PS 11-8-20 *Sylvia, *Job, Elections

*First a comment:
If anyone wants to know how many weeks it’s now been… My Sylvia crossed-over on 4/9/11 and as of 11/8/20, it’s been exactly 500-weeks… and I’m still struggling without her by my side. I know she’s here, around me but I need her here “Physically” with me.
I haven’t been Posting as much lately because of a new job I had. Sylvia and I were working at Electrolux… We were on 2nd Shift, which was 2:30p ’til midnight. Yes, 9-hours a day for 5-days and 8-hours on Saturday. Yes, they pay Overtime and the money was good but we had to drive down an Interstate Highway which is heavily under construction. Because I’m a slow eater and slow getting ready for any type of appointment, we’d have to wake-up 3.5-hours ahead of our Clock-In Time.
The work was “Assembling”. They make Kits and sell various parts for all types of Appliances. So I’d spend every night making cardboard boxes and filling them with whatever the Order called for… screws, metal or plastic pipes, sheets of glass for refrigerators or microwave ovens, washer and dryer parts, etc. The backs of my hands have lots of tiny cuts, from making those boxes. In one night, I might assemble 300 cardboard boxes.
The long, 17-mile Interstate drive… the getting up that far ahead of work-time, the highly-repetitive nature of the job and the abuse my hands were getting was too much. So, although I’ve only been working there for less than a month, I found another job. After sitting at home for 39-weeks before getting the Electrolux job, this next one happened almost instantly.
  • Before work, I barely have 5-minutes to turn on our iPhone and check Voicemail and eMail. Last Thursday, for some reason, I also turned on my Desktop Mac. I felt a “nudge”, probably from Sylvia, to check the Job Listings.
  • I saw one which sounded promising. So I phoned the local Employment Service, which I had already Registered with, to learn more about it. She pulled up my Resumé and said: “You’d be perfect for this job.” She set up an Interview for the next day. So Sylvia and I went in to Electrolux an hour late, in order to go to the Interview… and we got the job.
  • This is a Warehouse job, very laid back, small company but in business for 30-years and only 7-miles from home… and instead of “2nd Shift”, this one starts at 8a and goes until 4:30p or 5p.
  • There’s a big cut in Pay — $13 an hour, instead of the Electrolux $14.75 but it will be worth it.
This 1-hour video is of Financial whistleblower, Charlie Ward, and 2 other guests.
Here are a few highlights:
  • Near the beginning of this video, Charlie says that the new “Quantum Voting System” was running along side the standard System.
  • He states that President Trump won the Election with 80-percent of the Vote and has taken the Senate AND the House.
  • Talk of the “virus” has faded, as we all knew it would after the Election.
  • Charlie said he watch a Trump Speech and noticed that the Flags behind him had no gold braid around them. So, goodbye “Maritime Law”.
  • Voter Fraud is a Federal crime and probably comes under “Treason”.
  • “The “Main Steam Media” (MSM) has been allowed to expose themselves with this Fraud.”
  • “There were a lot of traps set on purpose.”
  • Charlie talked about something “Q” mentioned weeks ago, several times… “Keep your eye on the water.” Charlie thought it was the Dam in China but now it turns out that we were being told to watch the “Water Mark” because the White Hats had placed a Water Mark on all the Ballots. The democrats didn’t know this and when they used other Ballots, the White Hats will easily be able to tell the Fraudulent Ballots from the real ones.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 8-19-20 Updates, NESARA

It seems that every Time whistleblower, Charlie Ward, talks there’s extremely interesting information provided.
Here are a few highlights from this 40-minute video:
  • He said that he just got off the phone with one of his very high-up Insiders.
  • He said the new Financial System was being tested, behind-the-scenes, and everything is working perfectly. He said it will “probably Launch September the first and the old Swift System will cease to exist on August the 31st.”
  • It seems like the “Interviewer” also has Insider connections… She states: “Comey was Arrested 4/4, Lisa Page, who slept with Comey, McCabe and with Strok, was Arrested 4/5 along with Peter Strok… along with James Clapper and James Brennen was Arrested 4/6… that is confirmed with General Moore.” Comey and Page were released with Ankle Monitors because they talked.
  • Charlie said “he” (I assume means “Trump”) removed 12 “Families” in Venice and the Vatican. He said this was the “head of the beast” that Trump has referred to.
  • They both state that “60 Preists were put to death”.
  • They both say Kamala Harris is a clone… and it’s not a good one.
  • Charlie said there are 2 stories about President Trump’s brother: One is that he was poisoned and the other is that they tried to poison him so they faked his death and he’ll be revealed later. However, Charlie hasn’t been able to verify this yet.
  • They both state that the “Main Stream Media” is full of lies, which most of us knew. Charlie said “they” (the White Hats) are concerned that there might be a lot of suicides and heart attacks once the Truth is revealed.
  • Charlie said Boris Johnson (of England) is a clone. The real one has crossed-over.
  • “Things are changing rapidly.” Charlie is excited “…and exited is an understatement”.
  • “Everything’s planned very, very carefully.” They’re arresting people around the world. “They’ll get it all done by Labor Day.”
  • “Trump is in 100-percent control right now. Not 99.9. He’s in 100-percent control. He’s letting it play out right now, trying to wake people up but they’re not.” The people are so badly programmed by television, they haven’t got a clue as to what’s going on.
My comments: It’s WAY past Time to turn off your televisions and do your own Research. Even if you’re still using your television to “check the Weather”, you’re being programmed. The longer those people wait, the more-shocking their “wake-up Call” will be.
It’s almost here, people. If the “Global Currency Reset” does happen on September 1st, then those… “Sheeple” have less than 10-days to WAKE-UP!
  • “The Voting System is being completely changed as we speak.” “They’re going to use the Blockchain System for Voting.” Digital Voting. It is 100-percent controlled (by the White hats). Charlie said he just received this news today. No “Mail-In” Voting. Charlie states that “the Prediction is that he will win every single State and his majority will be over 90-percent.” This has nothing to do with “Democrats” and “Republicans”. This “Vote” is about good versus evil.
  • Charlie just said… Those who are involved with Pedophelia are facing an automatic death sentence, unless you cooperate with President Trump. Those who do, will get a Life Sentence.
My comments: If I understand Charlie’s information correctly, and “IF” his information is real, then on September 1st 2020 U.S. (and maybe even the entire world) will see a “Global Currency Reset” and “Debt Forgiveness”… and the United States will be back on the “Gold Standard”. That should also mean “Gold” and “Silver” will rise dramatically.
  • “Debt Forgiveness”, from “my” understanding, means that all bank-related Debt will be zeroed-out: Bank Loans, Car Loans, Student Loans, Credit Card Debt, Mortgages, etc.
Our last, and only, Credit Card is almost maxed-out. I wish we had a few more we could fill-up right now. I’d go out and buy some Land but it would be a bit tricky convincing the cabal’s banksters that Sylvia and I are “good Credit risks” when I haven’t worked for 32-weeks. Hmm. There must be another way buy some things and still have the “cabal” pay for them before that September 1st deadline.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This 30-minute video does a good job of explaining:
  • Global Currency Reset
  • The Gold Standard
  • Debt Forgiveness
  • The re-distribution of wealth
  • The transformation of the IRS
  • and much more.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 6-2-20 Cobra, Focus, Arrests, “virus”?, Floyd

This is Cobra’s Post from today:
  • Peace Meditation
  • “After the plandemic plan did not have the desired effect, the Dark Forces have stepped up their efforts to increase End Time madness.”
  • “The Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are now polarizing political left and political right in the United States to engineer civil war. The protests which erupted last week have been deeply infiltrated and manipulated:”
  • “To de-escalate the situation, what is needed now is to hold the planet in the Light, as Kauilapele has said in his newly re-established blog:”
  • “Light Forces have asked as many people as possible to meditate every 4 hours for peace in the United States:”
  • “As we are approaching the Eris-Pluto square on June 14th, tensions and potential for violence will increase for the next two weeks in the United States and worldwide. Dark Forces might attempt to use this astrological configuration, and the newly starting new solar cycle to drastically escalate the situation in the USA and to try to engineer a war between China and India, Hong Kong or Taiwan, or any other major conflict:”
  • “According to Dragon and Resistance sources, the Cabal has a plan to flee from USA to China and hide there after the civil war in the USA, in a similar move to what happened with Nazis in Operation Paperclip after World War 2. Dragon sources are stating that this plan and the dark infiltration on the Chinese side is being dismantled right now by the positive Dragon elements and positive faction within the Chinese military.”
  • “Another Dragon source has communicated that if China tries to attack Taiwan, they will release ALL secret documentation about what the Chinese army is doing in Lop Nor, including the extraterrestrial and Secret Space Program aspect, through the mainstream Chinese media.”
  • “This Dragon source has also pointed to the following cryptic message:”
  • “The Light Forces are asking that as many people as possible meditate for the world peace at the exact moment of Eris Pluto square on June 14th:”
  • “On a more positive note, Space X has managed to get two astronauts to the International Space Station as the first public human spaceflight from American soil in the last nine years, which has long lasting positive consequences of breaking the Veil and will contribute to breaking the quarantine status of planet Earth, as a new cycle of space human spaceflight has begun:”
  • “Elon Musk is in essence a positive being who has been subjected to Illuminati trauma based programming and now wants to break free, as you can see in his sometimes unusual tweets.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to view the images and access the links provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


The goal of the “Main Stream Media” (MSM) is to:
  • take your attention away from the truth and
  • to place ideas and images into your mind, which reinforce the cabal’s agenda.
The energies of “Truth” don’t play mind games. However, there are some “positive” images that we can Focus on, in order to fill those voids in our mind where each of us has removed pieces of the darkness.
  • I’m not saying “violence” is the answer. In fact, “violence” never solved “violence”.
  • What I’m saying, simply, is… Instead of Focusing on the images which have been spoon-fed to us by the MSM, we can replace those images with images of the Citizens of this planet actually waking-up.
There is a 1-minute video, on the following web page. It shows 4 Antifa thugs who selected Yucaipa, California to stir-up some trouble… and they really picked the wrong town to do this with. The video shows the Citizens of that town beating-up those 4 guys. (This is not in gory detail. So it’s not disturbing.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
This 14-minute video provides an alternative news update to the happenings around the world. Here’s what caught my attention:
  • Around the 5-minute mark, the Narrator reads a Post from President Trump, which states: “Anarchists, we see you.”
My comments: Hey, cabal, do I have to point this out again? You created and hid a lot of very powerful technologies, in order to spy on the good people of this planet. Now the White Hats have these Devices and Systems. They are now using them to track down your puppet slaves and Arrest them.
So, cabal, how does it feel to have paid a LOT of money for those technologies only to have them removed from your grasp and used against you. Once again, I’ll say it… The ‘cabal” is stupid.
  • The Narrator then reads a Tweet which says 2 people were Arrested for throwing lit, gasoline bottles on Police vehicles. Those 2 individuals were “LAWYERS”.
  • The Narrator then shows a very short clip where the Parents of an Antifa member, marches their Son to the Police Station so they can TURN HIM IN!!!
  • At the 12:02-mark, the Narrator shows a short video clip of 2 Antifa thugs pickup up bricks and throwing them at store windows. When the 2nd guy threw his, he actually hit his partner-in-crime in the head and knocked him out or killed him, we don’t know.
My comments: Hey, cabal. Now we have your stupidity on video! What kind of half-wits are you hiring these days? These are the street-fighters who are going to save your “Agenda” from going up in smoke? What a joke!!! What a Joke you are, cabal.
Once again, you designed “Society” to dumb-down the Masses but you forgot that those who would ever THINK of following your “Agenda” were already at the lowest mental state there is… and these people got caught-up in your “dumbing-down” Practices.
So if you think these people are going to save you, take a close look at what they’ve accomplished… nothing. They can’t even break windows!
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 19-minute video, from the Narrator above, continues covering various Society happenings around the world:
  • At the 6:29-mark, he reads an article about the CDC (Center for Disease Control). The CDC is now saying that the “virus” doesn’t stick to surfaces like they initially stated and probably never did.
My comments: So all the “fear” the CDC was shoving down everyone’s throat was all wrong!!!
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 38-minute video also provides various updates on the world’s happenings.
There’s one piece of information I had not heard before…
  • At the 32:47-mark, the Narrator plays a short video clip where Terrance Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, makes a statement. He says we, George’s own family, does not want Protests. So why are you all doing this? He call for a peaceful way to achieve Justice. He explains that those who are Protesting are destroying their own neighborhoods and this is not what his family wants.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 6-1-20 Fulford, “virus”?, WWG1WGA, News?, FalseFlag?

This is Benjamin Fulford’s full weekly report. The title is: “Zionist Pandemic + Riots Plan Blows Up In Their Faces“.
Here are a few excerpts:
  • “Here in Japan , we called the Japanese cabinet office and the Tokyo government to ask if they had actually confirmed the existence of the COVID 19 virus . What the forensic investigations that followed revealed that all ” positive COVID 19 ” test results came from scam test facilities funded by the KKR Hedge Fund . Message to KKR: You have 48 hours to get your people out of Japan before they are hunted and killed.”
  • “The Japanese government has concluded that COVID-19 does not exist [2 . If you still find it hard to believe, look at the table below which shows a sharp drop in pneumonia deaths in 2020. Statistics show that the decline in pneumonia deaths is roughly equal to the so-called COVID-19 mortality rate. This is why Japan canceled the health response to the pandemic scam starting June 1 . The rest of the world should follow.”
  • “We have been told by esoteric sources that humans are allowed into a low space orbit but are not allowed off the planet. They will be admitted off the planet only when the crisis on the planetary surface is resolved. This means ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and achieving world peace . This is something that humanity could accomplish in a few months with the right willpower. That’s why the negotiations between the Golden Dragon family and the western powers are so important.”
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to see the images and access the many links provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link (It’s translated from Italian, so some of the sentences might not make sense):


This 32-minute video
  • The Narrator states that he does “investigations which bring-about legal action.”
  • He provides a lot of Constitution and Amendment information, in order to make his point, later in this video.
  • At the 19:54-mark, the Narrator explains the details of “how” and “why” the Governors violated the Constitution. He also states that the “CDC” (Center for Disease Control) is also to blame for this planet’s illegal “lockdown”.
  • “Let me make this abundantly clear… To date, there is no Clinical data showing that the restraint of healthy individuals, also known as “Social Distancing”, has Empirical data supporting its use.” 42 Governors took Propaganda, rather than Science, and turn it into Public Policy. “This directly violates the Constitutional protections of the United States.”
  • Once you watch the video, to hear the above information, it will be worth your Time to continue watching ’til the end of it, because the Narrator makes some very good points about what everyone can do about this “situation”.
In other words… there is probably going to be a HUGE investigation into this illegal “lockdown” and a LOT of people are going to be charged with “Felonies”. A few of those might not make it to prison.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
WWG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All)
This 5-second video appeared on my Radar tonight. As other have also Commented, it made me cry.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 18-minute video provides an alternative news update to events around the world.
Here’s what caught my attention:
  • At the 2:57-mark, the Narrator points out something that “Q” Posted. He shows a photo of a city and explains that the “Main Stream Media” (MSM) has been caught using footage from the movie “World War Z: Official Trailer”. They are doing this, in order to make people believe the “rioting” is much worse than it really is.
  • He goes on to show a video clip which shows 2 white girls, dressed in all black and spraying painting “Black Lives Matter” on a Starbucks building. The black woman, who is making the video, talks to them and tells them not to do it… “That’s not our message. We’re out here peacefully. We don’t need YOU to make statements for us.”
  • At the 11:44-mark, the Narrator shows a clip from a News Station, which is reporting on a group of people who are standing in front of a Target store, so it wouldn’t be Looted.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This next video is from the same Narrator…
  • At the 10-minute mark, he shows a video clip where 2 white women are spraying painting words on a storefront WHILE 2 POLICE OFFICERS JUST STAND THERE WATCHING!
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Here’s another one…
Different alternative news source but still good information:
  • Around the 38:40-mark, the Narrator shows a short video of Police Officers giving hugs and Marching, peacefully, with Protestors… “real” Protestors.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
My comments: I’m really getting tired of pointing out just how stupid members of the cabal really are. They’re a joke! Just a joke! Let’s look at what they’ve “accomplished”:
  • Send a handful of their members into various cities, in order to stir-up “riots” and keep people in “fear”.
  • > Here’s what it actually accomplished… Every day Citizens see that others have entered their neighborhoods only to destroy property and cause problems. The good people who live in those neighborhoods quickly realize what’s happening. They not only keep the mobs from harming innocent Police Officers but they band-together and clean up the damage done by the cabal’s idiots.
  • The cabal creates “Social Media”. These are online places where anyone can Post their thoughts and concerns. The cabal uses it to keep tabs on everyone. The cabal then sensors and bans certain people from those sites, in order to remove the truth and the keep people in “fear”, thinking the people are not in control.
  • > Here’s what’s really happening… People everywhere are Posting and Reading everyone’s entries. They quickly learn about the handful of cabal thugs who are destroying cities. The people then realize what THEY need to do to protect their neighborhoods.
Hey, cabal! If you continue to do this “rioting”, the every day Citizens will quickly find a way to stop them. Then, once word gets out about who gave them money to do that, those “every day Citizens” will be knocking on YOUR door.
I’ve mentioned this before, cabal… You really should just turn yourselves in to the Authorities because, once your names become known, prison will be your safest place.
This 9-minute video is by former CIA Operative, Robert David Steele.
  • Near the beginning of this video, he explains that he ran a few “False Flag” events for the CIA. So he knows what they look like and how they work. He then states that the recent incident with George Floyd was a False Flag event.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 5-21-20 *Jobs, States, MainStreamMedia, Banned?

*First a comment:
I think it was yesterday, when I first noticed this…
While looking through Job Listings, I saw that the restaurants are going to make their Employees wear “masks”, “gloves” and will take their Temperature before they can enter the building! Can you imagine having to wear a “mask” for an entire 8-hour Shift?
This nonsense has to stop and the “Sheeple” really need to WAKE-UP!
In this 20-minute video, the Narrator provides an alternative news update for today. Here are a few highlights:
  • At the 11:04-mark, the Narrator talks about some States wanting to keep their Citizens under “Lockdown” for many more months. He also says that some States have sent out millions of “Vote By Mail” Ballots. President Trump is now telling those States that “Vote By Mail” is illegal and if they go through with it, he will withhold Funding to that State.
  • At 13:25, he reads an article where more than 600 Doctors are telling President Trump to end the “Quarantine”, because it’s causing more harm than good.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This 40-minute video is from the “X22 Report”, where the Narrator explains the alternative news of the day.
I was almost all the way through this and thought there was nothing worth including then, at the 37-minute mark, something was said that made me stop and need to include this…
  • The Narrator shows information about the “CDC” (Center for Disease Control) changing its mind and now saying that the “virus” doesn’t spread very well on surfaces.
  • This actually starts at the 36:19-mark… The Narrator plays a very short video clip where members of the cabal’s Main Stream Media are talking. One of the “News People” talks about (Trump, I think) and says He may even try to control what people thing. “That is our job.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Go watch this for yourself.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 16-minute video is an interview between former CIA Agent, Robert David Steele, and an alternative news Researcher.
The Researcher had been banned from YouTube, PayPal, etc. and decided to fight back. His efforts have developed into a “Movement” where more and more people who have also been Banned have now joined him. Even businesses are standing behind him.
He has setup a way for “White Hat” content creators to not only get their messages out but also get paid for doing it.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
I’ve been thinking about this yesterday, after watching a Jordan Sather video where he talked about being sensored and now being careful about what he “can” and “can’t” say on his YouTube Channel. Hopefully, he’ll find out about the above organization.
What I want to mention here is this…
I’m going to call this: “How to say whatever you talk about whatever you want on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and not get sensored”. There are 2 versions of this idea…
If you “have” your own website:
  • Figure out which “terms” or “keywords” you might be sensored on and place them on your website.
  • Figure out a “codeword” or “abbreviation” for each of those and place that information next to each of those sensored terms.
  • > For example: If you think you might get Banned for talking about HydroChloroquine, simply tell your audience (on your personal website) that you’ll be using the word “birdseed” instead. So, now, your message will look like this: “Birdseed is the best cure we have right now and it’s very cheap to make.”
  • Now, when you “talk” in a YouTube video or “type” in a Facebook or Twitter Post, simply use the “codeword”.
  • Of course, you’ll need to always make a note in your videos or in any Post that Readers should first visit your website.
If you “don’t” have your own website:
  • This is similar to what I outlined above but “instead of” or “in addition to” listing the “codewords” on your “website”, you can simply add them to your video or Post.
  • In a video, you do this by holding up a piece of paper or showing a Whiteboard with all of your “terms” and associated “codewords” for each. You might be able to use a Video Editing program to place these words on top of your video. However, you must be sure they cannot be “Highlighted” or clicked-on.
  • In a “typed” Post, you do this by first typing your “terms” and “codewords” in a Word Processor and then taking a Screenshot of them or saving them as a “Graphics” File (if your Word Processing program allows this). The main thing here is to convert all “text” into “Graphics”.
Right now, the cabal has software which can identify any “person”, “location” or “product”. Don’t believe me? Here are 2 links to website which do this now… for free:
However, from what “I’ve” determined, the cabal cannot “currently” identify text when it’s embedded in “Graphics” — especially if it’s a “Script” Font, turned sideways, flipped, etc.
So if anyone out there knows of any alternative news sources, such as Jordan Sather, Red Pill 78, Deception Bytes, etc., please contact them and make sure they know about this. I don’t need to take credit for this. We all need to help each other. Especially against the “cabal”.

PS 5-8-20 *SantaClaus, *Phishing, TheAwakened

*First a comment:
I’ve thought of comparing the “virus” situation to the “Santa Claus” affect before but, more and more, I’m finding this entire “situation” ridiculous… almost child-like.
I’ve seen many videos lately where people are wearing “masks” and purposely staying 6-feet away from everyone else around them. I think the final article which has me writing this, here, is linked below. It’s a site I just found and seems to keep up-to-date information on “when” States will re-open. I looked-up “North Carolina” and saw that it is re-opening… BUT, people still have to stay 6-feet from those around them.
All of this only tells “me” that most people STILL have not awakened to the fact that the “Bully in the Playground” is all they can hear! The reason the “Bully”, this case “the Main Stream Media” (MSM), yells at his “victims” is because he knows he’s LYING. If he were talk in a calm manner, those standing in “fear” around him would be able to think for themselves and realize the world doesn’t operate the way he’s describing.
When someone yells at another and waves their arms around (or places fancy images on the screen), they are simply using a very old “magic trick”… Keep the attention of the Audience on what you DON’T want them to see:
  • You show them the pack of Cards.
  • >>> You show them “virus authority” websites, like the CDC.
  • You TELL them you’re going to instantly show the Card YOU were thinking about.
  • >>> You TELL them there are MANY “bad numbers” with this “virus”. etc.
Remember, a “magician”, like the MSM is LYING… What they are PURPOSELY showing you is a LIE. Think about it. They are showing you “THIS” because they don’t want you to see “THAT”.
“IF” that “virus” was as dangerous as the MSM is TELLING you, then why aren’t News Broadcasters, Politicians and MANY, MANY others NOT WEARING a “mask”?
  • (General Public) “Oh. that’s easy… They can’t wear a mask while they’re talking or giving speeches.”
  • (me) “Then why don’t those around them, who AREN’T talking, wearing masks? Why doesn’t the President have a mask in his hand or draped over his ears when he’s talking and then IMMEDIATELY put it back over his face when finished?” Think, people. Think.
The “cabal” WANTS everyone to think the “virus” is VERY bad. They have an Agenda of “Vaccines”, “Vote by Mail”, etc.
The “White Hats” NEED everyone to think the “virus” is VERY bad. They have been working hard, behind-the-scenes, to rescue the Children and clear-out the negative installations around this planet. They also didn’t want the cabal to activate a “false flag event” and harm a lot of people.
…but the Time for this “virus idea” to go away is here. I saw a recent video where President Trump said he now wants the Country to open. This means “all” or “most” of those precision, Military Operations, around the world, have been completed.
I realize that each Human on the surface of this planet will Awaken in their own Time. However, I’m pointing all of this out because this is not what I’m seeing right now. I’m seeing the side-effects of the MSM’s hypnotic spell. Those still getting their “information” from the MSM are still under this “spell”.
Think about it… “Some” say the “virus” was “created”. Who would actually “create” a virus?… Answer: The “cabal”. However, do you really think the cabal would create something they cannot control? No, they wouldn’t! They would modify an existing strain of the “Flu”, just enough to be identified by anyone examining it. In that way, they can “Label” it and call it “covid-19″… a simple term that everyone should “fear”. Then, they get their MSM puppet System to broadcast the “idea” that there’s an EXTREMELY bad germ traveling around the world.
This is the same as the “Bully in the Playground”. He flexes his muscles and yells at the Children around him, in order to captivate them… to freeze them in “fear”. Then he tells them that HE is there to protect them… He tells them there’s a TIGER just beyond the school grounds and that TIGER will eat them… BUT, they Bully always knows where the TIGER is and he will tell you “IF” you give him your Lunch Money every day.
Also remember…
We are currently in a “war”. This is not against another “Country”. It’s not against “Aliens” from Space. It’s a battle for your “Mind”… Your “Consciousness”… Your “Intentions”. What do we “win” when we succeed?… Our True “Reality”. This is the biggest war any Species could ever fight.
Think about it.
Here’s the link:
It looks like I’m still attracting “negative” energy… Earlier today, we received an eMail from Apple saying someone logged-into our Apple Account using a “Linux” Operating System.
As smart as I “was” and as tech-savvy as I once “was”, I actually clicked on the link they provided. I didn’t realize it was a “Phishing” eMail until I saw their “Spoofed” web page. However, that was AFTER I already entered my eMail address and Password!
I immediately went to the “real” Apple website, logged-in and changed our Password. I then Forwarded that eMail to Apple’s “Phishing” Department.
…and I moved all of my “Cache” Files and “Cookies” to the Trash. I also Trashed all of my Safari (Browser) “Preference” Files, restarted my Mac and then emptied the Trash. (Sometime you can’t empty the Trash until you Restart the computer.)
I’m mentioning all this because sometimes it’s a good idea to remind each other that these things happen. Maybe our situation will help others.
Here’s the link, where an “Apple Account” holder can Forward a “Phishing” eMail they might receive. Of course, you should always do your own Search and get this information directly:
Question everything.
With all the “negativity” going on around me, I want to mention that I’m also taping into some “Positive” energy… I just had a Job Listing eMailed to me from “Indeed”, because I’m Registered with their website. It was for a Job that almost matches every “Checkbox” on my list:
  • Warehouse Job,
  • Hours are 9a to 5p,
  • Full Time,
  • Pay is $12 to $14 an hour.
The only downside is that it’s 20-miles from our home and we’ll have to drive on an Interstate Highway, which is almost always “crawling” (very slowly) with traffic.
It’s the best Job-match for “me that I’ve seen in quite a while. We’ll see how this one turns out.
I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
I was just watching this 23-minute, alternative news video when an image appeared at the 12:32-mark. I just started crying.
  • Why? Because I don’t “watch” or “read” anything the Main Stream Media (MSM) dumps on “Society”. I gather my “Puzzle Pieces” from the underlying pulse of what’s really going on.
What appeared at that “mark” was a mean-looking bird, maybe an Eagle and the words over it were:
  • “We’ve Awakened and We Are Everywhere.”
It just brought several facets together for me… The White Hats’ Plan, Q’s information, Trump’s attacking the cabal at every turn, the “Veils” getting thinner… and thinner and the very thought that “we’re almost there”… through to the Light.

Somehow, that image just hit me.

…and I’m crying again!
  • Around the 15:14-mark, the Narrator shows a video clip of a Doctor, outside, in front of a Hospital, with a microphone talking to a group of people…
  • “What if the experts are wrong?”
  • “What if quarantining the Healthy doesn’t actually save lives?”
  • “What if wearing a mask in public is not effective?”
  • I represent thousands of Doctors, across the country, because we don’t agree with the Main Stream Media and the experts who are telling us what to do.”
  • “Never in the history of this great Republic have we quarantined the Healthy.”
  • “Never in the history of this great Republic have we told Church-goers that it’s illegal for you to exercise your 1st Amendment right of “Freedom of Religion”.”
  • …”When Liquor Stores are deemed essential but YOUR businesses are deemed non-essential, there’s something wrong going on.”
  • (he pulls a pamphlet from his pocket) “This booklet… The Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution was never designed to restrain the People. It was designed to restrain the Government.”
My comments: This is yet another reason why I don’t pay attention to the MSM. They are still owned by the cabal. They still project lies and half-truths!
This Doctor is ON THE FRONT LINE. He knows exactly what’s going on because he’s in the middle of it.
It’s WAAYY past Time for everyone to Wake-Up!
…and AGAIN, I’m crying!
  • At the 19:56-mark, the Narrator shows a video clip of Shelley Luther emerging from jail.
My comments: I think she’s the Hair Salon owner who said she was going to keep her Shop open, even though a “Judge” told her he’d let her go free if she admitted she was wrong and closed her Shop.
She told the “Judge” that her employees had no money to feed their Children and she was going to continue to keep her business open.
He had her arrested anyway.
Then the Governor and that State’s Attorney General demanded that she be released.
Sometimes we have no idea of our true purpose in Life. Sometimes we have many but are unaware of them until they are laid at our feet. Most of us don’t seek to be “Heroes” but, sometimes, this is also laid at our feet. This is what happened to Shelley Luther. She stood-up for her Rights and now finds her whole community behind her, cheering her on. I’ll bet her Hair Salon will be the busiest Salon in that State.
Imagine waking-up one day and receiving the message:
  • “You’re going to be a Hero today.”
We need more like her.
Thank you, Shelley Luther.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:
…and speaking of “Heroes”…
The title of this Forum Thread is: “Law Enforcement Agencies Refusing to Enforce Unconstitutional Lockdown Orders“.
The 9-minute video near the top of the following page, shows a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) who is speaking, through that video, to his fellow Officers across this country.
He’s urging them to look inside themselves and do what’s right. He says we (the Officers) do not have the right to violate the Rights of Americans and that they must stand up to their boss, the Mayer or even the Governor of their State.
I’m including this because I feel that some of the people Reading this are still addicted to the MSM. I’m showing, with Shelley Luther, that Doctor and now this Officer, that there are a LOT of front line people who are not only Awake to what’s ‘really” going on but they are taking a Stand AND telling others.
Here’s the link:
Oh… and as another “extra credit” assignment, be sure to read the Comments. One of them explains that the politicians in that person’s State made “homeless” people sign their names to Voting Ballots but had other people do the actual “Voting”. In this way, they said they can’t get caught because they weren’t using “dead people”. Instead, this is just a continuation of “abusing” Homeless people.

PS 4-12-20 *cabal, *Sylvia, Updates, Documentary

*First a comment:
That’s interesting… I just noticed that “WordPress” is removing the spaces that I purposely added between the Paragraphs.
I went back, just now and added a “Space” Character between those Paragraphs and WordPress removed those as well.
I went back again and added a Period (.) between each Paragraph, which seems like something WordPress will actually pay attention to. Now, at least in “today’s” Blog Entry, my Paragraphs are separated correctly. I don’t have this problem on “Weebly”. (It’s also a “Blog Site”, like “WordPress”.)
I think “WordPress” is the number 1 Blog Publishing Site on the entire Internet. You’d think they’d have better Programming. It’s not like calculating “Rocket Science”. It’s just manipulating standard text Characters! This is basic Programming 101. Why can’t they get it right?
I’m not sure I’m going to continue to do this, because it makes more work for me.
So, if you want to see the Formatting, as “I” originally designed it, then please visit our “Weebly” page. However, if you want to “Comment” or “Like” our Blogs, you’ll have to return to our “WordPress” page.
Here’s the link to our Weebly page:
For the last week or so, this Song, by “The Who”, has been constantly repeating in my mind. Today, I thought it might be Time to “get it out there” and release it.
The Song is called: “The Punk and the Godfather”. It’s on their “Quadrophenia” album, which I bought when it first came out, in 1973. It’s a great album. I even saw the movie.
These are specific Lyrics which keep repeating… and in this order:
  • “And on the dance floor broken glass”
  • “You fell and cried as our people were starving”
  • “Now you know that we blame you”
  • “You declared you would be three inches taller”
  • “You only became what we made you”
  • “It all belongs to me you know”
When I kept hearing this, in my mind, my feeling was that this “information” or “situation” applies “now”, but to the “cabal”. “Logically”, my mind wants to shuffle those specific lines around and group them as “these are talking to the cabal” and “these are being felt by Society” but I don’t want to do that because my “Sense” is that they need to be released in this particular order, for some reason. It’s all “Energy”, afterall.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the Lyrics:
Here’s the link to the Song:
This afternoon, Sylvia’s Daughter, who lives in another State, eMailed us. One of the things she mentioned is that there’s a “Jeep” commercial starring Bill Murray. (Sylvia and I like his movies.) Her Daughter said I should go watch that commercial because it’s funny. She’s concerned that I don’t “laugh” these days. This is what I wrote back:
  • I can’t watch that Jeep commercial because I’m not doing anything “funny” until Sylvia returns. I have no right to be “happy” or “laughing” while Sylvia and are currently, “physically” separated.
  • Here’s a way to understand this…
  • Let’s say you’re outside, in the middle of nowhere with one of your Cats.
  • As you walk around, you notice a large and very deep hole in the ground but before you can protect your Cat from walking into that hole, it suddenly falls in.
  • You’re hurting inside. You want to cry.
  • At some point, you look into the hole and see that your Cat is hanging there by its claws but it’s several feet down and too far for you to reach-in or climb-down to retrieve it. The hole is several hundred feet deep. So it’s not possible for anyone to simply jump to the bottom and help the Cat that way.
  • Eventually, someone is walking near you. You shout to them to help you. They come over, you explain what happened and then they look into the hole. They also see that there’s nothing either of you can do.
  • The other person says that the Earth is going through some major Changes right now and the water at the bottom of that hole will slowly rise. When it reaches a point just below your Cat, you’ll be able to jump-in and rescue it.
  • They then tell you, in the meantime, just “laugh”… have some “fun”. Here, watch a funny movie.
  • THAT’S what it’s like for me.
I’m including this because, almost every person who knows Sylvia and my situation does not fully understand what “I” am going through and how very important it is that I focus as much of my energy as possible on “Sylvia”.

This 29-minute video, from “X22 Report”, covers a variety of topics. These are the ones which caught my attention:

  • At the 10:15-mark… The Narrator explains that China has “amphibious assault Ship”. He says it was built very quickly and mimics some of the U.S. Ships. He questions if China has stolen some of our Plans. He then shows photo, from April 10th, where that Ship has caught fire, while still Docked.
  • At the 18:33-mark… He explains that, in one of the “Q Drops”, a photo was included. It shows LOTS of people standing and facing the Sun that’s there in the Sky. (Facing away from the camera.) The words on that photo are: “The Great Awakening”. under that photo, Q wrote: “Bigger than you can possibly imagine. God bless each and every one of you.”
  • At the 22:30-mark… The Narrator shows an image of General Flynn’s Twitter Banner. A couple of days ago, that Banner was showing very bad Storm Clouds. Today, it shows a clear, blue Sky with a nice bright Sun in its center. Is the “Storm” now behind us?

My comment: Are we about to break-through to a better Time? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
I learned about this Documentary in the above video. It’s a little over an hour long and is called: “Out Of Shadows”. (I watched the first 18-minutes of it.) The beginning is slow moving but provides a lot of insightful information.
It covers the fact that the cabal has been using Television, Radio, Newspapers and Hollywood Movies for many decades to control the thinking of the Human population.
I’m including this for those of you who have family or friends who still don’t understand what is “really” going on around them.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 4-3-20 *Internet, *MSM, *Comets?, Military, Financial

*First a comment:
I thought we we’re starting the “3-Days of Darkness” today…
Today, around 4p, our Internet went out again. In fact, I was in the middle of doing my daily “find a Job” Research when it happened. I asked Sylvia if she was trying to tell me something.
  • “If you’re telling me “not to look for another Job right now” or “there’s no need to get another Job, because of what’s about to happen”, then I don’t understand either of those situations… very well.
It’s now 4-hours later and an automated message from AT&T just called and told us the problem was “Network Related”. So we currently have Internet but it might go out again, while they’re working on it.
*MSM (Main Stream Media)
I realized this on our way to bed last night…
If the MSM, CDC (Center for Disease Control, etc.) was still owned and controlled by the “cabal”, they should have changed their tactics by now…
  • They should know that the White Hats “want” everyone to stay home. So “the cabal” should now be telling everyone that Trump isn’t doing his job and that there are already several Cures available. He should let everyone go back to work and distribute those Cures.
If the “White Hats” now control the MSM, they should be maintaining the narrative that everyone needs to remain home as much as possible… which is what is currently happening.
I’m basically saying that no one has questioned the current variety of “news” lately.
  • Yes, the cabal would like to have everyone “buy-into” their “Vaccine” theme. Not only to keep everyone dumbed-down and under their control, but also to get all that money from their “Cure” AND for “fixing the side-effects” once they kick-in. However, the cabal also need everyone “back to normal”, in order to stage whatever large-scale “problems” they think they need to inflict on everyone.
  • The White Hats need everyone home, so they can rescue the Children and make those Mass Arrests with as little interference as possible.
So which side is really in control of the MSM?
Question everything.
Yesterday, in the “Gosia” Section, I wrote that the word “Comet” is NASA’s Code Word for some type of Starship approaching. I was thinking about this today.
Society’s standard idea of a “Comet” is that they have a very large Orbit and return at some point, usually within a predictable timeframe. However, “some” say that our Solar System moves in a “Spiral” motion through the Galaxy, with the Sun leading the way. Although the information on the NASA web page below doesn’t come right out and say our Solar System moves in a “Spiral”, it does state that it does move through the Galaxy — taking about 230 million years to do so.
“IF” that NASA number is true, then it should still be highly unreasonable to think anything flying through “Space” could return to our neighborhood a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Time. This is because there are so many variables “Space” — other Comets, Space debris from various collided rocks, influential gases released by the many Suns a Comet might fly past and then there’s the “exact” location our Solar System was in when that “Comet” was last here. With all of those unknown factors can we really believe that a “Space Rock” can actually find its way back here a 2nd Time?
Just something to think about.
Here’s the link:
This 30-minute video is from “X22 Report”. Here are a couple highlights:
  • The Narrator mentions something I had heard about, and even seen, a day or 2 ago… One idiot cabal member tried to run a Train Engine as fast as he could so it would go through its Tracks and hit the Hospital Ship parked nearby.
My comments: Uh… you can’t make this stuff up. This is part of what someone mentioned a few weeks ago… that the cabal have forgotten how to fight. A Train Engine has so much focused Weight you would have to get it moving more than 100-miles per hour to even BEGIN to think you could hit a Ship with it. Even before leaving its Tracks, that much mass simply wants to pull DOWN. It would simply hit the water WAY before reaching a Ship, even if the Ship was only 50-feet away.
These are just my own thoughts on this. I don’t know the actual Physics involved but the odds of anyone accomplishing this must be very high.
  • Around the 17-minute mark, the Narrator shows a video clip of a General making some statements at a recent Press Conference. He explains that they are focused on Drug Cartels. He describes that they have over 1,000 Troops, several Ships, support Aircraft, Helicopters, etc. Two or three times, he states: “If you are coming to this country to sell drugs or harm Americans, you will not get through” and he didn’t look too happy. (I would really hate to be the “cabal” right now.) These people mean business!
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This is also from the “X22 Report”. (This is the next one Posted. I’m just doing some catching-up.)
  • In this video, the Narrator mentions something that I should have easily figured out but didn’t.
  • He says President Trump is allowing the “Federal Reserve” to use its “Fiat Money” to pay for all these major expenses. Then, once everything is resolved, Trump will explain that the ‘Federal Reserve” is an illegal organization and, if it’s “illegal”, he does have to make the U.S. Government or its Citizens pay that Bill. So the “cabal” will be stuck with it. He’s using their own tactics against them!
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 3-9-20 *CV?, Fulford, Arrests

*First a comment:
I guess my stress of being out of work for 9-weeks, and not finding a Job yet, has clouded my mind more than I realized. I just read Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report and, even though the “full” version won’t be available until Thursday, there was enough information in it to make me stop and realize something very powerful that I had overlooked…
  • Yes, this “virus” is now beginning to have a major affect on the world’s Economic Systems. I’m not sure all Financial energies will actually “stop” but it will be enough. Why? Because it’s what we’ve been hearing about for almost all of these 465-weeks (since Sylvia has crossed-over)… That there’s a “Global Currency Reset” coming… along with “Debt Forgiveness”, Gold-backed Currencies and new paper money. Yes, the “Arrests” are still on-going and “Disclosure” is still on the horizon but it looks like “now” is when the Light Workers are activating the “Global Currency Reset”.
So, “IF” this information is real, then Humanity on the surface of this planet is currently witnessing the darkest point in its (known) History before we have a HUGE breakthrough into the “LIGHT of Understanding”.
So we’re not in “dark times”. We’re at the “Darkest Before Dawn” Time.
Remember, Sylvia didn’t leave me here, on THIS side of the “Veil”, just to end-up suffering from a cabal-created “germ”. She left me here because she needed to do a few things on THAT side of the “Veil” while “I” experience “the Event” from THIS side… and because we are so VERY close in all energies (Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Psychologically) with each other, she will experience “the Event” through me. Then comes the Breakthrough and we all get to leave this “Matrix” / “game” / “illusion”.
So now I’ll be Tracking this “virus” information, because it overlaps some of the many “puzzle pieces” I’m constantly working on.
This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. (The “full” version will be available on Thursday) The title is: “US Presidential Election, Tokyo Olympics cancelled? Engineered pandemic ushers in World Government“.
  • “The controlled demolition of the Khazarian mafia financial system is now visible for all to see.  The 30% plunge in oil prices, the meltdown of stock and bond markets and a freeze in world travel and trade are all being orchestrated in tandem with a fake pandemic, multiple sources confirm.  The pandemic, which is mostly a media event, and the financial collapse, which is real, are the cover being used to usher in a world republic, P3 Freemason, Illuminati and CIA sources all confirm.  The trigger event was the default on February 16th of the U.S. Corporate Government, they say.”
  • “The aim of this controlled demolition is to remove Satan-worshipping, genocidal criminals from the apex of world power, Pentagon and other sources say.  This will allow the release of forbidden technology and usher in a new age of wonder, they add.  For example, old age will soon be a treatable condition, the sources say.”
  • “To make this possible, a ruling class that has been trying to kill us with pandemics, carcinogens, war, etc.  is being systematically hunted down and brought to justice, they add.  They elaborate:”
  • ““U.S. troops sent to Europe for a NATO exercise may also engage in arrests of Zionist and deep state assets not just in Switzerland but Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and London.””
  • “Inside the U.S. meanwhile, the Presidential election process has already degenerated into a farce with the Democratic nomination being obviously stolen for a senile, corrupt Joe Biden.  Here is an example of the nonsense Biden is spewing:”
  • ““If you want to nominate a Democrat, a lifelong Democrat, a proud Democrat, an Obiden-Bama Democrat, join us.””
  • “One CIA source summed up the situation in this way:”
  • ““Trump is set to be the next president as he will declare martial law, to protect the people of course.  It’s estimated that up to 70% of Americans will be affected.  He will cancel the elections.  May he be the last President standing?  He has been aware of this maneuver for a long time.  The dominos are starting to fall.””
  • “The number of sealed indictments in the U.S. is now close to 160,000 and 1,613 indictments have actually been acted upon.  So now it looks like many of these corporate crooks will finally end up in jail where they belong.”
  • “There has also been a record number of corporate bosses quitting or losing their jobs since January.  An NSA source elaborated by saying, “The President has ordered a full-scale investigation of all communications across the…”
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to access the links provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 31-minute video is from the “X22 Report” (Episode 2116b). Once in a great while, his titles will catch my attention.  In this video he talks about 2 things which are very important:
  • Around the 2:17-mark, he explains what he feels is the “deep state’s” Plan… Make one more push to spread “fear” with that “virus”, hoping to crash the Economy… but because the White Hats need the Financial System to stop, so they can reset it, the cabal are actually HELPING the good guys.
  • At the 21:17-mark explains some of President Trump’s public messages and how they tie-in to some Q-Drops. Basically, he quotes several Q statements: “Nothing can stop what’s coming”. The “Storm” is about to hit.
My comment: I “assume” Q is referring to lots of “Arrests”. However, this could also be thought of as “the Event” (Ascension) is coming. In “my” world, it IS. I just don’t know the timing.
Keep in mind that at least one of Q’s Drops, states:
  • “It will be biblical”
Does that mean the people that are about to be Arrested are so powerful that it will almost take an “Act Of God” to Arrest them?… or does it mean this upcoming “happening” will be so unbelievable that it will seem like an “Act Of God”? Either way, the “99-percent” win.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
X22’s 2nd video, which is Episode 2117b, also caught my attention…
  • Around the 8-minute mark, he explains how the MSM (Main Stream Media) is now reversing their story on the “virus”. He then shows an article from “ABC News” stating: “Early mortality rates for coronavirus are likely misleading. experts say. Children and adults have done extremely well in terms of revcovery, say doctors.”.
My comments: WHAT?! You mean the “fear porn” the cabal has been whispering in our Collective ears was just a FALSE FLAG!? Imagine that!
He also explains that a Chinese Researcher has figured out that this “virus” needs to stay below 47-degrees to survive and be transmitted. Trump and “Q” have been telling us that it’s going to be a very hot Spring / Summer.
There’s talk of a “vaccine” coming out in “April”. Guess what? That’s when the temperatures begin to rise. So if the idiot cabal unveils a “vaccine”, it WILL work because it will be the warmer TEMPERATURES that get rid of that “virus” NOT the “vaccine”.
It’s way past Time to WAKE-UP people!
So put the “fear” down and just walk away. It’s Time to start spreading the truth about all this.
This “X22” report also covers some recent Q-Drops.
This entire Episode is worth watching. For “me”, it was like listening to someone read the “Play Book” of both the cabal and Trump. “IF” he theories are correct, then some of the seemingly “negative” or “lack of action” on President Trump’s part are actually brilliant maneuvers to out-fox the deep state.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 2-29-20 *CV?

*First a comment:


In yesterday’s Blog, I included a Section called: “CV?” This morning, M.R. (who’s on this list) sent me a photo. Thank you.

  • I had searched for this type of photo for quite a while yesterday but couldn’t find one which had the information I was looking for. I even dug-through the “Way Back Machine” (
  • About a week ago, someone online Posted a photo which showed “Lysol” spray disinfectant kills the “CV”. I didn’t save that link or copy the photo at that Time. So I was beginning to think that person had altered that photo.

The photo M.R. sent clearly states, in its “kills these germs” List that it kills the “Human CV”. Look carefully at the photo. This is listed in the 6th line from the bottom of the blue background.

  • Note: I was going to include M.R.’s photo but I finally found some online (see below) and have linked to them.
  • Also…
  • I’ve been noticing… Not only does Lysol have LOTS of different “scents” for this particular spray but they also seem to change the formula, which I can’t figure out. Some indicate that it kills 240 types of germs. Others state only 100 (and other numbers in-between).

I don’t know “when” the can in M.R.’s photo was manufactured. If it was in a year BEFORE the “CV” was wide-spread, then it “may” mean the Lysol company knew it could easily remove that “virus” but took its Listing off of its cans, in order to keep people from having some help in fighting that problem.

  • “Some” say… only a handful of very large corporations own most of the other significant corporations.
  • “Some” also say that the cabal has “manufactured” “most” or “all” currently known viruses and when they create one, they immediately create the antidote for it.

So, “IF” Lysol Disinfectant Spray can Remove, Neutralize or even Lessen the “CV”, then why is “Big Pharma” screaming “fear” through the “Main Stream Media” (MSM)?… Why isn’t Lysol being sprayed throughout the skies in China and the other parts of the world where this “virus” is “said” to exist?


M.R. also made a very good Point… In her eMail, she wrote:

  • “CV = common enemy”
  • “What brings a planet together/in oneness better than a common enemy?”

Wow! Yes. Sylvia and I knew this but I had completely forgotten about it.

So, yes, the cabal have now “shot themselves in the foot” by unleashing this “virus”. That “1-percent”, the “cabal”, don’t really care ANYTHING about us “useless eaters”… but this “99-percent” DO CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER!… AND when it comes right down to it, “People” will help “people”… “Humans” always help “Humans”… and, now that I’m seeing a lot of Humans waking-up, I would even say that “Humans” will help “Star Beings” and “Animals”, etc. I’m also seeing, more and more, that Humans are even ready to help and forgive the “cabal”. Well, Collectively, we may need just a bit more of a higher frequency but we’re almost there. We really need to release the “hate” and the “revenge”. This is only holding us back from “the Event”.


We have to stop putting our “Faith”… our “Energy” into something that’s “out there”… “let someone else do it”. Last night, in that same Section of our Blog, I mentioned that Billionaire Bill Gates had recently pumped a LOT of money into “finding a cure for CV”.

  • “It’s going to be ok now. He gave some money into the research that will find a cure. That’s good. Now I won’t have to do anything more about it… Let’s see what’s on television.”

No! No! Turn off your T.V. It’s WAY past Time to wake-up and THINK. Don’t simply re-hash what the MSM has been whispering in your Collective ears. Most of it is LIES and HALF-TRUTHS! Think about what I just wrote about here. “IF” Lysol spray disinfectant DOES kill the “CV” shouldn’t everyone reading this tell everyone they know? Shouldn’t you go to every Chinese restaurant and tell the employees to tell their friends and family in China to use “Lysol”? Even if it doesn’t kill the “CV”. At least it would give those people some “Hope”. Right now, from what little “I” have seen, most of the Human surface population is just running scared because all of the factors surrounding this are unknowns at this point… and that has to stop. We have to stop the “fear”. That’s actually the 1st step in taking back our true “Reality”.


Ok. In going through my usual Alternative-News Digest Sites, I found this 4-minute video:

It’s from 2/28/20 and the Narrator is former CIA Agent Robert David Steel. He comes right out and says the “CV” is a “Hoax”… a “False Flag” designed to take down the Chinese economy. He says the people who truly are ill have radiation poisoning from 5G.

Question everything.