PS 7-18-20 “masks”, Incarnations

This is a Petition for President Trump to make illegal any Law which forces people to wear a “mask”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
This 34-minute video contains 2 conversations between Gosia and 2 members of the Taygetan Team, who are (and were) onboard their Spacecraft, which is orbiting Earth.
In the 2nd conversation, they mostly talk about the implanting of false memories within some Humans. (This is not done by the Taygetans but is part of each person’s Soul Contract and the way this 3D, Earth System works.
The Taygetan, Yazhi, explains that, sometimes, memories are implanted to make those Humans believe a “war” has taken place, when it has not. She further explains that the Soul of some Humans has entered their body after childhood and their “memories” of that childhood were implanted to give a sense of personal history. She also states that some Humans are actually Holograms.
My comments: “Some people being Holograms” is exactly what I felt, and wrote about, over 12-months ago. I was feeling it through some of the strangers I would see around me in public.
The reason I had to stop the video and write this is because of what Yahzi states here:
  • She explains that the Federation does not like for Humans to know about all this because when Humans understand these pieces, they begin to wake-up.
  • Yahzi continues by saying memories have been implanted for wars which did not exist.
  • All of this, she states, is how 3D functions… to have short, chaotic experiences with great Spiritual advances.
  • “Everything in 3D is guided. Everything is managed. Time is not Linear there either. They just put it together that way, to give you that illusion.”
  • She explains that some “implanted memories” weren’t as successful as they should have been, “911” for example. She says the Federation went in and “patched things” but this only made more “holes”… more “inconsistencies”. She says some of these “major events” cause more inconsistencies than the Federation realized and this is causing the System to break down… to wake-up, such as the “virus” without a real “virus”. “They are causing the System to crash.

Question everything.

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PS 4-20-18 *Memories, Animals

*First a comment:
(Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 4/16/18)
  • I had no idea how the following was going to go. I’m including it because some of you have asked me to provide an update on what’s going on in my tiny world and because, “maybe”, some of this information might help others.
It’s now been 367-weeks since My Sylvia crossed-over. Because of the many years of physical closeness and the very deep Love Sylvia and I have for each other, in the beginning, some of you were concerned for my well-being. (Thank you for your thinking of us.)
The 3 or 4 Friends we have, live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Sylvia and I met. By now, they may have moved Sylvia and I into that part of their mind where “forgotten Memories” are simply thrown onto a pile in the corner.
The hundreds of Clients Sylvia and I had from our computer business have also, probably, forgotten that we ever existed.
At this point in Time, the only people who “may” be reading our Blogs are the handful of people Sylvia and I have come to know through the computer club we ran for many years, the consignment shop we worked in after Sylvia “crossed” and the few people who, maybe, accidentally discover our Posts while searching for something else. To all of you… Thank you for at least knowing Sylvia and I exist.
I’m really not “that” depressed right now but earlier today, I was.
Over these past 367-weeks, a few people have asked me how I fill my Days. As I’ve mentioned many times, it’s basically “eat, sleep, go to work, do research on “when” Sylvia will return” and repeat the entire process the next Day. Through all of that. I do my best to continue to remain connected to My Sylvia as much as I can.
For the last week or so, before starting my nightly research, I’ve been frantically exploring “Modular Synthesizer Sequencers”. Because of these car payments, we don’t have any money to buy anything but I find myself doing research on these “automatic rhythm generators” as if it’s very important. So HOURS go by. I read articles on them, watch videos on how they work and make notes. All this work may just be Sylvia’s way of keeping me occupied… giving me something to do.
I haven’t been able to play my Drums for about 4-weeks now, because I fell in a Tractor Trailer while unloading it. It was a fairly slow-motion, gentle fall but my foot missed stepping onto a special Step Stool. So my leg had to stretch even farther to reach the floor of the Trailer. This must have over-stretched my leg muscles a bit. It’s almost completely healed. It’s just annoying that I can’t play my Drums!
  • Also… I’m not really “accident prone” but I’ve noticed that this Unit (the body and its many Systems) has been damaged more on the 17-months of this job than ALL my previous jobs combined!… and, when I was a teenager, I worked on a few Construction Sites with my Dad!
So, the Memory that got me depressed today is of my “dog”… I was sitting here at my computer, researching musical instrument “Sequencers”, when my mind drifted and hit a Memory of 1 of our Family Dogs. I love that dog. When the Memory surfaced, though, I couldn’t find the information which tells me what happened to him. So I pushed my mind further to find out. After pulling in a couple of strings, I realized he had crossed-over a few decades ago, while I was living in another state. I still don’t remember all the details, because I wasn’t there, but the few particles my mind had pieced together were enough to cause me to just “stop”. This Unit just “froze” / “paused” and I could feel some energy leave me… and a few “depression” molecules seep in. Hours later, as I sit here writing this out, I still feel sad because he’s not here. I don’t feel “as depressed” about Sylvia because I feel her around me throughout the day and we communicate with each other all the Time. With my dog, though, I haven’t sensed him around me… probably since I last saw him, which, now seems like an eternity ago.
  • Yes, I realize there is no “loss” of another and that it’s all been programmed into us by the cabal. We will ALL get through this. It’s just that… Waiting for the “Veil” to be removed is “sometimes” like starving while you’re standing in a never-moving line that promises free food.
As for me being completely isolated… It’s just me, Sylvia and our (stuffed) bear. In order to remain as connected as possible to Sylvia, I don’t allow myself to interact with the “outside world” any more than I really have to. So, “no”, nothing in my “existence” has changed much since Sylvia crossed-over… no Friends, no one to really talk to, no one to have a cup of coffee with… “Holidays?” what are those?… and this is fine. On some level, this is how Sylvia and I set this up. I would be ROYALLY upset that “Sylvia left me” but I’m not because I know that Sylva and I “together” decided to do this… in this way… at this point in Time.
I’m not asking for contact from anyone. I’m simply streaming this information. I had no idea where it was going but, now, it looks like I was just providing everyone with an update on our inner, day-to-day, world.
I’ve been TOTALLY sick of being on THIS side of the “Veil” for 367-weeks!… but I can’t do anything about it because THIS is where Sylvia wants me to remain… at least until the “Veil” is removed.
I’ve mentioned “strange Animal behavior” before and have included at least 1 video from the following source. In watching the following 12-minute video, I thought about something I read, many months ago, about the “Master Program”… the computer software that controls this “Reality”, as claimed by some people.
I think it was the part of the video where the Owl is just staring into that window. To “me”, it seemed as though the “physical” part of the Owl was “intact” / “still a part of this Reality” but its “Subroutine” was missing or had been disconnected. So its “purpose” / “standard behavior” was missing. Leaving it not knowing what to do and simply “interacting with its immediate environment”, which was the Human world surrounding it.
Watch the video and check-out his YouTube Channel where he’s Posted a few other “odd Animal behavior” videos. Have any of you experienced this type of Animal behavior recently?
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

His YouTube Channel:

PS 12-22-16 *Reality, Hoffman

*First a comment:

This is almost not worth Posting but it is part of what Sylvia and I are doing… part of the energies we are currently working with. So I need to continue to flow the energies through me which enter me.

Yesterday, and especially today, I noticed people telling me: “Merry Christmas”… but they were saying it as if Christmas is soon. I kept thinking:

  • “Why is he or she saying “Merry Christmas”? It’s still a month… wait… today’s the 22nd, 23rd, 24th… Oh. It’s Sunday.”

In one way, it would seem like I’m really “out of it” but, in another, it shows that I’m focused on the Mission Sylvia and I having been working on since she crossed-over… and that is to remain focused on each other while we help to dissolve the “Veil”. So keeping at least “1-foot on the other side” is a GOOD thing, for “me”.


Today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman is good feedback for “me”:

  • “Well, it’s been quite the day. I move between wanting to cry to being very happy, and everywhere in between. I have had some great client sessions too although some people are really struggling right now and the holidays only add to their struggles. This can be a tough time of the year for people, maybe that includes you. Be gentle with yourself and try to stay positive. We must be feeling the effects of the big mysterious energy burst that Dutchsinse reported on earlier this week. Something’s up. Are you feeling it too?”

My comments: While Sylvia and I were eating Breakfast in “Waffle House” this morning, for some strange reason, that old memory of me being extremely inconsiderate to a black family when I was about 8-years old, surfaced. I’ve relived this memory several times over the years and during each, I’ve beaten myself up because of it.

  • It was something I said, which that family could clearly hear. My Parents and I were in their car, parked in front of a small, Southern restaurant at the Time. We had not been to the “South” before and I wasn’t exposed to people from different walks of life. When I said it, I was in the backseat by myself. Even now, whenever I re-live that situation, I can feel my Parents not knowing what to do. So they must have just wanted to shrink down to the floor of the car and just hope everything resolved “itself”. The other family must have just “bit their tongue” because they didn’t say anything. I think they paused, got in their car and then drove off.
  • My Parents should have stopped the entire “Play” right then, gotten out of our car, and TOLD me to GET OUT. Then, they should have carefully explained to me that there is no “black” family… that they are just like us… Mom, Dad, Son, etc. They like good food and good friends. Their Son goes to school, etc… and then they should have made me apologize!
  • Remember, in the mid-1960s, an “8-year old” is the equivalent of today’s “3” year old… but today’s children are much wiser.

So there I was, in the middle of Waffle House… crying. (297-weeks and it STILL doesn’t take much for me to cry.) Then, when I read Jennifer Hoffman’s Posting, I felt the energy “match” in what she was describing.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 12-9-16 *Veil, Ascension

*First a few comments:

I haven’t been this happy since Sylvia and I “physically” held each others hand…

I now have a “sample” / “facet’ of the Bleedthrough energy, FROM AN ALTERNATIVE REALITY, “by the throat” / “in my possession”… and this provides “me” with a TREMENDOUS amount of PROOF that THE VEILS HAVE THINNED AGAIN and that Sylvia and I will be together soon. (I still hate that “soon” word but I can’t find another way to describe this right now.)

Here’s what happened:

  • I didn’t realize it at the Time but the woman I’m about to describe is somehow a key piece to this part of the “puzzle” I’ve been working on since My Sylvia crossed-over (over 295-weeks ago).
  • I’ve been on “Hello, how are you” terms with everyone at this new job since Sylvia and I started working there (about 38-Days ago). Either last Tuesday or last week, one of these employees steered a short conversation onto the “Religious” Track.
  • (Sylvia and I Graduated from all “Religions” on the day we got Married in 1987. (We have been on a “Spiritual” Path ever since.) We never want to step on someone else’s “Truth” or bash their beliefs but hearing someone “deeply Preaching” their “Religion” is like a child who just learned how to color telling Rembrandt or Picasso how to paint. It’s annoying, very negative and hinders the energies of the person being “talked to”.)
  • So for the last several days, this woman has been shoveling “her truth” onto my shoes. It’s been a very long Time since Sylvia and I have heard anyone churn-out that much “Religious hype”… and if she knew how to drive a Dump Truck, I would still be completely covered in it.
  • This morning, while getting ready for work, I heard that woman’s distinct voice in the center of my mind. I can see her standing within about 20-feet from me and Sylvia while she’s casually saying something about: “… Well you and Sylvia should go and see it…”
  • So far, at work, only a very few employees know that I’m Married. (Of course, all they have to do is look at the Wedding Ring on my finger… but I’ve only told 2 or 3 people.) No one at work knows Sylvia’s name. It’s just the way things have unfolded. In this case, though, that’s a VERY good thing.
  • Because my “Reasoning” is still not what it should be, and because I’m still sometimes pre-occupied with the pinched nerve in my arm, I needed to be absolutely certain that this woman did not know Sylvia’s name. So when she came to work today, I asked her:
  • (me) “What is my wife’s name?”
  • (woman) “I didn’t even know you were married… Your “wife’s” name?”
  • (me) “Yes”
  • (woman) “Don’t YOU know?”
  • (me) “Yes but I need to know if YOU know her name.”
  • (woman) “It’s not Doris is it?”
  • Right then, I became VERY happy.
  • When I 1st received this “bleedthrough fragment” this morning, the phrase I received which describes it is: “Memory Imprint”. It seems like a strange name to put on this but that’s what came through, when I noticed it.
  • Even now, when I look at this, I see its “package”… A round, medium-gray “container” about the size of a Quarter. It’s just floating within my mind. My guess is that it doesn’t have “home”… a “Pigeon Hole” to rest in. This is not from a “Dream” and it’s not part of any real Memory that I have.
  • Also… I am 100-percent sure of what I just described. I also have a few details which I am only 30-percent sure of, regarding this woman… In THIS Reality, she told me she has a “Dog”. In that “Alternative” Reality she has 3 “Cats”. The 1st is called something like “Rabisharr”. The 2nd I’ve forgotten and the 3rd’s name is “Peaches”. The woman in “that” Reality isn’t involved in “Religions”. Instead, she has embraced “Nature” but she doesn’t practice “Wicca”. (That’s all I can pull-through right now.)
  • So, in this “Memory Imprint” this very same woman, looks and sounds exactly like she does in “this” Reality but casually knows me and Sylvia. However, I can’t place “where” we know each other from.
  • That “Memory Imprint” is so incredibly real and clear but, at the same Time, it doesn’t feel like a “Dream” and it’s detached from my current Memories. It’s not something I’m confusing with another person’s voice. If there’s one thing I know, about as much as I know My Sylvia, and that is “sound”. Remember, I’m a “Drummer” but also a “Synthesist” — someone who creates “sounds”. The “Sound Bite” within that “Bleedthrough Container” is an exact match to the Voiceprint of that woman I spoke with today at work.

So, in “my” mind, the “Veil” has now thinned so much that this “Alternative TimeLine” sample (or “facet”) has drifted-through to THIS side. As I mentioned, this is VERY good news!

Question everything.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I included a video, in yesterday’s Posting, by the same Hypnotist: Alba Weinman. When I set that video-link aside, so I could watch it when I had Time, I actually set THIS video aside with it. Tonight, I finally had a chance to watch it.

In this video 43-minute, a different “Subject” goes under Hypnosis and (“IF” this is true) reveals a little information about Humanity’s Ascension and the process that the Earth is currently going through.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-25-16 *Reflections, Cobra

*First a few comments:

I think I previously mentioned… 2 or 3 weeks ago, I needed to get Miter Box out of our closet, in order to cut a piece of wood I was using as a stand for our “Roland System-1m” synthesizer. In doing so, I re-discovered a metal box containing important papers and photos that Sylvia had placed there.

I saw some of the photos and checked the CD I had made many months ago, and realized I had not scanned-in those photos. Although I still can’t bear to look at Sylvia’s photos, because it just makes me cry, I know that those photographs will deteriorate at some point and it would be nice to know they are at least in the computer.

Since “there are no accidents”, I’m thinking today is “Reflection” day for me. Maybe it has something to do with my Birthday being tomorrow and maybe this energy is coming from My Sylvia saying “hello, Happy Birthday from your 1 true Love” or maybe a part of me is just wrapping-up some energies, in order to move closer to that opening in the “Veil”. I don’t know.

(I’m very sad just writing this out…) At one point, I saw a black & white photo of My Sylvia, which must have been taken when she was in her thirties. She is SOOO incredibly beautiful and just the thought of not being able to (right now) stare into her timeless eyes, just made me start crying.

So I looked through the photos again today and after several minutes of not knowing what to do or if I could get myself to scan them without dropping tears on them… I realized I must have sat there on the floor, holding those photos in my hand and staring at the carpet for about a half-hour.

In the end, I realized I can’t do it. I can’t get myself to scan those photos right now. I can almost remember finding those photos shortly after Sylvia crossed-over. At that Time, the hole in my Soul was much more raw and I can almost remember the Meltdown I had by just “looking” at those paper memories.

So, today, just like then, I put everything back into that metal box. Maybe in another

  • I can’t say it. I can’t even “write” it. I can’t simply say “…in another 290-weeks maybe I can scan them then” because it would mean I’ll still be here, in a pool of tears, without My Sylvia.

What I did find, in that box, that I “think” I can include here (without breaking down) are 2 papers that we wrote to each other. I’m pretty sure we wrote these to each other right after I proposed… on December 24, 1986:

  • From “Sylvia” to “me”:

Christmas — the birthday love
showing to the outside world.

A ring is a circle.
Ours has two hearts
You gave me “wife”

Our Soul is a circle
Joined as one
with two hears
You are my life

Thank you very
precious special one

  • From “me” to “Sylvia”:

Two – Hearts, One Flame

Two hearts,
Surrounding the pulse of time
Two hearts,
Racing and beating as one

This is the moment of destiny
For all the planets
and all the lifetimes
have gathered for this day
when you and I
beat as one
and the Gods in the heavens
smile and say
Peace on Earth…
at last

Sylvia and I met in October 1980.
I proposed on December 24, 1986.
We were married on August 1, 1987.

Although I’m still EXTREMELY angry that Sylvia is not “currently” “physically” here… and even though I’m still “spitting fire”, because of all this, Sylvia made sure I would be provided for (through various jobs) and that my energies would be aligned and not allowed to short-circuit into a ball of total madness where I would just drive off the nearest cliff.

Both of her actions, the 1st, within minutes of her crossing-over, and the 2nd, a few hours later, have given me some peace and comfort… knowing that Sylvia and I will indeed be reunited with each other within my lifetime… without “me” crossing-over.

Sifting through the various lies, truths and half-truths, that I read about every night, those “actions” of Sylvia’s have helped me get through that confusion.


Today, Cobra simply Posted 2 short videos on the “Compression Breakthrough”, which is what he refers to as the “Event”. Both are uplifting videos. The 1st looks to be a music video and the 2nd looks to be a movie Trailer but I’m not completely sure.

My comments: Is Cobra trying to tell us something? Does this mean the “Event” is near?

These videos don’t seem to instruct us on what the “Event” is or what to do when it arrives. These short movies seem to celebrate the great changes that we are all about to experience.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 5-27-16 *Dream, *Manifestations, MadalaEffect

*First a few comments:

This isn’t “my” dream. It’s a dream from an employee where Sylvia and I work. I felt it was important for everyone to know about this. Here’s the dream as I remember it:

  • Her Alarm Clock went-off this morning and she went back to sleep for a few minutes.
  • The dream itself takes place in a “wrestling-match” location. There were lots of people around the Ring and Obama was standing in the middle of it — about to give a speech. Everyone wanted to meet him.

I asked what her emotions were, when in that dream. She told me it was positive and almost fun. I asked, specifically, if she had any “fear” or other “negative” feelings, when in that dream. She said “no”.

My interpretation:
My “feeling” is that this dream is “feedback for Humanity”. It shows that, collectively, we’ve all been “wrestling” with something on a global scale… “continuous delays by the Cabal”, “the new financial system”, “Disclosure”, etc.

Because wrestling Ring was clean and cleared of any sign of a new wrestling match, my “guess” is that Obama is about to tell us the wrestling is over and that he will announce the upcoming changes.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

I’m including this because it shows… not only can everyone manifest almost anything, it “may” also show that the energies are now aligned for more-and-more manifestations to happen quickly…

I’ve seen the documentary “The Secret” and understand its concept. I do my best, every day, to manifest Sylvia “here” or me “there” or the “Veil” removed completely… but, so far, I haven’t been very successful.

I don’t know if Sylvia is ready for us to find a new job but I’m sensing a change in the energies which have me thinking in that direction. So, earlier this week, I did some initial research on local jobs and how much they pay. I found 3 companies which start you with $11 per hour. (Sylvia and I make $8.50 per hour.) However, there were either no openings in what I’m capable to doing or they wanted someone to work “full-Time”.

About 2-weeks ago, a co-worker was kicked out of their apartment (for reasons which are not the fault of this person). Last week, that employee found “better” and “less expensive” apartment. Today, this person was hired for TWO jobs at 2 different companies… 1 “full-Time” ($11 an hour) and 1 “part-Time” ($10 an hour).

So, in about 7-days, this person manifested a new place to live and 2 better jobs with better pay. I’m still scratching my head, wondering how this was accomplished when “I’ve” been putting a lot of energy into a better job, more income and the “Veil” being removed.


I included similar information in last night’s Posting. I don’t want to include every tiny, distorted piece of information but I found the information below very interesting…

The Narrator, in the following 1-hour video, states that some parts of the Human body have changed recently and he’s attributing this to the “Mandala Effect”.

What caught my attention was this… At the 20:16-mark he shows a map of the Earth and states that several of the Continents have moved or are now a different size. When I saw him point-out that South America used to be directly under the United States, “my” memory was the same has his and seeing it now to the right of center, doesn’t look correct. (I didn’t watch the entire video.)

My comments: So “IF” we’ve jumped “TimeLines” or to a “new Earth”, there should be even more things which don’t match our memories of them. As I mentioned yesterday, it “may” be that “some” people have different memories of something while others have memories which line-up with the new information. “IF” that is true, then it “could” mean that some of us have “merged” into that new “TimeLine” or onto a “new Earth”. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-26-16 Keshe, MandalaEffect

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I’m including this for 3 reasons… “IF” any of this is real, that is:

  • It shows that the Cabal has allowed this exotic technology to be brought into the public’s awareness. This means the Cabal has agreed to “partial” or “full” Disclosure” — the “official” revealing that Star Visitors are real and are here.
  • It provides “some” details of those exotic technologies. So we can do our own research and learn more about them.
  • The ideas and mind-opening fragments of information provide “puzzle pieces”, which we can all place on our “mental blackboard” and fit into their proper spots as things begin to unfold.

Here is an excerpt which “I” found to provide a key piece in the “anti-gravity” puzzle:

  • “Keshe is describing Aether and electrostatic fields of forces and not photons. His so called “Mag-grav” units are simply Maxwell’s first two formulas combined together to form a new scientific unit.”
  • “Actually he is describing a non rotational vector gradient field of force. This is what gravity really is – a simple difference in voltage between two objects of mass that is always attractive. By simply displacing the magnetic lines of force between the two objects you get a positive form of buoyancy called an-over gradient. This follows with nuclear plasma magnetic buoyancy theory or why heat and  flame always repel gravity.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m also including this as “bonus” information…

The following link will take you to a Forum Thread where they’re talking about the “Mandala Effect” —

  • …a remembering of past events which are different than those recorded.

Some say this illusion we call a “reality” is being generated by a Master Program (“AI”, “Artificial Intelligence”). “Maybe” some of these odd rememberings are glitches in that program. Only Time will tell.

This is not the 1st Time I’ve seen this type of information online. My 1st exposure to this was several months ago when someone in another Forum Thread mentioned that they remember seeing “Berenstain Bears” cartoons but “now”, every cartoon, book, copyright and image associated with that cartoon is spelling it: “Berenstein Bears”.

I placed that information in the back of my mind but never included it.

A couple of weeks ago, another Forum Thread was started on the same website. This one points out LOTS of things which have been changed from the way many people remember them.

  • Note: At least 1 person in that Forum mentioned… the reason “some” people “remember” the NEW version of an event is because they were already on this TimeLine. So as that event happened in that new way, those people were here experiencing it at the same Time.
  • Those people who “don’t” remember an event as it’s “now” described, were a part of another TimeLine.

I’m including this because I now feel that this information is extremely important in understanding something that “may” have happened to Humanity and / or this planet recently. it seems that “somehow”, we are now on a slightly different TimeLine.

Here are just a small number of items which don’t match some people’s memories:

  • “Depend” diapers used to be called: “Depends”
  • Country singer “Reba Mcintyre” is now called: “Reba Mcentire”
  • The Volkswagen logo of the “V” and “W” were always connected to each other but in this TimeLine there is a tiny line between them.
  • Eli Whitney, the inventor of the Cotton Gin, was a black man. This is what “I” was taught in school (n in th 60s). Today, he’s a white man.

There are several more odd memories and events in the following Forum Thread.

Gathering online information or showing someone your personal copy of that movie, book, poster, etc. won’t do any good because “IF” we are on a different TimeLine then our personal “memories” will have the clues of those previous events but any physical object will have been produced in THIS ‘”altered” reality.

Question everything.
Here’s the link to the Forum Thread:

Here’s the link to more information on the “Mandala Effect:

PS 1-3-16 *Bills, *Oustobur, *Photo, *Fuel. Hoffman, Cobra, Zap

*First a few comments:

It was a bit of a shock to see our electric bill this month. We’ve been used to paying $30 to $40 and, for December, it was a little over $115! We can’t pay it… or our “criminally-high phone bill. We only have a standard phone line (land line) and medium Internet access speed and it’s $82… there’s no texting, cloud messaging, roaming charges, call waiting, call forwarding or any of the MANY other “add-ons” they offer! It’s just basic communications!

So we’ve paid all but those 2 bills and 1 credit card. These will have to wait until our next paycheck. I’ve done remarkably good with paying our bills all of these 247-weeks. (Except for October, when I miscalculated our budget and 1-bill was paid by the bank without us having money in our account. That was a $36 [bank fee] mistake on my part. My stress-level keeps interfering with the various things Sylvia suggests.) It’s just that last music equipment purchase in November (I think) that threw our budget and credit card limits into overdrive. (If Sylvia was handling our bills directly, she would never have let us get this far down in debt.)

I hate not having the “bill money” but, for a “Musician”, what’s worse is not having the money to buy the next big piece-of-gear that might be announced at NAMM on January 21st.

  • NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) holds a HUGE convention in California during January of each year. This is when “most” of the big, music equipment manufacturers announce some of their most important products.

Except for a drum-sound-module, which plays “Samples” (sounds that didn’t come with it), there’s not much we need right now (in the “music gear” world).

(pronounced: AUS-toe-bore)

  • Many months ago, I mentioned that I have a personal StarShip somewhere here on Earth. I know I brought it here when I 1st arrived on this planet but I don’t know if that was eons ago or just before “this” Life Time. I also mentioned… every Time I see it in my mind (tune-into it), I see that it’s tilted… sitting on an angle.
  • For some reason, my Ship appeared in my mind this morning, while getting ready for work. This Time, however, I see that it has “righted” itself… I now see it as horizontal to its surroundings.
  • I also looked inside, as I’ve done many times in the past. Not only do I see my “only” (or “main”) “robot” but a name for this type of “technology” also appeared in my mind. I saw the word: “Oustobur”. That’s not the name “of” this robot but the name that describes the technologies which make-up this artificial “Being”.
  • Note: Just before writing this, I had read a Posting by SoulSpeak. This particular message had to do with a planet in “retrograde”. However, the title was that word in reverse. So, thinking about this, I decided to look at this “robot word” in reverse and saw:
  • rubotsou
  • …which is almost the Earth-word: “robot”. I did NOT know that before just now. I simply wrote-down the word down this morning before going to work.

For what it’s worth… I don’t see details of my Ship or this “robot”. I just see that “machine on 2-legs” as a “symbolic” representation.

In the last few days, Sylvia has sent me a “hello” in various ways. Most of them have been subtle or quick. These are things I would notice and think “Sylvia”. One of these was yesterday at work… I could have sworn I heard someone in the grocery store call my name. Just once. I quickly looked in that direction but there was no one looking “at me”or “for me” and no one was “calling-out” to anyone else across the room.

Today, Sylvia sent that “hello” message again. This Time, it was an image in my mind.

We don’t have very many photos of each other. There is 1 of Sylvia, when she looks to be about 14-years old, which means it was taken before I incarnated. (I’ve mentioned this before.) Every Time I look at it, I feel that Sylvia, from way back then, is looking right at “me”… the “me” here and Now. So even though it’s a black & white photo, I truly love that image of her standing in her parents front yard in a a long dress… and staring right at me. It’s wonderful.

So, today, Sylvia placed that photo in my mind. I almost began to cry. I told her I couldn’t look at that photo because it’s too precious to me. She indicated that she’s using that image:

  • • to say “hello”,
  • • that we need to be sure to stay connected to each other and
  • • that it’s almost Time.

(I’m only mentioning this to share how some of the “connections” and “synchronicities”, between me and Sylvia, work.)

Our car was very close to being out of gas today. I had been putting-off going to our Gas Station because, even though their Price Sign is displaying strange numbers, every once-in-a-while it does show the price we paid over a week ago: $1.92 per gallon.

Over the last few days, I kept telling Sylvia that we need to wait, because out Gas Station should be lowering its price any day now… but it never did. I kept telling her that the price should be at least down to $1.85 a gallon.

Sylvia kept nudging me to stop at our normal Gas Station and get some gas. Today, we simply HAD to do this. We went inside, paid, came out and, just before pumping, I looked at the price on the Pump and it showed… $1.85

If I could reduce my stress-level, I’m sure I could “hear”, “feel” and “see” Sylvia much better… but even through all that stress, Sylvia manages to send me the information she needs me to have. Whether this information comes through another person, an animal, a dream, etc., doesn’t matter. I just stay as alert to everything around me as much as I can and sometimes things “just happen”.


For “me”, the important part of Jennifer Hoffman’s message from today is what “Uriel” shares:

  • “It’s another big energy day, aside from the solar storms and solar flares, planetary aspects and general shifts, it’s a 13 day numerologically, the cosmic power number. We have 13 lunar cycles in a calendar year, Jesus + 12 disciples, 13 is a highly mystic number that signifies completion, fulfillment, attainment, and spiritual power. This year began as an 11 (1-1-9, as 2016 is a 9 year). The journey that we began in this century, 2000, is at another crossroads. I woke up this morning to the first message Uriel shared with me, “It is not Spirit that is moving closer to you, you are moving closer to Spirit.” And I could see all of us standing at the edge of a big cosmic portal with the vast universe in front of us. Here’s an image of what we’re standing at the edge of, our cosmic neighbors are waiting for us to join their block party, food and entertainment provided, all we have to do is enter the doorway. I thought that was a nice way to start this high vibe day!”

My comment: “It is not Spirit that is moving closer to you, you are moving closer to Spirit.”

At the start of these horrible 247-week without My Sylvia, I couldn’t figure out which way this was unfolding… was “I” being upgraded to match Sylvia’s current frequency or was “Sylvia” being adjusted to match mine? Several months ago, with Sylvia’s help, of course, I realized what is happening… “I’m” raising-up to match Sylvia and this is what “Uriel” has shared with Jennifer Hoffman.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


This is an update from Cobra:

  • Situation Update
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Kuiper Ring, the network of physical Chimera bases in the outer Solar System, has been almost completely removed. Last remnants of the Chimera fleet are in disarray, scattered throughout the Solar System and hiding near the position of plasmatic nodes with the highest concentration of plasma strangelet and toplet bombs, using those bombs as a shielding mechanism.”
  • “When the physical Chimera network throughout the Solar system is disintegrating fast, the plasma accretion vortex with its strangelet and toplet bombs remains a far greater challenge at least for now.”
  • “As the power of Chimera decreases, there will be more exchange of intel between the top people of various positive factions without fear that this intel will be intercepted by the Chimera and without threat that Chimera will retaliate if top people of various positive factions talk too freely. Therefore the Resistance will soon release substantial intel to Eastern Agarthan network and to various Secret Space Program factions and some of that intel will then precipitate to the surface population. Most SSP factions were seriously mind-programmed against the Pleiadians and against other positive ET races and soon the Resistance will present them with solid proof of Pleiadian benevolence.”
  • “The Resistance will also give them technological know-how to remove nanites and other similar technologies that are falsely described as AI (artificial intelligence) . As someone has put it brilliantly in a comment on my blog: “Cobra was talking about robots and nanites (miniature robots) which were invented by the Chimera to control reptilians and humans. These robots and nanites can be so sophisticated and process information at such a high speed that they give the illusion or impression of being sentient, alive, and intelligent. But they are really just machines that are easily turned off.””
  • “A key defense factor against those technologies is a balance between emotions and mind. Those technologies can only manipulate a mind that has suppressed emotions and can not handle strong emotional currents.”
  • “On the surface of the planet, there is progress.”
  • “More and more initiatives around the world are beginning to set the right conditions for the Reset of the financial system:”
  • “And Switzerland might well be the right country to accelerate that process:”
  • “If anybody had doubts about the existence of the Positive Military faction in Pentagon, here is the proof:”
  • “And some members of the Cabal have been arrested already:”
  • “They might not be top Cabalists, but a recent study from University of Tokyo shows that suppression of low-degree nodes disrupts the whole network:”
  • “Putting it simply, even arresting a few average members of the Cabal has significantly decreased the power of their whole network and will accelerate their downfall.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following page, in order to access Cobra’s links and images.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Zap’s weekly update.

Note: For some reason that “I” don’t understand, Zap’s message is repeated 3 times on the following web page.

Here are some excerpts:


There is also some information, which was sent to Zap, which I found VERY interesting… “IF” it’s true.

Reading further down on the following page, I see what looks like a history of the Cabal’s plans to control the financial systems of this planet and how the Resistance Movement has stopped them.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: