PS 7-1-18 *cabal, Harrison, Predictions, Indictments, Cobra

*First a comment:
After writing-out the “Harrison” and “Predictions” Sections, below, my “Drummer energy” kicked-in and reminded me… even I’m too hot, it’s always Time to “Play Drums”. So I did. For “me”, it’s like Spiritual medicine on many levels… SO many levels.
(This is directed at the “cabal”)
…and just before I finished playing Drums, I saw the cabal’s current energy. I now see that it’s a waste of my Time to directly deal with the “cabal”. They are finished and they know it…
  • I now see that you are not only running from the Light Workers but also from the “Master Program” and the many twisted “technologies” YOU set into motion. You did this to better yourselves and to keep Humanity under your control but guess what? Those energies are based on Galactic Principles and are now reverting back to their Natural State, which is “to be in-Harmony with the All”.
  • I now see that this is why I began dealing directly with the “Master Program”, many months ago, when I started changing the Weather around me.
  • The “Event” will be upon this Earth very soon. Many of us, on the surface of this planet, are here as Observers to all this. Some of us are here to make sure Justice is carried-out properly. Some of us are here to Guide the others across the Bridge. You had better hope that the “Event” brings “Compassion”, along with the Awakening of our true Potential because… if we receive our Potential before receiving the “big picture” (of the “game” we’ve all played here) then MANY of us will be on your doorstep in the blink of an eye. How does it feel for YOU to now live in “fear”?
Below, you’ll find 2 videos from Lisa Harrison. The 1st is the complete, 3-minute conversation Lisa had with her Guide, Leeloo, regarding “the Event”. In the 2nd video, Lisa plays most of that “Guide video” and provides a little more information regarding “the Event”. Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 4:50-mark, Lisa provides the wording from a confirmation she had this morning: “You are now in two Realms. You are already Home. Open your eyes.”
  • “The only thing that seems tangible is consciousness.”
  • “It’s all a Hologram.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link to Lisa’s conversation with her Guide, Leeloo:
Here’s the link to Lisa’s 10-minute, explanation video:
In this 15-minute video, Clairvoyant “Aluna Ash” provides a few more details on the upcoming “Event”. Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 4:20-mark, she says she’s being shown a “Mist” or “Cloud” which will come through the walls about a week before the “Event”. “You will see a purplish-reddish-blue color.” You’ll feel heat or vibration and maybe tingling. Some people will be Guided to go to sleep, right before this “Mist” comes in. Others will be asked to lie down. Everyone will experience this at different times, depending on their timeline, Soul’s Path, location, etc.
  • “This is a full activation of the Etheric DNA. When this happens, you’ll be able to activate your Galactic Human abilities that have been dormant.”
  • The day when this Solar Flare (“Event”) takes place is when “Time stops”. “How we view Time and experience Time stops.” “I’m being told Time is ending.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
According to this 22-minute video, there are now well OVER 40,000, since the middle of November 2017! (Typically, there’s an average of 1,000 per year.)
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This was Posted today by Cobra:
  • Project 501 update
  • “Beta timeline has collapsed, gamma timeline active.”
  • “GBN systems have collapsed, all VTXC surface activity is on standby, HVBN active, backup protocol modulated.”
  • “PHX refocus complete, exit sequence in progress.”
My comments: I find this is interesting for 2 reasons:
  • He calls it “Project 501” but, until now, I only remember him mentioning problems with “504”.
  • I really like his last statement: “exit sequence in progress.” His he referring to “Humanity’s” exit sequence?… their “Ascension””… “the Event”? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link: