PS 6-11-17 *Patterns, Hoffman, Cobra, MandelaEffect

*First a comment:

It’s been a while since I last mentioned this but it happened again yesterday. So I’m going to place this in the “mass consciousness”…

  • Some say this “Reality” is an “illusion” which is created and maintained by some type of Master Program. Once in a while, I notice an “echo” of a pattern. Usually this is done with “people”.
  • This is what happened yesterday… Sylvia and I had to run some errands. So we had Breakfast at our old Subway. While we were eating, 2 girls walked past us and went outside. Just before they got up, we heard them asking about getting a job. One of them said she was “20”. Before that, even though we had “probably” walked past their table when we placed our order, we didn’t “see” or “hear” them. So when they walked out, we were a bit surprised that they were in there.
  • Just after we heard them talk to each other about jobs, I told Sylvia… maybe we could tell them that they may still be hiring where we work. Then, as they walked past us, we saw that they looked to be 15-years old. (1 was a black girl and the other was a white girl.) So I said to Sylvia: “They’re way too young.” (Their energy just wasn’t mature-enough to work where we work.)
  • They walked out of the front door of Subway, turned 90-degrees to our right and then walked straight-ahead… across the street towards another building.
  • For a second or 2, my mind wandered and wondered what type of jobs they would get and what they’re lives would be like several years from now. (It was just a quick, imagination “day dream”… just something for my tiny brain to work on.)
  • As soon as we could no longer see them, past that other building, 2 women came up from the side of the Subway building, turned 90-degrees to their left and then entered through the Subway front door. One was a black woman and the other was a white woman. The odds of that happening AND within seconds of each other are pretty high but there was something about their energies which caught my attention and felt as though both sets of females are connected in some way. For “me”, this is an “echoed pattern” For some reason, the “Master Program” / the “Matrix” needed that particular pairing to be created at that Point in Time and in that Space but when the “girls’ left, the Master Program needed to keep that pattern activated for a little longer or it lost the settings for the “girl’s” pattern and when it re-created them… maybe it scanned my mind to calibrate its calculations but didn’t realize that I was “imagining” them being much older and used that as its blueprint.

Only Time will tell.

Question everything.


This is 1 of the items Posted today By Jennifer Hoffman.

Her explanation that the problems of the 3D realm can’t be dealt with until light is shined on them helped me realize, even more, just how important everyone’s “grounding of the Light” is right now. So I’m including this because this slightly different perspective on an old idea may also help others.

  • “”Revealing the darkness opens space for the LIGHT’. I have been very uplifted and excited by the mass awakening, big revelations, the truth about the corruption and deception we are seeing in the world even though I think it’s terrible, we could not do anything about it as long as it was hidden in the darkness. But now that it is being revealed there is room for the light to enter. 3D is a tightly closed paradigm so until it started opening up no light could enter that space. But now that people no longer need or want the density, control, power, and domination of 3D there is room for the light to enter and integrate 5D energy.”
  • “That’s why we are being called to shine so brightly, to create strong energy boundaries for our energy, because that sets a new frequency for us and for humanity and it creates more openings in the 3D system and allows more light and 5D energy to permeate that space. I am really excited about this new potential as it is unfolding and it is just beginning, so don’t be surprised at anything you see or hear in the next few weeks. Are you excited about this too even if you are tired, frustrated, and wondering when it’s all going to end? Shine on, it’s high beams time.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


Today, Cobra Posted 2 messages. Both are “cryptic” and aimed at the “Resistance Movement”. Here’s the 1st:

  • “Alert upgrade to black”

Here’s the 2nd:

  • “Alert downgrade to red, BSMOSS final sequence in progress, BSR sequence initialized”

My comment: I have no idea what these messages mean but I found the “final sequence in progress” to be very hopeful. I just feel like it’s saying: “Now that the final part of this cycle has begun, we’re “that much” closer to “the Event”.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


I’ve mentioned this many months ago. While browsing 1 of the alternative news forums tonight, someone mentioned this “effect”, relating to the Song “Safety Dance” and how it’s now changed. (From “You can dance” to “We can dance”.)

This facet doesn’t mean much to me but it did remind me to check-in to see if anyone has noticed any other Mandela Effect pieces.

The following forum thread mentions these pieces which I hadn’t know about before this:

  • When I originally learned of the “Mandela Effect”, 1 of the things on that list is the robot “C3PO” from the Star Wars movies. When Sylvia and I saw him, he was completely “gold”. After that initial Mandela Effect, 1 of his legs, from the knee down became “silver”. Today when I checked, C3PO’s palms (of his hands) are now “black”. When I searched for photos of him, they all show black “palms” but only a few of them show him having a partial silver leg.

So it looks like the Mandela Effect has changed aspects of this “Reality” or “Timeline” again. I originally thought that the Mandela Effect would have a limited number of changes but it would take everyone a long Time to find them all. Now it seems that… either this “effect” is on-going or some of us have jumped Timelines again.

Here are a few more:

  • “Berenstain Bears”, which is what “I” remember, has been changed to “Berenstein Bears” but now it’s gone back to “Berenstain Bears”. In fact, when I searched just now, I found both spellings but the majority were “stain”.

My comments: Maybe the “Mandela Effect” is somehow connected to my “echoed patterns” idea… Maybe the “Master Program” had to re-create “part” or “all” of Reality and for those pieces which it needed to fine-tune, it relied on the memories of some Humans. Maybe those Humans had a faulty memory of a particular piece. Since the Master Program had no other reference, it simply used the information stored in the minds of various surface dwellers. For “words”, maybe those Humans were bad at spelling. For “images”, maybe those Humans didn’t see the movie or only remember seeing a certain item when the lighting was bad… or their memory combined 2 or more similar items and the Master Program just used what it retrieved.

I’ve skimmed through the 1st 5 pages of the following forum thread and a few of the Mandela Effect items have been twisted, as I mentioned above with 3CPO’s appearance. So maybe the “Master Program” has had to make another adjustment to our “Reality” or maybe this is all part of “moving to” / “manifesting on” the new Earth.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-29-17 *Sky, Wilcock, Andromeda

*First a comment:

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the Sky isn’t as blue as it has been in the past. Maybe this is because:

  • there’s more glare in the Sky when I’m checking this,
  • we’re on a different Earth,
  • or something else.


It’s been a while since David Wilcock Posted a large article. (This one’s not huge.) Here are some excerpts:

  • “Pete Peterson has finally been authorized to release far more intel than ever before. Something has changed on the inside to make this possible.”
  • “The current situation in the world may seem very hopeless and muddled, when in fact we appear to be right on the brink of incredible new developments.”
  • “Pete gave me a stunning depth of new information on excavations of UFO crashes in Antarctica that were already being thoroughly analyzed by teams of scientists when he got there 30 years ago.”
  • “The data was so dense it was almost too much. This is what happens when you have “eggheads” dedicating their entire lives to studying how a gigantic, miles-wide mothership skidded along the ground before coming to a stop.”
  • “The Alliance is very real. They were preparing to take decisive action against the Cabal, regardless of who won the 2016 US election.”
  • “The current president is not running the show in some sort of weird dictatorship fashion, contrary to media projections.”
  • “Many seemingly mysterious things will make sense once the truth comes out.”
  • “All the Cabal is doing now is trying to delay the inevitable. They know they are finished. They are just refusing to surrender until the very bitter end.”
  • “They have already thrown the timetables the Alliance had hoped to meet way off, but they can’t hold on forever.”
  • “Once the Cabal’s ability to conduct “false flag” military strikes is sufficiently destroyed, expect a raft of shocking disclosures to emerge.”
  • “One last thing Pete shared is that a malevolent ET group, probably the Draco, is now demanding disclosure. They want us to know that they ‘control’ the earth.”
  • “This is no longer the case — and that may be why they are freaking out. Things are about to get very interesting and the signs are already visible.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This is a Forum Post on a 22-minute video about the “Mandela Effect”. (It’s actually a short movie.) I wasn’t going to include this because, right now, it seems very insignificant in the feedback I’m constantly looking for. However, sometimes after doing a night’s research, a spark of information will come to me and I may make an insightful connection. I have a feeling that there’s more to the energy behind this video than I currently realize. In fact, without watching the video, I simply started skimming through the Comments. I didn’t get far when I read this:

  • “Not a bad little short. It was kind of interesting that the wife materialized in that dimension. “

I immediately thought of what Sylvia and I have been going through, these last 316-weeks, and thought this short movie might give me an insight as to how I can get to the alternate Reality where Sylvia and I are together. (That’s when I watched the video.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-25-17 *TubularBells, *BossMonster

​*First a few comments:

Although this could be part of the “Mandela Effect”, this is probably just my faulty memory…

I was checking our favorite Music News site,, and watched the video on this page:

It’s a version of Mike Oldfield’s 1973 “Tubular Bells”. Here’s the original:

To “me” both of those recordings don’t sound right. I can’t explain it. It’s more of a “feeling” but that’s not what “I” remember that Song to be.

I did a quick Internet check, to see if that Song is mentioned as part of the “Mandela Effect” but it’s not. So I’m probably the only person who feels this is not what “Tubular Bells” sounds like. I don’t know if it’s the “pitch” or “rhythm” of the main theme, or the instrumentation (which instruments were used) but I feel that those recordings are not what I heard when it came out in the 70s.

Question everything.


  • I’m including this because it shows how anyone can “diffuse” or “re-route” any negative “people-energy” which may be around us…

For that last 2-months or so, there’s been an employee (who I’ll refer to as “aWorker”) where Sylvia and I work who keeps “pushing people’s buttons”. “aWorker” has pushed almost every employee’s buttons in various ways. Because we all have to work with this person, some employees were feeling that their energy was drained and really dreaded going to work. “aWorker” had now become our collective “Boss Monster”…

  • Just as in some computer games where you move through Levels of difficulty and when you reach the end of any Level, you’re presented with 1 last, very difficult situation: the “Boss Monster”.

Sylvia and I were off after work on Friday and went back in today (Tuesday)… and, yes, “aWorker” managed to push 1 of “my” buttons. (This person has a need to control people and situations.) So “aWorker” was “in my head” for a good part of our days off.

  • I quickly boiled-down the “button” in me that was being pushed. I then brought up (in my mind) various situations where I would change my behavior when I’m around this person (or avoiding them) and the different things I would say, in order to keep my energy intact and deflect whatever “aWorker” was trying to do.
  • I was now ready, with my “toolbox” of “words” and “actions”.
  • Then, the day before going back to work, an Insight about “aWorker” came to me, without me pulling it in. It was almost as if some part of me wanted to resolve this as peacefully as possible and some part of “aWorker” wanted to make things right.
  • What I received was some information from “aWorker’s” previous life. This person was of average height, thin, not muscular and was in the U.S. military and fought in the Vietnam war. I think “aWorker” was a “Private 1st Class”. During that war, this person was scared, confused and following endless Orders didn’t help. I don’t know how “aWorker” crossed-over but that war ended that life.
  • Before incarnation into “this” life, “aWorker” made sure the body that Soul would occupy was, taller, big boned and very muscular… and in order to not get trapped in a “war”, “no way out” situation again, this person did their best to control every situation they were in.

Once I had sifted through all those pieces and understood what “aWorker” had been through, I then knew why this person had the personality all the employees were constantly confronted with. When that puzzle was completed, I almost felt sorry for “aWorker”… I dropped the “confrontational tools” I had developed the day before and, almost instantly, I felt the strain and friction of the “Boss Monster” simply disappear.

  • Was my psychic Reading of “aWorker” correct? Only Time will tell. All of that information could simply have been for “me”, so I could see what I was doing to “myself” but using “aWorker” as the “cause”. (In other words, just as in a relationship… no one can make you love them. That other person, however, can bring-out the love you already had within you. The same is true when someone “pushes our buttons”…  They are only presenting energies and situations to us, which bring-out the negative energies within us. We bring “Boss Monsters” into our lives as a “test” or “final clearing of old energies”, to be sure we’re ready for that next level.)

The bottom-line to this story is… “aWorker” quit today.

In “my” mind, I disappeared this person because I worked-through, and resolved, the negative energies of those “buttons”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

PS 1-16-17 Wilcock, Parkes, Fulford, Hoffman, Cobra

*First a comment:

On some days, I can’t find anything worth including. On other days, like today, there are so many details, it’s difficult to keep track of all of them…


I wasn’t sure what I was reading. This is a VERY long article / interview, so I skimmed through it when it 1st arrived in our eMail. Then I got to this paragraph and had to stop and include the entire block of information:

  • “Linear time is an entrained human thought form synched by some esoteric ancient tech (now offline) and time lines, loops and junctions have been resolving themselves every since that tech went offline in the effects known as “the mandela effect” when memories (awareness exists outside of time) do not match archives in the materium. There are only two timelines left, this current one and that of the Complete Earth.”

This appears to be someone’s Comments on an interview that whistleblower, David Wilcock, had on radio show “Coast to Coast” recently.

Most of this information covers “Antarctica” and the “Cabal”.

Here’s the link to that article:

Here’s the link where I originally found this information:

Here’s a link to several “Bullet Points” that were talked about in that interview. There’s also a link to the interview itself:

  • According to that web page, David said: “Timeline given for things to start happening is very imminent”.


This 2-hour video (audio only), from January 15th, is an interview with whistleblower Simon Parkes.

  • He claims to have been born into a family with “Mantiss” (Insectoid) and “Draco” (Reptilian) Beings.

He covers various topics. Some of them are:

  • Trump and the Inauguration.
  • Buried “Pirate” treasure, which was placed there a long Time ago by the Masons, in order to keep the reason buried item a secret, which was a stolen, Mason, sacred object.
  • the “Main Stream Media” (MSM)
  • Dark energies.
  • the “Greys”
  • Reptilians don’t need “oxygen” but they do need “heat”.
  • Recently, 2 underground, Reptilian bases near the North Pole were “taken out”.
  • The “Money System” on this planet is a “Babylonian, spell-based System”.
  • Parkes and another person have developed a “Barter System App”, which will allow everyone to indicate that they have, for example, a few extra eggs and see that someone nearby has an extra bottle of milk. You can easily do a Trade with that person.
  • (1:27-mark) People have been feeling low energy lately. He says this is because the “Physical” is being “energized” as much as the “Spiritual”.
  • “2017 is a time of conscious movement where people say: “I’m not having that. I can see what that is” “If they did the Twin Towers now, there would only be a few people who would buy the Establishment’s lie”.
  • The “Waves” coming into the planet can’t be stopped. They are doing what they can to block them with Wi-Fi and they bombard us with HAARP they try everything they can to try to disrupt this natural, God-type energy but they can’t. They are slowing the process but they can’t stop it.
  • Recently, when the Cabal spray “Chemtrails”, they will later send a HAARP pulse through it, in order to spread them out and more.
  • He says “Building 7” was taken-down (during “911”), it was so the Bushes could steal the gold that was secretly stored there.
  • (1:50-mark) “March is key for Great Britain. I’m expecting some considerable changes.” (Probably the 18th or 25th.) “A lot of things are going to come to fruition in March. Financial, political, military and energy-wise. So if there was a great fleet of alien spacecraft, that flew over a major city, some point in March and the established news ran with that story, I wouldn’t at all be surprised.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is whistleblower Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Will it be World War or World Government as Trump Presidency Approaches“. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “Make no mistake, the Trump Presidency is a second American revolution and it will deeply affect the operations of the international secret rogue government. Russian intelligence operatives contacted the WDS last week to seek reassurance the Trump presidency will be allowed to go ahead. They were told by the WDS that Trump was not going to be another assassinated leader like Kennedy because, unlike Kennedy, Trump has the backing of the US military. Here is what Pentagon Sources had to say about the matter: “A CIA plot to whack Trump is unlikely since the military has read them the riot act. There are no Geneva conventions for domestic enemies of the state and military justice is swift and lethal.””
  • “However, Trump is not going to be allowed to do everything he wants, especially when it comes to Israel, the Pentagon sources say. “The UN Security Council may vote on January 17 to impose 1967 borders on Israel enforced by sanctions,” they say. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Trump “may be forced out if they oppose the will of the international community, as peace and settlement of all conflicts is needed for a global currency reset,” the sources add.”
  • “Even if Trump is killed, the revolution will continue because there has been a fundamental shift in the power structure of the West that has become unstoppable. The unelected, corrupt, Khazarian mafia owned EU is going to be replaced by a democratic European Union that includes the largest country in Europe, which is Russia, according to the gnostic Illuminati. This grouping will be allied with North America and will negotiate a 50/50 win-win new relationship with Asia when the dust finally settles, they say.”
  • “In any case, the real mess that needs cleaning up in not in China but in the US where a major purge is continuing to unfold. The pedophile and related blackmail network in the US power structure continues to be dismantled in the so-called Pizza gate scandal. Also, the artificial drought and attempted grab of California farmland by Khazarian mobsters has been ended with geo-engineered storms. There are also over 150 FBI agents in five cities, working in tandem with the New York Police Department, probing the Clinton foundation for money laundering and financing so-called Islamic terror organizations, Pentagon sources note. The Clintons, in response, have been singing like canaries about their former patrons the Bush family and their Saudi and German allies.”
  • “In any case, the current logjam in world events will break big time once the Trump presidency starts on January 20th. Those who cling to the old structure will be flushed down the toilet of history along with it. “It is visibly falling apart and even the people in the old corporate media are starting to report this,” one Illuminati source noted. Those who embrace the coming revolution and wish to save the planet will get a chance to help in the job of starting a new golden age.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I found the following Posting today by Jennifer Hoffman to provide some good feedback on what is happening with the energies on this planet right now:

  • “I can officially announce that the 5D grids are firmly anchored in our 3D reality. That’s what we were working on last week and I knew it would be finished last night (another sleepless night for me but I was warned that I would not be sleeping so at least it wasn’t a surprise). Now, that doesn’t mean we’re done, it means that we have access to a continuous inflow of 5D energy. And the joy can begin (I didn’t say ‘work’ on purpose) which also means that we now have to work on the duality aspects, being multi-dimensional, in two worlds, integrating 5D into our 3D realities and raising their frequencies. We have moved out of polarity (being polarized) into duality, embodying multiple dimensions.”
  • “Polarity is an either/or energetic conversation and it is limited to a single expression and is exclusive. Duality is an ‘and’ conversation, it is expansive and inclusive of everything. We are collaborative, not competitive; in community, not separated. It is also the week of the US presidential inauguration and today we celebrate MLK Jr’s birthday, a light for connection who made a huge difference in the world, which is also why his life was ended.”
  • “How are you going to use the presence of the 5D energy grids in your life, to be energetically whole and embrace your Divine Congruence?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


These 2 Postings from Cobra, today, are of the “cryptic” variety and are aimed at the “Resistance Movement”:

  • “10k96M detected”
  • “96Alters detected”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Also, 1 of the Commenters provided a website which has an animated image of the “supposed” Octopus that’s surrounding the “Earth” or this “Solar System” and keeping us from being free. The animation shows how much progress the Resistance Movement has made in removing its tentacles.

“IF” that information is real, how do they know the Resistance Movement’s progress and how do they know the Octopus’ “tentacles” are being removed?… as opposed to the Octopus simply being attacked directly and destroyed at its core.

Here’s the link to that animation. (Note: the text is in Italian):

PS 6-15-16 *MandelaEffect, Electromagnetic, Nidle

*First a few comments:

Sylvia and I are still doing our part in helping to raise the vibration of this planet so we can ALL “go home”. I’ve mentioned more than a few times, how anyone can simply “talk to people”, even strangers about “some” or “all” of the “rabbit holes” that I’ve been including.

  • I still carry the 2-piece map of North and South America and ask people to place them next to each other… as “they” remember those locations to be.

Today, I added the information about “Eli Whitney” — inventor of the “Cotton Gin”. In “my” Reality, he’s a “black” man. In “this” Reality, he’s a “white” man. When I mentioned this to several people today most were either stopped in their tracks in amazement or instantly got out their cellphone and looked it up with an “Oh my G…”.

As I was explaining this to another person today, one of the people I had previously mentioned this to was walking by. As the “current person” was trying to make-sense of what I was saying, the other person said:

  • “It’s true. I looked it up. I thought he (me) was crazy but this is for real.”

So “yes”, sometimes people will think you’re crazy but this is not about “you’ or “me”. It’s not a “talent contest”. We’re not “running for office” and we’re not qualifying, in order to get a new job. So don’t be afraid of putting yourself “out there”. Sylvia and I are asking everyone to step out of their “comfort zone” for just a few minutes and spread this information. (ANY of the information in these “rabbit holes’. It doesn’t have to be about the “Mandela Effect”.)

Today, I was really feeling that Sylvia and I are currently providing this information to those around us because THEY asked, on some level, for this “wake-up Call”. I was picturing a conversation with most of them, in big meeting, just before we all began our assignments here in 3D, 26,000-years ago:

  • (the crowd) “…but who’s going to wake us up when the Time is right?”
  • (me and Sylvia) “We’re on the list with the others to do that.”
  • (the crowd) “We really won’t even need a “wake-up Call”. How could we possibly forget all this (onboard a Starship) AND be so dumbed-down that we’ll forget to return home?”
  • (me and Sylvia) “Well, “the waking” has been attached to the “unfolding” just in case. Just don’t call us crazy when we explain all this to each of you 26,000-years from now.”

…Oh, and Sylvia and I heard a song last week in the grocery store we work in. Uh, in “our” TimeLine, “Elvis” did NOT sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (by Simon & Garfunkel)… but that’s what we heard on the music system where we work.


The title of this article is: “A Huge Electromagnetic Storm-Event Hit Gaia on June 14, 2016.”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Too many humans were allowed to keep giving this thing energy no matter how hard I tried. That’s no longer the case as I can hear it everywhere. I even heard my wife take a macro issue into consideration when discussing her personal experience during the day and put them together. In the past everyone felt you didn’t care for them if you didn’t just concentrate on their personal drama. I was stuck in macro land after experiencing personal ascension and could barely even go there without near trauma. Brutal.”
  • “Anyways, I appreciate everything else you have said and I wish I could even explain all the events that took place in the last 10 days. I have seen one intense healing with my brother and many other situations on the edge of complete violence and divorce and other such nasty scenarios which all exploded last week. I ducked for cover and didn’t say a word as I watched this around me and how I saw the “frapture” so clearly. The lower chakra healing was spot on and took the lid off of the cookie jar.”
  • “I think you have spoken about it all quite perfectly and in a very healthy manner, but it just reaffirms one more time that there is really nothing to get out of this reality as it currently operates. I think the Elohim comment is on the mark, “relax and enjoy the last days as everything is done.” The urge to do anything besides do what we do best on your site and in living simple day to day pleasures is just met with brick walls.”
  • “Everything we see is one final attempt to get anyone and everyone to fight over something. Reminds me of some John Lennon quote about the only thing they can’t handle is “nonviolence and humor.” Never been more appropriate. The karmic familial structure is designed and no different than the military.”

My comments: I can’t find it now but, while reading the following article, there’s 1 or 2 parts which implied that we are about to experience a short electrical stoppage. The other reason I’m giving this information a little bit of weight is because yesterday Sylvia suggested we talk about buying a small, USB Battery, so we can run 1 or 2 synthesizers.

  • Notice that we’re not calling this information “negative” or “Earth-shattering”, etc… and Sylvia isn’t suggesting we stock up on food, flashlights and batteries.
  • For Sylvia to suggest we find a way to use our synthesizers without electricity tells “me” that she wants me to have some way to occupy my Time when some changes begin. “IF” what My Sylvia is telling is real and “IF” I’m interpreting her information correctly, these “changes” / “lack of electricity” will NOT be for very long because even a USB Battery only provides enough power for 5-to-12-hours, depending on the device being electrified.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This Channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “As all this moves forward, the dark cabal can see that its doom is starting to appear. Their untold minions are unable to stop what the Light is doing. Hence, many programs are near their first payouts and those of you who are to be the recipients can feel in your hearts how close all of this truly is. The cabal knows, too, that its many bought governments are close to collapse. These circumstances have brought this reality to the threshold of a great shift from the dark to the Light. Thus, a number of interesting developments are starting to appear. The present US de facto regime is noticing that its prime assistant, the Federal Reserve, has begun to disappear as the new Treasury is absorbing its many functions. Incomes that were formally obtained internationally by force are no longer available. The pro-republic military is also beginning to re-unite with forces formally dedicated to the old de facto regime. These occurrences are the start of a process that is bringing you a much-wanted new reality! We are waiting as these new governances to come into being. Then a number of events can occur!”
  • “We are now close to the finish line on a number of very important projects. Be patient. Be focused. Many great gifts are close to being realized. In this excellent time do not give up just before victory is announced.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-14-16 *Music, *MandelaEffect, Hudes

*First a few comments:

Today was the 1st Time Sylvia and I have listened to our upcoming album from start-to-finish without stopping. It was very draining for me. I cried through most of it.

Everything seemed to flow pretty well. However, there are 7 (out of 10) songs which need some adjustments — mostly a slight “raising” or “lowering” of its Volume. One aspect that slipped past me is in “Time Machine”. Near the beginning we hear faint “echoes” / “memories” of some of the other songs. In that Section, we hear a “memory” of our song “Shining Armor” but this song hasn’t been heard yet. It comes 2-songs AFTER “Time Machine”. So that “echo” needs to be removed.

Sylvia and I have been talking about the 2 theories, regarding the “Mandela Effect”: Both are “possible” but neither seems to be complete. Of course there may be other reasons why this “Effect” is taking place or is moving to the surface of Humanity’s thoughts.

    • The Merging of TimeLines: Some say… Each choice we make creates another Reality. Maybe the “Madela Effect” creates “residue memories” each Time we “jump”. “IF” we’re Merging our “bodies?” / “Souls?” with our own “bodies” / “Souls” of another TimeLine, which is allowed to say “THESE memories are correct. We must discard the ones YOU brought here.”


  •  The Master Program: Some say… Our “Reality” is an illusion… created by a Master Program in a Super Computer. Some also say… We’re now on the “new Earth” and the Master Program has had to recreate everything but, when it did, it missed a few fragments and noticing these is reflected in our mind’s ability to recall a product or experience and have it match exactly what this “Reality” is telling us happened.

Personally, I’m on the fence about exactly “what” and “why” this is happening. However, there are 3 fragments which push me more towards the “Master Program” side:

  • Some have said… In the movie “Forest Gump”, he now says: “Life WAS like a box of chocolates”. For “me”, it used to say: “Life IS like a box of chocolates.” This is a very minor thing but lets’ think about this… If selecting 1 phrase or the other was based on a Movie Executive’s decision, this “new” phrase would actually make sense… but it doesn’t. Each Time Forest Gump makes that statement he is not about to cross-over. So being fairly young, with his life ahead of him, there’s no reason for that line to be “Past Tense” (“was”). So this makes me lean a little more towards the “Master Program” theory.
  • Name changes, such as “J.C. Penny” to “J.C. Penney” and “Pete Townsend” to “Pete Townshend” (guitarist for the band “The Who”). I just looked this up here at home. Sylvia and I have to Owner’s Manual for the “ARP 2600” synthesizer. It has a “Printed in” Date of “1971”. As part of their Marketing of which famous Musicians use their synthesizers, they listed “Pete Townshend”, among others. I clearly remember his name being spelled: “Townsend” but in that book, it’s now “Townshend”… Again, “name changes” do happen sometimes but, looking through the various decisions people make throughout their TimeLine, name changes “in different TimeLines” must be extremely rare. In other words, a family decision (or even the hed of a family’s decision) to change that family’s last name would have been given a LOT of thought. This would mean (to “me”) that this decision would have been made in a “very high majority” of their TimeLines. So we shouldn’t see very many of these.
  • Eli Witney, inventor of the Cotton Gin. In “my” TimeLine this was a “black man”. If you look this up “now”, he is clearly a “white man”. I’ll let you figure out the “randomness” of how his Genes went from “that way” to “this way”.

As I said, the above examples have me leaning a little more toward a “Master Program” scenario… as wildly un-real as that may seem. Of course, there may still be an entirely different reason why this “Effect” is currently happening.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This 30-minute video is an update from Karen Hudes. She explains her background and the current information on the “Global Collateral Accounts”, “Debt Forgiveness”, the currently-printed, gold-backed money, etc.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-12-16 *Royalty, *Music, Gaia, MandelaEffect, Cobra, Bashar

*First a few comments:

(I was going to call this Section: “Queen” but it would have been confused with the Super Group by the same name.)

I read somewhere that the Queen of England said something very helpful for “me” around June 4th 2016:

  • Behind-the-scenes, she’s quoted as saying: “There’s a dark storm coming.”

To “me”, her statement means she is about to be arrested and tried for participating in crimes against Humanity.

Her statement last November about “enjoy your last Christmas” is also a very positive message. “I” believe she’s referring to the many changes on this planet that we are all experiencing, whether “some” people haven’t recognized them or not. I believe MANY celebrations are about to explode “on”, “in” and “around” this planet but the “holiday” we currently know as “Christmas” will not be recognized with the same name or will be changed completely. (This is just a “feeling” and “my” opinion.)

The last song is done but the album isn’t finished. We still have something called: “Mastering” to do yet.

  • Our understanding is that this is the balancing of each song’s “Volume” to all the other songs. By doing this, the Listener doesn’t turn up their Volume on 1 song and get overly-blasted by the Volume of the next.

Here are some of the details as we now know them. (This is also the order of the songs on this album):

  • Opening Dialog – Time: 1:44
  • R.L. (not the real title) – Time: 6:06 – Genre: Experimental
  • Guided-Aligned – Time: 5:59 – Genre: Alternative Pop, Electronic Pop
  • Lighthouse (not the real title) – Time: 6:28 – Genre: Folk
  • N.O.A.T.Y. (not the real title) – Time: 7:33 – Genre: Symphonic
  • The “Veil” Dialog (not the real title) – Time: 2:29
  • The “Veil” Song (not the real title)  – Time: 6:38 – Genre: Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal
  • Float – Time: 2:39 – Genre: Children’s Song with an insight
  • Time Machine – Time: 5:04 – Genre: Progressive Rock
  • Solitude (not the real title) – Time: 9:40 – Genre: Experimental, Forest Dialog
  • Shining Armor – Time: 4:56 – Genre: Easy Listening
  • P.Y. (not the real title) – Time: 9:26 – Genre: Easy Listening
  • The mood of this (P.Y.) song turned out to be very raw, empty and a bit stressful but also hopeful. Sylvia had me singing “a cappella”… just my voice, with no supporting “melody” or “chords”. So I added “wind” to cover me not having a “strong enough” or “trained enough” Voice to hit some notes completely as they needed to be hit. Sylvia wasn’t keen on that. So, today, we compromised. We left it in but lowered its Volume. I explained that the Water Droplets, keeping “Time”, really helped the Listener lock on to “something” whenever there’s a silent spot. There’s also a “crack” “crack” sound heard near the start of  the Chorus: “I’ve been (crack) (crack) P… Y…”. The original “Stream” Sylvia sent me of this song, last year, only contained the Chorus. Each Time I heard it, I also heard a “thump” “thump” in there but, after assembling this song, a “thump” sound was not what this song wanted. So I chose a “crack” sound. I found this in 1 of GarageBand’s “Loops” (pre-made “sounds” or “musical phrases”). It’s actually the crackling of a small branch as it burns in a camp fire. (Again, that’s a sound “Loop” in GarageBand.)
  • Also… the P.Y. song contains the last sounds and words on this album. In fact, “Cyber Diva”, the software voice which represents Sylvia, provides the last sounds. Yesterday, when I heard those last words, I almost started to cry. Today, when I heard those last words, I DID cry! (Yes, it’s now been over 270-weeks since My Sylvia crossed-over and it STILL doesn’t get any easier!)

Yesterday, Sylvia and I talked more of the “completeness” of this album and agreed that the “Bonus Track” should not be included on this album.

  • This is the original “Stream” that Sylvia sent to me, in order to construct this song. I simply selected a “String Ensemble” instrument from our Korg Krome (keyboard), placed my hands on the keys and Sylvia sent me the notes.
  • We still feel this can stand on its own and that some people may want this Track just as it is… without the singing and orchestral embellishments. So we’ll release it as a “Single” shortly after the album is released.

Right now, we have 69-minutes of music on this album. The only other “sounds” which still need to be added is a “special effect”… a “symbolic” sound, which will be heard between every song. This will only add about 3-seconds between songs.

Once the Mastering is complete, our next focus is to select a CD production option as well as Distribution of this album in digital (online) form and choose a copyright management option.

When THAT’S done, it will be just a matter of “raising” or “saving” the money to set those wheels in motion.


This is today’s message from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Far sights are utilized as levels are transcended.”
  • “Butters collect in the cartel.”
  • “Classifieds come into the open, and are cleared.”
  • “Starseeds open to the New Life.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


As I mentioned, when I first included information on the “Mandela Effect”, I didn’t want to get involved with all the details of the infinite number of “mis-rememberings” Humans are currently processing… but, each day, there are not only MORE of these popping-up but, for me and Sylvia, they are providing “proof” or at least “feedback” that “something” IS or HAS happened.

In this short video, the Narrator explains that our Solar System is not located in the Galaxy where some of us were taught it to be. “IF” his information is real, then he also explains where the “old Earth” is located.

Here’s that video:

That’s the 1st one I watched tonight. Then, when I watched the 1 below, I felt as though the 2 were connected. This 1 talks about (and shows) “Unicorn Whales”!. In the reality I just came from, there is no such animal.

Here’s that short video.

I wasn’t going to include the following 24-minute video but this couple provides a calm description of what they feel is going on with this “Mandela Effect”. The main idea that suggested I should include this, though, is what they say about the “timing”… To “me”, the fact that some people are experiencing “mis-rememberings” is a sign that “something has happened” to Humanity and / or the Earth. The couple in this video state “a Shift is ABOUT to happen”. They also state… they don’t see how we can get through “2016” without going through this Shift.

Here’s the link to that video:

  • Note: Although “you” may not discover any “mis-rememberings” within your own mind, if you ask different people what they remember about some of these changes, you will find at least 1 person who remembers that idea, product, event, etc. as being different from what it is now.
  • This next part is what “I” have figured out but I’m sure others have also realized this on their own…
  • …and this can be mind-bending…
  • Let’s say you remember a product logo or the continents on a map being different from what they are being shown as now. You might then go and get YOUR map, globe or book that you’ve had for decades. When you locate the information in that publication, you’ll find that it is also “wrong”. How can that be? In “my” opinion, this is because some of us have jumped “Realities” / “TimeLines” and the products which you are using as your research (those books, maps, etc.) were manufactured in THIS Reality.
  • Let’s say you notice that South America is in the wrong place on an online map. You then dig-through your attic, basement or closet, in order to find the world map that you bought in 1950. Because “some” of us have jumped TimeLines, SOME of the choices we made in THAT TimeLine were the same choices we made in THIS TimeLine. So when you bought that map, you did so in the other Reality AND in THIS Reality. However, the map in THIS Reality was also manufactured in THIS Reality. This is why the only piece of information we can rely on is our own memory.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the page which 1st informed me of all of this today:

  • Also… There were 2 different “Mandela Effect” videos that I watched tonight, where the Narrators mentioned “some people are now alive who had once crossed-over”. I’m only doing all of this research (EVERY SINGLE NIGHT), in order to find out WHEN My Sylvia and I will be reunited with each other. I know we are CLOSE. VERY close to that point in Time. Remember, each day that passes Sylvia and I are 1-day closer to being together again.


Today’s message from Cobra is cryptic:

  • “Drastic Isidic security breach at 504”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

I don’t include many of “Bashar’s” Postings because he just doesn’t seem to appear on my radar. However, I discovered this tonight and thought everyone would like to know about it. This is a movie Trailer, which was Written and Directed by “Bashar” (Daryl Anka). It’s a Documentary called: “First Contact“.

Is this simply a coincidence? I’m seeing more and more facets of this “reality” coming together faster and faster and, right now, it feels as though “something” is about to “pop”. Did he plan the release of this movie for this point in Time or is this just “one of those things”? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the movie Trailer:

Bashar is a Trance-Channeler. (He goes into a Trance and Channels information.) Here’s the link to his personal website: