PS 10-7-18 *MotivationalTalk, *Mold, Predictions, Pleiadians

*First a comment:
(Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 10/3/18. However, I did enter a couple of pieces of information (below) but didn’t send them out until now. So I simply placed Dates next to their titles, in case anyone wanted to know “when” I discovered that information.)
Because Sylvia and I have used “CDBaby” to distribute our Song: “Calling All Humans”, we’re on their mailing list. Today, they sent a link to a Motivational Talk for Musicians, which I feel can help a lot of people… and the techniques mentioned can be applied to many different aspects of life, not just “making Music”. Here’s part of the information listed for that 1-hour video:
  • “When singer Ariel Bloomer realized that a lot of her audience struggled with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thinking, she also realized why that audience was so fiercely loyal — because her music was SERVING them. She’d transformed her own pain into art that helped her fans feel less alone, more connected, more hopeful.”
Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s the link to our Song on CDBaby:

Of course you can also listen to the entire Song from our “BandCamp” page. (You can also listen to our entire album from there.):
(10-6-18) *MOLD
Sylvia and I seem to still be dealing with Mold at home. Sometimes I can smell an area that Musty but, sometimes, I can’t locate the “cause”. Then the smell dissipates and I can’t find it again.
Then there are times when I can’t find any Mold because I only wear eyeglasses while sitting at my computer. Today, however, I forgot to take them off when I went from our Living Room towards our Kitchen. There’s a fairly modern, all-wood Rocking Chair that we have and it was almost completely spotted with the start of Mold! So I got out several paper towels and some anti-Mold spray and cleaned it up.
There was also a start of some Mold in the top of our Kitchen Cabinets. This was on the inside, above the top shelf.
This “Mold” wasn’t “spots”, though. It was a light-gray, irregular “line” about an inch wide. I had seen this several months ago but didn’t know how to get rid of it (because our Dishes are in there). Yesterday, however, I figured out that I could cover all the Dishes with the plastic, grocery store bags we had and then I sprayed that top area with the anti-Mold spray. I left the bags in there for 24-hours, while that spray settled. Today, it looks like that “irregular line” is gone.
I’m mentioning all of this because it’s always “Sylvia” who would remember, and suggest, that we dust, clean our floors, etc. I don’t mind doing the work but sometimes I can fall into that “guy” mentality… that stubborn, “why do we need to clean, it’s dust, it’ll just blow away on its own”, Neanderthal way of thinking. However, now that I’m having to deal with Mold and a layer of dust that would make a gorilla sneeze, I more than welcome any cleaning suggestions Sylvia has from now on.
So, guys, and anyone who has that “I don’t want to clean”, Neanderthal mentality, please listen to your “Significant Other”, when they suggest “it’s Time to clean”.
In this 11-minute video, “Aluna Ash” explains the current energies of this planet. Here are a few highlights:
  • She starts-out with some information on “don’t buy-into the fear”. She says, by preparing against a negative happening, that person is buying-into that timeline and bringing it closer to theirs.
My comments: This is basic “law of attraction”… we “resonate with” and “attract” whatever we pour energy into.
The cabal is pretty much down to “throwing stones” and “name-calling”. They know how powerful Humanity is — both “Collectively” and “Individually”. So one of their tricks is to “make US create the negativity FOR them”. They do this by whispering in our Collective ears that there’s a “bully” around the next corner who will take our Lunch Money.
  • (Society) “Oh, no! I don’t want to deal with a “bully”. I’d better find another way to get to school.”
  • (Your Higher Self) “Wake-up! THERE IS NO BULLY! When you buy-into a situation like this, you resist it… and when you resist it, you put energy behind it… and when you put energy behind something… you create it.”
  • At the 2:38-mark, she wrote (on the screen): “The Vatican will fall. My guidance was very clear on that.”
  • At the 4:22-mark, she explains one of the “false flags” messages she received… “On November 11th, I was seeing North Western United States… I was seeing a blackout following this.” She goes one to say this may not even unfold, because we have so much help right now.
  • Some of the unfolding will be done a certain way to “shock” people awake.
  • “There will be changes in the color of the Sky. It will just feel different.”
  • She talks about “Ascension Symptoms”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Even if the following Channeled message is not real, it’s still very uplifting (So if you need something to feed your “imagination”… your “manifestation engine”, this may be a good place to start):
  • A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, October 3, 2018
  • “Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today with wonderful news. The Light Fleet is advancing quickly in on the forces of darkness. There are billions of Galactic ships positioned to remove the most problematic perpetrators of death and destruction from the earth. Each ship has specific directions about what to do and where to go. The destinations are perfectly timed and filtered through technology that allows us the advantage.”
  • “We hear the calling from the earth and from humanity for an end to the atrocities of the harsh way of life you have been living. We promise you this is our common goal. The damage has been done and there is no room for anymore. We have been granted permission to use whatever means are possible to achieve this goal. You can imagine how pleased we are to announce this.”
  • “Never again in the history of the earth will self-serving beings be allowed to usurp the energies and resources of all of life on any planet. The days of the enslavement have been declared over. You are being freed from the rot and greed. You may have to run for cover while active forces of light expunge the dark. They are cantankerous beings and while we deal with them you may feel the energies. They could get uncomfortable. This does not mean they will hurt you because we would not allow that. You might simply feel the turmoil of their departure. In the long run the energies will be much lighter. It will become easier to move about the earth.”
  • “Right now, every soul on the earth is choosing whether they are continuing to serve self or if they are choosing to move into a higher vibration into service to others. We are sorry to say that most who have only interest for self will find it problematic to change. That means they will be leaving the earth and going to other third dimensional planets where they can continue to learn their lessons.”
  • “Most humans, whether light or dark, are being faced with many challenges now. As the Ascension Process continues to accelerate it forces one to make choices that will lead to higher steps in rising consciousness. Those who are unable to receive the accelerations and the love energy that go along with that will decelerate. The choices of each soul are taken into consideration and are followed through with love. It is known that each beings’ choice is honored.”
  • “Soon you will begin to experience greater waves of love. You will feel the luminescence of the light as the creative energies sweep through you. Your vibration’s will be higher and higher. From this, your manifesting abilities will expand in miraculous ways. You will remember your power and will use it wisely.”
  • “We have the utmost confidence in you and the work we are doing together. We honor you and appreciate you being on the earth this time. You make a huge difference. Focus on the truth and the light and we will see this through to the end.”
  • “I send you love and joy from all of us. I am Mira”
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the page where this message can be read:
Here’s the link to a 5-minute video where this message is read aloud:

PS 7-14-18 *Music, Earth, Cobra

*First a comment:
I’ve been wanting to write this article for several months and finally got around to doing it today. It’s called: “Give Your Music Its Own Voice”.
Here’s the link:
This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
In this 13-minute video, the Narrator explains 2 things of interest:
  • In 5-days, all the planets in our Solar System will be on the same side of the Sun. He states that this has only happened 6 times in the last 120-years and during 5 of those times, there has been increased Volcanic activity.
  • At the 2-minute mark, he begins showing a massive “Dust Storm” which has been moving “dust” / “sand” from the Sahara Desert across the Atlantic Ocean and is spreading throughout the world. I’ve heard him talk about this before but, in this particular video, he states that a “Dust Storm” in the Atlantic means “fewer” or “no” Hurricanes can form. (I just found that interesting… “IF” it’s true.) Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
Yesterday and today, Cobra Posted these 2 messages for the “Resistance Movement”:
  • “Friday, July 13, 2018”
  • “BOD EXTQR removal sequence grid ratio disruption”
  • “Saturday, July 14, 2018”
  • “Disruption removed”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 12-15-17 *Car, Transition, 432

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)

Our new car will be 1-month old in 2-days. Since Sylvia and I have the next 2-days off, this is a good timepoint to say it’s now “1-month” old.

So, for anyone who’s curious… This car has now been driven 355-miles since it was created. Yesterday, on our way home from work, we put gas in this car for the 1st Time since we’ve had it. Yes, we drove it for 30-days on 1 tank of gas. It has a 17.2-gallon gas tank. The “mileage computer”, in the car, shows that it still has “about” an “80-mile” range before it runs out of gas. We’ve learned that the “Range Indicator” is not strictly what it shows. There are several variables involved in how it reaches that number and these change mile-by-mile.

Although we didn’t completely fill the tank this Time, this car knows how much gas is now in its tank and has adjusted the “Range Indicator” accordingly.

So, for $25, we can drive this car for about 1-month. Of course, we do our best to plan “errands” to-and-from work and we don’t leave home when we’re not working.


The title of this article is: ” The Transition Between Symphonic Universes”. It’s the pulse of Humanity as we collectively raise our frequency during this “transition” / “Ascension” process.

I’m including this because I feel it might be helpful to those around you who may not know why they have been experiencing “negative” happenings recently. For those who do know what is happening, this information may help you to better-align with these new ideas and energies as they enter your own “world” / “experience”.

I found the following lines to be most helpful to “me”. Although the mention of “Divine Twin” is not referring to “Twin Flames”, “I” am seeing this information directly reflecting what Sylvia and I are currently going through.

  • “As the Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine are Unified at individual Chakra Systems, the Divine Twin activates Within.”
  • “Inner Grids reflect outer grids and vice versa, so inner twin must be unified in order for the Divine twin ship to occur in a manifested reality.”
  • “We are preparing for this Now As the Root Chakra Of The New world anchors to the new reality.”

Thank you “M” for bringing this information through.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Although I’ve covered the number “432” and its important relationship with Music, many months ago, this 22-minute video explains this number even further. I hadn’t realized just how many facets of our 3D existence are “based-on” or “divided-down-into” the number 432.

This video also explains a few ancient Cultures and their use of this number and ties things together with questions about the current awakening of Humanity. It also covers “Sacred Geometry” and show how the basic “2D” and even “3D” versions of those shapes “contain” or “reduce-down-into” the number “432”.

I’m including for those who didn’t know about it and because it brings together many seemingly-different aspects.

  • This video was Posted in 2013 and is actually 31-minutes long. The 1st 22-minutes is filled with information and the rest of the video contains kaleidoscope images and music, which, “I assume”, is based on the 432 frequency.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-22-17 *Music, *Candle, Hoffman, Prophecy

*First a few comments:

Last Thurday “NAMM” (National Association of Music Merchants) started and it ended today. It’s held twice a year — in January, in California and around June, in Tennessee. It’s “the largest” or “2nd largest” (after a similar German version held every July or so) in the world. It’s where Music Equipment manufacturers show their latest products and upcoming technologies and it’s attended by company representatives who purchase that type of gear for their customers. Of course, the music-industry Press is there.

So I’ve been pouring over all the articles, images and videos for the last few days, to see if there’s anything new that Sylvia and I might need. We still have a few big items on our list and, sometimes, a newer piece of technology may provide better options. Knowing about those options is very important, before buying a new piece of gear. So far, though, this particular NAMM hasn’t released any big products in the “Electronic Drums”, “Keyboards” or “Synthesizer” Categories. A couple of the biggest manufacturers simply repackaged some of their products in new “colors”.

  • Yes, sometimes, the way a Musician interacts with the “feel”, “look” and an instrument’s “accessibility” can go a long way to bringing out an inspired song BUT, when you’re playing Live, on stage, the lighting is either very dark or multi-colored. So, to “me”, when a manufacturer brings out the exact same instrument but in a different color, it means: “Hey, don’t forget about us. We’re still developing new stuff but those products are another 12 to 18-months away. So we threw some new paint on some of our current gear, so we can say “we have new stuff”.” That’s “my” take on it anyway.

I’ve mentioned in previous Postings that Sylvia and I don’t have any “Family” nearby. In fact, what few Family members we have are several States away. We don’t have a dog, cat, fish, bird or even a houseplant… BUT, we do have the 3rd member of our immediate Family. We bought him when we lived in Florida. He’s a 10-inch, stuffed bear. He’s very special to us and we treat him as our “perpetually-young”, “always sees the Positive”, “Loves animals”, Family member.

For the last several months, we’ve been burning Candles in our home. Well, 1 Candle at a Time… some times.

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve been teaching him about “Fire”. Sometimes he sits on my computer desk and when I leave a lit Candler there (just for a few seconds), I told him he can watch the Candle and make sure it behaves. I also stressed that he, and his many friends around our home, should not go near it. I know he understands this now because, lately, when I tell him to watch the Candle, he simply says “Behave”. So he knows.

This afternoon, he was sitting in his favorite spot, looking out the Living Room window so he could see and talk to his outdoor animal friends. So he wasn’t near my desk. I was doing some computer work and had a lit Candle sitting there near me. At one point, it was Time for Lunch. I got up and carefully picked-up the Candle’s dish. As I was walking past my cloth-covered Drumset, I didn’t bring my hand UP high-enough and the dish hit 1 of my Drums. The Flame instantly went out but the wax poured onto that cloth AND it speckled the floor! I told Sylvia: “So much for “me” teaching “him” about “Candles”.”

  • I watched a few videos just now, in order to learn how to remove Candle wax from “carpet” and “clothes”. I think I can handle it. So I’ll see how much I can remove tomorrow. (Yes, we have an Iron.)


I found this Posting by Jennifer Hoffman very useful in understanding the current energies on this planet:

  • “Heads up for good news! Mercury finally finishes its retrograde this week and that ties up the energy from January 2016, as this retro was a replay of that one. So, the new energy for the new year can finally begin. And all of the planets are still in forward motion, a rather rare event, so this week should see some action as things begin to move forward. They may even be moving a little too fast at times but that’s OK, it’s all good. And Mercury will conjunct Pluto this week, in its first action after the retro, that should be an interesting event. Mercury governs karma and Pluto is all about deep transformation, so just about anything could happen, don’t be surprised at what gets revealed, in your life and in the general public.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link to her facebook page:


There’s no way that I know of to truly verify this but I’m including it in case this is real…

This Prophecy comes from a man who was in a “Trance-based State” around 1944.

I was skimming through the information when I felt something from this paragraph pull on my energy a bit. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about this paragraph which wants me to include it.

My comment: I still feel, deeply, that Humanity and this planet is headed for a very Positive plateau. So please don’t be shocked by this man’s “seemingly” Negative information. “I” believe the last “obstacle” / “battle” is within our own mind. As the “Veil” is removed, some of us “may” not be able to believe what they are experiencing and try to hang-on to the older energies — similar to being dizzy and trying to force your mind to believe that the Ground is “under” you and that Trees and Walls are “vertical”.

Here’s the paragraph that caught my attention:

  • “Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will be left of this civilization nor its perversity; the entire earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are not only mechanical phenomena, their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the only ones in the universe.”

Here are more excerpts:

  • “Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment. This region is called “the thirteenth zone”; one also calls it “the zone of contradictions”. Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region, where more evolved beings live.”
  • “The light, the good, and justice will triumph; it is just a question of time. The religions should be purified. Each contains a particle of the Teaching of the Masters of Light, but obscured by the incessant supply of human deviation. All the believers will have to unite and to put themselves in agreement with one principal, that of placing Love as the base of all belief, whatever it may be. Love and Fraternity that is the common base! The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity. A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others astray will not be able to support their intensity. They will thus be absorbed by Cosmic Fire that will consume the bad that they possess…”
  • “Our mother, the earth, will get rid of men that don’t accept the New Life. She will reject them like damaged fruit. They will soon not be able to reincarnate on this planet; criminals included. Only those that possess Love in them will remain.”
  • “Under the earth, something extraordinary is preparing itself. A revolution that is grandiose and completely inconceivable will manifest itself soon in nature. God has decided to redress the earth, and He will do it! It is the end of an epoch; a new order will substitute the old, an order in which Love will reign on earth.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-2-17 *Designs, *Music, Fulford, ClifHigh, Hoffman, Cobra

*First a few comments:

Sylvia and I have been talking about this for several months and, today, I finally got-around to doing it.

We’ve had a few (free to setup) “Shops” on “CaféPress” for several years now — each with a different theme:

  • Star Visitors,
  • Drummer designs,
  • a Southwestern design, etc.

Today, we opened a new Shop just for our Band, “Infinity”.

Here’s the link:

It’s not finished. We had a very difficult Time getting it THAT far. The CaféPress “tools” (method of “adding” and “changing” things) is not very helpful.

So, right now, we have the “gradient” version of our Logo on every product CaféPress makes. As you scroll through them, however, you’ll see that our design doesn’t fit well on some of their products. I did upload a smaller version of that same logo but then ALL THE OTHER products also switched to that image! The only way I could find to fix it was to remove EVERY product and start over!

It’s been a VERY LONG TIME since we’ve visited our CaféPress Shop and some things have changed. One of the things we noticed many months ago, whenever we sell a “Southwestern Clock”, is that CaféPress is taking a very large cut from the Retail Price. We saw this again, today, when we setup those products.

When we 1st started with them, we could easily make $4 to $10 on each t-shirt sold AND those shirts would sell for about $20 or so. Now, we only earn $1 to $3 per t-shirt sold AND the Retail Prices “average” $20. CaféPress is not only getting paid TWICE but they are taking most of the profit.

  • They’re paid for their cost of buying each product from the manufacturer, such as a Coffee Cup, and how much they had to spend to print your “message” or “design” on it.
  • They also take some of the profit if a Customer buys your product through the CaféPress “Marketplace”. This is when a Customer simply browses the various products offered by everyone on CaféPress and then decides to buy “yours”. (In other words, if that same Customer knows about “your” Shop, and buys that item from there, “you” receive more profit.)

I think I mentioned this yesterday but I’m not sure…

Sylvia and I now have the “Bonus Track” for our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, on our BandCamp page. This means, anyone who purchases our album will automatically receive the “Poster”, in downloadable PDF form, and the “music-only”, foundation for “Night Of A Thousand Years”. This is the raw, un-edited file that I “Streamed” from Sylvia’s energy. Later, she instructed me on how to “fade”, “break-apart” and “discard’ some of that music and build on the rest, in order to create the final Song.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Khazarian mafia chickens coming home to roost in the Year of the Rooster“. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “…This will be the year of mass arrests, war crime trials and regime change as the final mop up of Khazarian mob rule takes place, sources in the Pentagon, the Gnostic Illuminati, Asian Secret Societies and the White Dragon Society all agree.”
  • “In the US, the arrest of over 15,000 Khazarian mobsters by the FBI already began January 1st, Pentagon sources say. The perpetrators of 911, the illegal Iraq invasion, the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear terror attacks on Japan and other crimes against humanity are being rounded up and there will be public disclosure about this in all major mass media, WDS sources promise.”
  • ““Cabal underground bases in Nevada, Denver, New Zealand as well as a cloning base under Camp David were destroyed and more bases in Australia, San Diego, Hawaii and Arkansas may be targeted,” the Pentagon sources report. “As Cabalists seek to escape to New Zealand, Congo, Brazil, or Paraguay, there may be more kinetic actions to stop them,” the sources promise.”
  • “The important thing for Israelis officials to realize, as they press criminal charges against him, is that Netanyahu is not a Jew, he is a Satanist and a sworn enemy of the Jewish people.”
  • “Netanyahu, together with Germany’s Angela Merkel, are now the two most senior Khazarian mafia agents in power and as such are now high priority targets, gnostic Illuminati and Pentagon sources agree.”
  • “Overall, what we are now seeing is a mopping up operation because victory, and freedom, for the human race has already been assured, White Dragon Society sources say. Once the clean-up is over, hopefully in the first half of the year, then we can start with more positive and constructive work. If all goes well the year 2017 will mean world peace and the beginning of a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and start a new golden age.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This 52-minute video is an Interview with Clif High.

  • Several years ago, he developed software which could scour the Internet, collect “key words” / “emotional words” and sift through them, in order to predict certain trends in Politics, Finance, World Events, etc.

I skipped-through the beginning because it was mostly about “Politics”. I somewhat paid attention when he began describing the 2017 “financial” information. I then skipped a little more and hit on him saying:

  • “…a lot of this is going to come out of THE DISCOVERY. Simply because it’s going to make such a huge difference to Humanity over these next 30, 40, 50-years.”

Ok. NOW I’m paying attention. His reports typically involve “Society trends”… politics, investments, Imports and Exports, etc. But THIS report is off the charts! It’s WAY out there and exactly the kind of information “I” have been waiting for.

This starts around the 39-minute mark.

  • He then talks about “Disclosure”. The Interviewer asks if this has to do with “aliens controlling us” and Clif responds with: “It may even be stranger than that.”
  • “…In our reports, it’s describing a world that we don’t actually live in right at this moment but we’re transitioning into… The appearance of new lands rising… The lakes and rivers in the sky that suddenly dump-out on us… Because we’re going to be getting into a world in which the past expectations, of even things like physics or weather or climate, cannot be relied upon to be persistent into the future. Our future is going to involve a re-looking of Human history that’ll go back 7,000-years that’s going to upset a lot of people who’s thinking is so rigid that they’re not going to be able to accept the developing reality around them… and we also are suggesting that a lot of this is going to come from this Discovery that has already occurred in Antarctica .”

My comments: It’s interesting how we’re sometime Guided to “do” or “see” something or to even be involved with a specific grocery store at a certain Time or to run any number of errands. I’m just a little surprised by what was discussed in that Interview because, although I had seen some of Clif High’s videos before, I hesitated when I noticed this one. I almost didn’t watch it and NOW I’m still blow-away at what was said. “IF” his predictions are correct, then “Antarctica” is about to reveal the biggest “game-changer” for Humanity, and this planet, that we have experienced in eons!!!

All I can say is… There was a lot more information provided but it would take too long for me to write it out. So if you watch only ONE video this month, THIS should be it!… especially starting around the 39-minute mark.


2017 may just be “the year we go home”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m adding these as I find them. (In other words, I read Jennifer Hoffman’s Posting for today AFTER watch the Clif High Interview.) For “me”, her words match what Clif said about the “big Discovery”:

  • “There is so much resistance to 5D integration now, from those who want and need (that’s important to remember because it’s why they are fighting as if their lives depended on it — they do) 3D paradigms to remain. What we are seeing of 3D and why it looks so negative is that what is left is pure density, the aspects of 3D that will not ever integrate 5D energy. It looks like the absolute worst of 3D, all of the malevolent, light destroying, controlling energy of 3D is what is left — this is the dregs. So whatever arises in the coming weeks that makes you cringe with disgust, disdain, or horror is this level of density coming to light. And it involves the release that I felt today, more on that later. It’s really great although it’s going to bring up some very dense energy. Stay awake, alert, & aware because I think we’re in for some very weird revelations that are going to shake everything up — the truth may set us free but sometimes that freedom feels like being shot from a cannon.”

My comments: Her mention of “we’re in for some very weird revelations” ties-in with what is about to be revealed in Antarctica. Her last part: “the truth may set us free but sometimes that freedom feels like being shot from a cannon” matches what Clif said about some people not being able to handle this new information.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today, Cobra Posted the following 3 messages:

    • “PHX KeyLock detected”


    • “Pandora in progress, EELA in progress, ATLANTIS12 clear, TOPAZ and ZEOLITE in progress, RR8 complete. Systems/Isidic security breach. HVBN substable to stable. M minimum requirements met.”


  • “Cobra in progress, Pandora in progress, multiple EXMOSS / EELA / ZEOLITE sequences in progress, BIOCHIP layer removal in progress, U96 / TOPAZ activated, ATLANTIS12  clear. Several systems / Isidic security breaches, all deflected, HVBN unstable towards stable. Two PB removal attempts with results pending. M minimum requirements met.”

My comments: When Cobra 1st began his Postings, he mentioned that “Cobra” is short for “Compression Breakthrough” and that this “IS” or “happens JUST BEFORE” the “Event”. So for him to actually state: “Cobra in progress”… could he be telling us that the “Event” has now started? Only Time will tell.

A Commenter included this quote from a Cobra (from many months ago):

  • “(Cobra) Cobra stands for compression breakthrough, and compression breakthrough is a process when the light is coming from above to the surface of the planet, and from below also to the surface of the planet. When the light coming from above and the light coming from below meet, when both vectors meet at the surface, that’s the moment of the compression breakthrough. That’s the moment of the Event. The moment of the planetary liberation. This is the code name I use. It always invokes the energy of compression breakthrough. Cobra is also an ancient symbol of kundalini, the force of enlightenment. Some people might have other associations, but this is not why I chose this code name.”


Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 12-3-16 *Music, *Vision, Cobra

*First a few comments:

The new music gear, that I mentioned last week, arrived over the last 3-days. Sylvia and I went to “Lowe’s”, a local hardware store, in order to buy another board and some fasteners for 2 of the new pieces. We spent most of today assembling that new shelf and connecting a few cables.

Basically, what we’re doing is connecting all the Audio (sound-out) from our music gear so we can hear “any” or “all” of it at the same Time through either my Macintosh or a small amplifier that sits on my desk. That’s what 1 of the new pieces of gear does. (For those interested, it’s the “Samson SM10” Stereo Line Mixer. Here’s the link:

We’re also connecting the “MIDI” (digital music information) between each of our instruments. For this, we bought the “iConnectivity MIO10”. Here’s the link:

The only cables we had Time to connect today were the “electrical” cables for each piece of gear. After counting-up how many cables we have to connect we were surprised to learn that there are almost 50 cables between these 13 pieces of gear! (20 for “stereo” Audio, 20 for MIDI — “in” and “out” and 10 for electrical).

Once everything is completed, Sylvia and I will be able to switch-on any musical instrument and just play it. If we want to control one Synthesizer with another, we’ll simply turn-on that 2nd instrument and the amplifier. If we want to record anything, we’ll only need to Launch Apple’s “GarageBand” software. No more cable switching or wasting Time figuring out which piece of gear is connected to another.s

In the middle of working on that shelf and connecting some of the cables, I became frustrated that I couldn’t get a couple of cables around the back of my desk.

  • My desk is made of pretend “wood”. It’s a single sheet of “wood” on top, like a table, and supported by 2 legs. Each is a sheet of “wood” which stands vertically.

Because of the way my desk is situated, it’s very difficult to get any wires to drop down behind it, travel along its side and to the electrical outlet. So as I was doing my best to get these cables from the back to the front I felt as though I tapped into something within the “Grid” or maybe something was sent to me from the “other side” because I was in that frequency to receive it. I don’t know but the idea that appeared in my mind was not mine.

I feel as though this idea is truly from the other side. As I now look at it (in my mind), it looks familiar… as if I’ve seen it being used somewhere… but this may just be the “residue” (package) this “Vision” was delivered in.

It’s not magic. It’s really just clever engineering. It looks like it could be “scaled-up” and used in the walls of a home. I’m just not sure how much weight this can support.

  • What I saw was a cable being pulled “through” the leg of my desk. The cable is inserted into a “notch” about halfway up the back of that leg and then just pulled-through to the front of that leg.
  • I was a bit confused at 1st and my brain instantly wondered how this could be done. So I looked closer at the details of what allowed this to happen.

Since I’m probably never going to Patent this, I was going to explain the details… but now I’m thinking I’d like to see if I can build a small version and see if it’s “worth its weight in gold”.

I have a feeling that this “Vision” was just waiting for someone to resonate to it, so it could be released into this realm. Most likely, lots of people have recently received this same “Vision”. I’m pretty sure whoever Patents this will be extremely rich… or maybe it’s already been done.

After thinking about this “Vision” for a bit, at one point, I wondered if this would allow for with more than a “wire” or “pipe” going through it. I thought about passing a sheet of plywood through it… maybe someone’s carrying a wide board down a hallway that’s not as wide. Would this work? As I tried to tune back into this “Vision”, using a sheet of plywood, the “Vision” disappeared. Maybe the energy of that idea was only provided to “spark” the manifestation of that particular creation and simply wants this built before variations are considered.

Question everything.


Another cryptic message from Cobra:

  • “Op Topaz in progress”

My comment: I would “guess” that “OP” means “Operation”. Other than that, I have no idea what this means and that’s Cobra’s intention… only the “Resistance Movement” know how to decipher his cryptic messages.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-1-16 *Music, *CrowdFunding, Cobra

*First a few comments:

Our song “Calling All Humans” has taken an unforeseen (by “me”) 45-degree turn…
Sylvia and been continually making slight adjustments to our new album. A few days ago, we both agreed it was finally finished… again. So during work that day, Sylvia and I talked about the next phase, which is working on the Cover Art and laying-out the Lyrics and artwork for the 12-page booklet we’re going to include in this album’s CD case.
After lunch that day, however, Sylvia had us change direction. She said there’s still an urgency to get our song “Calling All Humans” out to more people. (By my estimations, only about 10-people have ever heard it, since we released it around December 1, 2015.)
So Sylvia suggested there will be more potential for that song to be heard if we have “CD Baby” digitally distribute it.
So instead of working on the artwork for the “album” that day, we researched, filled-out the forms and paid the $35 (I think that was the cost) to CD Baby, in order to have it distributed worldwide… radio stations, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Today, CD Baby sent us an eMail saying everything is ready. They just need us to make absolutely sure all the details are correct… including the song’s audio. So Sylvia and I listened to that song again. I haven’t heard it in a few months. So hearing it again was a welcome thing to do. It really is a great song — “message-wise” as well as “instrumentally” (sonically). However, I still cry when I hear it and this Time, I cried hard. I cried because it’s a great song. I cried because Sylvia created a great song. I cried because that “story” is a big part of who Sylvia and I really are… along with a LOT of other Beings “on”, “in” and “around” this planet. We are all doing everything we can to pull the “Veil” down, reclaim our true reality and bring the Cabal to justice. So hearing that story outlined in a song, makes me step-back and really feel that “big picture” energy. It’s wonderful, sad and helps me realize that we are ALL almost finished here.

So if you or your friends haven’t heard this song, please visit our website (below) and download it while it’s still available for free from that site. Once Sylvia suggests we remove it from “our” website, “Calling All Humans” will only be available as a “paid” (99-cents) download or stream. (We’ve also already changed our “BandCamp” page, which also offered that song for free.)

Here’s our new “Calling All Humans” page on CD Baby:

Right now, it’s still possible to download “Calling All Humans” from our website. (This will change soon.) Here’s the link:

This is our “BandCamp” page for “Calling All Humans”:

About a week ago, Sylvia and I selected “Pledge Music” as the “crowd-funding” company we would sign-up with, in order help fund the manufacturing of this album’s CD and it’s complete (digital and CD) distribution worldwide. Sylvia suggested this company because they do a lot of hand-holding with you, in order to carefully guide you to a more-successful crowd-funding campaign.

We filled out a lot of forms and interchanged a few eMails with them. Yesterday, they informed us that cannot accept our project because “I” don’t have the energy (mostly “mentally” / “reasoning”) to be the statistics expert they want you to be. It’s not their fault though. We understand why they ask all their Artists to continually keep-up their facebook and Twitter accounts, not only create a “Fan” mailing list but to also register with a company which will provide you with LOTS of statistics on whether the Recipient of your eMails has clicked on your message, opened your message, followed any links within your message, etc. (Yes, there are software tools out there which can report back to the “Sender” exactly what you clicked on within an eMail message.

This is all too much for me. If Sylvia was “physically” here, we could easily work-through all this, divide the duties and make this happen… but now, I find myself being more-easily overwhelmed by different things and it’s just confusing for me… We’re “Musicians”! We just want to make music but, in today’s current “Society”, a “Musician” has to be famous-enough to be rich-enough to afford a Bookkeeper, Marketing Team, Band Manager, etc. So, “right now”, the Cabal has everything rigged against any Musician getting a foothold in the “stream of being noticed”.
All of this is about to change. (I’ve mentioned this before…) Once the “Veil” is removed, our Star Visitor families and friends will be reunited with us and the entire Universe will be open to freely explore. This means the Music, Art, our stories and the many quirky ways Humans have of doing various things will be eagerly sought-after by MANY, MANY Beings across this entire Universe.
In other words… right now, Musicians, Artists, etc. are a “dime a dozen” but very soon, there won’t be enough of us to go around!

When the “Pledge Music” situation fell through, Sylvia and I began talking about which crowd-funding company to approach next. Then we discovered that “BandCamp”, where we also have “Calling All Humans” available for download, is now offering “Subscriptions”. This means Musicians can allow their Fans to pay a “Monthly” or “Yearly” fee, in exchange for behind-the-scenes news on tours and recording studio sessions as well as special incentives such as t-shirts, posters, etc.

So we’ve been talking about whether we want to stay strictly with “crowd-funding” or make the “Subscriptions” system work for raising money for this album. (According to the forms for CD manufacturing that we filled-out at DiscMakers, we’ll need $1,732.30 for 1,000 CDs to be made and distribution worldwide for CDs and digital versions. This doesn’t count the “incentives” we may need to purchase, in order to get potential Fans to contribute to this project.)

We realize this is straying from the “here’s the feedback I found tonight” Path and we don’t want bore anyone but we put in a few more details because we haven’t included information on our songs in a while and, although Sylvia and I are not “world famous musicians”, some of you have mentioned that some of these “look into the life of a musician” Postings have provided a tiny look into that world.

We also do this because it continues to show how Sylvia and I are interacting with each other… the energy-exchanges between us, sometimes how our “telepathy” works and the decisions we continue to make “together” across the “Veil”.

Here’s the link to “PledgeMusic”:

Here’s the link to “DiscMakers” (They also sell “blank” CDs and DVDs. Sylvia and I used to buy our blanks from them):


This is Cobra’s latest cryptic message for the Resistance Movement:

“Pandora in progress, EELA in progress, EXMOSS primary sequence in progress. HVBN substable to stable. M=34, Midas package.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: