PS 6-14-20 July4th, MindControl, Gosia

JULY 4th
In a way, this is a tiny bit of “uplifting” news… although it could turn out to be very “negative” for both sides…
  • Bikers for Trump Planning to “Retake” Seattle Autonomous Zone For America
  • “Published on Jun 13, 2020 By Richard Moorhead”
  • “ANTIFA may have met their match.”
  • “A group of self-styled “Bikers for Trump” is pledging to retake Seattle’s Capital Hill Autonomous Zone for the United States, planning on dismantling the anarchist commune on the Fourth of July.”
  • “Seattle city authorities have steadfastly refused to enforce the territorial integrity of the United States and their city, instead opting to allow ANTIFA-linked militants to stake out a secessionist project openly advertising rebellion from the United States. The American motorcyclists intend to step in and fill the void left vacant by the city’s authorities, laying out their plans for the operation in a Facebook event.”
  • “On July 4th, Independence Day,a coalition of patriot groups and all who want to join are going to retake the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone for America. antifa members are illegally occupying public property and terrorizing small businesses in the neighborhood. American patriots have agreed to come together again, remove the barricades illegally obstructing traffic, and free the people in the zone.”
  • “The Bikers for Trump make it clear that the operation will avoid the use of force against the anarchists claiming the territory, instead dismantling the illegal barricades that the leftists set up to separate themselves from the United States.”
  • “We are not going to hurt anybody, break the law etc. We are simply going to tear down the illegal barriers on public property, clean up the mess these communist kids made, and return the police station over to Seattle Police Department control””
  • “ANTIFA-linked secessionists accustomed to being babied by the Seattle Police Department- which was seen humbly begging for the anarchists to permit them to reenter their own conquered police precinct this week- may have another thing coming if they plan on using their usual tactics of violence and intimidation against the motorcyclists.”
  • “Preliminary reports suggest that members of the Mongols MC and Hell’s Angels are already preparing to participate in the operation, which is slated to coincide with Independence Day on the Fourth of July.”
My comments: “IF” the Bikers decide to do this, then “Thank You, Bikers” for standing-up for America!
What I want to know is, what happened to the “Militia”?
I began my nightly Research into MANY “Rabbit Holes”, when My Sylvia crossed-over, in April of 2011. At that Time, “Drake” was the loudest mouthpiece in the alternative community. One of the facets he kept talking about was the “Militia” — those modern day “Minute Men” (and women) who would help defend this Country in an instant, if anything ever happened to it on a large scale. So where are they?… or have they been in the shadows, waiting for the “right moment” to spring into action? Maybe they’ll join with the Bikers and bring the cabal’s “high school dropouts” to Justice? Only Time will tell.
One thing is for certain… Whichever group rids this planet of those “high schoolers” will be HEROES!
If this was truly about “freedom” and “breaking away from Society”, why wouldn’t the cabal simply have their “high schoolers” take over NASA, fly to the Moon and set-up a new “country” there?… oh, wait, those “high schoolers” are far too stupid for that.
Well, the cabal could still use the Ships from their Black Projects and fly to any of their Bases on the Moon, Mars, etc. oh, that’s right, this is not about “freedom”. It’s about promoting “fear” and controlling the Earth. So they actually “need” to win the next Presidential Election in November.
  • Imagine “satin” needing to win an Election. Now THAT’S funny. The cabal have actually brainwashed THEMSELVES. THEY are the ones who set-up all the Rules, Laws, Financial Systems, Social Structures, Internet, various Technologies, etc. So why are they still playing by THEIR OWN rules? What a stupid group they are!
What have you actually accomplished, cabal? Let me answer that for you… “Nothing”. Absolutely “nothing”. So, you’re declaring that part of Seattle a “country”. “Countries” must create and sustain their own Infrastructure. You don’t have any. So, guess what? At the snap of our fingers, the Americans in THIS Country can quickly and easily redirect the Cell Towers, turn off your Water and shutdown your Electricity. At that point, your “high schoolers” won’t have any more cold beer, will have run out of drugs and will be crying because they can’t connect to their Twitter Accounts… and for what? All for the “Elections”… You’re doing all this just to get “little hitlery” elected as President. Uh, you must have failed at Math, because even a 3-year old can figure this one out… Those “puppets” you want to run this planet will be behind bars long before the Elections.
Tick-Tock. You lose.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

This 46-minute video is from the “X22 Report”.
Basically, I’m only using 1 tiny phrase from this video and giving credit where credit is due.
  • At the 41:34-mark, the Narrator says: “There’s more of us than there are of them.”
My comments: Yes, this is very obvious but even “I” got caught-up in all the current “distractions” in the world. I forgot to take a deep breath, take a big step back and realize that what the world is experiencing right now is the cabal’s “slight-of-hand”… Their “distractions”. ALL of what they are doing right now is simply to keep us under their “Mind Control”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 33-minute video is Gosia of “Cosmic Agency” explaining various facets of information which was given to her by “Anéeka of Temmer”, a Taygetan-Pleiadian. The title of this video is: “Possible False Flag Warning and Galactic Wave- Short“.
  • Gosia receives information from a few different Beings who are aboard a Starship, which is in orbit around the Earth. This information is sent to Gosai through her computer, in “text” form — typed words. So Gosia is not “Channeling” any Beings.
  • So, even though I may put “Gosia states”, she’s really repeating, in this case, Anéeka’s, words.
  • Anéeka’s job on this Starship is “Intelligence Officer”. She communicates with the “Federation” and gathers information directly from Earth’s Societies, either through Taygetan technologies or by sending people or devices to the Earth.
Here are some of the things described:
  • Anéeka warns of a possible, upcoming False Flag against the Protestors. There are lots of details but it’s better if you hear them for yourself.
  • Gosia then explains that there’s another False Flag in December of an “Asteroid” which may hit the Earth. If this is brought to the Public’s attention, it will be used as a diversion from Political happenings at that Time.
  • Around the 24:50-mark, Gosia states: “The Lunar Matrix doesn’t matter any more. Those Lunar computers are failing and now what maintains us in 3D is our own state of Consciousness and people’s Perceptions.”
  • Anéeka mentions that the Earth’s Schumann Resonance spikes during peaks of Galactic Waves coming in to the Earth.
I haven’t highlighted this very well but there are a lot of helpful details in this video.
As always, even if the information presented is “not” real, it provides everyone with another opportunity to “consider” these facets and expand your mind.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 12-16-18 Extraterrestrials

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 12/13/18)
This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.
This 2-hour, 23-minute video is an interview with Clif High. The title is: “Major Anouncement, Changes on the Earth Like You’ve Never Seen“.
His main message is that Humanity has been in a war with Mantiss Beings for about 80-years… and maybe even 1,000-years.
My comments: I listened to the entire video with an open mind. This one’s interesting because over the last 4-months or so, Interviews with Clif High have appeared in the various “alternative news” digests that I check each night. Thinking “this will be important”, I save the Link so I can watch it during the first opportunity I have. However, each Time this happens, a few days and then a week goes by and I still can’t get myself to watch it. It’s as if “logically” I need to watch it but “energetically” it’s not information I need.
From “my” perspective, after watching the following video, these are the scenarios I see:
  • I feel that “Clif” believes what he is saying is real.
  • When talking about taking psychedelics, Clif stated that he has a type of “schizophrenia”. So maybe this part of him is the person being interviewed in this video.
  • Since “all things ARE possible”, yes, there may a war between Humans and another “Space Race”. “IF” there is, I don’t think it’s happening the way Clif describes it… and, yes, there may have been “abductions” at some point in Time. “IF” they were AND “IF” they were conducted by Extraterrestrials, I’m not sure they’re still happening.
  • I mentioned previously that the cabal have “very few” or “no” toys left. So their only “weapon” is dis-information and the illusion of “fear”. Maybe, just maybe Clif is “knowingly” or “under someone’s control” putting out this information as a distraction.
  • “IF” his information IS real, then he may be on a different timeline than me because I’m not sensing an “alien invasion”, as he puts it. I’ve pulled-up the information “I” have and have compared it to the list of items Clif presents in this video. I’ve examined my personal feelings at a very young age, regarding not being from Earth. I’ve looked again at the information my 1st wife explained to me, regarding our life on another planet. I’ve thought about the many facets that Sylvia (my current wife) and I have discussed when she was on THIS side of the “Veil” AND the images and information she has sent to me after she “crossed”. One of the things I’ve mentioned before is that Sylvia mentioned: “You are the feedback you are looking for”. This is also why I have pulled-up all of this “about me” information just now. Remember, within a few hours of Sylvia “crossing-over”, she said, in my own ears: “The Veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon.” If there was any type of Extraterrestrial threat, My Sylvia would have sent me a much different message. So I’m still going by what she said on that day and what she showed me that day, as well as the Dreams she’s sent me since… which is, the “Veils” will be removed in “my” lifetime. At that point, Sylvia and I (and others on the other side of the “Veil”) will be reunited with each other… without “me” “crossing-over”. Sylvia didn’t “leave me here” just to get tangled-up in an insect war.
If you’re drawn to watch this video, that’s fine but be sure to follow your Heart. Any Time “fear” enters your energy field, let it simply fall away.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 4-21-18 SecretSpaceProgram, Cobra

This 2-hour video is the 3rd in a series of 4 where an Interviewer talks with a cabal, “Secret Space Program” participant who has now become a whistleblower. I’ve included at least 1 other Interview-video of this person, in a previous Post.
  • In my previous Post of this, I thought I had included the “2nd” video but maybe I had included this “3rd” video. I’m not sure.
Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 1:06-mark, he explains “Time” and says: “We’re in a very unique time right now in that, it seems to me, that all the Multi-Dimensions being kind of woven together in a way that they’re all becoming one.”
  • He says the “Light Grid” still needs a lot of help. Around the 1:10-mark, he explains how to connect it around the planet.
  • Around the 1:36-mark he explains the “Astral Body” and “Light Body”. He says the Light Body is based on “Photons” and can change from physical to light, back-and-forth.
  • After the “Event”, and part of the “Ascension Process”, everyone will have their own “abilities”. They can be whatever you want.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


These 2 messages, to the “Resistance Movement”, were Posted by Cobra yesterday and today:
  • “Hyperphasic systems (LOC) recovery in progress, potential HVBN intersection”
  • “HVBN secured, modulate HVBN/GBN contrast”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 3-23-18 *Shift, *EnergyWeapon, TheEvent

*First a comment:

Part of what Sylvia and I do at work is unload Tractor Trailers, which carry supplies and sellable products. Sometimes these Trailers remain attached to the Loading Dock for several days.

On Wednesday of last week, a Trailer arrived and took most of the day to get it unloaded. On Thursday and Friday, after everything was removed, whenever I entered that Trailer, I noticed that the energy had changed from the rest of the building. It was as if I stepped into an “Energy Shift” or, maybe even, a “Dimensional Shift”. Each Time, when I left the Trailer and entered the Loading Dock, the feeling went back to normal.

This was sent to me today by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you:

  • “Hi Paul,
  • Don’t know if you are interested…… I got “brushed by” directed energy beam in February. I was driving to a job and heard a quiet voice say, “Just let go into the brainwash. You’ll feel better. Relax,” Those aren’t the exact words but something to that effect. It knocked me to the ground for 2 weeks. Didn’t hardly leave the house. Stayed in bed.
  • Feel free to share.
  • I feel better now.”

This article, which K.K. also included, explains “DEWs” (Directed Energy Weapons):


I had watched another video by this same person but didn’t find that it contained enough information to include it. I’m now watching this 28-minute video and when it reached the 4-minute mark, she said: “It’s an unVeiling. The Veil is thinning.” That’s when I knew to include it.

I’m also including this in order to provide another perspective on “the Event”. Lately, I’ve been seeing a LOT of “Event” -based videos online. So either all of those people simply want to put-up a “me too” video or there really IS something HUGE that’s about to unfold. Only Time will well.

My comment: As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m still feeling that everything is not as we perceive it. Everything is unfolding to a “Positive” outcome.

Here are a few more highlights:

  • We will all, eventually, start to see Loved Ones “on the other side”.
  • Between now and the end of March “the unveiling of this sequence begins”.
  • From March 18th to th 20th “light codes” were coming in to help us adjust.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • “Now more than ever, Light Workers are needed.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I just discovered the following 19-minute video, which also explains “the Event”.

Not to pile-up “Event” -based videos to prove something… Each article and video that I include has resonated with me in some way, which I do my best to explain. I’m including this particular video because 1 of the facets she mentions is that there is no “right” or “wrong”. I’ve mentioned this before but the Narrator of this video does a better job of it.

Around the 6-minute mark, something in her energy brought me a closer understanding about something I’ve been doing my best to put into words. I mentioned this several months ago…

  • When I see “happy” or “sad” happenings around the world, I feel very detached from them and the people involved. I feel as if I’m in a different Dimension from those situations. They’re just not a part of “my” Reality.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

The following 2 links were also sent to me by K.K. (thank you)…

This link will take you to an article where the Author explains the mechanics of “the Event”:

This link will take you to a 1-hour, 28-minute video where the woman explains her visions and experiences of the new Earth:

PS 11-15-16 *Veil, Meadors

*First a comment:

Today, while having lunch at work, my mind chose to wander into the realm of figuring out the “Veil”. I don’t know why certain Memories appear within someone’s mind when they do. Maybe it’s our Higher Self nudging us to “work on this, so you can achieve Enlightenment sooner and we can merge together as one again. or maybe it’s just our mind’s way of chewing on a “tough” or “unsolvable” problem because we need the mental exercise… sort of like when we give a dog a crunchy Treat, after they’ve been eating canned food for a few days.


Whether all the pieces I pulled-together, in order to work on this, are “real” or “true” doesn’t matter. In the realm of “all things are possible”, we have to examine every ingredient and every combination, in order to create new recipes. Also, many years ago Sylvia and I figured out… sometimes when a problem is too difficult to solve, we go into “what WOULDN’T we do?” mode. This instantly breaks any mental block because it forces our minds to reach for the most extreme ideas for that given situation. In doing this, we sometimes find the true center of the solution. Other times, we discover new ideas.


Using what I know about Sylvia’s “crossing-over” and pulling-in the pieces I’ve heard, regarding the Cabal’s method of trying to convince a newly crossed-over Soul that THEY are “holy ones” brought me to that Point where Sylvia could see her Parents standing at the foot of her bed (in hospice). I couldn’t see them. Which tells “me” that her Parents (who crossed-over many years before) were vibrating at a different frequency and so was a part of Sylvia.

The instant Sylvia left her “Unit” / “Vehicle” she became another form. Maybe it was completely made-up of fast-moving particles… maybe she looked and sensed that she was actually “physical”… I don’t know for sure yet. However, she was able to affect the energies around me during those early few minutes. I know this because this is when she showed me something which I have never seen before or heard of anyone else talk about.

In order to fill-in-the-blank of the next image, within my mind, I needed to rely on some “logic”… In this “logical” scenario I can see a void where everything is black, which either means “it’s black” or my “understanding” of what is really there cannot convince my tiny brain to decipher its real form.

It’s in this “void” where the Cabal “greet” those “new arrivals”. My sense is… if someone is not a “Sheeple” / “has a high-enough sense about things” they will either be “guided across” this void by their Loved Ones or will “more easily” be able to make their way past the Cabal’s deception.

All of that is more of the “architecture of what “crossing-over” means to me. What I was really wanting to work-on today was the “Soul” — exactly “how” does it leave the “Vehicle”?, how does it enter the next form that it takes?, and how does it get through the “void” / “limbo” area to the actual “other side”?

A few times today, I felt as though I was almost able to figure it out but I seem to be missing 1 or 2 pieces of the puzzle.

I’m writing this out because, although I didn’t resolve this today, I feel that the “journey” may be important to a few others reading this.

Question everything.


This 9-minute video is announcement by Alexandra Meadors regarding the recent behind-the-scenes changes.

“IF” any of this is real, then Humanity is 1-step closer to being free and Sylvia and I are even closer to being reunited with each other.

Here’s the text of her message:

    • “1) The dismantling and release of various matrices has finally occurred as follows:”


    • “(a) The Mind Matrix of: Control, Conquering and Defeat, Death and Destruction, Polarity, Duality”


    • “(b) The Mind Matrix of Consciousness, Subconsciousness, the Known and Unknown Minds of consciousness, dream state, innate consciousness. They are being removed with all things with a consciousness.”


    • “The 3d and 4D Matrix Systems of all things known and unknown.”


    • “(d) The Matrix of Mother Earth and Her assets and resources.”


    • “(e) The Matrix of Meridians, Vortices, Power Sources, Longitude and Latitude Grids”


    • “(f) The release and dismantling of these systems are also being released from all physical shells that are connected to and run through the nervous system and of all physical shells of all things with a consciousness.”


    • “(g) These Matrix Systems were devised to run on their own through mechanisms and various complex delivery systems – including those delivered to physical shells as separate components, that would connect, create a device or mechanisms, and then later be activated through a coded frequency to turn them on in your physical vessel and sabotage you indefinitely.”


    • “They also created kill switches in the brain.”


    • “(h) These Matrix Systems connected to your cellular structures, DNA, essence, nervous system, spinal cord and brain.”


    • “(i) Delivery Systems were enacted upon you through:”


    • “Vaccinations with implants and chemical components”
    • “Chem-trail disbursement – though the air which allows these chemical components and implants to be absorbed through breathing, skin and food”


    • “An encoded Frequency to activate and trigger emotional reaction.”
    • “Once the encoded frequency was sent, it then is activated to combine with other components that were delivered and ingested into the body, to combine to make a device or mechanisms in the body. This directly effects the physical shell by inherently causing destruction of itself and others. This includes manipulating you on their terms. Now they are ready to use you at their will, while the host has no clue nor did they ever agree to participate.”


    • “Creation of Destruction in all known and unknown ways through the means of others without ever taking ownership of their own creation. This has in turn created an arm of enslaved beings, races, worker bees, who have never awakened which that alone creates further enslavement.”


    • “Here are the updates of things moving forward and completed for humanity.”


    • “2) The Dark Seed of Dark Matter has been removed from Earth along with its matrix system, and the web-netting connected under the earth, above the earth and to all of the sectors and beyond.”


    • “(a) This also has all been removed in all sectors.”


    • “(b) This is a component of the Quantum Entanglement Matrix Systems”


    • “All Seeds that were created from this Dark Matter: Including all seeds of Creation for all life forms with a consciousness have been removed.”


    • “(d) Removal of the Black Sticky Goo from its existence has occurred.”


    • “(e) All fabrics of energy, and Holograms have been removed.”


    • “(f) Even a removal of all connections to all things in this letter, which provide a feeding source of energy, supported energy, to those who created this has been completed.”


    • “3) Beings should know all that has been described in number 1-2 has a direct effect and connection to one’s own physical shell, mentally and spiritually.”


    • “(a) Beings need to understand removal to these things and systems is the releasing of all the last carbon structures in the physical shell.”


    • “(b) Beings on this physical plane should expect to feel and may have a sense of confusion, an inability to think and function and be extremely tired. If you are on the path of enlightenment and feeling unable to integrate, this is short lived.”


    • “Beings who are unawakened, or not ascending will have an amplification of fear based extreme symptoms of anger, rage, depression, anxiety, sense of loss, a sense of leaving need to figure out how to get off planet.”


    • “4) All Notices have been delivered to all souls on this planet who are exiting.”


  • “They are working on creating their own exit plans with Prime Creator individually. All will see the masses exit in various ways, chosen by individual souls and this will be starting shortly…. more than we are seeing now.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-30-16 *Path, Mars, Gaia

*First a comment:

I’ve mentioned, many times, about watching for the various “Signs” and “Synchronicities” which will appear on everyone’s Path from Time-to-Time. Yesterday, I discovered a very important one…

  • Yesterday, Sylvia and I had to go back to our new job, in order to fill-out more paperwork and watch a few more training videos.
  • When we finished, the Assistant Manager handed us a sheet of paper and told us to sign in, showing that we watched those videos. It was a list of new employees who had previously watched those same videos.
  • So I entered my name, dated it and then noticed… THE NAME RIGHT ABOVE MINE WAS “SYLVIA”!!!
  • This tells “me”, I’m on the correct Path. If I ever needed any feedback… that this new job is where Sylvia wants me to be… that name was it. So I took that as “feedback” and nothing more. Remember, I’ve also mentioned, many times… when “My” Sylvia either steps-through to THIS side of the “Veil” or when that “Veil” is removed, I will instantly know it (because of what she showed me minutes after she crossed-over).

As always, I mention these things because some of you have asked me to do so and because it may help others recognize the “Signs”, “Synchronicities”… the “Hansel & Gretel “breadcrumbs” which are placed on your Path.

Question everything.


This 2-hour video is an Interview with a former member of the “Deep Space Program”. She claims to have been taken from Earth at around age 4, has been tested, trained, age-regressed, lived on Mars, was a Fighter Pilot and much more.

My comment: I watched about half of that video. It was very interesting but it’s late and we can’t afford more Time right now to see the rest of it.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Serrated torches cleave the undesired.”
  • “Partialities are massed and deleted.”
  • “Fires of Higher Energetics precede the armies of Joy.”
  • “Gaia is reborn.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 3-3-16 *Music, Dragon, Hoffman, Eisenhower, Hudes

*First a comment:

For several hours, yesterday and today, Sylvia and I worked on “scanning”. We’ve used Scanners (Printers / Scanners) in the past and have used the Scanner built into our “Epson XP620” before but, for some reason, it wouldn’t work properly. Maybe it’s the incoming energies from the “Galactic Central Sun” or maybe it’s deciding to remain in “3D”, while Sylvia and I move into “5D”. I don’t know.

Without touching anything, it would work and then not work. I changed the cable and used 3 different pieces of software. It “prints” with no problems but, “scanning”, it wasn’t too cooperative. When it did work, the image was not as sharp as we needed it to be.

  • “Technology” should NOT be this difficult to use!

I’m a computer technician, or used to be (when Sylvia was here “physically”). I know lots of tricks to get computer software and hardware to work but none of these techniques seemed to accomplish anything.

  • In other words, we wasted yesterday, after work, and our day-off today just scanning and printing ONE DOCUMENT!

Then, when we finally got that ONE document scanned, un-blurred, etc., we decided to Post it to our BandBlog on WordPress… but that file would NOT upload. It kept showing an “error”. I changed its Filename, reduced it’s Filesize but nothing worked. Fortunately, we had setup a “Weebly” account several months ago. So we used that.

  • We’d rather us “Weebly” because it’s much more flexible and much easier to use than “WordPress”… BUT, “Weebly” doesn’t have any “social integration” — no one can “Like”, “Follow” or “Comment” on your Postings. So we use 2 accounts. (Yes, each night, I Post these daily messages to “both” accounts.

Anyway, what started all this was… We used our ARP 2600 synthesizer in our recently-finished “R.L.” song but we hadn’t stored the Patch (saved those settings). Remember, this is an “old school”, “analog” synthesizer. It doesn’t have a computer or any type of “memory”. So, in order to “save any Patch”, we have to get out a blank Patch Chart and a pen and hand-write the position of EVERY Knob and Slider… and if any Patch Cables were used, we have to draw their start-point and end-point on that sheet of paper.

  • The ARP 2600’s sound “starts” and “ends” that song. This sound is the very contrasting, very chaotic and stressful sound in that song. So this is not something most ARP 2600 owners will want to recreate. We simply made that Chart available, so anyone interested could see what this type of “sound storage” looks like.

Drawing, scanning and printing a Patch Chart should have taken no more than 30-minutes. I thought we were going to  knock that chore out in no Time and then work on our “N.O.A.T.Y.” song but we didn’t. After supper, though, I was so filled with “I just have to play the keyboard and hear some big sounds” that we took about 40-minutes and “just played” with no goals in mind. Well, “I” didn’t have any goals in mind but I think “Sylvia” did. Just as its happened many times before, I basically put my hands on the keyboard and ANOTHER song came out. I wonder just how many songs are IN this upcoming album? So far, we have almost 26-minutes of music either finished (2-songs) or large pieces of them are finished (2 other songs). The “N.O.A.T.Y.”song is, right now, a little over SEVEN MINUTES long!

If you go to this Weebly page, you can see that Patch Chart:

If you want to “Like”, “Comment” or “Follow”, please visit this mirrored “WordPress” page:


I’m including this for 2 reasons:

  1. “IF” this is true, it shows that “something”, behind-the-scenes”, is unfolding.
  2. There seem to be 2 “camps”… One, such as what “Corey Goode” provides, states that Star Visitor and / or Earth-based Entities are now delaying Humanity’s evolution. The other, such as the information below as well as many others “I” have read or heard about in the last few months, states that things ARE unfolding… the Cabal HAS BEEN defeated… the new Earth IS ALREADY created… and some part of us HAS BEEN LIVING in that new Time-Space for a while now.
  • Since “energy follows thought”, “I” feel that it’s up to each Being on this planet to decide which scenario they will resonate with. I choose “Sylvia”… I choose “NOW” and I choose no more delays. All of this “waiting for the next phase to begin” really COULD be that simple. Why not? Remember: “All things ARE possible.”

Here’s the information from the following article:

  • “Just a quick LEAP note to let you know that the (Rainbow Dragon) RBD’s main mission of defeating THE main nasty dark nastiness has been entirely successful… and has changed her forever.”
  • “The deed is indeed done, opening the way to an opaque yet golden understanding of splendiferous future eventage that we can’t talk about… mainly because we don’t really know anything. Suffice to say it’s literally all happening. Keep meditating.”
  • “You’ll get so much more out of this if you do. And for those who crawled through that 5,000,000 yards (years?) of raw sewage… the rewards will seem that much sweeter. The very best to all our spiritual brothers and sisters from all over, and our humblest most grateful thanks in perpetuity.”
  • “The date will be bigger than any number in human experience. You will literally never forget it. Yes, we’re all soon to find out just how special this planet really is to the rest of the cosmos. In the meantime, please take a moment to mentally thank the RBD for all her hard work and sacrifice.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This Posting by Jennifer Hoffman sounds very similar to what happened to me and Sylvia today with our Scanner:

  • “My internet is acting very strangely today. Pages won’t open and I have been logged out of all of my sites, even facebook, and I had to log in again. It’s a good thing I have several password backup sources or I would be in trouble! Is anyone else having internet issues today?”

Question everything.

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This 2-hour video, from February 27th, is an interview with Laura Eisenhower.

  • I haven’t watched this yet but she usually provides some interesting and mind-opening information.

This is the video’s description, from the following page:

  • “In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann is joined by Laura Eisenhower. Ethann and Laura discuss the upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses as well as the major planetary influences of the recent years and the future and how these have influenced the collective consciousness. Laura also shares her viewpoint on the Artificial Timelines and the Transhumanist agenda as well as the US political and financial system and presidential election. Other discussions lead into the Organic Ascension TImeline, and her belief that the human civilization is headed toward an age of higher consciousness.”

Question everything.

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In this 28-minute video, Karen Hudes talks about:

  • The Global Currency Reset
  • The Collateral Accounts
  • The “corporation of the United States of America” and other history facets
  • The military using mind-control technology on Society, and more.

The following web page describes this video as:

  • “Getting Through Christine Lagarde was fired for signing an unauthorized agreement with the Vatican. Dominique Strauss Kahn was set up. How to transition when most people are clueless.”

Question everything.

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