PS 2029 – 9/12/22 *2029, *Population

*First a few comments:
I’ve explained the number “2029”, in the Subject Line (above), in the last few paragraphs of the “Population” Section below. (Of course, the “PS” in the Subject Line stands for “Paul & Sylvia”.)
Ok, this is beyond HUGE!!! (at least for “me”) I realize I’m VERY wordy but this one’s going to be much longer with a lot more things to think about. I’m going to cover MANY facets of what “I” feel is going on behind-the-scenes. In the process of explaining all this, I need to bring YOU, the Reader, up to speed on what I’ve been juggling within my Mind. I’m going to present many ideas, provide a lot of insights and even click a few “Puzzle Pieces” together.
  • Please keep in mind that all of this information is “me” looking through my own “Rose-Colored Glasses”.
  • I’m not asking you to believe any of this. Instead, I’m asking you to keep an Open Mind and “think” about the possibilities of each idea.
  • If some of what I explain Resonates with you then your Energy will help raise the overall Vibration of the Energies on this planet.
  • Either way, my purpose for writing ALL of these Blog Entries is purely selfish… “I” believe the “Veil” will be removed when… either a series of Events happens, outside of each of us… OR will dissolve when the Surface Population of this planet is raised to a certain level. When the “Veil” is “no more” then Sylvia and i will be reunited with each other and many MANY wondrous things will begin to unfold for all the Beings living here.
Note: I use the term “Surface Population” many times, below. “Some say” there is an entire civilization of Beings living in cities within the Earth. This vast place is known as “Agartha”.
  • Look up “Agartha”, “Hollow Earth Theory”.
  • This web page contains a very short video of “what looks like” a hole at the North Pole, taken by a High Altitude Plane or the Space Station.
  • There’s also the account of a Father and Son fishing off the coast of one of the Scandinavian countries and drifting too far north. At some point, they go down into the Earth and spend several days with 12-foot giants. (Please do your own homework and Question Everything.)
 So here we go…
“Some say” this “Reality” is really an “illusion” generated and maintained by a “massive” or “very specialized” computer, known as “The Master Program” by some. When I first learned of this, I began to think about “how” this could happen, (I’ve done some very minor Computer Programming in the past. So I should be able to figure this out, right?) So this idea has been on my Mind, as one of the MANY “Puzzle Pieces” I’m carrying, for a long Time.
On September 10, 2022, I saw a video by Researcher and Contactee, Lisa Harrison. One of the things she talked about is that there are only 250,000 people on the surface of this planet. I knew the number of Inhabitants wasn’t the 8-Billion the “cabal” is now telling us but I didn’t think it was as low as 250K. So I started thinking about this mystery again.
  • As I’ve mentioned in previous Blog Posts, in order to me to figure out this “illusion” and how to get past it, I have to consider EVERY particle of information which comes near my Senses… text, photos, videos, dogs barking, how many leaves swirl in a soft breeze, the rhythm of raindrops on an odd-sounding board, why a bird is sitting on a certain branch, how many steps it takes to get to my destination after finding a penny on the ground, etc. etc.
  • So, when I say “everything”, I mean I truly do consider “every” “thing”. Sometimes, it’s enough to drive most people crazy but I keep at it… keep my “eyes on the prize” because “Sylvia” is my prize. (So it’s worth it.)
Back to the “250K”… When I first processed the information about “how many people on the surface of this planet”, I kept thinking about how the “cabal” managed to abduct or kill the multitudes of people needed to bring the numbers down “thousands” and “millions” at a Time. What Lisa’s video opened my eyes to (and is the key ‘for me” for all this writing) is the idea that “maybe” there never were more than 250,000 people on the surface here. This one facet was Mind-blowing!
Here’s the link to Lisa Harrison’s video:
So, “IF” the Surface Population of what we know as “Earth” was never more than 250K then
  • How did the “cabal” manage to keep it from us? and
  • Why are we finding out about this now? (Yes, a LOT of people know this now but are not aware that they have this information. That’s what I’m explaining, here.
When My Sylvia crossed-over (April 9, 2011), a few hours later, she actually spoke to me… in my ears, just like a normal conversation. She said:
  • “The Veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon.”
Since then, I’ve heard from several different Sources who have said the same thing:
  • The “cabal” has lost its Control.
  • Their exotic technologies have been taken away from them. So they can’t keep the illusion alive much longer.
  • The “Veils” are getting thinner.
  • etc.
“Some say” ONE of the biggest weapons the “cabal” had was the “Half Truth”. Think about this for a minute. This is simple but very powerful Psychology.
  • If a piece of information contains 2 or more parts and you believe one part to be true but cannot verify the other parts, your “Brain”… your “Logic” is more likely to believe “all” of the information. For example… Let’s say the people in a small town notice a small amount of smoke coming up from behind a difficult-to-get-to nearby mountain. They see you driving from that direction and ask you:
  • > (them) “Was there a fire? How many trees have been burned?”
  • > (you) “I just came from there and all the trees are green.”
  • > (them) “…but we saw smoke.”
  • > (you) “It may have been some Fog or maybe someone camping on the other side but there was no fire and all the trees are green, as I said.”
  • You easily skirted the issue that your company has illegally Clear Cut most of the trees on the other side recently. So they ARE still “green” but they’re no longer standing. They’ve been hauled-off.
“Some say” the “cabal” is evil and has been suppressing exotic technologies and controlling the Surface Population for hundreds, or thousands, of years. This is why, when I first started processing this “Population” Puzzle Piece, I thought of them “reducing” what was already here.
I’m not saying the “cabal” is “good”. I’m saying this might have been part of their Half Truth (or Twisted Truth).
…but, “IF” the Surface Population was so very small, why would the “cabal” make us believe there are now 8-Billion people on the surface?
  • We’ve seen MASSIVE numbers of people going off to war.
  • We seen tens-of-thousands of people in Football Stadium all the Time.
  • We can walk through a Mall, Airport of Ocean Liner and see thousands of people, directly, up-close.
…for the same reason the “bully in the Playground” only confronts one kid at a Time… the “illusion of Control”.
  • If the bully were to go outside, during Recess, and confront ALL of the students at once, some of them might realize… “Wait a minute. He’s telling all of us to give home our Lunch Money or he’ll beat us up. There are HUNDREDS of us and only ONE of him. I could shout this out right now and either have the other kids beat HIM up and just tell them to walk away. That he’s no threat at all.”
From what “I’ve” read, the “cabal’ is only made-up of 2 or 3 families at the top and 13 families under them. So our 250,000 would easily outnumber them. Giving them no Control over us at all.
  • There’s another facet to this, which I haven’t quite worked out. So I’m discounting it but I’ll state it here, in case someone reading this can make this Puzzle Piece fit somewhere…
  • What “IF” the “cabal” has been doing all of this to protect the Surface Population?
  • From “my” perspective, “IF” there are really only 250K on the surface here, then maybe we’re all thousands of miles from each other.
  • There might be a reason, maybe an “outside” / “off-planet” reason why it’s important to make the Surface Population believe that there are really 8-Billion of us.
So, let’s say there are only 250,000 Inhabitants on the surface of this planet. “How” does the “cabal” make us believe there are MANY more?
Well, “IF” this illusion is maintained by “The Master Program” then THAT’S the answer… If the “cabal’s” exotic technologies have been increasingly removed, this would cause their “illusion 8-Billion” to disappear.
  • We saw the beginning of this when the “cabal” poured a LOT of Energy into their Control Mechanisms in 2020.
  • They took the yearly “Flu”, changed its Fingerprint, so it could be identified by others and released it in key locations around the surface of this planet.
  • Since they “own” (or “owned”) all the key Television Networks, Newspapers, Magazines and web companies, they went to work on exaggerating what was really happening and pushing their Half Truths.
  • Because a LOT of people didn’t question things too deeply, they believed everything the “cabal” was spewing.
  • To keep everyone off-guard, they kept changing their statements about things like “Yes, wear a mask” “No don’t wear a mask”… “Get a vaccine but not “that” vaccine.”… “Vaccines for children are too dangerous.” “Here’s a vaccine for children.”
  • At one point, word had gotten out that “Hydroxychloroquine” has been used on that “virus” for decades but when people began asking for it, the “cabal” would not allow it to be sold. (Try it yourself. See if you can purchase “HCQ” anywhere in the United States.)
  • Then, as the final part of the “Plan of Complete Control” they tried to Lockdown the entire Surface Population.
  • When that didn’t work, they stalled fleets of HUGE Cargo Ships off the coast of various countries.
  • When that didn’t stop people from moving on with their lives, the “cabal” threw a Monkey Wrench into Airline Transportation and the Trucking Industry.
Their plans were falling apart and, by this point, the “White Hats” or “Star Visitors” really stepped-up THEIR plans of removing the “cabal’s” exotic technologies. That’s when everyone began wondering why many, MANY companies have been desperate for workers but it seems that no one wants to work. We’ve all seen this on television and in various online reports. Those of us who actually GO to work, or go out to a restaurant, see this all the Time.
Part of us “seeing” this is because the Collective Consciousness of the Surface Population is slowly being raised.
“Some say” a LOT of people we see during the day are really Holograms, generated by The Master Program.
  • One of my hobbies is to dabble in 3D Modeling Software. I enjoy creating Worlds, an outdoor Scene, a Room or just a Table from scratch — right down to creating wood itself.
  • I could do all this, many years ago, with Software which cost less than $500. The “cabal’s” exotic technology was capable of far more than what I could accomplish on a “Home Computer”. So just imagine how far advanced The Master Program might be.
  • With my Software, I could indicate that, in this large area, I want 1,000 stones or flowers or cargo ships, etc. The Software could easily create all of them with believable “randomly shown” attributes: different angles, various colors, various heights and shapes, etc. All I would need to do is create “one” of them. Just like 80,000 people in a Football Stadium, from a distance, all of those objects looked “real”. With The Master Program doing this, if someone were to physically get close to one of those “people”, The Master Program would simply insert a “solid Hologram” complete with quirks (maybe a funny hat) and normal things to say (“did you see that last play… I’m glad it’s not raining.”)
Maybe the “people” we see throughout the day (say more than 100-feet away) are not “Holograms” but are really “Projections” of a person. Then, as we get closer or need to interact with them The Master Program swaps out the Projection for a Hologram. (Think about it for a minute.)
What about when we “Daydream”? Maybe “we” are Phasing between this “Reality” and one on the “New Earth” or another “Timeline”. (Something more to think about.)
…but we see and interact with our families and friends everyday. We see people in live news reports on Television, talk to people on the Phone and even Video Call them sometimes.
“18” and “2029”…
I’m not sure about the tiny details of “how” all of this works. However, my feeling is that there’s enough information “for me” to not only believe this “low Population” idea but, as you can see in the Subject Line at the top of this Post, I’ve added the number “2029”. You’ll see this from now on. This number represents the year something “for the planet” or just “for me” will change in a VERY big way. I based this on the number “18”…
  • Here’s a web page which explains why the number “18” is important in Chinese culture, Hebrew writing, Tarot, etc. (Yes, there are Comments which contradict a few of the statements in the Report but are they there to confuse us or are their concerns real? You’ll have to do your own Research to find out.)
  • More importantly, to “me”, Sylvia Incarnated in this Lifetime 18-years before me. Several months after her “passing”, I began thinking about… Maybe the “Veil” will be removed 18-years AFTER her “crossing”. Now, with these Puzzle Pieces clicking together (for “me”), I’m convinced that something will happen 18-years from Sylvia’s leaving, which bring us to the year 2029.
  • One of the hobbies Sylvia enjoys is “Numerology”. She taught me a lot. In Numerology, the numbers are simply added together until a “Master Number” (11, 22, 33, etc.) or a single digit number (1,2,3, etc.) is found. She told me… Whenever there is a “9”, we simply don’t use it. We call this the “Casting out of nines”. For example: Let’s say we have the number 1234. 1+2 = 3. 3 +3 = 6. 6 + 4 = 10. The zero is removed and we’re left with the number “1”. (One is “New Beginnings”) If a single-digit number is followed by a “zero”, it brings more Energy with it. (The more zeros, the more powerful that number becomes.) Now, let’s say we have the number 9291. If we simply add-up the numbers we have 9 + 2 = 11. 11 + 9 = 20. 20 + 1 = 21. (We keep going until we have a single number) So 2 + 1 = 3. With the “Casting out of nines” we can add these numbers much quicker… We simply don’t use either of the nines. So now we add 2 + 1 = 3.
Now that I’ve explained why I used the number 2029, let’s use Numerology to see what that year-number reduces down to:
  • Skip the “nine” and we add 2 + 2 = 4. The number “2” in Numerology represents “Duality”. The number “4” represents “Completion”. (Gives you chills, doesn’t it?)
I probably have forgotten some of the Points I wanted to make here but that should be enough to get you thinking.
Remember, these are “my” Puzzle Pieces, looking through “my” “Rose-Colored Glasses”. Whether you believe any of this or not, please do your own homework. Keep an Open Mind and Question Everything.

PS 12-30-17 *Reasoning, *2018, Cobra

*First a comment:

Today marks 351-weeks since My Sylvia crossed-over and, as I’ve said many times, it doesn’t get much easier as “Time” moves on. My “Reasoning” STILL isn’t what it should be…

  • Last week, at work, I didn’t prioritize a very minor job-task and did another task instead. This was brought to my attention by the Assistant Manager. It was a minor thing but caused a slight bit extra work for a few employees because of it.
  • A few days ago, while getting ready for work, I selected a clean shirt from our closet at home, took the shirt off of the hanger, laid the shirt on the counter and pulled the “hanger” towards me, as if I was going to put IT on.
  • About 2-weeks ago, I noticed that our “Bank” shows an extra $250 in our Checking Account than we can account for. Thinking it was Debit Card payments that we made but hadn’t been reported yet, we waited until today to dive into the details. I was convinced that this “found money” was gifted to us as part of the upcoming “Prosperity Packages”. However, after going through, line-by-line, of our Checking Account Statement, I realized that I hadn’t entered 1 of our Paychecks in our Check Register.

THAT’S how “out of it” I still am.

I’m mentioning all this for anyone who recently had a Loved One cross over and is wondering how others cope with this situation… and I’m mentioning this for those who just want to understand the mindset of someone who has experienced a HUGE loss in the person they truly Love. It’s not “fun” and, at times, it’s a little scary — being COMPLETELY alone and wondering if I’ll make a mistake or harm this Unit (the body and its many Systems) by eating some bad food or walking into a wall… or by buying a new car that we don’t need, etc. What day is it? Did I insult someone today but didn’t realize it? Did we buy enough groceries? Do we have any gas in the car?

Today, I looked out of our Living Room window and saw that the Trunk of our car was open. It took me about an hour of searching the Internet and going outside to examine our car before I realized that “I” had pressed the “Open the Trunk” button accidentally on our electronic car keys, while they were still in my pocket… from inside our home.

We’re only 1-day away from the official energy of “2018”. In Numerology, “2017” is a “1” and “1” represents “new beginnings”. We’re all about to dip our toe into “2018”, which is a “2”, yes, but, more importantly, “2018” adds-up to “11”… and “11” is a “Master Number”. Very powerful.

  • In Numerology, some numbers add-up to “high-low” versions, such as with the reduction of “2018”. This means, if the energy behind that number is used in a positive, expanding and helpful way, the “11” comes into play. However, if the highest good isn’t intended, then the energy will drop to the lower frequency — in this case, the number “2”, which represents “duality”.


This was Post today by Cobra. It is meant for the “Resistance Movement”:

  • “Drastic systems security breach / EELA disruption at 504”

I’m simply including this because, “IF” it’s a real message, then it shows some progress is being made in the goal to free this planet and its inhabitants.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-3-17 *Dream, *Guidance, *Completions?, Parkes, Cobra

*First a few comments:

I haven’t remembered very many Dreams lately but I think this one has to do with… well, I’ll describe the Dream 1st:

  • I was at “work” (but it’s not where Sylvia and I work “outside of this Dream”). This seems to be a motel. It’s starting to become night Time. I’m on the “7th” Floor. (I just know that.) I notice that all of the rooms, all of the Floors and even the floor of the Elevator are carpeted in a yellow-orange or gold color.
  • At one point, I need to use the Restroom. I didn’t want to use the Restrooms on this Floor. So I got into the Elevator, so I could go up 1-flight. The “Elevator” is just a rectangular cut in the carpet. There are no walls to it… no door and it doesn’t have a ceiling. It’s just part of the hallway carpet but this one small area “is the Elevator”. The carpet that’s just sitting there, loose, is about 2-feet wide and 5-feet long.
  • I don’t remember pressing a button but I must have. The “floor” / “loose carpet area” is now very slowly rising. Only the carpet is moving and I’m sitting on it. I reach the Suspended Ceiling and then can see above it and how it’s all put together. I reach the next Floor but the “Elevator” doesn’t stop. It just continues to slowly move up. With no walls or doors, I can clearly see the surrounding areas that I’m now moving-up through. My focus, however, is on the wall that’s about an inch from me. I’ve seen several openings, which I think are the “doors” I’ll be using to exit this “Elevator”, once it stops. These “openings” aren’t big enough to be “doors”. They’re about a foot high, 2-feet wide and have a wooden frame around them. Similar to a “picture frame”. The walls are “off-white” / “cream” / “pale yellow” in color.
  • This “Elevator” still hasn’t stopped. I don’t remember this “motel” being this tall. I’m beginning to wonder just how tall it is. Shortly after these thoughts, the “Elevator” finally stops.
  • I look through the “door”… the “opening” in the wall and see a woman working in her Kitchen. I either asked her what Floor I was on or saw the Floor Number on the wall… It had stopped at Floor “30”.
  • The entire Time, I was talking to Sylvia. Once I learned that I was on the 30th Floor, I looked over the edge of the carpet I was sitting on and said: “I’ve got to get back to 8.”
  • That’s all I remember.

To “me”, this Dream has to do with “Ascension”… going up through the Floors above that I didn’t even know were there.

I’m not sure about why I wanted to “go back” down. Part of me thinks it’s because I felt as though “that’s where I left My Sylvia, so I need to resonate at that level in order to connect with her during Ascension”. However, I really feel that “My” Sylvia is right here with me and as my frequencies increase, she will be able to remain right along side of me… even through the upcoming transition.

The number “30” is the number “3”, which is “Creativity”. The more “zeroes” behind a number, the stronger that number’s influence becomes.

The number “7” is “Spirituality”.

The number “8” is “Reality” or “Master of Reality”… “Master of the Physical”, 3D, manifestations.

I found this “looking for a Restroom” definition on the following website:

  • “If we can’t find the toilet in our dreams, it can be a sign that we are not allowing ourselves the basic needs in life.  We may be too busy, too engrossed, to caught up with caring for something or someone else, that we forget to take care of our most fundamental requirements.  This kind of dream suggests that maybe we need to create a little time and space in our life to fit in some of the basics.  Just as in waking life that special privateness you get when you close the bathroom door is a moment of calm, so too do we need that same space of private to attend to our psychological needs.  It doesn’t have to be a long time, but the important thing is that we start paying attention to the messages our sleeping mind is trying to give us.   The urgency of needing the toilet can be a powerful motivator to stop and pay attention!”

Basically, my existence cycles around: eat, sleep, work. For Lunch at work, I typically eat a can of soup. At home, Lunches are almost always fried potatoes, onions and spices and Suppers are usually pasta with soy sauce, frozen peas, mayonnaise and dill relish. (It’s a tasty mixture. The mayonnaise and “dill” relish create Tartar Sauce, without the lemon juice. The “Bragg’s Liquid Aminos” [soy sauce], gives it some extra flavor and add nutrition.)

  • For what it’s worth… 99-percent of the food we eat is “organic” or “non-GMO” or both, including the canned soup and bottles of lemonade we drink with most of it.

Then I sit in front of the computer doing Research on “when is that Veil going to be removed” until it’s Time to go to bed. The next day, it’s simply “rinse and repeat”.

I’ve been “existing” this way for MANY, many months now.


  • This has been another Lesson from My Sylvia. I was going to call this Section “Lesson” but she suggested “Guidance”, because that’s what she does with me — she “guides” me. She never “tells” me what to do. She never has.

There are still several Modules that we need, just to have a “basic” Patch (sound) in our new “Modular Synthesizer”. Right now, we have a Case, an Oscillator (sound source) and a MIDI-to-CV (Control Voltage) Module. This means we can play a Keyboard and hear some Notes but can’t modify the sound in more than a few ways.

  • “Modular” Synthesizers require you to create any and all sounds from scratch. This means there’s “some” knowledge and a “lot” of creativity involved with each sound. This also means the possibilities are infinite.

So, currently, we still need an “Envelope Generator”, “Amplifier”, “Filter” and “Mixer”, in order to create simple, and complete, sounds.

Yesterday, a “Modular Synthesizer” Retailer sent out an eMail saying they’re having a big 30-percent-off sale (because of the Holiday). My mind immediately went into overdrive…

  • (talking to Sylvia)… How can we pay all of our bills, which are due “today”, AND take advantage of this sale?

I just spent 2, FULL DAYS trying to figure that out! Sylvia’s the “math” person in our family. I’m not very good at  it. So it can be a bit “what were you thinking” whenever “I” do our “financial math” calculations.

I figured ALL KINDS of numbers, prices, payment-timings, etc. I had to force myself to stop to have Supper and Lunch!

  • I was about to put another $400 to $700 on a Credit Card! (That particular Card recently increased our “credit limit”… and a “spendable balance” can sometimes look like a “flame” to a “moth”.

Late last night, Sylvia was finally able to calm me down enough to get me to at least take our current Paycheck and pay the bills. So that’s what I did.

As soon as that was completed, I remembered that we have some “spendable” money on a Credit Card. So I did my best to figure out how to use it on this sale.

  • I ran myself ragged… as I usually do in these situations… I had LOTS of windows open, compared prices, read Owner’s Manuals, watched product videos, etc.

Late this afternoon, Sylvia was able to get a short message through my stress and into my awareness:

  • “What would “I” do? Just as I’ve mentioned before… Ask yourself: What would Sylvia do? What would Sylvia do?”

It didn’t quite sink-in right away but it was enough to crack the shell around my 1-sided thinking.

Tonight, I was so frazzled with all of my “research” into that “sale” that even “I” realized I was trying to “push the river”. (It’s a “Saying”… “Don’t push the river”)

Once I stopped my mind from continuing its endless spiral, Sylvia was able to point-out the real Lesson in all this… One that she’s taught me before but I keep repeating…

  • The “Lesson” here has to do with “lack”. By chasing a “sale” we’re reinforcing the idea that we don’t have enough money to buy it if there wasn’t a “sale”. By pushing this energy where it doesn’t want to go, you’re saying you’re not good enough and all of this “chasing” is actually “pushing” that money, and those opportunities of buying those items, away from you.

Since Sylvia and I have worked with this “Lesson” a few times before, many years ago, today’s “Guidance” was very quick and I “got it” right away. As soon as I felt her message, I immediately closed all the windows, quit the program and started writing this Section.

For a few months now, I have been noticing that Sylvia and I are accomplishing quite a bit at work.

  • One of our jobs is to be a basic “handyman”. Now, Sylvia and I enjoy tapping into the “Grid” and pulling-out creative ideas, in order to solve various problems but a “handy-man” I’m not. Before my Dad crossed-over, he was a Carpenter. He taught me several things about building things but would always laugh at my ability to saw a piece of wood in a straight line. I’m the type of person… If I take something apart, there will probably be parts left over when it’s reassembled.

So Sylvia and I find it very odd that I was hired to keep everything in working order within the building. So, with very few tools and even less knowledge of what I’m doing, I’ve fixed a LOT of things:

  • Doors,
  • Supply Carts,
  • Glued loose carpet and baseboards,
  • Paper Towel Dispensers,
  • Moving and non-moving Clothing Racks,
  • Assembling and repairing Vacuum Cleaners,
  • Installed telephones,
  • Added ceiling Speakers,
  • Invented a “Credit Card Reader” holder for the Retail Sales area,
  • Created special markers, which help when unloading trucks,
  • Created a diagram, which shows the current status of each truck, etc.

I’m not listing that information to “show off”. I’m simply giving everyone a sense of the variety of things that “I’ve” directly been involved with… when “I” shouldn’t have anything to do with “fixing” those things.

A case in point happened last week:

  • I had to fix a door on 1 of the many Stock Rooms. It was a wooden door that was connected at its top and bottom with steel “pins”. (It didn’t have “hinges”.) The “pins” were held to the steel doorframe by an “L” bracket. One on top and one on the bottom. The holes at the bottom were bent. So I removed that “L” bracket. (It’s a long story.) I found another “L” bracket that’s used for something else. So I drilled 2 holes in the metal frame and attached that new bracket. After putting the door back on, I realized that bracket wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. So I found 2 more, but different, “L” brackets and bolted them together — back-to-back. They were just tall enough… So I wedged them under the already-mounted “L” bracket that was holding up the door. This new “double” “L” bracket is now holding up THAT bracket. It works, and looks a bit odd, but no real “Handyman” would do it that way.

My point here is that Sylvia and I have been completing more and more tasks like this. It seem that the more “Time moves on” the more work we have to complete. I don’t know if this has to do with “me”, on some Level, wanting to get a few more “experience points” under my “Soul’s belt” before this illusion is dissolved or if it has to do with the energies involved in the actual “Ascension”… to complete certain tasks or at least touch certain energies, in order to contribute to the rising of the collective Human consciousness. Only Time will tell.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.


This 2-hour video is an interview with Simon Parkes.

  • Around the 11-minute mark, he explains that 2-people had infiltrated Corey Goode’s team.
  • He says the weather activity is created by HAARP but the Seismic activity is largely natural.
  • His final words are interesting… “The rest period’s over now. Be on your guard everybody. This is it now. Let’s see where we go with it.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This short and cryptic message is from Cobra:

  • “Grid ratio failure”

My comments: He doesn’t say if this is a “good” thing or a “bad” thing. It’s possible that the “Grid” is the Cabal’s “Quarantine Grid” or “the Grid which holds the illusion of our Reality”. In this case, a “failure” of THAT Grid is a VERY good thing.

Question everything.

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PS 1-13-17 *13, Parkes, Cobra

*First a comment:

Sylvia is self-taught, in the realm of Numerology, Dream Analysis, Astrology, etc. When she taught me some of what she knows about “numbers”, especially the number “13”, she said:

  • “It’s a number. It holds a lot of power. How someone uses that energy is what makes it “good” or “bad”.”

I’m simply mentioning this because today we “Friday the thirteenth”.


This 2-hour video (in 2-parts, 1-hour each) is with Interviewer Kerry Cassidy and her guest Simon Parkes. It was recorded in December, sometime just after Christmas.

  • He claims to have grown-up in a family of non-Humans. He says his Father was the top “Draco – Reptilian” in this part of Space. In recent years, Simon became a whistleblower and now explains things from his direct interactions with some of those Beings as well as other behind-the-scenes contacts.

Here are some highlights:

  • “The next 3-months on this planet are crucial.”
  • “Between March and July, I’m expecting some sort of Disclosure. It will not come from the government. It will come from an Agency, funded by the government. He will announce to the world that their Super Computer have been in communication with an off-planet force, I’m not going to name anything, and they have been holding conversations.”
  • Humanity is being given a “door”. Whether Humanity will walk through that door… If they can, then between 2017 and 2019, “this whole paradigm will shift”. “So by the middle of 2019, we shall a civilization completely unlike what we have now.”
  • There is a “Nibiru” / “Planet X” but it’s a device and it’s currently way out at the moment. It’s not going to hit us. This won’t be allowed to happen.”
  • We can have a “magnetic” Pole Shift but a “physical” Pole Shift will end this planet.
  • Six weeks ago, there was an attempt to take us off this TimeLine but it failed.
  • There are 2 Spherical objects in Space. One has nothing on it and the other does. When it returns, and it will, we are in a position where there’s no void or vacuum for something else to come in and impose itself as Rulers of Humanity.
  • The U.S. will have a “Military” government because they can be trusted. They will wear “suits” but they will be “Military”.
  • There was a Spell placed on “Money”, when it began and all the major Banks are on “Node Points”.
  • We need to get off “Money” and in 2017, it will.

Question everything.

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This was Posted today by Cobra:

  • Important Situation Update
  • “Year 2017 will see much more presence of the Light on the surface of the planet than any of the previous years, as the presence of the non-physical Light particles from the Galactic Center has increased greatly. On the last day of 2016, there were many signs in the sky in the form of polar stratospheric clouds and other unusual cloud phenomena:”
  • “Some people have interpreted this increased Galactic Light as a sign of a possible Galactic Superwave (read: the Event) in 2017:”
  • “In the meantime, clearing of the Chimera Group continues. Recently, an infiltration of the Chimera Group within the rank of the Light Forces inside of this Solar system has been detected. The Chimera was even able to hijack one of the teleportation portals that was transporting captured Cabal members that were about to be taken to the Galactic Central Sun and these were siphoned off to a Chimera base in the Kuiper belt. This situation has already been resolved.”
  • “It has also been discovered that the Outer barrier / Tachyon membrane is to a certain degree permeable to plasma anomaly and under certain conditions negative plasma entities can cross that membrane through the tunnels of Set in both directions, in and out of the Solar system. The plasma outside of our Solar System is not yet completely free of primary anomaly, especially the plasma filament that stretches along the Orion arm:”
  • “Plasma anomaly in this region originates from the Orion galactic wars the the last few million years and has been almost completely healed, but the small amount remaining still interacts with the Yaldabaoth entity. The highest concentration of the anomalous plasma is from Rigel star system towards the Taurus dark cloud, also called Taurus molecular cloud:”
  • “As a response to all this, a large powerful galactic Light group hundreds of millions strong has entered the Solar System and it will assist in the final clearing of the Chimera. The identity of this positive group must not yet be revealed.”
  • “Also, the Resistance and all breakaway groups that are allied with the Galactic Confederation have begun „intense activities inside of this Solar system and beyond, on a level never before encountered.“”
  • “All breakaway groups (SSP and underground ones) that are not yet allied with the Galactic Confederation are still infiltrated by the Chimera.”
  • “On the surface of the planet, this infiltration is even stronger. Many times, when things are not going according to the plan, that is a clear sign of infiltration. ALL positive groups on the planet suffer from infiltration from Chimera or their minions. Many geopolitical events are confirming this.”
  • “The reals reason why Daesh could retake Palmyra was infiltration very high in the Russian military command. Embarrassed, Russian analysts gave their own explanation why that happened:”
  • “They forgot that simple computer vector analysis of photos from powerful Russian spy satellites would easily discover a group converging to a single point.”
  • “The Cabal wants to also infiltrate other BRICS countries as well, and they are behind drastic war on cash in India:”
  • “The most dangerous of all is Kissinger’s strategy to side with Russia against China through Trump, attempting to break the Eastern Alliance:”
  • “Many people are beginning to understand that Trump is just a puppet and his policy is orchestrated by invisible handlers from behind the scenes:”
  • “On a brighter side, the Chinese have announced that the have managed to put the famous EmDrive prototype for testing on their space station:”
  • “Soft disclosure continues and asteroid mining is becoming mainstream:”
  • “There is even a website that estimates the economic value of certain asteroids:”
  • “For those who would like to become more directly involved in the planetary liberation, here is a very good example how a liberation group can operate (with a short Cobra interview added as a bonus):”
  • “Those who feel so guided can help feeding people in Malawi with their generous donations (on thew right hand side of the page little below the top):”
  • “Situation in Malawi and in many other places in Africa is far from perfect, but Light will reach there also.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

My comment: Probably my favorite sentence is: “”…a large powerful galactic Light group hundreds of millions strong has entered the Solar System and it will assist in the final clearing of the Chimera.”
Question everything.

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