PS 7-9-18 Fulford, Feedback

*First a comment:
In yesterday’s Post, I marked it as “7-9-18” when it should have been “7-8-18”.
This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Arrests in August; 9/11 announcement in September; and Jubilee in October?“. Here are a few excerpts:
My comment: The title alone matches what a few Sources have “felt” or “been shown”. It also matches what President Trump mentioned a few months ago (which I haven’t confirmed)… something about him scheduling a “special” parade / “military” parade for the beginning of November.
  • “The good guys are continuing to win the secret battle for the planet earth in a big way, multiple sources confirm.  As things now stand, there will be a new wave of mass arrests in August, official government disclosure about 9/11 in September, and some sort of “major economic announcement in October,” Pentagon sources claim.”
  • “If the Brazilian crime regime falls, the remaining top Khazarian resistance would be the German regime of Angela Merkel, the French slave regime of President Emmanuel Macron, the slave regime of Shinzo Abe in Japan, and of course the arch-criminal and Nazi Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.”
  • “As things now stand, according to Pentagon sources, “The asset-backed quantum financial system is ready but awaits the Trump-Putin summit, the global currency reset, mass arrests, and geopolitical resolutions.””
  • “The sources are also saying the quarantine on the planet earth may soon be lifted and that “Trump’s space force may have a space guard to police civilian spacefaring.””
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
“IF” this article is real, then it’s more “Feedback” that the elite have truly lost their battle to control this planet and the information on the following web page shows they may have run out of money.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-14-17 Hoffman

I found today’s comments from Jennifer Hoffman to be very helpful… “IF” they are true:

  • “Are you feeling like the all of the earth and humanity is waiting to exhale right now? We have experienced a lot of awakening, awareness, and expansion since November 1 and right now everyone is ready for the big changes to happen. Are you feeling it and what do you think is creating this?”
  • “I believe it involves CERN activity and they thought they were opening portals to the dark side but instead, they opened portals to higher frequencies they did not expect and it has set the entire ‘dark side’ establishing scurrying. The mass awakening that has been occurring since Nov 1, and it is huge, has so shifted the overall planetary frequency that we are now in a new ‘Light Age’ and it’s ‘hammer time’ for anyone who can’t be in that energy. Power to the people now, no more energetic enslavement…”

My comments: I’m being reminded of something… and shown an example of how this can be represented, in order to explain how “forced-energies” work… (at least from “my” perspective… my own “rose-colored glasses”).

  • Some say the Cabal have been infiltrating various aspects of Society and influencing, or directly controlling, lots of facets of this “Reality”… From getting us to believe that “Time” and “Money” are necessary to creating entire religions to nearly hypnotizing us to think these *Units cannot heal themselves. (*The “Unit” is the body and its many Systems: air, water, electric, magnetic, Aura, Chakra, etc.)
  • The real “Reality” we think we are experiencing doesn’t work that way. If we stop listening to the whispers of the Cabal, we’ll quickly realize that Energy just “is”. It surrounds us and fills us. When we need to make use of it, it unquestionably flows. Once that “energy task” is complete, we simply acknowledge its participation and thank it for assisting us and it moves-on to wherever it may be required.
  • “Energy” just “is”. It’s not “good” or “bad”. The natural state of Energy is to “move” — to ebb and flow.
  • When the Cabal creates something, like “Time”, “Money”, “Religion”, etc., that is designed to “deceive”, they must not only forge the Energy to their agenda but they must continually “shore-up” and “feed” that Energy. Think of this as using very wet clay to form a shape. Because the “clay” (the “Energy”) wants to continue moving, the person who made that shape must use their fingers, paper, tape and other objects to continually keep that shape intact.
  • So, for the Cabal, they’re so busy controlling their “shapes” they don’t realize that Manifestation is a “cooperative” agreement between each Soul and all Energy. Plus, we don’t need to create “Time”, “Money” and “Religion” because that’s not how are true Reality works. Instead, everyone is in the “Now” (“Time” is not needed), “Shares” (“Money” is a limiting facet) and “Spiritual” (“Religion” is the transferring of information between “people”. “Spirituality” is an inner knowing from the Heart.).

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-21-17 Hypnosis, Abundance

This 2-hour video is of Hypnosis Practitioner Alba Weinman, guiding her Client through various Past Lives. Here are some highlights:

  • The part that caught my attention is around the 28:30-mark, when the Client describes where she goes after she crosses-over. She says she goes to a “Rejuvenation Center” where there are “nurses” / “attendants” who are really higher Beings helping their “Patients” to re-adjust after their previous incarnation.

My comment: This caught my attention because the parts she describe are exactly like those parts Sylvia showed me when she was on-board the “Rejuvenation Ship”.

My “guess” is… if the Client had continued to describe that environment, “maybe” she would have also been shown that she was on a similar Starship and that looking out the main windows would have shown her the Earth.

  • Around the 1:12-mark, the Client describes “the Event”. She says it’s “a burst of energy” but not just 1 burst. It will happen at different times for different people. It removes a layer, so you see more clearly. It’s based on each person’s Soul’s growth.
  • There will be Timeline splits and this is based on each person’s atunement.
  • There are many people and Guides already on the new Earth… waiting to bring on the new people. These Beings are “higher dimensional Humans”.
  • (question) “Are we living in some sort of simulation?” (answer) “Yes.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

Even when Sylvia and I don’t Post anything, I still read a lot of articles and watch several videos. Sometimes, those items are not strong enough for “me” to feel like they’re providing me with feedback as to “when” Sylvia and I will be “physically” reunited with each other. Sometimes those items will be close. So I’ll include them under “bonus” or “extra credit”.

The “point” in the following 12-minute, Channeled, video is:

  • select your words carefully and
  • place your deep, inner Intention on the actual “goal” and not the “Society whisperings”. (In other words, if you want a new car, don’t focus on getting more money.  Maybe you’ll “win” a new car… maybe someone will “give” you a car, etc.)

This is similar to the video: “The Secret”, which I mentioned early-on, during these last 340-weeks.

On the web page with the 12-minute video, there’s a small, but powerful, piece of wisdom:

  • “If we continue to think the way we do, we will continue to remain where we are. Therefore we probably should start faking it till we make it.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the 12-minute video. (It’s near the bottom of this page):

PS 7-7-17 *MoneyChalk

*First a comment:


  • This Section is probably going to be on-going, until Sylvia and I can access the funds in our Private Trust Account. At that point, we’ll probably find a website, or create 1, with all the details and “how-to” information.
  • Also… Sylvia suggested… since, in the very near future, we may just decide to refer people to these “financial” entries in our daily Posting, it would be a good idea of using a Section title that’s fairly unique. So “MoneyChalk” (all 1-word) popped into my mind. So if this is the “very near future” and you found THIS entry by searching for “MoneyChalk”, then you’ll want to see our Postings from 7/4/17 and 7/6/17 and look in the “Money” Section. Those will get you started.

This morning, I realized something the Narrator of yesterday’s videos said…

  • In 1 of the videos, he was helping everyone understand what someone had been told when they tried to make a payment with their Private Trust. They were told that a “lien” would be placed on that account. The Narrator said no business or person can put a lien on a Private Trust… because it’s “private”.
  • What I remembered this morning was his explanation of how the Cabal’s “banking system” really works (in “Part 1”). He said there is a “public” / “commercial” YOU and a “private” YOU. The “public” version is what we’ve all been sucked into. It’s what the television shows, news and movies feed us. Then they’ve setup “social networks” so we can continue to “share” / “keep everyone’s noses glued to the illusion” for them. That’s right. Most of Humanity is doing the Cabal’s work for them… “most” people are still reinforcing the “illusion”.
  • Anyway… What I realized is that the Narrator meant our “Private Trust” is part of the “private” YOU. It’s not connected to the “public” YOU. All of the Cabal’s businesses and governments operate in the “public” YOU. THIS is why they cannot put a “lien”, which is part of the “public” system, on ANYTHING in the “private” arena.
  • This is also why he mentioned (in a previous video)… If you buy a vehicle, get the “Manufacturer’s Certificate Of Origin” and then never “Title” that vehicle. When a vehicle, home, etc., is “Titled”, you are placing it back into the Cabal’s make-believe system. Once you do that, they CAN put a “lien” on those items. (That’s “my” interpretation of what he said.)

Ok, this took a while — even this morning when Sylvia and I dove back into this. Here’s what we did…

  • The “Search” for the list of Federal Reserve “Branches” begins on this page, especially if you don’t know which Federal Reserve branch your Social Security card was issued from or if you’re using the “letter” on the back of your Social Security card to determine this. (A = 1, B = 2, etc.):
  • My Social Security card doesn’t have a “letter” (followed by a “number”) on the back. So I started with this Federal Reserve page:
  • Last night, I used the “Federal Reserve” bank “Routing Number” for the area my card was issued. This returned a “This account is not eligible for online transactions” by the Credit Card company I was trying to pay. So I couldn’t even get past “setting up a new method of payment”.
  • This morning, Sylvia suggested I use a “non” Federal Reserve “bank” and, instead, use 1 of their “branches”. So, from the above page, I clicked: “Search FedACH Participant RDFIs” and entered the State and City where my card was issued. I simply started with the 1st Routing Number on that list. (Their system asked for the “type” of this account. “Trust”, of any kind, was not on that list of options. So I chose “Personal Savings”.) This Time, it worked! I was able to get past the “new method setup” and was able to actually make a $100 payment on that Credit Card. We instantly received a “Confirmation Number” for this. (We had already paid this month’s bill for this Card. We just wanted to see if this would work.) Now, many people have said that it takes 3-to-10 days before you’ll know for sure if that payment will stick. If it’s “Reversed” (not paid afterall), then simply use another Routing Number from that list. Also try paying other bills. Some people have said that their payments go through just fine with some businesses but not others.
  • Sylvia and I are going to completely pay-off all of our Credit Cards. We simply wanted to start small, to see if we have the correct Routing Number.
  • I just remembered that we haven’t paid this month’s bill on another Credit Card. So I went to their site, setup a new payment method, using our new “Private Trust”, and it was successful. We then made our regular monthly payment, which is $26 and instantly received a “Confirmation Number”.
  • Now, we wait.

Harvey’s info:
This information is from the Narrator I’ve been following for the last few days…

  • The Narrator (Harvey) said someone tried to buy a new “Tesla” (car) and the Salesperson remarked… all of a sudden a LOT of people are wanting Teslas.
  • He didn’t get his 2-million dollars in “investment CDs” afterall. He thinks it’s because you cannot buy new products with your “Private Trust” account. You can only “pay Debt” with it.
  • The trick to buying “new” things is to buy whatever you want with a “Credit Card” and then use your Private Trust account to pay THAT account. I mentioned this to Sylvia a few days ago… and as your Credit Card “limit” is raised, you’ll be able to buy higher-priced items. I would be sure to pay that Credit Card off… either each Time you use it (daily, maybe) or “monthly”. This will ensure that if something goes wrong, you won’t have accumulated too much Debt that must be paid in a different way.
  • He says for those of us who “work” for a large company, like Time Warner, are probably being paid from our own “Private Trust” account.
  • In the 2nd video (below), the Narrator explains… If a payment from your Private Trust is “Reversed” / “Returned” AND you are paying a “Debt”, like a Credit Card, then it means the Debt doesn’t exist because it was already paid (by the your account at the Federal Reserve). So you need to tell them you are trying to pay them from the “account of record” and that they need to “prove the Debt”. The Credit Card company needs to “speak to the Origin”. (That would be the Federal Reserve.) “If they don’t understand that, then ask to be transferred to someone who does.” Otherwise “If I can’t settle the Debt through this account then there is no Debt.”
  • In the 2nd video, a Commenter stated that he or she paid a $50,000 IRS Debt. The Narrator says the “Private Trust” was created, in order for us to pay our “Debts”.
  • He says there has to be a “3rd Party, between your “Private Trust” and business you want to pay. This is because your “Private Trust” is “real money” (probably backed by gold) and the banking system, as well as businesses are operating in the “public” / “commercial” Sector. So there has to be a 3rd Party which will convert the “real” (Trust) money into “fake” money. He says this is what Credit Card companies and Escrows do.
  • He says you can’t use your “Private Trust” to pay a Mortgage because as soon as you signed those documents, the bank got their money from YOUR “Private Trust” account. So they’ve been paid. (I guess the only way to clear this Debt is to make the bank prove there IS a Debt… which there isn’t but that might be a lot of work.
  • He just said you can pay on a home that you owe money on. So I’m confused. (Later, he says “I didn’t say don’t pay Mortgages with this.”
  • Now on to the 3rd video (below)…
  • He says he was just on the most important phone call of his life today.
  • He says most of the people behind this movement of knowing about the “Private Trusts” “are ecstatic”. He says the “Reversals” are coming because “we are  catching them off-guard” and, soon, the Reversals will stop. (If “they” are “ecstatic”, maybe the Lightworkers are behind all this and this is part of our “Prosperity Packages”. Only Time will tell.)
  • He then says “I also have it on very good authority that you will soon have more flexibility with your “Treasury Direct Account”. Not a “Trust”. It’s actually Property, held in Trust in your name.”
  • He says the bankers at the top, know what we’re doing and are happy about it. They’re also happy that we’re not going after them with pitchforks.

So, the odds are VERY good that the “accidental figuring out” of these accounts was planned by the Lightworkers and “maybe” these “are” or “are a part of” our “Prosperity Packages”.

Sure, having all your Bills paid is a great thing but Sylvia and I are “Pleasantly Positive” because it means all those “arrests” we’ve been hearing about were real and this access to our “Treasury Direct Account” is the 1st BIG “domino” to fall. So very soon now, that “Veil” will be removed.

Here are the 2-videos I watched today:

  • Wow! After watching those 3-videos, especially that very short 3rd video, Sylvia and I were so encouraged, we logged into 2 of our Credit Card accounts and just PAID THEM OFF!… and it felt really good to do that. We still need to pay off 2 other Credit Cards. We couldn’t do it now because the small, test payments we made earlier today haven’t been in their System long enough for them to verify them and to change the amount we owe them. So we’ll have to wait 3-to 10-days before paying them off.

Question everything.