point of My Sylvia “crossing” on the most devastating (yes, I had to look it up) day in MY life. It was MY “911”.
I found it interesting that Jennifer Hoffman’s Post today talks about a cycle which began in March 2011 and ended today, March 2018.
  • Before Sylvia crossed-over, and while we were still in hospice, I asked her why she had to leave. She told me “Higher Purpose”. I’ve been looking for some connection to that… what that could be… ever since. Maybe there’s a tiny piece to that puzzle in what Jennifer Hoffman mentioned today.
Here’s what Jennifer Hoffman Posted today:
  • “Occasionally I get confirmation for global events to share with you and I got one today! I mentioned in the April Energy Report, link below, that we were completing a cycle which began in March 2011, Uranus in Aries, and it’s a very big and important event. We’ve been in that cycle for 7 years and it has been tough. Well, it’s over and here’s my confirmation.”
  • “It came in the form of an amended 2011 1099 from Paypal. That year, they sent millions of people incorrect 1099s (the form they send out indicating how much you earned through their payment gateway) which meant that many of them were investigated by the IRS for falsely reporting their income. That happened to me too and because I keep good financial records (one of my degrees is in finance), I was able to avoid paying the IRS taxes and penalties they thought I owed them (over $40K), which I did not owe.”
  • “At that time I asked Paypal to issue a revised 1099 to correct their error but they refused, so I reported them to the IRS for filing false tax documents (as proof that it was their mistake, not mine).”
  • “Then today, 7 years later, I received, with no warning, an amended 2011 1099. This closes that matter for me and for the millions of Paypal customers who had to deal with an IRS investigation because of Paypal’s mistake.”
  • “Confirmation comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it takes a while but it eventually happens. So let’s say hooray for that 7 year cycle closing out and hello to a new cycle. Here’s the energy report for you:”
Here’s the link to her facebook page where I found this information:
This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. It was sent on March 26th but I was never able to “get around to it” until today. So there’s something about the timing of this information…
The following information has to do with a person named Jerry Wills… an Electronics Engineer who fell from a very tall platform while installing some electrical equipment. During that incident, he had a “Near Death Experience” which changed his life.
I won’t spoil the details of the following information for you but “I” feel it’s very important for everyone to at least “know” about his experience with the “Portal”.
In my opinion, it’s best to access the following links in this order:
Here’s the direct link to the Jerry Wills interview on “Coast 2 Coast” radio, which I haven’t listened to. (It appears to be 4-hours long!)
  • Note: If anyone truly feels as though they’ve “had enough” of this “Reality” or simply want to just “cross-over”, I would strongly suggest helping this planet and Humanity instead. How do you do this? One way is to visit the “Portal” at Aramu Muru, Peru. It shouldn’t take but a relatively small amount of money to convince the “locals” to give you the “Sound Key”. Then, go and talk with those Beings on the other side of that “Portal”, to learn how the cabal can be eliminated, so Humanity can continue its true evolution.
  • I would suggest bringing a device which will allow you to record both Audio and Video, while you’re there. (There’s a high probability that such a device could withstand the journey.)
  • If those Beings “won’t” or “are not allowed” to provide you with the information you need, Then you should, eventually be able to discover a different “Sound Key” which will transport you to another planet where you’ll be happy.

Today, Cobra Posted 2 messages for the “Resistance Movement”:

  • “CITA ANNABELLA v9.0 operational”
  • “All VTXC systems GO!, command immediate V>LE GBN/HVBN”


My comments: That last message seems urgent… It either means:
  • All VTXC Systems can now be activated, so hurry-up and get them started!
  • The Time is right for being successful, so get in there NOW and get the job done!
Only Time will tell.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-17-17 *Dream, Disclosure, Predictions, Sun

*First a comment:

Last night, very briefly, I had this Dream…

  • At some point, I was talking with a female. (I don’t know if this was My Sylvia.) I clearly remember her saying: “You’re going to turn yellow”. She didn’t really “whisper” it but her energy, when saying it, was very casual.

My feeling and 1st thought, when she said it, was… “Do you mean I’m going to become Golden Light?” but I never said it to her. I feel as though she said it just as I was coming back into this Unit from Dream State.

I wish just ONE of these “contacts” / “rememberings” would provide me with a “Date”… a “Timeframe” of WHEN something is going to happen!


This 1-hour, 24-minute video is a presentation, by different people, of the Beings recently found in Peru. The video is in Spanish but there are Subtitles.

I had read a few “titles”, weeks ago, about Beings that were found but I didn’t know those Beings were “Extraterrestrial”.

I didn’t have Time to watch all of it but I watched enough to know it wants to be included here.

The reason I’m including this is “IF” this information is real, then it “IS” part of “Disclosure” — the “official” release of information, stating that Star Visitors are “real” and are “here” on Earth.

My comments: In “my” opinion… “IF” this information, and the photos presented, are real, the Cabal would have sent its “puppets” to that location and retrieved everything and then threatened everyone who knows anything about it.

So what “I’m” feeling in this video is that these Beings ARE real and that this presentation is part of the Cabal’s delay-tactics of “Soft” Disclosure” (“Soft” because they are “spoon-feeding” us with on small pieces at a Time. Either to stretch things out or to lead us all down a Path they have setup with a “false flag illusion” of some sort, at the end of it.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This article is titled: “World Predictions Until 2050 By Remote Viewer E.M Nicolay”. Of course, “I’m” going to include only those Predictions that I feel attracted to. So be sure to read the article yourself and see which items resonate with “you”:

  • “Man is in the process of moving from a 3rd dimensional plane to a 5th dimensional one, skipping right over the 4th dimensional realm — and all this is within a 12 dimensional sub-level structure within a 12 dimensional universal structure.”
  • “While our soul may never stop learning and growing, this 5th dimension has no need for cellphones or the internet connecting us to each other.”
  • “Goodbye Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. Funny, but it appears all our mobile devices and the internet are just a dress rehearsal getting us ready for total telepathic communication with everyone and everything.”

My comment: “Telepathy” is one of the facets Sylvia and I have been working on, for these last 336-weeks.

Anyone can practice this now. Some people have been doing this without realizing it.

  • For example, some people have talked about receiving a phone call from someone they haven’t spoken with for quite a while. Then, one day, they just start thinking about that person and the phone rings… and it’s that person calling them.

There are an infinite number of ways to practice Telepathy. A simple way is to start with something which can be “50-50” predicted. In other words, something which only has 2 outcomes. Such as flipping a coin in the air and seeing which side lands face-up.

You can also do this with people… Call a friend or family member, who you haven’t spoken with in a few days and see if you can “Sense” which of these (or make-up your own) “50-50” situations they actually did:

  • Did they have a meal at a restaurant yesterday? (yes or no)
  • Did they put Fuel in their vehicle yesterday? (yes or no)
  • Did they wear a shirt (male) or blouse or dress (female) which had “yellow” on it yesterday?

Those are just top-of-my-head, random examples. The main thing is to believe in yourself and to practice this “Telepathy” / “energy-sensing” as often as possible.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

In this 8-minute video, the Narrator explains the colors of the Sun as well as a tiny bit about Ascension.

I’m including this because the Sun is 1 piece of feedback that we can all take advantage of AND we can use it to help those who may be unaware of this to at least “notice” the world around them.

My comments: For some reason, the Narrator didn’t notice the Sun going from “yellow” to “white” in “2012”. “He” says it’s “now” starting to turn “white”. He then states that the Sun will move from “white” to “blue”. Several months ago, I realized that the Sun will now begin to turn “blue”.

So another reason why I’m including this is so everyone will go outside and see that the Sun is very “white” and that we need to pay attention to its upcoming color-shift to “blue”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-22-17 Disclosure

The title of this 7-minute video is: “Potential Alien Body Unearthed In Nazca, Peru. A Species Unlike Anything Found In The Fossil Record?”.

My comments: This could be EXTREMELY good news for me and Sylvia.

For “me”, this is part of “Disclosure”. Over the last several months, I’ve seen lots of “soft” Disclosure activities. This “Finding”, “IF” it’s real, makes me think the Cabal are speeding-up Disclosure. If they are, it means something has changed, either within their ranks or in our Solar System, and this has caused the Cabal to move this “revealing of Star Visitors” forward in a big way. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.
Here’s the link: