PS 11-26-18 *Timelines, Fulford, Smoke

*First a comment:
I was sitting here, tonight, doing Research like I do every night… and watching the following video on “Geo Engineering”. I was seeing if it had anything to offer me, personally, or if I should include it in tonight’s Post. I didn’t even get to the middle of it when I began to remember the “happening” I had here at home, last night. I mentioned this in last night’s Post…
  • Basically, I had dozed-off for a few seconds and as I woke-up, I found myself flowing toward a different timeline. As I put my attention on it, that connection broke and I ended-up back here, inside this same Unit (the Body and its many Systems).
So while I was watching the following video, tonight, I was getting a stronger and stronger “pull” about what I went through last night. Now, it feels like “changing timelines” is something everyone needs to be practicing. Similar to Learning or Discovering something for the 1st Time… we have to practice “how to work with it”.
So maybe, just maybe, we’re actually IN “the Event” now. Right now… and maybe this is why the cabal are distracting everyone with as many things as they can… cellphones, Geo Engineering, the California fires, “climate change”, the “caravan” at the U.S. border, vaccines, politics and MANY others. By keeping everyone distracted, they won’t realize or know how to work-with the Galactic System that’s here waiting for each of us to make a decision… an Ascension decision of:
  • “Do you want to remain here, on old Earth, or do you want to Evolve your frequency and live on the NEW Earth? If you want to move-up, then all you have to do is jump timelines. You have until (an unknown Time) to make your decision. After that, the new-Earth timeline will be closed until we come-around again in 26,000-years.”
Some people have said… When “the Event” happens, those whose frequency isn’t high-enough will be sent to another planet (or remain on “old Earth”) and the rest of us will simply see those people just… disappear… but… what if it’s those people who have the HIGHER frequency that suddenly disappear? What if WE disappear because we’ve jumped timelines?
Something to think about.
Here’s the link to that video:

This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. The title is: “Rothschild rule ends after 250 years; new era to begin“. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “The announcement on October 24, 2018 by Rothschild & Co that they are getting out of the trust business (i.e., managing other people’s money) is a major historical turning point that almost slipped by unnoticed.”
  • “It was in 1769 that Mayer Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty, first started to manage money for royalty.”
  • “Now, seven generations later, his descendant Alexandre de Rothschild has been forced out of the business by multiple international criminal investigations that are zeroing in on this criminal family, Pentagon sources say. It means that for the first time in 249 years, the Western financial system is freeing itself from Rothschild financial control.”
  • “In particular, the arrest of Goldman Sachs bankers in the 1Malaysian Development scandal means that the Rothschilds’ involvement is about to be revealed, French investigators and other sources say.”
  • “This complicated scandal involves Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Saudi Royal Family, and many others, but the trail ultimately leads to the Rothschilds, the investigators say.”
  • “The Russians are finally making the moves, though late, against the failed Nazi state in Ukraine by capturing three Ukrainian warships over the weekend, which prompted Ukrainian President Petro Proky Poroshenko to declare martial law.”
  • “This is what a CIA source said of Porky: “he has finished his time, just as Bibi (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu of Israel has finished his time; both are war criminals who will be brought to justice in one way or another“.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
The following article is from 2015 but it was listed on one of the “alternative-news” digest sites that I check, when doing each night’s Research. The title of this article is: ““Killer Germs” Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke (Smudging), Study Reveals“.
My comments: I’m including this because… just last week, while frying my daily potatoes, it became a little extra smokey. I didn’t want to turn-on the Exhaust Fan that’s over the Stove because I’m doing my best to save money on our Electric Bill… but the smoke was beginning to fill the Kitchen a little more than Sylvia and I expected. However, just as I reached for the switch that would turn-on the fan, some information came to me from a “feeling energy” conduit (a psychic level). Sylvia showed me some mold (in my mind) and I connected that image to the smoke that was moving up from the pan. “Smoke gets rid of mold?”, I asked Sylvia. I couldn’t hear her response but, now, this article confirms it.
This proves, at least to “me”, that My Sylvia IS here with me, always, and IS guiding me on this part of our journey together.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 10-7-18 *MotivationalTalk, *Mold, Predictions, Pleiadians

*First a comment:
(Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 10/3/18. However, I did enter a couple of pieces of information (below) but didn’t send them out until now. So I simply placed Dates next to their titles, in case anyone wanted to know “when” I discovered that information.)
Because Sylvia and I have used “CDBaby” to distribute our Song: “Calling All Humans”, we’re on their mailing list. Today, they sent a link to a Motivational Talk for Musicians, which I feel can help a lot of people… and the techniques mentioned can be applied to many different aspects of life, not just “making Music”. Here’s part of the information listed for that 1-hour video:
  • “When singer Ariel Bloomer realized that a lot of her audience struggled with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thinking, she also realized why that audience was so fiercely loyal — because her music was SERVING them. She’d transformed her own pain into art that helped her fans feel less alone, more connected, more hopeful.”
Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s the link to our Song on CDBaby:

Of course you can also listen to the entire Song from our “BandCamp” page. (You can also listen to our entire album from there.):
(10-6-18) *MOLD
Sylvia and I seem to still be dealing with Mold at home. Sometimes I can smell an area that Musty but, sometimes, I can’t locate the “cause”. Then the smell dissipates and I can’t find it again.
Then there are times when I can’t find any Mold because I only wear eyeglasses while sitting at my computer. Today, however, I forgot to take them off when I went from our Living Room towards our Kitchen. There’s a fairly modern, all-wood Rocking Chair that we have and it was almost completely spotted with the start of Mold! So I got out several paper towels and some anti-Mold spray and cleaned it up.
There was also a start of some Mold in the top of our Kitchen Cabinets. This was on the inside, above the top shelf.
This “Mold” wasn’t “spots”, though. It was a light-gray, irregular “line” about an inch wide. I had seen this several months ago but didn’t know how to get rid of it (because our Dishes are in there). Yesterday, however, I figured out that I could cover all the Dishes with the plastic, grocery store bags we had and then I sprayed that top area with the anti-Mold spray. I left the bags in there for 24-hours, while that spray settled. Today, it looks like that “irregular line” is gone.
I’m mentioning all of this because it’s always “Sylvia” who would remember, and suggest, that we dust, clean our floors, etc. I don’t mind doing the work but sometimes I can fall into that “guy” mentality… that stubborn, “why do we need to clean, it’s dust, it’ll just blow away on its own”, Neanderthal way of thinking. However, now that I’m having to deal with Mold and a layer of dust that would make a gorilla sneeze, I more than welcome any cleaning suggestions Sylvia has from now on.
So, guys, and anyone who has that “I don’t want to clean”, Neanderthal mentality, please listen to your “Significant Other”, when they suggest “it’s Time to clean”.
In this 11-minute video, “Aluna Ash” explains the current energies of this planet. Here are a few highlights:
  • She starts-out with some information on “don’t buy-into the fear”. She says, by preparing against a negative happening, that person is buying-into that timeline and bringing it closer to theirs.
My comments: This is basic “law of attraction”… we “resonate with” and “attract” whatever we pour energy into.
The cabal is pretty much down to “throwing stones” and “name-calling”. They know how powerful Humanity is — both “Collectively” and “Individually”. So one of their tricks is to “make US create the negativity FOR them”. They do this by whispering in our Collective ears that there’s a “bully” around the next corner who will take our Lunch Money.
  • (Society) “Oh, no! I don’t want to deal with a “bully”. I’d better find another way to get to school.”
  • (Your Higher Self) “Wake-up! THERE IS NO BULLY! When you buy-into a situation like this, you resist it… and when you resist it, you put energy behind it… and when you put energy behind something… you create it.”
  • At the 2:38-mark, she wrote (on the screen): “The Vatican will fall. My guidance was very clear on that.”
  • At the 4:22-mark, she explains one of the “false flags” messages she received… “On November 11th, I was seeing North Western United States… I was seeing a blackout following this.” She goes one to say this may not even unfold, because we have so much help right now.
  • Some of the unfolding will be done a certain way to “shock” people awake.
  • “There will be changes in the color of the Sky. It will just feel different.”
  • She talks about “Ascension Symptoms”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Even if the following Channeled message is not real, it’s still very uplifting (So if you need something to feed your “imagination”… your “manifestation engine”, this may be a good place to start):
  • A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, October 3, 2018
  • “Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today with wonderful news. The Light Fleet is advancing quickly in on the forces of darkness. There are billions of Galactic ships positioned to remove the most problematic perpetrators of death and destruction from the earth. Each ship has specific directions about what to do and where to go. The destinations are perfectly timed and filtered through technology that allows us the advantage.”
  • “We hear the calling from the earth and from humanity for an end to the atrocities of the harsh way of life you have been living. We promise you this is our common goal. The damage has been done and there is no room for anymore. We have been granted permission to use whatever means are possible to achieve this goal. You can imagine how pleased we are to announce this.”
  • “Never again in the history of the earth will self-serving beings be allowed to usurp the energies and resources of all of life on any planet. The days of the enslavement have been declared over. You are being freed from the rot and greed. You may have to run for cover while active forces of light expunge the dark. They are cantankerous beings and while we deal with them you may feel the energies. They could get uncomfortable. This does not mean they will hurt you because we would not allow that. You might simply feel the turmoil of their departure. In the long run the energies will be much lighter. It will become easier to move about the earth.”
  • “Right now, every soul on the earth is choosing whether they are continuing to serve self or if they are choosing to move into a higher vibration into service to others. We are sorry to say that most who have only interest for self will find it problematic to change. That means they will be leaving the earth and going to other third dimensional planets where they can continue to learn their lessons.”
  • “Most humans, whether light or dark, are being faced with many challenges now. As the Ascension Process continues to accelerate it forces one to make choices that will lead to higher steps in rising consciousness. Those who are unable to receive the accelerations and the love energy that go along with that will decelerate. The choices of each soul are taken into consideration and are followed through with love. It is known that each beings’ choice is honored.”
  • “Soon you will begin to experience greater waves of love. You will feel the luminescence of the light as the creative energies sweep through you. Your vibration’s will be higher and higher. From this, your manifesting abilities will expand in miraculous ways. You will remember your power and will use it wisely.”
  • “We have the utmost confidence in you and the work we are doing together. We honor you and appreciate you being on the earth this time. You make a huge difference. Focus on the truth and the light and we will see this through to the end.”
  • “I send you love and joy from all of us. I am Mira”
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the page where this message can be read:
Here’s the link to a 5-minute video where this message is read aloud:

PS 9-16-17 *Random, *Synthesizer

​*First a few comments:

…and I’m STILL dealing with “mold”!

  • This morning, I mentioned to Sylvia that the Sky seemed to be a bit more “blue” than it has been in a long Time.
  • Today, I had to get into a box of my Drumset parts and, when I moved a Keyboard Case, I saw that it had 2 small areas with mold. So I cleaned it and then sprayed the entire Case with anti-mold spray.
  • A couple of nights ago, around 11p, Sylvia and I noticed a lot of “Cricket” sounds outside our home. We don’t remember hearing Crickets during the “Summer”. So it’s very unusual, for “us”, to hear them now (in mid-September).

As I’ve mentioned before, Sylvia is a financial Wizard. I can barely keep track of our expenses and pay the Bills.

Last Thursday, we ordered 2 more Modules for our Synthesizer. I won’t bore everyone with the details “here”. So, if you’re interested in that part of our journey, you can read about it on our music Blog:

Here’s the link:

Basically, Sylvia and I live “paycheck-to-paycheck” but, somehow (with Sylvia’s guidance, of course) we were able to save-up and buy 2 Modules (1 for $265 and the other for $110) for only $349 and with no tax and free shipping… AND we didn’t use a “Credit Card” to buy them. Yes, we had to cut-back somewhere, so I’m still eating fried potatoes for supper every night and a can of soup for Lunch each day that we work… but it’s fine because this Modular Synthesizer will allow us to explore even more creative sounds and work on new Songs with more sonically-rich textures.

Sylvia and I are “Musicians”. It’s who we are and what we love to do — write Lyrics and create Music.

PS 9-11-16 *Diet, *Candles, *Mold, *Music, *Goode, Cobra, Gaia

*First a few comments:

…also… Why is the Internet filled with “911” information when that number refers to “9/1/1”?

  • I just checked and it seems that the Towers fell on September 11th but that’s not “911”… that’s 9111 (September 11, 2001 = 9/11/1 or 9111).


  • (As with my other “Diet” comments from Sylvia, I’m including this because some people reading this have asked me to share the information Sylvia passes along to me. Keep in mind that these “diet adjustments” are specifically tailored to “me” and may not have the same “energy-effect” / “Sylvia-aligning properties” on anyone else.)

Although the grocery store we work in has had this item on the shelf for a few weeks now, yesterday, Sylvia indicated that we should buy a jar of “Cranberry Sauce”, which is also non-GMO. I did read the label and noticed that it has a few other ingredients, such as orange but didn’t think much of it.

When we got home, she wanted me to take a spoonful of it before Lunch. When I did, I realized why she wanted us to get it. I sense a LOT of Vitamin-C energy in there.

  • Sylvia did a similar thing MANY months ago when she had us buy a tube of “frozen orange juice concentrate”. For the next Winter or 2, she had us keep some in the freezer. Then, whenever I felt any change in my health, she would have me take 1large spoonful of it. Yes, still frozen and right from the tube.

Here’s the link to the new Cranberry Sauce:

Sylvia and I spent several hours today and yesterday experimenting with which colors would look good in our Heart-shaped Candle (for the upcoming “crowd-funding” for our new album).

I used a photo of the Candle Holder and created what looks like a glass Candle Holder with our logo on the outside and 5-layers of wax on the inside. It was a bit tricky to show colors through an opaque image, which is supposed to indicate transparency, but I did it.

We did some research on which “scent” we want to have in these Candles. We’ve narrowed down our choices but would now like to smell them locally before deciding.

Sylvia reminded me to wash her Pillowcase with the regular laundry today. I’m using it for “me” because “it’s Sylvia’s” and because mine had the start of mold MANY, MANY months ago. So I cleaned it, sprayed it with anti-mold spray and sealed it in a plastic garbage bag.

  • I can’t throw it out. I can’t make any major changes to what Sylvia and I “have”, “do” or “where we go” until the “Veil” is removed and we are reunited with each other.

I knew her Pillowcase had a slight smell of “musty”. When I removed the Pillowcase, Sylvia asked me to put my glasses on and look at it. When I did, I saw a few scattered “dots”, which I “assume” are the start of “mold”.

For some reason, my tiny brain was working a little more than usual at that point and I remembered that we have “anti-mold spray”. Right then, Sylvia mentioned that I could put the Pillowcase in the Dryer. I hadn’t thought of this before because, MANY months ago, someone suggested I put it in the “Washer” and when I did, it nearly destroyed it (the Washer). Sylvia indicated that the Dryer’s heat would help get rid of the mold.

I then knew the combination would be even more beneficial. So I heavily-sprayed the Pillowcase with that spray and let it tumble through the Dryer for about 5-minutes. It still had a slight smell to it. So I repeated that process. Now it’s fine.

  • Sylvia did tell me to throw it out. She wants me to be safe. I told her I cannot throw out anything that “we” bought together, which is 99.9-percent of everything we have in our home.

Once she’s here, of course, we’ll be making a LOT of changes.

This is really sad… I just spent over an hour setting up some of our music equipment, in order to test a “possible” invention that I have. It has to be physically connected a certain way and then I have to configure my DrumKAT (electronic drum pads) software a certain way.

  • I’ve mentioned the DrumKAT in previous Postings. It’s the most powerful Drum Controller on THIS planet.

…but, I couldn’t get the DrumKAT’s menu screens to change the way I needed. Since I haven’t even turned this ON for MANY, MANY months, I thought it was “me” not remembering… but it wasn’t. Two of its Pads don’t work at all and 1 Pad is beginning to degrade in responsiveness.

  • While getting the link to the DrumKAT, I saw that the company has now discontinued them.
  • This whole thing is sad because now I can’t use this $1,700 Drum Controller unless we get it fixed… and this is sad because, when Sylvia and I lived in Florida, we drove from the East Coast of Florida to the West Coast of Florida, in order to test this instrument in person at the only store around that carried it. We spent 2-days in that store, testing all the electronic drum products available at the Time.
  • This was the start of Sylvia and my “performing” music gear. While we were there, Sylvia wanted to just see what type of keyboard technology was available — not intending to buy one. Of the 20 or so keyboards on display, Sylvia played 2 of them before laying her hands on the 3rd. When she did, she said: “Oh. This is wonderful. We’ve got to get this.” It was the best Piano – Strings combination we had ever heard in a keyboard. (The sounds were “layered”. Playing a single key would produce “Piano” and a brief Time later, the “Strings” would swell-up.)
  • Here’s the link to the DrumKAT:

I just wanted to test my idea in manifested form. Now I have to use my imagination to think it through… but with Sylvia not “physically” here, my “Reasoning” and a few other circuits just aren’t 100-percent online yet. So this “may” or “may not” be a useable invention.

This is a project which Sylvia and I will dive into sometime after this upcoming album is physically released.

This morning I was remembering something Corey Goode or David Wilcock said about the ships which, a few months ago, tried to leave the Earth and at least 1 of them was damaged by LightWorkers. I checked both of their websites but couldn’t find their description of the large, Cabal ships which flew out of the water near Antarctica and headed for Space.

What casts some doubt on their story, for “me”, is having large ships fly up from the ocean but not set-off any nearby “Seismic” or “Tidal” buoys. The water displacement from those ships leaving the water should have activated some sort of unscheduled High Tide and then, within a minute or so, a warning of an instant lower-then-normal Tide.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to Corey Goode’s website:

Here’s the link to David Wilcock’s site:


This cryptic message is from Cobra:

  • “Systems/Isidic red alert at 504”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.”
  • “Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.”
  • “Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.”
  • “Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.”
  • “Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse.”

My comments: Remember, things are not always what they seem. My computer’s Dictionary states that the word: “Apocalypse” also means “to uncover, reveal”. I’ve also heard people say this word can mean “great change”. So these 3 words are neither “good” nor “bad”. They are what you make of them.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-16-15 *Sleep, *Food, *MusicGear, *Insights, Salusa, Keshe

*First a few comments:

Today was a work day for me and Sylvia. Our alarm clock went-off, I then turned it off and went back to sleep… but not for the typical 5- or 10-minutes. I slept for an entire HOUR! Sylvia was finally able to wake me up. I looked at the clock and saw that we overslept 1-hour and told Sylvia:

  • “You’re going to have to do something with “Time” or we’re going to be very late.”

The only thing I did differently was I didn’t shave… but this only gained us about 15-minutes of “Time”. I didn’t drive any faster. I didn’t stress.I didn’t eat any faster (and we’re are both slow eaters — espcially “me”).

When we finally Clock-In at work, we were only 5-minutes late. This is because Sylvia DID do something with either “my energies” or with the basic construction of “Time”.

  • As with me asking Sylvia for help, anyone can ask their “crossed-over Loved Ones” or their own “Guides” for assistance. It doesn’t have to be a “life-threatening” situation. Just like with us today… we simply needed a little help and I asked.
  • If we “don’t” ask for help and we wallow in the mud of now “pushing the river”, we usually create a lot of stress for ourselves. Our “Guides” or “Higher Self” may interpret this “muddy energy” as something YOU would rather handle by yourself. So they simply step back and let you handle it.
  • Think about it…
  • Let’s say our “Guides” and “Higher Self” can only perceive us as balls of energy. If the vehicle we’re driving unexpectedly runs out of gas and we just start walking to the closest Gas Station, swearing every step of the way… our Guides will simply think:
  • (Guide 1) “I see she has everything under control.”
  • (Guide 2) “How can you tell.”
  • (Guide 1) “Well, she’s built-up a LOT of energy just now. This means she wants to experience all she can, on this particular part of her Journey;”
  • (Guide 2) “So we shouldn’t tell her about her car insurance providing free gas when your car runs-out?”
  • (Guide 1) “Nah.”

A few days ago, I mentioned that my food-levels ran-out before they usually do and I would start to get shaky. I found myself eating more food during those Times.

Today, while at work, a customer came in who usually comes in every day. I don’t know if he’s homeless but, from the way he’s always dressed and the little money he spends, it sure seems that way to me.

He almost always buys a medium-size bag of bulk nuts and a single, 4-ounce cup of yogurt. He always eats the yogurt there in the store and, I guess, eats the mixed nuts throughout the day.

For the last few days, instead of a small yogurt, he’s been buying 16-ounce yogurt and eating all of it in about the same amount of Time.

I just thought this was “feedback” of what “I” had gone through about a week before.

I’m mentioning this, in case others are going through a similar “diet-quantity” increase.

Several years ago, Sylvia and I discovered that our ARP 2600 synthesizer had developed a problem with its keyboard. The people who know how to fix this type of electronic music equipment are rare these days. At that Time, the person who seemed to know the most about fixing this was in California. Between the cost of the work, the shipping expense and trusting an unknown person to take as good care of our equipment as we always do… we just hung on to it and kept using it.

A few days ago, when I was testing our new “BeatStep Pro” Step Sequencer, I discovered another problem with the ARP. One of its Oscillators is now unstable and sometimes makes a wobbling sound. I can’t sell it until Sylvia returns but we can’t rely on it for our songs either. So I’ll have to remove it from my current keyboard setup and store it in our front room.

  • Last week, I was working with our new “Novation UltraNova” synthesizer and still couldn’t wrap my mind around how it “thinks”. I felt Sylvia say: “How would you program that same sound on the ARP?” I looked at the ARP and could instantly piece that sound together. I then converted those components and settings, in my mind, onto the features of the UltraNova and it worked.
  • So I’d like to have something with a similar layout to the ARP… for this purpose and to add to our sonic palette.

Recently, the local Guitar Center store offered some of their customers a 15-percent-off coupon but it’s only good until the end of this month.

Roland has a piece of music gear which is just now appearing in stores. Here’s the link to its product page:

For the last several days, I’ve been talking to Sylvia about buying that product. We don’t really “need” it but I think it will help in a few different ways. We even went to the music store after work today, to bounce some ideas off of them. I was looking for some tangible feedback on what to do.

After we left there, we stopped at the Post Office to pay our “Post Office Box” fee, which is due by the end of this month. We didn’t have “cash” to pay for this, so I asked if they could use our Debit card. The Clerk said “yes, but our System was down earlier.” He tried it and it still wasn’t working. He told us to come back next week.

  • THAT was definitely a “sign” from Sylvia! Since when is the Post Office not able to take your money?
  • This was Sylvia telling me: “You’re being taken care of. Be here now, remember? You need this extra money right now for that synthesizer and this bill can be paid on your next paycheck. Everything will work out.”

Today, Sylvia and I received a very insightful response from SoulSpeak, regarding the “Mold” Section I included in yesterday’s Posting. This is what she presented:

  • “In reading your recent post…the mold word just flew open…I see what it is representing in the other sharings on this post. You are indeed correct…many keep repeating fear energy and angst energy because what the have shared in the past and placed so called dates around have come and gone and they themselves have no real connection to the threads they weave.”
  • “The weaving has become stale..molded from the many messages of untruths…and these are strictly for their own growths and lessons dear friend.”
  • “You and Sylvia are on a charted course in truth and Immense love. NURTURE THAT…and see the mold be gone.”
  • “Bring all energy current…and know that is where you will share a more pure flowing connection  like none other before now.”
  • “As for the blanket…it is indeed fine and also……you must also lift your bed…mattress and spray and clean and dry that entire area.since it rests on the floor..there is no flow of energy to cleanse under it….so moving it each season assists the flow…”
  • “You and Sylvia have a place of love in my heart.Your journey is so the continued growth you both  experience together and feel your blessings. I am immensely grateful for our friendship and the stories we share together. Be at peace and create in joy…Namaste'”

Here’s the link to her Blogsite:


This channeled message is from “SaLuSa”. Here are some excerpts:

  • Matters have suddenly taken a turn that signifies the end of the Cabals influence, as far as its ability to dictate the manner in which future events manifest… There is a way to go yet, but what you will see are the signs that clearly confirm the direction you are going in… It will clearly signal that you are taking bold steps to ensure that Ascension is not delayed and continues approaching.”
  • “These are the times when you can congratulate yourselves for having come to the end of your journey. The result was never in doubt, yet at the same time success was not guaranteed but you overcame the many challenges.”
  • “Bear in mind that to bring in the new, the old has to be changed or removed and that may cause you temporary inconvenience but it will not last long. All matters are now quickly moving along as time continues to speed up, as many of you have noticed. Have no doubt that the old ways are no longer suitable for the new Man that is emerging out of the ashes of the old one. Already you are adapting to the new ideas and it only remains for them to fully manifest.”
  • “…the changes will speed up your arrival into the New Age along with all of the advantages that come with it.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This 25-minute video was mentioned in the above Channeling. When I looked at it, I realized just how important this information is. So I’m giving it its own Section.

This video is of Iranian physicist M.T. Keshe giving a lecture on his solid-state, zero-point Energy generators. Here are some highlights:

  • He claims that these units can be “kicked” and “fall apart” but will continue to work.
  • Several Ambassadors, in several Nations, have already placed orders for the 1st batch of units and they will be shipped out 10/16/15.
  • He says they’re not “generators” but some type of “heat source” and the “by-product” is 2 to 3 kilowatts of electricity.
  • The unit itself is very small for what it does. It looks to be about 8-inches tall and 3-inches wide with 2 wires coming out of it.
  • In the coming months, the price for each unit will be less than $100.
  • Right now the price is higher because it allows the Keshe Foundation to deliver free units at the same time. When they distribute these free units, they will place 100 or 200 of them on a palette, bring them to the poor parts of various countries and just leave them on the street… “indiscriminate”. Mr. Keshe said he didn’t want the free units going through various channels because those people and their relatives would get the free units and the poor people would still be left with nothing.
  • They estimate that the final cost to make these units, in 12-months time, will be about $10 each.
  • He keeps calling them “Plasma Reactors” and says they’re not “Power Generators”.

My comments: I’m starting to cry now because he goes on to say… over time, you’ll be able to create your own food with it, medical supplies, everything you need. THESE ARE REPLICATORS! This is part of “Disclosure” that we have all been waiting for!!! This is a HUGE breakthrough in the energies that have been gripping this planet for a VERY long time.

We are almost free, people. We are almost “home”!

  • • Ok. He’s providing more details now… He says that eventually, this device will have “no” cables coming out of it. It’s based on “PLasma” and will just emit energy. If you are hungry, the unit will recognize that and emit energy that your body can use as “food”. He says there’s no need for the body to digest and process food.

My comment: I’ve included videos of Mr. Keshe before and they show his work in this area had been building. “IF” this current information is real, then we are all about to really break through a very thick wall.

In “my” opinion, this video is well-worth watching for everyone!

Questing everything.

Here’s the link:

It’s very late and Sylvia and I have to get to bed for work tomorrow but we just found the Keshe video of the “Ambassador meeting”. It’s almost 3-hours long. So I’ll leave the link here for everyone but Sylvia and i will have to watch it tomorrow:

PS 10-15-15 *Mindset, *Mold, Cobra, Rose

*First a few comments:

(These are my personal observations. Not a judgment.)

I was doing some “music gear” research today and saw this video on Roland’s new “Sytem-1m” synthesizer:

  • Several months ago, I made a comment about not understanding “today’s music-creation mindset”. The current styles of music are Trance, House and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Basically, the way this music is created provides “instant gratification”.

Although I had seen that video a few months ago, I realized something this Time…

  • During the 70s, when I learned “about” and “how to use” / “how to program” synthesizers, the workflow was to adjust the parameters of the synthesizer until you achieved the sound you wanted. At that point, you would simply “use” that sound. You could either “play it” from a music keyboard or have another synthesizer component, called an “analog step sequencer”, play the notes for you.
  • In the video, especially right near the end, when the Roland Rep was “making music”, I realized that the “adjusting of the parameters” was NOT the goal. Instead, this new style of music uses the actual “knob adjustments”, which instantly modify the sound, AS THE SONG. If they stop adjusting parameters, the song is finished. This was an minor, but important, “Insight” for me today.

Sylvia and I were off from work today but it tuned into “chore” day. It started right when we woke-up. Just before getting out of bed, we realized that we were barely able to keep warm last night. So we had better switch-out these “Summer Sheets” for our “Winter” ones. This meant washing the Summer sheets before storing them away.

Then it also turned out to be basic “Laundry” day. So ANOTHER load of clothes had to be washed and dried.

Just before putting on the “Winter” sheets, we always put them in the Dryer with a little moisture, so their “stored smell” goes away. Once this was done, we put them on our bed.

  • Our bed is a high-quality “air” bed. I think it’s made by “Select Comfort”. We’ve had it for over 20-years.
  • For the last 3-decades or so, we’ve always placed our bed directly on the floor. We don’t use “box springs” or anything else under the mattress we sleep on. So that 1 mattress just sits on the floor.

While adjusting our “Winter” sheets, I was tucking the extra blankets under the foot of the bed and smelled something odd. When we examined those blankets, we discovered that 1 of them had 1 edge with a “moldy” smell. It didn’t have the mold “splotches” just a slight discoloration and a smell in a 2-foot by 4-inch area.

  • I didn’t quite make it to a “Meltdown” point but I did tense-up and become very stressed. Not only because this is a blanket that Sylvia and I have used for quite a long Time but because it was given to us by Sylvia’s daughter for Christmas 1 year… Plus, changing anything in our home or in my life, is not something I want to do.

I immediately began talking to Sylvia about the situation. I just didn’t know what to do. I did realize that it either needed to be cleaned  or I would have to wrap it tightly in a plastic bag and store it somewhere. So if we cleaned it and it became damaged, it would be “bad” but I still wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. (It’s just a deep “rabbit hole”.)

  • This “blanket” is what “I” would call “quilted”. It looks like it’s a “Comforter” but it’s a flat, no snaps or fasteners, “blanket”. So it’s thick for a blanket and almost a bit “puffy” throughout.

Because of the way it was made, I wasn’t sure whether it COULD be washed in the washer. So I sprayed the problem area with a LOT of anti-mold spray and let it sit for about a half-hour. Then I stuffed it into the Washer with laundry soap and then stuffed it into the Dryer.

It’s not perfect but I think it’s going to be fine.


This is the latest information from Cobra:

  • As we are getting closer to the Event, the need for surface infrastructure that will be able to transmit the energies of the compression breakthrough is greater and greater. Many Event Support groups and Sisterhood of the Rose groups need to be formed on the physical plane as soon as possible. Prepare for Change team has created an online platform where the groups (and individuals) can register and coordinate anonymously:”

“Victory of the Light!”

My comment: Cobra’s comment… “As we are getting closer to the Event, the need for surface infrastructure that will be able to transmit the energies of the compression breakthrough is greater and greater”… sounds like there’s some urgency to it. It’s about Time. Of course, we can’t really say “the bread is finished baking” until it’s on our plate in front of us. So only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the above information page:

On that same page, there’s a link to a Cobra Interview. Here are some excerpts (“C” is Cobra and “U” is the Interviewer):

  • “C : It is a little bit early to speak about it because the positive forces on the etheric and astral planes are now pretty much working under cover, because there is still much of a reptilian presence, and when this reptilian presence will be removed, the positive forces on the etheric and astral planes will reveal themselves openly. These positive forces include human population and other forces of Light.”

My comment: I might be getting that statement mixed up with another Source but I could have sworn that, months ago, Cobra stated that all the Reptilians have been removed from the surface of this planet. “Etheric” or not, I thought he previously told us ALL the Reptilians had been removed.

  • “U : How long has the last expansion cycle lasted ?”
  • “C : You mean the cycle we are now in ? [U : Yes]. 14 billion years. Now we are exactly at the turning point between the expansion and contraction again. And this is the deepest reason why there is this big house cleaning in this part of the galaxy. This is the total clearing of all darkness, everything must go because the universe is re-arranging itself into a higher spiral of evolution and everything that does not align with this has to go.”
  • “U : Can you talk about the process in which the Light forces will use the media at the event, who will be talking on TV, will there be pre-recorded messages ?”
  • “C : It will be the same TV anchors we have now, the same journalists that we have now will have access to the media, but the stories they will be given will be different. Their source of news will not be as it usually is now, but they will receive media information packages from certain people who will receive them from the Resistance.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Interview:


This extremely short message is from “Yellow Rose For Texas”. The title is: “YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : WE ARE GOING TO BE LET OUT”:

  • “ROSE”
  • “We hear she’s t’d and at the dock.”
  • “We are going to be let out, on the dock..”

I almost didn’t include this but she’s had some interesting information in the past. She just doesn’t Post things very often.

My comments: Sifting through the many Comments… the ones who are sincere in what they’re saying, tells me that a LOT of people are feeling the same thing as me and Sylvia…

  • We know “something” is about to happen but it’s just hanging there. We know we’re going home but we all seem to be in a Holding Pattern… just “suspended” and “waiting”.


Question everything.

Here’s the link: