PS 1-15-23 *Timelines2

*First a comment:
  • Remember, as always, these are just “my” thoughts… “my” insights, through “my” Rose-Colored Glasses. Your mileage may vary. So please do your own Research.
There’s something I forgot to included in the “Timelines” Section of my previous Blog Post…
  • “IF” Timelines are merging and everyone is continually raising their Frequency, wouldn’t that mean that each Timeline would be more “positive” than the last? So, why do we currently find ourselves in in this “covid” Timeline?
First, Humanity is not “currently” experiencing “global” lockdowns and mask-wearing. So, we really don’t know if those experiences actually happened on “this current” Timeline.
  • (a person) “…but I have memories of it. I remember wearing a mask. I remember seeing EVERYONE wear a mask. I remember being out of work and some of the food, and other supplies, dry-up.”
I don’t know exactly how “Timelines” work but it’s “possible” for us to automatically be “impressioned-with” that “Programming” (those “Memories”) when we entered this Timeline.
  • There may be some type of “you must know these foundation ideas, starting point, when entering a Timeline.”
  • “IF” that’s true, then that could be why the “merging of Timelines” and the “Mandela Effect” seem as though we effortlessly found them on our Collective Path.
Maybe the “start”, and 99-percent, of a “Timeline merge” means each Being is attracted to that Timeline which closely matches her or his Resonance at that moment in Time… but maybe as the Great Timeline Cycle is about to end (and restart), that System changes… Maybe the Timelines simply begin to collapse for some reason and its occupants are instantly (and un-aware) moved to
  • Ok, I was writing that out and continually checking what “the other side” wants me to say and I saw this…
At the end of that Grand Cycle, the Timelines don’t just “collapse”. They merge:
  • Let’s say there are an unlimited number of “Toothpaste Lines” of near-infinite length.
  • > Take a tube of toothpaste and squeeze it out onto a table. It’s diameter is the same as the tube’s opening. The lines can be straight, curved or both but they don’t overlap. These “lines”, however are free-floating throughout Space.
  • During the first 99-percent of this Grand Cycle, we see Beings freely moving between these “Timelines”.
  • During that last 1-percent, the Timelines are forced to merge with each other because they are being drawn into the “Singularity”… that one hollow tube which looks like a huge Funnel. Once that single Timeline is through that point, the Cycle begins again.
  • > Whoah!!! Just as my Mind saw the “Funnel”, I was also shown the Symbol of “the serpent eating its tail” (the “Ouroboros”).
So, “IF” this “Timeline merging” is true, then it may help us understand the “Mandela Effect”…
  • …finding ourselves on a Timeline where “some”, but not “all”, of the things we remember have been changed… even just a little.
So, where does all this leave us with my initial question?:
  • Why are we now on a Timeline of a wide-spread “virus”?
My “Sense” is that… These facets, which “Society” calls “negative” must be resolved…
  • …either because no Timeline can enter the “Funnel’s Tube” unless it’s “positive” (but “negatives” and “positives” are just a “judgement”)…
  • …or, it’s yet another Lesson for us to “change things” (“clean-up our act”).
  • > Maybe the “so-called” “negative” aspects are placed on our Collective Path, in order for us to have “homework material” to work on… to allow us those “Bonus Points” to increase our Resonance even more.
No matter how all of this interpreted, “I” look at the “Mandela Effect” and “the other strangenesses” as Feedback that SOMETHING truly is happening… and that tells “me” that the “Veil” between this Realm and Sylvia is going to be removed… in my lifetime.
Question everything.