PS 7-25-20 *Time, *Restore, Gosia, “virus”, GCR?

*First a comment:
According to the ancient Mayan calendar, July 25th is the “Day out of Time”.
Last night, I played my Drums. Although I love playing my Drums, these days my energies are a bit distorted by a slight Depression… non-Motivation… partly because it’s over 485-weeks since Sylvia crossed-over and partly because I haven’t been able to find a job in more than 28-weeks.
Anyway… When I fired-up my Electronic Drums last night, I noticed that they were only playing through 1-side of my Headphones. I checked a few things but nothing made any difference.
Today, I decided to really focus on this “1-sided energy” situation. So I examined the Drum’s “Sound Module” and checked:
  • its cables,
  • Settings
  • the sound coming out of the different Ports
  • and I even did a “Factory Reset”…
…but, again, nothing made any difference.
Running out of options, I remembered that most dedicated computers, like this, have User Upgradable “Firmware”. So I downloaded that specific piece of software and installed it into that device. Checking the Stereo Output now showed it to be correct. So it worked. (If that hadn’t worked, based on my other troubleshooting results, the problem would have been in the “Hardware”. Which would have meant buy another Sound Module or, somehow, find someone who could fix this more than 20-year old device.
I’m mentioning this because all of the energies on this planet and within every Being are currently in flux. This means… As each “Being” or “Object” increases its internal frequency, it has to find a new “Balance Point” within those new energies. As it does, sometimes the “Global” energies making-up that “Being” or “Object” become confused and need to be Restored.
  • This happened around 2018, when our Washing Machine’s motor “broke”. It was in the middle of a fast Spin Cycle when it sounded as though part of the motor broke-off and caused some rotating shaft to continually hit the front of the Washer.
  • We immediately ran to our Laundry Room and turned if off. Because it sounded so incredibly loud and desperately broken, Sylvia and I decided to never turn it on again. This also meant we’d have to buy another Washing Machine. So we did.
  • About 6-months after using our “new” Washing Machine, we heard the same “broken motor” sound. THAT’S when we realized the other Machine was not “broke”. The load of Laundry inside it had shifted and became “Unbalanced”.
  • So we sent our previous Washer to a Recycle Company because no one ever explained that Washers sometimes do this.
  • To this day, I’m still sad that we did that. Some people may call it “just a Washer”. I call it “energy that Sylvia, My Sylvia picked-out and used with her own hands. Because of her involvement with it, that Washer was extra special to me. So for me to “send it off” like that is very sad.
So I’m explaining all this so, maybe, it might help you or someone you know in the future.

This 38-minute video is a conversation between Gosia and “Yazhi Swaruu”, a former Taygetan Pleiadian, who began speaking with Gosia, in text, through Gosia’s computer several years ago.

This video is titled: “Etheric Memory Implants, Life Plan, Free Will – Extraterrestrial Communication“.
Although me, Sylvia and most of you reading this have heard that “some believe” this “Reality” to really be a “game”… an illusion. In this conversation, Swaruu provides more details into this facet.
Even if Swaruu’s information is “not” true, it allows us to use this as an exercise to keep our minds open. However, “IF” this information “IS” true, then it provides us with “Puzzle Pieces”, “Tools”, which we can use to help pull ourselves out of this 3D “soup” we currently call “Home”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 35-minute video is a Doctor explaining the Science behind “some Reports” of “isolating” the “virus”. He does a very good job of providing the details of the “Studies” that were done. His conclusion is that NONE of those so-called “Studies” had actually isolated the “virus”. This means Science cannot begin the next steps of recommending Care for those Patients and cannot move forward in creating a “vaccine”. Why can’t they create a “vaccine”?… Because if the “virus” cannot be isolated the Scientists have nothing to base their “vaccine” on. It also means they cannot “Test” for this “virus”. Why? Because what are they “testing” for?
Anyway, the Doctor in this video explains all of this far better than I can. So it’s worth watching if you want the Truth.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Along a similar theme, the following short video shows Dr. Jeff Barke speaking in front of a small crowd. This is the same Doctor who stood-up to the cabal during the initial “lockdown” and stated that “quarantining Healthy people is not very smart” (or something like that).
Here’s the link:
Here’s the page I originally found all of the above information:
GCR? (Global Currency Reset)
I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
I started not to include this 1-hour video but there’s something important that is said around the 27:48-mark:
  • “With abundant Funds, I can benefit Humanity in infinite ways.”
It’s an Affirmation you can say each morning to yourself. Most people don’t think they deserve to be rich or even deserve to have “enough” money. So this Affirmation can help. He says:
  • “It’s not about YOU having money. It’s about you have ACCESS to the money so you can do incredible Humanitarian work.”
Another very important point in this interview is around the 21:30-mark when the person being Interviewed explains something a friend of his told him. (Both are from the U.K.) He said his friend discovered that a Loan that he had was just reduced to “ZERO”. Somehow it was “paid-off” or “Forgiven”. This isn’t the first Time I’ve heard of this happening (this year). However, it’s the first Time I’ve heard of it happening to someone in the U.K.
So “IF” this information is real, then we all need to keep checking our Loan and Credit Card Balances.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 2-13-18 *MOE-Timelines, Harrison, Disclosure?

*First a comment:

*MOE – Timelines
(Mind Opening Exercise regarding “Timelines”)
While sitting in Waffle House this morning, having Breakfast, I began thinking about “Timelines”…


  • “Some say” each decision we make, creates a new “Timeline”.
  • “Some say” we are all connected to each other.
  • There is a Mayan saying, which Sylvia 1st found in a Jose Arguelles book called: “The Mayan Factor”. The saying is: “I am another yourself”. So the ancient Mayans knew of our interconnectedness. Here’s the link to that book:
  • “Some say” the cabal (or is it the “Reptilians”) have been, somehow, “capturing” our Souls when we cross-over and keep us from breaking away from this illusion by reinserting us back into this “Reality” / “Matrix” / “Program”.
  • “Some say” our “Reality” is really a computer program.

Putting the pieces together:

My mind juggled all of those pieces and posed this “what IF” scenario…

  • Let’s say the above “Background” information is true. Let’s say someone makes a “Timeline-level” decision. (A decision which causes a new Timeline is created, in order to “play-out” the decision she or he DIDN’T make.) For example, let’s say someone is deciding between buying a Home or continuing to live in their rented Apartment. That person then decides to buy a Home. At that point, a new Timeline is created where the “alternate” of that person can play-out their life with the decision of renting an Apartment.
  • Here’s where the twist in my thinking came today… Instead of seeing that particular person on that new “Apartment-based” Timeline, we find that the “Master Program” (that controls this “Reality”) creates a new “Life” for that decision to play-out. So a new baby is born. Although this baby “IS” that person, they may be born as male or female, Anglo, African, Oriental, perfectly healthy, mentally ill, tall, short, fat, skinny, etc. This is because every new “Program” (“Being”) has freewill.
  • I then asked “myself” (my “Guides”) the question of: “Since you’re implying that everyone on this planet is really that one person, they would instantly feel “connected” to everyone else: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”, “You look familiar.”, “Haven’t we met before?”, “I always feel comfortable around you.”, etc. I was then shown the word “Resonance”. Because each of our “splinter Selves” has freewill, we will all Resonate at different frequencies. Sometimes there WILL be a few others who do Resonate within your energy spectrum and those people will feel comfortable to you.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.


This 16-minute video, from February 8th, is an energy update by Lisa Harrison. Here are a few highlights:

  • The energies that are leaving “have to be witnessed”. Even if it’s by 1 person, they have to be observed on their way out.
  • Around the 7:40-mark, she explains that we are in the last big energy before “whatever happens, happens”.
  • “Please don’t believe the world is getting worse… I really don’t believe that’s the case.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Today’s comment from Jennifer Hoffman asks if Humanity is close to learning about “Extraterrestrials”:

  • “Something strange is happening in the 3D world, I am seeing a lot of information being shared to open the narrative about aliens, ETs, and other life forms in the universe. It’s not being presented in a definite way – yet – but it is pointing in that direction and this is from mainstream news sources. I wonder what people will do when the evidence is right in front of them? For those who already suspect it, it’s going to be a confirmation. But what about all of the people who cannot wrap their heads around it? It’s going to be another point of convergence or total separation, which is part of the 3D/5D integration which includes multi-dimensional duality, learning to be in different dimensions at the same time, as opposed to polarity, being in one or the other. It’s getting exciting so shine on brightly, the truth is coming out and this one will be a real mind-bender.”
  • “I’m feeling great today, very energized and I feel that we are winning this battle bigly. War’s not over yet though, not time to sit back and relax. How’s your day so far?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

PS 2-17-16 *Washer, *Anomaly, May-June, Zap

*First a few comments:

Well, I “thought” we were done talking about our “old” or “new” Washer… but…

  • Remember, “Sylvia” is the Math Wizard in our house. She told me that our old Washer isn’t “16” years old. It’s “26” years old! We bought it in 1989, when we first moved to Florida. When I added the Dates in my mind, I went from “1990” to “2016” and saw “16” years. I had completely skipped over “2006”. (It’s just the way my mind works sometimes.)
  • After the new-Washer Installers left yesterday, Sylvia found the Fabric Softener attachment and suggested we bring this, and that Washer’s paperwork, to Lowe’s, so they can keep it with our old Washer. However, when we explained this to the Appliance Salesperson, he told us all the “removed” Washers go in a trailer out back. When it’s full, it’s hauled-off to a scrapyard, where they crush everything.
  • I was almost sad.
  • Some say… at the particle level, everything is made from the same “stuff”… “people”, “rocks”, “water”, “Washers”, everything.
  • When we bought that Washer, we were asking it to come into our home and help us wash clothes. It did this with only 1 minor hiccup (repair, several years ago). We trusted “it” and it trusted “us”. We were all part of our personal “cosmic-dust soup” family. So to bring a family member to the scrapyard, where it will be destroyed… well, that’s just sad.
  • The Salesperson told us: “You can drop them in that trash container or keep them for sentimental value.” We brought them home.

Whenever we have “strange” dreams or call some “one” or some “thing” “strange”, it simply means we don’t “understand” what is going on with that information, situation or object.

Today, I personally experienced something which I don’t understand… So, it’s “strange”.

I’ve never experience this before and I didn’t even know it happened until I was double-checking myself and then asked a few people some questions…

  • While at work this morning, Sylvia and I were mopping the floor. It’s a large area. So we normally pick a smaller area and mop that. Then we move to another section and mop that. This is what we did today, also.
  • At one point, though, we finished a section, looked around to decided which would be the next-closest area and moved to that location. We started mopping. While doing this section, I started having… not quite “deja vu” but real “memories”… but these weren’t complete memories. As I looked (within my mind) at 1 of those, it would fade and another “memory” would appear. This “memory” was the opposite of the previous one.
  • (So my “reality” of mopping the floor became a “memory” of already have mopped that part of the floor but as I noticed THAT “memory”, another appeared, which showed that we had NOT mopped that part of the floor.)
  • These kept going back-and-forth with more frequency and had now become interwoven — only showing me those 2 “memories”… blocking out the current “reality”.
  • Then I saw in 1 of those “toggled-memories” that I had already said “hello” to an employee behind the Coffee Shop counter. Not know which was real at this point, I asked him if I had already said “hello” to him. He said: “yes”. That’s when I started to realize what may have been happening.
  • I think… between asking him that question and then stepping out of that area, caused the “toggle” to stop.

So, I actually had 2 memories for the same action!

I’m calling this an “Anomaly” because “I” feel this happened because “my” and the “Earth’s” (and “everyone’s”) energies are being raised AND because the “Veil” has, again, gotten thinner.

Of course, your mileage may vary.


The article on the following web page explains that the Mayan Calendar really ends on May 21, 2016 or June 3, 2016, depending on whether you’re using the Gregorian or Julian calendar.

I’m including this because:

  • It shows there’s at least some tangible reference point for “something” happening this year.
  • Just a few days ago, I included a very short “vision” / “knowing” that I had… where I saw “May-June” in my mind a few times.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Zap’s mid-week update. Here are some excerpts:


Question everything.

Here’s the link: