PS 6-11-17 *Patterns, Hoffman, Cobra, MandelaEffect

*First a comment:

It’s been a while since I last mentioned this but it happened again yesterday. So I’m going to place this in the “mass consciousness”…

  • Some say this “Reality” is an “illusion” which is created and maintained by some type of Master Program. Once in a while, I notice an “echo” of a pattern. Usually this is done with “people”.
  • This is what happened yesterday… Sylvia and I had to run some errands. So we had Breakfast at our old Subway. While we were eating, 2 girls walked past us and went outside. Just before they got up, we heard them asking about getting a job. One of them said she was “20”. Before that, even though we had “probably” walked past their table when we placed our order, we didn’t “see” or “hear” them. So when they walked out, we were a bit surprised that they were in there.
  • Just after we heard them talk to each other about jobs, I told Sylvia… maybe we could tell them that they may still be hiring where we work. Then, as they walked past us, we saw that they looked to be 15-years old. (1 was a black girl and the other was a white girl.) So I said to Sylvia: “They’re way too young.” (Their energy just wasn’t mature-enough to work where we work.)
  • They walked out of the front door of Subway, turned 90-degrees to our right and then walked straight-ahead… across the street towards another building.
  • For a second or 2, my mind wandered and wondered what type of jobs they would get and what they’re lives would be like several years from now. (It was just a quick, imagination “day dream”… just something for my tiny brain to work on.)
  • As soon as we could no longer see them, past that other building, 2 women came up from the side of the Subway building, turned 90-degrees to their left and then entered through the Subway front door. One was a black woman and the other was a white woman. The odds of that happening AND within seconds of each other are pretty high but there was something about their energies which caught my attention and felt as though both sets of females are connected in some way. For “me”, this is an “echoed pattern” For some reason, the “Master Program” / the “Matrix” needed that particular pairing to be created at that Point in Time and in that Space but when the “girls’ left, the Master Program needed to keep that pattern activated for a little longer or it lost the settings for the “girl’s” pattern and when it re-created them… maybe it scanned my mind to calibrate its calculations but didn’t realize that I was “imagining” them being much older and used that as its blueprint.

Only Time will tell.

Question everything.


This is 1 of the items Posted today By Jennifer Hoffman.

Her explanation that the problems of the 3D realm can’t be dealt with until light is shined on them helped me realize, even more, just how important everyone’s “grounding of the Light” is right now. So I’m including this because this slightly different perspective on an old idea may also help others.

  • “”Revealing the darkness opens space for the LIGHT’. I have been very uplifted and excited by the mass awakening, big revelations, the truth about the corruption and deception we are seeing in the world even though I think it’s terrible, we could not do anything about it as long as it was hidden in the darkness. But now that it is being revealed there is room for the light to enter. 3D is a tightly closed paradigm so until it started opening up no light could enter that space. But now that people no longer need or want the density, control, power, and domination of 3D there is room for the light to enter and integrate 5D energy.”
  • “That’s why we are being called to shine so brightly, to create strong energy boundaries for our energy, because that sets a new frequency for us and for humanity and it creates more openings in the 3D system and allows more light and 5D energy to permeate that space. I am really excited about this new potential as it is unfolding and it is just beginning, so don’t be surprised at anything you see or hear in the next few weeks. Are you excited about this too even if you are tired, frustrated, and wondering when it’s all going to end? Shine on, it’s high beams time.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


Today, Cobra Posted 2 messages. Both are “cryptic” and aimed at the “Resistance Movement”. Here’s the 1st:

  • “Alert upgrade to black”

Here’s the 2nd:

  • “Alert downgrade to red, BSMOSS final sequence in progress, BSR sequence initialized”

My comment: I have no idea what these messages mean but I found the “final sequence in progress” to be very hopeful. I just feel like it’s saying: “Now that the final part of this cycle has begun, we’re “that much” closer to “the Event”.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


I’ve mentioned this many months ago. While browsing 1 of the alternative news forums tonight, someone mentioned this “effect”, relating to the Song “Safety Dance” and how it’s now changed. (From “You can dance” to “We can dance”.)

This facet doesn’t mean much to me but it did remind me to check-in to see if anyone has noticed any other Mandela Effect pieces.

The following forum thread mentions these pieces which I hadn’t know about before this:

  • When I originally learned of the “Mandela Effect”, 1 of the things on that list is the robot “C3PO” from the Star Wars movies. When Sylvia and I saw him, he was completely “gold”. After that initial Mandela Effect, 1 of his legs, from the knee down became “silver”. Today when I checked, C3PO’s palms (of his hands) are now “black”. When I searched for photos of him, they all show black “palms” but only a few of them show him having a partial silver leg.

So it looks like the Mandela Effect has changed aspects of this “Reality” or “Timeline” again. I originally thought that the Mandela Effect would have a limited number of changes but it would take everyone a long Time to find them all. Now it seems that… either this “effect” is on-going or some of us have jumped Timelines again.

Here are a few more:

  • “Berenstain Bears”, which is what “I” remember, has been changed to “Berenstein Bears” but now it’s gone back to “Berenstain Bears”. In fact, when I searched just now, I found both spellings but the majority were “stain”.

My comments: Maybe the “Mandela Effect” is somehow connected to my “echoed patterns” idea… Maybe the “Master Program” had to re-create “part” or “all” of Reality and for those pieces which it needed to fine-tune, it relied on the memories of some Humans. Maybe those Humans had a faulty memory of a particular piece. Since the Master Program had no other reference, it simply used the information stored in the minds of various surface dwellers. For “words”, maybe those Humans were bad at spelling. For “images”, maybe those Humans didn’t see the movie or only remember seeing a certain item when the lighting was bad… or their memory combined 2 or more similar items and the Master Program just used what it retrieved.

I’ve skimmed through the 1st 5 pages of the following forum thread and a few of the Mandela Effect items have been twisted, as I mentioned above with 3CPO’s appearance. So maybe the “Master Program” has had to make another adjustment to our “Reality” or maybe this is all part of “moving to” / “manifesting on” the new Earth.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-21-17 *Wilcock

Although I included some highlights from David Wilcock’s Talk at the “Contact In The Desert” conference, more of them have been Posted on the Internet. The following was sent to us today by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would not have found them otherwise.

Here are those highlights:

  • ““Full Disclosure: The Downfall Of The Cabal”, this afternoon, at ‘Contact in the Desert’, Joshua Tree, CA
  • “Henry the Eighth was the first Cabal king.”
  • “The majority of the DOD is involved in a civil war right now. Films made under it’s influence are exposing the cabal.”
  • “A small saucer appeared on President Reagan’s desk, and tiny people came out of it! They told Reagan to stop nuclear weapons.”
  • “86% of Congress are members of MAMBLA [NAMBLA] (North American Man/Boy Love Association).”
  • “NRA white-hats created Bitcoin as an alternative to The Federal Reserve.”
  • “Snowden was the “face man” for many others behind the scenes in the NSA.”
  • “During a period when the Illuminati was trying to recruit David, they wanted him to portray Lucifer as a benevolent angel.”
  • “The people behind Trump are not Cabal. Trump is the “battering ram” that smashes the castle so everyone else can rush in.”
  • “David is hearing from insiders that Trump fired Comey because Comey supports Pizzagate.”
  • “We are co-creating all of this. You guys are my ground-crew. It is a battle that we are all in together. We are transforming what life is like on Earth.
  • – David”
  • “The cabal cannot win this. All we have to do is to not provide “loosh” (fear-energy) for them. The battlefield is your own mind and heart. Become a blessing. Become someone who creates good thoughts every second, not just during ‘Global Meditations’ and other isolated events.”
  • “Trolling is a drug addiction. Trolls get high off peoples reactions to their comments. This actually produces brain chemicals that are addictive. These trolls love to put people in categories, giving them ‘labels’ for their ‘files’.”
  • “The entire system can change due to the actions of just one person (one guy created Craigslist and virtually wiped out the mainstream classifieds, one person started The Drudge Report).”
  • “I love you because you ARE me. – David”
  • “…honoring yourself is honoring others…”
  • “Just because the big event didn’t happen in 2012 doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.”
  • “When you ascend, you’ll be given a golden light body and you can make it look however you want it to look.”
  • “The next few years will determine whether we get full disclosure. Will we be sheep, or will we share our truth?”
  • “I am up here praying that you love yourself, as that is what will change the world.”
  • “Dracos are like “Cigarette chomping Grandmas at bingo.””
  • “Illuminati law: Cannot shoot a Red Cross worker. It applies to “Lightworkers (LightWarriors) of integrity”.”
  • “Trump was NOT supposed to win.”
  • “People behind Trump are NOT the cabal.”
  • “Trump = “battering ram” that punches hole in cabal wall.”
  • “TRUTHERism won the US election.”
  • “Comey fired because no prosecution of #pizzagate.”
  • “Lightworkers (LightWarriors) need to be in integrity.”
  • “Honoring your Self is honoring others.”
  • “The solar flash will be very bright, and will cause a transformation for our planet.
  • Jesus is part of a group of people who agreed to come here to teach us. The group would all be in basic agreement with each other.”
  • “There are two types of ET’s; angelic and Christ-like, and the really negative ones from the Draco Reptilian groups.”
  • “Jesus represented the Hero archetype.”
  • “The solar flash is not a catastrophic event. It’s a benchmark in the evolution of any planet.”
  • “We are living in a “laboratory” and the negative and positive beings are both playing a part in that.”
  • “Doing dream-recall is better than any other form of therapy.”
  • “David had many Solar Flash dreams where his body turned into light. In these dreams, he would roll up, like a ball of energy, and then ‘take off’ (leaving 3D and ascending; my note).”
  • “If you are positive, you ascend. If you are negative, you are consumed.”
  • “Frasco-Kereti is the name for the solar flash event in Zoroastrianism. In the Vedas it is called the Samvartaka Fire. The Vedic writings speak of rainbow colored ‘clouds’ that will appear, like a rainbow display; the same as someone attaining the rainbow body. (Only now the whole planet is ascending; my note).”
  • “…after enlightenment, you carry water and chop wood…”
  • “Padmasambhava would levitate in the sky with his 25 disciples.”
  • “During the Flash, unless you are very evil, you will be taken by a “relocation team” to a safe spot, if you’re not yet ready to ascend along with the Earth…
  • …passage from the Vedas…”
  • “…I AM the flame known as Samvartaka. I AM the sun wearing that appellation…””
  • “The Egyptians and Greeks called the Solar Flash “the fire from heaven”.”
  • “Apparently, the Flash happens every 25,000 years.”
  • “The Book of Enoch (removed from The Bible) says about this that “the wicked and godless shall be removed from the Earth”, “the sun shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light”, and, “the planets orbits and tasks will change”.”
  • “When 3D disappears, the higher dimensions remain. 4D is actually located several miles above 3D.
  • The Stoic Philosophers of Ekpyrosis spoke of the Flash. (Ekpyrosis means solar flash; the fiery blast that comes from the sun).”
  • “The “golden age” really means the “golden race”. In ancient times it was known as a race, and it was only later that this was changed.”
  • “All the Greek philosophers say that we are transforming into a golden RACE. They see through time, so they know that the sun is going to do this.”
  • “In the Mithraism mystery schools there was a lion-god statue that the students breathed through the back of and fire came out of the openings, symbolizing the Flash.”
  • “The Sibylline Mysteries say, “the Golden One shall arrive again in the entire Earth.”

My comments: As more and more of this type of information is released into the general public’s awareness, it raises Humanity’s consciousness. Even if none of this information is true, it still goes into the “Grid” and whenever people talk about these ideas, it still stretches the mind and adds to our global uplifting.

I’m feeling that… because this information “has been released” or “has been ALLOWED to be released”, we are very close to that “Veil” being removed.

Question everything.

Here’s the only link I could find. (I could not find Joan Wheaton’s facebook page:

PS 12-8-16 Ascension, Cobra, Meadors

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I found this on the “Galactic Connection” website and, even though this video is from July 2015, I thought I’d take a quick look at it. I did skim-through some of the personal questions to the “Subject” but there are a few pearls scattered throughout which may help others understand the now-Awakening of this planet and its inhabitants.

Question everything.

Here’s the link;


This cryptic message is from yesterday but it wasn’t there when I checked Cobra’s website:

  • “RR8 complete”

My comments: We know it’s a good thing because Cobra Posts information “from” or “to” the Light Workers. We just don’t know exactly “what” Cobra means… and we’re not meant to. According to Cobra, his “cryptic” messages are for the “Resistance Movement”.

So whatever it is, it’s very positive.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This message is from Alexandra Meadors:

  • “I have been sitting on much information for some time and am called to put out this latest message:”
  • “As of 8:18:46 pm Tuesday night PDT A Great Event Occurred! The final “pillar” of the matrix came tumbling down. All curtains fell and all as we have known to be this reality is no more. There will be a delayed effect from this anticipated Moment and occurrence and all will begin to see an even greater acceleration in the dismantling of what was once The Matrix, all Matrix Systems, programing, and its components.”
  • “As was previously stated, all systems of control have been uncreated. A VERY specific sequence of uncreating has occurred and is complete now!!!!!!!!!”
  • “There will be a greater number of strange and sudden news flashes relaying groups of people killed/passing in unexpected ways. Do not be alarmed with this. This is not The Dark but rather all of those who have chosen another path and another destination. Copious exit plans will begin to become evident.”
  • “More and more information will come forth challenging us to release attachments to ANYTHING we have believed to be the truth. This is because sometimes what we believe to be true is not necessarily from our hearts but from programs, looping patterns, and other life time experiences where it seemed and felt right then, but will continue to feel “off” now. New information will rattle us to our very core and cause us to look at everything through a new lens, that is if we are up to the task of allowing, accepting, and participating in the destination we have been living in and the binding, distortions, and fallacies we have been quantum entangled in on and off planet.”
  • “With this release, all of The Enlightened Community may experience some discomfort with releasing what you feel you need to do or want to do to “connect” with your Higher Self and beyond. Many of us are already noticing that a knowingness has taken the place of needing to meditate for long hours, or sit a certain way, or use mudras or chant or what have you. All of these tools have played an important role when we were living in The Matrix but now The Matrix is dissipating and being uncreated so all that we have become will be effected as well. It is our choice to release what is old and make room for the new!”
  • “It is now time to see this dismantling with greater joy, recognizing it represents the harbinger of a New World unfolding, both within and outside ourselves.”
  • “Those public officials and world leaders who have been serving the Dark agendas have received their notice to vacate and make room for exceptional higher dimension beings.”
  • “Only the 3rd wave volunteers will be leaving.  Their vessels will be used by higher dimensional beings to step in (into their physical vessels) with the intention to bridge the new reality into our awareness.”
  • “Those that are not ascending with the planet will have a different experience than what is stated here in this message.”
  • “Many alterations have been made by Prime Creator from the point of our creation with even more safeguards to assure no distortions can occur again. This truly is a time of celebration as well as a time to continue going within. Many of us are experiencing heavy purging in preparation for our New Home. This is due to our release of any of The Matrix, all Matrix Systems, programing and its components that is tied in with the 3D and 4D programs within our physical vessel. All directly connected to our DNA structure and nervous systems will require restructuring, reconfiguration, assimilation and being at ease as our bodies continue to return back to an ever new crystalline structure never experienced before!!!”
  • “A brand new blueprint has been created, so ask Divine Intervention for assistance in releasing all old matrices, belief systems, programing, pain, memories, tension, control elements and more. DO NOT FORGET TO SAY THE FOLLOWING:”
  • “The KEY IS you must ACCEPT THIS WORK CONSCIOULY AND BE aware to make the choice to free yourself and surrender to the process at hand. This is not done for you. YOU MUST MAKE THE CHOICE INTENTIONALLY.”
  • “What a great gift we have received! Now we must consciously CHOOSE the work and healing that has been done for us!”
  • “Have a wonderful holiday folks! I am so excited and just can’t hide it….”
  • “With love from my heart to yours,”
  • “Alexandra and the GalacticConnection Team”

My comments: Regarding this statement:

  • “Only the 3rd wave volunteers will be leaving.  Their vessels will be used by higher dimensional beings to step in (into their physical vessels) with the intention to bridge the new reality into our awareness.”

When I read that, I thought… maybe My Sylvia “will” return to me as a “Walk-In” before we both move-on to the next phase of our experience. “IF” that’s true, then those Souls who choose to leave behind their vessels will give Sylvia, and others, a larger, more-agreed-upon, choice when selecting which vessel is best for her energies.

Again, “IF” this is true, then that’s why Sylvia gave me those energies just minutes after she crossed-over… AND, it’s a bit interesting that this happens “now”, right before “2017”.

  • “I had mentioned previously that I will be asking Sylvia to return her as a “Walk-In”, beginning in 2017.”

So with this announcement (“IF” it’s real), then I need to put extra energy into sensing Sylvia’s removal of that information from within me.

  • I don’t think she gave that information to me, in order for “me” to make-use of it. I really believe Sylvia put that information inside me so SHE can retrieve it later.

Sylvia and I have been ready for whatever the “next step” will be. So whoever’s sitting at the Console containing the “Next Phase” button… JUST PRESS IT!!! NOW!!!

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-17-16 *Transmute, Matrix, Cobra

*First a comment:

This morning, while having Breakfast, Sylvia was showing me some information she wanted me to work on…

This is the actual phrase. This morning, I didn’t realize it was a bible verse:

  • “For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

However, this is the way that phrase appeared within my mind:

  • “It’s easier for _____, than it is for a rich man to go through the eye of the needle.”

After getting home and looking this up, I see the missing pieces. So my mind should have shown me:

  • “It’s easier for a camel to enter heaven, than it is for a rich man to go through the eye of the needle.”

This morning, the part I missed didn’t matter because Sylvia wanted me to focus on the “rich man”. When I saw that phrase, I also “felt” that the “eye of the needle” was a “Portal” / “Stargate”. I was looking at this and doing my best to understand how the phrase fits this picture when Sylvia mentioned “gold” and connected me to the recent information I Posted by Mark Richards. At one point, he states… anyone going through a Portal will be “adjusted” because the Portal “transmutes”. He said your Soul leaves your body and then you’re inserted into a different form (body).

  • (That’s not “exactly” what he said but it’s enough for me to work on this puzzle.)

“Rich men” are typically represented by “wealth” and, especially, “gold”. So, if a “rich man” goes through a “Portal” (the “eye of the needle”), his “gold” (wealth) will be changed into something that is no longer “gold”. So the “rich man” MAY make it through BUT he will no longer have his gold. So, he will no longer be a “rich” man. He will be a “poor” man.

So, “maybe”, this is telling me… the reason (or “one” reason) why the Cabal (the Controllers of this planet) have not found a way to leave is because they only way for “them” to get out of these tangled energies is to go through a Portal… but they can’t because their DNA will be changed (transmuted) or their Souls would be automatically placed inside inferior bodies.

Just some thoughts to work on.


At 1st glance, this sounds (to “me”) like someone added a variation to what Alexandra Meadors Posted a few days ago… BUT “IF” the following information is real, it means similar information is now entering this realm from different Sources. Only Time will tell.

Here’s what was Posted:

    • “Well, i include some info here that was given us by “Leeloo” an entity Lisa M. Harrison had recently contact with in several dialogues on her private PC until about two weeks ago…”


    • “Most information that this entity gives us, is very similar/identical with that what is offered us here on this exceptional site in detail by Hatter !”


    • “You can listen to this on the OPRT (One people roundtable) shows :”



    • “This entity explained our matrix-simulation as follows :”


    • “This “earth construct” we are in is an endless plane – it’s a program. We created this construct once by our own for entertainment”


    • “There is no space outside the firmament – all “planets” are tech – or places on this endless plane (simulation) – connected with each other through portals ! Spaceships are transport devices that dont travel in space (like in star trek) but travel from portal to portal to reach destinations.”


    • “Than some “lifeforms” we thought of and included here in the simulation, began questioning their part in this “Matrix” and they suddenly began turning this all over – it was an invasion that took place ! They actually took control of all we once created and turned it upside down !”


    • “Their first manipulation was one big layer of an extra program – placed on top of our original simulation where they changed everything from our control to theirs…”


    • “What followed was an overlay of up to 777 layers with manipulative programming that changed everything inside this matrix system completely in their favor.”


    • ““Leeloo” mentioned, that all those “layers” down to the very last (but biggest layer) are removed now – what gave us at last the ability to have contact with her. “Leeloo” has actually no contact with Lisa.”


  • “I hope this information answers your question – i suggest to follow the material from “M” and “Source” offered by Hatter on this site with a lot more of details and also listen to the Lisa M. Harrison shows of some weeks ago !”

Question Everything.

Here’s the link:


Cobra’s cryptic message for today doesn’t sound good for the Lightworkers. (I’ve never heard of a “black” alert.) Here are today’s messages:

  • “Thursday, November 17, 2016”
  • “Black alert at 504, deflection failure, evaluate EXC HVBN, L51 protocol in initial evaluation”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 11:55 AM”
  • “Isidic / Systems security breach at 504”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-15-16 *Veil, Meadors

*First a comment:

Today, while having lunch at work, my mind chose to wander into the realm of figuring out the “Veil”. I don’t know why certain Memories appear within someone’s mind when they do. Maybe it’s our Higher Self nudging us to “work on this, so you can achieve Enlightenment sooner and we can merge together as one again. or maybe it’s just our mind’s way of chewing on a “tough” or “unsolvable” problem because we need the mental exercise… sort of like when we give a dog a crunchy Treat, after they’ve been eating canned food for a few days.


Whether all the pieces I pulled-together, in order to work on this, are “real” or “true” doesn’t matter. In the realm of “all things are possible”, we have to examine every ingredient and every combination, in order to create new recipes. Also, many years ago Sylvia and I figured out… sometimes when a problem is too difficult to solve, we go into “what WOULDN’T we do?” mode. This instantly breaks any mental block because it forces our minds to reach for the most extreme ideas for that given situation. In doing this, we sometimes find the true center of the solution. Other times, we discover new ideas.


Using what I know about Sylvia’s “crossing-over” and pulling-in the pieces I’ve heard, regarding the Cabal’s method of trying to convince a newly crossed-over Soul that THEY are “holy ones” brought me to that Point where Sylvia could see her Parents standing at the foot of her bed (in hospice). I couldn’t see them. Which tells “me” that her Parents (who crossed-over many years before) were vibrating at a different frequency and so was a part of Sylvia.

The instant Sylvia left her “Unit” / “Vehicle” she became another form. Maybe it was completely made-up of fast-moving particles… maybe she looked and sensed that she was actually “physical”… I don’t know for sure yet. However, she was able to affect the energies around me during those early few minutes. I know this because this is when she showed me something which I have never seen before or heard of anyone else talk about.

In order to fill-in-the-blank of the next image, within my mind, I needed to rely on some “logic”… In this “logical” scenario I can see a void where everything is black, which either means “it’s black” or my “understanding” of what is really there cannot convince my tiny brain to decipher its real form.

It’s in this “void” where the Cabal “greet” those “new arrivals”. My sense is… if someone is not a “Sheeple” / “has a high-enough sense about things” they will either be “guided across” this void by their Loved Ones or will “more easily” be able to make their way past the Cabal’s deception.

All of that is more of the “architecture of what “crossing-over” means to me. What I was really wanting to work-on today was the “Soul” — exactly “how” does it leave the “Vehicle”?, how does it enter the next form that it takes?, and how does it get through the “void” / “limbo” area to the actual “other side”?

A few times today, I felt as though I was almost able to figure it out but I seem to be missing 1 or 2 pieces of the puzzle.

I’m writing this out because, although I didn’t resolve this today, I feel that the “journey” may be important to a few others reading this.

Question everything.


This 9-minute video is announcement by Alexandra Meadors regarding the recent behind-the-scenes changes.

“IF” any of this is real, then Humanity is 1-step closer to being free and Sylvia and I are even closer to being reunited with each other.

Here’s the text of her message:

    • “1) The dismantling and release of various matrices has finally occurred as follows:”


    • “(a) The Mind Matrix of: Control, Conquering and Defeat, Death and Destruction, Polarity, Duality”


    • “(b) The Mind Matrix of Consciousness, Subconsciousness, the Known and Unknown Minds of consciousness, dream state, innate consciousness. They are being removed with all things with a consciousness.”


    • “The 3d and 4D Matrix Systems of all things known and unknown.”


    • “(d) The Matrix of Mother Earth and Her assets and resources.”


    • “(e) The Matrix of Meridians, Vortices, Power Sources, Longitude and Latitude Grids”


    • “(f) The release and dismantling of these systems are also being released from all physical shells that are connected to and run through the nervous system and of all physical shells of all things with a consciousness.”


    • “(g) These Matrix Systems were devised to run on their own through mechanisms and various complex delivery systems – including those delivered to physical shells as separate components, that would connect, create a device or mechanisms, and then later be activated through a coded frequency to turn them on in your physical vessel and sabotage you indefinitely.”


    • “They also created kill switches in the brain.”


    • “(h) These Matrix Systems connected to your cellular structures, DNA, essence, nervous system, spinal cord and brain.”


    • “(i) Delivery Systems were enacted upon you through:”


    • “Vaccinations with implants and chemical components”
    • “Chem-trail disbursement – though the air which allows these chemical components and implants to be absorbed through breathing, skin and food”


    • “An encoded Frequency to activate and trigger emotional reaction.”
    • “Once the encoded frequency was sent, it then is activated to combine with other components that were delivered and ingested into the body, to combine to make a device or mechanisms in the body. This directly effects the physical shell by inherently causing destruction of itself and others. This includes manipulating you on their terms. Now they are ready to use you at their will, while the host has no clue nor did they ever agree to participate.”


    • “Creation of Destruction in all known and unknown ways through the means of others without ever taking ownership of their own creation. This has in turn created an arm of enslaved beings, races, worker bees, who have never awakened which that alone creates further enslavement.”


    • “Here are the updates of things moving forward and completed for humanity.”


    • “2) The Dark Seed of Dark Matter has been removed from Earth along with its matrix system, and the web-netting connected under the earth, above the earth and to all of the sectors and beyond.”


    • “(a) This also has all been removed in all sectors.”


    • “(b) This is a component of the Quantum Entanglement Matrix Systems”


    • “All Seeds that were created from this Dark Matter: Including all seeds of Creation for all life forms with a consciousness have been removed.”


    • “(d) Removal of the Black Sticky Goo from its existence has occurred.”


    • “(e) All fabrics of energy, and Holograms have been removed.”


    • “(f) Even a removal of all connections to all things in this letter, which provide a feeding source of energy, supported energy, to those who created this has been completed.”


    • “3) Beings should know all that has been described in number 1-2 has a direct effect and connection to one’s own physical shell, mentally and spiritually.”


    • “(a) Beings need to understand removal to these things and systems is the releasing of all the last carbon structures in the physical shell.”


    • “(b) Beings on this physical plane should expect to feel and may have a sense of confusion, an inability to think and function and be extremely tired. If you are on the path of enlightenment and feeling unable to integrate, this is short lived.”


    • “Beings who are unawakened, or not ascending will have an amplification of fear based extreme symptoms of anger, rage, depression, anxiety, sense of loss, a sense of leaving need to figure out how to get off planet.”


    • “4) All Notices have been delivered to all souls on this planet who are exiting.”


  • “They are working on creating their own exit plans with Prime Creator individually. All will see the masses exit in various ways, chosen by individual souls and this will be starting shortly…. more than we are seeing now.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-3-16 *Adjustments, Gaia, Matrix

*First a comment:

I’m mentioning this because it shows how My Sylvia watches over me (and how “your” loved one can guide “you”)…

  • Last night, after work, Sylvia and I went to that newly-remodeled grocery store (that I mentioned yesterday), in order to look it over and buy a few things. We asked lots of questions about their Salad Bar and Breakfast Bar. At one point, one of their head Cooks came out to answer our questions. Our main concern was whether or not they use “canola” oil. (It’s toxic and Sylvia and I want nothing to do with it.) I asked what type of oil they use and he told us “olive oil”. I specifically mentioned “canola” oil and asked if they use it. He said: “no”.
  • This morning, we went back there for Breakfast. They had a section with prepared items, such as fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, tator tots, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs with cheese and 1 or 2 more items. We got a plate of tator tots with scrambled eggs and cheese. It weighed about a pound and came to a grand total of $1.69. We added a cup of plain, Starbucks coffee (because that’s all this place offered) for $1.90. So we ate Breakfast for just $3.59. This was our least expensive Breakfast or Lunch since we started this new job.
  • As I was eating the tator tots, I noticed a strange taste. I couldn’t quite place it until I remembered that they had breaded chicken in that same area. Those small potato pieces tasted as though they were fried in the same oil as their chicken. So after we ate, we went and asked if this was what happened. The people who actually put the food on your plate didn’t have a clue. So they got someone who might know. I asked her the same question. She said: “No. We cook both items in separate fryers but they’re all cooked with canola oil.” “WHAT!!!? Canola OIl?! Canola Oil is toxic!” We noticed that no one wanted to contradict an upset customer. So we left.
  • I wanted to talk to the store’s Manager but we would have been late for work. Later, I told Sylvia we should go back after work and tell them they did a very bad thing… 1) by “using” canola oil and 2) by not letting their customs know the ingredients of those items. Sylvia suggested that I not do that.
  • By Lunchtime, I was still fairly full. So, I guess “canola” oil is like consuming “motor oil”… it refuses to break-down when used.
  • I mentioned to Sylvia that I wanted something light but didn’t know what that would be. She then showed me the Vegetable Fried Rice that’s offered in a nearby Chinese restaurant. I told her that particular plate of food comes with other items and would be too much for me to eat. She just kept showing me that plate of rice. My Sylvia has a very good Track Record, when it comes to lots of things… especially healthy food. So that’s where we had Lunch. While eating, Sylvia mentioned that there was something about that rice which… either she could use, to neutralize the canola oil or there’s something in that rice already, which will neutralize the canola oil. She also mentioned that this isn’t something that will work this way with everyone.
  • Throughout the day, I kept thinking about going back to that grocery store and file a complaint. Sylvia reminded me of the Saying: “If you’re fighting the System, then your still part of the System.” So I dropped it. I was still fairly upset that this had happened and I asked her “why” this had to happen. So after supper (at home) tonight, Sylvia explained that I needed that canola oil energy within me, in order for her to make some adjustments in me and to move me past certain frequencies.

Again, I’m mentioning this to show how Sylvia and I are currently working through the “Veil”.

Here are links to 3 articles which explain “why” canola oil is toxic:



This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Softness of Inner Gaia inhabitants transmits to the surface.”
  • “Hue-beings respond in the moment.”
  • “hu-beings collapse the veil.”
  • “Fraternities are acknowledged.”
  • “Gaia is freed.”

My comment: “IF” the “Veil” has been collapsed, why don’t I “see”, “hear” or “feel”, this? The removal of the “Veil” is what Sylvia and I have been waiting for since she crossed-over 290-weeks ago!
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This article is by Michelle Walling. The title is: “Finding The Doorway Out Of The Matrix“. Here is an excerpt:

  • “Waking up also involves knowing who you are and how you got here. It is very similar to waking from a dream. When you know who you are and when you realize that you are not your body and that you never die, a freedom washes over you that allows you to have an inner peace while our reality collapses. This brings us closer to the understanding and remembrance of what we need to do to find the doorway out. You are here on Earth at this time so that you can wake up and exit the matrix that you have been a part of for eons of “time”, as Earth serves as a portal out of the third dimension and extreme polarity. You had to come here first in order to return home. There are even some some souls that left their peaceful worlds to come here to help those that have been stuck a very long time find the door when it is available.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-17-16 *Keshe, Gaia, Veil, Cobra, Compass

*First a comment:

As M.R. (who’s on this list) pointed out today, I forgot to include the Link to the Keshe, 57-minute video. (Thank you, M.R. for letting me know.)

The video was released on August 12th and I included it on August 14th.

Here’s the link:


From “Gaia Portal”…

  • “Bliss lights are followed, then abandoned.”
  • “Classifieds of Light are apocalypsed.”
  • “Night trains empty.”
  • “Masters arise.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is the 2nd Posting in a week or so which is stating “The Veil Has Been Lifted”.

  • “It is time. The veil has been lifted. The energies are rising (and they won’t be going back down). The cabal is toast (literally, inside and out), their lieutenants ready to be thrown under the bus. Past global ET agreements have been negated and new (FAIR & ENFORCED) agreements are in place. The (5th-12th) cavalry is in place and doing their jobs, where necessary. Trees are ECSTATIC. The planet is watching, patiently; she’s totally on humanity’s side. Hillary and Bill are dying. The Big Bads have been given their final ultimatums, their giant dark boat anchor obliterated. Trump is (intentionally) self-destructing. And anyone not playing nice from now on will be quickly intercepted and removed.”
  • “Who are we listening to these days? Certainly nothing in the MSM or even the alternative media. We pay attention to Simon Parkes and Thomas Williams and Diane Canfield, then cross-reference against firsthand experiences of The CAT staff (most of which we don’t share because the info is personal and sensitive). We also look at American Kabuki, ZeroHedge, and a few others. Sadly, most everyone else seems to be either deluded, compromised, on the take, or perhaps on a different timeline than the rest of us.”
  • “Bottom line: be very very happy. No seriously bad stuff will be allowed to happen. Ignore anything that smacks of fear-porn. As Da-da recently said, you have all been in line for a very long time, have FINALLY been placed inside the rocket pod, your seat-bars fastened, and you’re on the rankling UP ramp getting ready for the first hill. Oh, and what a ride it will be. Relax, put those hands in the air, and go with it. Scream if you must. And laugh. And cry. And be on the edge of your seat. Try not to barf on the person next to you.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is an update from Cobra:

  • Situation Update
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Since mid-July, the concentration of toplet plasma bombs has fallen below a certain threshold which allows cracks in the Veil to appear. This means that plasma free of primary anomaly began to appear on the surface of the planet. This allows clearer vertical energetic communication with non-physical spiritual guides that will begin to contact the awakened part of humanity more and more.”
  • “Also, as the new cycle began in July, various positive Agartha groups have begun preparations for physical contact with the surface population. These preparations include some exact protocols which I will gradually release through my blog to the surface population.”
  • “Complexity wave analysis made by the Resistance Movement estimates about 20% probability that the Rothschilds will surrender before the Event. The Light forces are proceeding with their plans for the planetary liberation and are never waiting for the outcome of the surrender negotiations, those negotiations not being their primary focus.”
  • “Soft Disclosure continues.”
  • “Mars began to be portrayed as a very friendly planet:”
  • “It can be easily reachable with plasma technology:”
  • “And plans for Mars orbital station are manifesting into reality:”
  • “There are some exciting technology breakthroughs from the East reaching mainstream.”
  • “Russia has announced that it intends to develop teleportation systems:”
  • “China has announced the development of the space plane:”
  • “Some scientists are confirming what our Tachyon chambers were able to demonstrate in practice. A co-founder of string theory in physics has proposed that Tachyons are our direct connection with the source:”
  • “And China has launched a quantum communications satellite that uses the same principle as our Tachyon chambers:”
  • “Those who are interested in genuine images of secret space program vehicles can find them here:”
  • “Mainstream science is finally gaining some understanding of plasma field around the Earth. Here are two good explanations of ultra low frequency plasma waves in the Van Allen belts:”
  • “As the plasma anomaly around the Earth is clearing fast, the negative military wants to reinforce it with plasma bombs:”
  • “It is interesting to see how Erdogan is lately portrayed as a positive figure in alternative media. Those who doubt that it was Turkish positive military who attempted a coup against Erdogan have forgotten Erdogans’ close connections with the Islamic State:”
  • “Erdogan may have suppressed the coup internally but globally he is succumbing to Russian pressure:”
  • “The Light forces are gaining victories towards the final liberation of the Syria vortex:”
  • “There are many rumors that the system will collapse very soon and they are not based on reality. Here is an easy way to check if the system has collapsed already:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following link, in order to access Cobra’s many links.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s 1 of Cobra’s links which I found to be very interesting but also confusing:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

For “me”, this 20-minute video provides a different explanation for what our Earth is and how Humanity can get out of the Matrix. Keep an open mind, especially at the end… but even if you discount his “Zombie” explanation, I feel most of the other information is worth thinking about.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: